Rise (2018) s01e10 Episode Script

Opening Night

1 [Tom Rosenthal's "Soon Goodbye, Now Love"] [gentle acoustic music] Soon goodbye but now love Soon the air but now hug Soon a painting in a cave Draw the oceans, make a wave I know nothing more than you Mom? What the hell is this? - Can I help you? - Honey.
I'm sorry as hell, I love you like hell, and I have news.
Come on, open the door.
Don't ever do that to me again.
I promise I won't.
Oh, it's so good to be back.
Got you a little something for opening night.
Hold you dearest, make a fist - Say "Spring Awakening.
" - BOTH: "Spring Awakening.
" - Maashous, get in the picture.
- Maashous, come on, get in.
Once the lights go out, you'll see - That the heart moves cleverly - Would it kill you to smile? You are never far from home Wow.
It's it's beautiful.
Thank you.
Look, I'm sorry I left you like that.
I I needed some time to figure some things out.
All that stuff you said about me always blaming - everyone else for my life.
- No, I shouldn't have said that.
No, you were right.
You were completely right.
Made me think.
It made me realize that it was time to make a change.
A big change.
I know you've been wanting us to leave this town for a while, and it's taken me a long time to do something about it, but I finally have.
What are you talking about? - We're moving to Philadelphia.
- What? You remember Johnny? Johnny Cruz.
He was a regular at the diner I used to work at outside of Philly when you were little.
Turns out his construction company has made it big, and he needs a kick-ass office manager, and he hired me.
- Wait, hold on - It's a real city.
It's not like Stanton.
It's, uh, got great schools, great theater, and you'll be an hour train ride from New York.
So when you're ready, you can go there for auditions.
I promise you this is going to be the best thing that ever happened to us.
[chuckles] It's a shame the show's gonna suck.
[groans] There's nothing left.
No guts, no balls, no grit.
I know all you can think about is everything you had to take out.
But do you know what the audience is going to see? Sub-standard theater? The beautiful performances you got out of those beautiful kids.
They don't know what isn't there.
Have you heard back from Tracey? Radio silence.
Okay, uh, here are your tickets to my opening night in case anyone decides to show up, which you probably shouldn't.
Show's gonna suck now, thanks to everyone that signed that stupid petition.
We're all coming to see you tonight.
You are? All of you? I know you're angry about the petition.
My involvement with it.
Now the play's been modified, we'll all be there.
As a family.
That's good news.
Right, Simon? Yeah.
Yeah, uh, of course it is.
Okay, I still don't get it.
Well, uh, I rented it.
It's my new apartment.
It's our apartment.
Check this out.
I, uh, I put these up here so you can help me pick a color out.
You're good at that.
I figure it will brighten the place up a little bit.
I don't know how much time I'm gonna be spending here anyway, so We're gonna split custody.
You're gonna spend half your time with your mom and the other half you'll be here with me.
Um no.
[small laugh] I'm not gonna live here.
Honey, your mom and I think that this is best.
I don't.
I don't think it's best.
I have a home.
You left it.
I'm sorry.
But this is gonna happen.
I'm still your dad, and I'm gonna be a part of your life.
Go upstairs and take a look at your bedroom.
There's a view of the river.
- I got to go.
- I'll see you tonight.
Don't bother.
The show's gonna suck now anyway.
[door slams] [keys clatter] [knocking at door] Can I come in for a sec? Nice place.
What do you want, Lou? Yeah, I accused you of making a back door deal with Ward.
That wasn't fair.
No, it wasn't.
So let's just clear that up.
Let me apologize.
Let's move on.
Okay, you wanna clear things up? Everyone at Stanton knows, including you, that I was passed over for a job I'd been preparing for for the last 20 years for a less qualified middle-aged white man.
I could have taken Ward's offer, but I didn't.
But what you said about me putting my career in front of those kids, that was That was too much.
I'm sorry.
I know I know what those kids mean to you.
Whatever issues there might still be between us you should be there tonight.
I want you there.
Not tonight, Lou.
[soft piano music] Break a leg.
[somber, sweeping instrumentals] Have you decided what you're going to do? - About what? - You know.
It's opening night, Michael.
Can you give me a day off? I just don't want you to hold off on making a decision until it's too late.
Too late for what? You know.
For an abortion.
Because in your mind, that's what you think I should do.
- I never said that - Why don't you just stop being so politically correct - and say what you think.
- Fine.
I think you should have an abortion.
It's your decision, but that's what I think.
You're too young to have a kid.
You you don't have a support system.
Your dad's not going to be able to help you.
That's how people drop out.
And I don't want that for you.
Well, good.
You finally said it.
Sasha! BOTH: Money, money, money, ma Money, money, money Hey.
My mom's here.
Um, I'll go say hello.
She'd love that.
And my mom came home.
That's great.
So everything's back to normal.
[quietly] Normal.
I'd like the legs to change a little slower - throughout the scene - Lou.
Can I have a word? Uh, sure.
Nancy and the other members of the PTA had one more thought about the performance.
I thought it was a good one, so I wanted to pass it on.
We'd like you to take out the scene where the boy beats the girl with the stick.
We appreciate the changes you made to it to lessen the violence, but we think even the suggestion of it is inflammatory.
Evan, we go up in an hour.
I mean, you you can't really be asking for this.
We can't just drop that scene.
It it's a domino effect.
We don't think it'll hurt the show.
We'd like you to take it out.
[soft acoustic music] Break a leg.
Mazzu, you okay? Robbie and Lilette, uh about the beating scene.
Let's go back to the original version.
The way it was before we made the edits.
[clears throat] Um, do you mean the version that we practiced yesterday or the original, original version? The original version.
So you want me to hit her with the switch? - Yes.
- So to be clear - the full version of the scene? - The full version.
Okay, what about "The Dark I Know Well"? Is it child abuse, or is Martha's dad just being really mean to her? Child abuse.
Good point.
We need to go back to that scene as well.
Are we still saying "Totally hosed"? Uh, no, let's do "Totally effed," and then the one F bomb at the end like we rehearsed.
[soft, excited murmuring] Uh, "My Junk"? That goes back.
It all goes back.
- You could get fired.
- What if they shut us down? Yeah, what if we don't make it through the second act? You're right.
All those things could happen.
Look, I I have tried to do the best I can for you.
I really have.
But I might not be invited back to direct you again.
And I just I can't bear the thought that the very last thing I taught you all was to cave.
To play it safe.
To compromise.
Principal Ward, the PTA, they mean well, they do.
But they they're wrong.
They're [chuckles] They're dead wrong.
I mean, sometimes you you just got to say screw it, - right? - [light laughter] I think this is one of those times.
But it's not It's not just up to me.
It's up to all of us.
Show of hands.
Who's with me? [laughter] [applause] One hour to curtain.
[murmuring, cheering] [excited chatter, giggling] Let's go run it.
O-okay, okay.
[Gem Club's "Hypericum"] Dove colored in your dress And they're bringing in the bells All you wanted you could have had Partly paralyzed Part of you is dancing Cry-y-y You always needed so much The scaffolding has to come back in.
- Lou.
- "Dark I Know Well" is back in, okay? You cannot change an entire show one hour before curtain.
Some of us here have a family history of heart issues.
Harold, Harold.
It's going to be okay.
- Just breathe, okay? - [groans] Mr.
Mazzu, just to clarify, am I committing suicide or just feeling really sad? - Committing suicide.
- I thought so.
Then I need my gun, and Props doesn't have it.
Prop master! - Yes, Mr.
- You need to find Moritz' gun.
I'm trying my best, but it's nowhere to be found.
I was thinking worst case, he can just use his finger? [mimics gunshot] Poetic license? Find the gun.
I'm all over this.
- He'll find it.
- Okay.
Uh, scaffolding needs to come back in top of scene seven, everyone.
[indistinct chatter] Hm.
That works.
[gasps softly] Look at you.
I can't believe you did this.
It's opening night.
You're the lighting designer.
Got to look good.
I didn't exactly know how to tie a tie.
Had to look it up on YouTube.
[laughs] It's perfect.
You look very handsome.
Thank you.
Not just for the suit.
For everything you've done for me.
Of course.
- [exhales] - Ah! Oh, what are you doing here? You got to go.
We'll celebrate tonight after the show.
Come on, girls.
[line ringing] Hello? - Thank God you picked up! - Who is this? It's Forrest from Stanton Drama.
I need Moritz' gun for the suicide scene.
I can't find it anywhere.
The suicide scene was cut.
- So why do you need the gun? - I can't say.
Please, Ms.
Wolfe, I beg you.
Do you know where the gun is? If they're going back to the suicide scene, cough once.
- Ms.
Wolfe - Once for suicide, twice for no suicide.
[coughs] - Does Ward know? - No.
No one knows.
What else did Mr.
Mazzu change? Ms.
Wolfe, please.
I beg you.
Mazzu will kill me.
He will kill me! Listen, listen.
It's in a shoe box on the prop wall, second shelf all the way to the right near the cowboy hats.
It's in there.
Shoebox, cowboy hats, got it.
Maybe - just - [knocking] Mom, what are you doing here? The show's about to start.
I want you to meet someone.
This is Johnny.
Totally surprised me.
Drove all the way from Philly just to see you.
Hey, it's, uh, opening night, right? This is for you.
It's chocolate.
I didn't know what to get.
- So - It's nice, thank you.
Oh, your card.
I left it in the car.
I'll be back in a minute.
My angel.
You better kick ass tonight.
Kick ass tonight.
[laughs] So, good luck tonight.
It just seems so crazy.
My mom shows up after all these years, and you offer her this big job? When I was a regular at your mom's old diner, she was more than just some waitress.
The manager was a meth head.
She did all the hiring, training, scheduling, accounting I mean, she ran that place.
She just didn't have the title or the pay.
My business is growing fast.
I need her.
I know that I can trust her.
I know that she'd be good at this.
And the woman deserves a shot.
Yeah, she does.
Good luck tonight.
[people conversing quietly] So you definitely have this under control? - 1,000%.
- I hope so.
I promised my board that this will not blow up any further.
Please let this not suck.
[string music playing] Mama who bore me Mama who gave me No way to handle things Who made me so sad Mama, the weeping Mama - Is that dress - The angels More revealing than we saw? Yeah.
By a lot.
Or Bethlehem Some pray that one day Christ will come a-callin' They light a candle And hope that it glows And some just lie there Crying for him What the hell are you doing? This is not what you showed me.
Yeah, I know.
You need to change this right now.
I'm sorry, I can't.
Mama who bore me Mama who gave me - You can be fired.
- No way to handle things who made me There is a performance going on.
Please get off my stage.
ALL: The angels, no sleep in Heaven Or Bethlehem [light applause] [exhales] ALL: Blah blah blah-blah blah blah blah blah Blah blah blah-blah blah Blah blah blah-blah blah blah blah blah Blah blah-blah blah-blah Blah blah blah-blah blah blah blah blah Blah blah blah-blah blah Blah blah blah-blah blah blah blah blah Blah blah-blah blah-blah Totally [] [guitar string finale] [cheers and applause] I could never beat you.
- But if I let you? - Never.
- But if I asked you to.
- Have you lost your mind? - Martha, she said that - Wendla, you can't envy - someone being beaten.
- But I've never been beaten.
[mouthing words] What happened? - [mouthing] I'll tell you later.
- Not in my entire life, I've never felt What? Anything.
Please, Melchior.
- I don't feel it.
- Wendla.
Melchior, please.
I'm probably getting fired.
You think? I'll teach you to say please.
- [thwack] - [quietly groans] - [crowd whispering] - How's that? You barely stroking me.
- [thwack] - [crowd gasps] How's that then? - And that? - [whack] - Sick.
- Disgusting.
Martha's father, he uses his belt.
[whispering] Where was it you got that job offer? - He draws blood.
- Allentown.
We always have Allentown.
- [thwack] - How's that then? Nothing.
- [thwack] - And that? Nothing.
[crowd murmuring] [soft music playing] ALL: Oh, oh, oh - Where I go - What the hell is going on? When I go there - No more shadows - Spill it, Maashous.
- Anymore - We went back to the original version.
- How much? - Kinda like all of it.
- The rhythm in them - Mr.
Mazzu had enough.
- Rocking with them - We took a vote.
To shore - ALL: Touch me - Touch me, whoa-oh ALL: Just try it - Now, that's it - Now, there that's it - God, oh, that's Heaven - Oh, God, that's Heaven ALL: Touch, I'll love you right Oh, I'll love you right Turn them off.
- What? - The lights.
Turn them off.
We're shutting this down.
- Sorry, I can't do that.
- I wasn't asking you.
- I was telling you.
- Whoa, whoa, whoa, Evan.
Evan, y-you We're not We can't shut this down.
We just can't.
I know you weren't involved with this.
I know it was Lou.
Evan Evan.
Take a look at these kids.
Touch me Do they look like they're doing anything wrong? You know what I see? I see incredible kids who who I love acting their hearts out.
I see I see the best show I've ever been involved with.
You just can't do this, Evan.
You can't.
Where the winds sigh Father.
Yes? Well, I, uh, was wondering, hypothetically speaking, - what would happen if - If? If one day I, uh, failed? Not that I - Mr.
- Yeah.
I-I don't think I can do it.
- Do what? - The scene with Jeremy.
The the kiss scene.
My parents are out there, and if if they All right, all right.
Stay calm.
Let's talk about it.
I always thought when I was on stage I could just act.
That I could be anyone.
That I'd be safe.
I don't feel safe.
So now what and your mother and I supposed to do? You trusted me, and I let you down.
Simon, listen to me.
You could never let me down.
Do you hear that? Look, I need you to hear that.
You go out there, and you do whatever version of the scene you're comfortable doing, okay? [softly] I am so proud of you.
Thank God my father never lived to see this day.
Haven't you heard the word Of your body Oh, you're gonna be wounded Oh, you're gonna be my wound Oh You're gonna bruise too Oh I'm gonna be your bruise [soft music] [crowd murmuring] - No.
We're not supposed to.
- What? Not supposed to what? Love? I don't know.
Is there such a thing? [guitar music playing] I hear your heartbeat, Wendla.
I hear yours.
ALL: I believe, I believe, I believe Oh, I believe All will be forgiven I believe, I believe, I believe Oh, I believe There is love in Heaven I believe, I believe, I believe Oh, I believe [cheers and applause] Robbie.
I love you, Lilette.
[gentle music playing] Spring and summer Every other day Blue wind gets so pained Blowin' through the thick corn Through bales of hay Through the sudden drift of the rain Spring and summer I'm glad you're here.
- Me too.
- 'Cause you know Spring and summer About what I said before.
I'm sorry.
I should never have called you middle-aged.
Just don't need it in my life Don't want any part of it Spring and summer - I don't do sadness - Every other day I can go up there and stop this right now.
Back on it all Let them finish.
- Bales of hay - I don't do sadness Wandering clouds She's pretty amazing, isn't she? Don't do sadness Yeah.
He is.
[cheers and applause] Something has happened, Melchior.
Something I can barely understand myself.
All right, you animals! Put in a coin.
Reinhold can put in for both of us.
You stole the show.
Yeah, right.
[laughs] You did.
What are you looking at? - Who? - You okay? Yeah.
I just asked my dad not to show up.
And he came anyway, and he's acting like a bouquet of roses is gonna make everything okay.
I've been battling with my dad for a long time.
I don't even know why.
And I feel like the longer it goes on, the harder it is to like break the chain.
And, after a while, being pissed at someone for so long just starts to take up too much energy.
That's pretty deep for a dumb football player.
[chuckles] Lots of therapy.
So do you think when this is over you're gonna keep stalking me? Do you want me to? I kinda do.
'Cause I've been told I have this addictive personality.
Bring the girl to me.
Gartenstrasse, Number 11.
The door below the tavern.
Knock three times.
You were amazing tonight.
[chuckles softly] I felt like for the first time I saw Michael.
Really saw him.
And? And liI d keit.
"I have been running for days, but at last I am back.
"Now, I beg you, for the sake of our old friendship, "bring Wendla to meet me tonight, in the graveyard behind the church.
" [soft music playing] "I will be waiting there at midnight.
" This may be the last time my mom gets to see me act.
So he hasn't heard? Well, I'm happy she's here.
I've always sucked at that graveyard scene.
I just don't want to disappoint her.
Or you.
You're gonna be amazing.
Enjoy it.
This is your moment.
Thank you.
I think You might have changed my life, Mr.
Right back at ya.
[chuckles softly] Wendla! Look at this.
You spend your entire life running from the church, and where do you wind up? [crickets chirping] Moritz.
My old friend.
They won't get to me.
Or Wendla.
I won't let them.
We'll build that would together for our child.
[church bell chiming] Midnight.
All these little tombs.
And here, a fresh one.
"Here Rests in God, Wendla Berg" "Died of" anem "anemia.
" No.
[breathing heavily] Not Wendla too.
No, no, no.
[voice breaking] No.
[crying] No God, please no.
[crying] No! [somber music playing] Those you've known And lost, still walk behind you All alone They linger till they find you BOTH: Those you've known And lost still walk behind you All alone Their song still seems to find you They call you as if you knew their longing They whistle through the lonely wind The long blue shadows falling [crying] All alone.
But still I hear their yearning BOTH: Through the dark The moon, alone there, burning The stars, too, they tell of spring returning And summer with another wind That no one yet has known - Still you know - They call me - There's so much more - Through all things - Night's falling - Another dream - Another love - But somehow on I go - I believe - You watch me To trust your own - True mind - Just watch me - I'm calling - You are not alone From longing and one day BOTH: All will ALL: Know [applause] [applause continues] [softly] Robbie.
I love you too.
- Lilette, I - I'm moving.
What? My mom got a job in Philadelphia, and I'm moving.
Don't go.
[chorus humming] Touch and I know you by touch Tell and I'm all that you tell I'm like the nothing you fill Your Heaven and Hell Whatever you will Of all you desire [chorus humming continues] BOTH: All you desire [soft string music playing] Love and my body is love Sleep and I'll find you in sleep Brush, brush the sun through your hair I will be there, a secret you keep Of all you desire ALL: All you desire Am I your wound? Am I your grave? Tell me if you Crave what I crave ALL: Oh, oh, oh You're my own, only desire Hold and I hold all you hold It's amazing.
- Huh? - Far as you near - As you near - What you did.
It's amazing.
Maybe I'll join Tech next year.
Cry and I cry like I'm there - Sin, and I know it my sin - I would love that.
To care how you care, to let myself in To all you desire All you desire [chorus vocalizing] Damned if you do Saved if we're saved Fill me with you Make me your grave ALL: Oh, oh, oh You're my own, only desire Touch and I know - I am touched - Lou.
Superintendent Lewis would like a moment.
I truly enjoyed what you did tonight.
- But I'm fired.
- No.
But as good as you are and as good as this is, you have created a massive PR issue for me.
The PTA, my board, the conservative voices in Stanton, which as you know are many, I have to answer to them.
So I'm shutting down Stanton Drama.
Tonight will be its final performance.
No, no, no.
Hold on.
Fire me.
You you can't do that.
These kids I-I can't live with that.
We've got more budget cuts on the horizon.
I need to cut programs anyway.
This will appease the people I'm hired to appease.
I truly am sorry.
I really do admire what you did.
[Novo Amor's "Carry You"] [gentle acoustic music] Torn down Full of aching Somehow Our youth would take the blame Worn out The way we let it stay Taught how To celebrate it All out I'd replicate your pain Climb down If only for a taste Hallowed But hesitated Shallow But full in all your veins Shadowed By every other weight Hollow A doubt can make it Borrowed A love that never came I followed In every other shade Let it lead your love away I never strayed Let it bury you away In all your blame In all your pain I will carry you always And let it lead your love away Fade me away I won't ever be the same Fade me away I won't ever be the same Fade me away, I won't ever be the same