Rising Impact (2024) s01e03 Episode Script

Twin Peaks of Talent

Gawain is so late.
It's already noon,
but is he still doing the roadwork?
Why did you leave him alone?
Where have you been
wandering about until now?
-It's already noon
-Miss Kiria.
Can I borrow your ball and putter?
Okay, but
Wait. Have I taught you putting?
What are you aiming at without a cup?
A garden like this
isn't good for practicing.
Hey, wait!
That's not how you putt.
What's wrong?
I see. That's what happened.
Miss Kiria,
is hitting a ball far not enough?
Can't I win in golf with just long shots?
No, you can't.
I see.
But it's the same thing
with excellent putts.
You can't win that way either.
I haven't told you yet,
but golf consists
of roughly three categories.
The first is your favorite,
a tee shot with a driver.
It's a dynamic shot to let the ball fly
as far as possible toward the green.
The second is
an approach shot with an iron.
If the ball doesn't reach the green
with the tee shot,
you hit a smaller shot.
And the third is putting with a putter.
It's a finish stroke to roll the ball
on the green into the cup.
To be more precise,
there are more clubs and shots
depending on your purposes and conditions.
But the basics are the three.
Until you master
a driver, an iron, and a putter,
you can't win in golf.
Excellent drives alone won't do,
and the same thing goes
for putting and iron shots.
A 300-yard drive and a 30-centimeter putt
both count as one stroke.
I understand now.
In baseball, even with many home runs,
poor defense and pitching lead to a loss.
In addition to driving,
you need to be good
at putting and iron shots.
And it's cool to be good at everything,
but even cooler to have
that one skill nobody can beat.
For that guy, it's putting.
Then driving will be
what I'm better at than anybody else.
Miss Kiria!
Teach me putting and iron shots!
If I can't win in golf,
I can't be a pro and drive against
the top pros in the world!
That's the spirit.
Improve yourself
and take down the guy who beat you!
By the way, who is that guy?
I think his name was Manzumotto
or Menzutotto.
I think it was more swanky.
Okay, never mind.
Let's go practice, then.
We are really late!
How long were you doing roadwork,
Mr. Brother-in-law?
You should have gone ahead.
I can't do that.
You don't know where our school is.
What class am I in?
Grade three, class one.
It's the same class as me.
Wow, is this my new school?
Everyone in my hometown
will be blown away.
It's huge.
Mr. Brother-in-law?
Wait, where are you going?
That guy is in the same school.
I found you!
Who are you?
Hey, Furuyama!
What? Tohoku Dialect?!
I lost to you yesterday. I admit it!
But it was a putt competition.
I'm confident
I can beat you with my drive!
So what?
Next time, we'll have a match in golf!
I flung down a challenge to him!
Oh, that person is
in the same school as you.
Yeah, now I remember his name.
Lancelot, a sixth grader.
Do you know him?
Of course I do.
Lancelot Norman.
He's a prodigy elementary golfer,
winning all tournaments
he participates in,
from local matches
to junior championships.
He always wins?
He must be an amazing player.
When it comes to putting,
he's better than the pros.
-If you face someone like him
That's why I have to practice!
I can't lose to him next time for sure!
Ready? The basics of putting
are about sensing direction and distance.
To learn direction control,
try hitting two balls at once.
They look like testicles Ow!
Excuse me,
why do you place them side by side?
Watch me.
This is a bad example.
Just like now, if the face or the surface
of the club is off even a little,
the two balls won't roll straight.
If you have the club straight
and move it forward,
the two balls will roll
right in the same direction.
And then I'll be able
to hit them in the right direction?
Now you got it.
Keep your wrists fixed
and smoothly swing
using your neck as the fulcrum.
I see.
Next is sense of distance.
The key is the width
of the putter's swing.
For example,
if your inner width of both feet
rolls a ball one meter,
then for the outer width it's two meters.
Well, practice makes perfect.
That was good!
That's your swing width for one meter.
Okay! I'll do it again.
Wow. You're right!
They roll to the same place.
I'll try it again.
Okay, I'll try rolling two meters next!
I used this width before, so
Great! It's two meters!
Wait! How come?
Your balls haven't
rolled off the course at all.
It's not as easy as it sounds
to keep the face square with the ball.
It's easier to hit the ball square
compared to a driver.
"Compared to a driver"?
When the driver hits the ball,
you can barely see the center of the face.
Compared to that,
it's like the putter is not even moving.
"The center of the face"?
Can you see the core
at the moment of impact?
It's like the middle of the face
and the ball light up.
A club head speed of a tee shot
is over 40 meters per second.
His dynamic vision is incredible!
In the putting match with Lancelot,
I was able to hit straight.
But the ball
didn't roll into the cup at all.
It's because of undulation.
This is where I played with Lancelot.
Then use one ball this time
and hit it toward that cup.
Oh, it'll roll in
See? The ball turns by itself!
Stoop down and look at the ground.
The ground tilts to the left!
Precisely. Undulation is
the rise and dip of the ground.
Pass me your putter.
It's going off to the right!
I see now.
That's right.
If the ground slopes down left,
then hitting right
will make it curve into the hole.
In putting, you need
a sense of distance and direction,
plus being able to predict
how the undulation will carry the ball.
All right. I'm gonna try.
It turned!
Keep going in
It didn't.
The uphill slope killed its momentum.
It means you hit the ball too softly.
What? How do we calculate that?
It's impossible to calculate.
You keep hitting to gain experience
to get a feel for the direction and force.
That's the only way.
Lancelot hit it in the cup
with one shot from over ten meters away.
I need to at least be able
to make it in from this close!
Hey, Gawain.
A small junior golf tournament will be
held next week at a golf course I know.
Would you like to have a go at it?
Golf tournament? Of course, I'm in!
Definitely! I'd love to!
Lancelot should be at the tournament too.
He's aiming to win.
That's what I want!
I'll never let him win!
Well, okay.
Now that that's decided,
we'll really start practicing tomorrow.
And before that
Are these all mine?
Yes, they are
your new set of clubs and bag.
I ordered them while you were at school.
There are clubs for kids,
but you can use the adults'
since you've been using mine.
So cool! Thank you, Miss Kiria!
Mr. Brother-in-law is childish, right?
You can thank your grandfather.
"Teach my grandson golf," he said.
I bought this
with the money he entrusted to me.
I'll do my best!
And these
These are gifts from me.
I made them for you.
Wow! So cute!
Okay, from now on, your name is Taro!
Your name is Hanako.
Just you wait, Lancelot!
I'm gonna beat you
this time for sure!
Wow! It's huge!
Is this a real golf course?
If you're participating in the tournament,
you should experience a real course.
That flag you see way down there
is the green.
That area marks the cup.
This is the starting point
of the first hole.
The course consists
of a total of 18 holes.
As many as 18 holes?
The first hole.
P-A-R 5, 480 yards
It reads "par."
Par 5, 480 yards.
A standard number of strokes.
Based on the distance to the green,
holes are divided
into short, middle, and long.
Three strokes for short,
four strokes for middle,
and five strokes
is the standard for the long holes.
The standard number is called "par."
So this sign means,
since the green is 480 yards away,
golfers are supposed to finish this hole
in five strokes.
If you hole the ball one stroke under par,
it's called a "birdie."
Two strokes under par is "eagle."
And one stroke over par is called "bogey."
Gush, par, and panties? What was it again?
Anyway, whoever gets the ball
in the cup 18 times
with the fewest number of strokes
is the winner.
Okay, I got it!
Hey, Miss Kiria, enough talking.
I can't wait to hit the ball!
Okay, sure.
You can hit.
All right!
Let's do this, Taro!
310 yards.
Your distance has increased again.
What's going on with you?
Now for my second shot.
It's easy to reach the hole
with five shots.
Hold on!
Are you gonna use the driver again?
This hole is 480 yards,
and you hit the ball 310 yards.
What is left?
Well, let's see.
One hundred seventy yards!
And what will happen if you hit it
300 yards with your driver again?
Oh, I see.
This is where we use irons.
A club for hitting
approach shots to the green.
Wow! There are a lot!
May I choose one?
Whichever one you like.
Unlike the first shot off the tee,
now you are going
to hit the ball on the ground.
It's out of bounds.
You have to hit it again.
It costs you a one-shot penalty.
Your next one will be your fourth.
Oh no.
Did I hit it too hard?
Compare the irons closely.
Yes, this one is "5," and that one is "7."
The numbers are all different.
The lower the number on an iron,
the farther it can hit the ball.
You need to pick the right club
based on the remaining distance.
Then what number should I pick? Tell me!
-One more penalty for you!
You must not ask other players for advice!
-You got two strokes!
-No way!
There are rules like that,
so be careful during the game.
And the adviser also receives a penalty.
Oh no.
The 7-iron was exactly right.
Next is putting.
What about undulation?
It's bumpy.
Oh! Not good!
All right!
You did it in six strokes.
It's a par 5, so you're one stroke over.
That means
-It's bogey!
Yeah, right.
He's getting used to the irons
and the putter.
At this rate, he can handle the match.
Yay! I could complete
two holes in a row with one putt.
-You're getting the hang of it.
Speaking of putting,
I have an interesting story.
As a pro, when you're in good shape,
you can kind of see the line to the hole.
My friend, a female golfer
who was called a putting genius, says
that even on the most complex green,
she can see the lines
shining clearly in gold.
Good afternoon.
Visiting Ms. Kajury as usual?
I'm coming in.
The flowers
Was someone here?
Yeah. Kurumi brought them for me.
Don't they smell nice?
I see.
She told me Kiria finally got
her first boyfriend at 21.
That's good news.
It is.
He's a foreign elementary school student
with chestnut hair.
Kiria is getting more and more competent.
At this rate, I'm sure Kiria will
You should get the prize money.
Kiria Nishino made it this far
because she was inspired by you.
Everyone is waiting for your return.
Let's play together again!
But still, surgery is
By the way,
you've got a tournament next week, right?
Good luck.
Please be prepared, Lancelot.
The chance of surgery healing
your sister's eyes is less than 30%.
If it fails, she'll be blind forever.
However, the more we put off the decision,
the less chance she has,
and eventually, it will be too late.
The first tournament is unpredictable.
But Gawain has a huge advantage.
It's like the middle of the face
and the ball light up.
If it's true, that's an amazing talent.
No one
will be able to stand in my way.
As long as I can see the Shining Road.
Wow, so many people are gathering here.
Don't get cold feet.
Well, I'll be going, then.
Hey, Mukaida! You came!
Wow, I'm so happy.
I was nervous, so
Do your best.
It's unusual to see you, Kiria.
Hi, sir.
You don't normally come
to the Junior's tournaments.
It's because my boyfriend
is playing here today.
Lancelot will win
by a big margin this time too.
No one will be able
to catch up to his level.
I don't know.
A kid like that may show up.
Hey, Tohoku Dialect and
Dear Mukaida.
Oh, you guys.
You're not practicing putting?
We're good enough
that we don't need practice.
What about you?
You're the loser
who couldn't even sink it in 30 shots.
I will save the fruits of my labor
for the tournament.
I'm going to win for sure.
We will now hold
the 12th Izumi no Tsurugi Junior Cup.
Start at 9:06 a.m., Group One.
Makoto Niiyama.
Tadashi Furuyama.
Great! We're in the same group!
Who is the unfortunate last guy?
Yumiko Koizumi.
Wow! It's a girl. That's nice! Wonderful!
It's not an official game,
so it's coed! Lucky us!
Hey, Mukaida,
how do they decide the group members?
Oh, the committees decide unilaterally.
Then I might not be able
to compete with Lancelot?
Start at 9:13 a.m., Group Two.
Takeo Mukaida.
Oh, yes!
Lancelot Norman.
I'm jealous.
Mukaida, can I take your place?
I wish I could do that.
I don't want to be with the captain.
Gawain Nanaumi.
-That's great!
now it's time to compete.
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