Rising Impact (2024) s01e04 Episode Script

First Tournament

The 12th Izumi no Tsurugi Junior Cup
will now begin.
Three golfers of Group One, draw one.
The atmosphere is so tense.
Will I be okay?
Mr. Lancelot!
I always adore you
whenever and wherever you are
What was that, sis?!
Why are you acting suspiciously?
You know
I'm supporting Mr. Lancelot, right?
I'm sorry to say,
but Gawain will win the cup.
I'm sorry for Mr. Brother-in-law,
but Mr. Lancelot will win!
Come on, what's so good
about that effeminate boy?
And Mr. Brother-in-law is a squishy boy!
What are they arguing about?
What? Is she gonna tee it off
with the 5-iron?
She must be a true beginner!
I knew the 5-iron
could fly it 150 yards at most.
The distance might be shorter,
but maybe she chose
the club that minimizes mistakes?
Anyway, it doesn't feel good
without using a driver.
Right, Mukaida?
That's so you, Gawain.
I don't care about other players.
my main goal is to beat you!
You vastly underestimate me.
The only way to beat me is to win the cup.
Then I will win the cup!
You can see for yourself
if I'm good enough to become a pro.
They've reached the green.
Group Two, please start playing.
I have the honor of teeing off first.
I'm getting nervous.
-Are you holding in your poop?
If you hold it in too much,
it may come out when you hit the ball.
What are you talking about?
I pooped plenty in the morning,
so my shot is gonna be good
The tension I felt
went away when I laughed.
I did it!
Thank you.
I owe you, Gawain!
I'm sorry. I got a bit carried away.
It was a good shot.
Lancelot is next.
His putting is godlike, but they say
his drives and iron shots are nice too.
Amazing! It's over 200 yards.
You're too beautiful, Mr. Lancelot!
What is that boy doing?
Is he using a club for adults?
I have to wait.
What? Why?
Because the earlier group
is still on the green.
Don't worry.
You can't reach the green 320 yards
away from here unless you're a pro.
Go ahead and tee it off.
Are you sure?
Hurry up, or I'll give you a penalty.
All right!
His first stroke at his first tournament.
Hit the ball with full strength, Gawain!
What's this small body's secret
to long drives?
So fast!
Damn, double bogey already?
Group Two is impatient.
Already taking the second shot. What?
He made the green in one shot
on the 320-yard hole.
Who on earth is this boy?
With that head speed,
no wonder the ball can fly over 300 yards!
Okay, let's go!
My ball is the farthest,
so I'll putt it first.
You'll see.
I'm different from who I was before.
The distance is about seven meters.
The undulation is
a left turn, and also uphill.
I have to hit it a bit hard.
It's neatly on the hook line! That will
That will miss the hole.
Oh, I missed it!
The line becomes straight before the cup.
Your estimate is still off.
But it's much better than the other day.
It's five meters for Lancelot.
His putting line
is more complex than Gawain's.
Can he estimate it all?
He was able to do it.
Mr. Lancelot!
Impressive, Lancelot.
Now I'm sure
he has the same talent as Kajury.
I hit a drive
and two putts on the first hole.
And you, Lancelot?
Two shots and one putt.
Same birdie as you.
It's a tie!
I'll beat you on the next hole.
His 300-yard drives are certainly amazing,
and his irons and putts have improved.
-All right!
-Nice putt, Gawain!
he can't beat me.
It'll be another boring tournament today.
What? You both scored over 30?
That girl Yumiko messed with our pacing.
And what's your score, Mukaida?
It must be over 40 strokes, right?
Mine is 14 over par.
It's my personal best.
-We lost!
-We lost!
Are you serious? How about Tohoku Dialect?
He should be over 50!
No, Gawain scored
Lancelot is one under,
and you're one over,
which is two strokes behind him!
You did well in the first half.
We have nine holes left.
I'm gonna surpass him soon.
It looks like this kid
never feels any pressure.
Hello, Mr. Lancelot.
Kurumi, I heard you visited my sister
in the hospital yesterday.
Thank you.
It's nothing!
By the way, if you'd like,
please take this soda
It looks yummy!
Let me drink some
No! I'm afraid not!
This is for Mr. Lancelot!
Please, just half of it.
Hey, look, Gawain.
Buy something you like.
Here you go, Mr. Lancelot. Please drink
I'm gonna buy one too!
I'm done Whoa!
Who did this?
It's dangerous if it hits somebody!
Calm down, Squishy Joe!
I won't miss the target from this close.
"Squishy Joe"
is me?
Hope you're ready
for the second half, Lancelot.
They'll divide us into groups of three
from the top of the first half.
"From the top"?
What was your score in the first half?
These top three are outstanding.
Lancelot is number one as I expected.
Isn't this third-place kid
the one who hit 300 yards?
The squishy boy.
The second-place player.
Isn't she the Girls' Junior champion?
Now, Group One of the second half.
Lancelot Norman.
Yumiko Koizumi.
Gawain Nanaumi.
This girl is higher up than me.
If you wish to say something, go ahead.
I'm happy to compete with you in person.
In usual official competitions,
boys and girls are separated.
By beating you,
in addition to the strongest girl,
I'll claim the title
of the strongest junior!
Then I'll beat you two
and become number one!
I have the honor.
-Stay back.
The wind is rising.
I wonder if the weather will worsen.
It's downhill,
and there is a pond behind the green.
And this wind
It didn't fly that far.
That's fine.
The world-renowned Mr. Lancelot
isn't going directly for the pin.
Lack of courage, perhaps?
The sound
No impact sound.
It would bounce on the green
and end up in the pond!
What? Was that a backspin?
And the spin was quite strong.
Lancelot, Gawain,
and this girl are incredible.
But they're only elementary students!
How about that, Lancelot?
Did that surprise you?
Yeah, I'm surprised!
A little bit.
All right.
I'm gonna put it on the green
in one shot too!
No, he isn't reading the wind.
No, I put it in the pond!
If you only focus on other people's play,
you'll lose sight of your own.
Let me finish it off.
He is a putting master,
but the distance is
Looks like it was a piece of cake.
A piece of cake.
It was a double bogey.
Suddenly, I ended up three shots behind.
But it's not over yet.
Next hole, I'll catch up.
His first half was smooth
because of the momentum.
But golf is a sport where tides turn
with the slightest chance.
From now on,
your enemies are not only your rivals,
Well, well, what's going on, miss?
Where's your umbrella?
So, let's share mine.
Stop it. You're gonna get wet too.
Then I won't use it.
Why, Squishy Joe?
We should compete
under the same conditions.
Lancelot, you too?
You guys are too goody-goody.
Do as you like.
-No, that's bad.
-Let's take shelter.
Mr. Lancelot, I would love
to share my umbrella with you.
He would get a penalty for that.
Share it with your sister!
No way! Give it back!
Nope! I won't!
I'm three strokes behind
with six holes to go.
I've got to catch up soon.
I knew Lancelot
would choose the left side.
The right side is straight
but has many bunkers.
The left is a detour but no bunkers.
The problem is,
if it goes over, it falls into the river.
My backspin can stop it
on the green for sure!
I'll make the green in two shots
to put pressure on him.
Oh no.
It fell into a bush.
Okay, it's my turn!
Fly to the green!
No! It dropped in the bunker.
I thought it fell around here,
but why can't I find it?
The time is almost up.
If I reshoot for a lost ball,
I won't be able to catch up.
I can't believe I'll lose because of this.
Why are you standing there in a daze?
Let's find your ball,
or you'll end up with a lost ball.
You still have one minute. Don't give up.
What the heck?
Why are they both
I found it!
This one, right?
Good for you, Yumiko.
He's a good guy
even if he's a Squishy Joe.
All right, I declare my ball unplayable.
What? Are you not gonna hit it?
Who can hit it in the bush like this?
But I'm saved.
A lost ball would cost me a stroke
and a redo from the tee.
But I declared it unplayable.
I can aim at the green
even though it still costs one stroke.
If I make a bogey,
I'll still have a chance.
Relax before you hit it.
Thank you.
He's so handsome up close.
The sand was hardened by the rain.
Lancelot extended his score to minus four
in the second half, despite the rain.
Gawain's pace was affected by the rain,
putting him at plus eight.
It's a difference in experience.
I was absolutely set on winning.
Darn it!
I don't wanna lose!
It's over there.
I gotta get it out of the woods, but
No way I can avoid the trees.
I can see the green so close though.
Oh, I got it!
Squishy Joe!
Declare your ball unplayable
if you can't hit it.
I'm gonna hit it there!
What? It's the driver!
Wait, are you gonna
I don't know
if it's a plan or merely a gamble,
but he's decided he can hit it.
But the ball will be blocked
by such dense branches.
If it could come through,
it would fly over the green!
We would think that way.
The only spot I can aim for is over there!
He used branches
to kill the speed of the ball.
Unbelievable. It holed.
Where is my ball?
It holed! You did it in two strokes.
It's an eagle!
An eagle?
Amazing, Squishy Joe!
Gawain Nanaumi.
I retract saying
you aren't qualified to go pro.
You honestly surprised me.
So please don't give me that look.
Your putting never lost control,
even in the rain.
I've been practicing my putts
in the rain and wind.
That's all.
It's not just the other players.
In golf, we also have to deal with nature.
I'm gonna practice more!
And I'm gonna beat you next time for sure!
Who are you?
Gawain, did you get changed?
The awards ceremony will
What?! Who are you?
Don't tell me, a pervert?!
Whoa! No, I'm not!
I am not a suspicious person!
My name is Merlin Albright.
-Merlin Albright?!
-Merlin Albright?!
Yes, I wanted to talk to you two boys.
Do you know him?
Of course I do.
He is a great coach
who trained many top professionals.
Really? This old man?
Now I'm the principal
of a school called Camelot Academy.
Camelot Academy!
It's the prestigious golf training school
that has produced many pros.
I watched your games today
and was so moved and shocked by you.
Mr. Lancelot.
Mr. Gawain.
Would you please join
Would you please join the Camelot Academy?
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