Rising Impact (2024) s01e05 Episode Script

Camelot Academy

-Do you have everything?
Underwear and handkerchief?
I have them!
Is this Camelot Academy?
The famous Merlin Albright established
this boarding school
for intensive golf training.
Once you pass the gate,
what awaits is daily competition
with peers aspiring to be pros.
Are you really sure about this?
Yeah! I enjoy taking your golf lessons,
but I want to train hard
and be sure to beat Lancelot next time.
I can't wait to see others!
What kind of people are they?
It looks like this building is haunted.
Oh, well, it has
an interesting atmosphere. Ho, ho!
Not at all!
I am fond of this kind.
You are three minutes late.
You must be Gawain Nanaumi.
I'm in charge of primary
I mean our elementary class.
My name is Aria Sayfort.
-Nice to meet you.
-Nice to meet you, Ms. Aria.
Your names sound alike,
but she's prettier, I think.
Thank you for taking care of
Classes have already started,
so guardians should leave.
What? But wait!
You can visit him once a month.
Phone calls are
only allowed for emergencies.
See you next month on visiting day,
Ms. Kiria Nishino.
Follow me, Gawain.
See you later, Miss Kiria.
Hey! What's with her cold attitude?
I can't stand women with icy eyes!
But wait Aria Sayfort?
I feel like I've met her somewhere.
Ms. Aria, how many students are here?
There are 11 elementary
and junior high school students,
including you.
Wow! That's less
than my old school in the countryside.
Only champions of the tournament
and those approved by Mr. Albright
can enroll here.
A new guy is coming in today, right?
That's what I heard.
Being late on the first day?
We should teach him a lesson
for being so rude.
Everyone, we have a new student today.
-Come in. Introduce yourself.
-Squish, squish
Well, let's see what kind of guy he is.
I'm Gawain Nanaumi! I'm from Fukushima.
My favorite foods are
locust tsukudani and pickled plums.
Fukushima is a great place.
You should visit at least once!
Why promote your hometown, Squishy Joe?
It's you, Yumiko!
I didn't know you were here.
I am. I was surprised when I heard
that the principal had recruited you.
-That's enough!
He already knows Yumiko.
The rest of you, introduce yourselves.
I'm Wanglian.
I'm Platalissa.
I'm Liebel.
Nice to meet you, Gawain.
He looks like a nice person!
The others look unfriendly though.
Let's begin the lesson.
Gawain, are you in the fourth grade?
Write your goals for the future
and share them with everyone.
Fifth graders,
submit yesterday's printouts.
Sixth graders, answer the questions
on the blackboard.
I'm gonna write
in the Japanese calligraphy
that Grandpa taught me!
That's too rough of a joke.
The squishy boy can play golf?
Got it!
Ms. Aria, I'm done!
Then give us your presentation.
I can't read it.
"World's number one"?
I'll become a pro golfer,
then compete against
the world's pros in a drive contest
and become the best!
That's quite a goal for you!
Do your best anyway.
That gorilla!
I see Lancelot decided not to come.
That's too bad.
When did you come here?
Well, almost a year ago.
I'm happy to have you here.
I was the only Japanese in primary.
Why are they all foreigners?
Camelot Academy only has three schools
in the world: US, UK, and Japan.
Applicants for admission
come from all over the world.
I see.
By the way, you shouldn't care
about that guy from earlier.
What? Who?
Riser! He made fun of you
when he heard about your goal.
He said "Do your best."
He was cheering for me.
I envy your personality.
Oh, man. What a joke.
You should either eat or talk.
When I heard Albright
scouted a guy himself,
I wondered who was coming.
But he's a squishy short kid
whose driver probably swings him.
But he seems like a good boy.
Well, the world's best at long drives?
At least he has a sense of humor.
It wasn't a joke.
I meant what I said.
You meant it?
Hi, Gawain, Yumiko.
Why don't you eat lunch here?
Don't be silly!
A pudgy, squishy kid like you
won't even withstand the training here!
This isn't a child's game.
Don't underestimate golf!
Riser, that's enough already!
What? Squishy Joe?
I never underestimate golf!
You can't say I won't withstand
the training until I try!
Anyway, you'll never beat me
when it comes to hitting a ball far!
What did you say, you little bastard?
Calm down, Riser.
Shut up! Hey!
Then how about you two
have a driving contest?
Let's say, the loser
has to leave the school.
The more risk in the competition,
the more fun, don't you think?
Platalissa, don't try to provoke them!
Why not?
Those two seem confident, so
Are you in or not?
-I'm in!
-I'm in!
Squishy Joe!
The kid is as simpleminded as Riser.
You slapped my face.
Do you want another one?
Why did you say
I said that for the boy's sake.
You think the squishy boy
can survive at this school?
Stop it, guys.
I'm with Platalissa.
You guys are a little mistaken.
This is not just any golf school.
If you lack the skill,
leaving is the only option.
If you have time to worry
about others, worry about yourself,
sweet Yumiko.
How dare you!
Squishy Joe isn't the kind
of squishy person you all think he is!
Woo-hoo! Are we doing
the hitting distance contest here?
The distance to the pin is 320 yards.
Who hits first?
You can go first.
Watch closely.
This is my
with maximum power!
I hit it full power so it went off course,
but it's still 310 yards!
He's really great!
Now it's my turn.
Hey, are you gonna hit one?
Of course I am.
He saw my driving distance.
Is he a real idiot?
Okay. Let's do it!
It went over the green.
It flew at least 330 yards, right?
Three hundred and thirty?
How could this tiny kid do that?
But the head speed and impact were
And the direction was also perfect.
If not overshoot, it could land
near the pin or even in the cup!
Okay, let's do it again!
No, that's enough.
I'm completely defeated.
Hey, wait.
I may have beaten you in driving,
but who knows who would win
in a proper golf game.
It was rash for us to say
the loser has to leave.
The more rivals the better, right?
Are you stupid?
It would be better to have no rivals.
What? Why?
Because then I could survive here,
become a pro,
earn tons of money, and
If you want to make money,
there are other ways besides golf.
No I mean, well
Then why do you play golf?
Because it's fun.
Hitting the ball farther than anyone
feels great, right?
That's right.
Where are Gawain and Riser?
Which guy will come back?
Squish, squish!
Ms. Aria, we're late. We're so
You're both five minutes late.
Fifty minutes of tardiness
equals a one-day absence,
and three days of absences
results in expulsion.
What? Riser, why didn't you
tell me about that?
Don't blame me! We'd be on time
if you weren't slow and squishy!
They're getting along.
Mumble, mumble.
Aw, Lancelot
As I expected, this school has
a lot of interesting guys.
Shoot! I missed it again!
Hey, Lancelot,
are you sure you're not going
to Camelot Academy?
Yes, I am sure.
Camelot is a boarding school.
I won't leave my sister alone
until her eyes recover.
I see. I thought I could compete with you
anytime if we were in the same school.
I'll play golf
at my local junior high school.
I'm looking forward to seeing
your improvement next time we meet.
Miss Kiria
I'll do my best.
Lancelot, why are you wearing
a girl's outfit?
Ugh, I need to pee.
Phew, I feel better.
Liebel his swing is
so dynamic and beautiful.
His powerful swing
stirred the distant grass.
Good morning.
Doesn't morning practice
start at 5:00 a.m.?
Why are you practicing already?
I always do my self-training at 4:00 a.m.
I want to improve as much as I can.
Hey, Liebel!
Look, you know what?
Can I practice with you?
Stop the club firmly.
Use your wrist strength, grip strength,
and feet and legs properly.
His toes are sunk into the ground!
I can't get it right like you.
A morning run
makes me feel so good after all!
Gawain! Don't go too fast from the start!
You can't eat breakfast
if you run ten kilometers that fast!
Ugh, I feel like dying.
I'm too tired to eat.
Guys, you'll run out of gas
without having breakfast.
you're so tough as usual.
So yummy!
The food after exercise is so good!
Maybe he's tougher than you.
Okay, it's after school.
I just had a school tour yesterday,
but today I'm gonna
join in the training here!
Wait, where is Yumi-pu?
I think Yumiko is on cleaning duty
at the clock tower.
Here is Yumiko Koizumi.
Her shot at green in regulation.
I'm super scared!
All right! I did it!
Yumi-pu, come on and go practice!
Where did she go?
Help me.
I'm falling.
I'll call the teachers!
Gawain, stay here and
Liebel! Go to that window
in the clock tower now!
Hurry! Yumiko is about to fall!
Hang in there, Yumiko!
Hang on, I'm gonna help you right now.
Squishy Joe
You can't do it, Gawain. Let me try.
I can't hang on.
Unbelievable. With only one hand
Stretch your arms out to their fullest!
Like this?
Yumiko, extend your left arm straight up!
Liebel, I'm counting on you!
Oh yeah!
Are you okay, Yumiko?
Yeah. Thank you, Squishy Joe.
Glad you're okay.
Oh, wait. What?
-Squishy Joe!
Yes, ten points!
Today's practice is canceled.
Yumiko, Gawain, and Liebel,
help repair the gutter.
Oh no!
Jeez. I couldn't attend
another golf training session today.
Sorry! But thank you very much!
The grip strength
to crush a steel rain gutter,
and the strength of limbs and lower back
Gawain, you're not
just a squishy boy, indeed.
You can't beat me in running.
How's that, Liebel?
You're slow!
Squish? Wait!
Are they playing tag?
Those two are like brothers.
Their faces look similar too.
Hope their faces are
the only similar thing.
Are you talking about
Liebel's tournament results?
No doubt he's one of the academy's
most skilled students,
but he hasn't won a single tournament
since he entered the school.
An uncrowned prince.
I'm not allowed to play on the course?
But why?
I heard that students without major wins
have to focus on basic training
for six months.
I learned a lot of the basics
from Miss Kiria before I came here!
I want to play on the course
and get better!
Hey! Please don't tell me
I have to wait six months.
Don't say that to us.
Squishy Joe.
Hey! Please let me play on the course!
Come on, calm down for a bit!
Are you okay?
I want to become a pro
as soon as possible.
My Grandpa is waiting for me
alone in the countryside.
Let's go to Ms. Aria's office together.
Permit Gawain to play on the course?
Liebel, why are you asking?
I can feel his strong passion for golf
and want to give him a chance to play.
Yes! I want to become a pro
as soon as possible.
Gawain, you are a student who came here
because of your untapped talent.
That is why it is important
to lay a solid foundation now.
But I want to improve more!
I want to play golf more!
I want to play golf
with other students, with Liebel
Yes, I know.
All right.
-Good for you.
as a condition,
you two compete
in the three holes I specify.
If Gawain wins or ties on any one hole,
let's say he passes.
Lucky for me.
I can compete with Liebel from the start.
That's good, Liebel?
I have to compete
What on earth is wrong with him?
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