Rising Impact (2024) s01e06 Episode Script

Uncrowned Prince

-You'll compete against Liebel?
She said I should compete against him
at the course called level D,
and If I win or tie on any hole,
I can make my course debut.
Ms. Aria said that?
What is she thinking?
Hey, by the way, what is level D?
You know that a golf course
consists of 18 holes, right?
Our school divides
the 18 holes of the main course
into A, B, and C,
in order of difficulty level.
And level D is the practice course
for the main one.
I see!
Then the higher the level,
the more exciting the holes,
right, Mr. Riser?
That's right.
The holes of the upper level
are seriously outrageous.
Wow! How exciting!
I wanna play there soon too!
But no matter how good you are,
you have to start from level C first.
Once a month, a promotion exam is held.
Only when you pass it
can you move up one level.
When you level up,
you get to participate in various matches.
Level A students
can attend official games,
B students can attend non-official
but modest tournaments,
C students can't attend any matches.
The tournament where I met you
for the first time was
Not an official tournament.
You're B, Yumiko?
How come?
Aren't you the girl's junior champion?
I won the championship
when I was once ranked A,
but one month later, I went back to B.
Even a champion is at level B
Then A-ranked students
must be really great!
Are there any here?
Yes. One in the primary division,
and one in the secondary division.
By any chance, is it you, Riser?!
I'm C!
Next time I'm downgraded,
I'll be expelled!
Then the A student is
Liebel is level A.
He's a great golfer, just as I thought.
Who is better, him or Lancelot?
I can't believe
I get to compete against Liebel.
It's so exciting!
But I don't get
why someone good enough to be level A
hasn't won any tournaments.
I have no idea.
Ask him directly.
You look sad.
Ms. Aria.
Do you hate competitions that much?
I have no idea what you're thinking.
You're making us compete
for his course debut.
Why are you doing this?
Let me be clear about this.
If you take it easy on Gawain
and try to let him win,
it'll be considered
his unconditional loss.
Ms. Aria
If this continues,
I'm afraid you may ruin your future.
This competition
will not only be a trial for him,
but also a test for you.
We are starting a three-hole match
on the level D course.
Both of you do your best.
Let's do our best, Liebel.
I'm second.
Liebel is about to tee off.
I wonder how awesome it will be.
What?! That's an iron?
Why aren't you using a driver?
Well, this hole has challenging rough.
It would be safer
to go with precise iron shots.
It looks fine.
He shot at least 220 yards
with the 4-iron.
It looked like he used the wind
to carry his ball.
It's your turn.
Take it easy, relax,
and your drive is going to be good.
Yep, thanks!
But I won't take it easy on you.
I'll win at least one hole at any cost!
So don't take it easy on me either.
I know.
Well, let's see
what Mr. Albright's hopeful has got.
It dropped really close to the pin!
He made the green 320 yards away
in one shot.
That head speed
and precise impact with his small body.
I see.
Now I understand
why Mr. Albright recommended him.
There's exactly 100 yards left.
If you take it easy on Gawain
and let him win,
it'll be considered
his unconditional loss.
His ball is 30 centimeters to the pin.
He won't miss that easy of a putt.
I should get serious here.
He almost put it in the cup.
Let me finish it off.
It's my turn.
If I putt it in
with the second shot, I'll win
and make my course debut.
Too hard!
Whoa, I yanked!
It's farther away
from the hole than before.
If I putt it in, it'll be tied.
I will still have my course debut.
You should relax.
You're overthinking it,
creating unnecessary tension.
That's right.
Oh no!
I was too cautious.
His drive was impressive,
but he is still a beginner, after all.
Gawain, I'm sorry.
You lost your chance to tie it up
because of my unnecessary advice.
Why are you apologizing to me?
If you didn't advise me to relax,
I wouldn't have even made par.
Besides, we have two holes left.
I won't lose again.
Okay, let's go, then!
That tree is really getting in the way.
The back of that green is a valley.
An overshoot will lead
to an out of bounds.
I see.
We have two holes left.
My grandpa is waiting for me
alone in the countryside.
Do your best, Liebel.
He topped it?
Did he intentionally top it?
What on earth happened to you?
I can't believe you missed.
Seems I still have a way to go.
I was distracted by that tree,
and I looked up.
What? No, that's not true.
Liebel didn't look up at all
when he hit it.
Why did he lie like that?
I have to drop the ball.
I'm on my third stroke.
This is your chance.
What do you mean by "chance"?
It's a serious competition
between you and me.
Of course.
But your course debut is at stake.
Could it be that your shot was
Forget it.
Out of bounds!
It flew too far with the 9-iron.
People use a 7-iron to make the green,
but he hit it over with the 9-iron.
He seems to be quite the big hitter, but
He doesn't know the distance
he can hit with each iron yet.
He will be on his third stroke too.
What am I gonna do?
If the 9-iron is too much,
maybe a pitching wedge?
But 145 yards is too far for that club.
Help me, Miss Kiria!
When you're not sure,
use a smaller iron
and swing at about 80% of your strength.
That way, you can reduce mistakes.
I see. Okay.
I managed to make the green!
Yay, Ms. Kiria!
You did it, Gawain!
Your course debut is almost here!
Now I'm sure he is
I'll drop the ball.
Go for it.
One putt to clinch your course debut!
Before that, we should get serious.
The yardage is one meter.
It should be a slice line
of two ball widths.
All right.
Get in!
Sigh! I should have hit it to the left
one more ball width.
He made a double bogey.
Mine is a two-meter straight putt.
There is no extra undulation.
It's an easy putt.
The direction isn't right at all!
Liebel. As expected, you're
This is fine.
There is a spike mark!
No way! It can't be.
How did that happen?
That's what I thought.
That's okay. I'll take my loss.
I'll work on the basics for six months.
But this is
Sorry, Gawain.
That wasn't intentional, so
You didn't play seriously!
I knew you were trying
to let me win on purpose!
You missed your putt,
used an iron for your tee-off,
and didn't look up when you topped.
And all for the same reason!
Why did you do that?!
Because I'm a beginner,
or because I'm a crappy golfer?
Tell me!
I don't have the right
to beat other people in golf.
Liebel. Oh my, you're so out of breath.
We played golf on the hill again!
Of course, I was number one!
I see.
So, are you going to be
a professional golfer when you grow up?
Yeah! And after I make it big,
I'll give you the good life.
Thank you.
But I am happy enough
just to be by your side.
Liebel, happy 10th birthday.
This is the golf club set you wanted.
What's wrong?
Thank you, Grandma.
He won again.
In addition, he is six under par.
He is a genius.
Look. This is the article from
the Atlantic Rim Junior Cup last week.
Wow, it's like I'm dreaming.
Are you happy, Grandma?
Well, I'm off.
Do your best, Liebel.
Today is my grandma's birthday.
I'm going to win as a present for her.
Oh no.
To win,
I must make it in one shot.
What am I gonna do?
It's one penalty stroke.
I have no chance to win.
I must declare
You won for my birthday?
I've never had such a happy birthday.
What's wrong, Liebel?
I'm tired today.
I'm going to bed.
I can't bear to look directly
at Grandma's joyous face.
You're great, Liebel!
I'll never be able to beat you!
Congrats on your victory!
No, not true.
I betrayed all of you
who play golf seriously,
as well as
my grandma.
That's why
you haven't won a single match
since you came here.
Or rather, you haven't even tried to win.
You both must despise me
and think I should just quit golf.
But I can't quit.
My grandma is the happiest
when she watches me play golf.
So I've decided not to become a tour pro
but to aim to be a teaching pro.
I don't know you well enough yet,
and I'm not very good with words.
I know you love your grandma very much.
But up until now, you've been losing
on purpose to other players.
Imagine how they feel
after they worked so hard.
I'd rather play my hardest and lose
than have someone
take it easy on me and win!
You're just insulting people
who play their hardest!
Whether in golf or in life,
everyone makes mistakes once or twice.
I did too.
It's certainly too late to do something
about the mistakes you've made.
So try not to repeat
the same mistakes again.
Liebel, strengthen your heart.
Not bound by the past,
a strong heart that can
earnestly look towards the future.
Ms. Aria.
If you're willing
to give me one more chance,
I'll compete with all I've got.
This is the last stage of level D.
That's a driver.
He's finally getting serious.
But I'm gonna win for sure!
What's his strategy?
Is he gonna go around the pond?
Liebel is trying to hit it over the pond.
All right, then I will also
It's impossible to do that
with your current ability.
Over the pond, the carry,
the distance to the first bounce,
should be 330 yards,
which means a total 360-yard shot
will be required.
When was the last time
I really hit a ball?
Gawain, I owe you one.
To respond to your feelings,
to be able to look
at my grandma's smile directly,
I will play my hardest.
Okay, it's your turn.
I must be a genius for sure.
-It seems they're back.
Hey, what happened?
This? No need to worry.
I'm sorry, Liebel. It hurt, didn't it?
Yeah, it hurt a lot.
But thanks to you, I was able to
get rid of the pent-up feelings
I had for a long time off my chest.
What happened?
What about your course debut?
I lost.
I'll work on the basics for six months.
Well, okay.
I lost, but I'm not disappointed at all.
You were too good for me
to beat right now.
I'm going to train so that I can catch up
and then overtake you!
Then, as promised,
I ask Gawain to learn the basics
for six months.
depending on how much you improve,
I'll consider a faster course debut.
Good for you!
Way to go, Squishy Joe!
Hey, hey.
By any chance,
does Liebel have a crush on Ms. Aria?
Hey, so you like old women like her?
Say "young lady"!
She is 24!
How do you know?
Speaking of a young lady
Is this Gawain?
What's up? You haven't called me once!
Ms. Aria told me
I can't make a lot of calls.
Are you doing well?
Yeah. Right. Oh, I see.
You should do your best
to make your course debut.
Aw! Mr. Lancelot! I'm I'm
Kurumi seems to be well too.
Of course.
We have guests over right now.
Hold on a minute.
Gawain, have you improved your game?
You're unfriendly as usual.
I won a tournament yesterday
so easily I was bored.
Don't keep me waiting too long.
I'm hanging up.
Is that all?
Oh, wait!
Yumiko wants to talk to you.
Hold on a second!
All right!
I have to train a lot
before I see him again.
Seriously? I'm so nervous!
If you find time for phone calls,
you should be more diligent!
Hey! That's the call from Gawain!
Ha! I got rid of a third wheel!
Wait! She hung up!
-What happened?
-What's wrong?
It seems there's no more competition left
in the country for you guys.
Oh, yes. Just to let you know, I heard
that a new student came in primary.
Well, I'm looking forward to meeting him.
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