Rising Impact (2024) s01e07 Episode Script

An Explosive Situation

It will soon be June.
Some of you may have been
practicing hard for that day.
Finally, next week we'll hold tryouts
to select the players for the Camelot Cup,
held every June.
What's wrong?
As soon as everyone heard "Camelot Cup,"
they got all tense.
Gawain, it's your first time, right?
Is the Camelot Cup a special competition?
For this competition,
representatives from our schools
in Japan, the US,
and the main school in England
come together
to determine the best of Camelot Academy.
In fact, it is a competition to determine
the best junior player in the world.
The best in the world?
Additionally, the esteemed champion
will be awarded
one of the Ring Twelve clubs.
Ring Twelve is a set of clubs
that is considered a golfer's top choice.
They are the mythical masterpieces
called "the 12 Clubs of the Round Table."
They sound like legendary weapons!
It's so cool!
I don't care unless we can get
some prize money.
But for such a big competition,
don't we have to be level A players?
No. When it comes to participation
in the Camelot Cup,
every student in the academy
is given a chance.
That means
I'm also eligible for the tryouts?
Seven students will be selected
from our school.
In June, the selected golfers
will travel to England
where our main school is located.
All right, it's exactly 50 yards!
Wow, you're great, Squishy Joe.
He's improved!
Yep! I worked so hard on the basics
for a month.
I'll keep it up at the tryouts.
Here's another 50-yard shot!
Oh no.
You still lose control
when you get too excited.
But the legendary weapons sound amazing.
Like something out of a comic book.
You mean mythical masterpieces?
I want it, but moreover,
I want to play golf with great guys
from all over the world.
That's so you.
But first we have to be selected
to qualify.
That's right.
We have to be the seven selected members.
If it's seven, we all can be in!
Or rather, we need one more!
You forgot to add five students
in the secondary division.
The secondary division?
Do we have that?
I've never seen them since I came here.
The secondary students have been
on an extended domestic tour.
But I believe they came back yesterday.
Is that so?
Why don't you like them?
Because they're all nasty!
If I have to deal with those guys,
I'd rather hold hands
and dance with Platalissa!
Out of the tournaments,
they won six team
and 12 individual championships.
Excellent results, Mr. Dorfa.
Well, that's a natural result.
We didn't have a chance
to compete against Lancelot Norman,
who just became a middle schooler. Shame.
At this year's Camelot Cup,
five out of the seven players
will be from the secondary division.
Fill the rest with primary students.
I don't want anyone
who hinders our team, though.
The new primary student
is short and squishy?
Yes, Mr. Todoin!
He really is a squishy little shrimp.
That's quite anticlimactic.
The level of Camelot Academy has fallen.
It's truly lamentable.
Oh, I'm disappointed.
It's a waste of time to compete
in the tryouts against those kids.
I guess we need
to make them know their places.
My tummy is working well as usual!
Poopin' a lot, dumpin' in the pot.
Hi, you must be the new student.
Yeah, who are you?
Hidemi Kanazono
from the secondary division.
Actually, I thought I'd show you
something nice as a token of welcome.
Do you wanna see it?
Something nice?
Of course I do!
Squish, squish
Is that Gawain?
And Kanazono from the secondary division?
Squishy, squishy
Are you sure?
Will I really be able to see
the legendary weapons?
What? Weapons?
Oh, you mean the mythical masterpieces.
I am serious!
The Ring Twelve golf clubs
are stored in there!
Squish! This is the place
I stole no, I borrowed the key properly.
The clubs are stored down the stairs here.
Why don't you go check them out?
What? You're not coming?
I'll wait for you here.
Don't worry about me. Go ahead.
Wow, you're a good guy.
Okay! I'm gonna go see.
Where are they?
This place looks like a storage room.
You idiot!
It looks like a storage room
because it is a storage room!
You fell for that so easily!
There is no way Ring Twelve
would be in a place like this!
You're not gonna get it
in the first place!
Quit the silly dreaming
and go play golf where you belong!
Ugh you
You bastard!
They went behind the school?
Yeah, we gotta hurry and find him.
Hey, that's Todoin and Arai.
Gawain is not with them.
You didn't even say hello to us?
You've become arrogant while we were away.
What's happening?
You called us all the way down here.
If you have business with us,
get it over with.
But first, hey, Platalissa.
What is that slip dress?
It's like underwear. How slutty.
Oh, this one?
I have defined facial features,
so childish clothes don't suit me.
Just once, I'd like to wear
something adorable like yours.
Wait, you just made fun of me?
That's disgraceful to your seniors.
But it's true.
Are you saying I'm just a kid?
You're my junior! Don't be cocky!
You guys really have no idea
why we called you?
Read the wind and be one with nature.
Hey, give me the key!
Nah, not gonna do it.
Open the door now!
After I get out of here,
I'm gonna kick your ass!
Try it!
Damn it!
I have no choice
but to smash the door with my body!
Oh no!
Ouch, it hurts.
It's a waste of time!
What did you do to Gawain?
Oh, the new shorty?
I have no idea.
Don't play with us!
We know Kanazono took Gawain somewhere.
You bastards.
You don't seem to know
how to talk to your seniors.
Stop it!
Hey, what's gotten into you?
You're just a wimp who can't even
look his opponents in the eye at matches.
Why are you acting so tough?
I'm not the wimp you remember anymore.
I'm a new person thanks to Gawain.
Same for me.
I won't lose the tryouts!
What great confidence.
You're challenging us.
You guys won't be able to win.
You should give up the Camelot Cup.
Even if luck gets you in,
you'd just embarrass yourself.
Exactly as Kuromine says!
You guys are nowhere near our level.
It hurts! What the heck?
You don't know that until you try.
You broke my braid off!
I will never back off!
I came to this school for the Camelot Cup!
I didn't know that.
I will definitely go to the UK.
Yumiko, are you not backing down either?
Of course I'm not.
This is a chance
to travel to the UK for free.
It seems talking won't get us anywhere.
You've got a lot of nerve.
Well, even kindergartners can talk big.
Then why don't you test us?
All right.
Bring all the others.
Come out if you can!
What are you doing?
You are Wanglian.
Bullying a freshman? Despicable.
What did you say?
My dad is the financial supporter here!
It's easy for me to have you expelled
You'll regret this!
Useless prick.
Hey, are you all right?
What? That voice is Wanglian's?
Open the door!
The guy called Kanazono trapped me inside!
He left with the key.
Oh no! What am I gonna do?
Get away from the door.
Did you break the door with your fist?
It's the fruit of daily practice.
From now on, beware of a fox
that borrows the authority of a tiger.
A fox?
Ah! Yes, the guy, Kanazono!
I'll definitely catch him
and kick his ass!
Go, go!
Welcome, Lancelot.
You look great today, Kajury.
Wow, he actually gave a quick smile!
Really? That's normal to me.
I'm sorry to bother you, Mr. Lancelot.
Why are you here?
To banter with me?
I'm just here to see her.
Hey, it's not the only reason, sis.
Oh, that's right.
We're going to see Gawain next week
on visiting day at Camelot Academy.
If you would like,
why don't you come with us?
Let's go together, Mr. Lancelot!
You want to see Gawain, too, right?
That sounds good.
You should go with them.
I appreciate the offer.
But I can't go with you.
Why not?! Please go with me!
as much as I'd love to go,
I want to stay with my sister
until her eyes are healed.
It's time to be
independent of your sister!
I know you feel impatient,
but there's nothing more
you can do for her right now.
But that's why I have to be beside her
You should go, Lancelot.
You know, this is
a good opportunity for me
to take some time alone to think.
About the surgery.
Don't worry, I'll be okay.
Sorry, this is the hardest on you.
That's okay.
Okay, just for one day.
I'll be back.
Gawain, what are you doing right now?
Damn, Kanazono! Where is he hiding?
I'll catch him and spank his butt
even if he begs me for mercy!
Mr. Dorfa.
Have you seen my students?
It's almost time for practice,
but I can't find them.
Who knows?
That's why they're primary brats.
But I don't see your students either.
Gawain isn't here.
Did something happen to him?
He was locked up,
but I saved him.
What? Really?
I don't know what happened after though.
Hey, stop chatting!
Hey, what are you going to do?
Just a fun game.
Normally, the automatic tee-up releases
the next ball five seconds after a hit.
I've changed it to three seconds.
Three seconds?
Hit a ball every three seconds,
twenty balls without a break.
We can't control our swing properly
at that pace!
Because you are low level.
Arai, show them.
Got it!
Keep your eyes peeled and watch closely.
Not a single shot went over 300 yards.
Riser, look closely
at where the balls landed.
All of them are 220 to 280 yards.
The spread from left to right
is within 20 yards.
That should do.
With such a barrage,
it's not easy to land the balls
so close to each other.
You're right.
You should've known.
This training is aimed
at increasing concentration and accuracy.
If you can't do this,
you might as well give up.
Liebel, you should try it.
-Why should he?
You're level A like me.
If you can't do it, no one else can.
Show me how much you've changed
from the guy who could never win a match.
Most of them flew 290 to 350 yards,
averaging around 320 yards.
The deviation in direction
is only around ten yards.
I didn't know he was that good.
Yeah, apparently.
This is what Liebel is capable of.
Every shot perfectly hits the sweet spot.
Are you satisfied?
I can't wait for the tryouts.
Oh, Gawain!
Squish, squish.
What are you all doing here?
More importantly,
where were you, Squishy Joe?
Believe it or not,
the guy named Kanazono
Hey, Kanazono!
You bastard! Why did you
Gawain, drop it.
Is he the new student?
That squishy boy is the
Kanazono, did you do something to shorty?
No, I didn't do anything serious.
Instead, we should be practicing
for the tryouts, right?
But listen.
Hey, don't tell me,
are you going to let shorty try out?
Me? I'm in.
Ms. Aria said it was okay.
Excuse me?
Don't be ridiculous!
I've had enough of your jokes.
he's not just a squishy short kid.
Gawain is still a little rough,
but he demonstrates
amazing talent in driving.
Gawain, can you show them?
No, I would rather take Kanazono
You could hit the balls
as if they were him.
Oh, well.
Oh God. Where are they?
Is that sound
Todoin's shots? No
Wow, Kanazono keeps popping up.
Shorty is hitting his drives
over 300 yards.
Not only that.
Every ball he hit is at 330 yards
with tiny deviation in direction!
Who is that kid?
I thought he was just a power hitter,
but Liebel, he's more accurate than you.
That kid
how can he hit it that far
and be so accurate?
I can't believe this.
It can't be true
that the kid is seeing that
What do you mean?
It is said that only one great golfer
has ever been able to see it.
The Rising Impact!
The Rising Impact?
What do you think we need to do
to gain the distance that precisely?
This is about making a precise impact
at the club's sweet spot, right?
No, that's not enough.
Not just the core, but the true core.
A point at the center of the sweet spot.
You should hit it at the sweet point.
Even for pros, aiming for and hitting
the sweet spot is nearly impossible,
let alone hit in succession.
It's beyond human ability.
But they say the great golfer said,
"I can see a twinkling, dazzling light
in the driver's true core."
And indeed, the balls he hit
flew endlessly towards the heavens,
akin to the sun's ascent.
That's how he got his name.
Taiyou no kouseki.
"Rising Impact"!
Rising Impact.
Do you think he can see it?
That sounds like just a myth.
No, you should already know
someone who has the other half
of the twin peaks of talent.
Like the moon
shining upon a dark night's path,
the path of light leading to the cup.
Shining Road
Rising Impact and Shining Road.
Those are truly superhuman talents
gifted from above.
And here's one who has it.
You've got a formidable student, Aria.
Phew! I feel a lot better!
I don't care about Kanazono anymore!
Hitting with the driver is the best.
Hey, shorty!
What's up?
I was certainly surprised by your shots.
But don't think that's enough to beat us.
Yeah, I know that!
That's why golf is so much fun!
It's going to be
the most interesting tryouts ever.
This is why men are so
We're not giving up our spots
for the Camelot Cup.
We should be the ones going to the UK.
We have to make up
for last year's humiliation at all costs.
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