Rising Impact (2024) s01e09 Episode Script

Stubbornness and Pride

One more hour?
We're in the middle of the tryouts
on the level B course now.
Oh, dear.
It's fine. Don't be disappointed.
We're the ones who came early.
Hey, by the way,
are you Kiria Nishino, the female pro?
Oh, yes.
I knew it! I'm a fan of yours!
You're making me blush.
Would you like my autograph?
Well, my sister certainly
appreciates recognition.
Don't you agree, Mr. Lancelot?
Mr. Lancelot!
I'm sorry, Kurumi.
Level B, right?
All right! Let's get pumped up
and start the third hole!
You're so noisy.
Don't get excited
just because you're doing well.
Oh, relax.
you're from a wealthy family, right?
You can take a trip to the UK anytime.
It's none of your business.
Come on! No need to get so angry.
Yumiko, you have the honor.
Hurry up and hit it!
Got it!
Piece of cake!
I've only made birdies and pars
on this hole.
The cup is behind the pond.
It's safer to put it
on the back of the green,
but there's a bunker behind it.
I'll finish first again
and ensure I pass the tryouts.
Today Yumi-pu is flawless!
Wait, what?
Did you notice it too?
What a dummy! She didn't see it, did she?
All right. Go to the
A rake?
My ball didn't roll back.
You got so carried away, you didn't
even see what was in plain sight.
Who would think
there'd be a rake right there?
I would have nailed it
if not for that rake, you tiny doll!
What did you say?
Hershey is right.
It doesn't matter how good you are
if you don't pay attention
to what you're doing.
They're playing it quite safe.
Hershey put it before the pond,
and Kuromine just put it
at the green's edge.
I'll make up for the first two holes.
I have to pass the tryouts.
I have a chance for a birdie!
Just as I thought, it's in the bunker.
Who left the rake here?!
I'm so sorry.
It was you, Squishy Joe!
Hershey, it's time to get serious.
Oh, yes. That's the plan.
You're an eyesore. Move, now!
I got it!
I chipped it in!
Seriously? She got it right in?
If Hershey's approach is within 30 yards,
she can chip in with a 70% chance.
Seventy percent?
How about that, Platalissa?
Did that surprise you a little?
But Kuromine is even scarier.
No, I should say more incredible.
No matter how badly you want it,
we're the ones going to the UK.
What the heck, Kuromine?
What will she show us?
It's two strokes to the cup from there.
No, actually, it's three strokes.
I thought I'd see five,
but there are only three.
That's fewer than I expected.
I'm ready.
The second snake looks the most honest.
Now do you get it?
If Kuromine is on the green,
she has an 80% chance to putt in.
Hey, it's your turn.
The next hole is the last one.
You're hanging on more than I thought.
Of course!
But the three-tier green
in the fifth hole was crazy.
It was five-tiered.
You couldn't even remember the layout,
so you five-putted it.
Come on, Todoin, you three-putted there!
It was good enough for the green.
Only Kuromine could sink it
in less than two putts there.
Is she the lady who looks like a ghost?
In putting, she's probably
the best junior in this country.
Well, I don't know about that.
I think Lancelot is probably
the best at putting.
Someone is here.
It's been a while, Gawain.
Why are you here?
I wanted to surprise you.
Have you improved a bit for me?
So he is the Lancelot.
Snort, snort, big snort!
I don't care about the bunker.
I can't believe they both made a birdie.
If I lose here,
the lead I've made will be wasted.
If I chip in from one shot,
I'll make a birdie too.
I'm gonna put it in for sure!
You stink!
She missed big-time!
Seems like she cracked under pressure.
She's just an elementary kid, after all.
She literally whiffed!
She whiffed!
I see!
It's visiting day,
so you came with Miss Kiria.
Wow! I wanna see her now!
Are you still in the middle of tryouts?
Yeah! I'm gonna make one more effort.
I have to impress you!
By the way, why are you
in such an ugly outfit?
Oh, my clothes got muddy earlier.
Todoin gave me this
So you are Lancelot.
Go home.
Outsiders aren't allowed to enter here.
Come on, don't say that.
It shouldn't be a problem.
Besides, this guy is a great golfer
who wins all the tournaments he attends
Don't get cocky.
I've also won every domestic
junior tournament for a year.
For one thing,
you've barely competed in tournaments
since starting junior high.
Are you scared of the Camelot golfers?
Hey! Lancelot isn't such a coward
Good for you.
You were able to keep winning
thanks to my absence.
You bastard!
Stop it, Todoin!
Well then, I'll show you
the difference between kiddie golf
and junior top level!
Wow! This course is so straight.
It looks easy!
Does it?
I think it's a course
with precisely-placed hazards.
Aim properly,
or you'll end up with a big miss.
Oh, really?
He understood the course
with just a glance.
This is a 55-inch driver.
I was planning to save it
until the Camelot Cup,
but I've changed my mind.
Are you gonna swing that long driver?
Fifty-five inches.
I'll just have to show that guy
since he doesn't believe what I said.
What an incredible spirit!
I can't believe he was hiding that skill.
-It's 200 yards short of the green.
That means it flew 400 yards.
Four hundred? Unbelievable.
I never knew Todoin
was such an amazing player!
Even Liebel could hit 360.
I can't beat him with my 330-yard shot.
He's had a great score
without using his secret ability.
All right, this is the last hole.
Should I hit it
without caring about the direction?
Nah, that's no good!
I've got to focus on making par!
I can practice my drives
after this game is over!
All right, I shot par!
He has great skill
with his controlled iron shots.
He also seems to be hiding something.
He has a very high skill set.
Even when things heat up,
he stays focused.
He's a good player.
But that shot earlier was
Lancelot! Did you see how I played?
Compared to me, your level is still low.
Lower than my feet.
What? At least you should say
"lower than my waist."
But you understand golf ten times better
than when I first met you.
Wanglian, Gawain, listen carefully.
I'm going to 100% pass the tryouts
with my score.
Wanglian will be 80%.
Gawain, you'll be 30% at most.
Hey! What did you say?
Guys, if you pass the tryouts,
until the Camelot Cup,
practice as if you're trying to outdo me!
Or we won't win a single game in the UK.
Did you get that?
That shot earlier.
It's your secret weapon, right?
That head speed will hurt your body.
You can't use it
more than two times in one round.
You noticed that at a glance.
A top player like you
either doesn't mind taking such risks
or you feel you need to
in order to beat them.
The Camelot Cup sounds interesting.
-Wow! It's been a while!
-How's it going? I wanted to see you.
You came to see me, not her!
Who is he?
He doesn't look like just an outsider.
Liebel and Riser came back too.
Gosh. I might have failed again.
You don't know that yet.
Hey, you guys!
What's with the clothes?
I borrowed these from Todoin
I'm doomed!
Uncle Arai, why did you do that?
The clubs could break!
No, they're already broken.
His clubs broke one by one
during the game.
Seriously? How come?
Among the girls,
Hershey's clubs were also broken,
so she got a horrible score.
What? Really?
That happened to Arai too.
It's a bit weird.
Damn! Damn it!
Hey, Gawain, how was your game?
Well, I've done everything I could.
So, what will be, will be.
Hey, Liebel, what's your score?
Damn! He scored
a ridiculous six under par.
He scored better than my five under par?
And also, you know what?
There is someone better than Todoin.
Hey? Are you listening to me?
Sorry, I wasn't.
Gawain, who is the lady next to Yumiko?
Wow, she's beautiful.
What are you talking about, guys?
He's a guy.
Hey, guys!
Todoin and Wanglian already met him.
Now I'm gonna introduce my friend to you.
He is a junior golfer just like us.
Lancelot Norman.
Lancelot Norman.
Known as the greatest
elementary school player.
His putting is super amazing!
I've never seen him miss a putt.
What is such a junior golfer doing here?
I'm here to see my friend.
That is half the reason.
Did you say "half"?
The other half is
that I wanted to see the caliber
of Camelot Academy with my own eyes.
I see.
So how was it from your perspective?
If you and the guy over there
are the top of this school,
the level is higher than I thought.
It was worth coming a little.
"A little"? You said one word too many.
I just told you the truth.
You're amusing!
You're stubborn and prideful to no end.
That guy, who does he think he is?
Hey, Lancelot. Are you gonna turn
all the students here against you?
He has a lot of confidence.
You seem pretty confident.
I'm tired of hearing the rumors about you.
I'm just as good at putting.
Can your eyes also see
the lines leading toward the cup?
Okay, it looks like you're all here.
So gather in the meeting room.
Fine, let's go.
Okay. Wish me luck.
See you.
I will now announce the results
of the tryouts.
Pay attention. I'll say it just once.
First, Liebel. Six under par.
Second, Todoin. Five under par.
Third, Kuromine. Three under par.
Fourth, Koizumi. One under par.
Yes! I go to the UK!
Fifth, Wanglian. Even par.
Sixth, Platalissa. Two over par.
Call me.
Gawain. Four over par.
Also tied for 7th, Riser. Four over par.
Also tied for 7th, Kanazono.
Four over par.
Those who I mentioned will represent Japan
at this year's Camelot Cup.
Lastly, the three players
tied for 7th place
will compete in a playoff tomorrow
to determine the final member.
A playoff
Arai How did this happen?
The answer is simple.
Actually, I am the one
who put cracks in their clubs.
They deserved it!
I wonder how Gawain and the others did?
Do you have a minute?
Is this a practice green?
What are you going to do?
Compete against me.
One genius is enough for this world.
I will beat you here and now
with what's called true talent.
I see.
The game is simple.
Each of us putts ten balls,
and whoever puts more balls in will win.
But this practice green
is quite difficult.
Let me play first.
For me,
the more challenging the greens are,
the more number of lines
to the cup I can see.
Mr. Lancelot!
Oh no!
She is so noisy. What's wrong with her?
Lancelot disappeared
while we were waiting.
She's been crying ever since.
Hey, stop crying.
Lancelot will be back soon.
He's probably just
strolling along the course.
-Really, Mr. Brother-in-law?
I putted six balls in.
It looks like the third snake was right.
It's your turn.
Dad! You're messing up my hair!
Our dad and mom are busy, so
-It's from your grandmother.
She said it's golf attire inside.
Thank you very much.
Liebel, you did a great job today.
Ms. Aria
I'm glad Miss Kiria and Kurumi
look very well.
I'm glad too.
You've passed the tryouts
in seventh place.
I can't be happy yet.
There are three candidates for that spot.
But I must get through the playoffs
to go to the main tournament.
You're so tough.
You overcome anything on your own
with such a tiny body.
I said, "You can come to my place,"
but I really couldn't teach you anything.
I regret that.
I'm sorry I've been so useless to you.
That's not true!
If I hadn't met you, I wouldn't be here.
On top of that, you taught me
the most important thing about golf.
You taught me how great and fun golf is.
I thought my family
was just my grandpa and me,
but now I think of you and Kurumi
as my family.
Is that okay?
Gawain, you have a call.
What? From whom?
Who do you think it is?
What? Do you know?
Why are you in such a hurry?
Hey, I'm using a phone
at the town hall right now.
It's totally free.
Gawain, you are doing well, right?
Good. That's great.
Listen to everyone's advice
and do your best.
Hey? What's wrong?
I'm relieved to hear your voice.
I'm glad you're doing well too.
You silly goose. Don't cry like that.
Don't cry until I die!
No! Don't say that you'll die!
Now I'm done putting in all ten balls.
I can see more lines than you.
The more difficult the green,
the more lines you see,
and the greater the doubt.
No matter the green,
I see only one line of light
and have absolutely no doubt.
That's how.
Mr. Lancelot.
Gawain, do your best
in the playoffs tomorrow!
See you, Lancelot!
See you at a tournament
somewhere next time.
how am I gonna beat down the squishy boy
and the macho guy tomorrow?
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