Rising Impact (2024) s01e10 Episode Script


It's the perfect weather for a game.
All right!
We will now start the playoffs
to determine the final representative.
The playoffs will be held here,
at "Camelot's Fortress."
Let's decide the order.
Gawain, this time,
no complaints whether you win or lose.
Yup! No hard feelings!
Why are they so fired up?
I'm winning this anyway.
I'm first.
I wanted to hit a huge shot first.
Darn it. The trees are in my way.
Right out of the gate,
they stand as if blocking our shots.
One mistake could lead to a loss.
Hitting into the trees will be fatal.
So, should I hit it over them?
No, I can't win being so cautious.
Don't worry. It's okay.
I know the odds of hitting a tree.
Hurry up and hit it!
How long are you gonna take
He's so focused.
I hope so.
There's no way I'll hit a tree!
No! I'm so unlucky!
You don't get it.
In situations like this,
we should just use an iron.
Well, excuse me for a minute. Bam!
It just makes sense
to hit it over the trees.
Do you understand, Mr. Riser?
Hit it hard with a driver if you're a man!
Hey, don't be so disappointed!
That was just the first stroke.
You're using a driver too?
Of course I am!
Who does that shrimp think he is?
But the teacher's watching closely,
so I'll just see how it goes.
I don't know what lies
beyond the hill past these trees,
but I'll hit it as far as I can!
This is actually a decisive moment
as to whether I get to go to the UK.
But I can't help but get excited!
I like his eyes.
He's just looking straight ahead.
It went through with ease!
The ball went high enough
to get good distance.
Why did the ball all of a sudden
Was it blown back?
That's right.
That was because
it hit the headwind that's blowing up
against the windswept hill.
It's typical for this kind of terrain.
An experienced golfer
would hit the ball low here.
Oh no! Did I make a big mistake, then?
I couldn't hit a bold shot like he did.
All Gawain wanted to do
was hit the ball farther.
So he wasn't even seeing the trees.
What? Is that possible?
Normally, you'd try not to hit the trees.
Instead of trying too hard
not to hit them,
if you aim at them,
you're more likely to miss them.
Is that how it works?
That's what golf is.
Where is my ball?
This is what it's like over the hill.
Oh no.
It's good I could find my ball, but
What happened to him?
It looks like he got caught
in the next trap.
Okay, there it is! My ball!
What a shame!
You used a driver and I used an iron,
and look at the difference!
There's also a strong headwind,
so I should just hit it low.
I'm sorry, but thanks to you,
we can deal with the wind!
The direction
The green should be way back
to the left!
That macho gorilla can really hit.
There is no more time
to play fair and square!
I didn't know there was a creek
just over the hill.
Hey, Kanazono!
Looks like you hit it
in the water, doesn't it?
Yeah, exactly.
You're in my prayers.
The headwind is not only
blowing tee shots back
but also dropping them in the creek!
Once you get over this trap,
the next one awaits.
That's why it's called
"Camelot's Fortress."
Hey! Stop dillydallying, take a penalty,
and get the ball out of the water.
What? Why?
Don't you know why?
There's no way you can
get the ball out of a creek!
The water is just about knee-deep, right?
The ball is on the water plants!
Hey, Gawain!
Declare it unplayable and
He's not listening.
He's No way!
The driver will work for this!
It won't.
No problem. It'll be fine.
Look. The water is only this deep.
Don't underestimate the power of water.
Even with an iron, you can
barely get it a few centimeters out.
But with a driver, it's impossible.
Ms. Aria is right.
Your stubbornness may ruin your game!
I won't ruin my game.
I think I can hit it easily.
Have it your way.
It's still too deep.
He won't hit it out, even with an iron.
It's heavy!
I never knew water could be so heavy.
But I won't give up!
I did it!
Did you see that?
See? Didn't I tell you
it was gonna be fine?
His wrists and lower body
are incredibly strong.
Even pros can't drive and swing through
at that depth with a driver.
Moreover, the ball easily flew 200 yards.
Gawain, your club
Is something wrong with my club?
You're so slow!
Gawain, are you okay?
Do your fingers or wrists hurt?
maybe it was a bit heavier
than when I normally hit it on the ground.
But that's it.
Hey, Riser?
That last shot
was a great shock to the other two.
You're really incredible.
This is so fun. I'm getting all excited.
Oh no, this is bad!
I have to take down that shrimp now!
What am I gonna do?
Don't worry.
We can go fix it after the match.
So don't worry about it and do your best.
Will do!
This is my ball.
Oh, and that's Riser's.
Hey! I found your ball!
It's dug into the bunker!
Mine is over there.
It seems my ball flew
farther than yours, Mr. Macho.
Kanazono beat me in distance?
I can't accept this.
Hey, can you hit it already?
Your ball flew the least, after all.
I know!
At least I got it out of the bunker.
Yeah, sure. It's my turn now.
It landed in a nice place, didn't it?
I guess I can easily
aim for the green next.
Everything is going well.
The macho gorilla is doomed now.
Now for the squishy shrimp.
What kind of trick will I use
to make him suffer?
Gawain got that far in just two strokes.
Kanazono hit three strokes,
but he's ahead of Gawain.
But I hit three, and
Why the long face?
Calm down a little.
You're clearly becoming hasty.
Are you using that club
for your fourth shot?
Whoa! That was close!
I almost used a sand wedge here.
All right.
Oh, that's my ball.
The green is over there.
Something feels off.
Let's go check.
That's the green!
This place is unbelievable!
It's on the cliff!
Yes. That's the last fort
of "Camelot's Fortress."
My ball barely stopped at the slope.
Now that Taro the pig is bent,
I can only use Hanako the chick!
No, wait! That's not good at all!
Look at the grip of your club.
It got so dirty.
It doesn't bother me, though.
Let me polish it for you.
Here you go!
Wow! It got so shiny!
Thank you! You are quite a nice guy.
It's kind of slippery.
Is it my sweat?
It's much more slippery than your sweat.
I'm gonna aim straight for the green.
My hands!
What are you doing, Gawain?
My hands slipped because of sweat!
All right!
I'll aim directly for the green
and put an end to this game.
With this club, I fear nothing!
Striking with a rough face
brings a magical effect!
The ball will be put on a powerful spin
and stop perfectly.
A ball this low won't stop on the green!
Ouch, it's out of bounds.
But why? Darn it!
Oh no. Things were going so well.
Once it gets on the green,
it should stay there.
This time for sure.
Apparently, he hasn't noticed
the biggest trap on this course at all.
There are hellish crosswinds!
Yeah, it's hard to hit
straight through those winds.
Why? Why does this happen?!
Why won't the ball land on the green?
Why won't it hit the green?
I ran out of balls!
Hey, shrimp! Get me your balls!
Stop it already.
Do you remember
how many shots you just hit?
I don't know!
Eleven. You're going for the twelfth.
If you're not ready
to seriously take on this course,
you won't clear it.
If that's so, then teach me!
You're a teacher. You have to
-How dare you say that to the teacher?
I don't care what you say,
but know this.
Golf is a game
between you and nature.
It's about evaluating unfamiliar courses
and overcoming them
with your own expertise.
That's what golf is.
I let you know
the playoffs would be held here.
If you had checked out the course
and sensed it beforehand,
you could've competed more advantageously.
Did you check the course?
I didn't know you could.
Moreover, if you depend on modified clubs,
you'll never play at your best.
Modified clubs?
What the heck?
Typically, where one should
consider wind and distance,
you just aimed for the green.
Chances are, you coated the face
with sand or pine tar.
You also did something to Gawain's club.
If you don't see cowardice as cowardice,
you can't play fair.
Do you understand?
Shut up! Don't lecture me!
That bastard ran off
as soon as he got caught cheating!
What made him do such things?
Now, you two.
Let me handle that child.
You should settle your game.
My ball is on the right.
Mine is on the left.
Gawain, the winner of this match will be
But you know what? I don't hate you.
I like you too!
I'm gonna go with the 5-iron.
My choice is the 6-iron.
This is my fifth shot.
And fourth for Gawain.
If I can't hit the green in this shot,
I'll lose.
Too strong! It'll go over!
It hit the pin!
I chipped it in?
What's my strategy?
Should I hit the pin
and drop it in like Riser?
That won't do.
I can't put backspin on my ball
like Yumi-pu.
I have to hit it straight.
I got it!
What a fool!
Is he also aiming for the pin?
How reckless!
Phew! I managed to do it!
Knowing his current level,
he aimed for the pin using the bump
between the fairway and the green.
Let's go, Riser!
Oh, yeah!
Please, be on the green!
There it is!
Mine is close to the pin.
Actually, just beside it.
Don't tell me my ball fell off the cliff.
That was close!
My ball is barely staying on the green!
Looks like the Goddess of Victory
smiled upon me.
If I sink this putt, it'll be five strokes
to the green and one putt.
Gawain is over ten meters from the pin.
It'll be hard for him
to make it in one putt.
With two putts, we'll be tied,
and we'll go on to the next hole.
If he takes three putts, I'll win.
Wait, Riser!
Isn't marking at that distance a bother?
You can hit it before me.
Well, I'll putt it in one shot
and put pressure on you.
Don't get upset.
It's part of the game.
Even with a 20-centimeter putt,
you must not underestimate it.
The UK is around the corner.
It took so long.
Dad, I'm finally going to the Camelot Cup.
And I'll make the name of Riser
known all over the world!
If I don't miss this shot, I'll win.
If I don't miss
If I miss this, I'll lose?!
It's only 20 centimeters,
but the hole looks far away and so small.
Don't stiffen up, for the love of God!
I can't afford to miss this putt!
Damn it!
He was too afraid to lose this chance,
and that made him hit too lightly.
Well, then,
I can only hope
he'll hit it in three putts.
I'm ready!
My line is straight.
At 11 meters but with the grain.
I need to ensure I don't overhit and miss.
You should hit it a little harder.
You tend to get nervous while putting.
You know, when I tense up
and swing too hard,
the pin seems to move farther away.
Tension and assertiveness aren't the same.
Hitting assertively means
to channel your feelings
directly to the ball and swing.
It's very important in decisive moments,
when your body gets tense.
Now I remember.
I need to be more assertive!
Thank you, Lancelot!
Get in!
It went in.
I did it!
I succumbed to my own pressure,
but I saw no hesitation in your putt!
I won't forgive you
if you lose at the Camelot Cup.
I'd really like to ask for your help.
Would you please take our students
in the Japanese school to the next level?
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