Rising Impact (2024) s01e11 Episode Script

A Venerable Visitor

Damn! Shoot!
I can't believe I lost to those guys!
They ruined my plan!
I broke Arai and Hershey's clubs
for nothing!
All in vain!
It was totally a waste!
Kanazono, you bastard, what did you say?
It was you who broke our clubs!
Both of them looked pretty shocked.
Moping won't change the results.
I won't forgive you!
You bastard! You did it!
Because of you,
we can't compete in the Camelot Cup!
What now?!
You guys are to blame!
All this time, for no reason at all,
you've been bullying me
and making me polish your clubs every day!
For no reason?
You used your father's connections
to get admitted with no skills, coward!
Exactly! You're a scumbag
who should be polishing clubs!
Stop it!
I wanted to compete
in the Camelot Cup too!
That's why I caused your clubs to break!
How dare you!
Every day?
You made him polish your clubs every day?
Hershey, answer him!
I didn't want to be paired up with him.
That's right!
This coward deserves that
You're also quite the coward, Arai.
Mr. Todoin!
You too! Connections are nothing!
If you lack skill,
practice to death and show your progress!
Here, it's about the result.
Skill is all that matters!
At last year's Camelot Cup,
we were all laughed at,
and we've trained for a year to show them!
This is why you lost to primary kids.
That's not true.
If only the clubs hadn't broken,
I wouldn't have lost!
I know.
But with everyone's mixed emotions,
the result would be pretty obvious.
Hey, it's from Gawain.
You know what, Grandpa?
I get to go to a tournament
called the Camelot Cup,
so I'll do my best!
But no need to come see me off.
Tokyo is so big that you'd get lost.
take good care of yourself.
I'll also take care
not to catch a cold in the UK.
The UK?
The United Kingdom.
Hurray! I'm glad you're fixed, Taro!
I was so worried!
All right!
At the Camelot Cup,
I'm gonna win the title for sure!
Hi. Good afternoon.
Hi. Who are you, mister?
Are you taking a walk here?
Well, actually, I got a little lost.
What is this place?
This is the practice ground
in Camelot Academy.
Great. I have to go to the school office.
I'm so sorry,
and thank you for guiding me. You are
I'm Gawain!
My name is Hitomi Katase.
Puff. Did you say Hitomi?
Sounds like a girl's name!
I get that a lot.
What did you say?
Mr. Albright, what do you mean?
Oh, could you please calm down?
In this year's Camelot Cup,
I want them to compete at a higher level.
I'm sure it will be a great gift
for our Japanese school!
And I think he's arriving there today.
Today?! That's so soon!
are you going to practice putting?
What are they doing?
Since then,
all three have been skipping practice.
Are you worried?
It's not like that.
Your words seem to have made an impact.
I see.
Wow, wonderful.
Even pros can't produce
those head speeds easily.
However, I'd like to say one thing.
When hitting the ball,
your left foot slightly bends
towards the ball trajectory.
This causes the upper body to sway,
and the ball can't hit the face perfectly,
resulting in inaccurate shots.
What did you say?
I suggest you train your lower body
and stabilize it,
so you could hit the ball more accurately.
Hey! Why is some middle-aged salaryman
trying to give me advice?
I didn't mean to. I'm so sorry.
I shouldn't have said that.
Hey, Hitomi,
the school office is over there.
I see. I should go.
What was that?
Who is he?
Hitomi, have you ever played golf?
Well, just a little.
Ms. Aria is watching me.
I have to impress her.
Wow, your swing is also wonderful.
Your form was perfect,
but you stiffened up a little bit.
Was there anything that made you nervous?
He saw right through me!
This guy is amazing.
The forms of both Todoin and Liebel
looked perfect to me.
Excuse me. Who are you?
These are school premises,
so the public is not allowed to enter.
Oh, are you a teacher here?
That's great. Well
The old guy is still here.
Here is my card.
"Professional Golf Coach Hitomi Katase."
Why are you guys so surprised?
I remember Hitomi Katase.
He's a former tour pro
who excelled in the four majors
and was nicknamed "Kamikaze."
He has over 80 wins on the Japanese tour.
He must've won the money title
many times as well.
You're such an amazing guy!
Oh no, it's all in the past now.
Mr. Katase,
how can we help you at Camelot Academy?
Actually, I'm here
because of my old friend,
who asked me to coach your students
for the Camelot Cup.
Nice to meet you.
Starting today, I'll be your coach.
I'm Katase
"Hitomi"? Really?
He's just an ordinary old guy.
Is he really a former famous pro?
I don't believe it.
Mr. Katase,
you must be tired already.
I'll take you to your room.
Yeah, but first, Mr. Katase,
if you don't mind,
we'd like to see your skills in action.
Mr. Dorfa, you shouldn't be so suspicious.
Oh no, not a problem.
Okay, everyone,
instead of greetings,
why don't we play a game?
Let's begin! It's a simple game.
Just make the ball hit the empty can
from where you are.
Where's the club?
Are you really asking us
to use this umbrella?
Well, I am.
Hit the ball with an umbrella?
Okay, who wants to go first?
Me! I do!
Move. I'll go first.
What?! That's not fair, Todoin!
We're going by age.
I don't want to wait my turn
for this silly game.
It's impossible.
The ball won't go high enough.
What a ridiculous sideshow!
What is his point?
Yumi-pu is gonna hit it
with this office-guy-on-his-way-home look!
This is
the "Sunday's-golf-is-for-business" shot!
It's impossible, Hitomi!
All right, I'm last.
I forgot to aim for the can!
Well, well
He has an amazing talent.
The carry reached 100 yards at least.
It's a fluke.
How are you supposed to make it fly
with no loft?
No, wait.
Even the handle of an umbrella has
a loft angle suitable for driving a ball.
If you hit it right, it will fly nicely.
-You're amazing, Hitomi!
Please do it again!
He may be a great coach.
It's true, then,
that he's a former prize money king.
You did well to hit it that far
with the umbrella handle.
I could see the core flashing.
Not as much as the club though.
He could see the core?
Say, Hitomi.
Did I hit it the farthest?
Yes, but you're also the one
who hit it the worst.
What? Why?
I'll tell you at practice tomorrow.
Okay, I understand.
You say the Japanese school
has never won the Camelot Cup?
Yes, unfortunately.
Truly outstanding players choose
to enroll in the elite UK or US schools.
Although our students
are trying their best,
they won't be able to surpass
the talent barrier.
Mr. Dorfa!
You shouldn't prejudge
The truth is the truth.
Those who fail to become elite
can't match the elite.
-I'm afraid I'm not sure about that.
There is no limit
to the potential of children.
If you would allow me
to help you bring out the best in them,
this school will have
a good shot at winning.
The doctor gave us his seal of approval.
Your surgery was a great success.
Lancelot, thank you.
I didn't do anything.
You did a lot.
You've always been beside me,
holding my hand.
Amidst the worrying darkness,
your warmth was the only ray of hope.
You're my only sister.
I'm glad I'll be able to see you
playing golf again.
I've been more worried about you
than about myself.
You were invited to Camelot Academy,
but because of my eyes
It's okay.
As long as you're doing well, I'm fine.
I'm satisfied with my current school.
Are you sure?
Hey, Lancelot,
do you know why I suddenly decided
to have the surgery?
Not long ago, you told me
you played in a tournament and won, right?
I'm going to win the next tournament too.
You're so confident.
Aren't you ever afraid of losing?
I think avoiding competition just because
you lack confidence would be boring.
You won't be able to move ahead.
I was shocked.
If you run away from fear of losing,
you'll lose anyway.
Thanks to those words,
I found the courage to undergo surgery.
I'm fine now.
So I want you to be honest
about your feelings.
How come?
Consider putting more carefully.
Even if your backspin rolls back
close to the pin, it'll be in vain.
Take that!
You stiffen up too much.
Relax your shoulders.
Yes, sir.
I need to stop being nervous
when Ms. Aria is watching me.
Just keep calm.
Yes, that's it.
All right. She's well focused.
My left leg
I see. The old man is a hell of a guy.
I suggest you train your lower body
and stabilize it,
so you could hit the ball more accurately.
Maybe I should go for a run.
What on earth were we doing?
We forgot about last year's promise
and were fighting each other.
I'm off to the practice ground.
The only thing I can do now
is to support Todoin and the others
in practice.
I'll come with you.
I want Kuromine to win.
-Do you want to join?
Yeah, sure.
Everyone is working hard
on their weaknesses.
I'm so impressed.
Now, one problem remains.
Well, I see.
That was Rising Impact. That makes sense.
However, he's still inexperienced
because he started playing six months ago,
so he hasn't been able
to give 100% in matches.
Mr. Katase,
can you please help Gawain?
Without a doubt!
However, before we proceed,
I need to convey
something important to him.
Oh, Hitomi!
Are you gonna tell me
what's wrong with my swing?
Let's see.
Gawain, would you like
to play a game with me?
What a bummer.
We're only playing one hole?
Yes. This is the second hole of level C.
It's a 320-yard middle hole.
But we'll only be using four clubs.
A driver, a 7-iron,
a sand wedge, and a putter.
Rock, paper, scissors!
Oh no!
I have the honor.
I'm going to start with the 7-iron,
if you don't mind.
I don't think the 7-iron
will hit the ball very far.
Is there any chance
he can hit it 320 yards with the iron?
Well, let's go!
What was that?
It was more ordinary than I thought.
It's about 150 yards.
Well, Gawain,
which one would you like to use?
A man should use a driver!
As I expected.
All right, I'm gonna hit it really far
and astonish him!
It flew where I aimed.
How about that, Hitomi?
Next is my second shot.
Let's pump it up.
He's not astonished at all!
Did it go in?
It seems so.
Even though I aimed for it,
I didn't expect it to go in that easily.
Where is my ball?
Whoa, for this hole
the green is between a pond
and an out-of-bounds area.
your ball is over there.
It's out of bounds.
I should have hit it shorter.
No, then I would have put it
into the water.
Oops, looks like I've lost this one.
That is your weakness.
What? My weakness?
Is it not in my swings?
Your swing is very impressive!
However, when you hit it, your feelings
are getting in the way of your talent.
What do you mean?
During the tee shot just now
and in the umbrella game earlier,
what were you thinking
as you hit the ball?
What? Let me think
"I'm gonna hit it so hard!"
Or, "I'm gonna hit it the farthest!"
Wasn't it something like that?
Yes, you're right.
It makes sense that a child your age
would be engrossed
in trying to hit the ball very far.
But on this hole, for example,
rather than driving towards the green,
chipping with an iron
might bring you closer to victory.
That's true.
From here on,
you'll probably face various holes
and diverse challenges.
Instead of focusing solely on distance,
hopefully, you'll become a golfer
who can see things from various angles.
Instead of just a golfer
who drives straight without thinking,
become a versatile golfer
who can think creatively in multiple ways!
In other words,
let's aim to enjoy golf even more!
I agree!
-Oh, one more thing.
You must have played this hole
several times.
Remembering the courses
you've played at least once
is also a vital requirement for golfers.
Look at the tournament results!
That Lancelot is on another level!
Maybe I should hand over my title
of club captain to Lancelot.
That means
you guys have no desire to beat me at all?
Of course not.
There's no way we can beat you.
We're in too much awe to think that way.
Then I'm done with you guys.
There is nothing I can learn
from those who avoid challenges.
This school is no fun at all.
Are you scared of the Camelot golfers?
One genius is enough for this world.
After all, they are my rivals!
Camelot Academy
The Camelot Cup
Listen, Kajury.
Open your eyes very slowly.
Please keep looking
at Lancelot's face in front of you.
Don't be afraid.
Be brave.
Can you see me, Kajury?
Yes, I can see your face.
I'm glad.
I'm so happy, Kajury.
I want to go to Camelot Academy.
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