Rising Impact (2024) s01e12 Episode Script

To the Battlefield!

Now I see it.
Only one snake without a shred of doubt.
I appreciate you, Lancelot,
because you helped me awaken.
You scored nine?
Oh no!
Two points subtracted for doodling!
Riser, you only scored 30, right?
Sixth and fourth-grade math
is not the same!
Hey, guys, aren't you ashamed
of having such a low-level conversation?
Hey! It's mine!
Hey, you're all way too relaxed.
We'll be heading to the UK tomorrow.
Everyone, please come to the meeting room
before your next class.
Now that everyone's here,
let me introduce
a secondary division transfer student.
A new student?
What strange timing.
Come in and introduce yourself.
I'm Lancelot Norman.
Nice to meet you.
Hey, why on earth are you here?
Because I transferred.
You're still not listening to people.
Oh, you know each other?
Yes, actually.
Of course. Everybody knows him.
A junior, the best golfer in elementary,
just transferred to Camelot.
This is very sudden.
This could be our fate!
What do you mean?
Yumiko, you've competed
against him, right?
Yeah! His unfriendliness
is a fly in the ointment,
but he's genuinely great at golf.
So, finally, Mr. Genius has come.
I see.
I'm glad Ms. Kajury's eyes are healed.
Thank you, Gawain.
But why all of a sudden?
Honestly, I was inspired
in many ways the other day.
Also, I was jealous of you.
Once I confronted myself,
I soon found the answer.
And besides,
I have a friend here.
I can't quite call him a rival yet.
Gawain, enough chatting!
Go back to your seat.
So, Lancelot,
anything to say in closing?
I hear you're off to the UK tomorrow
for the Camelot Cup.
The members are already set, right?
Yeah, sorry.
If you had come here earlier,
you might've had a chance.
Speaking of which,
is anyone willing to give me
their spot in the Camelot Cup?
What nonsense are you talking about?
Is it bad?
It's not a matter of good or bad.
What is he thinking?
Please don't cause any problems here.
I really want to try out the Camelot Cup
Are you stupid?
Of course everyone here
wants to be in the Camelot Cup.
But some had to swallow tears
due to limited spots.
Who would just say "sure"
and give it away to the latecomer?
So what can I do to get it?
What the heck?!
How about you play against everyone here
and win every match?
Sounds good to me.
Hey! Are you making fun of us?
You're bluffing.
I'm serious.
You bastard
You have a lot of confidence.
Then what stakes are you putting up?
If we're betting our spots
for the Camelot Cup,
shouldn't you also risk
something just as valuable to you?
You're right.
If I lose, I'll leave the school.
You idiot! What are you even saying?
He's right, Lance! If you lose
I'll take his challenge.
If he manages to win against me,
my Camelot Cup ticket goes to him.
Kuromine, why?
Why, Ms. Kuromine?
Hey, do you understand what you're saying?
Yes, I do.
So, allow me to do as I wish.
How do we compete?
Let's do the same putter game as before.
Kuromine, you
This is how it needs to be done.
Because putting is my absolute pride.
"The outcome is obvious, after all."
I'm sure that's what you're thinking.
But today I'll remind you
that my persistence
is superior to your talent.
You're like a snake.
Say what you will.
My loss that day
and my determination to win
helped me complete 99% of my putting.
What about the remaining 1%?
By beating you,
it'll become 100%.
This is where we'll compete.
It's one of the most challenging greens
at Camelot Academy.
The fifth hole of level B.
"Devil's Five-Tier Slope."
But the pin is still there.
The cup is five tiers above.
You won't see it from here
without the pin.
We'll do ten putts
No, let's continue until one of us misses.
Let's take turns one by one today.
If we don't, you won't get your turn.
Such confidence.
Squishy Joe, how many putts
did you need on this one in the tryouts?
Who could directly putt it in
on this insane green?
Mr. Todoin, why didn't you stop Ms. Mika?
It was her decision.
Why should we interfere?
What's wrong, Kuromine?
What happened at the tryouts?
You've only practiced putting.
There's no time left
until the Camelot Cup.
Three hundred and sixteen.
Just one putt on this green!
I'm fine.
I got a bit dizzy from focusing too much.
I can see more and more clearly.
She's going to win.
-She got it in!
The Devil's Five-Tier Slope in one putt?
I've never seen a putt like that before.
How was that?
It'll be fine, right, Squishy Joe?
Lancelot will surely make it, right?
Yeah, but this green is new to him, right?
Lancelot Norman.
The greatest elementary student
junior golfer and a putting genius.
And the younger brother of Kajury Norman.
His talent could be
It looks like you've worked hard
in a short amount of time.
I was right. That's Shining Road!
-That was awesome, Lancelot!
-Hey, Yumi-pu!
He also putted it in easily!
This is what Lancelot can do.
You too.
How long will they keep sinking putts?
This will be their 500th shot!
You're enduring.
This is not a big deal.
They both refuse to back down.
What a match.
Ms. Mika.
Kuromine, hang in there.
Squishy Joe.
Yeah. I've never seen Lancelot like this.
My body
feels heavy.
Darn it!
It didn't go in.
You're more tired than you think.
As you hit, your shoulders dropped.
You still have energy to give advice?
To me, you seem to be quite tired.
His sweat is gone.
There is always someone better.
It seems you are the real genius, not me.
Even after doing 500 putts every day,
this is what I get.
I guess it's all just a matter of talent.
Ever since I was six,
I've hit 1000 putts daily
without taking a single day off.
"Genius," "talented"
Don't judge me with such simple words.
I'm not sure if I'm a genius or not,
but I've worked hard
to be sure that no one will beat me.
No wonder I couldn't win.
You truly are
a real genius.
Please lean on my shoulder.
Thank you.
Don't get carried away!
That was just a verbal promise!
She's not giving up her spot to you
Stop it, Hershey.
A deal is a deal.
Please don't embarrass me.
Kuromine, are you serious?
You're giving up a chance
at the Camelot Cup over a pointless game?
Who's the one being ridiculous?
Don't belittle the game
Kuromine took pride in.
I was sure I could beat anyone in putting.
And along came a player who surpasses me.
I'm sure he'll achieve better results
than me at the Camelot Cup.
Please give him my spot.
I beg you.
I understand.
Thank you very much.
Hey, what are you doing?
I'm packing my suitcase, of course.
I know, but what is the black jar?
Oh, this one?
It's locust tsukudani!
You've never tried it before, have you?
You can have a little.
No, thank you! Put it away now.
Don't hold back.
It's yummy. Crunchy and sweet.
Don't push me.
I don't like that kind of thing.
Are you done packing, Gawain?
Yeah, he transferred here too soon, right?
His room isn't ready yet,
so he's gonna stay in my room.
I see.
I haven't introduced myself.
I'm Liebel.
I remember you.
You were first
with six under par in the tryouts.
I just happened to be in good shape.
Hey! Do you wanna eat locusts, Liebel?
Whoa! What are those grasshoppers?
Please put it away now.
I'm excited to go to the UK!
I'm sure there will be many great players
in the Camelot Cup.
I bet.
I heard that last year's team
wasn't able to win even a single game.
There's no meaning
in coming here otherwise.
A trip with Lance to the UK
Too bad it's not just the two of us!
The victory
will be mine!
What? What do you mean?
That's not what you said!
Do you have the right to say that?
Please, can you pass the phone to
Bring me back a lot of good stuff!
We're going to work hard this time,
but next year let's go together for sure!
Shut up. I know that!
I wish you good luck, Todoin.
Go get revenge for last year.
Count on me.
Do your best.
May I remind you?
Don't get too caught up in the outcomes.
Enjoy your time playing golf.
Be sure not to lose too badly.
Yes, I understand.
Huh? Where?
Why do you keep looking around?
You too. What are you looking for?
Mr. Lancelot!
Miss Kiria!
Do your best there!
It's the perfect chance
to test your skills.
That's right. I'm going to give it my all.
That's terrible!
A sudden school transfer,
and now you're off to the UK?
Oh, I'm sorry. Things happened so fast.
I, Kurumi, will accompany you!
Well, you have school, don't you?
And before you leave,
here is a going-away gift for you.
You look well as usual, Gawain.
In your letter,
you said I didn't have to come over,
but I asked Ms. Kiria for a favor
and came anyway.
I really wanted to see your face.
I've wanted to see your face
for a long time!
I see.
You know what?
There is one thing I wanted to tell you
before you go to the UK.
After you get to the UK
After I get to the UK, I'll do my best!
Take care of yourself.
His first overseas destination is England.
I wonder if this is fate.
Wow! Look, this is London!
Wow! All the buildings are so pretty!
All right!
Yumi-pu is going on a shopping spree!
Let's go, Lance!
What? Why me?
You two, our bus is waiting.
Get on now.
Aw, there are sheep! So cute!
I hate the countryside!
It ruins my shopping plan!
The UK
I'm finally here.
This is our dormitory.
And the small building
you can see on the hill
is Camelot Academy, the UK school.
Let's go inside the dorm.
After leaving your luggage in your room,
gather in the cafeteria.
Let's go over the schedule here.
Tomorrow, the first day,
is for a practice round.
Day two, joint practice round
for three schools.
Day three is the school competition
by match play.
The fourth and final day
is the individual competition.
One more thing.
Your rooms are on the second floor,
and the third floor is
for players from the US.
Please don't cause any trouble with them.
Wow! The view is amazing!
I wish my grandpa and Miss Kiria
could have seen this.
That's nice!
I wanna hit one shot too!
Seriously? Who are you?
I'm Gawain Nanaumi,
a representative of the Japanese school.
What school are you from?
The Japanese school
A representative?
The Japanese school is doomed again!
This little kid is their rep?
We don't even need to fight!
Don't laugh!
You talked bad about the Japanese school!
You are Gawain, correct?
It would be wise to return to Japan now.
This is not a children's playground.
Then do you want to compete with me?
Sounds good.
The top players in the Japanese school
will never be a match
for the American representatives.
There's no need
to even bother with a match.
I'll show you now.
I lost.
I'm only good at driving.
If I can't drive
Can't believe he also has
He may possess a special gift.
There is no choice but to solve
your emotional issues on your own.
You are you and he is him, right?
Don't forget our only rival is the UK!
Now we will begin the 11th Camelot Cup!
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