Risque Business: The Netherlands and Germany (2024) s01e03 Episode Script

Episode 3

[suspenseful music playing]
-Is this it?
[Si-kyung] That means "light," doesn't it?
[in German] Come in.
-[in English] Hello.
[in German] Stand still.
[tense music playing]
[in English] Come.
[in German] Welcome to the world of BDSM.
[woman in German]
Studio LUX is a professional BDSM studio
which provides a safe environment
and specialized equipment.
We have eight themed rooms,
including a clinic, a torture chamber,
and a latex room, among others.
[upbeat music playing]
-[tense music playing]
-[woman] Let me show you
everything that we can do
at a BDSM studio.
-[in Korean] I mean
-Hold on a second.
[in German]
Berlin is a wonderfully decadent city.
My dear.
-Your head is too big.
[in Korean] I'm lucky to have a big head.
[suspenseful music playing]
-[in Korean] What on earth is going on?
-[Si-kyung] Seriously.
[in German] Now, as I've told you
[in Korean] My goodness.
[in German]
Good luck walking out of here today,
happy and unscathed.
Follow me.
-[in Korean] Seriously?
-[door opens]
[tense electronic music playing]
-[Si-kyung] I can't see anything.
-[Dong-youp] Same.
[woman in German] Don't worry.
Everything will be fine.
[woman] When it's all over, that is.
[Si-kyung in Korean]
This is driving me nuts.
[woman in German] This is the room
of domination and submission.
-[whip slapping]
-[woman] Go on.
[dominatrix] Who's there?
Go on.
Don't be scared.
[dominatrix] Who is it? Get in here.
[exclaims, laughs]
We're already playing.
Go stand in the corner.
[door closes]
Stay still and be quiet, okay?
Unless you want to be whipped.
[dominatrix] All right then.
You, in the cage.
-[dominatrix] Are you ready?
-[man] Yes, Mistress.
[in Korean] What?
[suspenseful music playing]
[dominatrix in German]
You can come on out now.
Go on and greet me.
Take a good look, you two.
This is how a slave should act.
This is how you greet your mistress.
Are you ready, my slave?
[man] Yes, my lady.
Are you ready to show our new friends?
-[man] Yes, my lady.
-To show them what BDSM is?
Yes, my lady.
Let's put on a proper show for them.
Go on and sit.
-[sensual music playing]
-[dominatrix] Good.
Very good.
[in Korean] Ouch.
[dominatrix chuckles]
-That's gotta hurt.
-[tense music playing]
[dominatrix in German]
Why don't we use the nipple clamps?
-[awkward chuckle]
Do you want to see what BDSM is?
[laughs quietly]
Stay quiet in the corner.
It'll be your turn soon enough.
Come down to the corner here,
where you belong.
[dominatrix] Say "thank you."
[man] Thank you.
From now on,
you are my slaves too.
[dominatrix] Understood?
[spluttering in Korean]
You go ahead. I'm out.
-[quirky music playing]
-But you're already wearing the collar.
You're all ready.
-No way.
-All you need is the leash.
[in German] You too.
-[in Korean] I should've stayed quiet.
-[in German] Come here.
[dominatrix] Come closer.
Good boy.
[dominatrix laughs]
You're both my slaves now.
Now, you must call me
Queen Bella.
-Would you like a little taste of BDSM?
Would you?
[in Korean] Yes, my queen.
[in German] Then say, "Yes, my queen."
[in Korean] Yes, my queen.
[in German] Get on your knees.
Both of you.
[Bella] Kneel.
On your knees.
Say it again. "Yes, my queen."
-[in Korean] Yes, my queen.
[in German] Louder!
[in Korean] Yes, my queen!
[in German] I can't hear you. Louder!
-[in Korean] It's the army all over again.
Yes, my queen!
[stifled laugh]
Yes, my queen!
-[in German] You.
-[metallic clinking]
[Bella] Come.
Stand up.
Over here.
[Bella chuckles softly]
[in Korean] Holy
-[Bella laughs]
-[quirky music playing]
Why are you doing this to him?
-[in German] Let's get you settled in.
-[in Korean] It looks like a guillotine.
What's this?
-[tense music playing]
-[Bella hums]
[in German] Are you scared?
[in Korean] Yes.
It's even scarier because she's so tall.
[in German] It's nothing to be scared of.
[Bella] You'll feel right at home.
[in Korean] We're doing this for work,
but what did that guy do to deserve this?
[in German] He forgot to bring me coffee
this morning because he slept in.
-I'm sorry.
-[Bella] Yeah.
-[in Korean] Let's power through.
[in German] So, we have one all tied up.
Now it's your turn.
[in Korean] She just won't let me be,
will she?
-[in German] Lie down here.
-[Dong-youp] Huh?
[Bella] Hmm
That's it.
[soft chuckle]
[Bella] Let's get you tied up too.
-[Dong-youp in Korean] Oh boy.
-[Bella in German] Here too.
[Bella laughs]
Which one should I use?
[in English] Okay.
[Bella in German] Let's get you going.
[in Korean] Ow!
[Si-kyung] Ow!
[Bella in German]
Is this a sensitive spot?
All right then.
Are you ready?
How many spanks can you take?
[sensual music playing]
[in Korean] One.
[in German] Just one?
[Bella] How about 100?
[in Korean] 100?
[Bella chuckles]
-No way.
-[in German] I guess that'd be excessive.
Okay, count along with me.
-[in Korean] Okay.
-[in German] You got it?
-If you don't keep up, I'll just
[Bella chuckles]
Now, are you ready?
-[Dong-youp] Ah.
-[Si-kyung in Korean] One.
-[Si-kyung] Two.
-[Bella laughs]
-Why are we stuck at two?
-Three. Four.
-Cut it out already!
[Bella laughs]
-[Bella in German] Good boy.
You've done very well.
[in Korean] You should say,
"Thank you, my queen."
Thank you, my queen.
[Bella laughs]
[Bella in German]
Did that give you a rough idea?
[in Korean] I mean,
it was really loud,
-but it didn't hurt at all.
-[Si-kyung] Really?
[in German] Usually, the slaves are naked.
-[Bella laughs]
[Dong-youp in Korean]
They're usually naked?
[in German] I usually hit their bare skin,
which makes it hurt a lot more.
-[Bella laughs]
-[in Korean] So it's usually on bare skin.
-If you get hit naked
-[in German] Would you like to try it?
[Dong-youp] Ah.
-[in Korean] It stings on bare skin.
-[Bella in German] It's different, right?
[Bella laughs]
[in Korean] It was because I was clothed.
-[in German] That's right.
-[in Korean] My queen.
-[Bella] Hmm?
-Could you introduce yourself?
[in German] I'm Mistress Bella Lugosi.
I'm the most famous dominatrix in Berlin.
-[upbeat music playing]
-[whip slaps, echoing]
[Bella] I've been doing this
professionally for six years,
and this is my slave, B.
He can only speak when I allow him.
You may speak now.
Go on and introduce yourself.
I'm B.
I've been living in Berlin
for about five years now.
And I've been Bella's slave
for four of them.
[in Korean] Could you tell us
what a professional dominant does?
[in German] A dominant is someone
who dominates their partner
and decides how the play will go.
The men are called "doms,"
and the women are called "dominas."
Just like my slave here,
some people play the submissive role.
[Bella] We call them subs,
submissives, or slaves.
[in Korean] What is the point of spanking?
[in German] Spanking is very popular.
It strikes tremendous fear
in the hearts of clients.
The sound of spanking
can be very loud at times.
-[whip slaps]
-Some clients like it very hard.
Like I said, they get aroused by the fear,
the helplessness,
and the vulnerability they feel.
But I don't always hit as hard as I can.
I just make it look that way.
It's not exactly acting,
but it's something I do
for dramatic effect.
[in Korean]
Is this establishment a private club,
or can anyone just come
to experience what you offer?
[in German]
Our services are open to anyone
as long as they have discussed it
-with the BDSM studio beforehand.
You talk to the dominant directly
to make a reservation.
[in Korean] Does that mean B is a regular,
so to say?
[in German] That's right.
-[Bella] For about three to four years.
-Yes. Three to four years.
Good boy.
[in Korean] Let's say you talk
to your client while you're playing,
and you feel that you really click.
If that happens,
do you ever meet them outside
and have dinner or something?
[in German] We can have meals together,
but sex isn't allowed.
[Dong-youp and Si-kyung] Mm.
I'm what they call a classic dominatrix.
The clients can never touch my body.
I don't take my clothes off
or engage in anything too unusual.
When we talk about BDSM,
a lot of people think it involves sex,
but that's not necessarily the case.
[Dong-youp and Si-kyung] Mm.
[in Korean]
I don't remember what it was called,
but isn't there a word you can say
to pause the play
when something feels too tight,
uncomfortable, or dangerous?
[in German] That's right.
It's very important in BDSM
to discuss the activities involved
and for both parties
to come to an agreement.
So we decide on a safeword
before we start a session.
If B wants to stop and says the safeword,
the play comes to a pause.
[in Korean] So why didn't you
-tell me the safeword earlier?
-Why not?
-[in English] Uh-oh. Uh-oh.
-[in Korean] Why didn't you tell me?
[in German] You're right.
But what we did wasn't too rough.
But it might be a good idea for you
to think of a safeword
before you go to the next room.
[in Korean] There's another room?
-[Bella laughs]
You go ahead. I'm gonna go grab a beer.
[both chuckle]
-[in English] Hello.
[light suspenseful music playing]
[in German] Hello.
[in Korean] Are we supposed to do that?
[in English] Okay.
[in German] I'm Lady Velvet Steel.
[upbeat music playing]
[Velvet Steel] I'm the owner of Studio LUX
and a dominatrix of 18 years.
What we have here is
[Velvet Steel] A lot of people love
the texture of women's clothing.
Some even want to experience
becoming a woman.
You will explore
the hidden desires and fantasies
that you've kept hidden for a long time.
You can transform yourself
from what you are now
into a beautiful woman.
-[Si-kyung] Mm
-[Dong-youp] Mm.
Come this way.
[Velvet Steel] Here.
[quirky music playing]
[Velvet Steel] Try this on.
[in Korean] How do I put this on?
Oh, I got it.
[Velvet Steel chuckles]
Hold on.
[in German] No.
[Velvet Steel] You wear it like this.
[in Korean] It doesn't fit.
[Velvet Steel in German]
It needs to clasp.
Hold on.
Why don't you make yourself useful
and take my glove off?
Right here.
[Velvet Steel] Ah, very good.
You're not completely useless.
-[Si-kyung in Korean] Got it.
-[Velvet Steel in German] Yes, very good.
But don't you feel like
you're missing something?
[in Korean] Yes. It feels empty.
[Velvet Steel in German]
Let me see your hands.
[in Korean] What?
[clears throat]
She's giving me breasts.
[Velvet Steel in German] Here. Wonderful.
That's it. Very good.
Hold on.
What size shoes do you wear?
[in Korean] I think it's around 300 mm.
-[Velvet Steel] Mm-hmm.
-But 290 mm will be fine too.
[in German] Try these on for now.
[in Korean]
There are heels that fit Si-kyung's feet?
High heels?
[Velvet Steel in German]
Let's see how they fit.
You've got socks on.
[Si-kyung in Korean]
It's totally big enough.
[Velvet Steel in English] That's perfect.
[in German] What's so funny?
-[Velvet Steel] What's so funny?
-[tense sting]
Stand over there.
Let me get a wig on you
so you don't feel left out.
[Si-kyung grunts]
[Si-kyung coughs]
-[Si-kyung in Korean] What the
-[Velvet Steel chuckles]
[in German]
I can see you're getting jealous.
-Let's get you a wig too.
-[in Korean] No, I think this is enough.
-This is more than enough.
-[in German] I know you love it.
It will look great on you. Come here.
[Velvet Steel] Good.
You have a big head.
You must have done well in school.
-Gorgeous. You look stunning.
-[Dong-youp laughs]
[in Korean] Mom.
I'm sorry.
Hold on, Dong-youp.
Are you cosplaying as Kim Jang-hoon?
[imitates Kim Jang-hoon vocalizing]
Only Koreans will get that.
-[imitates Kim Jang-hoon vocalizing]
Do you usually do this
with your clothes off?
[in German] You're not meant
to have anything on underneath.
[in Korean]
We're wearing clothes right now,
but I think it'd feel
completely different without them.
[Si-kyung] Just like with the BDSM play.
-Don't you want to try it?
[Velvet Steel laughs]
[Dong-youp] What's that?
[Velvet Steel in German] This device
is called an orgasm controller.
It's a chastity device
that goes on your penis.
Let me show you how it's done.
First, you put this ring
around your testicles.
-Then the penis goes into this cage.
-[Si-kyung in Korean] Okay.
[Velvet Steel in German]
But that's not all.
[Si-kyung in Korean]
So you lock it as well?
[Velvet Steel in German]
You put a lock on it
and guess what we do with the key?
-I hold onto it.
-[Si-kyung] Ah.
This device makes it impossible
-for you to get hard or orgasm.
-[in Korean] Right.
It'd shrink back
because it hurts to be erect.
You're right.
[in German]
There's no room for an erection.
If you watch porn or have dirty thoughts,
this device will be the end of you.
You'll get very uncomfortable
and end up thinking of me.
You'll beg me to unlock the device,
but that'll never happen.
[in Korean]
So it's a chastity belt for men.
You're right. I'll be putting this on
and retiring as a singer today.
I don't think I can ever sing again.
[in German] Once it's locked,
you must do exactly as I say.
-Or I'll throw the key away.
-[key clinks]
[in Korean] Oh, no.
[Dong-youp] Goodness.
[comical music playing]
[Si-kyung] This isn't the right key.
[in German] It's hard, isn't it?
[Si-kyung grunts]
[Si-kyung in Korean] We're saved now.
[Dong-youp exclaims]
[Velvet Steel laughs]
[in German] Make sure you don't go through
airport security while wearing this.
They'll get you right away.
Then you'll have
a lot of explaining to do.
[in Korean] Do people really wear this
when they come to play?
[Velvet Steel in German]
If they want something more serious,
they keep it on for weeks,
months, and even years.
However, it's a very unique fetish.
It's not for everyone.
S&M has a very broad spectrum,
so some of the fetishes
are not as extreme as others.
[in Korean]
A fetish is about the sense of curiosity
and the desire to try something
more exciting, right?
I think this is just the place for that.
And right now,
this is giving me indigestion.
It's so tight around my chest
that I can barely breathe.
-[Velvet Steel chuckles]
-My stomach's making all sorts of noises.
[grunts, sighs in relief]
That was so suffocating and uncomfortable.
But looking at her eyes,
she seems like a kind and generous person.
You've done this for 18 years?
[in German] Shut your mouth and follow me.
[electronic music playing]
[Velvet Steel] This is the latex room.
Come inside.
[Si-kyung in Korean]
I can smell the latex already.
My goodness.
[Bella in German] We meet again.
Did you decide on a safeword?
[in Korean] Right, the safeword.
[Bella laughs]
[in German]
How about the colors of a traffic light?
Red means stop.
Green means that you're okay.
-[in English] Red, yellow, green.
[Chloe in German] Come on.
[Velvet Steel]
I think you two will do very well.
[Bella chuckles]
[Chloe in English] My suggestion Oh!
You helped me. Very nice.
Perhaps you could be a good slave.
-Yes, ma'am.
[women laugh]
[Chloe] Perfect.
-[ominous music playing]
-[machine whirrs]
[Chloe] Hmm.
[in German]
It's adorable how helpful he is.
I know.
-[in English] Yes. Yes, ma'am.
-[machine whirring]
[Si-kyung gasps]
-[Bella chuckles]
-[Dong-youp] Huh?
-[machine whirrs]
[Bella chuckles]
[Chloe in German] Now
we will
-[Chloe giggling]
[in Korean] Stop it!
I'm serious!
-[Dong-youp] Stop it!
-[in English] You'll laugh until you cry.
-[in Korean] What the hell?
[Dong-youp] What on earth is this?
[in German] I'll make you laugh
-until you cry!
-[in Korean] What is this?
[Chloe giggles]
[exhales sharply]
-[in English] Look at me.
-[ominous music playing]
[groans softly]
Look at me.
-[Chloe] Hmm
-[Bella chuckles softly]
Spread your legs. Spread your legs.
Now, eyes to the floor.
[in Korean] "Eyes to the floor"?
[Bella chuckles]
[in English] I think you talk too much.
-[Chloe] Open your mouth.
-[exclaims in surprise]
[in Korean] He won't be able to say
the safeword now.
-[muffled chatter]
-[Si-kyung] This is great.
[Dong-youp in muffled voice]
You should've volunteered, you jerk!
-You should be the one doing this.
[Chloe in English] On the floor.
"Red," you also can say
when you have something in your mouth.
I know it.
[Chloe] Stay.
[mysterious music playing]
-[muffled yelp]
[Dong-youp in muffled voice]
[in Korean]
I think he's saying he's "ready."
[in English] I don't understand.
[women laugh]
[in German] You need to speak properly.
-[Dong-youp yelps]
-[Dong-youp in English] Red!
-[in Korean] He's saying "head."
[in English] Try to say red.
-[Dong-youp] Red!
-[Dong-youp snorts]
Are you a pig?
[Si-kyung in Korean]
She's asking you if you're a pig.
Do you love it that much?
[light music playing]
-You can take this one.
-I have an image to uphold.
And I don't?
What you did is way easier.
[Bella in German] It's your turn.
You haven't done much.
Your turn.
[Velvet Steel] It's your turn.
Come this way.
[Bella] Be brave for us.
[Si-kyung in Korean] I mean
Can you tell them
-I have a career back home?
-[Bella laughs]
[Bella laughs]
He had it easy.
[Bella laughs]
[Velvet Steel in German] Hold on.
Come here.
-Come to me.
-[Bella chuckles]
[Velvet Steel] It's not just us
and our slaves who play here.
Men also play with each other.
Come over here and lock this up.
Good. Turn it.
Now tighten it.
Make it tight.
Keep going. Very good.
[in Korean] What are they doing now?
[Velvet Steel in German] We're using
a small tool like this on purpose.
[in Korean]
Talk about precision German engineering.
[Si-kyung] It's so tight on my hands.
[Velvet Steel in German]
Be careful not to hurt his fingers.
[Velvet Steel chuckles]
-[Si-kyung exclaims]
-[Velvet Steel] Here's the remote.
Press this button firmly.
[Si-kyung in Korean]
What's going on? Wait.
Why would you use your great technology
on something like this?
You should just focus on making cars.
[in German] Why don't you come over here?
Why do you think
we raised the chair so high?
[Velvet Steel] This is the perfect height
to approach him.
Now you can do anything you want with him.
[Dong-youp and Si-kyung exclaim]
[Velvet Steel]
But let's start with something lighter.
This is a gag.
Put it in his mouth.
This is your revenge.
Think about how he laughed at you
when you were hanging helplessly.
Be confident.
[Velvet Steel chuckles]
[Velvet Steel] Good.
You're a natural.
[muffled chatter]
You've got a knack for it.
[Velvet Steel]
You can bring me a dildo now.
We can do great things with that.
[Velvet Steel] That one looks good.
-[muffled] Mm-mm.
-[women laugh]
[Velvet Steel] His lips are so pretty.
Looks like we can have a lot of fun.
Stick it deep inside.
-[muffled chatter]
-[Velvet Steel laughs]
[muffled chatter]
[Velvet Steel] Great choice.
[in Korean] I was gagged earlier.
Don't you remember?
Well, that's not my fault!
-[comical music playing]
I don't think I can do this.
I can't bring myself to do it
because I know how much he hates this.
I'll kill you if you put that in my mouth.
He can't even stand
another man touching him.
[Si-kyung] I swear I'll kill you.
-I'll kill you.
-[women laugh]
[in German]
Why don't you check on your partner?
[Velvet Steel] Ask him if this is enough
or if he wants more.
[in Korean] Do you want to keep going?
[muffled in English] Red!
[Si-kyung in normal voice]
Red! Code Red! Red!
[in Korean] May we start the interview?
I feel like I should ask for permission.
[Si-kyung] If you don't like a question,
you can say "red."
[in German] We will.
[in Korean] Viewers in Korea
might not know about BDSM
as it's not very common.
[Si-kyung] People try to hide it.
They don't talk about it publicly.
They say it's sadistic.
I wanted to know how Germans view BDSM.
[in German]
Germans are very open-minded about it.
-[Velvet Steel] Yes.
-I think that BDSM received
a lot of media attention
after the Fifty Shades of Grey hype,
which I think helped break down
the taboo around it.
My parents-in-law are German,
and they support me in what I do
as long as I'm happy.
[in Korean]
That's so cool and fascinating.
[in German]
There was a huge turning point in 2018.
BDSM was finally removed from WHO's
International Classification of Diseases.
They decided that BDSM was okay
as long as there's consent.
-[Bella] That's correct.
It should have been that way all along.
The reason we have our jobs
is because this is legal.
We need to be registered
as sex workers at city hall
and get one of these IDs issued.
[Bella] The police regularly check to see
if we're working safely and legally.
[in Korean] So everything is legal.
[in German] Yeah.
[in Korean] So all the facilities
and equipment you have here
are safe and clean, right?
[in German] Of course.
All equipment must be purchased
from sanctioned businesses,
which means all the items here
have been tested for safety.
Germany is very strict about safety.
-[in Korean] Right.
-I see.
Could you tell us
how many hours you work a week
and how much you make?
[in German] It depends.
I actually used to work
in the music industry,
and I now make five times the amount
I used to make in a month.
I'm a single mother.
I can get plenty of time off
to spend with my child,
so it's perfect for me.
If we're only counting the sessions,
I work around two to eight hours a week.
The hours may seem short,
but it can take a long time
to prepare for a session.
I need to communicate with my clients
via phone or email
and discuss our sessions before and after.
I even have to write up
scenarios sometimes,
which I have to memorize
if they get complicated.
Our work includes everything
from the preparation
to the maintenance of the clothing
and the equipment involved.
-[Si-kyung] Oh.
-[Dong-youp] Mm.
[in Korean] But that's just ridiculous.
The queen shouldn't be the one
writing emails, making calls,
and preparing everything.
The slaves are supposed to come to you
with everything ready.
They must be very thankful
-to have a queen like you.
[in German] More than anything,
I love my job.
I get to indulge in my own fantasies.
-[Bella] That's right.
I don't even have to look.
They find their way to me.
[Si-kyung] Mm.
[in Korean]
Do any couples visit this place together?
[in German] We do get a lot of couples.
We do.
Sometimes, a female client
dominates her husband with me,
and sometimes,
both of them want to be dominated by me.
If they are both submissives,
they can't play with each other.
-You need someone else to play that role.
-[in Korean] And there's just
so much to work with here.
-Experience must be important.
You'll need to have tried out
various types of play
to lead the session more naturally.
[in German] Of course.
It's helpful to try
being on the other end of the play
to get an idea of what it feels like.
You need to be open-minded
and respectful of the other person
to know what they like
and what they don't.
-[in Korean] Are there any downsides?
Does everyone approve of what you do,
or is it frowned upon?
[in German] It may be legal,
but we still face
many difficulties in society.
It isn't easy for us to set up
a business account with banks
when we're self-employed.
The same goes for setting up an Airbnb
or a PayPal account.
Banks often refuse to do business with us.
We aim to keep working toward
removing the stigma around our work
so we can be accepted
as service workers just like others.
[Si-kyung and Dong-youp] Mm.
I wish people would understand
that it's just a matter of preference,
just like how people like
different kinds of pizza.
Some people like their pizza spicy,
with lots of spicy sauce on it.
S&M is actually very diverse,
but pop culture and the media
mostly focus on the violence,
sadism, and pain involved.
But there's more to it.
It's a really fun way
to connect with your partner.
[Chloe] You need to have a lot of trust
when trying something new with someone.
That's why BDSM
is more than just a job for me.
[light music playing]
[woman in English] Have you seen this one?
[Dong-youp in Korean] Why would
there be a club in a place like this?
-[Si-kyung] Isn't this a junkyard?
-I hear the music.
-[Dong-youp] Boom, boom.
We're here to experience
the hottest club in Berlin.
But we might get sent home at the door.
-If that happens
-It happens a lot, apparently.
-We'd lose an entire episode.
Look how scary that bouncer looks.
[Si-kyung] I'm kind of scared
that he might not let us in.
[in German] Relax.
Just keep in mind that we're all the same.
No need to be nervous.
[in Korean] Let's play it cool.
-[in English] So? We good?
-[suspenseful music playing]
So how many you are? Just two?
-Just two.
-Just two.
-It's your first time here?
[bouncer] You know which party today?
-Which event today, you know?
[suspenseful music continues playing]
[Dong-youp in Korean]
But everyone else was allowed in.
-[Si-kyung] What's the problem?
-[Dong-youp] Why won't he let us in?
[Si-kyung] Let's just find
a kebab place and talk there.
[upbeat electronic music playing]
Subtitle translation by: Sonya Hong
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