Riverdale (2017) s03e18 Episode Script

Chapter Fifty-three: Jawbreaker

CHERYL: Previously on Riverdale Thank you for agreeing to help me.
If I could go undercover, I would.
Have you ever experienced the loss of a loved one? My brother Jason.
EDGAR: Memories are often painful.
But they don't have to be.
CHERYL: Well, I'm done being your mole.
Well, you should stop going to the Farm before Edgar catches on to you.
I'm still going to go.
Is the reason you're so obsessed with the Farm because they let you talk to Charles? Yes.
I see my son.
EDGAR: Tell me.
What do you want to know? Everything.
Start from the beginning.
Ricky, listen to me, you don't want to do this.
If I don't do this, the Gargoyles, they won't protect me.
ARCHIE: Jug, Mad Dog was right.
I saw Gargoyles coming in and out like they own the place.
JUGHEAD: That must be where Kurtz is doing his cooking.
I'm ready to ascend.
- Are you? - [JUGHEAD YELLS] Elio hooked me up with a house on the Northside.
So, what? You have to fight for him? Come on, man.
You saw that place.
FP: Terry, I'm getting close to the clearing.
I don't see any Poor Baby Teeth.
Brandon Morris was his real name.
We ID'ed him from his prints.
First glance, very similar to how you found Ben and Dilton.
But I don't know.
I need your help, son, please.
Yeah, of course.
These blue lips are the same.
Markings on his back are the same, too.
[CAMERA CLICKS] But his missing teeth, that's the twist.
[JUGHEAD SIGHS] This might be a copycat killer.
I mean, it could be the same guy that went after Ben and Dilton, but they were willing participants.
Baby Teeth struggled.
Maybe the brutality of his death was the message.
Like a warning that he's back and he's angry.
The Gargoyle King? The real one.
You already know who I am, Betty.
I don't have a clue.
I've done a deep-dive on the Internet, and there's no record of anyone named Edgar Evernever.
Many years ago, I was a very different man.
My life was in tatters, so I left it behind and I walked in the desert to die.
Till I stumbled upon a tree on a hill beside a farm.
I was in Death's clutches.
And somehow I stumbled to the door of that farm, and I knocked.
[CHUCKLES SOFTLY] When I awoke, I was in a white room.
I was being tended to by a kind, elderly farmer.
And I said, "How can I repay you?" So she put me to work on her farm.
I ploughed those fields, and I sowed them with seed, and I watched them grow into something beautiful.
I felt reborn.
After that, I made it my sacred duty to open my own farm, where I could welcome lost souls wandering in the darkness.
It's a nice story, but it doesn't explain how you've convinced my mom that she can see her dead son.
Here we strive to create a safe place where wounded people can heal and become the best versions of themselves.
But, first, they must open themselves to that process.
No, but really, how does my mom see her dead son? Do you have someone dress up like Charles? [CHUCKLES] All right, boys, bring it in.
Look, I know you're all pissed about Baby Teeth Damn right.
And his killer will be caught.
I swear to you.
But, in the meantime, we honor our fallen brother.
How the hell do we do that? I'm dedicating my next match to Baby Teeth.
No one asked you, Mad Dog.
Why are you even here? Because Baby Teeth was my brother, too.
Wait, Mad Dog, what match? Did Elio already hook you up with one? There's a boxing tournament this weekend called the Gilded Gloves.
I was gonna fight to win.
But now, I'm gonna fight to win and honor Baby Teeth.
VERONICA: How's your boxing career these days, Archie? Your pal Elio is organizing a boxing event called the Gilded Gloves.
Brawny young men, shirtless and in shorts, go on.
I was thinking, maybe you could help get the El Royale crew a spot in the tournament.
The guys could use a win, or at least a boost after what happened to Baby Teeth.
Let me see what I can do.
Good morning, my dear Riverdale High constituents and comrades.
A lot of you have been asking about the Farm's Student Advocacy group.
Well, here'e the skinny.
Sign up sheets are posted throughout the school.
The club is open to all students.
Where the one become many, and the many become one.
So uncap those pens, sharpen those pencils, and sign up.
A little birdie told me it's what all the cool kids are doing.
Invasion of the Body Snatchers continues.
So, let me get this straight, the reason Cheryl is all-in on the Farm is that she gets to see and talk to Jason? Yeah.
My mom's entirely convinced that she's seeing and talking to Charles, - her long-lost son.
- [VERONICA SCOFFS] What if you prove that Charles was dead? I mean, your mom's lost touch with reality, so maybe the best way to snap her out of her delusions is with a harsh dose of truth.
Like, prove that Charles is dead.
Or basically anything that will refute these fantasies that Edgar Evernever is spinning.
No, unfortunately, I only have a name, Charles Smith.
He was raised in the Sisters of Quiet Mercy, but they turned him out when he was 18.
Well, I appreciate you trying.
TONI: Betty.
Whatever the Farm did with Cheryl, I'm holding you responsible.
How the hell did my girlfriend become - Queen of the Farmies overnight? - It's Edgar.
He is a con artist.
He's somehow convinced my mom and Cheryl [SIGHS] that they can, uh, talk to the dead.
Excuse me? Cheryl thinks she's been talking to Jason.
She says she sees him.
But Jason's dead.
Everybody knows that Jason's dead.
And there's proof that Jason's dead, that he was murdered.
What are you talking about? Uh I'm going to send you a video, Toni, of Clifford Blossom shooting Jason.
I kept a copy of it on my laptop.
Show it to Cheryl, and hopefully it will be enough to snap her back into reality.
Will you give me a second? I think this is my dad.
[STEAM HISSING] Veronica Lodge, don't suppose I need to tell you this is a men's steam room.
I came to talk business.
[SIGHS] I want to get in on the Gilded Gloves.
You don't know the first thing about boxing.
You'd be surprised by what I know about hot, shirtless, muscular bruisers.
Starting with Archie Andrews.
If memory serves, he almost beat your prizefighter, Randy Ronson.
ELIO: Archie's a bum, and bums have no place in my tournament.
Now get the hell out of my steam room.
But remember this.
Remember I tried to keep things civil.
: He suffered a myriad of traumas, but our good friend here died from loss of blood.
From the pulling of his teeth, which occurred pre-mortem.
There's one more ghoulish detail I discovered during the autopsy.
There was something lodged in his throat.
What the hell is that? A matchbook from the Maple Club.
I thought I'd seen the true face of evil.
But this, whoever did this isn't even human.
Any idea how one of your matchbooks ended up in Baby Teeth's throat? Well, they are complimentary to all of our guests.
We don't recommend they ingest them.
I do recall this young man being here a few nights ago.
He was here with some friends.
Ex-cons, but charming.
Anyway, this Baby Teeth left the Maple Club with a grin on his face, and alive.
My girl Rosemary fulfilled his fantasy.
[WOMAN SCREAMING] What on Eve's Earth? [GROWLING] All right, okay.
Hey! [GRUNTS] I got him cuffed in the back of my cruiser.
He's not going anywhere.
Is there anything else you guys can tell us about him? Like his name or where he's from? Martin, but they all use an alias.
Did something seem different about him? Yes.
Martin likes to take Fizzle Rocks to enhance the experience, but this was different.
The high hit him like a truck.
He started foaming at the mouth, freaking out.
This was helpful.
If anything else comes up, please give me a call.
ALICE: And we are live in three, two, one This is Alice Smith, and I am here with Veronica Lodge, promoter of the Southside's El Royale Boxing Club.
Veronica, would you like to tell us about your latest business venture? Our athletic facility will help you reach your fitness goals in a fun, classic, competitive environment.
Our trained staff features some of the toughest fighters in the state, including up-and-coming boxer Archie Andrews.
Archie? Hi, I'm Archie Andrews, owner, trainer, and fighter here at the El Royale Boxing Club.
Join now, and your first three personal training sessions with me are completely free.
I got one more thing to say, a message for Randy Ronson.
This Friday night at the Gilded Gloves, I want my rematch.
Me and you.
Let's settle this for good.
Strong words from a local hero.
Live from the Southside, I'm Alice Smith, RIVW.
HAL: Your mother has thrown down the gauntlet.
She's filed for divorce.
Her lawyers issued the papers today, but I haven't signed yet.
Has she started seeing someone? Well, she does spend most of her time at the Farm, presumably with Edgar.
Who's a con artist.
He's got her thinking she's seeing Charles.
That's impossible, Charles is dead.
Yeah, but I don't have physical proof of that.
I don't have a body, I don't have ashes.
You know, you don't need a body or ashes, Betty, just a stone.
A piece of granite will do.
ELIO: I must admit, that was a bold move, challenging Randy.
So does that mean the El Royale boxers will get to be part of the Gilded Gloves? Yes.
Only thing is, your boy's going to have to move up a weight class.
Randy's fighting in the middleweight division now.
[SIGHS] - Fine.
- Great.
I'm hosting at my gym.
[CHUCKLES] Nice try.
We'll flip for the venue.
Heads for Archie's gym, tails for your gym.
We'll see you at the El Royale.
When he finally comes down, we'll ask him where he got the Fizzle Rocks.
- My bet is still Kurtz.
- [SIGHS] Wouldn't mind asking him if he knows anything about Baby Teeth, either.
I'll have Forensics run a test on the Fizzle Rocks he had on him.
CHERYL: Why would you show this to me? TONI: Because you needed to be reminded of the truth.
Cheryl, you're not talking to Jason at the Farm.
The truth is all right there, in this video.
Toni, this video is clearly fabricated.
With technology these days, anything is possible.
Detractors can spin any story they want.
Cheryl, have you ever hugged Jason? Yes.
Of course.
Now enough of this third degree.
[FOOTSTEPS APPROACHING] Betty? Mom, are you engaged to Edgar? [SIGHS] Edgar and I have a deep understanding of one another.
That's what I thought.
I want to show you something.
ALICE: What is this, Betty? I paid someone to help me track down Charles's grave.
I'm so sorry, Mom, but you haven't been talking to him at the Farm.
Your son has been here, dead and buried, for the last five years.
[SIGHS HEAVILY] It's just so sad.
I know, Mom.
So sad that you won't let me be happy at the Farm.
I don't know when you're gonna give up, Betty.
[SIGHS] You saw his gravestone.
I'm sorry, Betty, but I spoke to my son this morning.
[BREATHING HEAVILY] I'm sorry, too, Mom.
You're making up for lost calories.
Ronnie, I feel like Jughead.
That's the idea, Archie.
REFEREE: Randy Ronson to the scale.
[CAMERAS CLICKING] - 159 pounds.
- [PEOPLE APPLAUDING] [GRUNTS] Archie Andrews to the scale.
154 pounds.
[PEOPLE APPLAUDING] Where am I? What did you do to me? I chloroformed you.
Don't worry, Mom, you're safe.
Edgar always starts with questions, so I'll do the same.
Do you remember this? It was your first day at The Riverdale Register.
You were so excited.
And now I'm an on-air reporter for RIVW, thanks to the Farm.
Eighth grade graduation.
You cried that day, do you remember? That's the past.
I'm someone else now.
No, no.
The past is part of who you are.
You're Alice Cooper.
You bought a house on Elm Street.
You painted our front door red [TEARFULLY] I lived with a murderer in that house.
[TEARFULLY] You raised me and Polly in it, too.
Bad things happen, but you can't get rid of your past because then you'd lose the good parts, too.
There's been so much pain.
I know.
I know.
But that's what makes us stronger.
Edgar doesn't see that.
You have to believe me.
Believe you? Okay.
So tell me the truth, Betty.
Was that really Charles's grave? So how can I trust you? You lied to me! You faked a gravestone.
Look, I love you, I love you, Betty.
But you're gonna have to let me go.
I'm sorry, Mom.
I have to go to school, but I'll come back to check on you.
No, no, Betty.
This is your life.
Look at it, and remember who you are.
[SOFTLY] Betty.
[SNIFFLES] JUGHEAD: You locked your mom in Dilton's bunker? Yeah, it's the only place where she'll be safe from the Farm, Jug.
And I've already made some headway with the deprogramming.
Next, I'm gonna listen to her testimony tapes, and see if there's anything I can use to help me get my mom back.
[BANGING] What is that? What the hell is going on? Hey, did she take something? Yeah, she took some "G.
" Get her to the infirmary.
Jug, I need your brain, boy.
I got another guy here on a nasty trip.
Can you meet me at the station? Yeah, I'll be right there.
It's gotta be a bad batch.
[PRISONER MUTTERING AND BANGING] One that causes Fizzle Rock psychosis.
Or the Fizzle Rocks are being cut with something.
Bath salts, maybe.
We need to catch whoever's dealing this garbage before someone turns up dead.
Looks like our John is almost ready to talk.
What are you doing? Toni, you're detracting Cheryl from her studies at the Farm, but I'm not gonna let you ruin her.
"Ruin her"? Bitch, I love her.
And she loves me.
The Farm is fulfilling Cheryl in ways you can't even begin to imagine.
I find that hard to believe.
Have a blessed day.
Mad Dog, what're you doing here? There's something you need to know about Randy.
He's juicing.
What, he's taking steroids? No, something new.
A powder.
I saw Elio give it to him.
Made him crazy strong.
Elio's scared.
He thinks I might win.
No, man, you're not listening to me.
I looked into Randy's eyes, and it wasn't Randy anymore.
It was rage.
He'll kill you.
Unless you take something to level the playing field.
- Here.
- No, dude.
I don't take that stuff.
When you see Randy in the ring, you might want to.
Just in case.
What does that mean? It's a good roll.
Sadly, your Elven army is no match for the legions of Gargoyles at your doorstep.
It's okay, JB.
You got further in this quest than I did at your level.
Could we play another round? You sure your parents won't mind you staying out so long? Nah, it's like I told you when we met, they're busy.
Same with my parents.
[ROLLS DICE] JUGHEAD: What does it mean? The "G's" for "Gargoyle," I think.
Which Gargoyle? Is there anyone in particular? This time it was a guy named Kurtz.
Do you have any idea where Kurtz is now? How should I know? Kurtz is the cook, and he's selling, too.
But we need the kingpin.
I'm gonna pay Hiram Lodge a visit.
Tell your mom I'll be home late.
Mom? Mom, are you okay? What Betty.
[SIGHS] Evelyn.
You wouldn't happen to know where your mom is, would you? Am I my mother's keeper? Well, she missed bed check last night.
But someone did see you visiting her room yesterday.
Hmm, well, I'll let you know if I see her.
We have copies of those tapes, Betty.
And copies of those copies.
Let me make something very clear.
You and your dad may have brainwashed my mom, but I see right through your enlightened Farmie crap.
So stop messing with me, stop messing with my family, and stop messing with my friends.
Better yet, don't even think about coming near me or my mom ever again.
Because if you do, Evelyn, I will kill you.
And if you don't believe me, ask around.
People will tell you what I'm capable of.
Cheryl, are you going to a meeting at the Farm? Indeed, my love.
Do you think these Louboutins are too flashy for kombucha brewing? Well How about if you didn't go? Why wouldn't I? The Farm needs me tonight.
I need you tonight.
I need you in every way.
Mind, body, soul.
But, uh, mostly body.
ARCHIE: Tomorrow, when we fight, we fight for him.
For Baby Teeth.
FP: He's the guy I collared at Pop's.
Finally woke up, that's when I called you.
You could've really hurt someone, pal.
Where'd you get the G? From a guy named Kurtz? MAN: Yeah.
He wasn't my usual dealer.
- [CELL PHONE VIBRATING] - He was real aggressive.
Trying to get me to buy more than my usual.
He's still in Riverdale.
He's getting desperate, it sounds like.
It's Laura.
Our lady friend from the Maple Club.
[ALICE ON TAPE] She's just so angry, Edgar.
EDGAR: Alice, Betty loves you.
She's a good person.
ALICE: It's just the two of us in the house now, and the truth is, I'm afraid of Betty.
Sometimes, the way she looks at me, I think she's going to hurt me.
I think she wants to hurt me.
She's her father's daughter.
She has the same darkness in her that I saw in him.
What happened? Another crazy John? You told me to call in case anything came up.
Well, some preppy rich kids were here, rowdy and stirring up trouble.
Were they on the same Rocks that drove the other customer feral? No, but they were here killing time before meeting a dealer in the lobby.
But I guess the guy never showed.
How'd you get rid of them? PENELOPE: One of the ruffians got a call.
Sounded like a supplier looking to reschedule.
He said something about a fight.
Left this in the trash.
That's Archie's gym.
One last chance to bust Kurtz.
What did you do to my mom? What did you do to make her say such horrible things about me on those tapes? Why are you trying to turn her against me? Betty, everything your mother said on those tapes, those were her own words.
And, to be fair, you have given Alice some legitimate reasons to fear you.
You're not turning this around on me.
Not while you keep feeding her lies, telling her that Charles Charles is a wound.
She needs to heal.
Charles is dead.
He's a ghost.
Your mother is on a journey, and she's making tremendous progress towards finding her truest self.
She could've done that at home, with a therapist.
She didn't have to give away my money, our house, everything! Ah, you know, I think, Betty, you and your mother see the world quite differently.
You don't need us.
She does.
She needs to heal from the pain that has been inflicted upon her.
Communing with Charles, real or illusionary, comforts her.
Fills her in a way that no one in her life can or does.
Including you.
Now, I ask you, why, in your mind, is that a bad thing? [METAL CLANKING] We're going somewhere.
[CAR DOOR CLOSING] It's okay, Mom.
Evelyn will make sure you get home safely.
Take care of her, Evelyn.
That's all we've ever wanted to do.
ARCHIE: What is this for? It's for luck.
- [ARCHIE GASPS] - [CHUCKLES] I'm pretty sure they're your size.
Thank you, Ronnie.
Thank you for believing in me.
No matter what happens, I want you to know that I'm always in your corner.
I should go.
Still lots to do.
- Okay.
- Okay.
- Bye.
- See you later.
[DOOR CLOSES] Flying a little close to the sun there, aren't you? We're friends now, Dad.
Are you okay? [SIGHS] Evelyn said I have to make a choice.
Jason or you.
Cheryl, Jason's a ghost.
I'm right here.
You love me.
[TEARFULLY] I'm sorry, Toni.
I do love you.
But I've loved Jason my whole life.
I'm not gonna let this happen.
There has to be a way you can be with me and Jason.
If you're willing to open your mind to it.
[ALICE ON TAPE] Betty won't admit it, but I know she was deeply hurt by Hal.
We all were.
But she took it the hardest.
[TURNS OFF TAPE] How'd it go? Great.
No one suspects anything.
Toni, I'm not a monster, - am I? - No.
You're a daughter who wants her mother back.
Just like I want my girlfriend back.
- Where? In the hoodie.
He's walking towards the alley.
[SIREN BLARING] FP: Hold it! Put your hands up.
Don't you move.
Get 'em up! [POLICE RADIO CHATTER] You and your drugs are done for good, Kurtz.
[CROWD CHEERING] JOSIE: You nervous? Not a bit.
- Is that a new robe? - And trunks.
Pop's Chock'lit Shoppe is Archie's official sponsor.
You like 'em? I'm gonna end Andrews tonight.
I got this.
You said that last time, and he almost beat you.
What the hell's in that? Little last-minute boost.
I dissolved some G into your water.
Now get in there and live up to your promise.
[CROWD CHEERING] [OPERATIC MUSIC PLAYING] I'll admit, Betty, I'm surprised you've asked me to sign these divorce papers.
Well, that makes two of us.
Why the change of heart? [SIGHS] I finally realized that it's time to let Mom go.
She needs to heal in whatever way she chooses.
[CLEARS THROAT] I wonder, Betty, if you would consider doing me a favor as well.
What kind of favor? Oh, it's nothing much.
I just want to come home.
[CROWD SHOUTING] Attaboy, Arch, stick and move.
Come on, kid, get the hell out of there! [CROWD CHEERING] [BELL DINGS] [BELL DINGING] You got to stay off the ropes, kid.
Something's wrong.
Ronson's on some kind of crazy drug.
The ref needs to call the fight.
Hey, Ref.
Ronson looks like he wants to chew off my fighter's face.
We want a disqualification.
Only way this match ends is if you forfeit, Andrews.
You wanna take the loss? Screw you, Elio.
Look, he's going to have himself a hell of a hangover, but I need you to knock him out in this round.
I don't know.
I don't know.
The overhand right is there for you.
Okay? Once you see a crack in his armor, you bring out the hacksaw, you understand? - [BELL DINGS] - REFEREE: Seconds out! Let's do it.
[CROWD CHEERING] [BELL DINGS] [BOTH WHOOPING] Attaboy! REFEREE: two, three, four - five, six, seven, eight, - [CROWD CHANTING] Archie! nine, ten.
- It's over.
- [BELL DINGS] [CROWD CONTINUES CHEERING] Ronson? We need a doctor.
Somebody call a doctor! Ronson, wake up.
FP: You've hurt a lot of people, Kurtz.
What were you thinking? Sell the bad batch, get out of town, dodge a murder charge? Why Baby Teeth? Did the Gargoyle King demand a sacrifice? Baby Teeth.
[CHUCKLING] He was only the warm-up.
To what? To the ultimate quest.
To one final game for you and your family, Hellcaster.
It was demanded by the King.
Save the Little Princess.
- Jellybean? - What the hell did you do? [SHOUTS] What did you do? She's been summoned by the King.
[LAUGHING MANIACALLY] I don't understand.
Why couldn't we just keep playing in Pop's? Because, Princess Jellybean, he wanted to meet you.