Riverdale (2017) s03e19 Episode Script

Chapter Fifty-Four: Fear the Reaper

1 Previously on Riverdale Are you engaged to Edgar? Edgar and I have a deep understanding of one another.
- How'd it go? - Great.
No one suspects anything.
Little last-minute boost.
He's juicing.
Take something to level the playing field.
I don't take that stuff.
Something's wrong.
Ronson's on some kind of crazy drug.
We need a doctor.
[JUGHEAD] You moved to town to take the drug trade from Hiram Lodge? Someone's looking to reopen the candy store.
He needs to know exactly what you're doing.
No, he doesn't.
[FP] You've hurt a lot of people, Kurtz.
- What were you thinking? - The ultimate quest.
One final game for you and your family.
Save the Little Princess.
What the hell did you do? [SHOUTS] What did you do? Jellybean! Jellybean! [JUGHEAD] Dad.
[FP] What the hell is that? "I invite you to play a round of Gryphons and Gargoyles, "The outcome of which will determine Princess Jellybean's fate.
" Hey.
- Why is the door wide open? - [DOOR CLOSES] What's wrong? Where's JB? She was taken.
By the Gargoyle King, and his loyal servant, Kurtz.
We have to find that son of a bitch.
Find him? He's outside in the back of my cruiser.
We did everything we could, I'm very sorry.
[ELIO] How did this happen? [DR.
PATEL] We'll know more after the autopsy comes back.
We need to see him.
Of course.
The nurse will show you.
- Yes.
Listen, there's something you should know.
Randy was juicing.
Excuse me? You gave it to him.
I would never give one of my fighters drugs.
What Randy chose to put into his body, unbeknownst to me, is not my responsibility.
Well, aren't you Manager of the Year? His blood is on your hands.
No, his blood is all over Archie's hands, literally.
Better lawyer up, Andrews, you killed him in that ring, and you know it.
[GRUNTS] Where the hell is my daughter? Tell me or I'll kill you right here, right now.
Where are you keeping her, Kurtz? With an associate.
Being very well taken care of.
[GRUNTS] He's not gonna tell us.
Accept the invite to play.
Let's see if you can bring Jellybean home.
[LAUGHS] He's crazy.
How can we believe anything he has to say.
I've played this game enough to know that guys like Kurtz are completely devoted to the Gargoyle King and his rules.
If we play and we win, we can get Jellybean back.
I'm sure of it.
We'll agree to your terms.
We'll play.
Of course, you will.
First, your avatars.
Jones will be Deadeye.
Like in high school.
Jughead, you will remain the Hellcaster.
And Mrs.
Jones, you'll be the Alchemist, I think.
Deadeye, you're up first.
Son, from everything you've said, it's clear that Randy died from those drugs, An autopsy will support that.
You're innocent.
I'm not, Dad.
I knew.
I knew Randy was juicing.
I could've stopped the fight, but I didn't wanna forfeit.
If I had I'm never stepping into that ring ever again.
I can't.
[VERONICA] Thanks for meeting us, Daddy.
I understand I missed quite the fight earlier.
That's not why we're here.
Betty has a favor she wants to ask you.
Lodge, my dad is incarcerated, two hours away, in a windowless cell.
It's a horrible place, and he heard about your facility, and how some of the cells even have views of Sweetwater River.
Yeah, the waterfront rooms.
They're quite peaceful.
He would like to be transferred to one.
And I thought since you owned the place, maybe you could help.
Think of all the publicity.
I'll see what I can do.
What did you do with the drugs I gave you? They're in my locker at the gym.
Why? Archie, you need to get rid of them now.
Police showed up at Elio's gym, they had a warrant, and did a full sweep.
They didn't find anything.
But what if they hit up El Royale next? I'm on my way.
I'll meet you there.
[MAD DOG] Come on, man, hurry up.
I got it.
- [POLICE SIREN BLARING] - Hands up! Both of you! He's got nothing to do with this.
You've reached your first challenge.
This one's easy.
It's called, "Cards on the table.
" Inside two of these pouches is a white marble.
Inside the third, is a black one.
If you choose the black one, you must reveal your secret.
- Simple enough.
- Call it what you want.
We've been playing, "Secrets and Sins" since high school.
Why don't you begin? Be honest.
The King already knows your darkest truths.
I don't have any secrets.
Mom, Jellybean's life is on the line.
If you don't say something, I will.
What's he talking about? I'm the new Fizzle Rocks dealer in Riverdale.
And Kurtz used to work for me before he lost his damn mind.
What? [GLADYS SIGHS] And you knew about this, you didn't tell me, boy? [GLADYS] Don't blame him.
I told him not to say anything because I wanted to keep you out of it.
I did it protect you, to protect the family.
How's that working for Jellybean? Huh? You are the reason that this psycho kidnapped our daughter.
You brought this into our lives.
I've heard enough.
I've heard enough.
We need to finish this damn game, and get Jellybean back home safe and sound.
But there will be a reckoning.
Hey, Dad, it's Josie.
Um, I saw you have a gig at Toubadour in Seaside.
Uh, would you maybe wanna grab some dinner beforehand? Call me back and let me know.
Well, everyone's gearing up for the big wedding.
You know, between your mom and Edgar.
Yeah, I'm, I'm aware.
There is also something else you should know.
After the big wedding, Edgar's planning to adopt Juniper and Dagwood.
[EXHALES LOUDLY] I posted your bail as soon as I could.
Thanks, Ronnie.
We'll pay you back.
Gentlemen, that's the least of our worries.
Elio's been a busy bee.
[ELIO ON TV] now that Randy Ronson's autopsy has revealed the ugly truth.
And what truth is that? That he was indeed taking performance enhancing drugs provided by his competitor Archie Andrews.
- [ALICE] Alice Smith - [TURNS TV OFF] This is nuts.
Elio's the one who gave Randy the drugs.
That may be impossible to prove.
He's setting me up to take the fall, Ronnie.
Am I screwed? With me in your corner? Never.
I'm going to dog walk that lying cad.
But we do need to play defense.
How do we do that? First things first, drink up, boys.
[TOILET FLUSHING] Man, this is humiliating.
Well, I guess you've never been on parole.
I am pleased to announce that the results of the drug test taken by Archie Andrews and Mad Dog Moore have both come back negative.
And as the investigation into the horrific death of Randy Ronson continues He murdered our brother.
Ronson, I assure you, Archie didn't You should fry for what you did.
Ronson, believe me, if I could take back what - [ALL GASPING] - Oh, did you get that? I'm so sorry.
I wish it were me and not him.
I think you're not alone in that sentiment, Andrews.
- [REPORTERS CLAMORING] - [CAMERAS CLICKING] [GASPS] Evelyn, have you already received your meningitis vaccination? [EVELYN] No.
The Farm doesn't believe in putting foreign substances into our bodies.
You can check my file.
My father wrote Mr.
Weatherbee a letter opting me out of all elective medical procedures.
"Check my file.
" I think I just might.
Joseph Prep" [CAMERA CLICKS] [CAMERA CLICKING] [THUNDER CRASHING] Finally, you've reached your next quest.
You steal some treasure from the realm.
What treasure? He wants us to commit a robbery.
You've gotta be kidding.
I'm the Sheriff.
Not tonight.
Tonight, you're the Deadeye.
Your target.
The Tavern.
[SIGHS] So if everything is parallel for Riverdale, then the Tavern is Pop's.
Consider it Jellybean's ransom.
And the money you obtain is gonna get me out of town.
You're not going anywhere.
The only way this ends, Kurtz, is with you in the ground.
If I die, so does Jellybean.
[THUNDER CRASHES] But if I leave with the money, then she lives.
And we all win.
- [EXHALES] - Archie, did you run here? It's pouring outside.
[ARCHIE] I can't stop thinking about Randy.
And Randy's sister, when she said to me that I'm a murderer.
Archie, this is not your fault.
This is on Elio, not you.
I still feel responsible, Veronica.
I just, I wish I knew how to help them.
Maybe El Royale can host a charity boxing event, we can raise money for their family.
No boxing.
Okay, fine.
Um, we can host a benefit concert at La Bonne Nuit.
Josie has been calling me about doing a set so let me talk to her, and the Ronsons, okay? Okay.
- Thank you, - Yeah.
Hi, is this the Gilroy Academy? I'm Doris Bell from the principal's office at Riverdale High.
We have a recent transfer who attended your school a couple of years back.
Evelyn Evernever.
I'm just checking our records.
What grade was she in? A junior? Yes, that's what I thought.
Thank you so much.
Five for five.
Weiss, do you remember Edgar Evernever from the Farm? I can't find out anything about his past, but I did find something about his daughter, Evelyn.
She's been repeating her junior year.
Enrolling in different high schools, pretending to be 17 for over a decade.
Oh, my God.
I think from what I found, Edgar works on the parents, while Evelyn is sent to high school to recruit teens into the Farm.
It's a cover for their cult.
I just need concrete proof.
I'm happy to make some inquiries.
I'll see what I can find out.
Thank you, Ms.
I can't believe we're doing this.
We're in and out in 30 seconds.
Let me do the talking.
Kinda reminds you of the old days, huh? You guys have done this before? Ah, we're not getting into this.
[GUN CLICKS] Thanks again for coming, Dad.
It's nice to catch up.
My next tour is gonna be a long one.
Well, that's actually why I wanted to meet up.
Recently, I've been headlining act downstairs at La Bonne Nuit.
But Riverdale's a small town.
And I wanna broaden my musical horizons.
So I thought maybe I could go on tour with you.
[UNCOMFORTABLY] Josie, it's a hard life being on the road.
Please, just come and see me perform.
I've got a set tonight.
[JUGHEAD] Everybody, on the ground, right now! [JUGHEAD] Get down! [COCKS GUN] - [GUNSHOT] - [GRUNTING] Pop! Pops, don't.
This isn't what you think.
- [FP] Go! Go! Go! - [GLADYS] Go! - We gotta go! We gotta go! - Dad.
- Dad! Dad! - Damn it, we gotta go! Go! Go! Save Jellybean.
Now do you see why I need to get the hell out of this town? Oh, my God.
And then there were two.
[GRUNTS] The cops are probably on their way over here.
- We gotta move somewhere.
- Yeah.
Oh, I got a place.
[BETTY] I have good news, Dad.
Your transfer papers have been processed.
Lodge says you could be moved by the end of the week.
Thank you, Betty.
But something's bothering you.
What is it? Edgar Evernever decided he wants to adopt the twins after he marries mom.
Now, that can't happen.
Juniper and Dagwood must be protected.
I agree.
That's why I'm talking to a social worker.
Well, there's someone else who might help you.
Someone uniquely motivated to help you.
[BETTY] Auntie, I need your help.
Edgar Evernever and the Farm have nefarious intentions.
I can feel it.
He plans to adopt your grandchildren, and raise them as his own.
Polly, my mom, even Cheryl, they made their decision.
But the twins are innocent.
Auntie, you know what it's like to be adopted into a family that only wants to control you.
[DOOR OPENS] Ha Dagwood Where's Juniper? She's staying.
We get the boy, but Edgar keeps the girl.
Those were the only terms that they would accept, despite my threats to come after the Farm in court Uh They're twins.
You can't separate them.
And Edgar isn't even their father But Polly is their mother, it was her decision.
No, Auntie.
[SIGHS] Betty, it's a miracle I could negotiate the release of one twin.
[WHISPERS] Jason Junior.
Don't feel bad.
This is a win.
But [ELIO] Slow day? What the hell are you doing here, Elio? We have some unfinished business.
$50,000, courtesy of the Gilded Gloves.
Despite what happened to poor Randy, you did win.
It's yours.
I don't want your blood-money.
Don't be a fool, Archie.
You went 12 rounds in your first fight.
You're a winner.
I could take you all the way to Vegas.
I'd call you the "Riverdale Reaper.
" People'll pay a lot of money to see you in the ring.
After all, you're a killer now.
Three against one.
Bad odds, even for you.
Get the hell out of my gym.
Consider my offer, Reaper.
Kurtz is an insidious bastard.
I mean, even if we save Jellybean, we still lose.
I just robbed Pop's at gunpoint.
It was unloaded, but still.
How can we stay in Riverdale after that? - We don't.
- [SIGHS] We get in a car, and we drive up north.
And we keep going until we find a town where nobody knows us.
You just don't get it, do you? Riverdale's our home.
Dad and I live here.
We're happy here.
It's you.
You destroyed that.
[VERONICA] I talked to Randy's sister earlier.
On top of everything else, Elio is denying them Randy's insurance money.
They got nothing.
But he can't do that.
Well, I was hoping we could make your show tonight a benefit, Josie.
With the proceeds going to the Ronsons.
Absolutely, Veronica, whatever you need.
I'll do my best to make it back in time for your set.
[JOSIE] Back from what? Settling it with Elio.
[SPUTTERS] [GASPS] What the hell? Sleepy time is over, Kurtz.
What's the next challenge? [BREATHING HEAVILY] It's a doozie.
Trial with the Cyclops.
Cyclops? It's not a character class that I've ever read about.
I might know what he's talking about.
I double-checked at the door, but your dad didn't pick up his ticket.
Why am I not surprised? Are you sure you're still up for this? Yeah.
[CHUCKLES] I'm fine.
And the show must go on, right? Okay.
Break a leg, girl.
[ARCHIE] Where you going at this hour? The Reaper himself.
Finally come to your senses, and reconsidered my offer? No.
But I will be taking that prize money after all.
[CHUCKLES] I thought it was "blood-money.
" You made a promise to the Ronson family.
That money is theirs.
So give me that check, and I'll let you leave here in one piece.
Yeah, I'm not gonna do that.
Still wanna call me the Reaper? You should be paying the Ronsons ten times this.
[DOOR OPENS] This was once the Gargoyle lair.
Come Come on.
- [DOOR CLOSES] - Now, it's a Serpent den.
Tonight, a battlefield.
Penny Peabody? You are the Cyclops? I thought you were Dead? Oh.
Is that what Mommy told you? No, it was an eye for an eye.
Though I'm sure she wishes now that she has finished the job.
And your weapons will be this As decreed by the King.
[APPLAUSE] [PLAYING "BACK TO BLACK" BY AMY WINEHOUSE] You ever held these before, Jones? Once or twice.
Players, on my mark.
Let the battle begin.
He left no time to regret Kept his lips wet With his same old safe bet Me and my head high And my tears dry Get on without my guy You went back To what you knew So far removed From all that We went through [SCREAMS] Mom.
This is a two-player game, if you move again, your sister will pay the price.
[GRUNTING] Stop! You just need to defeat her to complete the quest.
You did that.
- Let's go.
- [GLADYS GRUNT] [GROANS] I guess you'll be limping home.
Come on, let's get you to the hospital.
Come on.
We only said goodbye with words I died a hundred times You go back to her And I go back to Black [CHEERING AND APPLAUSE] [ONE PERSON CLAPPING] [KNOCKING ON DOOR] Ms.
What is it? What did you find? Betty, I followed her paper trail.
You were right.
Evelyn is much older than she appears.
- 26, to be exact.
- [SIGHS IN RELIEF] I also found this.
Evelyn is Edgar Evernever's wife, not daughter.
Toni, are you in a place where you can talk? It's urgent.
I've gotta get back into the Farm.
[SIRENS WAILING IN DISTANCE] And then there was one.
I just dropped my mom off at the emergency room for a broken arm and ruptured kidney.
My dad's been shot, and my little sister's being held against her will.
So you are going to take me to Jellybean right now.
Fair enough.
But I'll drive.
And you'll wear this.
[SIGHS] You gave a wonderful performance tonight.
Thanks, Dad.
But I have to be honest, I thought you bailed on me again.
That was my intention.
When you're on the road, gig after gig, you gotta get up on that stage and give it your all.
No matter what.
Hard truth is, you gotta wanna play music more than anything else.
Do you? 100%.
In that case, start packing.
We got a show in Asheville, North Carolina tomorrow night.
Thank you, Ms.
Ronson, for agreeing to see me.
I can't begin to imagine what it feels like to lose your brother.
Randy had demons.
More than you know, he had a history with drugs.
And we were on our own really young, and I did my best to raise him and my sisters right, but at some point, he made his own choices.
What's this? [SNIFFLES] The prize money from Gilded Gloves.
And some donations Veronica pulled together.
And there'll be more.
[CRIES] [SOFTLY] Thank you.
[BETTY] Hurry.
It's up ahead.
You're a life saver, Toni.
Well, you know what they say, it takes a village to mercy kidnap a child.
[BABY COOS] Come on.
It's okay.
Toni, what's happening? According to Edgar, only what was preordained.
No, not you too.
Why? My whole life, I've been searching for a family.
The Serpents.
The Pretty Poisons.
I've never felt such belonging as I do here at the Farm.
You can't marry Edgar.
He's already married to Evelyn.
You think I don't know that? There are no secrets here at the Farm.
[GASPS] I don't I don't understand Why are you all smiling? What is this about? You.
It's about getting you to this crossroads.
Join us.
- [ALL CHANTING] Join us.
- Everyone you know - Everyone in your life is here in this room.
- [ALL CHANTING] Join us.
- Join us.
- [ALL CHANTING] Join us.
Your mother is here.
Your sister is here.
Your best friend Kevin is here.
- Your principal's here.
Your cousin Cheryl is here.
Be a sister to Polly.
Be a godmother to Juniper.
Join us.
[ALL CHANTING] Join us, Betty.
We welcome you.
Catch her, please.
[WOMAN] Stop! [FARMIES] Betty! Betty! Stop! Betty.
[FARMIES] Betty.
[ENGINE STARTS] Well done, Hellcaster.
You've made it through the Valley of Darkness.
And now, your vision has been restored.
Where are we? Where's Jellybean? Surely, you must be familiar with the story of the Lady and the Tiger.
Behind one of these doors is your sister.
Behind the other's your doom.
The final challenge is simple, Jughead.
Choose one.
Hey, what's the twist? - Whoa! Whoa! - Get in! Climb into the ice tomb, and the princess will be freed with one phone call.
Get in.
Not until I know she's safe.
Hey, Jellybean? [JELLYBEAN] Hey, Jug.
Are you all right? Where are you? I just got home.
I'm hanging out with my pal Ricky.
Don't be mad, but we've been playing G&G.
I know you said not to, but It's okay.
I'll see you soon, all right? - All right.
- Get in.
All right.
All right.
I did what you want.
Tell Ricky to let her go.
Calm down, Hellcaster.
Acolyte? The Hellcaster's been contained.
- You may kill the princess.
- [PHONE BEEPS] Kurtz! You cheated! [GRUNTS] [THUDDING] [PANTING] [GRUNTING] What the hell? [JUGHEAD PANTING] [GROWLING] Jellybean.
[SIGHS] I'm so glad you're okay.
Where's Ricky? He left right after you called.
That's another turn of the screw.
- What? - No Nothing.
Come here.
Come here, come here.
We won't back down Write this in the sky We own the night And we fear nothing [CHUCKLES] I heard your show was amazing.
Mmm-hmm, it was.
I'm really sorry I didn't get back in time.
Well, it's okay.
You had a lot going on.
Archie, there's something I need to tell you.
I have decided to go on tour with my dad.
What? [CHUCKLES] Josie, that's Wait, when? Like, over the summer? No, like, immediately.
You're gonna come back though, right? Maybe.
We'll see.
Archie, I've loved our time together.
But we're not endgame.
And that's okay.
Your life is here in Riverdale, and mine is somewhere out there.
Who knows where.
Maybe New York.
Well, I was gonna ask you to prom, but [GROANS] You're too cute for words.
[SOFT MUSIC PLAYS] Dad'll be out of jail in a couple days.
Attorney McCoy cleared everything with the judge.
Said he was under duress while he committed the robbery.
That he was.
You know, people are going to find out what really happened.
About what you did.
How are you gonna answer for all that? First thing tomorrow, me and JB are hitting the road.
She can't keep going on the run with you.
She deserves better than that.
She should stay with Dad and I.
[SNIFFLES] And so should you.
Stay, Gladys.
Face the music.
Whatever happens, let's get through it as a family.
Jughead, as wonderful as that all sounds, it'll probably be best for everyone if I just disappear for a little bit.
Until your dad cools off a bit.
And then, what? Maybe we could try again.
Randy's dead.
Mad Dog left my gym.
Casa Grande's reputation's been called into question.
Don't worry about your gym.
You still have my financial support.
What about Andrews? I really thought he was gonna kill me the other night.
Let me handle him.
What about your truce? There are two Archie Andrews.
There's the one who saved my life at the hospital after I'd been shot, And there's the other Archie, who pointed a gun at my head.
He was there to kill me.
That's the real Archie Andrews.
The one with murder in his heart.
The Riverdale Reaper.
He's done with boxing.
Yeah, with my daughter in his corner.
We'll see about that.
[CHUCKLES SOFTLY] Archie, get in here, I need a sparring partner.
You need to get back on the horse soon, or you never will.
Yeah, well, maybe that's exactly the way it should be.
I don't want to be known as the Riverdale Reaper.
You made amends with the Ronsons the best way you could.
And, now, it's time to look to the future.
You're not Riverdale's Reaper.
If anything, you're its Red Hope.
For me.
[BOTH CHUCKLE] Thanks, Ronnie.
Anytime, champ.
[SIGHS] Why can't I just come with you, Mom? Because I'm gonna be doing a bunch of dumb work stuff.
Believe me, you're gonna have so much more fun here with your dad and Jughead.
Come here.
You take good care of my babies.
All right? And yourself.
You too, Gladys.
Vacuous winter stare Worn out version of yourself Too tough to fall [VERONICA] Betty.
Betty, where have you been? I've been calling you nonstop.
Why? What's wrong? Your dad and a few other inmates were being transported to my father's prison, and there was some kind of accident.
Did he escape? - No.
- [SIGHS] But Betty, there were no survivors.