Riverdale (2017) s03e20 Episode Script

Chapter Fifty-Five: Prom Night

1 [ARCHIE] Previously on Riverdale Kurtz! What the hell? [GROWLING] I'm willing to sell the Whyte Wyrm to you in exchange for Pop's Chock'lit Shoppe.
[CHERYL] It's about Jason.
The Farm gave me back my brother.
Edgar Evernever decided he wants to adopt the twins after he marries Mom.
Now, that can't happen.
I wonder, Betty, if you would consider doing me a favor as well.
Your dad and a few other inmates were being transported to my father's prison, and there was some kind of accident.
There were no survivors.
Jones, what happened here? We don't know the answer to that yet.
We're working on it.
It's him.
He's back, the Black Hood.
Betty's dad was on that bus.
He was being transferred to Hiram's prison.
He's out there, Mr.
No, no.
No one survived this crash, I'm I'm sorry.
You know that he's dead? You're positive? There were five inmates on that bus, one driver, that's six in total, which is It's the number of heads we've found.
DNA tests will confirm it if we can't piece everyone back together, but I'm sorry.
Betty, we should go.
He asked for my help with this transfer.
He wanted this, Veronica.
What if he planned this? What if he escaped? He could still be out there.
[SIGHS DEEPLY] Archie? Mom.
Oh I would've picked you up from the airport, but Dad took his truck, and I'm not sure the jalopy's your speed.
Oh, that's fine.
I took an Uber.
But have you had breakfast yet? We can go to Pop's, my treat.
Actually, can we do dinner instead? I was gonna head to the gym before school starts.
Yeah, your dad mentioned that you'd taken up boxing.
Said you're pretty serious about it.
I am, yeah.
That's not why you came, is it? To talk me out of it? Not at all.
Things were slow in Chicago, and I just wanted to spend some time with my son.
- That's all.
- Ah.
What, have you come to steal more babies, Elizabeth? No, I came to warn you that Dad might be on the loose.
FP already called.
There were no survivors.
Well, Dr.
Curdle Jr.
hasn't identified the bodies yet, so we don't know that.
And this is what I mean about letting go of your past.
Stop indulging in these morbid delusions that your serial killer of a father is somehow still alive.
Did you get a tattoo? Yes.
Edgar asked me to get it.
I like to think of it as an engagement ring.
[JUGHEAD] How are you feeling? You mean, considering that Mom abandoned me? [JUGHEAD SIGHS] She didn't abandon you.
Actually, Mom leaving town is probably the most selfless thing she's ever done.
I've never lived anywhere without her.
Well, I'm glad you decided to stay.
Just no more playing G&G, okay? Why is everyone so freaked out about it? It's just pretend quests and costumes.
Who was in costume? Well, Ricky had those ears and I had a crown, and the Gargoyle King, of course.
Wait, you met the Gargoyle King? Like, in person? What happened? He gave me and Ricky a quest.
You talked to him? What did he say? Said that I couldn't enter the Kingdom.
Not until I have the Gospel.
That was our next quest.
"The Gospel.
" What's the Gospel? I don't know.
We never found it.
But Ricky said that the Gospel is where the Gargoyle King keeps all his secrets.
Good morning, boys.
And good news, Archie.
I've got your fight application.
What are you talking about? For the Regional Classic.
That's a hot tournament.
How'd you get him in? I'm very persuasive when I need to be.
You'll be ready.
You just got to get your mom or dad to sign off on it so we can make the deadline.
This is the perfect opportunity to jump-start your boxing career.
Hey, if you ever want to add another client to your roster, I'd love to have a manager like you.
I'll think about it, Mad Dog.
Guys, Old Faithful just opened up in the locker room.
I think a pipe burst.
I turned the water off, but someone should go take a look at that.
I'll fix it.
What, suddenly you're a plumber? - Bring in a professional.
- Ronnie.
I've actually been meaning to talk to you, Archie.
As your manager.
This gym has charm to spare, but it could use an update.
A little sprucing up.
With what money, Ronnie? Mine.
I'd like to invest in you and your gym.
La Bonne Nuit has been doing very well lately, and I wouldn't mind diversifying my portfolio to include a property on the Southside.
[BETTY] Can't be a coincidence.
He asked for the transfer, and then his bus just burst into flames? He planned it.
He used me to escape, and now he's out there.
Betty, I was with you.
I saw what was left of that bus.
Nobody could've survived that.
Yeah, but if he did If he did, you've got me, you have the Serpents, you have Archie and his fight-club buddies.
You have a veritable armada here to protect you.
Also, you can move back in with my dad and I.
It's been a lot quieter since my mom's been gone.
Mmm, I'm sorry that she left, Jug.
How's JB doing after all this? Shockingly well.
And she's filled in some key blanks.
Apparently, there's a Gospel of the Gargoyle King out there somewhere.
Could be important.
My dad's been sweeping Junkyard Steve's Sorry to interrupt your no doubt thrilling catch-up, chums, but, as you know, junior prom is this weekend.
The theme is Fire and Ice, and, naturally, Toni and I are campaigning to be the most captivating prom queens this school's ever seen.
So it goes without saying, vote Choni for co-monarchs because, when you really think about it, no other options make sense.
Prom is this weekend? We still do things like that here? I mean, apparently.
Jug Will you go to prom with me? Only for you, Betty Cooper.
[BETTY SMOOCHES] [MARY] Hey, peanut butter and banana.
Thought you might be hungry, ready for a break.
Actually, Mom, I wanted to ask you something.
There's a tournament this weekend that I want to box in, the Regional Classic.
I just need you to sign my application to let me compete.
Archie Let me guess.
You don't want me to box.
[CHUCKLES] I didn't even want you to play football.
And boxing is so much more brutal.
I'm behind on everything else, but I'm good at boxing.
I was actually thinking about going pro.
Going pro? Archie, I know you've been dealing with a lot lately - Mom.
- But I won't support you getting pummeled.
Please return your gear.
Curdle Jr.
] Ms.
Cooper, hello.
Have you identified the bodies? [DR.
] The corpses were charred beyond recognition.
But I was able to work with one semi-intact hand, and it matches your father, DNA and fingerprints.
It's him, Ms.
For good or ill, your father is dead.
[GASPING] [CELL PHONE RINGING] Hey, Dad, have you seen Jellybean? [FP JONES] I dropped her off at school.
I'm at Junkyard Steve's.
You better get down here and see this.
Okay, I'm on my way.
Since this is where Kurtz brought you and where he was killed by the Gargoyle King, me and my men have been doing a sweep of the junkyard.
It led us to this bus.
Looks like this is where Kurtz and some other Gargoyles were crashing.
The Gospel.
Uh, my mom signed.
I can enter the Regional Classic.
And not a moment too soon.
We can submit it now and get it in just under the deadline.
Are you sure about this? I love seeing you back in the ring, but if the tournament's too soon, we can send Mad Dog.
You can keep training and go next year.
I'm ready.
It's just, um, I was wondering What are you doing for prom? - Prom? - Yeah, I thought maybe we could go together.
- As friends.
- [CHUCKLES] I would honestly love that.
Yeah? Great.
- Great.
- [TONI] Prom tickets here! Get your prom tickets here.
Uh, actually, we'll take two, please.
Well, well, well.
What was off is now back on again.
You owe me a cherry phosphate.
We're just going as friends.
- In fact, we'll be paying separately.
- Whatever.
Just remember to vote Choni for prom queens, okay? Thanks.
Cheryl, what are you doing? Campaigning for prom queen is strictly forbidden.
"Forbidden"? What's up with that? The Farm prohibits it because it goes against our strictures of equality.
Remember, "The one become many, the many, one"? Easy for you to say, Evelyn.
Aren't you, like, 30? How many proms have you been to? This is a test.
You can either be queens for one night, or you can live in the glory of the Farm for all of eternity.
Which would you prefer? Honestly, both.
[JUGHEAD] There's a lot of mythical stuff in this Gospel, Betty.
The Gargoyles were thought to be evil spirits that lived in the clouds, preying on people.
So the Gryphon Queen turned them to stone.
They fell from the Kingdom and shattered when they hit the earth.
Jug All this lore builds up the Gargoyle King to be some kind of supernatural creature, but this guy is just a serial killer.
Just like my dad.
The Black Hood was flesh and blood, and so is the Gargoyle King.
Which means [SIGHS] That he can die.
Betty, if you need a couple days, you can take a break.
I need to keep moving.
I just want this to end.
Curdle Jr.
He's got results from Kurtz's autopsy for us.
Hey, Archie, could I talk to you for a sec? Yeah, sure.
What's up? I know you're upset with me that I wouldn't let you enter the tournament.
And believe it or not, I'm really happy that you found something that you love.
I do love it, Mom.
Well, listen.
I called a recruiter from the Naval Academy, old friend of mine, and they have an amazing boxing program.
Even scholarships.
So, you could box and get an education.
Will you at least talk to her? [CHUCKLES] Sure, Mom.
Of course.
Judging by the healing, I'd say Mr.
Kurtz got these tattoos last month.
Yet again, the same symbols that were carved into Ben, Dilton, and Baby Teeth.
Well, the Gospel says that you need these markings in order to be sent to the Kingdom.
Maybe these tattoos are Kurtz's way of trying to slip his way in.
Jug, whoever gave him these tattoos could be a new lead.
Thanks for coming all this way, Brooke.
- I owe you one.
- Happy to help, Mary.
Just buy me a drink later, we'll call it even.
Done and done.
Brooke, this is my son, Archie.
- Hi.
- Hi.
So, you guys go way back, huh? We do.
We met at Sarah Florence.
We were roommates freshman year.
So your mom tells me you're interested in boxing for the Naval Academy.
Uh, possibly.
Well, the Academy's physical education program requires all midshipmen to participate in boxing, so you'll have plenty of competition.
And as a member of the boxing club, you train with the best.
But the Academy also prepares you for life outside the gym.
Over four years, you get a great education, a college degree, and a job.
In the military? Upon graduation, you serve five years active duty.
By the time I'm finished, my prime boxing years might be behind me.
Yeah, but that's why you need to find something real to fall back on.
And many of our boxers go on to have professional careers.
Our program is extremely competitive.
I'd want to see you in the ring first.
Well, Archie, I'm sure that you can set up an exhibition match so that Brooke can see what you can do.
Yeah, I can ask Fangs.
Let's do this Friday evening? We'll be there.
[WHIRRING] Got IDs? Gotta be 18 or over to get inked.
Actually, we were wondering if you, um, recognized this? Matter of fact, yeah.
Kid came in asking for those symbols a few weeks back.
Did he mention why? Nah, just showed me the design and paid cash.
Just like the first guy.
There was a first guy? Yeah, about a year ago, I gave that same tattoo to a different dude.
Same symbols, also on his back.
Do you have a name? Maybe a photo, by chance? Never ask for names.
Normally, I like to take photos of my finished work, but this guy would not let a camera anywhere near him.
No photos, huh? Sounds like someone that I know.
What did he look like? Sandy hair, blue eyes Weirdly magnetic? That's the guy.
Evelyn told me what you've been doing, Sister Cheryl.
She said that you've been campaigning for prom queen.
Brother Edgar, think about what it would mean if I were prom queen.
Standing on that stage, a crown on my head I could use that platform to spread the Farm's message.
Do you like being a member of our community? Yes, immensely.
That is good.
But standing with us requires sacrifice.
Now, if you can't let something as trivial as prom queen go I'm afraid we can't have you speaking with your brother Jason any longer.
I understand, and I'm done campaigning.
Just please don't take Jason away.
[APPRAISER] No question.
This is a unique and handsomely-maintained property, Ms.
I have no doubt your loan will be approved.
That's great.
Thank you.
- Tell me you're not selling - Absolutely not, Pop.
I'm just looking to get a loan to help Archie and his boxing gym.
I thought you and Archie We're just friends, Pop.
Friends and business associates.
[SIGHS] You're over by six pounds.
Sorry, but you're not fighting, kid.
No, no, no.
I'll cut down.
I'll make the weight.
By Friday? - Good luck with that.
- Friday? I thought the fight was on Saturday.
Last-minute change.
The fight's at 4:00, but I can't let you in the ring at this weight.
I'll be there minus six pounds.
Jug, the tattoo artist said that a guy with blond hair and blue eyes got a Gargoyle King tattoo about a year ago, right around the time the Farm moved to town, and right before any of this game stuff started to happen.
Add the fact that my mom just got a tattoo per Mr.
Evernever's request.
But if the Gargoyle King is Edgar, then how does that explain your mom seeing him during Ascension Night nearly two decades before Edgar got to town? Who says that the new Gargoyle King is the same person as the old one? My mom gave testimony to the Farm about the Midnight Club.
Edgar could have taken on that persona.
I know that Edgar has been messing with your family.
Think about it.
Edgar bought The Sisters of Quiet Mercy, where the game originated.
Both he and the Gargoyle King preached Ascension.
Both of them have followers that they manipulate, and they're both really, really creepy.
There's only one way to settle this and fast.
I don't know if this is a cry for help or if you need to seriously refine your taste in athletic wear.
I gotta lose weight for this fight Friday.
Are you sure that's enough time? I'll do it.
Can you give me a ride back here after? I gotta focus in the car.
Focus on what? Another fight.
My mom invited this recruiter to come see me box.
Archie, that's insane.
You can't fight twice in the same day.
Just invite your mom and the recruiter to the tournament.
That's the thing.
My mom didn't sign that waiver, I did.
I forged her signature.
She doesn't want me to fight in this tournament, so much so that she brought this recruiter all the way from Annapolis.
- So - So you've got to give her a good show.
I get it.
And I'll make sure you get back here in time.
Many tribes, when their elders die, would consume their bodies to absorb the wisdom.
Very good question, Alice.
Now, who's next? Me.
How about you admit that you are the Gargoyle King? Edgar, I am so sorry.
It's all right, Alice.
Clearly, whatever is on Betty's mind must be very important.
Why don't you join us? And we can unpack this obsession you have with the Gargoyle King.
I have a better idea.
Why don't you take off your shirt? - Betty.
- I want to see your tattoos.
I do have a tattoo.
On my wrist.
It's an infinity symbol, just like many of us here.
I'm talking about the runic symbols that would be on your back.
This is sublimation, Betty.
But I have nothing to hide.
Then prove it.
Does that satisfy you, Betty? [SOFT PANTING] ["EYE OF THE TIGER" PLAYING] Risin' up Back on the street Did my time Took my chances Went the distance Now I'm back on my feet Just a man and his will to survive It's the eye of the tiger It's the thrill of the fight Risin' up to the challenge of our rival And the last known survivor Stalks his prey in the night And he's watchin' us all With the eye Of the tiger [GIGGLES] Just a hair under the limit.
- [SIGHS] - Well done, Archie.
Now let's get you to bout number one.
[EXHALES] [BELL RINGING] [JUGHEAD] Don't worry about it.
It should be a relief that your mom's not marrying a second serial killer.
[SIGHS] If not Edgar, then who? If we're gonna catch the Gargoyle King, it's going to be on his own terms.
[BETTY SIGHS] - His Gospel? - Yes.
Now, I think that there's a ritual in here that will help invoke him.
Just listen to this.
"After the false prophet is sacrificed, the shire will have a bacchanal to celebrate the coronation of the Gryphon Queen.
" Does that sound like any imminent school event to you? Junior prom? "Upon her crowning, the Gryphon Queen will ensure the King's arrival by subjugating herself and declaring that the one true monarch of Eldervair is the Gargoyle King.
" I'm assuming I'm the Gryphon Queen in this scenario? Right.
Ergo, we just have to ensure that you're crowned prom queen.
So, maybe we switch the prom theme to something G&G-related.
Assuming that the Gospel is, well, gospel, he's going to show up.
I mean, he's not going to ignore his own rules, right? And then we just need to ensure that you're elected prom queen.
So what if we do all of that and the Gargoyle King still doesn't materialize? Then the junior prom is just another horrible mainstream school event that we'll have to endure.
[SIGHS] Speaking of which, who is the chair of the prom committee? Hi, Cheryl.
We had an idea that we wanted to run by you.
Now, we realize that our prom's theme, Fire and Ice, was decided months ago.
But frankly, people don't know what that means.
So what if we specify the theme a little bit? Maybe we call it something like "The Renaissance," or "Medieval Times.
" Sure.
Cheryl, did you hear anything we just said? Yes.
And for all I care, change the theme, make everyone wear chainmail and corsets.
Turn the photo booth into a pillory.
Hand out turkey legs.
What does it matter if I'm not gonna be queen? [BLOWS RASPBERRY] It was a great fight, Archie.
You almost had him.
- One more round and I would've.
- [SIGHS] I won't lose two fights in the same day.
What, that exhibition fight with Fangs? No, Archie.
You are punch-drunk if you think I'm gonna let you fight another match.
You look like you were hit by a truck.
Archie, you hobbled out of that ring, dead on your feet.
I'm fine, Veronica.
I told my mom I'd be there.
I don't want to disappoint her.
I'll get her and the recruiter to reschedule.
You can't.
She's leaving.
Then I'll get her to come back.
My persistence is stronger than your uppercut.
I'll go first, and smooth out any ruffled feathers.
[ENGINE STARTING] [EXHALING SHARPLY] Veronica, where's Archie? Yeah, I'm going cold in here.
Andrews, Counselor Rivers, I presume.
I'm sorry to have kept you waiting, but Archie is not gonna be able to make it.
What? Why not? He's feeling under the weather.
Since when? He was fine this morning.
We think it's food poisoning.
I'd love to reschedule.
[ARCHIE] I can fight.
I can fight.
I can still do this.
- Are you out of your mind? - I'm fine.
I'd like to show you what I got, ma'am.
Fangs, you ready? Yeah, let's do it.
[VERONICA AND MARY] Archie! Serpents, Poisons.
We have a proposition for you.
The Pretty Poisons don't take orders from you.
Please, Peaches.
We're talking about a prom night truce.
So that we can all work together to catch the Gargoyle King.
How does that sound? The Poisons can get behind that.
During prom, groups of you will be stationed at every entrance.
Once the announcement for prom queen begins, you guys are gonna bar anyone from exiting the gym.
Whoever's cosplaying as the Gargoyle King is going to be there, and this is going to be our one shot at nabbing him.
- Will he be in costume? - Maybe.
Maybe not.
At the minimum, he's gonna have some sort of kingly signifier like a crown or antlers and the like, and he's going to make his move after Betty is crowned prom queen.
Let's end this nightmare once and for all.
Nice and slow.
You took a fall there, kiddo.
That's what happens when you try to fight two matches in one day after starving yourself for a week.
[SIGHS] Where's Ronnie? I asked Veronica to give us some space so we can talk about what's really going on with you.
[GROANS] I shouldn't have double-booked.
Yeah, and you shouldn't have forged my signature and lied to me.
Not to mention risking your health, Archie.
And to what end? Mom, I want to be a boxer.
And you were so excited about the recruiter that I wanted to give your way a shot.
But I don't want to join the Navy.
I don't want to go to college.
- It's a losing battle for me.
- [SIGHS] I want to see how far these fists can take me, and I want to fight.
And you're 17 years old.
You're thinking about tomorrow, I'm thinking about the rest of your life.
Hey, Pop.
I'm closing La Bonne Nuit early for the night.
Most of my regulars will be at prom.
- Veronica - What? What's going on, Pop? A few months back, I found something out.
Something I should have told you.
You're gonna want to sit down for this.
- [INDISTINCT CHATTER] - [POP MUSIC PLAYING] Well, shall we, my lady? Lead on, Hellcaster.
You two want to vote for prom court? How's the turnout been? Lackluster.
Luckily, you're running unopposed.
Still, we don't want any surprises.
So far so good.
I see the Serpents and the Poisons are in place.
Now we just wait for the Gargoyle King to make his move.
And you'll take him down when he does.
I mean, imagine, Jug.
He may be in this gym right now.
You want to dance while we look for him? - Before your coronation, Your Majesty.
- Mmm.
From the back-to-school dance - to the junior prom.
- [CHUCKLES] How much has changed.
Some things are still the same.
Like my father.
Hey, what's wrong? Before I came here tonight, Pop dropped a bombshell on me, and I'm still reeling.
Apparently, I don't own the diner.
My father does.
And La Bonne Nuit, too.
But you bought it from your dad.
He tricked me.
He gave me a fake deed and kept the original.
All this year, all this time, I've been working for my father.
Everything I've made, I put back into the business, back into his pockets.
Does he know that you know? No.
And I'm gonna act as though nothing has changed.
I'm gonna do exactly what he would do in this situation, manipulate him into digging his own grave.
That's our way through this mess.
" - I like hearing you say "our.
" - [CHUCKLES] - Reminds me of - The old days.
Will you help me, Archie? And this time, we can take down my father for good.
Hell, yeah.
I'm sorry you won't get to be prom queen, babe.
I know how important it was to you.
It's okay, Tee-Tee.
Edgar gave me something better than a queenship.
You can't mean that.
[SIGHS] No, you're right.
I can't, and I don't.
And suddenly, being a Farmie is making a lot less sense to me.
[POP MUSIC PLAYING] Are you the Gryphon Queen? This is for you.
Who sent this? I got it from a Druid, who got it from a Centaur, who got it from someone else.
"To Her Majesty, the Gryphon Queen.
You've been summoned to the place where the first Ascension Night was held.
Come alone.
Tell anyone, and every reveler attending the festival tonight will pay the price.
" Good evening, Riverdale Renaissance Revelers.
At long last, it's time to announce this year's court.
And the winner of prom queen is Betty Cooper.
[CROWD CHEERING] Is Betty here? Hey, have either of you seen Betty? Not gonna happen.
I did what you asked.
I came here alone.
[LOW GROWL] What do you want? Who are you? [BETTY GRUNTS] [BETTY GRUNTS] [GASPS] [THUDDING] Dad? Why are you doing this? [BLACK HOOD GRUNTS] Dad, you don't want to do this.
[SOBBING AND WHIMPERING] Did you see him? Did you see him? - Who, the Gargoyle King? - No! The Black Hood.
The Black Hood is back, Jug.
[BETTY] It was a setup, Jug.
The Gospel that we found, and the Proclamation, it was all to get me alone with my dad again.
[JUGHEAD] I can't believe none of us saw it coming, the return of the Black Hood.
Now we have two serial killers running around.
Possibly working together.
And both of them outsmarting us.
[SIGHS] It's really horrible, what happened at the dance.
I can't believe we were all in the gym while that was going on.
I'm gonna stay in Riverdale a little longer, Archie.
I don't want you alone while your dad's away.
That's great, Mom.
[SNICKERS] I'm gonna go for a run, if that's cool.
You're really committed to this, aren't you? To boxing? Well, I tried music.
I tried football.
Well, the world is such a scary place.
Maybe it's not the worst thing to know how to fight.
To be able to defend yourself.
Do you mean that? If this is your path, I want to support it.
And you.
As long as you do it right.
I promise, Mom.
No more crash diets, double-bookings.
Will you help me convince Dad? - Mom.
- Betty? - What are you doing here? - Mom, listen to me.
I was right.
Dad escaped.
He's back.
I saw him.
No, they confirmed he's dead.
No, he survived.
He chased me during prom.
He's killing people again.
No, Betty, no.
I left that all behind.
Mom, you have to deal with this.
Dad is back, and I think he's coming here next.
What? Why would he come here? 'Cause I told him about your engagement to Edgar and how he plans to adopt the twins, and he was really upset.
Why were you talking to that monster? Because he fooled me! What do we do? [EDGAR] You stay here.
Our walls are strong, Betty.
And our members stronger.
Let the Farm protect you.
Both of you.
Will you stay? Yeah.