Riverdale (2017) s03e21 Episode Script

Chapter Fifty-Six: The Dark Secret of Harvest House

1 HIRAM: Previously, on Riverdale He was there to kill me.
That's the real Archie Andrews.
I don't own the diner, my father does.
And La Bonne Nuit, too.
Will you help me, Archie? And this time, we can take down my father for good.
Hell, yeah.
I have someone who can help you.
A friend of mine on the Farm.
VERONICA: Groups like the Farm prey on emotionally vulnerable people.
You're actually buying this Farm crap.
Edgar and I have a deep understanding of one another.
Everyone in your life is here in this room.
Join us, and we can unpack this obsession you have with the Gargoyle King.
I've seen him, the Gargoyle King.
- He's out there.
- I need your help.
This game is literally killing people.
Penny and I, we thought it was just a game.
But it's not.
It's so much more.
Were you playing Gryphons and Gargoyles with Dilton? He was teaching me how to play so I could eventually join the game.
Ricky said that the gospel's where the Gargoyle King keeps all the secrets.
The gospel that we found, the proclamation It was all to get me alone with my dad again.
JUGHEAD: The return of the Black Hood.
Now we have two serial killers running around.
Possibly working together.
JUGHEAD: It was the deadliest prom night since Carrie's.
Riverdale High had been overrun by the Black Hood, my girlfriend's dad.
And the Gargoyle King, true identity yet to be determined.
We needed answers starting with So how in the hell did Hal Cooper fake his own death in a bus explosion? Well, I re-examined the tell-tale hand recovered from the bus.
See here? The erratic incision at the wrist leads me to think this amputation was self-inflicted.
So the Black Hood cut off his own hand and left it behind to convince everyone he died? It's not an easy task.
There are eight bones in the human wrist.
Forget it, Hiram.
I will not endorse or support this.
We have drugs on our streets.
Gangs at every corner.
Riverdale is broken, about to slide off a cliff, and the only way to save it is to privatize it.
And by "privatize," you mean you want to buy the town of Riverdale? I'd like to put in a bid to relieve our town of its debts and assume its leadership.
So, yes.
I plan to buy Riverdale with or without your support.
And Governor Dooley has already signed off on the strategy.
My advice? Clear out your office.
The deed, the contract I signed, none of it matters.
It was all fake.
My dad still owns Pop's and the speakeasy and I'm a fool for ever trusting him.
And on top of everything he's done to me, he's now planning on buying the entire town.
Yeah, Ronnie, your dad sucks.
Wait a minute.
What about all the shady stuff that goes down at the speakeasy? If it's my dad's name on the deed, can't he be prosecuted for it? Shady stuff as in Drinking without carding, and/or illegal gambling, let's say? Hiram did these things? Well, technically no, not exactly.
But if the property were under his name, doesn't that make him liable? I think I might know someone who might be able to help.
Ardelia and I went to Sara Florence together.
Now she's my friend at the FBI.
The FBI has had their eye on Hiram Lodge for a long time.
He served less than a year for embezzlement.
So whatever we can charge him with in the future, it's gotta be gang busters.
How about serving alcohol to minors and operating an illegal casino? And doctoring books.
Aren't those crimes you committed? My client can neither confirm nor deny that statement.
Don't worry, we want your father, not you.
If none of this stuff will be enough to get Hiram arrested, then what will? Catch him red-handed.
We need to arrest Hiram committing a crime in real time.
Understood, Agent Ardelia.
Let me see what I can do.
Betty, now that you're here, your mother and sister have something they'd like to tell you.
Go ahead, Alice.
Honey, when you were eight, you spent some time in the hospital after you fell off your bike and got a concussion.
While you were there, the doctors ran a bunch of tests and they discovered What? What, Mom? They discovered that you have the MAOA and the CDH13 genes which are commonly called The serial killer genes.
They tested the rest of us for it, none of us have it, not even Dad.
It's just you, Betty.
You have a predisposition to violence.
But now that you know you have it, and you're here, Edgar can help you heal.
Ho How? If If this is true, how can you help me? Let's start by talking.
Just because you were born with a malady doesn't mean it defines you.
Destiny, it's a false notion.
You are destined to make a choice.
Give in to your proclivity, or fight it.
Tell me your fears.
Now, begin.
I've always felt like there's another person inside of me.
A person capable of doing dark, terrible things, and I don't know how to get rid of her.
The first step is confrontation.
GIRL: Hi, Betty.
Who are you? Take a closer look.
We know each other very, very well.
You're me.
I'm the shadows, that you hide from our family and friends.
I'm all the dark deeds you did in our youth.
And now, think of what we did to our old cat, Caramel.
Caramel ran away.
I didn't do anything to her.
Oh, Betty.
We both know that we drowned Caramel.
Wha What about the time we pushed Polly down the stairs? Or do you not remember that either? No, that's That's not true.
Oh, but it is.
Here's what else is true.
I am not a part of you.
You are part of me.
I'm the real Elizabeth Cooper.
You are the illusion.
The first few sessions, it's normal to feel disoriented.
What else did you feel? I had this, um, uh, stabbing pain in my forehead.
Your body's located your trauma.
That's step one.
Healing is painful, but together, we can discharge that pain forever.
This is just the beginning.
I thought the Farm would keep me safe from the Black Hood.
But, bonus, I'm also learning a bunch of fun, terrifying facts about myself.
I had a session with Edgar and I still can't wrap my mind around what happened.
Uh, Betty, don't let Edgar or these Farmies get inside your head.
So he had these magnetic balls on his desk that were clicking and clacking Maybe he's using sound to try and influence you.
Do you need me to get you out of there? No.
I think I have an idea for my next session with Edgar.
It's time I found out what the Farm is about, once and for all.
I'm trying to find out the connection between the Gargoyle King and the Black Hood.
Oh, I had a thought about that.
The reason I went off alone during Prom was because someone dressed as a jester gave me an envelope from the Gargoyle King.
Okay, I got my quest.
"Follow the envelope.
" Godspeed, my brave Hellcaster.
Be safe.
- It's Louie, right? - Yeah, and? Well, this is kind of a funny story.
But a jester gave my girlfriend an envelope at prom so I asked around, Jester's name is Jerry, Jerry told me that he got the envelope from a druid named Luna, Luna said that she got the envelope from a centaur named Louie.
True or false? - Yeah, I gave it to Luna.
- Okay.
So here's the $20 question.
Who'd you get the envelope from? Some kid gave it to me.
He looked homeless.
A kid? Was he around 13, brown hair, brown eyes? Thank you, Louie.
Can I join you guys? Hmm, of course, cousin.
Fangs, are you okay? Yeah, I'm still a little sore but the big pain is gone now.
What are you taking about? Fangs had a minor procedure done.
What kind of procedure did you have? It's a purging of all of the pain that's been crushing us.
I can't wait for mine to be gone, too.
Hold on, Cheryl, you're in pain? Like, physical pain? Well, it's just part of Edgar's methods.
He transforms our emotional pain into physical pain so it's easier to treat and banish.
But me first, babe.
That's right, TT's next in line.
For me, the tenderness in my back only lasted a few days, but it was so worth it.
Oh, my God, Kevin! That scar is not from a minor procedure, that's from major surgery.
Don't ever do that again, Betty.
- Ronnie.
- Archie.
I have a plan to catch my father.
To put him back behind bars where he belongs and stop him from buying our town.
Okay, what is it? It's gonna require that we each play our parts flawlessly.
And you're up first.
HIRAM: Big changes coming to Riverdale.
Riverfront, Northside.
I'm going to need some strong allies I can trust.
Archie Andrews.
What a surprise.
I heard you're trying to buy Riverdale, Mr.
Lodge, my town.
I can't let that happen.
It's all right, Archie.
It's a good thing for everyone.
You'll see.
I am sick of you thinking you can control everyone, take over everything.
You think you're unstoppable, which is why I wanna kick your ass.
If I win, you walk away from Riverdale.
If you win, the town's yours.
- Win what? - A boxing match.
El Royale.
Or are you too weak after being shot? Everyone is saying that you've gone soft.
There is nothing soft about me, and you know I don't lose.
We'll see about that.
VERONICA: Really, Daddy? A boxing match? Archie challenged me to this fight in the presence of some business associates.
I couldn't look weak, Veronica.
- Well, you're not gonna win this.
- Says who? Says me, and all the odds makers.
What? People are betting on this? I've already gotten calls.
The underworld's abuzz asking if I'm taking bets at La Bonne Nuit.
Obviously, I don't want any part of it Whoa, you said no? Mija, you can make some money off this.
I mean, I do still have that debt to you.
Yes, you do.
So it's settled.
We'll run all the betting through La Bonne Nuit.
I'll reach out to some friends, everyone's gonna want a piece of the action.
It's a win-win.
And Veronica, make no mistake, I will win.
I'm proud of you, Betty.
It takes courage to face your demons.
Did your darker half mention the time you pushed me down the stairs? Please, I forgave you for that years ago.
JB? Do you know where your pal Ricky is? Is he in trouble? Ricky's been working for the Gargoyle King, and it's putting a lot of people's lives in danger.
Ricky is in Fox Forest getting ready to ascend, whatever that means.
Where? Do you know? I need you to draw me a map, right now.
Tell me, Betty.
Why have you chosen to return? To see her again.
My other half, I need to know what she wants.
Did you miss me, Betty? Don't worry.
Soon, the one will become many, and the many one, and you can finally be your truest self.
And what is that, "my truest self"? You're a killer just like Dad and it's time that you embrace that.
Come on, Ricky.
Where are you? Ricky! You You shouldn't be here.
No! What did you do? Listen, kid.
I'm taking you back to civilization, all right? I don't want to! I've played this game.
I know it makes you do some crazy things, but I need you alive, 'cause we're gonna end this together.
We answer to no one but our king.
Kill him! Protect the princess.
Princess? [ALL YELLING.]
Princess Etheline.
Help me, Jughead Jones.
You're my only hope.
What are you doing down here? Hiding from the Gargoyle King.
I'm terrified he's gonna kill me for failing my mission.
Mission? What mission? Wait.
You were the one that told Ricky to send that letter during prom.
You led Betty right to the Gargoyle King and the Black Hood? I thought you quite G&G after Betty saved you from The Sisters of Quiet Mercy.
She saved me from the Sisters' false king, yes, but then I rejoined the true king in the woods after When I came back to him, he put me in charge of his lost boys.
That Lord of the Flies gang that just chased me through the woods with spears? Ethel, you're playing G All right.
You're gonna tell me now, right now, who the Gargoyle King is.
I can't.
I can't betray his trust.
Even when you just said he's trying to kill you? He's He's beautiful.
Despite it all, I love him.
It's okay.
But you and the lost boys can't stay in these woods.
You have to end this game.
Will you? I asked you here because I'm pulling off my biggest con yet and I need my best con man for the job.
Haven't we learned our lesson about mixing business with pleasure? Mmm.
The business is taking down my father.
So are you in? For old times' sake? How could I resist? KEVIN: What's this emergency, Betty? Okay Edgar Evernever is hypnotizing us.
So? Hypnotherapy is a standard therapeutic practice that people pay good money for.
And whatever Edgar's doing works.
He took my pain away.
I can't wait for him to take mine.
Okay, but that's just it.
I think that's purposely inflicting pain on you - during hypnosis.
- Oh, okay.
Now you just sound koo-koo pants.
Why would Edgar cause us pain just to take it away? I don't know, to have more power over you? Edgar's our healer, Betty.
And do you have any proof to the contrary? Right.
Didn't think so.
Okay, bye.
I'll get you proof, Cheryl.
Stand down, lost boys.
The Hellcaster is on our side and he's come bearing good news.
Our quest is complete.
- Where's Ricky? - He just took off.
He's probably reporting back to the Gargoyle King and the Black Hood.
Jack? Where's Jack? He went back to the bus to get his carving knife.
We can't leave Jack behind.
He's the youngest.
Okay, I'll find him.
He's never gonna trust you on your own.
Well, then, come on.
What is all this, Evelyn? Is this one of your dad, husband's treatments? This is dialysis, Betty.
I was very unwell as a child.
My kidneys failed when I was little.
Immuno Wait, why are you on anti-rejection med? Which is what they give you when you've had an organ transplant? Not that it's any of your business.
But like I said, I was an ill child.
The scar on Kevin's back, Fangs' treatment Oh, my God.
Edgar is butchering his disciples, but it can't all be just for you.
You don't know anything.
You don't know anything! ETHEL: Jack? Jack? Maybe he's on the bus.
Jack, are you here? I can't find my knife.
Okay, I'll get you a new one, but right now we have to go.
Why'd you bring the Hellcaster? It's okay, you can trust him.
Get down, right now.
Don't say another word.
Go, go, go, go.
Get the back door.
Back door! It won't budge.
Ethel, open the back door.
It won't budge.
- Ethel, open the door! - God! Move, move.
- We gotta go.
- Go, go! [THUMPING.]
He's going to the front! [GRUNTS.]
Stay back.
ETHEL: That's not gonna hold him.
We have to go.
MARY: Archie? Mom.
You're doing it? Tonight? Whatever it is that you and Veronica have planned? Yes.
But it's better you don't know the specifics because I'm sure you're gonna try and stop me.
After everything that Hiram has done to you and to your dad and to this town, I wanna watch.
A grand on Hiram Lodge.
Good luck to you.
VERONICA: How are we looking? Really, really illegal.
In case I haven't said it.
Thank you for doing this, Reggie.
How are you holding up? By a gossamer thread.
However, it's vital we keep up appearances.
Speaking of, it's showtime.
Came into this world Daddy's little girl Daddy made a soldier out of me Daddy made me dance Daddy held my hand Daddy liked his whisky with his tea Touch 'em up.
Had this date a long time, you and I.
Daddy made me fight It wasn't always right But he said, "Girl, It's your second amendment" - Box.
And we rode motorcycles Blackjack, classic vinyl Tough girl is what I had to be He said, "Take care of your mother" "Watch out for your sister" That's when Daddy looked at me With his gun with his head held high He told me not to cry Oh, my daddy said shoot That how it's gonna be? Oh, my daddy said shoot - [BELL DINGS.]
- Let's go! He said, "Take care of your mother" "Watch out for your sister" That's when Daddy looked at me With his gun with his head held high He told me not to cry Oh, my daddy said shoot [BELL DINGS.]
Oh, my daddy said shoot [BELL DINGS.]
My daddy warned me about men like you He said, "Baby girl, he's playing you" "He's playing you" When trouble comes to town And men like me come around Oh, my daddy said shoot Oh, my daddy said shoot It's the feds! What is the meaning of this? You're the owner of this establishment? Why, no.
That would be my father, Hiram Lodge.
You don't happen to know where to find him? Why, yes.
He's at the El Royale boxing club taking part in an illegal underground boxing match.
Sheriff Jones is expecting you outside.
Ronnie, Ronnie.
We've got a problem.
Some last minute bets are coming in, they all want odds on Hiram killing Archie in the ring.
This ends now! [CHEERING, WHISTLING.]
Just remember, you asked for this.
Archie! Daddy, stop.
I beat you.
I'm the better man.
You lost.
I was just keeping you busy.
Hiram Lodge.
It is with great pleasure that I say, "You're under arrest.
" For what? For conducting illegal activities at your establishments.
El Royale boxing club and La Bonne Nuit speakeasy.
You betrayed me? MARY: Archie.
Are you okay? Hey, hey.
Did we do it? We got him.
My own daughter, working with the feds.
And for what? An ex-boyfriend? No, I did this for me, Daddy.
I found out you lied, that you still held the deeds to Pop's and La Bonne Nuit.
And it made me very, very angry.
Consider it a lesson learned, mija.
Regardless, all of your assets are being seized by the government as we speak.
Your precious empire will be put up for public auction.
In the meantime, I'll leave you with this parting thought.
I won.
So you and Veronica are quite the dynamic duo.
Are you I don't know.
Sometimes, it feels like we're gonna get back together.
But then Oh, personally, I think you're endgame.
- Endgame? - Oh, yeah.
But it doesn't really matter what I think.
Maybe you should ask her what she thinks.
Excuse me, Mr.
Jones, but where are the lost boys? We've assigned a deputy to them.
They'll be under our care until the Gargoyle King and the Black Hood are caught.
Excuse me for a minute.
See? We're safe.
It's okay, Ethel.
And we're going to find Ricky, too, I promise.
Thank you.
Thank you.
You deserve a reward for your bravery, Hellcaster.
I can tell you who he is.
The King.
Who? But that's impossible.
- Jug.
- Betty.
Are you ready to hear the craziest thing ever? Well, I think I might have you beat on that one.
According to Ethel, Jason Blossom is the Gargoyle King.
That's not possible, is it? Normally, I would immediately say no, but there's only one way to find out definitively.
A way that would make Dr.
Curdle Jr.
I'm going to have to dig up Jason's body, aren't I? Call me afterwards.
Cheryl, the Farm is a front.
Kevin, Fangs, Edgar took their kidneys.
There's a refrigerator filled to the brim with human organs.
The Farm, it's an organ farm.
Are you trying to get shipped out to Shutter Island, you lunatic? Oh, my God.
Is that Yes.
Cheryl, what if this is why he keeps adopting kids? For his human chop shop? Based on the price list I saw in the infirmary, it's lucrative as hell.
If there's even a chance you're right, Toni's procedure is today.
The nurses just took her away.
Okay, go.
Go get Toni.
I'll get Kevin and Fangs.
Are you nervous? Don't be.
Get your hands off my girlfriend! Excuse me - What's going on? - They're charlatans.
- What? - Not another step.
Get up, Toni.
Let's go.
But my treatment There's a chance Betty's cries that the sky is falling are true.
Look at those instruments of torture.
Now please, can we go? There's a door I snuck Betty in.
Lead the way, my Monte Cristo.
NURSE: Stop those girls! Kev, Fangs, I know that this sounds crazy, and I'll explain later, but Edgar's harvesting our organs.
We are all in danger.
You don't know what you're saying, Betty.
He's taking out the parts of us that are diseased.
Kev, Fangs.
Why don't we all go talk to Edgar, clear this whole thing up? Guys, guys, we don't have to do this.
We can all just go home.
Stop being a detractor, Betty.
Hey, we need some help in here, we're being attacked.
It's locked.
Over here! We'll never be able to outrun them.
Cheryl, come on! Toni, I love you.
This is your only chance at freedom.
No, run! Go! [GRUNTS.]
What's going on? Ronnie, I wanted to tell you I needed to tell you.
Wait, before you say anything Is there someone else here? REGGIE: Hey, Andrews.
Reggie was helping me at La Bonne Nuit earlier tonight and he came to tell me I came to tell her that I wanted to be with her, no matter what.
And she said she wanted to be with me, too.
Is that true? That is what I said.
- Right, well, uh - Wait.
Just stay.
We should celebrate.
We did an amazing thing tonight.
No No, I'm good.
Um I'll see you guys at school.
Now, you put up quite the fight, Betty.
And now you have left me with no choice.
I saw the truth, Mr.
I know what you're doing here.
You don't know what you saw, Betty.
They're gonna come for me, Jughead and his dad.
EDGAR: Nurse.
Can we please prepare Betty for her procedure? Don't touch me! [SHRIEKS.]