Riverdale (2017) s06e07 Episode Script

Chapter One Hundred and Two: Death at a Funeral

Everything has shifted.
There was an explosion at Archie's house and I lost my ability to hear.
Some things I could do as before.
Read, eat hamburgers, kiss Tabitha.
But there are other things that I may never be able to do again.
The fact of the matter is, my world shattered.
The question now was how do I rebuild? All right, guys, listen up.
Frank and I have reinforced the infrastructure of the house, so it's safe to work.
But please, keep your helmets on.
Let's have a good productive shift, okay? So much for your safety meeting.
Keep going.
I'm already going.
Well, go harder.
I'm pressing as hard as I can.
My God.
You don't feel it at all? No.
Not one bit.
Okay, well, it's confirmed.
You're still invulnerable.
Well, Betty, I don't know what happened to us in that explosion, but all of my childhood dreams about becoming a superhero are somehow coming true.
Have you talked to Jughead about any of this? He was third closest to the explosion.
Fourth closest.
Don't forget Bingo.
Who's driving my mother crazy.
Yeah, I just left Jughead a couple of messages.
He hasn't answered me.
I'll check up on him.
A little later.
Grand Mistress Rose.
I just had the strangest encounter with Master Cheryl upstairs.
She seemed less like herself than usual.
That's because I transferred Abigail's soul from your body into my granddaughter's, via an arcane ritual.
But where did Mistress Cheryl's soul go? Oh, once untethered, it dissipated into the ether.
Into nothingness.
There is no more Cheryl Blossom.
There is only Abigail.
Roseanne, do all the ladies dress like harlots these days? Indeed, we live in fallen times.
That is why I brought you back, Abigail.
To lift us up.
To restore the Blossom family to our former glory.
And how, pray tell, am I meant to do that? Riverdale once belonged to the Blossoms.
I think it's time we took it back, don't you? Of course.
I should like to get a lay of the land first.
Well, the town is governed, inaptly I might add, by a Council of Four.
We'll start there.
Archie just found out that I lost my ability to hear.
Then he asked me a curious question.
He wants to know if anything weird happened to me after the explosion.
"You mean beside losing my hearing?", I say.
"Why do you ask?" "Just curious", he says.
I'm not sure I believe him.
Reggie, I need to tell you something.
Three days ago, my father's body was found in a shallow grave in the New Jersey Pine Barrens.
What? How'd he die? His hands were zip-tied, and he'd been shot four times in the back of the head.
His body was then burned.
Could it be a fake-out? No, Reggie.
He's dead.
I'm sure he's dead.
You lied to me.
You told me you called off the hit.
I I didn't want to be judged.
In what universe.
Am I not supposed to judge you? Well Brace yourself because there's more.
We are hosting a memorial service for my father right here at the casino.
My grandmother is coming.
Some of my father's associates, my mom.
Does your mom and grandma know the truth? No.
I may tell my mom, but Not Abuelita.
She'd never forgive me.
So, should I say I'm sorry for your loss or congratulations? I don't know, Reggie.
I just don't know.
The long and short of it is I'm staying to take care of Baby Anthony.
And I was I was thinking, if I'm gonna be in town for a while longer Maybe I'll take you up on your offer to be your deputy.
I'd love that.
You sure that's something that you want to do? Yeah, I do.
Well, in that case, I would be honored.
All right.
Thanks, Dad.
Hey, cheers.
To my new deputy.
Poor Jug.
Well, at least he's got Tabitha.
- Hello.
- Agent Cooper.
I wanted to let you know ASAP.
Glen's car was found outside Pop's diner.
And where's Glen? No one's heard from him since he was supposed to be leaving Riverdale.
Thanks for letting me know, Agent Lin.
I'll be in soon.
That's weird.
Glen's MIA.
How are you holding up? What a tragedy upon your papa.
I know it's awful.
Your father and his business.
I knew it would end up this way.
In bloodshed, one dark night.
Veronica, I would like to introduce you to Heraldo, my godson.
He takes good care of me.
Nice to meet you, Heraldo.
Pleased to meet you.
Abuelita, I'd like you to meet my business partner and boyfriend, Reginald Mantle.
It's a pleasure and an honor, ma'am.
It's very good to meet you.
Can I give this to you? It's a guest list for the funeral.
Is there anything else you want me to do? Si, your abuelitahas requested that you deliver the eulogy.
I I wouldn't know what to say.
Who will be better than you, Nieta? Your papiloved you so much.
Please, do this for me.
I told Tabitha what the ENT doctor said, that I had to wait at least six months before getting an implant.
Then she asked me about learning ASL.
I told her I wouldn't need ASL once I got the implants.
Then she asked me if I wrote today.
I told her that I always listen to music when I write, and when I tried to write without it today, I just I couldn't hear the clack of my keyboard's keys.
Everything about writing suddenly became alien to me.
I told her there's nothing she could do, that somehow we just have to get through this.
Everything all right, Agent Cooper? Yeah, I'm fine.
Just have, like, a brutal headache directly behind my eyes.
Sounds like a migraine.
I've never had migraines before.
Also this came for you today.
Thank you.
Now we'd like to open up the floor to all members of the community.
Why, that must be some relation to Archibald Andrews.
Can I get an extension on the permit for the dumpsters in front of house? Permission granted, Archie.
Uh, who's next? I have an announcement.
My father, Hiram Lodge is dead.
He died under mysterious, violent circumstances.
I'm fine.
But please rejoice.
Riverdale's Big Bad will be tormenting us no longer.
Any other announcements? Hello.
Uh, my name is Percival Pickens.
I recently moved to Riverdale, and I just wanted you all to know how excited I am to be joining your community.
In the earliest of early days, did we Blossoms not have a fellowship with the Pickens family? Yes.
And it did not end well.
Welcome, Percival.
By any chance, are you related to General Augustus Pickens? Oh.
Yes, but, uh, don't worry.
I'm I'm not here to cause trouble.
I simply believe that with a little bit of luck and some hard work, Riverdale could become one of the greatest and most-prosperous communities in America.
Now, I have lots of ideas I'd be happy to share with the council.
Starting with the removal Sorry.
So sorry I'm late.
I was busy trying to stop a gang war from erupting on the streets, but what else is new, right? Why, that is the spitting image of my beloved Thomasina.
That's Miss Topaz.
Toni Topaz.
Topaz? That was my paramour's surname.
You must tell me everything about this Toni Topaz.
Tabitha was at a town hall meeting.
I didn't go.
I couldn't face people's pity.
So I stayed home and tried to write, but again, nothing came to me.
And then suddenly I knew exactly what I wanted to do.
Hey, how you doin'? Really.
I'm okay.
I mean, after all, it wasn't too long ago you and I were in your car plotting to take Daddy out in a similarly gruesome manner.
We were angry.
It's not like we actually would have gone through with it.
I guess we'll never know.
All right, Britannia.
Wherefore does this Toni spent her days? Miss Topaz works at Riverdale High.
She's our guidance counselor and she teaches the history of social justice.
Fittingly, yes.
Thomasina was a teacher as well.
And this Riverdale High, - that's a school? - Exactly.
You will take me there tomorrow.
And you, little lamb, will be my Trojan horse.
But tell me, why were Tony and Cheryl torn asunder? To be honest, I don't know.
And they were together as two women out in the open? Yes.
What a brave new world this is.
This is insane, Betty.
Now TBK is in Riverdale and he murdered Glen.
No, I don't think he killed Glen.
I think he's keeping him alive somewhere.
Dismembering him piece by piece.
What makes you think that? Because that's his preferred method of killing.
So it takes days, if not weeks, so they suffer.
But you don't think he's going to come after you? I don't know.
But if he does, even without a mask, I should be able to see his aura if it's a threat, like I did with Glen and the orderly right? I'm more worried about everyone else in Riverdale.
I'll have my mom spread the word on RIVW.
And I'll have my team out on the streets canvassing the neighborhoods.
I couldn't hear what Tabitha was saying, but I knew she was pissed at me, as well as she should have been.
I took my motorcycle out for a ride.
Sure enough, I wiped out.
But how could I tell Tabitha that for those brief moments when I was cruising, all was right in the world? We're getting the word out through local media and social, but more than 50% of TBK's victims are from historically disenfranchised vulnerable communities.
He preys on the unhoused because no one misses them.
So we're gonna focus on those neighborhoods with these flyers.
To anyone you come in contact with, tell them if they see TBK, do not approach him.
Call us and we'll take it from there.
I'll hit Sketch Alley, Agent Lin's got your assignments.
You're gonna come with me - Veronica Lodge? - Yes.
How can I help you? This is a release that states you're okay with us filming you and using your likeness on television.
Oh, right.
All right.
If you can just take a step towards me, find your light.
All right, let's bring her in.
It's okay.
I'm here.
Let it out.
Mommy is here.
Hi, Mom.
Hey, boss.
Found this while I was clearing out the basement.
Holy crap.
You know what this is, right? No.
I got to keep a couple pieces after I did all that mining for Cheryl Blossom.
It's worth a hefty chunk of change.
Hey, as a reward for finding it, I'll split it with you.
No, I couldn't.
It's yours.
I'll tell you what.
If you find the other piece, you can keep that one.
Break time, people.
Alice has coffee brewing next door.
Freshly brewed coffee.
Bingo, down.
Get down, get down.
Archie, how the hell are you drinking that? Isn't that too hot? Yeah, yeah.
Yes, it's hot.
It's really hot.
So talk to me, Cheryl.
You said that you need some help with Britta.
I would like to formally adopt her.
Well, great.
Um, but, Cheryl there's a bunch of hoops we're going to have to jump through.
Well, Antoinette, why don't you come by Thornhill this eventide and walk me through those steps? Slowly and methodically.
Actually, I'm going to be bartending at the Whyte Wyrm tonight.
In that case, perchance I will pay you a visit instead.
By the way, thank you so much for inviting me, Hermione.
Oh, not at all, Kevin.
I know you're a super fan.
And this is going to be an extra special episode of reality television.
All about how Veronica and I are dealing with the emotional fallout of Hiram's tragic death.
Wait, is that what we're doing here? Don't worry, honey.
I'll guide you through it.
Do you remember where you were when you first heard the news of Hiram's tragic death? Mom, I'm not gonna reduce my feelings to sound bites for your show.
How did you feel when Daddy died? - Did you cry? - Nope.
Because the man I loved died many years ago.
I cried when I mourned the death of my marriage.
But I am through shedding tears for that man.
All right.
Kevin, Abuelita, Heraldo, camera crew, please clear the room.
I need to talk to my mom.
Veronica, what is it, sweetheart? It was me.
I put it bounty on Daddy's head.
I'm the reason he died.
You know what I sort of suspected.
When I heard how your father was found, I thought, "What if Veronica was the one who finally did it?" - His favorite partner.
- What do you mean? I don't like admitting this, but Sometimes I was a little jealous of you two.
I mean, the special relationship that you two had? I always knew that he loved you more than he loved me.
I just I was afraid that the same was true of you.
You loved him more than you loved me.
After all he did, Daddy infuriated me.
And he had all of your attention because of it.
Do you know that the happiest I ever was was when it was just us living in this apartment? Just us Lodge women together against the world.
And then your father came home, and it was Hiram and his best girl.
That was you, Veronica.
Not me.
Never me.
I'm so sorry, Mom.
I was so caught up in drama with Daddy that I wasn't a good daughter to you.
But I want to be one now.
Honey I can't tell you how happy it makes me to hear you say that.
There's nothing I want more.
Tabitha found him.
Like me, Daniel experienced late-life deafness.
He learned a sign and read lips in his 20s.
Now he helps people on journeys similar to his own.
He wanted to help me.
I nodded "yes," and we made an appointment for me to go to his office.
Hello, pretty Betty.
Working late, I see.
How did you get in here? Glen's access card.
Is he still Yes.
He's proven extremely hardy.
Why are you here? I came after reading you were nearly killed in an explosion.
You and Archie are getting close.
Don't make me go after him next.
Try it.
He'll kick your ass.
And so will I.
Get out of here.
Betty, I've missed this.
It's a tad tart.
Might I have some more butter in it? I don't have any butter, Cheryl.
And since when do you drink beer, anyways? Quite right.
And in truth, I didn't come to drink.
Lately, I've been thinking about the past.
My past, this town's past - Your past.
- My past? What about it? How much do you know about your ancestor, Thomasina? She was a great, great aunt of mine.
And, from what I can remember, a spinster schoolmarm That is falsehood.
Thomasina lived her life passionately and drank deeply from the juices of the world.
Until she was murdered by a warlock-pirate.
What are you talking about? There's no such thing as warlock-pirates.
Hey, Cheryl.
- Hey, babe.
- Hey.
Oh, I'm sorry, Cheryl.
We told Kevin, but we just haven't got around to telling you yet.
Fangs and I are together now.
Together? And how did that transpire? We've known each other since we were kids.
And after having a baby together A baby? Yeah.
Baby Anthony, our son.
Of course.
And quite the cherub he is.
I have to get back to fair Britannia.
A mother's work is never done, after all.
What was that about? I have no idea.
But Cheryl doesn't even seem like Cheryl to me.
I can't believe TBK came to see you at the FBI office.
But what's scaring me most right now is I couldn't see his aura.
How could he not be a threat to me? Unless he's in my blind spot somehow? I don't know.
I keep getting these headaches, too.
It feels like someone's taking a pickaxe to my brain.
Something has been happening to me, too.
I fell through the landing earlier.
And I got hurt, Betty.
Like, my invulnerability is fading.
But what's changed? TBK might be my blind spot, but what's your weakness, Superman? What's your kryptonite? Oh, my God.
One of my guys found this piece of palladium, and I've been carrying it on me ever since.
What if this is my kryptonite? - You take it.
- Okay.
Keep it away from me.
Let's see what happens if it's not near me.
Maybe I'll go back to being indestructible Either way, you really need to be super careful right now, Arch.
TBK is a jealous serial killer.
You don't need to be a hero right now.
At least not until your powers come back.
So I went to Daniel's office.
I told him that one of my biggest worries was that I'd never write again, and he said that I should sit in his office alone for five hours, and to just start writing down my thoughts, that it would help me get comfortable with the silence.
I said I'd do my best, and then he left me alone.
- Wow, Mom, you really went all out.
- Mmm-mmm.
Is this food I can actually eat or are we filming? That's what I wanted to talk to you about.
How would you feel about recreating a version of our conversation that we had last night on camera today? I mean, not the part about you killing your father, of course.
But the emotional part, you know, our core wound about you taking me for granted.
But, Mom, I I mean, all of that was real for me.
That's why I want it on camera.
It was just so raw.
What do you think? - Of course.
- Oh.
- Let's do it.
- Really? Yeah.
Mistress Abigail, are you all right? No, Britannia.
Clearly I am not all right.
I cannot fathom that my beloved Thomasina is in love with a descendant of Fenn Fogarty.
Her very murderer.
I'm positively bereft.
Miss Topaz is dating Fangs Fogarty? Well, I, for one, am relieved.
I reincarnated you to get back what is ours.
Not so you can consort with some Serpent trash.
Did you just refer to my beloved Thomasina as "Serpent trash"? I did.
You forget yourself, old woman.
But don't worry.
Abigail is here to remind you.
I will have Riverdale back in my thrall.
I will have my revenge on the offspring of my enemies.
But first I will have Thomasina back by my side.
And death to anyone who stands in my way.
Five hours later, Daniel came back.
I hadn't written a word.
"It takes time," he said, without any trace of judgment.
And then he gave me a graphic novel to read.
One he'd written and drawn about his experiences navigating deafness.
He said it might help me.
I said I would read it.
Good evening, Miss Lodge.
Did I startle you? Anatol, what the hell do you want? I paid you your blood money.
Yes, you did.
But I'm here on another job.
What, to kill me? Right before my father's funeral? Seriously? You American women.
You think you're so tough, but you don't have the slightest idea of what you're doing.
And in the end, you just turn on each other like rats and kill each other.
Wait, who hired you? Was it I'll clean up the body at night and dispose of it tomorrow.
Who sent the Russian, you think? If I had to guess my sister Hermosa.
She's pretty pissed at me, I think.
For ordering the hit on your father? Wait, you know about that? Oh, my God, does Abuelita know? No, she doesn't.
Look, I make it my business to know about everything that happens in this family.
And I make sure none of it touches your abuelita.
How do you do what you do and then sit down to dinner with Abuelitalike nothing happened? Are you just a really good actor? Yes, but it also helps that I don't see the world in black and white.
It's all just shades of gray.
No person is just one thing.
When Tabitha came home from Pop's, I surprised her by showing her the pages I'd written that day.
I explained that Daniel's graphic novel had been the key.
I used to write by hearing words, auditory.
But Daniel's graphic novel showed me a workaround.
I could write from a visual space, seeing words and actions, then describing them.
And then I kissed her for not giving up on me.
For never giving up on me.
Dennis, what's going on? Hey, guess what I found.
Holy crap.
You must have done some digging.
Where do you find this? - Hello.
- Agent Cooper.
I'm calling the number you listed on those flyers.
I think the Trash Bag Killer is at the end of Sketch Alley.
I'm on my way.
He's down there, at the end of the alley.
Keep everyone back.
Hey! Put your hands up! On your knees.
Don't move.
Please don't shoot me.
Take off your mask.
I'm not TBK, I'm just a guy.
Who gave you that mask? Some man who came by earlier.
He gave me 50 bucks and told me to wear the mask and to deliver a message to a blonde woman when she showed up.
What's the message? "Check the trash cans," he said.
Thank you all for being here.
I won't stand here and wax sentimental about my father.
He did horrible, unspeakable things to my mother, to my sister, to my lover at the time, Archie Andrews, to my friends, to this town.
And to me.
But I'm also making room for the fact that, on occasion He did a few not-so-horrible things, too He was a proud state champion wrestler for Riverdale High.
He donated money to the research of rare diseases.
He covered the funeral expense of Fred Andrews, with whom he did not see eye to eye, without hesitation.
And he was a dutiful son to my abuelita.
The truth is I loved him till the end.
Make no mistake, I wish my father hadn't done those awful things, and I wish I could sort my feelings more cleanly.
But I can't.
And maybe there's something to be said about a child's willingness to forgive their fathers for the terrible things they might have done.
But for what Hiram Lodge did to all of you I apologize.
And I also apologize for the fact that that I will always always love my Daddykins.
I wish I didn't, but I do.
Thank you.
You're awake.
Hey, who are you? I'm the bogeyman.
I'm Betty's blind spot.
I've heard every one of your secret whispered conversations, and I'm not sure why, but I know that piece of rock there makes your flesh weak and vulnerable.
So I'm going to get ready, and then we're gonna have a grand old time chopping you up into little chunks.
Archie? Archie, where are you? Get rid of her, or I'll hack her up too.
Do it now.
I'm just cleaning.
I'll come by later.
Well, you can, but your dog can't.
He got into my closet again and ruined my favorite kitten heels.
It's fine.
Just go, please.
I'm leaving him here.
We'll talk about compensation later.
Well done.
But don't worry.
We'll be visiting Alice later.
Bingo Bingo, kill! Good boy.
Come here, boy.
Hey, come here.
Come here.
Good boy.
Good boy.
Good boy.
Yes, good boy.
It was great seeing you, Mom.
Circumstances notwithstanding.
I love you, honey.
I'm so, so proud of you.
Thanksgiving at the Barefoot Contessa's, huh? Anderson and Andy will be there.
That sounds nice, Mom.
I can take your abuelita to the airport if you want.
Thanks, Reggie.
Thanks for coming to the funeral.
You were the only one from the gang who did.
I'm sure everyone else was busy.
I really enjoyed your eulogy.
It resonated with me.
And I don't think I really ever understood what you had with your dad.
If I didn't understand it, what gives me the right to judge it in the first place? What you did doesn't matter, because I love you.
Thank you, Reggie.
Sorry to ruin the moment.
Damn, dude's super quiet.
I have something for you, Miss Lodge.
Found it among the Russian's personal effects.
What is it? It's a recording that Hiram made during his final moments.
Give it a listen.
I still can't wrap my brain around the fact that TBK was here the whole time right under our noses.
I mean, where did you even hire Dennis, if that's his name? He saw my ad for crew in Jug's newspaper.
He must have been trying to keep tabs on you through me.
God knows how long he's been spying on me for.
Long enough to know that Glen was being a dick.
And to know that we were manifesting our powers.
And weaknesses.
And side effects, like my headaches.
Well, at least now we know what he looks like without a mask on.
Though, he could have really hurt you.
Luckily, Bingo remembers his commands from his old dog-fighting days.
He saved my life.
Pushed TBK right out that window, and then TBK ran off.
Yeah, he does that.
What about Glen, Betty? I found most of him.
Including his head.
So now I need to leave.
I need to get out of Riverdale.
I don't understand.
Why? Because I brought TBK here.
He went after Glen, he went after you.
If I leave, he will follow me.
I know he will.
Betty, if you're a target Well, better to be a moving target than one standing still.
I'll lead TBK out of Riverdale, and then I'll circle back.
Something will distract him.
Something always distracts him.
Are you Are you gonna be okay? Yeah, I'll be fine.
Just keep that palladium away from me.
And come back in one piece.
Mija, I don't have much time left.
But I need you to know one thing.
Whatever I may have said about wishing I had a son, all of that changed the moment I first held you in my arms.
You became my treasure instantly.
And I want you to know that, despite our troubles, you have always been the apple of my eye.
Everything I did, no matter how heartless or inexplicable or unjustifiable was for you.
I think perhaps I was testing the limits of love a daughter can have for her father, and you, mija amada, never faltered, never failed.
I never felt anything less than love for you or from you.
I hope you believe that.
One last thing.
I'm leaving you my rum business, the crown jewel of my empire.
I don't think I was ever happier than when we were in the middle of our rum war.
Do you remember? Those were good times, weren't they? I always wanted to be a good father to you, Veronica.
I love you so much.
We'll have no more of that, I think.
So the story hasn't been about things I can't do anymore.
It's about the things I've learned to do differently.
And what new possibilities lie before me.
Did I leave the oven on at Pop's? Tabitha.
Did you just say something? I'm sure I turned the oven off.
But did I lock the door behind me? Tabby.
Are you wondering if you left the door unlocked?
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