Riverdale (2017) s06e08 Episode Script

Chapter One Hundred and Three: The Town

So someone just submitted this to you? Yeah, to my Riverdale Choice email.
In case you're wondering if I can suddenly hear again, I can't.
What I can do post-explosion is read minds.
I can hear the words forming in a person's brain just before they speak them.
It's, uh, slightly disorienting.
[Tabitha's voice.]
I mean, everyone is entitled I mean, everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but yikes.
I know.
That's why I published it anonymously, to protect our identity, which they asked me to.
Tabitha and my friends think my hearing's returned.
It's not impossible to believe, the doctor said it might.
Am I a bad person for lying to her, to everyone? [Tabitha.]
I don't know, Jughead.
What will the town think? What will they do? [sighing.]
That is a great question.
Already I could feel shock waves rippling across the town.
The article was a blistering critique of Riverdale.
What the town presented as versus what it truly was.
It excoriated Veronica and Reggie's Casino, calling it illegal, claiming it would be a gateway to crime, drug use and violence.
It condemned Riverdale's culture of street gangs.
The Serpents and Ghoulies forever teetering on the brink of war.
It called out the town's long history of intolerance, ignorance, persecution and backwards thinking.
It highlighted our overtaxed, ineffectual law enforcement, our utter lack of culture and the performing arts.
But its most scathing critique took aim at Riverdale's struggling economy, soaring unemployment and quote, "Homeless encampments on every corner.
" Still happy you moved here, stranger? Oh, yes.
Happy as a clam.
Every word was a razor blade that cut to the very heart of Riverdale itself.
With no author named, who would take the brunt of blowback? But [Archie.]
I can't believe Jug would do this.
Here we go.
- [Archie.]
- Dude, what is this? "Worst town in America.
" Seriously? After we busted our asses saving Riverdale from Hiram, why would you publish something like this? The Riverdale Choice is a free press that believes in critical points of view.
Who? Who wrote this? Why would I tell you that? So you can beat them up? [Archie.]
Yeah, you're freaking right.
Of course not.
Okay, Look, you have a different point of view.
That's great.
Let me interview you.
I'll publish it next week.
No, screw that.
I've already talked to Alice and Frank.
They're calling a town hall meeting so everyone can respond to this garbage in person.
And you better be there covering it.
Grand Mistress Rose.
I shouldn't be here, but Mistress Abigail is getting ready to go out and we have to figure out a way to get Mistress Cheryl back.
Cheryl is gone.
Vanished into the void.
No, I saw her in a mirror that Abigail was looking into.
I think she's still in her body, somewhere.
Well, if that were the case, it would mean Abigail's keeping her locked away, imprisoned in a kind of mental jail.
Oh, my God.
Is there some way that we can reach Cheryl? Make contact with her.
Well, the only way to do that would be when Abigail is in a deep sleep, and you would need to be in a deep slumber near to her.
I mean, Abigail once inhabited your body.
You could use that tether to enter and walk her dreamscape.
And perhaps find Cheryl.
If she exists.
I could drug her tea.
Be warned.
If you try this, you must awaken before Abigail does.
Or risk her wrath.
My little darlings.
I have decided to throw you a birthday party.
Isn't that grand? I've even invited all your little friends from school and church and the community.
Including Heather? No, not that two-bit trollop.
But everybody else.
Now, what do you say? Thank you, dearest Mumsy.
You're very, very welcome, my precious little angels.
[all clamoring.]
[woman 1.]
Who wrote the article? Probably Alice.
This town is going to hell in a handbasket.
- [woman 2 voice.]
Maybe, I should move.
- All right.
All right, I'm sure everyone has read the article written by our mysterious author.
And, yes, there is a lot to dispute.
But not the fact that we do have an illegal casino operating covertly and corruptly within our town limits.
If I may.
Babylonium's employees are all citizens of Riverdale who are paid a generous living wage.
Also, we have the potential to bring in out-of-towners.
Guests who would spend fresh cash across all of our businesses.
Nice try, Veronica, but we all know who truly profits from a casino.
It's its owners.
And I mean, when is the last time a Lodge has done anything good for this town? What the hell does that mean? I think you know exactly what that means.
Can we cut to the damn chase here? Who wrote that article? Oh, come on.
Whoever it is, if you're going to attack our town, at least have the guts to own it.
It was me.
I wrote it.
I wrote the article.
I I know I should have had the courage to put my name on it.
I guess I was just concerned that if you saw the name Pickens on the byline, then, you'd dismiss my words out of hand because of what my great-great grandfather did.
You mean a genocide against my ancestors? Yeah, that's a strike against you.
I'm sorry, you've been living here, what, four days? And we're supposed to care what you think? Well, sometimes it takes a recent arrival to see what's really wrong with the town.
Yeah, well, all I see, is a Johnny-come-lately talking trash about our town without offering any real solutions.
But I do have solutions.
If you're open to hearing them.
Buddy, I'm open to resolving this outside, You and me, right now.
Okay, Archie.
We do need to let Mr.
Pickens speak.
Oh, with a town that's in such dire straits as Riverdale, where do you even begin? I know.
The homeless encampment you call "Sketch Alley.
" Poverty begets more poverty, begets drugs, begets crime, begets more crime until no one is safe.
- [indistinct chatter.]
- [woman.]
I'm sorry, but the homeless have got to be bussed out as quickly and humanely as possible.
- [woman 1.]
He's right.
- [man 1.]
I agree.
[woman 2.]
The homeless are a problem.
[man 2.]
About time someone said it.
We can't just bus them out of town.
And I'm sorry, but that's not who we are, and it's not what we do.
Riverdale takes care of their own.
And the people that live in Sketch Alley, are citizens of this town just as much as all of us.
We need to show them that we care.
In that case, you've heard my recommendation.
But we're all ears, Mr.
What's yours? [Jughead.]
And thus began the battle for Riverdale's soul.
[door opens.]
Mistress Abigail, you're home.
- How was the town hall? - Delightsome.
Also, a bit of gossip.
T'was Percival Pickens, who wrote that screed against the town of Riverdale.
He may prove an ally to me.
But first, me thinks I must acquaint myself with the history of Riverdale and the role the Pickens family played in its shaping.
I think I saw a book in the Thornhill library.
I'll fetch it for you, Mistress Abigail.
I've just brewed you some tea.
Why don't you retire to your room and I'll bring both up to you? [Jughead.]
Don't punch me.
I should, you know.
Look, Archie, I'm a journalist.
I'm supposed to remain impartial.
But, I heard what you said at the town hall.
And for what it's worth, I agree with you.
I think bussing the unhoused out of Riverdale is not a solution.
I know those people.
At times I was one of them and they've always helped me when I was in trouble.
They're good people.
They need our resources.
Could've said that at the meeting.
I will, at the next one, once you present your big idea.
Well I I don't have one yet.
That's okay.
I did some research of my own after the last meeting.
A lot of cities, they're they're building these micro homes.
They're basically cabins, right? They have a shower and a toilet and a bed.
Imagine if we did that.
We build one of these homes for every unhoused person living in a cardboard box or a tent on the alley.
We? You're the only person I know that has a construction business.
All right.
Let's do this.
Let's try.
[door knob clicks.]
Oh, perfect.
Sweet dreams, Abigail.
And hopefully for me, too.
[timer beeps.]
[children laughing.]
[indistinct laughter.]
How are you liking that cake? Vanilla, your favorite.
Just as requested.
Excuse me.
I'm looking for Cheryl Blossom.
Who the hell are you? I'm a friend of hers.
Is Cheryl not here? Well, she's right over there.
Facing the wall as punishment for being such a selfish, ungrateful brat.
But it's her birthday, too, isn't it? Not this year.
Not the way she's been behaving.
Will she get her presents, at least? Absolutely not.
Now, who did you say you were? [alarm beeping.]
[beeping stops.]
We haven't talked about it too much but, I've always assumed we'd be sort of gaming the system with the casino.
You know, doing our usual side hustles and scams.
I made the same assumptions.
What if we didn't? Does that mean no scams? No scams, no side deals, no loopholes, no tax evasion.
What if we proved Alice and the haters wrong and operated completely above board? I just buried my father, Reggie.
Let's start a new chapter and rehabilitate the Lodge name.
Instead of the council fighting us at every turn, we lock arms with them, help fix the town my dad broke.
I like it in theory, Ronnie.
But the first thing is we'd have to get our licenses and permits in order.
Is that a problem? No, it's just very expensive.
Let's pull the trigger, Reggie.
And let's hang my father's portrait right up here.
As a constant reminder of who we're not going to be like.
I don't disagree with what you're saying, Mr.
Oh, please, call me Percival.
Percival, I just don't want to come down on either side of the issue until Archie has had a chance to present his solutions.
Of course, not.
Alice Sorry, may I call you Alice? Yes.
Thank you.
It's just I assumed that you would have a personal stake in making Riverdale safer given what happened to your daughter.
All right, people, let's call this meeting to order.
Our proposal for the town's future is simple.
Reginald? Riverdale, the new Atlantic city.
Instead of the town and the casino being at odds with each other, why not work together and rebrand as a family-friendly, destination hotspot? Let Babylonium be the solution to lifting Riverdale up.
So, what, children can gamble now, is that it? We would open an arcade, provide daycare.
Here's my problem with the casino.
Riverdale has a lot of broken people.
Including veterans like myself and Archie.
And a casino just isn't a healthy environment for people like that.
You raise a valid point, Frank.
Let's have that dialogue.
But not today.
We have your proposal, Veronica.
We will look it over and get back to you.
In the meantime, if we catch one whiff of any trouble coming from your casino, then any partnership would be immediately untenable.
Thank you, Team Babylonium.
So, the spaces are eight feet wide.
They house one to two people, and they can be locked which helps give the occupants a sense of ownership and security.
And not to mention, all of the labor, will be provided free of charge by Andrews Construction.
This is a strong, simple and smart idea, Archie.
Yeah, they have these mini-houses in Chicago, and they are game changing.
- [Frank.]
- Yeah.
So to start, I was thinking around 30.
Thirty houses? Uh, how much do these things cost? Well, like I said, Alice, the labor will be free, but with materials, I'm thinking around 20, 25.
Thousand for each house? Oh, no.
Uh, Riverdale can't afford this.
We'd have to raise taxes.
[woman 1.]
More taxes? No way.
We can barely pay our mortgage.
[woman 2.]
Just make the problem go away.
[woman 3.]
I agree with that British dude.
Well, I feel it's my civic duty at this point to point out that, uh, my straightforward proposal would cost the people of Riverdale virtually nothing, and could be carried out immediately.
We like the vision, Archie.
At least, most of us do.
We just need to figure out a way to fund it.
And if you could show us proof of concept, that would be super helpful.
Yeah, for sure.
I'll figure something out.
I appreciate your time.
Thanks for staying behind to chat.
Not at all.
I welcome any opportunity to get to know my neighbors better.
Yeah, me, too.
- So, you're English? - Indeed.
Some of the Pickens family came to the States to settle in the colonies, others stayed behind in the old country.
Is that where you were before you came to Riverdale? Oh, no.
I was traveling here and there.
Nowhere with the potential of this place, though.
Do you know I think with a spot of investment and a little bit of hard work, this place could be the next Marsha's Vineyard.
Look, maybe we got off on the wrong foot.
We both want the same thing.
A better, safer Riverdale.
And can't we align on this idea about the houses? Don't see that happening, Mr.
Because, if you don't mind my saying, you're thinking is fundamentally flawed.
And I'll tell you why.
People of Sketch Alley don't want your help.
All they want are handouts.
And if you try and lift them up, all they'll do is bring you and your property values down.
And number two, at the risk of disillusioning you further, your neighbors don't want them here.
Oh, they'll say they're good, liberal people but, in their heart of hearts, what they really want is for the poor, the destitute, and the smelly to go away without compromising their own comfort.
You're wrong.
And so is your warped, cynical idea of who we are.
I'll prove it to you.
Well, I don't think so but let's see.
You called this meeting.
What can we do for you, Archie? [Archie.]
You're both on the council.
But I'm here appealing to you as two of the most prominent business owners in Riverdale.
I need your personal help.
We're listening.
Would you each be willing to underwrite one of the houses? I was thinking after I finished building them, we could paint them.
One like Pop's and one like the Whyte Wyrm.
In a way, they'd be like billboards.
And you're sure you don't mind that I'm a quote unquote, gang member? Oh, come on.
Not at all.
Where would you set them up and build them? I was hoping we could set them up in the parking lot.
That way, the folks living in them could feel more a part of the town's daily life.
Yeah, of course, Archie, we're in.
And as for where we build them, I was thinking we could do that in Sketch Alley.
- [Doc.]
Hey! - How have you been? Ah, I'm surviving.
Well, you look a lot better than the last time I saw you.
And that's thanks to you.
That's the reason we're here too.
Wanted to repay the favor.
I mean, if you're cool with it.
This is my pal Archie.
And the rest of us were hoping to build some houses for you guys.
One for each of you.
- Houses? - They're small, but they're swanky.
If you guys want to help out, that's great.
If not, we just wanted to let you know what we are up to.
All good either way.
When do we start? - How about right now? - [Doc.]
All right.
We've got a problem.
I've been crunching numbers, and given all of our start up costs, our expenses, not to mention permit costs Cut to the chase, Reggie.
We're overleveraged, Ronnie.
If we're strictly legit, it's going to be impossible for us to turn a profit.
Maybe ever.
Don't say it.
We start running scams, which we could do.
[knock on door.]
Uh, Miss Lodge, Mr.
I apologize, but you've got to come to the private gambling room now.
What is it? Something bad? Yeah.
[both exclaiming.]
Oh, my God.
What should we do? Cut him down? Call the ambulance? That's what a legit place would do, right? Right? Yes, yes.
But we don't have that luxury, Reggie.
This would be a horrible news story if it broke.
It would confirm Alice and the council's worst fear about this place and Babylonium would be over before it even began.
I know who could help.
Abuelita's iceman.
Mistress Cheryl, it's me.
You have to wake up.
What is it, Brittania? [Penelope.]
Wake up.
Time to rise and shine.
Time to get out of bed, you lazy bones.
It's dearest Mumsy.
You have to hide.
If she finds you, I don't know what she'll do.
Now! [footsteps approaching.]
Wake up, devil children! Mumsy? What's going on? It's the middle of the night.
Doesn't matter.
This place, this whole house is a sty.
Now, you grab that bucket and a brush and you get to work, piggies.
[Cheryl and Jason.]
Yes, dearest Mumsy.
Get on your hand and knees and you scrub that floor till it's clean! I want to be able to eat off of it.
What are you doing? Why aren't you working? You get back to work.
Or I will get the hanger to you.
Don't make me hurt you! [gasping.]
[suspenseful music playing.]
Hey, it's Doc, right? Do you need something? [groans.]
And what did our young Kevin Keller get in exchange for wanting to provide shelter to the people of Sketch Alley? A hammer to the skull is what he got.
This vicious attack is a clear indication that these people don't want our help.
You offer them a helping hand and they respond with violence.
Well, this journalist and town council member says, no more [Archie sighs.]
How is Kevin doing? I just came from the hospital.
He's gonna be okay.
This is a mess, Archie.
Believe me, I know, Toni.
These houses are going to be painted with our businesses on them.
If they're associated with violence and crime I know.
And I know that article didn't exactly do the Serpents any favors.
It did not.
But you still have our financial support.
So, maybe just hold off a beat before you paint it to match the Whyte Wyrm.
Yeah, that makes sense.
Thanks for the support, Toni.
Yeah, no problem.
I'll send you my payment on Chime right now.
- [phone chimes.]
- Cool.
[clicks tongue.]
How about you, Tabitha? I am [inhales.]
still in, Archie.
Paint job and all.
So When do you want to set up the first house? Well, I'll bring it by in my truck later today.
Thank you, guys.
Talk to me, Reggie.
So I figured, that dead guy must have been on a major losing streak, and that's why he Killed himself.
Sadly, that makes sense.
But, no.
He was winning big-time.
So, I called the blackjack dealer and pulled the security footage.
He was on top of the world, up almost 20 grand.
Why would a guy who's winning every hand suddenly just off himself? Wait, wait, wait.
Stop the tape.
Who the hell is that? That's the British creep from Town Hall, Percival Pickens.
What the hell is he saying? [man.]
Miss Lodge, I'm here.
Heraldo, thank you so much for coming so speedily.
Where's the body? Jeez.
Cut to the chase much? Downstairs.
I'll take you.
[Reggie exhales.]
Grand Mistress Rose, it's gotten so much worse.
Mistress Cheryl's mother is torturing her in every way imaginable.
Penelope has always been Cheryl's tormentor.
So, of course, Abigail would have conjured her as my granddaughter's adversary in the dreamscape.
She's terrifying.
You must tell Cheryl that Penelope is but a fiction.
A bogeyman pulled from her own subconscious.
That perhaps will shake her free of her stupor and spur her into action.
Else, Abigail may take permanent possession of my granddaughter's body.
But I never even get the chance to talk to her before the nightmare Penelope descends on us.
Then perhaps, child, you must divine a better way to communicate with her.
Gentlemen, I am so sorry to intrude.
May I come in? Yeah.
I heard all about what happened in Sketch Alley.
And I wanted to talk to you.
In hopes it never happens again.
Well, what do you think, Tabitha? I think it is beautiful, Archie.
Well, it was a group effort.
And bonus, Benjamin Moore donated the paint for future houses, too.
I think it's a great start, Arch.
[closes zipper.]
You're good.
I can take it from here.
What are you gonna do? [Heraldo.]
After dark, I'll put him in his car, drive into Jersey, hang him up in the bathroom of a rest stop with no cameras, call it in.
How are things going otherwise? How's business? Slow.
We're not quite the sensation we were hoping we'd be.
You know, if you want, I could put the word out to some wise guys I know.
They got money, and they like spending it.
I appreciate the offer, and no offense to your wise guys, but we're trying to avoid that, if at all possible.
No worries, just trying to help.
Actually, you know what you could do? Could you look into someone for me? His name's Percival Pickens.
He's British.
Just got into town and there's something off about him.
And I want to know what.
Yeah, I can do that.
[cell phone buzzing.]
Hey, Tabitha.
What's up? I'm on my way.
What the hell! Oh, Doc.
Why did you do that to Kevin? I have no idea.
I have absolutely no memory of attacking your friend.
Well, you did.
One minute, I'm hammering and [panting.]
and the next minute, I'm just standing over your friend.
Getting ready to take another swipe at him.
You gotta believe me, Jughead.
It was like someone put the idea in my head.
Who? Who could have done that? [Doc.]
He, uh had an accent.
He might have had a British accent.
Thank you again, for agreeing to meet with me.
Like I mentioned, I would love to do a follow up article to the one that you wrote.
Something like a rebuttal.
Well, to each his own.
I've been thinking about this quote that I read.
"The true measure of any society can be found in how it treats its most vulnerable members.
" Well, whoever said that obviously didn't grow up in Riverdale.
It's Gandhi.
So tell me, Percival, do you really think that bussing the unhoused out of Riverdale is the best that we can muster as a society? Well, as I mentioned before, I am coming at this from a place of compassion.
My main concern is for the [echoing.]
the law-abiding citizens of Riverdale, those who pay their taxes and contribute to the betterment of our society.
Now, I've been to several Sketch Alleys in my time.
The truth is, charity is doing them a disservice.
As is giving them a handout when what they really should be doing is fending for themselves.
Tell me, are you having fun rooting around inside my brain, Mr.
Jones? What? [Percival.]
Get out of my head, you piece of garbage! Are you all right, Mr.
Jones? Did I not answer the question to your satisfaction? [suspenseful music playing.]
[woman sobbing.]
Mistress Cheryl? Is that you? [Cheryl sobbing.]
It's me.
I'm here.
Mistress Cheryl, what happened to your beautiful hair? Mumsy, of course.
She cut it off when she saw me with my friend Heather.
Please, Mistress Cheryl, you have to listen to me.
This isn't happening.
You're in a dreamscape.
Your mother isn't actually here.
What? [scoffs.]
Of course, she is.
It's hard to explain.
I have written down everything you need to know.
[Penelope shouting.]
What is going on here? Unbelievable.
I catch you with one sapphic slut, and not an hour later, you're back with another one.
Whomever you are, you should be ashamed.
Screw you.
You're not even real, Mrs.
How dare you? Get out of Thornhill.
You don't belong here.
Please, Mrs.
Blossom Don't you show your face in this house again.
[door slams.]
[breathing heavily.]
Mistress Cheryl, the world you are currently inhabiting is not reality, but rather a hellish dreamscape from which we must free you.
Your physical body is currently possessed by the spirit of Abigail Blossom.
And she has trapped you in a prison in your own mind with Penelope as your cruel warden.
But she is not real, Mistress Cheryl.
And you must not let her dominate you.
Do not let her break your spirit.
For if she does, your soul may wither and dissipate within the confines of your corporeal body.
She is but a ghost.
A creation of the imagination.
You can defeat her.
[footsteps approaching.]
I am gonna beat you to within an inch of your life, you deviant, wretched creature! Why are you looking at me like that, you shameless, little wretch? Because I know the truth now, Mumsy.
You're not real.
Is that a fact? Yes.
You're in my mind, you psychotic bitch.
And you shouldn't be here.
[tires screech.]
What are you guys doing? I'm here to break that house down and haul it away.
No, you're not.
Tabitha called us, Archie.
We started a project, and we're doubling down to finish it.
And a few hours later, someone will have vandalized them again.
Then, we will repaint them.
And again, and again.
As many times as we have to.
Why don't you grab a brush? It's cold out.
I do need to talk to you about something, though.
I don't think Doc was the one that attacked Kevin.
Who else would it have been? [Percival.]
Hello, there.
Now what are you folks doing? My goodness, aren't those charming houses? No need for them anymore, though.
Sketch Alley is no longer an issue.
Meaning what? I took it upon myself to visit Sketch Alley.
I spoke to the people living there, and got them to move on.
Leave town, start over somewhere else.
And how did you do that? Call it the power of persuasion.
I also bought them bus tickets, and gave them each $100 to build new lives elsewhere.
I don't believe you.
Well, see for yourselves.
Then afterwards, hopefully, see you at the town hall.
Keep up the good work.
[suspenseful music playing.]
Mistress Cheryl? You're alive? I am.
And visiting you in your dreams, Brittania.
You've done well.
And proven yourself a dutiful and loyal factotum.
For that, you will be rewarded.
But only after we have driven that she-demon Abigail out of my beautiful body.
How will we do that? I haven't the faintest idea.
Please, please, please.
Thank you.
Thank you.
Thank you, thank you, thank you.
Uh, the town of Riverdale can breathe a little easier, now that the denizens of Sketch Alley are on their way to a better place.
The idea to pay their location costs may have been mine, but I, um, couldn't have pulled it off without the help of your sheriff, Tom Keller, a man who represents the very best of Riverdale.
Keeping with the good news, I'm also pleased to announce that Percival will be joining my department.
And he'll be working as a deputy along with me and my son to keep the peace and fulfill the promise of Riverdale that has eluded us for so long.
Dude's like a super villain.
That's exactly what he is.
We seriously need to talk tonight.
Okay? [Veronica.]
In all the excitement, the casino didn't even come up.
Yeah, have you looked over our proposal, or what? I have.
And after careful review and some solid advice from Percival, the council believes that there's a lot of risk in partnering with Babylonium.
Which could be mitigated, possibly.
But quite frankly, Veronica, the biggest liability is you.
Me? The Lodge name is synonymous with crime and corruption because of Hiram.
You're its figurehead, the public face.
So, the council feels that we could really only support the casino and this idea of it becoming the new Atlantic City, is if you take a back seat.
Out of the limelight.
Alice, I am not my father.
- [scoffs.]
- In fact, I've worked really, really hard to not be like my father Take offense or not, Veronica, but I'd like to see you do this without our support.
The picketing, the bad publicity, the complaints to the gaming board, the raids, the sanctions, we won't lose this fight.
Time for a new plan.
We already tried taking the high road.
If Riverdale doesn't want to bet on us, we'll have to lean in to who we are and what we do best.
As my mother likes to say, I am my father's daughter.
Does that mean running scams? Side hustles and loopholes? All of the above, Reggie.
All systems go.
And, Heraldo, that offer you made about putting out the word to your wise guys, do it.
We need to start making money.
Real money, fast.
No problem.
Oh, and by the way, I looked into that guy for you.
Percival? And, what did you find? Nothing.
There's no paper trail behind him.
The guy's a ghost.
It's like he didn't even exist before he showed up here in Riverdale.
[thunder rumbling.]
[door opens.]
[man speaking on TV.]
Betty? Can you do me a favor? Can you shut off the TV and the rest of the lights? [Archie.]
Yeah, sure.
Is everything okay? Oh, my God.
What's going on? Did TBK hurt you? [Betty.]
No, I lost him in Maine.
This is something else.
What? You know how I've been getting those really bad headaches? They've only gotten worse.
And I figured out that they are triggered by light.
So, the brighter the light, the more excruciating the pain.
Oh, my God.
I think it's a side effect of being able to see auras.
Which I can still do, by the way.
I'm so sorry.
[Betty whispering.]
That's okay.
God, it feels good to be home.
It hasn't been the same without you.
Yeah? What did I miss? Anything? A lot.
It turns out Jug can [scoffs.]
read minds since the explosion.
- What? - Yeah.
And Percival Pickens, that weird guy who showed up out of nowhere and tried to buy my house? [Betty.]
We think he can control people's minds.
Make people do things.
Bad things.
We're in trouble, Betty.
The whole town is.
[Percival exhales.]

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