Riverdale (2017) s06e09 Episode Script

Chapter One Hundred and Four: The Serpent Queen's Gambit

1 It's filling up right to rafters ♪ Shake it down tonight, yeah ♪ - Oh, hell, no.
- When I was back there.
What are you doing in my house? Archie, don't be rude.
I was just talking to your uncle about the, uh, the town-wide census I'm conducting.
Census? Under what authority? With council approval.
Well, Alice and Frank.
I can assure you, the questions are standard.
How long have you lived in Riverdale? What problems are you most concerned with in your neighborhood? And people's answers will help guide the council.
And of course, I'll get to meet my neighbors.
Door by door.
Face by face.
Tell me, Archie.
Would you like to answer some questions? No.
I would not.
And I'd like you to leave.
I gotta say I'm shocked, Archie.
- He is not a good guy.
- Oh, good grief, Archie! You've clearly made up your mind against Percival.
It's a shame.
He has a lot of great ideas about how to make Riverdale a better place to live.
It's damp and chilly, Mistress Abigail.
Why don't we go back to Thornhill? I'll brew you some of that yummy tea that you like, and we'll get you warm and cozy.
No, as restorative as your tea is, it's time to vanquish my enemies and be reunited with my Thomasina.
How? I shall reincarnate Thomasina's soul into Toni Topaz's body.
The blood moon will be rising soon.
Perfect time for reincarnation spell.
And once my beloved has returned to me, together, we will slay Fangs Fogarty.
And seal our love for all eternity.
And is Mr.
Fogarty the only, um, enemy you wish to vanquish? No.
There are still the three descendants of my assassins.
Come along, Brittania.
Ah! You're in a good mood today.
I am.
I just spoke to my dad and he wants to visit the casino.
Really? - How's his health? - He's on the mend, but it's like he lost his mojo.
The truth is, my dad's always wanted to feel like the big shot.
That's what's most important.
To make him feel like one.
Well, in that case, leave it to me.
The Sheriff's Department is pleased to announce that the town-wide census is complete, and the people of Riverdale have spoken.
And since the unhoused problem has been dealt with, their main source of anxiety is the ongoing gang warfare between the Serpents and the Ghoulies.
Miss Topaz, since you're a member of the Council of Four and Serpent Queen, what have you got to say about that? Well, to begin with, there is no war between the Serpents and the Ghoulies.
Actually, I've been in constant contact with the Ghoulies' leader, Twyla Twyst, in efforts to de-escalate tension.
And I believe we're very close to declaring a ceasefire.
Well, I wonder, have you considered disbanding the Serpents? Okay, if I could just interject here, Miss Topaz is not on trial.
Your point has been noted, Mr.
Now let's please move on to the next item on our agenda.
What the hell was that? An ambush.
Percival went after the folks in Sketch Alley and now he's coming after us.
Hey, Toni.
- Oh, hey, Prince! - Hi.
How is my baby boy doing? Yeah, he's great.
He's great.
I'm bummed to let him go.
Nervous, given everything going on.
Oh, don't be.
I gotta be honest.
I'm having second thoughts about Baby Anthony being raised around gang culture.
- You mean as a Serpent? - Kevin, I was raised as a Serpent.
- So was Fangs.
- I know.
I know.
I'm just concerned for his safety.
That's all.
Welcome to Babylonium, Mr.
And here we are, our best table, and our best dealer, Ryan.
He's one of my favorites.
Is there anything else we can get for you, Mr.
Mantle? No.
This is all very impressive.
We aim to please.
I'll come by to check on you later.
But in the meantime, have fun.
Thanks for hanging back, you guys.
Something very, very weird is happening in Riverdale.
You mean, besides us suddenly developing mutant abilities? I'm talking about Percival Pickens.
You heard him.
He's been going around door to door meeting with everyone in town, trying to recruit them.
Your mom, my Uncle Frank, Sheriff Keller.
God knows who else.
Ever since Percival sensed me in his mind, I've been doing some research on heightened psychic abilities.
You know, some people think that mind control is a real thing, like a skill, the power of persuasion.
But persuading people to do what? What does Percival want with Riverdale? His family was one of the original settlers of the town.
Maybe he feels like he has a claim to it? Whatever it is, it's not good.
Jug, if he really made your friend Doc attack Kev, what's to say he didn't compel the people of Sketch Alley to up and leave the same way? I mean, if he really can control people's thoughts, and actions Yeah, he needs to be stopped.
Classic superhero narrative.
Okay, Betty, can we throw this guy in jail? - You're the FBI.
- Yeah, but not if we can't prove he's breaking any laws.
All right, then.
Archie, you are invulnerable.
Let's beat this guy up.
- Break every bone in his body.
- I can't do that, Jug.
I'd be just as bad as he is.
Besides, we tried both of those things with Hiram repeatedly.
They're temporary solutions at best.
Percival is going around recruiting people for whatever big play he's got.
What if we do the same thing? We go to our friends, the people we trust, make sure that he's not turning them to his side.
In the short term, it would stop Percival from amassing too much power too quickly.
We'd be concerned citizens talking to our neighbors.
Guys, what if this is why we were given our powers? To protect the town from Percival.
Okay, relax, Professor Xavier.
Who do we start with? Well, isn't this fortuitous? Cheryl, have you had any private contact with Percival Pickens? Did he stop by to interview you? For his census? Yes, but I was taking a buttermilk bath, so I couldn't receive him.
Why for? We're worried that his intentions for Riverdale may not be above board.
We think he is recruiting people to his side.
For some nefarious agenda? Honestly, I'd be more worried about an angry mob dragging me into the forest in the middle of the night and burning me at the stake.
As Archibald Andrews, Jedediah Jones and Beatrice Cooper did to my ancestor.
Not this again.
Yes, again.
That transgression hasn't been settled or forgotten.
Okay, will you just let us know if Percival tries to influence you in any way? - And for what? - Regarding Mr.
Pickens, I'll keep my own counsel as I always have.
And as for you three, my patience, and this audience is at an end.
Come on, Cheryl.
We're the good guys.
Spoken like a true villain.
Let me show you the door.
Stoke the fires and heat the ovens, Brittania.
We're preparing arsenic-laced scones.
For who? For that unholy trinity of self-obsessed malefactors.
The timing couldn't be more perfect.
I need a corpse for my reincarnation ritual.
Hurry now.
Lest we bake a scone for you, too.
Toni, where are you right now? At school.
Why? What's up? Don't tell me more trouble with the Ghoulies.
Not the Ghoulies.
But I just got a call from Alice.
She and Frank are convening an emergency meeting of the council.
Why wasn't I told about this? It's because the meeting is to remove you from the council.
What? Why? It's Percival's idea, says Alice.
He's using the drive-by last night as an excuse.
What's his grudge with me? I don't know.
I mean, you're a pillar of the community, and maybe he sees you as a threat.
At any rate, it is classic fear mongering, and that is why you need to come with me to this meeting.
I'm on my way.
What's going on? We want to talk about Percival Pickens.
We don't think he's a good guy.
Did he come by here for his census to put ideas into your head or try to shift your point of view? Or to recruit you for anything? No and no.
But the male Mary Poppins is definitely up to some serious shadiness.
Why do you say that? I had one of my associates look into him for me.
And Percival doesn't exist.
There's literally no trace of him before he showed up in Riverdale.
And this sounds crazy, but he said something to one of our clients.
I don't know what.
And then that client killed himself.
Now, can we beat this guy up? Get him thrown in jail? How does he even have powers? We were in that explosion.
Not that that makes sense.
None of this makes sense.
But how can Percival control people's minds? It's Tabitha.
She says we need to go to the El Royale.
Thank you for assembling.
We've all heard about the act of gang violence that happened at Pop's just last night.
And in response to that incident, Percival Pickens would like to submit a motion.
My motion is for the immediate removal of Antoinette Topaz from the Council of Four.
How can Riverdale feel safe with a known gang member shaping town policy? I think Toni can and should speak for herself.
Thank you, Tabitha.
Pickens, I know you're new here.
But I have spent my entire life in service to Riverdale.
After high school, I graduated college with a degree in social work.
I then became guidance counselor at Riverdale High.
I kept its doors open as Hiram Lodge fought to shut us down.
I then used my position as a small business owner and proud member of the LGBTQIA+ community to help with various charities and organizations.
And if there's any doubt about my integrity, just know that I'm raising my son here, and I'm invested in Riverdale because of him.
And I hope you all let me continue to advocate for you and this town.
Thank you.
Well, let's put it to a vote.
See what happens.
Miss Lodge, sorry to interrupt, but Mister Mantle is back at table 12 and he's in pretty deep to the tune of $7,000 All right.
I will deal with it.
Thank you.
- Oh, hey, honey.
- Hey, uh, what's going on? We heard from Tabitha that there was a meeting.
Uh, yeah, there was.
Unfortunately, Toni was voted off the council.
And let me guess, Alice.
This was Percival's idea? Except for Tabitha, it was a unanimous vote, Archie.
Unanimous? Against Toni? How is that possible? Ah! How are you boys doing over here? The House is calling for a break.
How are you feeling, Mr.
Mantle? Are you doing okay? Yeah.
Yeah, I'm good.
Um I'm a little bit down, but my luck is turning.
I can I can feel it.
As a matter of fact, I was wondering whether or not you guys could float me, maybe $5,000? Oh, uh, we don't really do that here.
But maybe you should step away from the table and slow down a bit, you know, cut your losses.
So, you're throwing me out of my own son's casino? You're going to embarrass me in front of these guys.
Archie Andrews.
Just the he-man I was looking for.
I'm sorry I was so cold to you at Thornhill yesterday.
May I interest you in an apology treat? Dearest Jug-Jug, may I offer you a sugary sweet mea culpa for my foul mood yesterday? Sweet cousin.
I come bearing gifts to mend hurt feelings.
What are you doing, Cheryl? Offering you an olive branch.
Why won't you take one like your cohorts did? What did you put in those scones? Are you trying to poison me? "Cohorts.
" Jug.
Don't eat that scone.
I already did.
What's the problem? I think she poisoned them.
Well, I'm invulnerable, remember? Okay, well, Jughead isn't.
So get a glass of water and a salt shaker and meet me by the bathrooms, okay? Don't take another bite! Bathroom.
Cheryl gave us poisoned scones? - Yeah, we think so.
- Well, yes, I saw her aura, okay? So drink this and then throw up.
Just go.
- I have been thinking, Fangs.
- Mmm-hmm.
What if the Serpents shed their skin and rebranded a little bit? So we no longer be a gang, which is triggering, but a political activist group, like the Black Panthers.
We'd focus more on community-driven programs helping the town's youth and seniors.
Wouldn't we be handing the town over to the Ghoulies at that point? Well, we could ask Betty for help from the FBI.
You want the FBI to fight our battles for us? Where's all this coming from? Becoming a political activist group? It would take the wind out of the witch hunter sails.
I gotta be honest.
I don't think the Serpents are gonna go for it, Toni.
They will if we stay united on this.
Are we? United? Oh, my God! Kevin? What the hell? You can't just come in here.
We got a warrant, Fangs.
We received reports there's illegal weapons being stored in this apartment.
Weapons? Absolutely not.
And reports from whom? - I'll check the baby's room.
- The hell you will! That's it.
He's done.
Come on.
What the hell? Let him go.
Kevin, why are you doing this? Fangs, I'm going to get you out of here no matter what.
But I need to know.
Where did the weapons come from? They were mine.
Fangs, why? In our house? With Baby Anthony? I was storing them.
For a battle royale with the Ghoulies.
You stopped talking to Twyla Twyst, but she reached out to me, challenged me to a rumble.
The other Serpents? They want to fight.
I'm sorry, Toni.
- Hey.
- Hey.
How's the scene at the casino? Dad said he had a blast again.
To be honest we kind of had a moment.
He was losing a lot of money.
And I asked him if he wanted to step away.
He didn't and it's not a big deal, but it kind of got me wondering, how did your dad get into debt with my dad? Was it gambling? He was making capital improvements to the car lot and the bank didn't want to give him a loan.
Damn, Ronnie.
The guy's finally having a good time, and you want to squash that? Not at all.
I only wanted to make sure he was okay.
Trust me, he's fine.
Horrid news about Archie, Betty and Jughead.
Oh, no.
Are they ? Very much alive, I'm afraid.
How, I have no clue.
No matter.
Tomorrow I shall pay Toni a visit.
I need some of her blood for my rituals.
Does that mean that you're done trying to kill the others? Of course not.
I still hate them, and I still need a body.
It's just a matter of devising how I might go about vanquishing them.
How are you feeling, Jug? Like I swam in the ocean and swallowed a bunch of sea water.
It was the best way to flush Cheryl's poison out of your system.
Why is Cheryl trying to kill us all of a sudden? Because of something that happened to Abigail centuries ago? - Really? - Or it was Percival.
I mean, maybe he got to her, suggested that she take us out.
And what better way to get rid of us without leaving any fingerprints? Well, there's one way to find out.
Jug, you can't read Percival's mind because he'll sense it.
But maybe try reading Cheryl's? Maybe you'll pick up some trace of Percival? Yeah, I'll do it.
Just let me get my sea legs back first.
A bouquet of roses so beautiful, they needed your presence to keep them company.
Cheryl, what's the occasion? Oh, I just had a sixth sense that you need a pick-me-up.
Was I wrong? No, on the contrary, I Ow! Oh, no.
Do those roses still have thorns? Poor hand.
Let me see.
Pray, tell, what ails you? I got voted off the council.
Fangs is in jail, and the Ghoulies are determined to start a war with the Serpents.
Remind me again, what is the origin of your troubles with, um, the Ghoulies? Most recently? Well, Archie went ballistic on them after they blew up his house.
For all I know, they're still trying to kill him.
Probably planning another drive by even as we speak.
The Ghoulies wish to kill Archie? Tell me more about that.
You called, Dad? I'm in trouble, Reg.
I lost the car lot.
The dealership? How? When? Last night.
After we left the casino, these wise guys invited me to a private poker game - at Cucina's Casa.
- You went with them? We were having a great time.
And one thing led to another, and and it was like that time at the race track.
Remember? You know, I I I couldn't stop.
The more I lost, the more I had to keep on playing.
I was wondering, um Maybe you could talk to Veronica and she could talk to the wise guys.
They're sort of her crowd, aren't they? Let me see, Dad.
What can I help you with? I hate having to do this, Toni, but I'm here conducting a wellness check.
I've been informed this may be an unsafe environment for Baby Anthony.
I received an anonymous complaint.
I'm here on a wellness check, Toni.
For Baby Anthony.
Toni? Is everything all right? Yeah.
I was just having déjà vu.
Janet, I don't know what you've heard, but I would never do anything to put Baby Anthony in harm's way.
Of course.
But as a social worker, I have to investigate every claim.
Where is he now? Can I see him? Sure, follow me.
He's asleep in his bedroom.
Where is he? Toni, the window.
Oh, my God.
Oh, Archibald.
All right, everybody, listen up.
The Sheriff's department and the FBI are leading their own search for Baby Anthony.
But here in Riverdale, we take care of our own.
We've divided the town into a grid, so we'll hit every house on every block until we find Baby Anthony.
This is a 24/7 operation and we'll be working in shifts.
Let's bring Baby Anthony home.
Poor kid.
I hope he's okay.
She's not fit to be a mother.
She's the leader of a gang.
Put her child in harm's way.
What kind of a mother is she? No one's safe in this town anymore.
Picking up on anything? Nothing.
I mean, if the kidnappers are keeping tabs on the search, they're not doing it nearby.
But I'll keep looking.
I'll take a break.
Archie just texted me.
He's outside.
Cheryl, dressed as a Ghoulie, threw a Molotov cocktail at you? It's hard to mistake Cheryl, Betty.
No matter what she's wearing.
We'll stay here and join the search for Baby Anthony, will you please go read Cheryl's mind now? Yeah, definitely.
And hope I don't get killed.
We've got a problem.
My dad lost Mantle Motors to one of Heraldo's wise guys in a game of poker.
What can we do? I'll talk to Heraldo's pals.
But now can you admit that your dad has a problem? And needs to be cut off? What? Your dad killed people and blew up the entire town and you hung up his portrait.
But my dad has a streak of bad luck, and you want to bar him from my casino? You know what? This is my dad's mess.
I'll handle it.
- Hello.
- Toni Topaz, it's your old friend, Twyla Twyst.
You'll never guess what cutie patootie I'm looking at right now.
You have Anthony? Where are you? It's time to end this, Topaz.
The Serpents versus the Ghoulies.
The winner gets Riverdale.
And this little heartbreaker right here.
Name the place and I'll be there.
Under one condition.
You deliver Anthony to Pops.
And I'm not going to fight until I get word from my friend Tabitha that Anthony's safe.
- Deal? - Deal.
See you at 10:00 in front of the tuna fish warehouse in the docks.
And come armed.
Because we will be.
I'm not comfortable with this, Toni.
Can't we at least loop in Betty? No.
This is how it works.
And this is how it has to be.
And Twyla doesn't want to hurt Baby Anthony.
She wants bragging rights that she took me down.
Or the Serpents.
Or both.
Okay, then I will wait for Baby Anthony, and then I will call you.
What year do you think it is? 1922? Having a good time, fellas? What's it look like, pal? Can I ask you about a game you played yesterday with my father, Marty Mantle? Yeah.
How's he doing? To be honest, he's heartbroken that our family business is gone.
I was wondering if I could buy it back.
Yeah, that may not work for us, as it's already gone up in value.
See, we're expanding some of our operations, and we've been looking for a business like your dad's car lot.
So if you were to buy it off us, the price would now include the projected income for the next five years, not just the $100,000.
What sort of operation are you planning for? I don't think it'd be your cup of tea.
Are we talking a chop shop? Running contraband, money laundering, counterfeit play, what? - Get a load of this guy, will you? - Please.
I was boot licking him when I was in high school.
And you might want someone to interface with the public.
Someone trustworthy and familiar with how car lots work, to keep the trains running, so no one gets suspicious.
What I'm saying is, maybe we can help each other.
Britta, right? Can I see Cheryl? Uh, no.
Um Mistress Cheryl is getting ready for something.
For what? A ritual.
I I I can't say.
She made me promise, and she knows She knows when I'm lying.
Listen to me.
If you think it really loudly, I might be able to hear it.
You understand? I'm living a captive existence here.
I'm sure you won't believe me, but Mistress Cheryl is asleep, and her ancestor Abigail Blossom has possessed her body, and she's been trying to kill people.
Including you and your friends on the eve of the blood moon, so Ms.
Topaz's soul will go into the corpse and Thomasina can be reincarnated into Ms.
Topaz's empty body.
Are you going to be okay until the blood moon? I can't believe Keller put us on patrol duty tonight when everyone else gets be part of the turkey shoot.
I want to see some action, man.
Exterminate those Serpents once and for all.
Would you shut your damn mouth, Walker? What are you talking about? What turkey shoot? With the Serpents? Kevin, whatever else is happening, Toni is still the mother of your child.
Tell me.
What is going on? Hey, Tabitha, what's up? The Ghoulies haven't shown up yet.
- Do you have Baby Anthony? - No, and Toni, you have to get out there.
I think you walked into a trap.
What? It's the Sheriff and his deputies.
They're out for blood.
Kevin told me it's going to be a turkey shoot.
Don't let it become one.
I'll call you right back.
Everyone, we gotta go.
We gotta get out of here right now.
Hands in the air! Hands in the air, guns to the ground! Freeze.
Stay where you are! Serpents, put your weapons on the ground and put your hands in the air.
Don't give them a reason to shoot, that's exactly what they want.
You heard her.
The Serpents are resisting arrest.
The hell we are.
And I'm live streaming this right now, you scumbag! So be careful what you do, because the whole world is watching.
How are things going? I cleaned up my dad's mess and I got the dealership back.
Oh, and also you don't have to worry about my dad coming back.
I told him he has a problem and barred him from the Babylonium.
That's not what I wanted, but okay.
Is he gonna get help? He's fine.
That's all you need to know.
- Hey.
- Hey.
- Hey.
- Your mom isn't here, right? No, she's at another one of her secret Council meetings.
Yeah, which we have to go.
I actually think that Cheryl needs our help more.
Cousin? Why for this crying? Have you heard about Archie? He's dead.
He was burned alive by a Ghoulie.
Oh, dear.
Can I come in? Of course.
Follow me into the parlor and I'll put on the kettle.
Cheryl, if you can hear me, help is on the way.
Topaz, are you comfortable? I'm fine.
Are you sorry your turkey shoot didn't happen? I can't think what you mean.
I've got good news for you.
Your bail's been posted by Tabitha Tate.
You're being released.
In the morning.
I don't suppose I can appeal to you as a mother who's looking for her child.
Oh, you mustn't worry about Anthony.
We raided a Ghoulie lair earlier this evening and we found your son.
Luckily, we got him out safely.
Alas, the same can't be said about the Ghoulies.
It was an absolute bloodbath.
Unfortunately, only one of them survived.
Twyla Twyst.
She escaped.
Like the roach that she is.
And where the hell is my son now? Safe and sound with his father.
You Villains.
You'll never get me out of this body.
It's mine now.
Mine! We'll see how long you last once this fire gets going.
You dare burn me again? As many times as it takes, bitch.
By the power of fire, the element of your original destruction.
- So too are you banished - I'll kill you all! from this fleshy vessel.
Spirit, we compel you.
Leave her.
Friends, as you've no doubt heard, Percival Pickens has been nominated for emergency election to the Town Council, filling the vacancy left by the currently incarcerated Antoinette Topaz.
All those in favor.
And with that, a huge congratulations to the newest member of the Riverdale Town Council, Percival Pickens.
You're all gonna die for this! Whoo! It twitched in my hands.
Mistress Cheryl? Cheryl, is that you? Yeah.
But where's Abigail? - Oh! - Oh, thank God.
Oh, honey.
I'm so, so sorry.
He's he's okay.
- Yeah, we got lucky this time.
- But now he is safe.
And exactly where he should be.
I should tell you, Toni, it's not easy for me to say this, but I'm filing for primary custody of Baby Anthony.
No, Kevin, please don't do this.
I've been talking with Ms.
Given Fangs and your recent behavior, it shouldn't be hard for me to win guardianship.
Kevin, why the hell are you doing this? I don't understand.
My only concern is for Anthony's safety.
How's it going, Dad? Oh, it's great.
Everything's great.
Glad to hear.
You look happy, Dad.
Oh, yeah.
Having the time of my life, son.
Time of my life.
It's not looking good, I'm afraid.
Your father is on the donor list, but at this point, it is highly unlikely he'll get a transplant in time.
Barring that, what do you think, Doc? He's looking at a year.
Maybe two, if he's lucky, Is there anything I can do? Not at this point.
Except maybe just make sure your dad enjoys what little time he's got left.
This is Agent Cooper.
Miss Cooper, so sorry to bother you.
Have you heard about the Ghoulies' slaughter? Yeah, I did.
Twenty-two Ghoulies dead.
It's horrible.
I'm sure you've got your hands full.
I do.
But there is something off about the bodies.
Off in what way? According to the Sheriff report, the Ghoulies were killed in a gun fight with deputies on the scene.
But I would say the Ghoulies wounds were self-inflicted.
Hang on.
They They shot themselves? Yes, I believe the Ghoulies turned their guns on themselves.
Sealed away.
One more thing, Nana.
It falls to us three women to keep the eternal flames burning so that Abigail will never escape or lay claim to my body again.
Well, at least we saved Cheryl from being possessed.
So that's a win, right? Yeah.
But while we were doing that, Percival got himself elected on the town council.
The council that we formed.
After killing 22 Ghoulies, and almost killing the Serpents, maybe.
So what? He wants to take over the town? Like Hiram Lodge? We stopped Hiram.
We can stop Percival.
I don't think Percival wants to take over Riverdale.
Something tells me he wants to destroy it.

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