Riverdale (2017) s06e10 Episode Script

Chapter One Hundred and Five: Folk Heroes

1 Heroes.
Some are born on the gridiron and baseball diamonds.
Others are ripped from the pages of comic books.
But then there are folk heroes, champions of the common people.
You've heard of them.
John Henry, Johnny Appleseed, Davy Crockett.
Folk heroes are symbols of courage for the oppressed.
Riverdale was being threatened by a villain with a seemingly supernatural ability to control minds.
We needed a hero to defeat him, one who wouldn't manipulate our neighbors towards their worst impulses but inspire them to do their best.
We needed a modern day folk hero.
So, Mr.
Pickens, what brings you to the Babylonium? Oh, please call me Percival.
And since I'm the newest member of the council, I need a more permanent home in Riverdale.
And I was hoping to take up residence in one of your champagne suites.
No chance.
You came after me and my casino the second you arrived in town.
Look, I can only apologize for that.
I It seems I've underestimated the Babylonium's potential.
And yours.
In any case, now that I have stepped down as deputy to open up a curiosity shop in town, I'm less concerned with matters of law and order.
Now about that champagne suite, I can pay you a year's rent, a year's back rent, and a year's security deposit today, in cash.
Also, not to step on Kevin Keller's toes, but I'm quite the crooner.
- Are you now? - Oh, yes, I've sung Caesar's Palace, Sydney Opera House, Moulin Rouge.
Not to brag, but the ladies love me.
Confidentially, so do the men.
- Cash, you said? - Cash it is.
- Are you certain about this, Brittania? - Yes, Mistress Cheryl.
When my parents heard about you wanting to adopt me, they thought about it and they're ready to accept me for who I am.
In that case, Godspeed.
And thank you.
If not for your efforts, I would have been trapped in the corridors of Abigail Blossom's mind forever.
For that you will always have a place here.
And next on the agenda is the Pickens Park Revitalization Project.
Now, as we all know, Pickens Park, once magnificent, has sadly become blighted.
Drugs, crime, and worse.
Which is why I am so excited to reveal to you the park's future.
As you can see, it will feature new playgrounds for children, repaved pathways for cycling, and where it stood before, a glorious new statue of my ancestor, General Pickens, the man credited with taming these wild lands.
You can't be serious, right? General Pickens was a homicidal maniac who slaughtered the Uktena tribe.
We all learned that in high school.
Yeah, and I think before anything is approved, it's important to remember why the statue was removed in the first place.
For a lot of people in Riverdale, General Pickens isn't a hero, but rather an offensive reminder of our town's dark history.
Very well.
We'll revisit this, but in the meantime, let's move on to the next order of business.
The new town sign.
Now, the updated design approved by a majority of this council sadly, won't have room for the town's slogan.
"Home of Pop's Chock'lit Shoppe.
" So, we'll have to lose that I'm afraid.
- What's your problem with me? - Dunno what you mean.
What about the fact that you decided to remove Pop's from the town sign? Well, that's an aesthetic decision.
Tabitha, I can assure you I'm not your enemy.
In fact, friendly advice.
Instead of expending all your energy fighting me, you should consider an actual threat to your livelihood.
Veronica Lodge? - Her casino.
- What are you talking about? I probably shouldn't say anything, but the council is holding a special meeting to approve a billboard promoting the Babylonium.
Now, since that stretch of highway is only zoned for two billboards, the town's and one other shouldn't you be fighting to make that a Pop's advertisement instead? Think about it.
It's like Percival has has the whole town in his thrall.
And the irony is, as far as everyone else is concerned, Percival is a great guy.
Oh, except never mind the fact that he's killed people.
How do you fight mind control? Actually, there might be a way.
I've been reading this parapsychology book last night, and some of the scientists think that you can actually resist mind control through something called an emotional anchor.
It essentially acts as a tether, connecting you to what you feel like your core identity is.
And as long as you stay connected to whatever that thing is, he can't get a grasp on you.
Okay, so if I were one on one with Percival, I would just think about my mom or Polly.
Before he gets his hooks on you, yeah, you might be able to resist.
That's a great strategy for us, Jug, but what about the rest of the town? You're right.
Before we try to figure out what his ultimate plan is, we have to focus on trying to free the stranglehold that he has on our friends and neighbors.
By beating him at his own game.
Not manipulation.
The people of the town they need to be reminded of who they are, what their core values are.
But they need someone to look up to, a hero that can point them in the direction of good.
Archie, that hero needs to be you.
- What are you talking about? - You're the closest thing we have to an authentic American folk hero who can rouse people towards good And what's better than a homegrown son of good Fred Andrews, champion of the common folk? Not everyone sees me in that light.
They will, in time, once you win back the hearts and minds of the town's people, including the ones that are currently under Percival's supernatural charisma.
- We can stop his mad ascent - Vote his ass off the council.
Sign me up.
But we can't just decide Archie's a folk hero and people will believe him.
No, no, he'll need to demonstrate it.
But lucky for us, Archie's already a legend in the making.
And my ex-literary manager has a connection to the Guinness Book of World Records.
Are you still in touch with K.
Kelly? 'Cause we might need his help.
Stare all you want, Abigail, but you'll never get out of that porcelain cage and into my beautiful body.
Oh, God.
Is it warm in here? All right, the floor is now open for public comment.
I'd like to make an announcement.
As of today, the El Royale will be unavailable for town hall meetings.
I've decided to reopen it as a boxing gym for local kids.
We sure that's a prudent idea? The El Royale started out as a boxing gym.
And for a while it was a youth center.
This would combine two of my passions, physical fitness And serving and inspiring the community.
Filling the youths of Riverdale with a sense of personal and civic pride.
Instilling in them some much needed values.
Leading with compassion, reminding them to think for themselves.
I'm sorry.
All due respect, gentlemen, but how is this ramshackle place going to inspire anyone? Because the El Royale is about to be world famous.
Owned and operated by the "World's Toughest Man Alive," Archie Andrews.
You see, an adjudicator of the Guinness Book of World Records will be arriving soon to watch Archie perform a set of feats of human endurance, I think, need to be seen to be believed.
So, we would like to invite everyone far and wide to come and cheer on.
Riverdale's homegrown folk hero, Archie Andrews, "Man of Iron.
" Oh, 103, you're burning up with fever as I suspected.
- Last night, I feared I was burning alive.
- Oh! Get thee back to bed, child, and rest.
Thank you for taking care of me, Nana.
I'm not going to be taking care of you.
No, no, no, I must keep vigil over the doll and its prisoner, Abigail.
But I will hire a night nurse to minister to your needs.
Well, we'd like to start by saying how much we appreciate all the time and effort you both put into your individual proposals.
But we are going to go with the Babylonium billboard.
- Hmm.
- Yes.
Now, while Pop's represents Riverdale's past, we wanna look towards its future.
Percival reminded us that a casino promises more revenue for the town of Riverdale.
Short and long term.
We hope you understand Pops will always be part of Riverdale's - Legacy? - Hmm.
Legacy? Yes, but also its present and future, Percival.
Count on it.
- Well, that was rather awkward.
- Yeah.
Should we, uh, decamp to the El Royale, see what Archie's feats of toughness are? I'm rather curious.
Sick! According to Mr.
Guinness, you are now the World's Toughest Man.
How's it feel? You know, my dad used to keep a copy of that book in the john, so pretty good, I guess.
And luckily, no one's asked too many questions about my "feats".
I feel like we erred on the right sort of credulity.
Also, um did you see how the entire crowd turned towards you and away from Percival? Yeah, he was pissed.
So what's next? So, good news is your statue is almost finished.
What statue? The one that I commissioned from a sculptor friend of mine back in New York.
Look, Percival is trying to mythologize his great grandfather, right? So, we have to mythologize you.
Jug, I'm not sure about a statue.
You're being too modest, man.
Also, K.
Kelly has agreed to the fight, - so he's all in.
- I'm not sure about that, either.
And wouldn't my powers give me an unfair advantage in the ring? I could hurt him, not to mention his reputation.
That's the beauty of this plan.
You don't actually have to win.
Well, since K.
went professional, his whole thing is that he knocks every opponent out that he fights.
Every single one.
So, technically, all you have to do is stay standing by the time the bell rings.
He's going to get the technical victory.
But you're going to get the Rocky-esque, inspirational victory and the legend of Archie Andrews will just build and build.
I'm sorry the billboard vote didn't work out for you, Tabitha.
- I've been trying to get one up for years.
- It's not just that, Toni.
Percival said something about Babylonium being a threat to Pop's.
And damned if he isn't right.
I went over my books, and ever since Veronica opened up her casino, my revenue's been going down.
Join the club.
Casinos give out drinks for free, so why would anybody come to the Whyte Wyrm to pay for them? I hear you.
But that's the thing.
Unlike the Whyte Wyrm, we're not direct competition for the casino, so why is it eating into my customer base? Well, have you been to the Babylonium yet? I haven't had a chance to yet.
Well, maybe it's time we check out our competition.
Danke, Darius.
That was delicious.
And thank you for watching over my literally hot body whilst my nana keeps her own vigil in the chapel.
I was honored to be asked back, Miss Cheryl.
And after a good night's rest, hopefully, your fever will have broken by morning.
From your pillowy lips, Darius.
Is your mouth a little weak ♪ When you open it to speak ♪ Are you smart? ♪ Excuse me.
What do we have here? We have an assortment of sliders, tater tots, and pigs-in-a-blanket.
On the house, of course.
The Babylonium is serving diner food? And that's not all.
What is this? Liquor-infused milkshake shots.
Would you like one? Oh, hell no.
It's Valentine's Day ♪ Ah! Darius, I feel so much cooler and fresh.
Your soup must've Darius? Abigail.
What's the matter, child? Nana, poor Darius has burned to a crisp.
He's nothing more than a pile of ash.
I am certain it's Abigail's doing.
Oh, but the doll, it hasn't twitched all night.
It's cool to the touch.
What new bedevilment is this? Archie Andrews, World's Toughest Man.
Kelly, the Knockout Champ.
I'm glad you could make it.
I never turn down a good fight.
Holy crap, bro, you're like a damn rock.
You getting yoked or what? Must be all the construction work.
And I appreciate you coming to town, promoting the gym, and boosting morale.
Nah, man.
I'll go easy on ya.
Hate to ruin that pretty face.
But, uh where's your ring? I'm going to spend the day setting it up.
Do you want to help me? Nah, man.
Katy told me all about Veronica's new casino.
- Hmm.
- Thought I might check it out.
Good call.
Well, you called, I came.
What exactly am I looking at here? Cousin, those are the meager earthly remains of my night nurse, Darius.
When I fell asleep, he was sitting in that chair, and when I awoke, he had burned to ash.
There are pieces of bone in here.
And why didn't his feet burn? Why don't I gather what's left of Darius and bring him to Dr.
Curdle Jr? That's step number one.
There's no way we can compete against a casino with a budget of a Baz Luhrmann film.
Look, we're two Davids versus a Babylonian-sized Goliath.
Veronica's clearly prioritized profit over friendship.
So, I say we do the same and team up.
Fight fire with fire.
I could apply for a liquor license and start serving alcohol, placing all of my orders through the Whyte Wyrm, of course.
And I could install a couple of slot machines downstairs and maybe even a craps table.
But what do we do about live entertainment? We need an act that will get people talking and fast.
- What if I resurrect the idea of a singing diner? - Yeah.
Or I could step it up a notch.
There is an old tradition that's due for a Cirque de Soleil-type re-invention.
What tradition? - It's a little thing we call the Serpent Dance.
- Oh.
So sorry to interrupt.
If you're having problems with the Champagne Suite, Percival, talk to the building manager.
I don't handle maintenance issues.
Oh, no, my accommodations are superb.
I was actually just nipping out to run an errand, and I thought I'd pop by with a proposition.
You see, the more time I spend at the Babylonium, the more this place feels like home.
And I suppose, I was just wondering, if you and I shouldn't explore a more robust partnership.
In what respect? Well, I could become an investor, help take the Babylonium to the next level.
Only thing is, I already have a partner.
Oh, yes, Reginald Mantle.
Where is he? I haven't seen him since I moved in.
Mantle Motors.
Helping his dad with the dealership.
That sounds right.
Um Look, I don't mean to stir trouble, but you're sure that's where he is and what he's doing? Cut the crap, Percival.
Is there something you know that that I don't? No.
Do you know what? I shouldn't say anything else.
You should really see this for yourself.
What the hell, Reginald? What are you doing here? Running a satellite casino behind my back? Using slot machines stolen from the Babylonium? They're on loan.
This is just a side hustle.
Another one in our long history of side hustles.
We're both benefitting.
How stupid do you think I am, Reggie? We're in the fight of our lives to make the Babylonium solvent, and you're siphoning money away from us? Well, maybe I wanted something of my own, where I could call the shots.
So this is about ego, then? Fine.
You know what? You can keep the slot machines you "borrowed," but as far as I'm concerned, you're barred from the Babylonium.
No, you can't do that, Ronnie.
I'm half owner.
Show up and see what happens, Reggie.
- And you're definitely banished from my bed.
- Hmm.
Well, Dr.
Curdle Jr.
? If I'm not mistaken, what we're looking at here is the result of a phenomenon known as SHC.
- Spontaneous Human Combustion? - Exactly.
Perhaps the gases in this poor fellow's entrails heated to such an intense temperature that they auto-ignited.
And he burned from the inside out.
But his feet, they're still intact.
And the chair that he was sitting on, - it was barely singed.
- In cases of SHC, the fire burns at a temperature in excess of 1,000 degrees but is contained within the body so that oftentimes, some of the extremities are spared.
As well as objects that are in direct contact with the victim.
Spontaneous human combustion? Stranger things have happened in Riverdale.
My Nana just took my temperature and it's rising again.
- Does that mean I'm going to combust too? - No, no.
- No way.
- How do you know, cousin? Because I'm going to stay here tonight and make sure that that doesn't happen.
Hello, Mr.
The door was unlocked, so I slipped in.
I do hope that's all right.
You see that box cutter there? I'd very much like you to pick that up.
That's it.
Now, press it into your arm.
I want to see your blood pooling all over this lovely floor.
Would you do that for me? That's it.
Nice and steady now.
That's not possible.
Let's try this again, shall we? I don't think so.
You took your shot and you missed.
I'm sorry you had to find out about Reginald's betrayal this way.
If it's any consolation, I've had a rather frustrating evening myself.
But isn't it better to know the truth than to carry on living blindfolded? I suppose.
In fact, there is one other thing I think you should see.
Tell me, have you been into the Whyte Wyrm recently? I'm your private dancer ♪ A dancer for money ♪ I'll do what you Want me to do ♪ I'm your private dancer A dancer for money ♪ And any old music will do ♪ I'm your private dancer ♪ A dancer for money ♪ I'll do what you Want me to do ♪ Just a private dancer ♪ A dancer for money ♪ And any old music will do ♪ Deutsche marks or dollars ♪ American Express Will do nicely, thank you ♪ Let me loosen up Your collar ♪ Tell me, do you want To see me do the Shimmy again? ♪ Oh, my God, Cheryl, you're burning up.
You're literally on fire.
- What's happening to me? - Uh, let's get you into an ice bath.
Okay? - ASAP.
Let's go.
- Okay.
- I'm literally boiling alive! - Hold on.
The water is pulling the heat out of your body, okay? Just ride it out and see if it dissipates.
Oh, your temperature's dropping, thank God.
And then what? It's just gonna keep building back up in me.
- That's what keeps happening, isn't it? - That seems to be the pattern.
- Yeah.
- Okay.
And we're gonna what? Just go until I die? What can we even do? Okay, there is a division at the FBI that specializes in phenomenon like this, okay? I'm going to reach out.
You're not gonna die, Cheryl.
- I swear.
Okay? - Okay.
He was fully in my head.
I thought I was a dead man.
But then I remembered what you said about focusing on a tether.
So I zoned in on this picture of my dad.
Percival lost his grip on me.
Okay, that's great.
That means the defense actually works.
But, Jug, this is a temporary solution.
If he catches us or anyone by surprise, we're vulnerable.
All right.
Why don't we start after your big fight with K.
O? You're going to be riding high off that victory.
The Guinness Book of World Records is going to present you with your award, then we're going to reveal your statue.
Then you say a couple words at a press conference.
I mean, the whole town is going to be rallied behind you.
Drive him out of town.
- Old school scoundrel-style.
- Exactly.
With everyone cheering for Riverdale's "Man of Iron.
" Quiet on the floor today.
I suppose it's no wonder since the Chock'lit Shoppe and the Whyte Wyrm have declared war on us.
Us? I'll think of something.
I usually do.
You should show strength.
Teach Tabitha and Toni a lesson.
Have any suggestions to make? Oh, always.
I think we should firebomb the hell out of them.
- Is everything okay? - No.
This is going too far.
I know what you're trying to do, Tabitha, but liquor in our family restaurant? What's going on, Toni? I just got out of jail.
and suddenly you're in a remake of Showgirls? I'm all for doing whatever it takes to make a buck, and I don't be to be a prude, but we're in a custody battle for baby Anthony.
How do you think this looks? I'm sorry.
What did you just say? Firebomb Pop's and the Whyte Wyrm? I don't know who you think I am, Percival.
But I'm not my father.
And you, you're smooth and charming, but you overplayed your hand.
Now get out of my office and be grateful that I'm not throwing you out of my champagne suite.
As you wish.
I actually have a pressing engagement to keep.
No rest for the wicked, it seems.
It's like playing cards in a funeral home.
Lighten the hell up, kid.
You're a free man now, in complete control of your own future.
Yeah, well, Veronica was kind of my future.
The casino, too.
Well, in that case, maybe you take it back.
The casino, not the girl.
- She was garbage.
- What'd you say? Shut the hell up, you disrespectful punk.
You, uh, want us to deal you in? And maybe we discuss deepening our partnership.
Why the hell not? Atta boy.
Hi, I was hoping to catch you.
- Do I know you, bud? - Oh, of course, my name's Percival.
I uh I caught a fight of yours a couple of months ago at Madison Square Garden.
Title bout against Hurricane Henry.
Most impressive.
- It's always nice to meet a fan.
- Oh.
- But I gotta hit the hay.
Big fight tomorrow.
- Right.
Be well.
Before you dash off, Mr.
Kelly, I um I wonder if you might do me a favor.
Where's K.
O? He just got out of surgery.
What happened to him? Witnesses say that he walked right into traffic.
- Calmly, willingly.
- Oh, my God.
Take a guess on who's responsible.
Percival, you snake.
We were just talking about you.
Listen, I heard about your friend K.
Such a shame.
A shame that he didn't die? Like you wanted him to? I haven't the faintest notion what you're on about, Archie.
But listen, with K.
down for the count, you must be looking for a new opponent to step into the ring with you and uh Well, I'd like to throw my hat in, if that's all right.
Let me tell you, nothing would make me happier but you do not want to do that.
Oh, dude, but I do.
Tough as you are, I was top of my boxing class at Cambridge and I can hold my own.
So, how about it? Me against you in front of the whole town.
- Winner takes all.
- All right, fine.
But why don't we up the stakes a little? When I win, which I will, you resign from the council.
And if I win, I want you, personally you, to reinstate my great grandfather's statue in Pickens Park.
- Deal.
- Excellent.
Well, may the best man win, eh? He wants to fight me.
In the ring? He's going to try and mind control you in front of the whole town? That's not going to happen.
I'll be thinking about my dad while I beat him to a pulp and send his ass out of Riverdale in a body bag.
Hey, I was actually just picking up the phone to call you.
Can we meet? In person? Thank you for taking the time, Agent Drake.
It's my pleasure, Agent Cooper.
I've wanted to meet you since the Starkweather case.
Well, I'm sorry that it took so long, but you said you had some insight about the case that I'm working.
Uh, yes.
What you described may not be spontaneous human combustion.
Despite what your coroner friend says, SHC is extremely rare.
Okay, so if it's not SHC, what is it? What you described could be someone who is manifesting nascent powers of pyrokinesis.
Pyro Pyrokinesis? The ability to create and control fire with their mind.
And what triggers the onset of these kinds of abilities? Pretty much what you'd expect.
Puberty, intense traumas.
And how does pyrokinesis work, specifically? We all generate heat.
Me, you.
But a pyrokinetic person generates heat at the level of a superconductor.
They have to discharge it, or it will build up and cause them or anyone near them to self-immolate Okay.
And And how do they discharge the heat? Practice.
Want some pointers? Thanks for stopping by.
And thanks for the partnership.
Thank you.
- And we'll let you know about the slot machines.
- Absolutely.
- Bye.
- Bye.
So, what were they doing here? We were reminding each other of who we are.
Hmm? Three women and three proud business owners in a small town that needs to come together instead of letting itself be ripped apart.
We found a way to thread the needle and support one another.
How so? I'm giving two of my Babylonium slot machines to the Whyte Wyrm.
And in return, Toni is giving me ten percent of what she brings in with them.
As for Tabitha, we're opening a Pop's booth in the grand lobby and splitting the profits from food sales.
Circles rise together, after all.
Well, I have to tip my hat to you.
Very smart how you were able to handle this with Tabitha and Toni.
Oh, I wish I could take credit, but it was Tabitha.
She's the one who came up with this three-way partnership and plan.
She's very clever, isn't she? Yeah.
You're 119 degrees, Cheryl.
Focus on the logs in the fireplace and project the heat that's building up inside onto it.
- How? - Focus.
Visualize it and it will happen.
I'm burning up.
I can't even think straight.
Well, you better get your head in the game, Cheryl, because if you don't, me, you or your Nana are going to burst into flames.
All right.
Remember your tether.
Couldn't forget if I tried.
All right, fellas, let's touch 'em.
Good luck.
Go, Archie! Focus, Archie! Go on, lower you guard, Archie.
Lower you guard and let me win.
Again, that's not gonna work on me.
Looks like I have to beat you the old-fashioned way.
Come on, Archie! One! Two! Three! Four! Five! Six! Seven! - I can't I can't do it.
- Yes.
Yes, you can, Cheryl.
You're You're phoenix, okay? You thrive in fire.
Your brother's corpse was baptized in fire.
Your ancestor, Abigail, she was consumed in fire.
You burned this house down and rebuilt it.
You yourself said that you can control the elements.
Your entire life has been building up to this - threshold.
- She's at 262 degrees Damn it, Cheryl! You are going to die if you don't do this.
Focus on the logs, okay? - Stop yelling at me! - Burn those logs! - 303 degrees.
- I'm trying.
I'm trying.
Burn her, Cheryl.
Burn your mother, okay? Focus.
Visualize and make her pay for all of the pain that she's caused you, okay? Set her ass on fire! You did it, Cheryl.
Great job and congratulations.
You are officially a pyrokinetic.
Guard, Archie! - One! - All right.
Stay down! - Two! - Stay down! You're done.
You're done.
- Three! - He's slaughtering you, Arch.
- Four! - You're done! Five! Six! Seven! Arch.
Hey, Jug, I just heard about the match.
What happened? Percival won.
The match, the crowd.
Archie's not going to get a medal from Guinness.
Percival outplayed us.
Arch, how could you have lost? I felt Percival's punches.
I felt pain.
I bled.
How could this have happened? Is it possible Percival knows about my weakness? Could he have got ahold of the palladium? The only palladium I know of is what Archie gave to me to keep safe.
Where is it? No, no, no, no, no.
There is no way he could've found it.
Then where is it, Betty? - I don't know, Archie.
- Percival must know about our secrets.
It's the only way that he could've beaten Archie.
How does he know? Thank you, Alice.
Now you get back downstairs and drink your wine, okay? Yeah.
That sounds nice.
What? Your friend, Archie.
There's something special about him.
You're going to tell me everything, Betty.
Then you're going to go back to sleep.
You're going to forget I was even here.
Archie did it.
The statue is up.
A man of his word to the end, eh? Fancy a stroll, Tom? You're so quiet.
What's wrong? You won the fight.
It's Tabitha Tate.
She weighs on me.
Full of false virtue.
Standing in the way of true progress with that hideous diner of hers.
It's not right.
I'm afraid to say, gentlemen, Tabitha Tate's not long for this new world we're creating.

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