Riverdale (2017) s06e19 Episode Script

Chapter One Hundred and Fourteen: The Witches of Riverdale

The first thing that
happened after the wedding,
is the living buried their dead.
Among the firstborns who'd perished
as a result of Percival's attack,
Archie, Toni, Fangs,
Dagwood, Nana Rose, and me,
your humble narrator.
So sorry to intrude.
We've, um, we've come
to pay our respects.
You you did this.
You killed my Nana
and my T.T.
How could you? How could
you do this? Anthony was a baby.
Calm yourselves.
We'll leave. Leave you to your grief.
I'll let you in on a secret.
We weren't quite yet worm food.
This funeral, a misdirect, to lull
Percival into a false sense of security.
Oh, we were dead, but our bodies were
currently in Dr. Curdle's deep freeze,
preserved and not yet decomposing.
The plan was simple.
Convince Percival we were six feet under
while our surviving loved ones
mourned our passing,
when in fact, they were biding their
time until we could be resurrected.
Reports are still coming in,
but authorities believe,
there was an altercation
between rival gangs,
The Serpents and the Ghoulies,
that has resulted in multiple deaths
at the Whyte Wyrm biker bar.
Names of the deceased
have not yet been released,
but local authorities are warning
Nice cover story, Mom.
You know, maybe that's why Percival
didn't kill every firstborn in town,
because it would be much harder
to explain away hundreds,
if not thousands of deaths.
- That's a good point.
- When is she coming?
Sabrina What was her last name again?
She'll be here soon, right?
As soon as she can be.
Sabrina is the definition
of a multi-tasking witch.
Cheerleader by day, Queen of hell
by night, was her tagline for a while.
But you said, we only have
three days to bring them back?
And we've got like, 12 hours left.
It's true.
There are different kinds
of resurrection rituals.
The one we are attempting
must be performed
within three days of a person's
Otherwise, the body becomes
too corrupt to reanimate
and the death becomes permanent.
At least it doesn't seem like
Percival suspects what we're up to.
And he doesn't know that baby
Anthony survived his last plague.
That gives us a tiny window
to bring everyone back
in time for the final battle.
Why did baby Anthony survive?
Wouldn't he have been
Percival's main target?
You were a firstborn, too, though, Kev?
I think I know why I'm alive, Betty,
because Percival wants to
punish me for betraying him.
What punishment is worse
than death by a biblical plague?
You don't know him like I do.
Which is why I'm leaving.
I mean, even the fact that
I'm here right now at Thornhill
is probably putting you guys in danger.
Where will you go?
New York. Moose is already there.
I'm sorry, Betty.
I understand. Everyone else will too.
The Daggers of Megiddo.
Well done, Reggie.
Like so many of the items
in my collection,
these blades contain
immense, arcane power.
Now, did you enjoy your trip to Rome?
Everything, except for the part
when I got home and a bunch of
my high school friends were dead.
Yeah, so unfortunate
how that all happened.
But look, there's a silver
lining to all this tragedy.
Now that Veronica
has been so grief-stricken
and absent from the casino of late,
I took the liberty of calling
an emergency board meeting
and suggested that you be installed
as CEO, effective immediately.
Congratulations, Reg.
Babylonium now belongs to you
and you alone.
That was Mrs. Andrews.
She had a bad feeling about Archie,
so she keeps calling him
and he's not calling her back.
- Obviously.
- Good God.
What are we gonna tell her
happened to Archie,
if this crazy plan of ours doesn't work?
It has to work.
There's no other option.
Guys, where do we think they are?
Archie and the others.
I mean their souls?
In some kind of afterlife?
Sabrina once described it
simply as the "Sweet Hereafter."
Kids, is there something
you want to tell your dad?
We got our report cards today.
Let me guess, straight A's?
We're very proud of you, little Polly.
What about you, big guy?
Little Fred got A's in gym and music,
but cats and dogs in everything else.
That's okay. You know, your old man
wasn't the greatest student either.
That doesn't mean
we're not still proud of you.
Okay, you'll find your way.
Thanks, Pop.
Hey, Vegas
Good boy.
Gambler's lucky streak ♪
When we're out together ♪
Dancing cheek to cheek ♪
Oh, I love to climb a mountain ♪
And to reach the highest peak ♪
But it doesn't thrill me ♪
Half as much ♪
As dancing cheek to cheek ♪
Oh, I love to go out fishing ♪
In a river or a creek ♪
But I don't enjoy it half as much ♪
That's it then,
the Serpents and the Ghoulies
have finally signed a peace treaty.
As of this moment,
we are no longer at war.
Here's to a better, brighter,
more unified, Riverdale.
For everyone.
Including our son Anthony.
And for my Timmy as well.
Are you going somewhere, Son?
You need to come with us.
Percival has a couple of questions
he'd like to ask you.
Come on now.
Dad, what are you up to?
Well, why don't I send you a car,
you come to the casino and roll
some dice with the Babylonium's
newly ensconced CEO.
You must be Sabrina Spellman.
I'm Cheryl Blossom.
Come in. We've been waiting for you.
Sorry it took me a minute.
Lots of turbulence in the realms.
But, I'm here now.
What can I do to help?
It's lovely to meet you all.
Even under such dire circumstances.
Sabrina is a fellow witch
who specializes in death magic.
It's true. After I passed away
a few years ago,
my boyfriend, Nick Scratch,
sacrificed himself,
to bring me back from the dead
as a way to rebalance the scales.
Ironically, that experience,
being resurrected,
is what made me decide
to specialize in necromancy.
What happened to Nick?
He had to stay behind
in the "Sweet Hereafter,"
which, based on what Heather told me
is where your significant others are.
- Am I right?
- More or less.
And they've been dead two plus days?
Yes, and counting.
Okay, so, we'll need to move fast.
First, we'll need a coven of at least
six witches to perform the resurrection.
Okay. Well, you, me
and Heather, make three.
Uh, unfortunately, Brujeria
wasn't one of my majors at Barnard.
Yeah, and I mix milkshakes, not potions.
None of us are
We're not witches. Sorry.
Not yet, but all powerful,
disruptive women,
have the potential to become witches.
And you've already started
manifesting powers,
from what I'm hearing,
so, let's make it official.
Step one
You sign your name
in a book of witchcraft.
The Maleficarumwill do nicely.
We pledge ourselves to the Mother,
to share our power with one another.
Step two.
You pledge allegiance to Hecate.
The feminine ideals
of maiden, mother, and crone.
Mother, to share
our power with another.
Bing, bang, I saw the whole gang ♪
Dancin' on my living room floor ♪
Yeah flip, flop ♪
They was doin' the bop ♪
Step three.
We do a little dance, ideally
around a bonfire in the woods,
but an impromptu living
room dance party works too.
Miss Molly was-a even there, too ♪
A-well-a, splish splash ♪
I forgot about the bath ♪
I went and put ♪
My dancing shoes on, yeah ♪
Welcome to the sisterhood
of night, ladies.
Now that we've all been blessed
with the divine spirit of Hecate,
I suggest we do a trial run
focusing on a single resurrection.
Where are the bodies?
- They're at the morgue. I can take you.
- Great.
In the meantime, the rest of you witches
will need to conjure up a portal.
There's a passageway
to the "Sweet Hereafter."
Let's see.
Um Right there, is good.
Once we've got our corpse,
I, as a certified death walker,
will cross over into the afterlife
and coax the soul in
question back into their body.
If that works, we'll repeat the process,
if it doesn't, we'll regroup.
Now, do you have your own broom
or do you want to ride with me?
You're on fire, Dad.
Hey, you okay?
Maybe we should slow down. Your heart.
It's nothing. It's just a twitch.
Come on, I'm hot. I can't lose tonight.
Good. Good. I'm good
Let's go.
So, we've narrowed it down to these two.
They're both super cute.
But there is something about this one.
We'll try him first.
I can't promise you a happy ending
once I find Jughead
Great name, by the way.
I'll explain what happened,
but, then it's up to him.
- Meaning?
- The dead have to want to return.
I can't force him to come back.
Can you just
Can you tell Jughead that I miss him?
I hear you, and you got it.
Okay. Everyone ready?
Wake up, little Susie wake up ♪
We've both been sound asleep ♪
Wake up, little Susie and weep ♪
The movie's over it's four o'clock ♪
And we're in trouble deep ♪
Wake up, little Susie ♪
Wake up, little Susie ♪
Hey, there.
- Can I join you?
- Sure.
You're a fan of Mad House Glads?
Um I'm Sabrina Spellman.
And while I don't really have
time to get into the details,
let's just say I'm visiting
from the mortal realm.
We have some mutual friends,
and uh, oh yeah I'm a witch.
You're not trying to take me
back there, are you?
Essentially, yes. Everyone
misses you, especially Tabitha.
Yeah, and I miss her, too.
I died, you know?
Your work on Earth isn't done.
The final battle, which you are
needed for, hasn't happened.
So, um What do you say?
Wanna settle that bill and head
back to the land of the living?
I'm good, you know
This is like the ideal version
of Riverdale.
There's no suffering.
Just endless burgers, and comic
books, and I I can hear again.
I'm so much better off here,
in the "Sweet Hereafter."
- You know?
- What about Tabitha?
Well, eventually,
we'll see each other again.
And she already told me
how all this ends,
with us most likely losing to
Percival and me dying again.
And it's
What's the point?
The point is hope.
What can I do or say to convince you?
But tell Tabitha,
that I think about her
a lot and I do hope to see her soon.
Not too soon though.
Um actually
Can I talk to you about something else?
And maybe ask a favor.
You know, I was afraid
you were weak, Kevin.
And, uh, well, sadly,
you've proved me right.
Now, you're going to
tell me exactly what shenanigans,
your friends have been up to
at Thornhill.
Never, never. Just kill me.
Kill me.
You know what, piggy?
I just might.
Oh my God, Jughead.
I missed you so, so much.
Thank God you're back.
What is it?
What's wrong?
I'm not Jughead.
What? Then who are you?
Everyone, this is my boyfriend.
Nick Scratch.
So, wait, wait, wait. Your boyfriend's
soul is in my boyfriend's body.
I'm Nick Scratch.
What's up, ladies?
Yeah, that's definitely not Jughead.
So then where is my boyfriend, then?
I asked if he wanted to come back,
and he politely declined.
It makes sense, though, doesn't it?
I mean, think about it.
Who wants to leave Heaven?
So then, instead you stole his body?
I borrowed it
with Jughead's consent to
spend a little more time with my Nick.
But Nick is also a necromancer,
and we're going to need his help
for our next attempt
to bring your friends back.
Oh okay. Good. So we're not giving up.
Absolutely not.
So loved ones of the dearly
departed gear up.
- Uh
- Uh
You want us to go into the great beyond?
Your friends don't know me,
but if you guys, the ones they love
appeal to them emotionally,
they might come back.
Right. But we're not necromancers.
How are we going to cross over?
I will summon Charon,
the ferryman of the dead
in Greek mythology, to help.
He's sort of a work friend.
Whatever it takes.
Good, because you're also
going to have to die.
Temporarily, just for
a few minutes to cross over.
Okay, um I'll go for T.T.,
obviously, and Fangs, I suppose.
- Oh, and my Nana and Dagwood.
- I'll go in for Jughead.
I'll go in for Archie.
Um just one sec.
- Yeah.
- What?
- What is it?
- Um, uh, Betty?
I'm not sure what it is
exactly, but there's something
about your energy that we worry
will keep you from crossing over.
Has anyone put a hex on you?
- Damned your soul?
- No.
I mean, recently I was likened
to the harlot of Babylon.
Oh, yes. Totally. Um
Yeah. No. The harlot wouldn't
technically be allowed into Heaven.
- No.
- Oh. Okay.
Well, that figures.
Yeah, that's it. Um
Anyone else here have an
emotional connection to Archie
that might be able to lead him
back to the mortal realm?
Sure. Yeah.
Kill me temporarily so I can go
visit my ex-boyfriend in Heaven.
Why not?
This is gonna be awesome.
You're enjoying that
new found success, Reg.
I'm not going to lie.
It feels like it's been
a long time coming.
That's wonderful.
I'm so glad to hear that
because I need a favor.
I'm afraid Kevin Keller has betrayed
us and must be punished accordingly.
I'd like you to execute him as a message
to all those who would oppose me.
Are you for real?
I've known Kevin since we were rug rats.
Afraid it's non-negotiable, old chum.
But look, I'm not a monster.
You do this for me, you'll be rewarded.
Your father can have Kevin's
young, healthy heart.
Oh yes, I know all
about his health issues.
His time is running
out. He needs a miracle.
Rather like the one I'm offering.
You punish Kevin as he deserves
and you save your father.
There really is no dilemma here.
Is this going to hurt?
Hopefully not.
It should feel like
you're going to sleep.
Personally, I'm excited. How many people
get to say they died and came back?
In Riverdale, a lot.
Okay, people, let's, let's focus. Nick.
If you'll do the honors.
With this incantation,
hearts will beat in moderation.
Rest your easy minds,
slip away from space and time.
Offer up these silver coins
to our ferryman divine.
Dearest Charon, hear our plea,
for these souls to go with thee.
Our offerings have been clearly set out,
guide these souls
to the "Sweet hereafter,"
or thereabout.
Okay. What do we do now?
Just hang out and wait?
Yeah. Keep watch over their bodies,
make sure nothing bad happens to them.
But, in the meantime,
I was hoping Nick and I could
sneak off for a quick date.
Um, are there any yummy places in town?
- Ronnie.
- Archie.
Oh, God.
I wasn't sure I'd ever see you again.
What are you talking about?
- You live right down the road.
- Uh
Archie, I'm am not that Veronica.
I'm the Veronica from before you died.
The war is still happening, Archie.
Back in the real world
or the mortal plane,
whatever you want to call it.
And we need you, and everyone who died,
to come back and help us fight.
But Ronnie, we fought that war
and we won.
Anyway, I'm done fighting.
I can't go back.
My place is here with Betty
and the kids.
I hear all of that.
But Betty, the real Betty,
needs you back home, Archie.
The life you're enjoying here,
that's what we're all fighting
for, back in the real Riverdale.
This is the real Riverdale.
Everything that I've ever wanted
is all right here.
Veronica. Hey,
I didn't realize you'd be here.
Do you want to stay for dinner?
Betty. Hi.
Uh no, I should get going.
I have a lot to do back home.
- Okay. Nice to see you.
- Yeah. Good to see you.
Archie, please
just think about it, at least.
I know you'll do the right thing.
Mom? Dad? I have to tell you
guys something.
Yeah, Anthony, of course.
You know you can tell us anything.
Okay. Well, Timmy Twyst and I
we're in love.
And we we want to get married.
- That's amazing.
- Really?
I didn't know how you guys
were gonna take the news.
That our son's getting married?
Anthony, we're thrilled.
Don't pop the champagne quite yet.
Sorry to interrupt, but might
the grownups have a word?
Okay, so let me get this straight.
You're saying that Percival
killed us at our wedding
and that all of this
is just some sort of
Your version of Serpent Heaven.
Alas, you must return
to the mortal coil.
You were untimely ripped
from the bosom of life.
Riverdale is on the precipice
of an apocalypse.
And what's worse is baby
Anthony, your actual living son
is an orphan.
Damn it, Cheryl, you've always
hated the fact that Toni chose me.
Now you come to us with this crazy
story about Anthony still being a baby?
Cheryl, we got married, and
then we went on our honeymoon
to the Poconos.
Nobody died at our wedding.
I promise you both,
I am not here to create chaos,
for a change,
but we have a rapidly shrinking
opportunity to make things right.
Toni, you are an incredible mother.
You would never leave
baby Anthony. Please?
Do you really think I would
lie to you about this?
You would, though. When
Polly and Jason got married,
you tried to sabotage them, too.
Polly and Jason are married,
did you say?
Yeah, despite your best efforts.
Consider what I am saying, T.T.
Listen to your mother's heart.
You'll know it's real.
Here you go, sir.
Oh, my God.
I'm so excited. I brought my
entire collection for you to sign.
- I hope that's okay?
- Yeah, of course.
You're a big fan of Mad House Glads?
Oh, my God, I am obsessed.
I mean, reading your comics pretty
much got me through everything.
You know, tough days at school,
my parents splitting up, getting dumped.
You know, TBH, the Glads
are, like, my best friends.
Yeah, me too.
I'm so happy to hear that.
Uh, who should I make this out to?
- Um, Fran.
- Fran.
So you finally made it to Heaven?
I'm sorry, but I know you, don't I?
My name is Raphael.
Is your name Raphael?
Indeed it is.
And are you my Guardian angel?
I am.
So, are you here for the signing or
I'm here for Jughead, but
he's having such a good time.
I'm just going to give him a minute
to let him finish up.
While we're waiting, why don't I
bring you up to speed on a few things?
Don't-a forbid me ♪
To hold you tight ♪
Darling, don't forbid me ♪
Cheryl. We weren't expecting you.
But come, sit. Have some tea.
Polly. Jason.
How are things?
Never better.
The maple business is booming,
trees are swollen with sap.
Oh, but Cheryl, none of that
is even the best part.
There's more?
We're pregnant again.
Triplets, this time.
This is all so wonderful.
It is. Isn't it?
Cheryl, what's wrong?
Oh. Why are you crying, you silly goose?
I'm just so relieved
to see you thriving.
I miss you both so much.
But there's no reason to miss us.
You can stay right here in Thornhill
with us for as long as you want.
If only that were true.
So what's the plan, Spellman?
Whatever do you mean?
I mean, thanks to you,
I have a viable body
that's not squid food at the
bottom of the sea of sorrows,
and that makes me think
that you are up to something.
Well, this completely out of the
blue opportunity fell into my lap,
so, I took it,
but now that you mention it,
what if we ran away?
Left Greendale. Left everything
and everyone behind.
The coven?
Your responsibilities, your family?
We could get one
of those little cottages
near the mountains of madness.
'Brina, first of all,
you're aunties would kill me.
Second of all, death will come for us
and find us, and we might both
get dragged away this time
for good.
We're already on borrowed time.
You know, I still haven't forgiven you
or my aunties for tricking me into this.
This this horrible,
this completely
- untenable situation.
- Hey, hey.
Hey the realms needed you.
The coven needed you.
I made my decision, and I
would do it again in a heartbeat.
Don't cry.
Not for me.
Hey, babe, what was that thing
that you're Aunt C used to say?
Witches don't cry.
Your favorite, Dad. Surf and turf.
You did it, Reg.
You made it.
This is how it's going
to be from now on, Dad.
You're going to get everything
you've ever wanted.
And then some.
Let's not talk that way,
Reg. We both know the truth.
I'm sick.
I don't have that much time left.
No, Dad, I've got something
in the works.
A way for you to jump
the line and get a new heart.
Okay, Reggie, first of all,
I would love nothing more than
to spend more time with you.
But I've been facing down
the grim reaper
for a while now, and it's
made me examine my life.
I wasn't a good father to you,
or husband to your mother.
And now that I'm at the end of the line,
I want to make sure
that I go out with dignity.
If I can.
Dad, you don't know what you're saying.
I do. I know what's coming,
and I'm ready to die
with honor.
Are you sure you want to do this?
No, but it's time.
Psychopomps are gathering.
Them again.
I love you, Sabrina Spellman.
In death and beyond.
I love you, Nick Scratch.
Forever and always.
What the hell am I supposed to do?
Pull it together, Mantle.
Who's there?
- Who's there?
- Don't you recognize your own voice?
Oh please, God. No.
Are you a ghost?
No. Your conscience.
You can't kill Keller.
But you already know that, don't you?
You don't understand, bro.
Percival's testing me.
It's either Keller or my dad.
Oh my God, get your head
out of your ass and use it.
What did you do in high school
when you didn't know the answer
on a multiple-choice test?
- What do you mean?
- Don't take the test.
Get your dad, get your pal,
and blow out of town.
Percival thinks he knows what you want.
Money, power, respect.
But what you really want
is to be the hero and alive.
But you've got to move fast.
What's up, witches?
How'd it go in the "Sweet hereafter?"
Not well.
The dead don't want to come back.
Some of them were
downright hostile, in fact.
How'd it go with Jughead, Tabitha?
Did you pull at his heartstrings?
I couldn't bring myself to do it.
We need them back here
with us where they belong.
Clearly they're not in their
right minds.
Yeah, she's right. The time
for gentle coaxing is over.
You need to pull them back ASAP
before it's too late.
I hear you. And don't worry,
I have a Plan B,
or would this will this be Plan C?
But this time it won't be me
bringing your loved ones back.
- It'll be Cheryl.
- Me?
Why for?
Because, Cheryl, the same way I
sensed something special about Betty,
I sense something special in you.
An extraordinary ability.
- Yeah, my pyrokinesis.
- No, no, no, no.
Pyrokinesis is only the first
manifestation of a
much more potent gift.
You, Cheryl Blossom, possess
the power of the Phoenix.
What what the hell
is the power of the Phoenix?
The Phoenix is a bird
from various mythologies.
The Phoenix dies in flames
but it's also reborn in them.
The Phoenix rises from the ashes.
Individuals with
the Phoenix power are rare,
but they have the gift of resurrection.
Bringing the dead back to life.
This is cuckoo bananas,
but I'm also kind of feeling it.
So what do I do?
It should be clear,
you'd be ripping your friends
from the "Sweet hereafter."
You all have to be okay with that.
- Are you?
- What are the risks again?
Souls might return incomplete or
infected with some kind of malignancy.
Those returned might resent
you for the rest of their natural lives.
We're still at war.
The worst is yet to come.
What choice do we really have?
I'll give Cheryl
the necromantic incantation
to tap into her Phoenix ability,
and the rest of you will have to
gather all the bodies in one place.
Where then Cheryl and Cheryl alone
will make things hot enough
for them to combust.
Wait, Cheryl is going
to burn the bodies?
Yes, and then hopefully your
friends rise from the ashes.
Okay, well
I'll do it in the mines then.
Stay close and be quiet.
Stop right there.
You're trespassing, fellas.
Oh. Reggie. Reggie, Reggie.
Now, I can't say that I am
surprised, but I am disappointed.
All right, Cheryl Marjorie
Blossom, it's all up to you now.
Power of fire from within,
put blaze upon their cold, damp skin.
Cleanse each body, renew each soul,
until nothing's left but ash and coal.
I call upon the Phoenix power
to help us at this mortal hour.
Accept the vessel upon this
hearth, complete the cycle of rebirth.
Does this mean you're leaving,
because of what Veronica said?
If there's even a chance of what Ronnie
said is true, I can't sit out a war.
I know I know, Arch.
Just come home to me.
I will.
Is it getting hot in here?
My God, Archie, you're burning.
What's happening to you?
What's going on with the heat?
Did you just turn it up? I'm frying.
Babe. What's wrong?
There are no photos
after our wedding, Fangs.
Just blank pages.
I think Cheryl was right.
I don't think we're meant to be here.
Hey, Pop, could you crank the AC,
I'm melting in here.
Power of fire from within, put a
blaze upon their cold, damp skin.
Cleanse each body, renew each soul,
until nothing's left but ash and coal.
I call upon the Phoenix power,
to help us at this mortal hour.
Accept the vessel upon this
hearth, complete the cycle of rebirth.
Well, I'm so happy
everything worked out.
At least for the moment.
I just wish I could have
seen you in action.
Well, I was quite amazing.
I just hope you don't get
in trouble for what you did.
I I don't know what you mean.
Just be careful.
Death doesn't like to be cheated.
I'm so sorry, Jughead but
we needed to bring you back.
And I I wanted you back.
Wait, say that again.
If we have any hope
of stopping Percival,
we needed to bring everyone back.
You included.
I can hear you.
- What?
- I can hear your voice.
What do you mean?
You're not deaf anymore?
Apparently not.
What about reading
Yes, I can still hear your
thoughts, loud and clear.
Well, that cushions the blow.
Maybe Cheryl's Phoenix Power rebooted
you, reset your systems, somehow.
Gave you the ability to hear again.
- Oh, my God.
- What?
I just remembered it.
In the bunker, right before I died
there was another Jughead.
Now that it's just us, how was
the "Sweet Hereafter," Cheryl?
It was painful at first
seeing my own family happy without me.
And I couldn't help but think,
"What if they were given
a second chance, too?"
But they've been gone so long.
I know, I still needed to try, though.
What do you mean, try?
Sorry we're late, Cheryl.
Oh, on the contrary, dearest
sister, you are right on time.
Welcome home, Blossoms.
Veronica said, "You and I were
happily together in the afterlife."
We were. We had two kids.
- Little Fred and little Polly.
- Aw.
- Seriously?
- Yeah.
We couldn't come up with
more creative names than that?
I guess not.
But being married to you,
having a family with you,
it was literally like my Heaven.
Tippy-toes, tippy-toes ♪
I'm on my tippy-toes tippy-toes ♪
I'm walking on egg shells ♪
I'm careful with myself ♪
Trying not to break the danger ♪
I just thought I would check in on you.
Ah, you mean because everyone else
is happily reunited and I'm
alone dealing with the fact
that Betty and Archie are endgame?
About that
Yes, in a lot of the future
scenarios I saw Betty and Archie
are endgame.
Right. I'm sure I'll be
planning their wedding
And I really shouldn't be saying this,
in an almost equal number
of scenarios
you and Archie are endgame.
- Meaning?
- Your romantic future is up for grabs.
Congratulations, gentlemen.
Now, instead of having
a single execution,
we'll have three,
and I'll do the honors myself.
Night, night.
We're so screwed.
Maybe not.
Before coming to bust you out,
I grabbed a little insurance
policy from the shop.
This is one of Percival's magic weapons.
I mean, it won't break us out of here,
but it'll be perfect
for sticking in someone's neck.
Hopefully, Percival's.
I'm glad you both made it back.
And I hope you are, too.
We are, Tabitha.
But we still don't know how or why
baby Anthony survived
the plague of the firstborn?
Oh, well, I learned a few things
during my visit
to the "Sweet Hereafter".
The first is
baby Anthony can't die
because he's immortal.
What? How do you know that?
Because an angel told me.
He also said that I'm
Riverdale's guardian angel.
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