Riverdale (2017) s06e20 Episode Script

Chapter One Hundred and Fifteen: Return to Rivervale

[Jughead] On the eve of war,
we gathered in Archie's house.
Percival didn't know that
we were back from the dead,
and that gave us a slight advantage.
Though he remained
the ultimate man of mystery.
What do we know about Percival
after all this time?
Well, we know he's a magical sorcerer
and his powers are getting stronger
the closer Bailey's Comet gets to us.
We know that he's building a ghost train
which will grant him power
over the souls of the dead,
though we don't know how or why
he's planning to use them.
And we know that he sees Baby
Anthony as a major threat to his future.
We know that the Pickens family has
a long-standing history with Riverdale.
For instance, that horrid
General Augustus Pickens
slaughtered the Uktena tribe
back in the day.
But there is no record of a
Percival in the Pickens family,
at least not in the Blossom archives.
Before Heraldo died,
he looked into Percival for me,
and he said it's like he didn't even
exist before showing up in Riverdale.
So where the hell did he come from then?
Drilling down, what does Percival want?
What does he actually want?
The apocalypse?
No, I think that's only if he
doesn't get what he wants.
What about our powers?
They all appeared at the same
time that Percival showed up.
Is that a coincidence
- or a connection?
- Do you have any theories, Jug?
I mean, I have one that I'm working
on, but it's too early to discuss.
Okay. We need to be smart
about our next move.
We need a plan.
In the meantime,
we should make Percival believe
that it's business
as usual in Riverdale.
In that case, I should
head over to the casino.
Percival's staying
in one of my champagne suites.
And Reggie is still working with him,
so maybe I can try to suss him out.
Okay. Be careful, Ronnie.
Always am, Archie.
Sweet cousin,
you need to pay a visit to Thornhill
Someone very near and dear
to your heart wants to see you.
What are you talking about? Who does?
Look, I'll tell you,
but you can't lose your mind.
And you mustn't breathe
a word about this to anyone.
Okay, so what is this theory of yours?
[Jughead] So I told Tabitha
about the other Jughead,
the mysterious plate of Pop's food
that materialized out of nowhere.
My other strange visitors.
Okay, so you think
that you opened up a portal?
Yes. One there and one there.
Well, I've been doing
some research. Here.
Read, starting at this yellow sticky.
There's a theory that some mind readers
aren't really reading minds,
but opening portals
into people's psychic landscapes
and stepping through them.
Which is what it feels
like I've been doing.
Okay. So you think that
you're not just a mind reader,
but also a portal opener?
Yeah, in the same way that you thought
you were a time traveler,
but you're actually an angel.
And, and, and when your powers
were going crazy,
you think that you unconsciously
opened up portals down here.
But to where?
I'm not sure, but it's someplace
where there is someone
that looks exactly like me.
Like another Jughead.
And there's another Pop's, too.
And I was hearing voices and they
sounded a lot like our friends' voices.
And there's a typewriter typing too.
Are you talking about another dimension?
Yeah. I didn't want
to say that word, but yes,
and I think we should explore it.
But, Jughead, we're getting
ready for a war in this dimension.
I know I know that, Tabitha, but
our powers started manifesting
after that big explosion
at Archie's, right?
That was the epicenter.
And then the first time that any of us
saw Percival was Archie at his house.
Percival has these supernatural powers.
Now, a lot of us do, too.
I think there's a connection
between the explosion,
our powers and Percival's arrival.
I just I'm not sure
that we'll find them here in Riverdale.
Do you want to go
dimension hopping with me?
[Percival] Alice, thank
you so much for seeing me.
Of course. What can I do
for you, Mr. Mayor?
Well, my inevitable victory
is almost upon us.
And I wanted to document
my history for posterity.
By granting me an exclusive
sit-down interview,
Barbara Walters style?
And afterwards, RIVW can
broadcast the live execution
of three traitors to our cause.
Reggie and Marty Mantle
and Kevin Keller.
Come again?
We are on the verge of war.
We must now instill terror
and exert absolute control.
Besides, [echoing] think of the ratings.
What is going on here?
Are those guillotines?
You need to leave, Miss Lodge.
You've been barred from the premises.
Excuse me. This is my casino.
Not anymore.
In your absence, the board of
directors had a no confidence vote
and you were relieved of your
duties, effective immediately.
[chuckles softly]
The scheme reeks of Reggie. Where is he?
he's currently indisposed.
All right, then.
Let me talk to Percival.
Mayor Pickens is very busy
with an important interview,
but he did authorize us
to remove you from the casino
should you show up.
By any means necessary.
I'm leaving.
- Betty!
- Polly.
[Jughead] It's like opening a door.
[breathing heavily]
It's like opening a door.
Like opening a door
Hello, darkness, my old friend.
Well you first.
Whoa, whoa! What the
hell are you doing here?
- You can't be in this universe.
- Okay.
Are you the person that's been going
through my portals
and stealing my stories?
I'm sorry.
Steal your stories?
Everything you've been writing,
you have clearly stolen
from what you've overheard
happening here in Rivervale.
Wait, did you just say Rivervale?
Is that where we are?
Some alternate, parallel universe?
Yes, Rivervale,
as opposed to your Riverdale.
I think you'd better start talking.
[Jughead] So this other "Bunker"
Jughead told us about Riverdale
and Rivervale being conjoined
parallel universes.
And how they started
to bleed into each other
and how both would have
self-destructed if the explosion
in Archie's bedroom
hadn't separated the two.
One catch.
See, Rivervale
was feeding off of Riverdale.
Anything that was happening in Riverdale
was also happening here in Rivervale.
But it was darker.
It was even more twisted and messed up.
People were dying, the universes
were unstable, and then they split.
Riverdale was saved,
but I had to stay down here
and keep writing in order
to keep Rivervale going.
Okay, so
you're like a living battery
- whose imagination fuels this universe?
- Yeah.
That sucks.
And then the portals opened
to Riverdale,
and I heard you typing away.
So, I thought,
oh, I would go and borrow
some of your stories
for inspiration.
But they were all just
recycled stories from Rivervale.
And anyhow, the portal's closed.
The portal's closed because someone
named Percival Pickens killed me.
That's why we're here.
Percival is trying to take over
or destroy Riverdale.
And we're looking for
information for how to stop him.
I mean, is it possible
that there's another version
of Percival Pickens here in Rivervale?
Well, not that I know of.
But it's possible. I don't
leave the bunker much.
Like, ever, actually.
There's no paper trail
for Percival in Riverdale.
But maybe there's one here.
We were thinking about checking out
the Blossom archives.
Maybe they're different here.
Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
No. Uh-uh. You can't go up there.
Not since the "Great Forgetting."
Everything in Rivervale
is in a very delicate balance.
Everything is holding on just so,
and it started to get nice and quiet.
Well, the opposite is
happening in Riverdale.
Things are getting crazier,
more supernatural.
What if Rivervale is now bleeding into
and wreaking havoc in Riverdale?
Be that as it may, if someone sees
you interacting with your counterparts,
it could precipitate another crisis.
Well, aren't you my counterpart?
Uh, technically, no.
There are two Jugheads in this universe.
Me and another one.
And he's up topside,
he's living his best life
and I have to toil away down here.
We will be careful.
I'm assuming that Nana and
Cheryl live at Thornhill still.
So, Nana Blossom,
her consciousness
went into Cheryl's body.
Which is actually Abigail's
immortal body.
- We'll figure it out.
- Yeah.
No, no, no.
That could lead to a string
of cataclysmic events.
That is what we're facing
back in Riverdale.
But do not worry.
We will do our best to avoid ourselves.
Well, Mr. Mayor.
Where would you like to start?
The year was 1580.
And a ship named the Ruby Pearl
arrived on these fair shores
carrying a motley
assortment of passengers.
Passengers who'd left the Old
World for a myriad of reasons.
In any case,
these hardy settlers founded
the first colonies of the New World
on fertile land by a river
as sweet as it was restorative.
And are you referring
to Sweetwater River?
I was among those early settlers.
How is that possible?
Patience, Alice.
All will be revealed in time.
Making the journey with me,
were the ancestors of many
who still reside here today.
Asher Andrews,
Blessing Cooper,
James Jones,
Charity Blossom.
They began building up
Sweetwater Village
like good little workers.
While I, on the other hand,
pursued less wholesome interests.
Witchcraft and sorcery.
Every night, while my neighbors slept,
I disappeared into the Sweetwater
woods to perform arcane rituals.
And it was on one such night
that my activities
involving a girl from our settlement
were interrupted by the untimely arrival
of Asher Andrews.
I was brought before
Sweetwater Village's Council.
Their judgment, swift and cruel.
I was to be executed for my crimes.
Left in the woods to
die a slow, agonizing
death from starvation and exposure.
And what exactly were
your crimes, Mr. Mayor?
I was trying
to conjure the devil, Alice.
And while my ritual wasn't completed,
I had succeeded
in getting his attention.
I'll never forget that night.
He told me he'd been
attracted by my spell,
then enticed by my fate.
He offered my freedom
at the price of my soul.
[Polly] Hey, there.
Feeling better?
Polly, is it really you?
It is.
It's really me.
Oh, my God.
I'm so sorry.
I'm so sorry for everything.
I'm so sorry for the fight that we had,
that I wasn't a better sister to you,
that I wasn't able
to protect you or save you.
None of that matters now.
All of that pain,
all that suffering, it just
fell away.
And I don't need you to explain
or apologize for anything.
You never did anything to hurt me.
I'm the reason that you died.
And if we hadn't fought
No, Betty.
I forgive you.
There's nothing to forgive
you for. But I forgive you.
But you don't understand.
They're telling me
They're telling me that I'm
the Harlot of Babylon, Polly,
and that I won't be able
to get into heaven.
Who told you that?
It doesn't matter because
it's how I feel about myself.
I've felt that way before, too.
But I am here to tell you that you
are worth so much more than that.
So please just sit with that
fact and then let it all go.
I don't think I can't.
There's too much
darkness churning inside me, Polly.
Just be still.
Be a vessel and let grace wash over you.
Fill you.
Think about being a good person
because you are one.
As if I wouldn't be able to access
the Babylonium security cameras
remotely. Idiots.
Okay. Let's see exactly
what's going on in my casino.
Dad! Dad!
- What the hell?
- Dad!
Hey! Help! Help! We need a medic! Help!
- Come on!
- [gasps]
What happened?
My dad just had a heart attack.
We gotta get him to the hospital.
Let us out of the vault
or your boy here dies.
[Frank] You won't do it.
You're a clown, not a killer.
You're all right with this?
I'm not pointing the gun at you, Reggie.
I'm trained on Tom.
And he knows that I'm
prepared to pull the trigger
because Tom and I are soldiers.
We know what we're fighting for.
We're prepared to kill for it.
And die for it.
So, if you don't let Tom
go by the count of three,
you're gonna have his blood
on your hands.
Don't ever do anything like that again,
because next time I'm just gonna shoot.
Come on, Dad. This isn't you.
This is Percival controlling you.
You need to fight him.
[Sheriff Keller] Look at
the bright side, son.
With this execution,
Percival is going to make you
more famous than you ever
would have gotten on your own.
Oh, my gosh. Jughead! Hi.
What's up?
We were hoping to take a look
at the Blossom archives.
- We're doing some research for
- A new comic book project?
That's so exciting!
But unfortunately, the
Blossom archives got transferred
to Highsmith College two years ago.
Well, in that case,
can we talk to Nana Blossom?
And ask her a few questions.
[Jughead] What happened to her?
When Nana's consciousness
was transferred into Abigail's body,
her old ailments transferred as well.
So while her body's young, her
brains succumbed to Nana's dementia.
[Tabitha] Could you still
go into her mind
and look for anything
she might know about Percival?
Britta, we're going to sit
with Nana for bit.
Do you think you could brew us some tea?
[breathing heavily]
[cat meowing]
[Tabitha] Anything?
No, it's a lost cause.
And there goes our best shot to find out
if Nana or any of the Blossoms
knew anything about Percival.
Um, the tea's brewing.
But in the meantime, would
you mind signing these for me?
The Superteens?
I'm a huge fan.
I mean, who isn't?
I have multiple copies of every issue.
[Tabitha] These must be written
by Rivervale's Jughead.
Not the one in the bunker.
The other one.
Do these characters
look familiar to you?
Yeah, and it looks like their powers
correspond to ours back home.
That can't be a coincidence.
It's not. Jughead, look.
Who is this again?
[Rivervale Britta] You're joking, right?
That's the Superteens' archnemesis.
The mad wizard, Percy the Perverse.
Weird question.
Do I still
do all of my writing at Pop's?
Yeah, in your booth.
It's kind of your thing.
Jay-Jay, it is sublime to be together
again in companionable silence.
But tell me, are you happy to be back?
I am.
I'm so glad that I don't
have to fight in that war.
What war?
[knock at door]
I know why Percival's
building the ghost train.
Jay-Jay spilled the tea whilst
I was painting his portrait.
Turns out Percival's long-dead
relation General Augustus Pickens
is going around the Sweet
Hereafter, drafting dead strapping souls
like my dear brother to fight a war
against the living here in Riverdale.
And Percival's using the ghost train
to ship them to Riverdale
so he can invade us.
When does Jason think
this is going to happen?
In advance of Bailey's Comet's arrival.
So then there's still time.
- To do what?
- To build a bomb.
So we can blow up the
train tracks and stop Percival.
[cell phone vibrating]
It's Veronica.
She may have dug up some intel
from the Babylonium.
So Reggie, Kevin and
Mr. Mantle are all prisoners of war?
Exactly. And given the three guillotines
I spied on the Babylonium stage,
I suspect they're going to be executed.
Sooner rather than later
if you blow up Percival's
precious train tracks.
Okay. So we need to get them
out first and then blow up the tracks.
[Veronica] I just don't think
that's going to be possible, Archie.
- Hey.
- God!
Are you okay? How are you feeling?
Definitely not filled with grace.
Betty, taking stock of your life,
what exactly do you think you did
that's so unforgivable?
Okay. Where do I start?
I killed our family cat
with a rock, Polly.
You were eight.
Caramel was suffering.
Dad was influencing you.
That doesn't make you a bad person.
So what else?
I know it may sound stupid,
but I still feel awful
about kissing Archie in high school.
I betrayed Jughead.
I betrayed Veronica.
I broke apart our friend group
right before graduation.
That's definite Harlot of
Riverdale behavior, if you ask me.
Betty, that kiss doesn't
make you a harlot.
Sorry. So liberate yourself
from that, too,
But also forgive yourself for
falling out of love with Jughead.
That happens, and it doesn't
make you a bad person, either.
So what else?
What aren't you telling me?
When Percival was coming at us
with those plagues,
I gave myself a crash course
in all things biblical,
including the Harlot of
Babylon, but also Cain
who was forever marked by his sin.
The mark of Cain.
I am marked, Polly.
I have been marked since birth.
The MAOA gene.
I wondered if we'd circle back to that.
I'm evil, Polly.
It's written in my DNA.
You may not think so,
but other people do.
They've told me as much.
You're the evil! You're the threat!
You're a cold, fake, duplicitous bitch.
[man] You're one of us.
An American psycho.
Betty, I think I know
something that may help.
Remember what Bunker Jughead said
would happen if we confronted ourselves?
Well, yeah, it would be a catastrophe
if someone saw us together.
Besides, what would I even say?
"Hey, me. Why do all my friends
have the same superpowers
as the people you write
in your comic books?
What are you, a wizard?
Is everyone in this universal wizard?"
Okay. I have a crazy idea for how
we can get the other Jughead alone.
But we just need to wait for Tabitha
Rivervale Tabitha to take out the trash
so that I can put her in a time loop.
Okay. You head to our
apartment. Their apartment.
I will get the other Jughead,
and we will meet you there.
So tell me,
did you take the devil's deal?
I did.
After a little negotiation.
You see, I managed to procure from him
my immortality as well as my freedom.
Ah, very clever.
How can the devil claim
your soul if you never die?
I left Sweetwater Village
and spent the next 400 years
going from town to town,
acquiring forbidden knowledge.
Knowledge that I would use
to conquer or destroy
the town of Rivervale when I returned.
Did you say Rivervale?
But did you mean Riverdale?
No, Alice. I meant Rivervale.
Let me explain.
So I was headed back to where
Sweetwater Village was founded
to take my revenge on the
place some 400 years later.
And a curious thing happened.
As I neared the town limits, I
heard the sound of an explosion.
[distant explosion]
And then I noticed the town
sign, whereas before it had said
Rivervale plain as day,
now I was being welcomed to Riverdale.
Something had happened, Alice.
I found myself in a new universe.
It seems that on my way back
to conquer Rivervale,
I must have stepped through
a rift that had opened up.
And so I found myself
in a different universe.
This one where Rivervale
was called Riverdale.
I am with you so far.
Now, Riverdale was very
similar to my home universe,
only seemingly devoid
of the supernatural.
But I soon saw an opportunity.
You see, I realized
I was the most powerful
being in this new place.
I had magic and immortality.
No one else did.
I also realized that the descendants
of my enemies were still living
here, or at least versions of them.
And they were caught up
in their petty squabbles,
dramas, romances.
- So your plan for revenge
- Could still happen.
And so I decided to stay.
When no one knew me
or what I was capable of.
I tried to buy Archie Andrews' house.
I became a deputy, joined the council,
opened my shop.
You wove yourself
into the fabric of Riverdale.
And as I slowly took it over,
I began to sideline my enemies.
But then, another twist of fate.
The descendants of my enemies began
developing gifts, abilities, powers
and while this didn't dissuade
me, it did complicate matters.
In any case, I focused
on building my ghost train
in preparation for the final
battle for Riverdale's soul.
A battle I plan on winning.
And why do you think
that some people in Riverdale
have started to develop these powers?
Oh, gosh, I can only surmise
that as I slipped out of Rivervale,
some of its arcane energies
must have escaped
through the fissures
between worlds with me.
And these energies
seeped into Riverdale,
infecting the townspeople,
changing some of them.
You know, water finds its level, Alice.
Perhaps the universe wanted
Well, if not a fair fight,
at least a more equal one.
It doesn't matter, though,
I've had my powers for centuries.
They've had theirs for weeks and months.
Plus, with Bailey's Comet
arriving, I shall be at my most potent.
[Betty] Put your feet in.
- Polly.
- Betty.
The MAOA gene isn't there anymore.
Your original sin is gone.
Washed clean.
- That's impossible. You can't just
- I did.
It's gone.
That marked part of you.
It isn't there anymore.
You're not the Harlot of Babylon
or Riverdale or anywhere else.
Polly, all you did was wash my feet.
As someone did for me
before I walked
into the Sweet Hereafter.
Now you can enter it, too.
[Tabitha] Hey, can you help me, please?
Is someone there?
[Tabitha] Yes. I just need a second.
[Tabitha] Hey. Can you help me, please?
Is someone there?
[Tabitha] Yes. I just need a second.
Hey, can you take a break?
Yeah. Where's your uniform?
I'll explain everything.
In private. At home.
[Rivervale Jughead] What's this all
about? You're kind of freaking me out.
[Tabitha] Well, be prepared
to be even more freaked out.
What are you talking about?
Oh, my God.
So, given everything,
we believe that your comics
are directly or indirectly
influencing actual events in our world.
Riverdale, where we are from.
Me and my friends have even
Well, we have superpowers,
like in your comics.
I believe you.
I believe in the multiverse.
I believed in multiverses
since before it was cool.
Can we ask where you got
your inspiration for your comics?
And for these specific powers?
I felt like these powers were
good fits for their characters.
Like extensions of their
particular personalities.
What about your villain?
Percy the Perverse.
Where did he come from?
A recurring nightmare.
Okay. How do the Superteens defeat him?
Well, as a matter of fact, check this.
These are some rough
pages from my latest issue.
[Tabitha] Oh.
I call it "Death of the Superteens."
In the end, after this epic
battle, Percy kills them all.
Why would you write something
so bleak and nihilistic?
Well, honestly,
it was kind of a deal I made.
I wanted to be the greatest
comic book writer in the world.
Bigger than Alan Moore
even, and it worked.
But in exchange,
and I was kind of tricked,
but I agreed to only write
stories of a certain type.
Grim ones.
Ones that would ultimately
[clears throat]
darken the world.
What kind of person would offer
you a deal like this?
A guy named Mr. Cypher.
He's the devil, right?
Yeah, basically.
Jughead, my friend
in the Sweet Hereafter
warned me about someone named
Where is Cypher now?
I think he has
a suite at the Babylonium.
Yeah, no, he's playing
in a chess tournament tonight.
It's been called the Ultimate
Battle of Good and Evil.
[Jughead] Is that him?
Is that Mr. Cypher?
I believe so.
And I know the man playing against him.
That's my guardian angel.
[Jughead] The personification of good
versus the personification of evil.
Well, I guess, depending on who wins
[Mr. Cypher] Check.
And mate.
And we have a winner!
Mr. Cypher is the winner!
[all applauding]
That is definitely not a good sign.
The Superteens being defeated
by Percy the Perverse,
my guardian angel losing to Mr. Cypher.
They're bad omens. I agree.
Good is losing the battle
against evil over and over again.
In the pages of a comic book,
in a chess game.
But that doesn't mean the same
thing is going to happen to us.
Doesn't it?
Events from Rivervale
are spilling into Riverdale.
What's symbolic and fictional here
is becoming literal and real back home.
[door opens]
You again.
Look, we're not trying to fight you.
We are just here to ask some
questions, and then we'll leave.
Make it quick.
Do you know someone
named Percival Pickens?
And if so, are you in cahoots with him?
Percival was one of Rivervale's
founding fathers.
Sold his soul to me centuries ago.
Well, he's wreaking havoc in Riverdale.
Is that where he's got to?
Well, I lost track of him a while back.
He was wandering the country
becoming a great sorcerer.
Slippery fellow, that one.
Percival isn't the first person
who's tried to use the loophole
of immortality to cheat his way
out of giving up his soul.
Which always backfires, by the way.
But he is the first
to hide in another dimension.
Which is irritating.
Sorry. I can't get more
directly involved.
Those are the cosmic rules.
I do wish you luck.
Though you're probably going to lose.
Oh, you're wrong. We will
find a way to beat Percival.
We already stymied
his attempt to destroy Pop's.
We moved it, so that the
final battle can still happen.
[Mr. Cypher] Silly mortal.
If only you knew the truth.
Wait, what truth?
Or I can keep reading your mind.
It's not the diner
that's important to Percival.
It's the land.
Why is that?
That's where he was left to die by
those early settlers centuries ago.
It's where I came upon him
when we made our deal.
It is also, in all realities,
Rivervale, Riverdale,
the sight of a hellmouth.
In the old days, churches used
to be built over hellmouths
to contain the dark forces
roiling beneath.
Stifle them.
Cap them.
And that was Pop's.
And it sounds like you've
played right into Percival's hands.
And uncorked it
when you moved the diner.
And like Bailey's Comet,
that's also adding to his power.
Please don't let me keep you any longer.
Come on.
[Alice] Only a few more
questions, Mr. Mayor.
Once this epic battle
of good versus evil is over,
assuming that you win, what
does your Riverdale look like?
You know, when we were
coming over from the old country,
the men and women aboard the
Pearlwere talking about hopes and dreams
and a new beginning in a land
of freedom and opportunity,
with workers' rights and equal rights
and good, wholesome family values.
Now, I kept quiet during these
discussions because I knew
those things are lies.
You see, given enough time,
society always curdles, rots, corrupts.
I want a land that I rule as I see fit.
Where my enemies are at my mercy.
I want a land controlled
by the dark arts,
free from the laws that stifle
the rest of this country.
The Sovereign State of Percival.
That's what I want Riverdale to be.
A wild, untamed land where
I control it all, every last bit.
Even the dead.
I'm sorry it just
sounds so twisted, but
at least it's honest, eh?
Speaking of which,
we have an execution to get to.
[Rivervale Jughead] Look!
I told you they'd come back!
You shouldn't have let them
out into the world in the first place.
You know about this, too?
And thank goodness someone
with sense does.
When Riverdale and Rivervale split,
it was supposed to be a clean
break between the universes.
But clearly, there's been a bleed.
A lot of bleed.
And how? Why?
There has to be something that's
fouled things up, that corrupted it.
You were on the other side.
Were you near the explosion
when it happened?
Yeah, actually.
I Not as close as Betty and Archie.
Did they say anything?
About anything beyond the explosion?
No, it was all
Actually, yeah. Betty
Betty said that
she received a phone call,
like a warning
to get out of the bedroom.
[distorted voice]
Get out of that house, Betty.
Who is this?
Listen to me. There's a
bomb underneath the bed.
You need to go now. Right now!
[Rivervale Ethel] I knew it!
I knew you called her!
You warned her, didn't you?
Damn it, Jughead!
That's why there wasn't a clean break!
You called your ex-girlfriend!
That's why there are fissures!
Rifts! Seepage between universes!
That's why we have supernatural powers.
And it's why Percival crossed
over from Rivervale.
That phone call compromised everything.
And now the parallel universes
are influencing each other again!
God, you are so weak, Jughead.
And even now, even still,
you love Betty, right?
And that's why you called her.
Even though it's over!
It's over, Jughead!
I was trying to save her life!
Her and Archie!
Ethel, they're still my best friends!
Even if they're in another universe.
- We're just going to go.
- Yeah, you go, you go!
And you. [scoffs]
Now it's my job
to clean everybody's mess.
- Story of my life! I swear
- [portal whooshing]
- That was
- Chilling.
But we know a lot more than
we did before we went there.
We should update everyone else.
What about a spell, Cheryl,
or some incantation?
Heather is looking through
all her grimoires right now,
but so far she hasn't found anything
strong enough to touch Percival.
[door opens]
We have intel. About Percival.
We know where he comes from.
We know how he got his powers.
We know how we got our powers.
What's going on here?
What happened? What did we miss?
Kevin, Reggie and Mr. Mantle are
being held hostage at the Babylonium.
They're going to be executed.
I think I can help with that.
Jughead, what the hell?
I heard you guys were in trouble.
Came to save you.
Come on, let's go.
[Veronica] Archie,
the prisoners are out.
We're in the clear. We are
good to blow the train tracks.
[cell phone chimes]
I don't understand.
This is impossible. Where did they go?
Boss, we have another problem.
Someone blew up the train tracks.
My only regret is that
we didn't get to see his face
when he opened the vault
and saw we weren't there.
Damn. Saved by Donnie Darko.
- Thanks, bro.
- Yeah, of course.
The prisoners are freed, the tracks
for the ghost train are decimated.
I mean, today was an excellent day.
For sure, but those
were only skirmishes.
The real war hasn't even started yet.
And we still don't know what
that's even gonna look like.
But thanks to you and Jug,
we know a lot more
than we did ten hours ago.
And we have a better idea of what
to get done before Bailey's Comet
[cell phones chiming]
What's this?
A group text. And it's not from moi?
What are we looking at here?
Those are the guillotines I saw
at the Babylonium.
- Wait. But who are
- That's my mom.
- And Uncle Frank.
- And my dad.
[cell phones chiming]
"Let it be known
that at midnight tonight,
the political dissidents
Alice Cooper, Thomas Keller
and Frank Andrews were executed
for their treasonous crimes
against the township of Riverdale."
No, no, no, no. He's he's lying.
That's It's a trick.
It's a mind game.
Okay, that can't be real.
[Jughead] But it was. Archie was wrong.
The war had, in fact, already started.
And Percival had drawn first blood.
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