Riviera (2017) s02e02 Episode Script

Season 2, Episode 2

Georgie! I thought you weren't coming back.
Have you ever known me to run away from anything? Madame Clios? You took your time.
Daphne? There you are.
It becomes part of who you are.
You deal with it and then you move on.
- Bonjour, Chrystal! - Bonjour, Madame! Good to have you back! Ca va Emmanuel? Ca va? Good morning, Mrs.
I'm not gonna ask how you are.
Is this a visit or are you back? I'm back.
Well the collections team are going to be pleased and you're looking terrific, if you don't mind me saying so.
Thank you.
Wren, you once described this place as where art goes to die.
I'd never say that about your treasure trove.
We'd just seen the Castiglia show, I was in a dark place No, you were right.
That's why I've decided to hold an exhibition of the Clios Collection.
Would you like me to draw up a list of all our current museum loans? Yes, please.
I'm also thinking of acquiring some new works but I'm gonna need to raise some capital.
I think it's time to let go of some of these pieces.
Are you sure you're ready? Paintings only live when they're being looked at.
Oh dear.
I know.
I feel him here too.
Constantine is gone and he's not coming back.
Cassandra? Cassandra, please try not to worry.
We have to be patient.
Where is your brother? Probably still trying to get his massive head through the entrance.
He's entitled to some swagger today: it's his first meeting as CEO and I have no doubt he's going to be marvelous.
Besides, I meant Adam not Christos.
The one who worries me is Wernher Haas.
Ok, I think I've met him before.
- He's an old friend of your father's? - Yeah.
Hey, just imagine them all naked.
Sorry, you're asking me to resign?! You have drawn the conclusion that my son is unfit to be CEO after he's been in the position nine minutes? Well, as long as you've given him a fair chance to prove himself, who are we to protest?! Nobody doubts your ability, Christos.
But you've only just come out of rehab.
- I have nothing to be ashamed of.
- Quite the contrary.
My son has beaten his addictions.
That doesn't make him weak, it makes him a strong, resilient leader.
We have a duty of care, Irina.
It would be highly irresponsible of us to put Christos under such immense pressure.
We thought perhaps a new chief with extensive global experience who hasn't been tarnished by scandal Sorry.
Under my watch as COO, Clios Holding Interests has delivered at seventeen percent return and outperformed the market over the same period.
The financial investigation might be over but the Clios Bank's reputation is severely damaged.
We can fix that.
I'll launch an internal investigation, identify the questionable funds.
And then publicly announce the removal of those funds.
Whatever action you take, no legitimate investor is going to touch you.
Now, whether you knew about your father's misdemeanours or not, the world perceives you as guilty by association; now that is unjust, I know, but the fact remains, the Clios name is tainted.
Then, change the story not the person.
Clios is a bank, yes.
But it's also one of the most prestigious art collections in the world.
Our name should be synonymous with prestige and philanthropy.
I'm planning on launching the first exhibition of some of our Twentieth Century masterpieces.
It'll be the inaugural exhibition of the Clios Collection.
Once we've had success with that, we can find a permanent home for those pieces, the Clios Gallery.
There can be an education wing, an artist in residency program; perhaps even a collaboration with the Louvre.
Let Christos continue to run the bank; And I will deal with our 'branding issue'.
My shareholders aren't looking for window dressing, they are ready to jump ship.
If the bank can't recapitalize on the money they're losing, shareholders will sell up.
And that would mean the end of Clios Bank.
Well I will not resign.
In that case, you leave me no option.
I propose a vote of no-confidence.
You can't do this without Adam! The board has forty percent of the voting shares, the Clios family sixty percent.
And that is split between Georgina, Christos and Irina, who is proxy for both you and Adam.
This is a waste of everyone's time.
Georgina's plan is an excellent one but my responsibility is towards my shareholders; the fact is the bank needs a new figurehead.
So, all those in favour please raise your hands.
I'm sorry, Irina.
But it's about the bank.
And securing its future for all of us.
Is that everyone? Christos, I know that your instinct is to curl up into a ball or Or what? Don't give them that power.
Darling, this is for the best.
Now is not the right time.
You need time to recuperate, relax.
In a couple of years, you'll get your day in the sun.
It's fine.
No, its fine, I understand.
It's a fantastic opportunity and yes of course yes, sure, thanks.
Please tell me you have some good news.
I have tried every museum and gallery in a twenty-five mile radius and as soon as I say the word "Clios", they pretty much hang up on me.
And you've told them that money is no object? I offered them a blank cheque, they're just not interested.
Thank you for trying.
Simon le Feullier.
- Really? - Yes! - No! No, no, no.
- Hello? Daphne.
It's Georgina Clios.
Ah, what a gorgeous surprise.
Your husband's in property holdings, isn't he? Yeah, he dabbles.
I'm looking for somewhere to host an exhibition of my art collection.
I was thinking maybe he knows a place.
It should be pretty large, somewhere distinctive and unique.
Of course, I can ask him.
Raafi has all sorts of properties in his portfolio but if it's something distinctive that you're after, there is somewhere on our estate.
I'll text you the details.
Great! I really appreciate it.
Of course.
Ok, whose next? - St John Powell.
- He's an old perv.
The man's a certified genius.
Ma wants sweet nothings whispered into her ear, not quadratic equations.
Do you really think she's ready? It's been eighteen months since dad died.
You can't measure grief by time.
But there is some: sort of loneliness about her that breaks my heart I appreciate all your efforts my darlings but I neither need nor want a man.
I am perfectly happy as I am.
France does suit you, that's for sure.
But a delicious man would simply be the icing on your cake.
But you two are all the icing that I need.
Oh, do be careful out there, that fucking wild boar is back and it's decimated the olive grove.
I don't know what Daphne and I are worried about.
You're clearly a magnet for the old boars.
One more quip like that and I'll be sending you out to deal with the bloody thing.
Yes Right, I'll be there straight away.
Don't panic.
You were in an accident, quite badly injured.
It's Cassie.
Do you remember? I've no idea how you made it to the estate but Laurent found you, my groundsman.
But no-one else knows you're here.
This is his house.
Where is Georgina? Oh, she's fine.
Don't worry, just get some rest.
You're safe here.
I'm sorry for not returning your calls.
I think that Raoul's death affected me way more than I expected.
No matter.
Well, no, I wanna thank you for taking care of my boat.
I'm, I'm sorry for snooping.
Curiosity will end me one of these days.
Oh here.
Go up, see what you think.
I need to take this.
Hi! I'm just with Georgina.
Yeah yes.
What the fuck! I was chasing a un, sanglier a boar who Mother! I'm going to have to hide all your guns away.
Oh, Christ, I'm so sorry.
- Is this a friend of yours? - Yes.
Yes it is.
I'm ashamed to say that this is my mother, Lady Cassandra Eltham; this is Georgina Clios.
Oh goodness, it's a, it's a pleasure to shoot you.
Georgina is looking for an exhibition space for her art collection.
I was showing her the fort.
What that old place? It's beautiful.
Well why don't erm, we discuss it over dinner? - Friday? - Oh, that would be fun.
And then you can bring the rest of the clan, - cos I'm dying to meet them.
- Seven thirty? - Thank you.
- Is that good? That would be lovely.
And can you be careful with that.
Oh, darling don't worry.
- Bye.
- I'm sorry.
- Are you alright? - No, I'm fine.
Let me show you the house.
It's down here, just watch your step.
This is your "little project"? Thank you so much for showing me that extraordinary place.
Oh, I've simply given you the feathers, you're the one that has to fly.
Mademoiselle Daphne? - Oui? - J'arrive.
Feel free to wander.
Ah, Daphne said you were here.
Multidimensional microtimings.
I'm sorry? William Shakespeare had it hopelessly wrong, when he described music as the food of love.
In fact, music is the food of mathematics.
- Mrs.
Al-Qadar? - Bonjour.
I'm Inspector Gianna Marino from the Italian police and she is my colleague Viola Bianchi.
- Buongiorno.
- Bonjour.
There are some matters we would like to discuss with you regarding a murder inquiry.
I don't understand why you're asking me these questions.
Raoul wasn't murdered.
We have reason to believe that he was.
Nico! Georgina! They think Raoul was killed.
No, no.
He slit his wrists.
I was the one who found him The post mortem result indicates otherwise.
I'm sorry I am having a hard time wrapping my brain around this.
Raoul did not have an enemy in the world.
Did you notice anything unusual about Raoul's behaviour - the night of his art show? - No.
He was his usual neurotic self.
How long were you in that room before you found his body? Not long.
You collect art, right? You have some prime Raoul Kabala pieces in your possession, you were the one who found the body, you're going to gain financially from his death.
Gain? I don't need to kill for money.
What would you kill for? You have got this all wrong.
Was Mr.
Kabala involved with any of you and your late husband's businesses? His bank accounts indicate you've paid him a considerable amount of money over the years.
Constantine and I discovered Raoul when he was a rising star.
You can see for yourself the most recent purchases were all through his gallery.
Alright, alright, Mrs.
Let's just go through your version of events one more time.
It's ironic, isn't it, that an invitation to an art show about the underworld should lead to one becoming a murder suspect.
How can they possibly think it's any of us? It's funny.
Georgina's husband dies in mysterious circumstances leaving her a very rich widow.
And now Raoul's dies in mysterious circumstances leaving her a very rich art collector.
Stop it! Stop it! D'you know what your problem is dear Daphne What? You trust absolutely everyone.
But you don't know that woman at all.
So? The stud farm is on its last legs.
You don't have enough horses and frankly the ones you do have are dud studs.
No offence.
Pay no attention to the grumpy man, Bolt.
Straight ahead.
It's such a pity that dad's horses' progeny turned out to be such a bunch of losers.
Yeah, just like us.
Well me at any rate.
This self-pitying has to end! I mean the world doesn't revolve around Clios Bank! There's thousands of opportunities out there, you just have to seize them and open up your eyes.
Ok, channelling mum today, are we? No.
That's just me.
Anyways, what would you do with this place if you were in my shoes? - With four million Euros? - Yes, sir! I'd er, I'd invest in a few decent studs and hope one of them comes good.
I also think it doesn't make sense to rent the vineyard, you'd be better off selling the wine yourself.
Plus there's potential to diversify the brand, upscale See, that's why you have to come and manage this place for me.
But this is, this is yours.
You'd be doing me a favour, I mean safeguarding my inheritance.
Just look at this place.
Dad would piss himself if he knew I was within six feet of one of those creatures.
Well change it.
Do something with this place, you know? Show them.
With your pink shirt.
So, what has it been? Thirty-two, thirty-three years? Last thing I heard was, er, you were conquering the international stock market.
But I remember Constantine Clios, before he was "Constantine Clios".
Oh, should we stop this? Did erm, did you ever get married? Yes.
We lost him about, well just over a year ago.
Oh, no, no, I was so lucky, he was a very kind husband and Wonderful father to my children, Daphne and Nico.
I have children.
By your first wife.
And Georgina? No.
Not yet.
Not yet.
I'm not feeling good, my throat is just killing me.
No, no, no, no, no.
You're not getting out of the dinner.
Apparently, our hostess owns the site that's perfect for Constantine's gallery, Georgina wants us to be very charming.
Are you sure you don't know where Adam is? Even if I did, why would I tell you? So you can shaft him like you did your other son? I don't like it when he goes quiet.
Well, if I were him honestly I'd just be hiding somewhere where no one could find me.
What do you mean? Georgina.
Georgina and Adam? What, you've never noticed how obsessed he is with her? It's borderline psychotic.
Ada, you should be the one writing a novel, you're imagination is amazing.
I saw it, he attacked her! He like forced himself upon her.
I'm cracking my mask here.
- Mum! - This is ridiculous.
It's not! - Thank you.
- Fabio, stop the car.
2 million we are now.
Three million we are now.
Look at that pedigree, look at that horse.
Against you sir.
Fresh bidder.
5 million we are now.
6 million we are now.
Against you sir.
Against you sir.
9 million, against you sir.
Last time, last call.
At 3.
9 million.
Thank you very much indeed sir, congratulations.
Christos Clios, isn't it? Thank you.
Congratulations, I recently met your charming stepmother.
I believe we're all having dinner together this evening.
Are you alright? I don't know the first thing about racehorses.
I've sourced something I think might be perfect: it's a Sofinisiba Anguissola.
Try saying that after four Martinis I love that name.
It sounds like a Puccini aria.
Never seen the appeal of opera myself; - all that shouting and dying - Wren? He said he was a friend of yours.
I know what you're thinking.
What am I doing here? Actually, I was thinking I needed to have a stern word with my security team.
But now that you mention it Raoul.
The police showed up at my place, I wanted to check you were okay.
I am.
Thank you.
All this is yours? There's more but it's on loan to various galleries and museums.
So, do you love them all the same or do you have a favourite? This is the least expensive but it's the most precious.
The little mermaid failed to win the love of a man's heart and the punishment was death.
But she was rescued by these women.
This is the moment she becomes a Daughter of Air.
It was in a story book that I had when I was a kid and it made me think that no matter how complicated things are there's always hope.
Why am I telling you this? I didn't come here only to ask about Raoul.
I planned to charm you into helping me with something.
I might regret asking you this but why do you need my help? It's about a painting That belonged to my grandmother's family.
It was stolen a long time ago.
Well, if you wanna talk, I'm happy to listen and we can take it from there.
I just came to see how he is I have some guests this evening so I need to vanish for a while.
How long have I been here? You need to rest.
How long? About a month.
Look, when you get your strength back, I'll tell you everything.
I wanna know now.
Just No-one's going to find you here, you have to believe me.
You're not in danger any more.
Look, when Laurent found you, you were barely conscious.
But you told him enough.
A decision had to be made.
So, I found a man at the mortuary whose silence I could buy.
We planted your dental and it worked.
Your enemies have stopped looking for you.
Georgina thinks I'm dead? Well what choice did I have? Oh my God, what the hell have you done? Look, I didn't ask for any of this, you came to me for help.
Remember? I wanna go home.
I just I just want to go home.
Well the only place you have left to hide is me.
You look so beautiful Ada.
I keep finding bits of gold everywhere.
Georgina, don't be upset but Ada told me about Adam.
What about Adam? I'm sorry, Georgie.
I I saw what he did to you, what he tried to do.
Well then you must've seen how quickly he came to his senses.
It's ok, go easy on him, he's grieving.
You've not been in touch with him at all since it happened? No, I haven't heard from him.
I want the truth.
Am I missing something? Adam's phone, was in his car that was retrieved from the Marina.
I found a text from you, inviting him to meet you there.
Oh, that was days ago; I was eager to clear the air with him but he didn't show up.
Irina, Adam and I found ourselves in a very regrettable situation, I'm sure he's just embarrassed.
I don't think that's everyone else's business, do you? Ok.
Welcome! Georgina, how lovely to see you.
You look radiant.
Oh, thank you so much for having us.
And you must be Irina.
How are you? - Yes! - This is my daughter, Adriana.
- Oh, how do you do? - How do you do? Yes, oh please do go in, yes.
I love your hair, - it's breath taking.
- Oh, thank you.
Well considering that you've both been married to the same man, you do seem to get on awfully well.
Very European.
Your place is gorgeous.
My parents left this to me but unfortunately when they died they left a dukedom's worth of debt and so I had to get rid of the house in Dartmouth but this one I couldn't bear to let go.
It's very special.
I've often wondered who owned it and now I know.
- It's you! - Please oh yes, help yourselves.
I used to stand here and watch the children racing all round the place when they were tiny.
Excuse me, I'll use the ladies room.
Yes, of course.
When Adriana was little, she would hug me tightly and her arms just reached my waist.
I used to call her my belt.
Some 'statement belt', right! Time moves on, but sometimes our hearts get left behind.
So, let's talk about this art exhibition of yours.
Well your building is perfect.
There's plenty of space and the interior's gorgeous but it won't take away from the art.
And if there are any renovations we have to do, of course I will pay for that.
That's very generous.
Hey Sophie, gosh, it's so boring here I'm tempted to set this whole place on fire.
Well listen out, I'll give you a shout when I'm done.
Can I please come live in you? Please, please, please? Shit.
What are you doing in here? That vase was priceless.
I'm so sorry, I'm I'll pay, I'll pay you back! I will.
That reaction was so much more priceless than the vase.
You fucking arsehole.
Well now if it had been the statuette, that would have been very, very unfortunate.
You mean, that one? What's going on in there, Nico? Dinner's about to be served.
Georgina, I have something for you.
I've decided that you can have the fort for your paintings.
- Thanks and ever thanks.
- Wow.
You're most welcome.
To new friends.
To backing the right horse.
- Oh, how was the auction? - Yeah, it was good.
I'm sorry, would you excuse me for a second? He bought a racehorse.
- Carlotta's Ghost.
- What a name.
How much did you spend? In the end it was Three, three point nine million.
- It's our entire budget? - Yeah, it's a good investment.
Look, you asked me to manage the stud farm.
I wanted the horse for myself, but your brother is a worthy adversary.
I hope it's worth it.
Me too! Oh, it's, it's a sound investment.
What's happened? My father died.
Oh my God, I'm so sorry.
Georgie, your hand? Here.
I remember when I lost my father.
I was seven years old.
He left for work in the morning and then never came home.
I don't remember much about him except for the feeling his smile gave me; like I was the most precious stone in the world.
No-one else ever smiled at me like that.
I didn't think it was gonna feel like this.
Sorry I left you to it.
I just didn't know what to say.
It's fine.
It's never easy to find the right words.
No, but Georgina told me her dad died like years ago.
Oh, this hook.
Mum, are you listening? Georgina told me she lost her dad years ago! Are you sure? Yeah, she told me first when I met her and then when dad died and she said she understood what it meant to lose a father at my age.