Riviera (2017) s02e03 Episode Script

Season 2, Episode 3

1 Constantine is gone and he's not coming back.
It's Cassie.
Where is Georgina? Look, I'm very attracted to you too.
Georgina thinks I'm dead? Well the only place you have left to hide is me.
Ada told me about Adam.
I saw what he did to you.
You've not been in touch with him at all since it happened? No, I haven't heard from him.
I've decided that you can have the fort for your paintings.
Thanks and ever thanks.
I'm sorry, would you excuse me for a second? My father died.
I didn't think it was gonna feel like this.
Well, actually your mother has forbidden me from seeing you so Get out! Jakob Negrescu.
- You're under arrest.
- Yeah? Georgina told me she lost her dad years ago! You didn't have to join me, you know.
Nonsense, we're family.
Yeah, of course.
To your dad.
To Kurt.
Mum? Mum! It should be under the name Cleo's, Georgina.
Here we are.
Our family room at fifty-nine dollars a night.
Breakfast isn't included but there is a vending machine out back.
- Sorry.
- Don't be.
It'll be an adventure.
Well maybe we can go and get something to eat.
Yeah, I'm sure you get some pretzels from the vending machine.
I have to take care of the funeral arrangements.
- Do you want us to come with you? - No no it's fine.
You guys have both done so much already.
I need to go somewhere.
Could you do the unpacking.
Oh, sure.
I'll see you later.
I love you so much.
How much I love you.
Please don't take my sunshine away.
The other night dear, when I lay sleeping.
I dreamed I held you in my arms.
When I awoke dear I was mistaken.
And I hung my head down and cried.
You are my sunshine my only sunshine.
You make me happy when skies are grey.
You'll never know dear how much I love you.
Sunshine away.
Was there anything else Mrs.
Clios? The flowers are arriving tomorrow morning.
Then I think we have everything we need.
Clios? Your father is currently lying in rest in our viewing room.
I hadn't really thought.
Most people liked to take a moment with their loved ones.
If you care to follow me.
Take as long as you need.
I made your favorite blueberries are maple syrup.
He always was a man of few words.
He look so small.
Death does that to you.
Should we say something? He's not here.
Not anymore.
I didn't think you got my message.
Well, I wasn't about to let you do this on your own.
I did try and visit.
Yeah, I know you did.
When was the last time you saw him.
Couple months ago.
Did he ask about me? He was up to his eyeballs on painkillers.
What do you say we get out of here and I drop you back at your motel? I'd sooner have a drink.
That's why you're my favorite niece.
I'm your only niece, Jeff.
This is the address of Adam's apartment in Manhattan.
I spoke to the concierge but they haven't seen him.
I'll get one of my colleagues to check it out.
Do you have his cell phone? The last message is from three weeks ago.
Georgina asked Adam to meet her at the Villefranche Harbour.
But you think she knows more than she's letting on? According to my daughter, Adam had a somewhat unhealthy fascination with his stepmother.
How did this manifest itself? He may have been rather forceful in his advances.
I assume this is why you haven't contacted the police about his disappearance.
My family has a rather chequered relationship with the authorities.
I've asked one of my colleagues in Nice to run a check on his accounts.
You'll also be able to tell us if he's made any attempts to leave the country.
If I've learnt anything these past few weeks, it's how little I know my son.
Rest assured Mrs.
If your son is out there, we will find him.
When's the last time you saw each other.
Probably two or three years.
Five actually.
Ok, who's counting? She knows that I keep her right here all the time.
I kinda get it why your Dad loved this place.
He practically moved in after my mom left.
Where'd she go.
She moved to Vermont.
My sister had emotional issues.
Sorry I'm late.
My driver had a little trouble finding this place.
You must be Jeff.
I've been very much looking forward to meeting you.
Drinks How lovely.
So this is what we call double fisting, Irene.
It's Irina.
You must have no end of stories about Georgina.
Yes, sorry, if she sure seems a little We just came from seeing Kurt.
Of course.
I understand completely.
I mean to lose your father once as a shock.
But twice How you mean? Georgina tome she lost her dad years ago.
You don't seem surprised.
Well, she's a tough cookie.
Sometimes you gotta pull down the shutters.
There's a great tune.
How are you doing? Are you alright? I just want all this to be over.
I do know the lyrics.
Jessie's got himself a girl that I wanna make her mine.
You Europeans sure know how to drink.
So how did you and Georgina end up living together.
It was right after her dad was sent to prison.
Prison? Yeah, let's just say that Kurt had a unorthodox way of paying the bills.
You wanna keep your eye on this one, Marj.
She's been giving me the third degree.
Oh, yeah? What do you want to know? That my dad's only marketable skill was using his daughter to help steal from people? That when I stopped playing along he refuse to speak to me? Or that he spent his last days in a prison cell and you wonder why I told him he was dead.
You guys need anything else, I'll be outside.
Cassandra Eltham.
These are for Georgina.
Oh, she's still in New York.
Yes, I know.
She'll have something cheerful waiting for her when she returns.
Would you point me in the direction of her room? Oh, I can thank those upstairs for you.
It's no trouble.
Just follows the stairs.
Thank you.
I'm sorry.
I know you guys are just trying to be supportive.
Don't worry.
You've been through a lot these past few weeks.
See you later.
I just wanted to say that, despite his faults your dad loved you very much.
He was a good man.
He just Lost his way, that's all.
Come on, don't let him a few stupid decisions spoil the memories that you two had.
Okay? Look you must be beat.
Why don't you go get some shut eye? Because I'm afraid if I fall asleep I'm gonna have that dream again.
What dream? Mom is lying in some ravine.
And she opens her eyes and looks at me.
Dreams don't mean shit.
Yeah, but why that? Why is that the only thing I can see when I think of her? Look, all you need to worry about is getting through tomorrow.
Actually, can you take the next left? What are you doing? You didn't think I was going to sleep on this, did you? It's probably infested.
What? You didn't hear me complaining did you? Of course not, you were too busy interrogating Georgina.
She's hiding something.
I know it.
Are you still rambling on about that stupid text message? So you think that Georgina would tell us if she knew where Adam was? No.
You know why.
You have a go at her for keeping secrets and you can't even tell me the truth.
The truth about what? My dad? Take those away before I eat them all.
You're frowning again.
You're going to get lines.
Is Negrescu my dad? Yes.
But you are Constantine Clios daughter.
Maybe not by blood but you have his heart.
And I'll be damned if I let anyone break it.
I'll never understand why she left us.
Your mom and dad had a difficult relationship.
But I was a kid.
You know something I've learned after all these years? Nothing good ever comes from dragging up the past.
My father and I both loved Walt Whitman, so I'd like to read this poem in his honor.
"At the last, tenderly.
"From the walls of the powerful fortress house.
"From the clasp of the knitted locks.
"From the keep of the well closed doors.
"Let me be wafted.
"Let me glide noiselessly forth.
"With the key of softness" When I was nine years old, I asked Santa Claus for a Cabbage Patch Kid.
And I got the complete works of Walt Whitman instead.
That was the thing about my dad.
He Always wanted me to better myself.
He would take me to the city on the weekends to the Met and the Guggenheim.
And he would stand there patiently for hours while I looked at these paintings in awe.
And he never complained.
Because that was the kind of man that he was.
I would like to think that he just wanted to do right by me and my mom.
That's the man that I've come here to remember.
Everything else.
Well Doesn't matter now.
Thank you both so much for coming.
We'll send the plane back for you in a few days.
Well, Irene.
- It's been emotional.
- Hasn't it just.
Maybe next time I can meet your boys? Right, Marj.
Let's go sort out the house.
Why do you call her that? Oh, Marjorie is Georgina's middle name.
Will you please thank Christos for the beautiful flowers? Yeah.
And tell him if his horse comes in I want my cunt.
Try not to look so scared.
Listen, one kick is all it takes.
OK, no pressure but if you don't win this, we're both dog food.
I don't think he can hear you.
Yeah, he can.
Just win this for Adriana, please.
- All right? - And you.
Yeah, yeah, good.
Carlotta's Ghost is on top form.
We can win this, sir.
Friend of yours? Works for me actually.
- You mean - Jabberwock.
Two to one favorite.
May the best source win.
- Good luck.
- Thank you.
Just do your best and we'll do this! - Yeah, yeah! - We're gonna win.
- You have the best one.
- Yes, yes, yes.
You didn't you tell me you bought Jabberwock? I don't like walking away empty handed so I made a private approach to the stable.
So you deliberately undermine me? Ok.
That depends how you want to look at it.
I can't watch this.
Where the fuck is he? You need a drink.
No, I'm fine.
Just take the bloody drink, will you? I told you.
I'm in recovery.
You know what, actually I don't think I should be here.
Sorry, excuse me.
Sorry Come on! Good race! Yeah, great race.
And like you said, the er best horse won so So I can help you, you know.
What, you're gonna invest in the stud farm? I'm talking about the bank.
They want to rid themselves of dirty money, right? So let me invest.
Why would you do that? Because I think you have what it takes to turn it around.
No, no, what's in it for you? Ten per cent of the voting shares.
No, that would cost my family its majority share.
It's either that or lose the bank.
So, The choice is yours.
- You have to eat something.
- I'm not hungry.
I thought we had put all that nonsense to bed? I just wanna know who I am.
You are your own person, Ada.
Don't ever let a man define you, not a boyfriend, not a husband, not a father.
Certainly not him.
He's not important.
He is to me.
Just after Constantine and I got divorced, Negrescu took me for dinner.
That's until he was called away on business.
I found out later his business was slitting a man's throat.
I got letters from him.
He wants me to come visit him in prison.
The man is a butcher.
Stay away from him for all our sakes.
I got this from the prison a few days ago.
What's he got to say? That I shouldn't blame myself.
What is he talking about? He wasn't well.
Who knows what was going through his head? Is he talking about Mom? You know what we ought to do? Let's get some doughnuts.
We could use the sugar.
I know this place up here, it's fantastic.
Am I the reason that she went to Vermont? - Well, just let just - Jeff? Am I the reason that she went to Vermont? Stop the car? - Stop the car? - Jesus! Was it my fault? Course not.
Then why did she just walk out? Why leave without saying goodbye? Oh my God.
It was me, wasn't it? I drove her away.
Georgina, wait, where are you going? Wait! You were a kid for Christ's sake.
Your mom was sick.
She, she was in and out of institutions her whole life.
I didn't know What happened? She took her own life.
So that story about the car accident in Vermont Your Dad was always adamant that you never know the truth.
Where did they find her? You gotta know we were always just trying to protect you.
Just tell me! The falls.
Was I there? No.
Then how did I see her? That dream that I keep having.
I, I saw her lying there! You, you heard something.
You pieced it together.
Look, Georgina, you gotta know that I wanted to tell you so many times Georgina, look please, come on, I know this is hard but Where are you going? It's been a long time since I've held your hand.
It has to be at least thirty-five years.
It's hard not to look back and think what might've been.
You left me, remember.
Only because my father made the decision for me.
We were so young, we didn't know what we wanted.
I knew what I wanted.
I wanted you, Constantine.
I just, I didn't know how to fight my parents.
Oh, come on Cassie.
I was pregnant.
With Nico and Daphne.
What? Why didn't you tell me? My father wouldn't let me.
You should have told me.
Well would it have made any difference if I had? Yes, family means everything to me.
But you have to understand I have children.
I have Georgina.
They've already grieved for you.
They've said their goodbyes.
Things can never go back to the way they were.
How many times have I told you? Keep that damn dog on the porch.
- Why won't you help me? - This isn't real! No, I need you to help me.
We have to get her out.
What are you talking about, - why aren't you helping me.
- I am helping you! - You never help me! - Put down the damn knife! No, I have to get her she's gonna kill us.
- Rose! - Don't! You stay away from me! - Rose! - Stay away from me! It's not real! - What is wrong with you? - Just give me the knife.
- No, no, no, no, no, no! - Ok, ok, ok! - Rose, just relax! - I have to get her out of here! - I have to get her out of here! - Listen to me Rose! Stop! Stop! Rose! Rose! Mom? Get in the truck.
Now! Get in the truck! Georgie! Ok, you just, you keep your eyes closed alright? I'll be back for you as soon as I can.
Dad? Dad? Dad? Mom! Dad? Go to your room.
You stay there until I tell you to come down.
Hey, I made your favourite, blueberries and maple syrup.
Your mother had to leave early.
She, she went to go stay with a friend in Vermont.
I thought maybe we could go to museum.
There's just the two of us now Georgie.
D'you understand what I'm saying? I love you so much.
Georgina? Georgina? He killed her.
What're you talking about? Dad.
He killed my mom.
I don't And I covered for him.
Where're you going? I can't stay here.
So, what you just gonna pull the pin and walk away? Maybe you got it wrong.
No, I know what I saw.
It's impossible! The police found her at the falls.
He put her there, Jeff! He lied to us.
He told that lie so many times, he started to believe it himself.
He just left her there to die.
Why are you remembering all of this now? I don't know.
Maybe it's being back here, maybe it's this house! I could hear them arguing through that door.
I could've helped her.
She was my own mother and I did nothing.
It's not your fault.
Did you know? What? Did you know what he did to her? Course I didn't! What kind of person do you think I am? Wouldn't be the first time you've lied to me.
She was my fucking sister, Marj.
Do you think that Fuck this! Jeff! I'm sorry.
Is it any wonder I don't trust anyone? I hope you don't include me in that.
You know I thought that I was coming here for my Dad.
But I wasn't.
I was here for Mom.
You remind me so much of her sometimes.
She was a paranoid schizophrenic, Jeff.
I mean before she got sick, dumbass.
She'd be so proud of you.
She would? Like you wouldn't believe.
I have some of her darkness too.
So do I.
Especially if I don't eat something every three hours.
I get really dark.
How was it? Well, you know, a funeral.
I'm off to bed.
What's so urgent that it can't wait till tomorrow.
I have a business proposition for you.
- Ok? - Yeah.
There's someone I want you to meet.
You're a very persuasive man, Mr.
I can see why likes you.
Please call me Raafi.
You and your husband put everything you had into that bank.
And I'd hate to see a few bad decisions destroy your hard work.
His investment would secure the liquidity of the bank.
In return for 10% of our voting share.
A small price to pay to ensure its future prosperity.
Wouldn't you agree? What you're forgetting, Raafi, is that I am a trustee for Adriana and Adam.
Why should I put their future on the line for a man I know virtually nothing about? His portfolio, the investments Anyone can look impressive on paper.
Ok, well, I'm sorry if I wasted your time.
No, no, I wouldn't've brought Raafi here if I didn't think he was the right man for us.
And he is, he is the right man for us.
Welcome to Clios Bank, Mr.
Well, we should talk to Georgina before we finalise anything.
Is that going to be a problem? She knows a good deal when she hears one.
Now if you'll excuse me.
I really have to go.
If you've got this wrong.
We're all fucked.
I'll be right back.
"Keep your face always towards the sunshine.
" "Because one day the shadows will fall behind you.
" "Love always.
"Your Pa.
" Good evening, Mrs.
Clios, I wouldn't like to speculate at this stage Do you wanna moment? I'm sorry.