Riviera (2017) s02e09 Episode Script

Season 2, Episode 9

A body in a sail bag was dragged from the sea yesterday.
What did you do to Constantine when you were alone with him? You killed him, didn't you? Constantine and Raoul.
Prove it.
You're playing with fire, you know that? I know what I'm doing.
Do you happen to recognize that guy, do you? I've never seen him before in my life.
Enzo came to me asking for money.
I don't want him anywhere near my family - so I paid him to go away.
- Is that what to do with Nico? As far as I'm concerned, this conversation is over.
He's mixed up with dangerous people.
Who exactly? Jakob Negrescu.
Even so much of a hint of trouble and you'll be back in there so fast your feet won't hit the ground.
- Is that understood? - Loud and clear.
Ah, morning! You're supposed to be back by midnight.
Where the fuck is Enzo? These things take time, but everything's in hand.
Does that mean you have something for me? Well I'd say it was a successful night, all things considered.
Someone knows about Adam.
That's impossible, someone is messing with you.
Whoever did this is just trying to scare you, that's all.
Well they succeeded.
Did they take anything? No! What about the security cameras? They were all disabled.
This is just some sick fuck who wants money.
It's not your house they broke into though, is it? It's not you they came looking for.
I don't know how much more of this I can handle.
"God cannot be mocked.
" "A man reaps what he sows.
" Right come on.
You're coming with me.
Who the hell would do that? The whole world knows that Adam is missing.
You watch, someone'll come out of the woodwork, demanding a hundred grand for information about his disappearance.
Yeah, but still Come on, Jeff.
It's not like she hasn't fucked off a bunch of people in the past.
I need you to look after her for me.
What? What am I? The fucking Irene-whisperer? I don't wanna leave her alone.
She looks like she's losing it.
Yeah, but you weren't able to get through to her what makes you think that I will be? The difference is she likes you.
Where are you going? There's somewhere I need to be.
You owe me.
I know what you did to Irina's pool.
I know it was you.
Pig's blood? The alarm system had been disabled.
Yeah, and? You're a former head of security.
It doesn't take a genius to figure that one out.
I thought we had an agreement about the terms of your parole.
Well the way I see it is, you have a choice.
We turn around and you give up all hope of finding Enzo.
Or you start treating me with some respect.
My sister used to take me to the aquarium all the time when I was a kid.
She was crazy about the turtles.
Well she was crazy about a lot of things but I wonder how much pressure it would take for this glass to smash? Let's not go there.
You know, I think that if I were a fish I'd be a seahorse.
They're cute in a strange kind of way; feeds constantly to stay alive.
But one of life's dependables.
It's also monogamous and it mates for life.
Well then I might have to reconsider.
Please don't be kind to me, cos I can't bear it.
Sometimes I feel like I've had the life sucked out of me.
It's like all the colour is gone.
Everything is just grey.
You can't give up.
That's easy for you to say.
Hey, hey, hey, hey.
You've been through so much shit we both have but we're still here.
You've made it this far.
I'm trying.
Yeah, I know.
But you gotta try a little harder.
Cos I miss the old Irene.
Nico, don't ever leave me.
I used to be so lost, like I didn't know where I belonged.
Well I Don't want you to feel like that.
Marry me.
What did you say? I wanna spend the rest of my life with you.
Marry me.
What? I didn't quite hear that.
- I still can't - Yes! Yes - Yes? - Yes.
Oh, six! We're getting married! - What? - It wasn't! I said I ok, ok, I'm sorry! I'm sorry.
You're not sorry! We're getting married! I'm sorry I I didn't expect this.
Goodness! Goodness! Well if I've learnt anything in the last few months, it's er, it's to embrace the moment.
And I can't tell you how thrilled I am to be welcoming you into the family.
Thank you.
Well, I think this calls for a rather special bottle of something.
Come on.
Well? What do you think? Well, I just can't believe it's all happened so quickly.
You and Raafi were engaged in what, three seconds? What the Nico Eltham bought drugs from you and used them on a friend of mine.
I already told you I don't know anything about that.
But you know Nico, right? I mean you've sold drugs to him in the past.
What did he buy from you? Some coke; MDMA and er Fentanyl I know Raafi paid you off to keep you quiet, so What is it you're not telling me? We went to his hotel room.
Sometimes it pays to sample what you're selling.
Afterwards I Fell asleep on the sofa.
I woke up when I felt the needle go into my arm.
I could feel it spreading through my body.
I tried to move but I couldn't.
He gave you fentanyl? I told Raafi Al-Qadar that I wanted money or I would go and find Nico and break every bone in his fucking legs.
He was practising on you before he got to Raoul.
You have to go to the police with all of this.
No way.
We can't let him get away with it.
Please! If you agree, I will talk to the Italian police today.
Do as the lady says.
Thank you.
Here, your phone.
I will call you as soon I've met the police.
Who is this Nico Eltham? He's my problem, not yours.
I won't come back with you.
I have a few friends I wanna look up.
That's not what we agreed to.
Look, I did what you asked.
I found Enzo.
Now there are people I need to see.
Your job's not done until Enzo does what I ask of him.
Come on.
Fuck with me and you'll end up right back in jail.
Have you seen this one? What a cute little face! Hiding a multitude of sins, no doubt.
It must be hard to be completely happy when you feel that someone's missing.
Can I offer you some advice? Sure.
People are going tell you that you're too young and and you don't know what you want and But I was about your age when I fell for the love of my life, and that feeling has lasted all this time.
Constantine, you mean? Please I'd like to know.
I loved him from the moment we met.
So you two must hold on to each other.
And don't let anyone come between you.
Love is gonna make you do extraordinary things.
But most important of all, never regret anything.
So, you're Nico Eltham.
I've heard a lot about you.
Take it off.
Oh my God.
Now turn around.
Enzo told me what you did to him.
Enzo? Enzo.
Enzo's a thief.
I bought drugs from him, but he stole money from me.
Please, please, you can't trust a word that he says.
Is that so? I understand you're involved with my daughter.
Adriana? Yes, yes, we're getting married.
No, no, please, please, please.
I love Adriana.
I would do anything for her.
Please you've gotta believe me I She wouldn't take kindly to that knowing you held a gun to my head.
Well you'd be dead.
She'd never know.
Georgina Clios has pointed the finger at me, hasn't she? I don't know if that's because I'm with Adriana or because I know exactly what sort of person she is.
And what's that? She lies.
She manipulates and she will not stop until she gets what she wants.
Is that really the sort of person you want Adriana left with? Adriana's a remarkable woman.
Despite everything that family have done to her.
But if you don't care about any of that.
Do it.
I'd given up on finding Raoul's murderer but your information changes everything.
My superiors have agreed to reopen the case in light of this development.
And what about my contact? He's going out on a limb for me.
I can guarantee his immunity, but I will have to meet him first.
Ok, that's no problem, he's ready.
I'll make the necessary arrangements.
Hey, Georgie, join us.
Mum's staying with us whilst the fumigators are at her place.
Yeah, well, cockroaches! Who knew that France had so many of them? Oh, well you're welcome to stay with us any time.
Thank you.
I'm getting married.
What? Are you serious? Well, Nico proposed and I said yes.
That's usually what happens.
You barely know him.
I love him.
Ada, you've just turned eighteen.
Listen, I don't need your approval.
It would just mean the world to me to have your blessing.
You're impetuous, if nothing else.
You get that from me, of course.
I could never resist a handsome face.
Does that mean you approve? He's rich at least.
Thanks to my errant ex-husband.
Just be sure to divorce him kindly.
A toast.
To my beautiful daughter.
May your marriage be as happy as mine was.
Excuse me for a moment? Enzo.
It's Georgina.
I need you to meet me tomorrow morning at ten to talk to the Inspector.
I'll be there.
- I'll text you the address.
- Ok.
Maybe I'll, Maybe I'll swing by Irene's place, you know just do like a little sweep.
Oh, you don't have to worry.
She won't be expecting any more trouble.
You can say that but how can you be sure? Because she would've gotten a ransom note by now.
Who's this guy? That's not who I think it is? What the fuck do you think you're doing here? I'm here to see the bride to be.
Thierry said you were talking to your lawyer.
Well, Thierry is a gullible idiot.
You need to leave now.
- Dad! - Hey! When did you get out? - Didn't Georgina tell you? - No, what? She kindly arranged to have me bailed.
Congratulations, darling.
Thank you.
Thank you.
The blood in the pool.
That was you.
Of all the spiteful, vindictive things to do to this family, you unleash this animal.
Don't be like that.
Now I can fulfil the promise I gave to Adriana.
What promise? To bring Adam home.
Don't say his name.
Well, aren't you worried about him? I mean, she's been having nightmares.
How dare you walk in here acting like the concerned father? Mum, don't.
He's been missing for what, three months now? - And that doesn't seem odd to you? - We don't need your help.
That's interesting, because that's not what my daughter says.
You open that disgusting mouth of yours one more time Yeah, and what, huh? My family clearly needs my help and I'm only too happy to oblige.
If Adam's out there, I'll find him.
Mum! You go anywhere near me or my family again, and I swear I'll kill you myself.
- Dad, are you ok? - Fuck Let me get you a tissue or something Hey, what the fuck have you done? There are a lot of things you don't know about Nico.
Negrescu was the only way that I could get to him.
So, we're all just pawns in your twisted little game.
- Is that what you're saying? - You don't understand.
He's dangerous.
There's only one toxic thing in this family and it's not Nico Eltham.
Do you know you've made things more difficult now? Doesn't matter.
This is not about your mother It's about us, about you and me.
I've erm, I've made some enquiries about your brother.
Yeah, well, what I don't understand is how your mother hasn't tried harder to find him.
I mean she has the resources.
- It makes you wonder - What? Whether she knows more than she's letting on.
She would never lie about Adam.
My beautiful girl.
Don't forget I've known your mother a lot longer than you.
She's so used to lying.
I'm not sure she knows what the truth is any more.
Enzo, it's me.
Where the fuck are you? So? He said he would be here.
Did you tell Nico that I tracked Enzo down? Georgina.
How are you? Well your lovely brother-in-law drugged him with fentanyl.
The same drug that was used to paralyse Raoul just before he was murdered.
Hold on, slow down.
What are you saying? I've been talking to the Italian police.
And just today Enzo disappears.
You don't think that Nico had anything to do with that? I haven't told Nico anything about our conversation.
I know you're trying to protect your family but you have to see how dangerous Nico is? I have done everything in my power to contain Nico's involvement in the bank.
And as for these other allegations, I have my wife to think about.
- What's going on? - They've found a man's body Well who is it? Is he young? Old? Tell me, for fuck's sake.
I don't know.
It was a white guy, about the same age as you.
Hey! Have you identified the body? We're waiting for the forensic.
You have to stay back, Sir.
Listen my brother's been missing for weeks, there's a chance it could be him.
We cannot identity the body until the body has been recovered.
So I'm going to ask you to clear the area.
- It's a crime scene.
- But listen if I could just check That's not possible, Sir.
And here they are, so please go back to your car.
The police have found a body.
They haven't confirmed the identity yet, but there is every chance it could be Adam.
What makes you think it could be Adam? A white male, my age on the stud farm, Ada.
That doesn't mean it's Adam.
Hey, come on, come one, where are you going? Call the police.
They can't keep us waiting like that.
Listen, they're not gonna tell you anything over the phone.
This is torture.
Hey, erm, why don't you go check on your sister? Yeah, yeah.
This is fucking crazy.
We all know that it's not Adam and yet we gotta stand here and watch them - go through this? - What choice do we have? Well you could start by telling the fucking truth.
Wait, where are you going? I've gotta get the hell out of here.
No, don't walk out on me now.
What's the alternative? Do I stand back and watch them get their hearts get ripped out? I thought you cared about these kids? I do.
Yet here we are.
This is a you that I just cannot get my head around.
It's like you gotta keep feeding these lies.
Like you're addicted to the chaos.
Then stay and, and help me fix it.
Yeah, we already tried that once already and it didn't work out.
I know that somewhere in there that you think that all these things you're doing, that you're doing them for the right reasons but I just Oh, Georgina, I love you, I really do.
But this secret is gonna destroy you, just the same way that it did your old man.
And I'm not gonna stick around and watch that happen.
Oh fuck! How long does it take to identify a fucking body? Adriana, please, just, If they hear anything they'll call How can you be so calm about it? I mean our brother could be dead, you said it.
No, no, I didn't.
We, we don't know anything, so there's no point in jumping to conclusions until we get some information that's all I'm saying until we find out anything for sure Try to keep calm.
- Mum? - Are you ok? Erm, I just want this nightmare to be over.
Is there any word? Well I'm sure the police are doing everything they can, given the circumstances.
It might not even be your brother.
It's Adam.
I know it's Adam.
No, we don't, we can't think like that.
If someone hurt him, Is there anything I can do, Irina? I just need some air.
Listen to me, we have got to keep it together.
- They need us right now.
- I can't do this.
I can't be like you.
All we have done is infect them with our poison.
And This hell I'm living in, that's my own doing, but I can't stand back and watch my children burn.
I will fix it, I will fix it, I promise.
How? You killed my son.
- Merci, Merci.
- Mum? Enzo.
That can't be a coincidence, can it? Where's mum? - She had to go.
- Go where? There's no more important place than to be with us! I think it was all too much for her.
Not for us? Let's just be thankful it wasn't Adam.
No, not this time.
But what about next time? This isn't gonna stop until we find him.
Hey, we will find a way through this.
You told me if I renounced my sins they would be forgiven.
But that was a lie.
You have tested me, and I have failed.
And my punishment? A lifetime in purgatory.
You sacrificed your only son, so he could die for our sins.
But I didn't get to make that choice.
Because if I did, I would have said take me; not him.
Not my beautiful boy.
Mum? Did you even think about what this would do to Adriana? A young man's body, dumped at the stud farm.
Collateral damage comes with the territory.
Adriana deserves to know what happened to her brother.
All of this is just about getting back at Irina.
Well you didn't think I would let her get away with it, did you? She took everything from me, everything, including my daughter.
So if you call the judge now, Adriana would never forgive you.
So, I suppose the kindest outcome is for us to go our separate ways now.
What the fuck? Thierry! Help! I told you not to fuck with me.
Goodness! Mrs.
Clios? Ada, darling.
I'm so sorry I left.
I wanted to come here and pray for Adam.
Let's go and pray.
Fucking pray.
You didn't even ask if the body was Adam.
No, I didn't.
What happened to him? - Tell me.
Tell me.
- I can't.
- Ada, don't do this - Where is he? - Don't.
- Where is my brother? I'm your mother, I can't lay this burden on you Don't fucking touch me! Adam's dead, isn't he? Whatever you think you know, you've got it all wrong.
Tell me what happened.
Tell me, tell me, just tell me mum, please tell me I can't.
It's my hell, not yours.
I won't put you through it.
Why are you doing this? I just want the truth.
The truth? - The truth is unbearable.
- Liar.
- I'm protecting you! - Liar.
- I'm doing it all for you - Liar!