Robin Hood s02e01 Episode Script


Gone to meet his Maker.
- Get rid of him.
- Just seeing if he's got a purse.
I show you my purse if you show me yours.
This is an ambush.
- You don't say.
- This is how it goes.
There's poor people going hungry.
- You tell us what you've got - Be honest - And we take one tenth - So the poor eat.
- Lie - Or resist And we take it all.
So what's it gonna be? Mm-hm.
Well, what have we got here? My babies.
Get them.
- I don't want to hurt you.
- How chivalrous.
I've got the girl! Time to disappear! My gang, this way! A woman, you'll find.
Where did they go? Gone to meet their Makers? Take me to Nottingham, idiots.
Come on.
- Great work, Will.
- It's nothing.
Nothing? Genius! I love a camp! Tell me you would rather have a woman, Gisborne.
- Pardon? - Tell me you would rather have a woman than all this power.
We are so close.
Talking of our lady leper friends, time to go and get the pretty one and her daddy.
- The Hood and Marian.
- Mm.
If they resist, shall I use force? Get up to speed, Gisborne.
Use force anyway.
- How are you doing, Allan? - Could've been nasty.
- Those men were well trained.
- Woman wasn't bad.
- Nearly had you for a minute, there.
- No, I doubt that.
- What's that? - Boss lady's ring.
Hang on.
That's the Sheriff's insignia.
So what? Well, what? We've robbed a friend of the Sheriff.
But it's more than a friend if she shares the Sheriff's insignia.
Oh! Oh, the glamorous one! The successful one.
- Ni-ni-ni - Prrrr.
So, erm So how was your journey? I ran into an old friend of yours.
- Mm.
- He didn't hurt your babies? No.
- But I do want him caught.
- Don't worry.
Everything's in place.
Tomorrow, when our friends gather, they gather to watch Hood die.
The plan is? - A whole garrison of 500 men.
- Mm.
Men - good.
But a woman is better.
And that's all I'm taking off until you go away.
You're a spoilsport, Marian.
What do you make of this? The Sheriff's insignia? We took it off a woman on the way to Nottingham and she had men and they were well trained.
It was like a military unit.
And she carries the Sheriff's insignia.
- What does that mean? - I don't know.
I hoped you or your father might know.
We're not welcome in the corridors of power.
Come and join my gang.
- In your dreams.
- Wait.
- Did you hear it? - What? That kiss spoke volumes.
Did it? What did it say? It said "Marian wants to come and join your gang.
" Really? That's not what I heard.
What I heard was a little voice, saying, "Abandon your home, abandon your father, "give up any hope of a normal life "and take up with a man who thinks resistance means showing off with a bow.
" - That's not fair.
- And to do what? To wait for a king who, let's face it, may or may not make it home.
What? So you have been thinking about it, then? Sir Edward! Marian! Out, now! Sir Guy! - I'll kill him.
- Shoot first, think later? I will not allow this.
- Do you want my father killed? - Marian? - If you respect me, you'll do nothing.
- Come down or I will torch your house.
- Answer me! - Do you respect me? Don't keep me waiting! I respect you.
- Oh! - Father! - You come when I say! - Father! - I am unhurt.
- What do you want? The Sheriff wants you where he can see you.
- My father is frail, release him! - You do not tell me what to do! - Burn the house.
- Guy, no! No! - Please, Sir Guy.
- Better.
Sir Guy Beg.
Sir Guy please, I beg you.
Much better.
But still not good enough.
No! Stop! No! - Don't! - Get out.
Guards, to the castle.
Move it! Come on! Get moving! Come on! Move out.
Something's up.
That is proper lock-down.
It can't just be for Edward and Marian.
Now, who is that? Oh! Why don't you just knock on the door and ask the Sheriff? We're not gonna find out much standing around here all morning.
What would you recommend? Since you ask, I was gonna go to the tavern, I've got some new tricks to try out - look at this.
- Three cups, right? - Come on.
No, no, come on - Robin, this is lovely, honest.
Since when have we been tavern tricksters, Allan? Why'd you let Gisborne grab Marian in the first place? Be careful.
Ah! The sanctimonious old fart.
And her father.
I gather you've been careless with your wood fire.
You know full well that is not the case.
Tell me, whose side are you on? Mine or King Richard's? Hm? The real world or the old world? Yours.
No! Come along.
We both know that's not true, don't we? I believe in justice.
I believe in the rights of a free man.
Who cares what you believe in? Hm? I have a plan and I will not tolerate dissent.
So you are under house arrest, here in the castle, until I can find some use for you.
- My Lord Sheriff, I must protest.
- You must? My father is unwell.
He must be allowed to One more word out of you, missy, and your father will never be unwell again.
My Lord, another one of our friends has arrived.
Guy! Please - the castle is no place for an old man.
You think you can humiliate a man at the altar, a man like me, and get away with it? You're wrong.
- Marian's in there.
- Having cakes and ale with the Sheriff? - You don't get it, do you? - No, I don't, that's what I'm saying.
We risk our lives to get money, then we give it all away.
We should get something.
If we don't get anything, we're going to get weak, demoralized.
- You're not weak.
- No, but I might get weak.
- Anyway, it doesn't matter to you.
- Why? You've always been weak.
Very funny.
Why don't you just - just - Why don't I just what? Why don't you just jigger off? Jigger off? You what? - What does that mean - jigger? - You know what it means.
What? - Where are you going? Master - Just let him go.
He needs to cool off.
We've forgotten about the poor.
We said we'd be here to hand down.
The Sheriff's not forgotten about them.
Look at that.
Poor woman.
He can't let a day go by without humiliating one of them.
For now.
We'll try the west gate.
Come on.
All right.
- Just had your wages? - What's it to you? I thought you might fancy doubling your money.
There's another one.
I know that man.
Foster of Rotherham.
- Who is he? - He's a schemer.
And he's nasty and he's an enemy of the King.
The day Foster and the Sheriff get together is a black day and if all those visitors are the same, then Go back and tell the others to get ready and tell Will to think of a way to get over that wall.
Where are you going? Well, if we get in, we'll need uniforms.
No offence, I need your uniform.
I'm not being funny - it costs me money every time.
Oh! Shame! Shame.
Thank you very much.
Oh, unlucky, unlucky.
Another go? Oh-oh-oh! Oh! Oh-ho-ho.
Fancy a bet, mate? Gotcha.
Is this the Sheriff's work? Just go away.
I don't want any sympathy or any manky food thrown at me, so unless you've a better idea, go away.
- How about I rescue you? - No, thanks.
I am Robin Hood.
Really? No, thanks.
I'm taking the punishment for my children.
They were caught stealing scraps from the castle kitchens.
Go on, shoo! I've got to stay or they get it.
It's just for a day, so do me a favor and get lost.
If you and your children need food, we can help.
Every few days we bring those in need a little food and money.
I can add you to our list if you give me your name.
You think because you've given me a coin, I'm going to tell you my name? I have to go.
Just be in the market on Thursdays.
- My men'll find you.
- Hey! Rose.
My name's Rose.
Thank you.
Excellent, my tiny tricksters.
Now, where's Gisborne, hm? Tell Gisborne it's show time! Good.
Very good.
What? What? What?! What do you want? So tell me - where are your friends? - What are you talking about? Oh, not this again.
You think I'm one of Robin Hood's men, don't you? The one who looks like me - what's his name? Erm Allan, right? No, my name's Tom.
Tom! Don't insult me.
What's happened? Robin Hood kick you out, hm? Tricking working men in taverns doesn't sound very Robin Hood.
I told you - I don't know Robin Hood.
Show me some respect and maybe we can talk about a deal.
Sir Guy, the Sheriff says it's show time.
Torture him.
Hang on.
Hang on.
I admit, all right, I'm Allan A Dale.
Too late.
I want a deal! You said a deal! Too late.
No need any more.
People my dear people, these two young scallywags here think because they are children they can escape justice.
They have committed a crime.
One of my men saw fit to take pity on them and their mother and allowed her to take a punishment for them.
Very generous misguided.
They must lose a hand.
- It is the law.
- No! No, my children! No! Ah! Motherly compassion.
Very sweet.
Bring out the equipment.
Please, they're children, they meant no harm! Please, don't take their hands! Please! Shut up! Come along - chop, chop.
I, Vaizey, Sheriff of Nottingham, hereby pronounce sentence on little tiny Billy and tiny little Jane blah-di-blah-di-blah - chop off their hands.
Somebody save my children! There's an arrow here for you, Sheriff.
Do it.
Rose, children, run! They can't! Help! No, Robin, don't go down.
The locks, quickly! Now! Clever.
Very, very clever.
Put down your weapon, Hood.
So tell me, are these even your children? Children? Ugh! Now You show me your face and I'll show you mine.
Did I tell you I had a sister, Hood? My friends! Our time has come.
King Richard is marching on Jerusalem.
By the time the year is out, he will be home.
So, Operation Sharmat must move to the next phase.
Mobilize your men, bring me your bids for funding, we must be ready.
Wherever King Richard lands on English soil, we must be there to greet him, to embrace him.
Oh! Oh, the King is dead.
Long live the King.
So, meanwhile, today's entertainment.
My friends, allow me to introduce from high lord to low criminal, from noble to nothing, from rank to skank, from hero to zero Robin Hood.
Welcome to my new chamber, Hood.
We are the Black Knights.
Why so coy, Vaizey? Why not call yourselves the traitors? And Operation Sharmat, why not call it checkmate? - Or better still, Kill The King.
- Very good.
He knows his Persian.
- Very clever.
- The taxes, the money you've raised Did you think I was going to buy myself a new rug? You don't know me at all, Hood.
Myself and my friends, we have no interest in money - it's for an army of mercenaries.
We want power.
Between us, we will run the new England.
We are the new England.
- Well, then, God help us.
- God is the only one that can help you.
Because I really rather enjoyed our little skirmishes.
Davina! My babies.
Death by fanging.
Listen Listen, we can sort this out.
Shut it! How about a little bet, eh? Are you a betting man? How about a little wager? That's no, by the way.
Inch by inch, Hood you'll be lowered to your death.
Sir Guy would like to ask you a question before we say goodbye.
Tell me, Hood who is the Nightwatchman? I don't know, Gisborne.
But I do know I'll kiss him when I see him for stealing from you.
And for showing it's not just me.
You see, there are people like me and the Nightwatchman all over England who will stand up for justice.
Look at you - a noble life, you threw it away.
For what? So you could be king of the paupers? Do you think they'd love you? Did you think they'd kneel at your name? Trust me - you're not dead yet and they've forgotten you already.
Oh! - The Nightwatchman.
- What? The Nightwatchman! Get after him! A double execution! Very good.
My friends, I suggest you retire to your quarters and we reconvene tonight.
Thank you.
So, handsome I almost regret tricking you now.
A clue - no.
Remember this, Nightwatchman? Take off your mask.
I want to see your face.
Ah! Your mistake, my friend.
You should've run when you had the chance.
Help, you idiots! Gisborne! - Get him! - Don't worry, he's mine.
Oh, what's the matter? Does nobody love you? That's your real weakness, isn't it? - You need people to love you.
- It's better than needing reptiles to love you.
My brother loves me.
Like I said.
Looks like you're gonna die without an audience, Hood.
Think, think.
What's he doing? Why isn't he running away? He's creating a distraction! You're wasting your time, my friend.
Robin Hood is already dead.
Yes! Impressive.
What were you thinking you would do if you did escape? Between us, we have 10,000 men.
What was your plan, hm? Were you going to save England single-handed? Not single-handed.
There's five or six of us.
Help! Get me out! Get me out! Help! Get me out! - Davina! - Brother! - Get her out right now! - Don't make any sudden - Oh! movements.
Get her out, get her out! There must be a cure, some medicines, yes? No.
Sheriff Give me one good reason why I shouldn't kill you now.
- Shut up, Hood.
- Then you die with your sister.
You haven't told him, have you? Prince John made the Sheriff a promise.
If my brother should die an unnatural death, then the county of Nottingham and everything in it shall be obliterated.
Every town and village will be burnt.
Every man, every woman and every innocent little child hanged.
Would you really want that on your conscience, pretty boy? - How long? - Not long.
Don't die.
You're strong, you're my strong sister.
I'm not strong.
I was being you so you'd notice me.
So you'd love me.
I love you.
I've always loved you.
Ahh! I want him dead.
Gisborne, whatever it takes, I want him dead.
Robin! - Who died? - The Sheriff said you were dead.
The Sheriff - the Sheriff is plotting to kill the king with his friends the Black Knights.
They're dividing England.
You can't go back into the castle.
We must get word to the King.
- Nottingham is not safe.
- It's not just Nottingham.
The Black Knights, they're everywhere, taxing the poor to pay for mercenaries.
We must stop them.
I must go back to the castle.
- It's too dangerous! - Robin! - Having a spy on the inside is useful.
- No! For once, just listen to me.
- And my father is in there.
- Marian, I can't protect you in there.
I thought you were dead and I would have given anything to be with you.
Then take that chance and come with me.
- But listen - What? A little voice, saying yes - when the King is home, safe.
Hood, you left without saying goodbye.
Take aim.
What, no more public humiliation, Gisborne? Eh? No more beating and berating? The Sheriff doesn't want to say goodbye either.
He just wants you dead.
See you on the dark side.
Shoot him.
Ahhh! So, it's goodnight from me And goodnight from him.
Guards! What? Pepper.
You see, Gisborne, that's why I didn't say goodbye.
Ohhh! Because I didn't want to see you cry.
- Time to disappear? - Yeah.
My gang, this way, come on.
Been having fun? Hood was here, did you know? Didn't try and rescue you.
So, I was thinking - one chance to live.
- I'm not helping you kill Robin.
- I'm not helping you kill anyone.
- Yeah, I respect you for that.
So let's look at this another way, shall we? An exchange as we go along.
A little information, a little money, a conversation.
- What sort of conversation? - Oh, a harmless one.
If I need extra guards on a building, you let me know, if I need to reroute a convoy - that sort of conversation.
I am not robbed, Robin is not killed.
You'd be doing us both a service.
You and I, we're the ones who make our supposed betters look good.
And they take us for granted.
But what happens when they move on? Then it's our turn.
You want to help the poor? Help yourself, first.
Make provision for the future.
You'll never be named, you'll never be implicated.
This is just between you and me.
You be my eyes and my ears.
And then when all this is over you will have money and position and you can help the poor to your heart's content.
Well, it's not the end of the world, is it? I mean, Marian's all right, basically, and we've got a camp.
Much, the Sheriff and the Black Knights are gonna kill the King, take over England.
It is the end of the world.
One thing we've learned it's that you're never going to Nottingham alone again.
Because if you had died, especially now If I had died, today, Much, or if I die tomorrow, you will carry on without me.
How? We are Robin Hood's men.
No - you are Robin Hood.
- What? - You are Robin Hood.
And you are, and you are.
All of you.
- We're not though, are we? - Listen to me.
We are not just six outlaws in the forest, we are the spirit of England and that is Robin Hood! And that, lads, that is this country's only hope.
We are Robin Hood.
Come on.
'Ey up, lads.
- What happened to you? - I tricked one punter too many.
I could've told you.
We are Robin Hood.
- What? - Just say it.
We are Robin Hood!