Robin Hood s03e07 Episode Script

Too Hot to Handle

That's the last drop.
God help us.
Do you know, I don't know who's hotter, you or me.
It's you, Sire.
You are hot hot hot.
If we could get back to the business in hand, Sire.
Do we have to? I think I'll leave you to it.
- Good evening.
- Oh, God! Don't do that! Sorry.
Just thought I'd pop in on you.
I thought you might like some of these.
- I need to make arrangements.
- Do stop whinging, Gisborne.
I've told you, you're as good as sheriff already.
The only thing you don't have is the title or the power or the castle.
But the truth is, right now, there're more pressing matters.
- Robin Hood.
- Now, obviously, he has to hang.
The only problem is, the people do rather insist on adoring him still.
- The people are fools, Sire.
- Of course they are.
But we need their co-operation if my plans for England are to come to fruition.
So I need to woo them, make them love me.
Yes, Sire.
But how? By giving them what they want, of course.
What they want more than anything with this drought.
Prepare the horses! I wish to leave! Good night, Isabella.
Good night, Robin Hood.
You'll accompany me on my trip back to the castle.
We'll visit the dungeons.
The Sub Wood Team Kiry and Moochie Episode seven TOO HOT TO HANDLE Don't be scared, my dear.
I just want to show you something.
Kindred spirits, you and I.
Now, usually the water in here comes halfway to the top, but my men are blocking the spring that feeds it.
The same spring supplies the underground water sources in Nottingham.
Within the hour, every well within a ten-mile radius will be without water in this drought.
Which is when I shall start giving them water from my own personal supplies.
And then, Isabella, then they shall realise it is ME they should adore, ME they should worship and obey, ME who is their kind and merciful father.
What if they don't? the filthy little wretches can die of thirst.
- I'm sorry.
- Have some of mine.
- But you need it, too.
- Come on.
Take it, Ellie for my godson.
I've missed you so much! - How's the little tyke doing? - You know, tears, tantrums, fouling his pants but enough about my husband.
We'll get through this drought, Kate.
I know we will.
- Change is coming, Robin.
- Is it, now? I'm beginning to wonder if we can really change anything.
The Sheriff is dead.
Is that not change enough? In his place is the Prince who does nothing while his people die of thirst.
- Thank goodness for me, then.
- Your recce went well? Two guards, one door and twenty barrels of Prince John's cool, fresh water hidden in a barn, just begging to be sampled.
- I don't believe it.
- There's no point resisting it! I saw them.
They were all over each other.
Sire, is it possible that you could have misread the situation? Well, we'll see, won't we? Because I've set her a little trap.
A trap? I told her about my plan with the water.
If she is in league with Hood, I suspect she'll want to find him and tell him all about it, and when she does, you'll be there, because you'll be following.
And then? What do you expect? They're traitors.
Execute them.
Both of them? Gisborne, I have great plans for you.
I do hope you're not suffering from any pathetic pangs of familial loyalty.
None at all.
My loyalty to you is absolute.
Whatever the outcome, it shall be my hand that resolves it for you, - and I promise you - Yes, bored now.
Leave, please.
Help me, please.
- Help me.
- Naff off! This drought's made me so thirsty that I need water, please.
There's no water here for you.
I'm parched, sir.
- Please.
- Get lost! Just a little to wet my mouth, then, eh? It's as dry as a camel's bum in a sandstorm.
You're giving me the hump! Now push off.
There's no water here for you.
Really? Well, what's all this, then? And again! I mean, really, it's not like I asked for ice and a slice, was it? Come on, let's get this water to the villages.
Thank you.
Thank you.
- It'll be fine.
It'll be fine.
- Thank you.
- So what's his name, then? - Actually, his name's Robin.
Is it? Thank you very much, that's very flattering.
No, after the bird.
One landed on his crib the day he was born.
Course it did.
Right, good, good.
It was after you.
He's always been a poorly lad, so gave him a name of strength.
Let's have some water.
What's wrong? I envy them, Much.
You know, they have nothing, and yet I envy them, their lives, because That's better! they have each other, you know? Well, we've got each other.
It's not the same, though, is it? No.
It's not.
Robin? What is it? Isabella just spoke to me as I was passing the manor.
She said she had important information for you.
She wants to meet you in the meadow.
Right, OK.
I'm going to have to leave you awhile.
Just had a message from Isabella.
I think she may have information about the well.
You think that's wise? we've been through this.
I think there's something not right about her.
- She helped us before.
- She defied Prince John.
- She helped us put out the fire.
- She's Gisborne's sister! You think she doesn't have ulterior motives? Or maybe you think she just likes you for being you.
The truth is, Robin Hood is needed here.
The water in these barrels will last at most.
young will start dying.
That's exactly why I should go and meet her.
If she has information about the wells - I hear there's water in the Trent.
- And I hear that there isn't.
And even if I'm wrong, it's still only a temporary solution.
We need something permanent, and Isabella may offer us that.
- I'll be back.
Wait for me here.
- Robin! Wait here.
Well, I am punctual if nothing else.
You have to stop doing that.
So what's so important that you'd risk being seen with me in public? Prince John's blocked the spring that provides the water supply to the villages.
We have to find a way There's another entrance to the chamber via an overflow outside the town.
One of the guardstold me about it.
It eventually leads to the chamber underneath the castle dungeons.
If we go in that way, we can bypass the castle completely.
What do you mean "we"? I mean I can take you there myself.
Would you? And lead me straight into the dragon's lair.
What do I have to do to make you trust me? I have no interest in being on the losing side.
So this is a politically motivated act.
Call it what you want.
Political manoeuvring undermining my louse of a brother a naked attempt to get you to like me more.
You can trust me, I swear.
Well, we have to go back and get the others, because we're gonna need all the help we can get.
All right? And then we'll go, straight to the entrance.
Now, come on.
Come on! Horses! Run! Go! Good morning! Good morning to you all, my my children.
I know you've been suffering, and when you hurt, I hurt.
Which is why I am here now, to dispense succour, quench your thirst and to give you the gift of life itself, through water.
Water for every Where did you get that? There's no need to be scared, as long as you tell the truth.
You see this water is mine.
So where did you get it? Hood, Sire.
Of course.
Men, give this man a drink.
Come here! I really wouldn't.
You've seen already how your treachery pays.
You like my water so much, from now on you pay for it A penny a gallon.
But Sire, we don't have that sort of money.
Well, sell something - some grain, a cow, a grandparent.
I don't care.
- My baby needs water to live, Sire.
- Yes, on that we both agree.
If you won't love me, then by God you'll fear me! What have we done? What do you think your brother would say if he knew we were together? Guy still wet the bed when he was 12.
- He doesn't scare me.
- Yeah? I'll be sure to mention that to him the next time I see him.
- What the - Gisborne! - How could you do this to me, Isabella? - What is this? - You tricked me! With him! ? My sister! followed me.
- Liar! - He's an outlaw, a murderer.
You kissed me.
You made me believe we may have a future together.
- You swore you'd never see him again! - Guy, let me go! You are my brother.
You will let me go.
Please, Guy.
All right, I will.
I'll give you another chance, Isabella.
I mean, we all make mistakes, don't we? What a shame you didn't show compassion to Marian - before you ran her through.
- Shut it! So I will unshackle you - Thank you.
- On one condition.
Why is there always one condition with you? Prove to me that you understand the terrible error you have made.
Kill him in front of me with this.
If you do that, I will lie to Prince John.
What does he know? I will tell him that he misread what he saw last night, and your life will be spared.
Just do it.
Save us all the pretence and do it quickly.
It'll make his day.
Fine! I will, then.
You were right.
It was obviously a mistake having anything to do with this weasel.
Unshackle me and I'll put things right.
- You were going to do it! - What are you talking about? I was tricking him.
I helped you fight him! That was helping me?! - I gave you the stick, you fool! - Gave it to me? I took it from you! Yeah, course you did, because you are so perfect! Oh, shut up! - What are you doing? - What I've wanted to do for 17 years.
- Consigning him to hell.
- Isabella, once you do it, there's no going back.
There's nothing more to be said or done.
This will do all the talking I need.
What about what he may have to say? The only thing I ever wanted to hear from him was a plea for forgiveness, some admission of guilt that it was his fault that I was so unhappy.
He sold his own sister to a man who made my life a misery.
That's why you shouldn't let him off so easily.
Come on, give it to me.
You will pay.
Some day, you will pay.
Get the key.
Oh, no! Look, it's all right, we're fine.
We'll go to Clun.
It's nearer than the .
Take it back.
Take what back? The bit about being a rubbish kisser.
Take it back.
- Fine, you're not a rubbish kisser.
Why did you say it? To make you angry.
We need to tie him up.
It's a fine line, isn't it, between love and hate? Two sides of the same coin, really.
Maybe they need to truly hate me before they can understand how to truly love me.
A penny a gallon.
Put guards on all the roads to the River Trent.
Any water in there is now requisitioned by me for the good of the nation.
Clun's this way.
It's this way.
I know which way it is.
Isabella, I live in the forest.
I know Clun is this way.
You think I'm going to lead you into another trap, right? Fine, we'll go your way.
If you think We can go - No, no, no.
No, really.
Isabella, I am letting you have your own way.
Surely you can't get angry with me ? ? There are people who need our help and they need it fast.
We can go whichever way you want, all right? But just decide.
How long has he been this ill? Since the water ran out.
It's just a fever.
He's going to be fine.
- We need to do something.
- Robin told us to wait here.
That baby has a few hours at the most.
His temperature is raging.
All the wells and springs around Nottingham have dried up.
- We need to go to the river.
- And take the weaker ones with us.
- Yes.
- But what if there is no water there? What if Robin is solving ? If we stay here and the water returns, then everything's sorted.
That's three ifs.
We need to make a decision based on what we know, and we know that people will die, unless we take action now.
Isabella, tell me where the entrance is.
get to the spring source and clear it on my own.
- You can still try and escape.
- Escape? To where? My brother was my protector.
Without him, I have nothing.
You have me.
What was she like? What was who like? The woman that my brother killed.
She was Marian.
Well, she must have been a pretty special woman, to have such a hold over you and my brother.
She never gave your brother a reason to feel anything for her.
And you? I just want to forget.
Hey, come on, we're nearly there.
When I was in Anatolia, when we were really desperate, we'd find a lizard and squeeze it until the contents of its bladder emptied into our mouths.
What did you squeeze if you were hungry? Perhaps we should turn back, Tuck.
There is no way we are turning back.
Keep your heads down and your weapons hidden.
- Good day to you, my son.
- No way through today.
Trent's water is requisitioned by the Crown.
We need water now.
Plenty available at the castle, penny a gallon, unless you're not welcome there.
Hello, Tuck! Run! Get in the trees! Move! That was close.
Where's Kate? That's the trap door to the dungeons.
And that's where the water flows to the wells.
- The spring is somewhere under there.
- Right.
Best get started, then, eh? I need four men to go to the overflow entrance and block the chamber.
- Now! - You heard him! Move! Move! Come on! Nearly there! Wait! - Your brother must have escaped.
- You guess right.
Guy, what are you doing? My duty to Prince John.
Executing a traitor and his accomplice.
Executing us? Now that all the exits are blocked, you're both going to drown.
The chamber will fill pretty quickly and you'll try to tread water.
You might manage a few hours - maybe even a day - who knows? But in the end, you'll just run out of energy.
I swear, if I get out of here alive, I will kill you! Swear all you like, Hood, it won't make any difference.
The legend dies here, slowly and painfully, I would imagine.
Meanwhile, I get to be Sheriff.
Life is sweet, isn't it? Gisborne! - Gisborne! - Save your breath.
I know him.
He won't be coming back.
You're a pretty little thing, aren't you? And you're the devil! Feisty, too.
Hood certainly likes his ladies spirited, doesn't he? I bet he loves Isabella.
- Isabella? - Oh, come on, spill the beans.
Has she turned up yet with an urgent message? Robin can't stand Isabella.
Why on earth would he have anything to do with her? Oh, how sweet! You're jealous.
I am not jealous of her! Why should Hoody have all the fun? Why don't you go down and relax in the dungeons? I'll pop down later for a little chat à deux, as it were.
If I'd just seen them take her, I would've gone back.
I would've.
I just - I'd do anything for her.
- Here! There.
- Thank you.
- It's bitter, but it's quite safe.
- Here we go.
- Here.
This is good, but it won't keep them going for long.
What do we do now? Well? She was as you suspected.
She followed Hood? She did.
And? And I solved the problem, sire.
Oh, please, don't get all enigmatic on me, Gisborne.
Are they dead? Yes.
Well, have a drink, man.
It's not every day you can celebrate killing a national treasure and one's own sister.
No, I don't want a drink, sire.
I merely ask that you fulfil your side of the bargain.
You're right.
You're owed that much, at least.
There you are.
The keys to Nottingham.
My lords, ladies, never let it be said that I am a man who does not deliver on his promises.
Robin Hood is dead executed by my loyal friend here.
My lords and ladies, I give you Sir Guy of Gisborne, the new Sheriff of Nottingham! Sheriff of Nottingham! So go on, do tell.
Did they squeal? I tried to shift the stone blocking the overflow.
It's too heavy.
Would you mind holding me? I'm freezing.
Here We must be the only two people in the whole of England who are cold and wet right now.
You know - I had a dream about you and me.
- Did you? What was it? I dreamt that we we lived together.
We lived in a in a farmhouse, had a few animals, grew all our own food.
And we had children.
How many? Four.
Two girls, two boys.
Freckles on their little noses.
The boys had your strength and your courage And the girls your brains? We were so happy.
- You probably think it's ridiculous.
- No.
It sounds sort of perfect.
- What's that? - What? There, that's a ring.
Take your dress off.
- What? - Take it off.
I can make a rope.
I can get an arrow through that ring.
- We can get out of here, Isabella.
- Yeah, sounds so simple, getting a tiny little arrow through that tiny ring! You're forgetting one thing.
- What? - I'm Robin Hood.
How much further to the river, Tuck? We're nearly there, very nearly.
I can feel it.
- Look, let me carry him.
- No.
Hold on, Isabella.
Where's the bow? All right? All right hold on Yes! I told you I'd do it! Right.
I'll climb up first, and then I'll pull you up, all right? I've got one of Hood's gang downstairs, a girl, would you believe? You'd like her.
- Fancy a gander? - The perfect end to a perfect day.
Reach! I've got you.
Come on.
Come on! Come on! Come on! Thank you, thank you so much! - Thank you! - We're not safe yet.
- Careful.
Watch out.
- Robin! Kate? What happened? We tried to get to the river, but I got caught.
You can't trust her.
We've got to get out of here.
It's only a matter of time before someone comes down.
I can't just leave her, Isabella.
- We've got a chance to escape - Robin! to escape our old lives.
We've got to take this chance.
Listen! What we talked about down there, the dream, it can be our dream, our reality - but we'd have to go now! - Isabella I like you.
I really do.
But I'm afraid, for me, - it'll always be just a dream.
- What? Whether I like it or not, and believe me, sometimes I hate it but I am Robin Hood, I am an outlaw - and I can't change that.
- Surely, Robin, surely in time we could just start afresh, become someone new.
- Please - No.
I am who I am.
I tried to have it all once before but it just caused so much pain for everyone.
No! I'm not her! I'm truly sorry.
No! You? Quick! Go get the guards.
Dead, you said.
Taken care of, you said.
- He's always lied, sire.
- Isabella! In fact, he was going to let me go and not tell you about it - No! - Until I knocked him unconscious.
- No, sire.
- You've let the team down, Guy.
You've let yourself down.
In fact, you're a liability.
- Gisborne, you're fired! - No! You will not fire me.
I've waited all my life to be Sheriff and I will NOT be fired by you! How dare you?! - How dare you threaten the monarch?! - You're not a monarch.
You're a pretender, a fake, a fraud! No, no, not as big a fraud as him.
I've been a fool, sire - a weak, vain woman blinded by his flattery.
But now I see the truth, and I beg you, sire, let me show you - how sorry I am.
- Put it Save your honeyed words for someone who cares - Hood.
- Be my guest! Guy Goodbye, Isabella.
It's it's not meant to be like this! Your days as a free man are over, Gisborne! They're over! Guards! Guards! I'm down here with the Prince! Come and help us! - You're a dead man walking, Gisborne.
- Never seemed to do you much harm.
Robin! - This isn't over, Hood.
- You can count on it! Robin, Robin, leave him.
We've got to save ourselves.
- This way, come on.
- Wait.
- Thanks.
- Come on, we need to open the hatch.
Come on, come on! We're here! I'm sorry I'm so sorry.
No! Please, God, no! Wait.
There's water.
- Look! - Thank the Lord! Thank the Lord? Thank Robin.
It's full again! The water's come back! Jack, that's brilliant! Here, drink this.
- This is what you do.
- And you do it well! No.
We do it well.
So come on, then.
- What happened with Isabella? - Isabella Well, let's just say Isabella won't be joining us just yet.
Eh, Kate? People of Nottingham, the king is dead.
Long live the King! - Do you love me? - He's not dead! I'd know if he was dead, I'd feel it! Tim.
Wakey-wakey, Archbishop.
You've got a coronation to attend.
And no-one to stop me! You will make me tipsy.
You will get what you deserve! For a coronation to take place, you need a crown.
So we steal his crown.