Robin Hood s03e08 Episode Script

The King is Dead, Long Live the King...

What progress, Deschamps? The Prince is not a patient man.
Uncanny Not so close with the candle.
You are indeed an artist.
It is finished.
As skilful with a scalpel and brush, as I am with a dagger.
You shall feel no pain, my friend.
You give your life for a place in history.
- Allan! - What? Good.
Much! Come on! You don't go easy just because it's training! I'm trying not to hurt you.
You won't hurt him if you never hit him, will you? Well, come on, boys! - Blinding! - Robin! Are you all right? There's a Royal carriage on the North Road.
Carrying the King's insignia, not the Prince's.
- Let's go.
- It's heading for Nottingham.
- Come on.
Up! - Get him up.
Come on.
Come on! It's Sheridan.
- Who? - Keeper of the Crown.
He used to be the King's favourite trainer of Knights.
He trained me.
No! No, no, no! People of Nottingham! It is to your great sadness, but also to your great honour, that you are the first to know of the death of King Richard.
The Lionheart met his glorious end in battle with the Infidel.
I thank you for your sympathy and for your love.
The Archbishop of Canterbury is on his way to bless my brother's body.
And though these are not the circumstances I would've wished for, in the interests of stability and national security he will also oversee my coronation.
The King is dead.
Long live the King! Long live the King! - Long live the King! - Kneel.
Get down, get down! Long live me.
The Sub Wood Team Kiry and Moochie Episode eight THE KING IS DEAD, LONG LIVE THE KING If this is God's will, then I have to question His judgement.
- He was a great King, and a good man.
- Don't, Much.
- I'm sorry, Robin.
- He's not dead! - He can't be! - Robin, the guards John, I'd know if he was dead.
I'd feel it.
- I know.
- This Sheridan, is he a man you trust? He used to be one of the King's best.
But now, obviously, he's gone with Prince John.
- We all share your grief, Robin.
- I need to see his face.
I need to know for sure.
His body is in remarkable condition for a month at sea.
The Moors.
They're masters of embalming.
Requiescat in pace.
Thank you.
He's close to God now.
Why did I not hear of this sooner? The advanced messenger came to me in London only a day before the body was due to arrive.
I swore the man to secrecy before meeting it at Hull in the dead of night and coming to the Prince forthwith.
And rightly so, I believe.
There are those who would take advantage of an interregnum - to further their own ends.
- I shall consult with the Royal Council.
I am the rightful heir, am I not? Indeed.
But first there will need to be a state funeral in London.
And there shall be one.
I shall see to it myself.
London was my brother's seat of power after all.
But power, as you know, is finely balanced between north and south.
And now that the tragic news is out, any delay could cause that balance to shift.
Which is why I propose making my seat, Nottingham, the new capital of England.
As the claim is uncontested, I saw no barrier in bringing the Crown with me.
Everything is in place.
So be it.
We'll move his body to the crypt.
Good luck.
There's bodies down here.
That's the idea, Much.
Come on.
You can hold my hand if you get scared.
Much, get off me! Come on, help me get it off.
It's him.
It's true.
- Kate, be careful.
- Wait.
It's wax! What?! It's a waxwork made to look like King Richard.
I knew it! I knew he was still alive! Wherever you stick the pin, the city is yours! Swindon! Rather you than me! Come on, who's next?! London is still up for grabs, but Nottingham is out of bounds.
Don't want our new capital in the hands of drunkards, do we? So tell me, where would a King desire to put his pin? In a flatterer's eye.
I actually wanted to give you my personal congratulations, your highness.
I'm sure you do.
And of course my condolences for your late brother.
And in the light of your increasing national responsibilities, I imagine you will need the loyal and varied services that only I could offer you as a potential Sheriff.
The same sort of services as you offered Robin Hood? - No.
- Or your brother offered me? Robin and Guy mean nothing to me.
Given the opportunity, I would love to prove that to you.
Why don't you prove it anyway.
And maybe I'll consider you along with the other candidates for Sheriff.
What other candidates? Sheridan! My rock in these troubled times.
- You do love me, don't you? - With all my heart, Sire.
Perhaps we should use this distraction to finish our night's business at the abbey while the Archbishop sleeps here? Have you met the Lady Isabella, Guy of Gisborne's sister? Enchanted.
- I'm sure.
- Beware, Sheridan, she shares blood with an outlaw.
Where do we hide? Get the lid on, get the lid on! This way.
Come on! Set the bonfire in the clearing over there.
It's time to play dead, come on.
Get this lid off.
Come on, please.
Do we have to? Unless you want to be put in one yourself, I say yes.
Now get it open! Richard! There's no time, you're going to have to get in with me.
Oh, Richard.
Dicky, Dicky, Dicky! We've come back for you! Brother! There you are.
You know, I think I prefer this one to the real thing.
At least this one doesn't lie and double deal and steal his brother's place on his father's throne.
Or in his mother's heart.
I've been in your shadow too long, brother.
It's my turn to step into the light while you will burn in the pits of hell! Kate, that's the only evidence! It's too dangerous.
It's all right, we have no further use for the body.
The Archbishop has seen enough of my brother's beauty to proclaim it to the world, no doubt.
Then we should proceed with the plan forthwith.
You're not having second thoughts, are you, Sheridan? - Certainly not.
- You seem nervous.
Guards! Take the coffin.
If anybody asks where the body is, it's gone to London for a state funeral at the Archbishop's request.
By the time anybody finds out that there is no body it'll be too late.
What does Sheridan know about Nottingham anyway? Stupid old fool.
Hello, sister.
Guy, please, please, just wait.
For you to betray me again?! You got what you deserved.
You'll get what you deserve.
So kill me.
You did as much to me when I was a child anyway.
Is that to be your dying thought? Yes.
Go on, end it now and put us both out of our misery.
Come on! What's wrong with you? Well, maybe we change things.
King Richard is dead.
Prince John is due to be crowned.
- What? - That's right, I can help you.
- How can you help me? - I can speak for you, but for that, you need me alive.
Kill me and you kill your last chance back with the new King.
Let me live and we can both get what we want.
We have to stop them destroying that thing.
How? There could be loads of them.
We need a cloak.
Make sure you destroy everything.
Yes, sir.
- At least we'll be warm.
- Yeah! Yeah, I've had worse jobs.
- Did you hear that? - Yeah.
Quick, run! - Tuck.
- Yeah, yeah.
Ready? One, two, three.
- We're too late! - We can still tell the Archbishop, - tell him the truth.
- He already thinks he's seen the body.
It's our word against theirs.
We can't let the Prince take power like this! We must stop him, assassinate him if we have to.
If we assassinate him, Tuck, we risk invasion, civil war even! - But this is treason! - I know, and I hate him as much as you do.
But while Richard's away, Prince John is our only leader.
That's fine when he's Prince, but when he's King he can make new laws, say and do what he wants, spend what he wants.
Then we stop him becoming King, don't we? How? Well, for a coronation to take place, you need a crown.
Am I right? Well, then we steal his crown.
How did you control yourself, looking over it every single day? I am but a soldier, not a King.
But with your help, I will be one soon.
Quick, quick, lock it away.
I don't trust myself.
I shall wait until the time is right.
When all the world will see me shine in the role to which I am destined.
- How did you sleep? - With one eye open.
If we are going to work together, we must learn to lower our guard.
Looks painful.
It's a scratch, I'll be fine.
So how am I to get back into the new King's favour? I have decided to speak to him for you.
On one condition.
I need you to apologise.
Apologise? - What for? - You know what for.
Had I not arranged your marriage we'd still live in some God-forsaken corner of France - without a penny or acre to our name.
- Better that, than have been with him.
NO! It is not my fault that you failed to make the best of your chance.
In fact it's down to me that we're still in with a chance of anything.
So instead of wasting time, I say we work out exactly what it is you're going to say to the Prince.
I was thinking maybe I should just drug you and hand you in to him myself.
What? I was willing to forgive you, brother, but you don't deserve my absolution.
Oh, no, no.
It's not your drink.
It's your wound.
Straight into your bloodstream.
Concentrated valerian root.
Enough to knock out a horse.
I doubt Lord Sheridan would've thought of that one.
- Private room, sir? - Another round for my drinking friends.
Hello, Master.
Robin of Locksley I apologise for our surroundings, but I'm not really a favourite with the guards.
So it's true? I heard tell of your feral existence.
I thought it only right to raise a toast to our late King.
I know you would've been as distraught as I was with the news.
But we must look to the future.
You're not going to cause me any problems, are you? What do you mean? I also hear that you've been making trouble for the Prince.
And as the new Sheriff of Nottingham I can't allow that to happen.
So, you are to be the new Sheriff, are you? And a very strict one at that! All work and no play? That doesn't sound like Lord Sheridan, the great Keeper of the Crown to me.
The Crown is surrounded by outlaws, where outlaws fear to tread.
Well, if you're happy with the Prince then what problems can I possibly have? To King John.
So, is this a private party, or can anyone join in? I told you to wait outside! We're talking in here! - I'm sorry about this, I apologise.
- No, no, please, please Service! Sir? Mead.
You will make me tipsy.
Kate, this is private.
I told you to wait outside.
You're wet, Locksley.
I'll go and clear this up.
I'll be back.
Well, delicious.
Why, thank you.
I could eat you Roses, mate, for the coronation.
Thanks very much.
Now, I want the theme of my coronation to be "out of the darkness into the light.
" And I want all the guards with mirrored shields, to reflect the glory of my leadership far and wide.
I wonder if this opulence is appropriate while people starve? Well, I'm giving them something to aspire to, Archbishop.
All right, very well.
I'll compromise, I'll use rubies instead of diamonds.
Good to see he's got his finger on the big political issues of the day.
If you were Sheridan, where would you hide the crown? - Well, you know him better than I do.
- Apparently not.
- Come on, Robin.
Trust yourself.
- What did he say? "Surrounded by outlaws "where outlaws fear to tread".
It's the dungeons! Here.
Pick up his keys.
Hang on.
Sorry, mate.
- Ready? - Yeah.
This is gonna take us a bit longer than we thought, isn't it? Another! No, I must go and help with the preparation for the coronation.
- No! - Where's Robin? I'll only let you go if you beat me at arm wrestling.
Oh, come on, look at those muscles.
Don't you think you could beat someone my size? Well, if you insist.
Hey! Hey! Get off her! - Unhand me! - Allan?! A plan's a plan, Kate, it's gone too far.
Plan? What plan? My keys! Locksley! Let's go! Robin! Come on, hurry! - Careful! - Thanks! Hallelujah! The crown! Stop him! Hood! There can be no coronation without the crown.
I'm sure another can be made if needs be.
I know the design by heart.
That crown was made for the coronation of Edward the Confessor.
It cannot be replaced.
Sheridan! Locksley was a former student of mine, I can get it back.
What are you waiting for, you stupid old fool? Get me back my crown before the coronation or I'll have your head! Sire, I have some very good news for you.
Someone better had.
- I never did get what you saw in her.
- No.
Right, chaps you can let yourselves out.
- Thank you.
- Good luck.
- Kate - If Robin gets caught, it's your fault.
- I thought you were in danger.
- I had everything under control! They're here! - Well? - We got the crown.
But they followed us with dogs.
I have to get a horse from Nettlestone - and get this crown to London.
- London?! The King may still have supporters there.
I'll be back.
- We'll take care of the guards.
- Good luck.
I coated the crown with a special scent.
Sheridan! - More mead, sir? - Follow the bag! - Which one? - Both.
- Is this what you're looking for? - There's another one.
Oi! Old man! Arrest them all! The crown! The crown! - Vermin! - Where's the crown? What crown? - Get your hands off me! - Sheridan? - Give me the crown or the wench'll die.
- Wench?! Oh, dogs! Er - Keep moving! - No! It's here! Wait! The dogs - Run for it! - Grab a dock leaf! Leave them, we need Hood! Let the dogs go, they're picking up the scent.
I wanted to give you a personal coronation gift from me.
So you bring me to your bed chamber? I give you my brother, Guy of Gisborne! - Guy! - Get back! Guards! Get in the corner! Look what you've done to me, Isabella.
You betrayed me, both of you! - Are you all right? - Guards, arrest her! If I'm disfigured for my coronation Sire! Idiots.
- You taught them well.
- Better than you.
You taught me to love the King.
Not lie about him.
I gave the King the best years of my life.
And d'you know what he gave me in return? Retirement! Too old to train his knights and good for nothing but looking after his jewellery! He entrusted you with the crown because he loved you! Then why didn't he keep me by his side?! Is that the blow of an old man? So that's what this is about, is it? You gave up on your country for your vanity, for your ego? If the King cared about the country he'd be here but he isn't! Your time is past, old master.
It still is my time.
Leave him, he's mine.
Just like the crown.
Out of respect for a good student, I will not kill you.
But you shall never see England again.
Take him to Hull and put him on a boat.
One way.
Farewell, Locksley.
Send extra search parties to the forest around Locksley.
I want Gisborne dead! Sire, I want the same as you, please.
- Just give me another chance.
- Too late, you've had your chances.
Welcome to your new home! Sire, please.
Anyone can make a mistake.
Look at Lord Sheridan for example.
Oh, Sheridan Sheridan, how could I have ever doubted your recovery? Your highness.
- Lady Isabella.
- Pay her no heed.
She's a prisoner of state for aiding and abetting her terrorist brother Gisborne in the attempted assassination of the new King of England.
A serious crime.
For which she will be punished as seriously as you shall be rewarded.
Perhaps she merely requires the firm hand of a man to encourage her to mend her ways.
But where would I find such a man willing to martyr himself? - Always at your service, your highness.
- She's all yours.
- Please, sire.
- Or she'll rot alone down here.
And I took the liberty of dealing with Robin Hood.
I hope you don't mind.
You'll make a fine Sheriff of Nottingham, Sheridan.
The stable boy says the horses are all accounted for.
- Robin couldn't have made it.
- You should've kept moving, Much.
- He had a knife in your side! - She can take care of herself.
Oh, right, so that's why you stepped in in the tavern? - Right.
- I did cos I was worried about her.
- You did cos you were showing off.
- What?! I did what I did because I care! - I care! - You care about yourself.
- Is that right? - Yes! Robin could be dead and you're squabbling like a couple of schoolboys! - Put them out of their misery.
- He's right.
I'm sick of you two trying to protect me.
We've got to keep our minds on the mission.
If Robin didn't make it, then Sheridan has the crown.
If Sheridan has the crown, Prince John can have his coronation.
- We can't let that happen.
- What about Robin? Shut up! Stop! Wakey wakey, Archbishop, no rest for the wicked! You've got a coronation to attend! Mine! All mine.
And no-one to stop me.
These are the Abbey doors.
We need to go in here, here and here.
And storm the altar.
First one to the crown makes it out, the rest of us deal with the consequences.
He might have the crown, but he's not King until that crown makes it onto his head.
But doesn't "storm" imply that there's more than five of us? How about six? - Hey! - Robin! Please tell us you've got a better plan than this one.
I have, actually.
We're going to need shields.
Just like the ones Prince John wanted for his guards.
It's going to be blinding, Allan.
Do you love me? Smile I said do you love me? As kings, priests and prophets were anointed, and as Solomon was anointed king by Zadok the priest, so be thou anointed.
The sovereign sceptre to do justice, and stop the growth of iniquity.
The robe of righteousness and the garment of salvation, the crown of the faithful.
Bless, we beseech Thee, this crown, and so sanctify Thy servant, John.
Halt! I am King Richard! King of the English, Duke of the Normans and Aquitanians.
- You should be in the Holy Land! - The waxwork lives.
What is the meaning of this? It was the Prince's doing, Your Worship.
He ordered a model made of the King, - so he could lie about his death.
- I'm sorry, sire.
Shut up, you stupid old fool.
- We will finish this coronation! - Impossible, this is treason! I will be King! Hood?! You impersonate the King?! Just like you, Prince John.
- Arrest him! - You can do what you want.
These people they know the truth.
And so do I.
I will never make you King.
Where's my crown? Is this what you're looking for? How about a state funeral? Gisborne, don't do it.
I know he deserves it, but with no leader at home, England could be ripped apart, torn up by war - What has England ever done for me? - Brother Don't think I won't shoot you, as well, after everything you've done.
I know, but you'll have to decide which one of us you want dead the most.
Prince John or me.
Because as much as I hate Robin Hood, he loves his country.
And he won't give you a second shot.
Arrest him! Stop! Anyone who draws blood in the house of God will be damned for all eternity.
If God had wanted you to have the crown, He'd have given it to you.
- Robin! I've got it, I've got it! - Come on! - Quick! Stop them! - Let them go! Fragile! This is what happens when you employ incompetents.
I trust you will not make the same mistake, Sheriff.
Fear not, sire.
By the time you return, I intend to have Robin Hood in shackles alongside my brother.
Or coffins.
That's far enough.
What is the meaning of this? Stand.
You know I think this is the first time we've ever stopped a carriage to give gold back.
Thank you, Robin Hood.
England owes you a debt of gratitude.
Just make sure Prince John pays it.
Trouble, Isabella? You haven't seen anything yet.
Don't come any closer.
I'm your new Sheriff.
Thornton at your service.
No-one actually seems sorry that you're on your way out, do they? If I am to die then so be it.
I know where gold coins are buried! Handfuls and handfuls! - Where? - Burial mound.
They place curses on horses heads to ward off intruders.
You have disturbed the dead! I'm afraid I want to be awful.
Then find out what it is to be my enemy.