Robin Hood s03e10 Episode Script

Bad Blood

You realising how difficult life can be in the forest? How long have you and your men been following me? You're jumpy.
Answer me! Gisborne, I have better things to do with my day.
I'm alone.
Very well.
Really? You're really sure you want to do this now? - Why not? - What, honestly? I don't think you have the energy.
I don't need food or sleep to drive me.
- Then what do you need? - Revenge.
- On who, Prince John? - Prince John will keep.
Isabella will not.
Neither will you.
Gisborne? The Sub Wood Team Episode ten BAD BLOOD - What is this? - Who's done this? - Hood? - No.
Where are you? You're a coward to take us like this.
Show yourself! Gisborne.
Who sent you? Prince John? No, this is one of your sister's tricks.
- What would Isabella want with us? - I want you to listen and understand.
Someone's life depends on it.
I find it hard to understand when I'm tied.
- Now free me! - I'll free you.
Free you from the bad blood that shackles you to each other.
Well, maybe there are good reasons for that bad blood.
What do you know about our lives, anyway? More than you do.
I know the truth.
The truth about what? About how your parents really died.
My father's inside! Yours, too! And your mother! Do something! You know about the fire.
So? It was never a secret.
Everybody knew that we both became orphans that day.
There are still things you don't know about your past.
Oh, Ghislaine, I've been thinking about you all day.
We do not have much time, but if you wish to talk, then I look forward to the day when we no longer have to hide - in stables and outhouses to do this.
- Not long now, my love.
My father loved one woman only, and that was my mother.
That's just what you were told.
The truth was kept from you by your precious father.
- What're you talking about? - He shielded you from reality like he always did.
You were never made to face the consequences of your actions.
You were once on a very different path, Robin.
- Robin, come and give Swain a hand! - Yes, Father.
Guy, Isabella, come with me.
Ladies and gentlemen! I am so pleased you decided to join me in celebrating the safe return of our men from the Holy Land.
Sadly, not everyone was able to make the journey back and I would ask that we think also of our loved ones who died on this day.
As you know, I feel your pain as it is my own, my own husband being among the dead.
My Lady Gisborne.
As bailiff of these parts, it's my duty to ask - who will now be lord of the manor.
- Longthorn! - Now is not the time.
- No.
He's right to ask.
There will be no lord.
Instead, there will be a lady of the manor.
So we're expected to serve a woman.
A French woman! to Lord Locksley.
- Longthorn! - This village was awarded to your husband, for his services in the Holy Land.
Now he is dead, it's your right to reclaim them.
A right I will not be exercising.
Sir Roger fought and died for an English King.
His family should be respected.
To Sir Roger of Gisborne.
Sir Roger of Gisborne! Now, to celebrate those who have returned and to honour those who have not, I want you to join me in enjoying something the men have brought back from their travels.
The Fire Wheel will light our skies to show us that our darkest days are now behind us.
Now, I need two strong men to lift the wheel, and the two best archers in the county.
Robin, will you help me? And Guy? Father, may I? - Robin - I want to make the shot.
And you will, but not because of the bow.
You're not ready.
I don't know why you're bothering, Guy.
You're a terrible shot.
I'm younger than you and everyone knows I'm the best shot in the village.
Only because you keep telling everyone you are.
I thought your father said you couldn't use his bow.
You're not ready.
I'm going to show him he was wrong.
I can hit that lantern with this.
Don't be so stupid! Look what you've done! No! Seize the boy! Help me! Don't just stand there! Somebody get a physician! - Let me see him.
I can help.
- Yousee? You see what your stupid prank has done? - I didn't do it.
- Who did? - It wasn't me! - Of course it wasn't, Master Robin.
- You wouldn't fire at your own father.
- No, I swear.
He fired the arrow that caused the priest's injuries.
- He's a murderer! - I didn't One of yours, Master Guy? - How dare you? - It's not a question of daring, but duty.
As bailiff, it's my job to uphold the law.
I warn you only to hold the boy.
Any further action and you'll have me to answer to.
- What? No! - He will only be charged if he dies.
- Get him to the manor, quickly.
- You heard her.
Carefully! Carefully! Everybody out.
Leave us.
Let her work.
His rib is broken and it has punctured a lung.
- His chest is filling with air.
- There must be something you can do.
Yes What are you doing? - It will release the air.
- Father Just breathe.
Better? Father! They're going to hang Guy! I can't leave him.
I cannot leave him.
I'll put an end to this.
Did you see the way she declared herself Lady of the Manor? She has no right to this estate! Like an eye for an eye.
The boy must hang! Have you taken leave of your senses? If you do this, you will have to answer for it.
We must all pay for our actions, my lord.
- You were told not to harm the boy.
- True.
But now I feel compelled by the will of the people, and they want justice, and to that end - Then you force my hand - Stop! - I command you to stop! - On whose authority? The King's, as he made me lord of this manor.
I'm Sir Roger of Gisborne, this boy's father.
- No! - What? You doubt my word? - We thought you were dead.
- I was captured, not killed.
- Out of my way.
- I can't do that.
As bailiff, I must uphold the law.
You are no longer bailiff! Out of my way! You will never hold office again as long as I'm lord of this manor.
He will live! Swain will live! Roger! They told me I was captured.
- There was no way to get word to you.
- Captured? Did they hurt you? I must talk with you at once, Ghislaine.
I was truly sorry for what happened that night.
It was a mistake which I learnt from.
And it was one that made me a better man.
Do you think Mother watches me? From heaven? I'm sure she does.
I'm sure she sees everything you do.
Father it was me that shot the arrow.
I was showing off with your bow.
Robin one day you will be lord of Locksley, lord of my lands.
You must grow up and learn to take responsibility when you do something wrong.
You could be the best shot in England.
You shouldn't stand by and let something terrible happen because you were too scared to do the right thing.
Do you understand? Yes.
How touching! Look, I really don't see the point of any of this.
You need to know the truth to save a life.
We should not do this.
Malcolm I've done what I thought was right.
I have stayed away from you.
You have no idea how hard that's been.
Of course I do.
But you understand, I had to care for Roger.
I understand more than you think.
I know about his affliction.
- How? - The night of his return, Longthorn's dagger went straight through his hand and he didn't even cry out.
He told me he was infected in the Holy Land.
All he wanted was to get back home and spend his last days with his family.
He made his own way home, away from his soldiers, so they wouldn't know.
But people will know.
There is talk about the bandages.
The fact he barely leaves your house.
- He is a sick man! - He is a leper! If he is discovered, you will all be cast out.
You should not have been put in this position, Ghislaine.
There is something else.
- More lies! - There was never any child.
What are you doing? If you think me a liar, there's no point in you being here.
You're going to kill me with no means to defend myself? I expected nothing less from you, Bailiff Longthorn! Hear my story or walk away.
But if you do, your brother will die.
Do you want that on your consciences? Keep talking.
You understand now? I must go away.
Roger will know for sure this is not his child.
Then I will declare my feelings for you and we can be a family.
But I am married to another man! If he is discovered, he'll be banished from the village.
He'll be stripped of his title, his lands.
You will have nothing.
Ghislaine, listen.
If he is declared a leper, you will be given a choice.
You can declare yourself a widow.
But that would be a lie! In the eyes of God In the eyes of the law, you will be free of him.
But the baby will show.
People will still know.
Roger has been back a very short time.
Then you will have our baby in secret.
I will arrange for it to be taken away.
- No! - Only for a short while! Once you are recovered from the birth, you can go on a pilgrimage and bring him back.
Claim he is a foundling - an orphan.
With that, we can be a family.
Roger, I did not expect to see you.
I was restless.
I went for a ride.
Of course.
And on this ride, did you happen to see anyone? Malcolm Locksley, perhaps? How did you know? Because I am your husband.
And I have failed you as a wife.
It is I who failed you leaving you alone and returning like this.
No, Roger You will never know how grateful I am that you've kept my secret, and allowed me to see out my days with you and the children.
And I'm glad you've found someone who will care for you when I've gone.
All I ask is that he has the patience to wait until that day.
Roger, you must go.
Not for me, for yourself - now.
I don't understand.
I'm sorry.
I thought that I was doing the right thing.
You must leave right away.
Not already Sir Roger, I think you know why we're here.
Will you not show him mercy? - I saved your life! - I'm sorry.
This is God's will.
- Roger of Gisborne, you are a leper, - Mother, please.
And, as such, are to be cast out from the society of others.
- No, don't let them do this.
- Guy! You must act like a man and not a child.
Do not shame me.
From this day forward, you are deemed unclean.
- Do you understand? - I do.
As his wife, you may go with him or you may declare yourself a widow and be free of your impediment.
Impediment? He is my husband! Ghislaine, you must set an example for the children.
Do you declare? Yes.
From today, I am a widow.
Very well.
Roger of Gisborne, I forbid you ever to enter any church, market, tavern or any assembly of people.
I forbid you to drink or eat from any vessel but your own.
I forbid you to touch any child.
Now you must leave this place.
Thank you.
Care for her.
Care for them all.
Father! Get away from me! You did this.
I'll never forgive you.
I'm not going in here.
- It's a leper's house.
- Shut your mouth! - Why? It's true.
Your father's a leper.
- Shut up! No! It is a good thing your father is not here to see this.
He would be ashamed of your behaviour.
- Robin! No more.
- But he Imagine you had lost what he has lost.
Go and find him, make your apologies.
Go! Lady Gisborne Lord Malcolm.
How fortuitous to find you both together.
Have you told the children the good news? What? Do you think they'll want a little brother or a sister? You've been spying on us? I've been looking for an opportunity to get what I deserve - lands of my own! You will give me yours, lady, unless you want everyone to know your little secret.
Very well.
Go to Nottingham, have the deeds drawn up.
Thank you, my lord.
Malcolm, the lands have to pass to Guy.
And they will.
On Saturday, we shall be married.
Your lands will become mine and Longthorn's deeds will be worthless.
Saturday? The children have just lost their father! But we must marry soon.
They never married.
No, they only ever planned to.
Didn't they, Guy? You knew? I found out.
I saw my mother making her way into the forest, and so I followed.
She still loved him.
I was so angry.
She told me that I had to forget him pretend that he didn't exist.
Yet here she was, denying me my father.
- How could you? - Guy! - You frightened me.
- I saw you with Father.
You said I could not just abandon him.
He needs care.
- You said he was gone.
- I know.
Did Malcolm make you do it? I've seen how he looks at you.
- He wants you for himself.
- Malcolm is a good man, Guy.
He can take care of us now that your father cannot.
- We are to be married.
- Married? Yes, on Saturday.
It is for the best.
All will be well.
But you must promise not to speak of it until it is done.
- Why? Why must it be a secret? - Just promise me.
You must tell no one, especially Robin.
- He must hear it from his father.
- You don't have to do this, Mother.
Let's leave Nottingham, go back to France, take Father with us.
- We'll be together - No.
Mon dieu ! What is it? Get help! Get help! Hurry, Guy, please! I'd never run so fast.
- I thought that - She was in labour.
I see that now.
What happened to the baby? He was early but strong.
He is so quiet like he knows he's a secret.
And look at this.
My son, by this mark, you will never be lost to me.
Ghislaine I have thought of a name.
Do you think it suits? I do.
But it's I know.
It is time.
The baby was to be taken to a safe place until the parents could marry and reclaim him.
You ride carefully.
You carry precious cargo.
And that was the last he or Ghislaine ever saw of their son.
Father? My son.
Wh? Come with me.
You should not have come here.
I needed to tell you something.
Malcolm Locksley is forcing Mother to marry him.
The wedding is tomorrow.
You must stop them.
That's no longer my right.
You must try and understand.
Your mother needs a husband, - and you need a father.
- I thought I already had one.
- Guy - I thought you loved us, even when you went to the war.
But you can't love us.
If you did, you'd never let this happen.
If you did, you'd fight for us! Leave me be.
I've readied an altar in the woods.
He's back - the leper, Guy's father! He's in their house.
Hold! - What's going on? - The leper's back.
Do you hear that? The leper's back, risking all our lives again! Come on.
Come on! Where is he? - Out of my way, boy.
Not after what you did to my father! Get out! Get out! Get your sister out of here! Ghislaine, there is a fire.
You must leave now.
You were told not to return.
You expected me to stay away whilst you stole my wife? Your wife? The woman that you abandoned for years? Oh, please don't do this! - Why are you not leaving? Go! Go! - Not without you.
Both of you! I was wrong to give up without a fight.
I see clearly now, how you had things planned from the moment I returned.
You brought disease to your family! If you loved them, you would have stayed away.
You know nothing of our love.
It was she who came to me in the leper colony.
But perhaps, your hold over her wasn't as strong as you thought.
Malcolm! Malcolm! He is my husband, the father of my children! And so am I! Our son.
There is a child?! Look! Sir Malcolm is burning the place! No! It was an accident.
The only way to get rid of the disease! - Come on! - No, you're wrong! - Don't do this! - Stop! Stop! Wait! My father's inside! No! No! I should have saved her.
I should have braved the flames.
- It would have been too late.
- You don't know that.
She was already dead.
No! Please! This solves nothing.
Enough! She's dead.
Get off! What will that achieve? - He didn't kill Ghislaine.
- No, but his father did.
- And as his father's dead - No, he isn't.
Explain yourself.
My children will be better off without me and I wish only to spend my last moments with my wife alone.
Please! - Robin! - Let me go! My father's inside! Yours, too! And your mother! Do something! Get off me! My father would never have left me alone! No No! I'm sorry, Robin.
No! I mourned for you! How could I be your father after what I had done? After all I'd taught you about honour? Robin I couldn't bear to see the shame in your eyes.
You killed her.
All these years, I thought it was my fault, that my parents died because of the fire that I started, but it was you.
That guilt was with me every day.
Every day! Get off him! Can't you see he deserves this? He betrayed us both! You're right.
Death would be a release.
There have been many times when I've been tempted to do the job myself.
And you expect us to feel sorry for you? Of course not.
So why now? Why tell us after all this time? Because of your brother.
I need you to forgive each other, so that you can unite - and save him.
- This again! Everything I have told you is the truth.
And I have told you so you don't destroy each other, like your fathers.
Son No.
You lost the right to call me son when you left me alone in the world.
But didn't it make you the man you are today? Children we've searched what is left of Gisborne Manor.
Your parents - there's nothing left.
- You killed them! - All of you, you murdered them.
- You started the fire, boy.
That's right, you go back to where you came from.
News of your father's shame won't have reached France yet.
You're no longer welcome anywhere near my lands.
YOUR lands? Longthorn, you are not a noble.
You have no right to this land.
The village will become part of the Locksley estate again.
They are Robin's lands now.
Me? Him? You run along.
There's no room for you here now, either.
Robin, he's stealing from you, from your poor father.
I'm doing the boy a kindness.
Do you really think you can run this estate, boy, feed the people when they're hungry, clothe them when they freeze? You're just a child.
- Robin! - I thought not.
The duty falls to me.
Right, let's start as we mean to go on, shall we? Tax collection.
I don't know what to do.
You shouldn't stand by and let something terrible happen because you were too scared to do the right thing.
Thank you.
Thank you.
Leave us alone! Leave them be! Ignore him.
Next time, I won't miss.
You stupid little boy! My father never struck me.
Neither will you.
These are my people and I will care for them, as my father intended.
I am lord of the manor now.
We'll see how long that lasts.
Wait till you have to deal with your first poor harvest or bad winter.
- You'll be begging for help.
- And he will have it.
What? From a simpering priest and a few villagers? Go on, get out of here.
Both of your lives could have been so different, were it not for the mistakes your parents made.
We can't change that, and I can never forgive Guy.
Why not? Because he showed no remorse Marian.
- You know nothing.
- You worked and killed for the Sheriff - for years.
- You'd still be under his power - were it not for me! - What do you mean, "for you"? - You killed the Sheriff.
- And I intend to kill the new one, too.
First, join and save your brother.
- You know where he is? - Finally after many years of searching.
I thought if I could find him, tell him the truth about who he was It seemed the right thing to do for Ghislaine.
It wasn't easy.
He doesn't stay in the same place for long, but now he has no choice.
Where is he? York jail.
He is to hang.
I'm too sick to help.
I'm dying, Robin.
Father You are my last chance.
Together, I know you can both do this.
Remember the birthmark shaped like an arrow-head.
That is why your mother named him Archer.
You'll do this for me? I won't let him die, Father.
I wish I could see you three together at last.
- Well, surely we have more time - I'm sorry.
No! Look, I have no desire to see you again Save him and save yourselves.
Gisborne Enough.
No more talk.
- But what do you think we should? - To York.
Gisborne has chosen to join us in our struggle, John.
Our brother is in jail in York, awaiting execution.
- Who is this brother, Robin? - I'm Archer.
He brings back mysteries from the Orient, Harold.
Me and Gisborne will go to York and bring him back.
Go to the Sheriff of York.
Tell him I will offer 100 crowns for their heads.
Stop! Prepare them all to die.