Robin Hood s03e11 Episode Script

The Enemy of My Enemy

We'll go no further unless I know I can trust you.
I can't just betray the others and bring you to the camp.
You can trust me.
Just don't ask me to forgive your father.
Now, you listen to me, Gisborne.
If we're gonna work together, then we have to leave that behind.
That's easy for you to say.
Your father seduced my mother.
Well, it didn't take much effort, did it? Everyone, quick, hurry! Robin's in trouble! Hey! Robin's fighting Gisborne over the hill.
I don't know who else is there.
Come on.
Come on! You kill my wife and you expect forgiveness?! I loved her as you loved her.
I'll never ask for your forgiveness.
- I can't forgive myself.
- What? Get back! Get off me! Get off me! NO! He killed my brother! - He's oneof us.
- What? I said, "He's one of us!" The Sub Wood Team Episode 11 THE ENNEMY OF MY ENNEMY So that's where you've been, then, with him?! I've been with my father, John.
- I thought your father was dead.
- So did I.
He's not one of us, Robin.
And he never will be! Gisborne has chosen to join us in our struggle, John.
You can't trust him! He killed the Sheriff.
And we're almost family, aren't we, Robin? - We share a brother.
- What?! A brother? Both of you? My father his mother.
Our brother is in jail in York, awaiting execution.
And I promised my dying father - and I intend to honour it - me and Gisborne will go to York and bring him back.
If it were any of you, you know I'd do the same.
And who'll bring my brother back to me, Robin? - No one stopped his execution.
- Look, like it or not, we share a common goal - to destroy Isabella.
The enemy of my enemy is my friend.
You don't have to like me.
I don't like you.
- But you need me.
- We don't need you.
If he can help rid us of Isabella, He's pure evil! Robin?! Do you still believe good conquers evil? You need me to defeat Isabella, and to do that we need our brother in York.
- Who is this brother, Robin? - His name is Archer.
We've never met.
All I know is he's travelled far and wide and has a knowledge of exotic weapons brought back from the East.
Isabella's forces are far greater than ours.
Archer's weapons will make us stronger.
We all go.
And who will protect the people from Isabella? - Well, who's gonna protect you? - Much, I'll be safe.
No-one is gonna recognise me and Gisborne in York.
I'll be back soon.
Kate You know I wish I could bring your brother back.
Just - Just don't trust him, Robin.
- I have to trust him.
And you have to trust me that I'm doing the right thing.
Come back to me safely.
I will.
Archer, it's time.
God have mercy on you.
Rest in peace.
- Is there any news on my brother? - No, Sheriff.
- And nothing on Hood? - No.
This is Lipscomb, Sheriff.
He collects the toll for you from the Great North Road.
Thank you.
Your loyalties will be rewarded, I assure you.
And if you hear or see anything, you report to me immediately.
Hood and his men are spreading terror throughout Nottingham.
Your help in finding them keeps us all safe.
Let's hope this Judas does better than the last one I paid for.
I want them found.
You are glorious, Gweneth.
Am I? I'm not sure my husband would agree.
The Sheriff of York is a fool to neglect such a passionate, beautiful woman.
Yes, well, I don't like to complain but sometimes I just feel so under-appreciated.
Well, shall we do something about that? Toll house.
It's not worth the risk.
Well, they collect money for Isabella.
Robbing them is robbing her.
Don't move.
Is that everything? Let's go.
Stay on your knees.
I really must go to the dungeon before your husband comes back.
Yes, the Sheriff would be very upset.
Yes, he would.
- He is the most powerful man in York.
- Yes, he is.
And if you're as fond of me as I am of you You know how fond I am of you.
Then perhaps you might speak to him about not hanging me, next week.
You can tell him that I fully intend to deliver the weapons his cousin paid for.
It's all a big mistake.
I'm completely innocent.
- You heard the part about the hanging? - Yes, of course.
Then if you find a good moment, you might want to suggest some sort of pardon.
And I will show him one of the mysteries of the Orient.
- Like the one you showed me? - Not quite the same one.
You see, this is the mystery of how something glittering and precious, like you can be made out of base metal.
The alchemist's art of making gold.
Ever since I've known you you make me feel so alive.
And it would be a shame if anything were to happen to me that might interfere with that alive feeling.
By the way You didn't happen to bring any food with you, did you? It was a big success with the other lads last time.
Thank you, my good man.
- You said they were gonna kill ya.
- Probably next time.
You said that last time.
Hungry? I'll take offers.
I'll give you 10 gold coins for that sausage.
I accept.
Good as gold.
Eat up, lads! Enjoy the fruits of my labour.
And you are certain he saw my brother and Robin Hood together? - Yes, Sheriff.
- Together? They hate each other.
Why would they be working together? Two men who hate each other can only be brought together by a shared hatred greater than their own.
What? And you said they were on their way to York? - Yes, Sheriff.
- York? But then why York? To what purpose are they working together? Do you think they're plotting against me? I know nothing more, Sheriff.
Then you must go to York immediately, as my emissary.
I'll assemble soldiers and I will follow you.
Go to the Sheriff of York.
Warn him that two murderous scoundrels are fouling his domain, Guy of Gisborne and Robin Hood.
Tell him I will offer 100 crowns for their heads each.
Oh, yes.
I want them alive.
Left turn! And at ease! He's inside there.
Well, it can't be that difficult, can it? Robin working with Gisborne could help us.
It will show the power of Robin Hood and the nobility of our cause that it can change his enemy into his friend.
Show who? The people of Locksley hate him.
The people of Nottingham hate him.
Everyone hates him.
Robin doesn't seem to care about the crimes Gisborne's committed.
He's bringing us Gisborne his brother to fight alongside.
We are striving not just to protect Nottingham, but England! Not to settle old scores, John.
It's not about settling scores, Tuck.
It's about justice! If Robin feels he can work with Gisborne, Then Robin is wrong! We fight to protect people from animals like Gisborne.
Kate's brother was murdered by Gisborne and he hasn't been punished! And I'm prepared to trust Robin.
What? If he can bring Gisborne into our forest and call him one of us Hey, John John? - Is this petty thief the one you mean? - Yes, Harold.
With all due respect, Sheriff, I have to object to the use of the word "petty".
Go ahead and use it, if you like.
I know you.
You're the one who took money from my cousin but never delivered the weapons he purchased.
A misunderstanding.
He brings back mysteries from the Orient, Harold.
More than one.
What kind of mysteries? Alchemy.
You have the power of alchemy? It's not a power, my lord.
It's a science.
A science of the East.
But what it can do brings power.
Where's John? - Is he not back yet? - No.
I'll find him.
Do we have the nail? Harold.
Now, this can only be the smallest of demonstrations, due to the limited amount of magic powder I have.
Of course.
I told you.
You can make more gold? Not if I'm a prisoner.
MAN:Sir, have a look at this.
As far as I know, yep.
I'm doing the rounds again in five minutes, so I'll check them.
It's heavily fortified, - guards on every entrance.
- I know.
I think the only way in is to get invited.
Even if we are, how do we get into the dungeon? It's a bit insulting he doesn't trust me to come back with the powder on my own.
Why don't you just shut up?! He was right not to trust me.
Archer I was rather hoping you'd take me with you.
Gweneth, I am so grateful for everything you've done for me.
But I think we should try to resist each other, don't you? Lock the gates! Archer, quick! Here.
We'll be safe in here.
Gweneth! It's not real gold.
The man's a fraud.
Oh, no, Gweneth.
How could you? I understand why you were so desperate to have him pardoned.
I loved you so much.
Take them both to the dungeon and prepare them to be put to death.
How could you do this to me? She didn't.
It was my fault.
I forced her into the bedchamber and she resisted.
My lord, she fought me off and then you entered and, like the coward I am, I tried to hide.
And I beg your for forgiveness.
It's true.
Of course it is.
I never doubted you for one moment.
I sentence this fraud to be put to death tomorrow.
He will be boiled in oil before his head is removed from his body, and his entrails, as well as another part of his body, are fed to the pigs.
- I don't suppose there's any - Take him away.
John! Come on.
Hey? John? What are you doing? I've been looking everywhere for you.
- John? - I don't want company.
- Hey, come back.
- I've had enough! Robin betrayed us! Bringing Gisborne! Leave me be.
Leave me be.
I am.
Then why are you walking beside me? - Maybe we're going to the same place.
- Maybe we are.
You still don't need to walk beside me.
There're many roads to the same place.
Yes, there are.
We all believe the same things, John.
- Yeah, well, I don't know that I do.
- Well, I know we do, eh? I know we need you around, all right? To remind us who it is we're fighting for here.
All right? We're lost without you.
Go away! After him! So, tell me, where were you going, John? To your camp or to York? I'll deal with him when I get back.
Take him to the castle and lock him up.
So we've got two fairly difficult problems - one, we don't know what he looks like.
We'll recognise him by his birthmark.
Don't worry.
- We'll find him when we get there.
- Which brings us to problem two.
- Oi! - Oi! I think I have a I have a plan.
I'm listening.
You you get arrested, get taken to the dungeon, find Archer and then I'll bribe the guards, - I'll come and see you.
- And then what? - And then we escape.
- How? Well, I don't know.
I haven't worked that out yet, have I? - Forget it.
It'll never work.
- Why not? - Because I'm not getting arrested.
- Why not? - Cos you'll leave me in the dungeon.
- I will not leave you in the dungeons.
You have my word.
You see, that's where this falls down.
- That sounds like a better plan.
- And you come and get me out.
See? Suddenly it's not such a good idea, is it? You know, I'm not sure if I trust you yet.
But we're about to find out.
Good luck.
Do you think that's funny? Right! Get off me! Get off me! Get off me! - You! - My leg! - Get up now! - My leg's gone.
You'll have to carry me.
My leg.
On your feet, I said! My leg's gone.
- Get up! - All right, all right, all right! What are you doing? I was just gonna finish him off.
I saw.
What are you doing? - Risking your life, no weapons? - I was just saving you.
You're a fool.
Maybe but I had no choice.
Hey, I'm your family, right? Yeah, you are.
Horses! No.
She's on her way to York.
We need to get the others.
Come on.
In, you go! Get off me! Get get off me! Get off! I'll kill the next man that touches me.
Kill me.
Put me out of me misery.
You didn't bring any food, did you? Hey.
Robin's in trouble.
Isabella's on her way to York with her guards.
She must know Robin and Gisborne are there.
Why else would she go? We'll stop her before she gets to York.
We'll have to cut across the forest, try and get on the York road ahead of her.
Let's go.
He's family.
I'm glad you came back, John.
I'm looking for a man called Archer.
Heard of him? Might have.
Why? - He's my brother.
- Brother? Yeah.
I've come to help him escape from this godforsaken place.
Escape? How will you escape? Well, I haven't come alone.
You ever heard of Robin Hood? - Brother.
- You're my brother? Prison ages a man.
- No, you can't be Archer.
- Who says? - I'm Archer.
- I'm Archer.
- I'm Archer.
- I'm Archer.
- Great! - No, I'm Archer.
- I'm Archer.
- I'm Archer.
Quiet! I'm Archer.
Who's your father? I don't know.
And I don't care.
- Your mother? - She died when I was a baby.
- I was given away.
- I was told you have a birthmark.
- You're my brother.
- Who are you? - Guy of Gisborne.
- That's a very expensive sounding name.
I've come to get you out of here.
How? Pleasure doing business with you.
Thank you.
Who are you? Well, the truth is Gisborne just had a bit too much to drink.
And for that, I am sure he's profoundly sorry.
An assault on one of the Sheriff's men is an assault on the Sheriff.
Believe me, I know.
Would this be enough to salve the indignity of this terrible assault? It is but a faint memory now, sir.
I thank you for your sympathy.
Escort this gentleman to the dungeon so that he may collect his malfeasant friend.
Thank you very much.
An emissary from the Sheriff of Nottingham.
Come on! We must hurry.
Come on! Gisborne! Visitor.
- He's over here.
- We have to hurry.
One of Isabella's men is here.
All of a sudden, I have so many brothers.
- Who are you? - I'm Robin Hood.
Really? Robin Hood really exists? Just stay here.
- How much to take him with us? - How much do you have? I'd be cheaper.
How about that? Nah.
He's meant to die tomorrow and I think the Sheriff was, you know, - looking forward to it.
- Of course he is.
I'll have to leave York.
Missus won't be happy.
Yeah, the missus.
All right.
Can't help you.
Robin Hood and Guy of Gisborne they're both dangerous criminals.
Gisborne? Gisborne? Gisborne.
We need to go.
Either we all go or none of us go.
- Do you know where you're going? - Not really, no.
Do you? - Get back! - This way! Come on.
Come on.
Go on without me.
Come on, you old codger.
I'm not leaving you behind.
Down here! Come on.
- Now? - No.
Hold it.
- Now? - Hold it.
- Now? - Hold it.
Now! Get off! Kate, wait.
- Get off! Get off me! - Wait! Come on.
We must get Gisborne and Robin from York before she returns.
Let's go.
So you're a noble, who's now an outlaw, with no money? Yep.
Can you explain the point of that? Come on! Where did you learn that? The Orient? No.
That's pure English.
? - No, I don't.
I gave up all my family's wealth to help the poor.
Course you did.
Pull their bodies in there.
- Come on.
- Come on.
Let's keep moving.
Both of you are mad.
I know what poor is.
I grew up that way.
If either of you had There is no honour in being poor and there's no shame in it.
If you'd grown up with nothing, you'd know that.
And you wouldn't apologise for wanting to have a little money, for dreaming of something better You know nothing about my life, about what I've endured! I envy you.
Better no family, rich or poor, than a leper father and a mother My mother what? Killed in a fire.
What was her name? Ghislaine.
Come on.
We have to keep moving.
This way.
It's this way.
- Don't argue with me.
- Gisborne, it's this way.
Either of you been in this castle before? - No.
- No.
Great! This way.
Come on.
Come on.
Where's the old man? - Where is he? - Don't know.
You! You! Prisoner! Please! Please, don't shoot.
No! Get off! Get back! Get back! - It's Robin Hood! - Go! Robin! Through here! Guards! Stop! Take them alive! The Sheriff of Nottingham is offering 100 crowns each for Robin Hood and Guy of Gisborne.
It might be worth more than that to watch them die.
- I think we've got a good chance.
- We should give ourselves up.
- Give ourselves up? - Yeah, live to fight another day.
That's not how I do business.
Stop! Get off me! The best chance we have is to work together.
Understood? Don't struggle.
Gentlemen, I offer you Robin Hood for my freedom.
He is valuable.
I am not.
And it'd be a shame for me to kill him, since he's worth alive.
Guards! Don't shoot! See? We're making progress.
Allow me, Sheriff, to give the gift of Robin Hood and Guy of Gisborne to the Sheriff of Nottingham on your behalf.
I see why the Sheriff wants you.
But Gisborne? The Sheriff is his sister.
His sister? The Sheriff covets them both, my lord.
We're supposed to be working together.
Well, I changed my mind.
Do we have a deal, Sheriff? I won't kill Robin Hood and you won't kill me.
It's a deal.
You're gonna betray me like this? I have a sister who's the Sheriff of Nottingham.
She's rich, she's powerful and she hates you.
This really isn't taking me a lot of thought.
Out of the way! Nice meeting you.
- Seize him! - Stop! Prepare them all to die.
The Sheriff of Nottingham can keep her money.
I'll send her their severed heads as a gift.
I'm certainly glad I came to rescue my brother, aren't you? - This is not my fault.
- No? Whose fault is it then? I didn't ask you to come.
Much, John, take the right-hand side.
Allan, left.
The drums aren't generally thought to be a good thing.
Proceed with the first execution.
Get them off! This way! Let's go! Let's go! John! - All right? - Yeah.
- Take me with you, please! - Gweneth.
- I'm begging you! - You have to stop doing this.
- I want to come.
- You can't.
No! Leave him alone! Where is Robin Hood and Guy of Gisborne? - Tell me or die.
- I don't know.
Then you die.
He's behind you.
- You think I'm a fool? - Yes.
This is my brother.
And this is my family.
Look, we need your help.
We know you have weapons and we need them.
My weapons are for sale.
Do you have money? We just risked our lives for you, and you betrayed us.
You owe us.
Archer, I want you to join us.
I want you to join us in our fight against Prince John.
I'm flattered.
But I have my own plans.
And they don't include anyone else.
Archer, please, take me with you.
Gweneth Thank you for everything you've done for me.
I don't deserve a woman like you.
He stole my horse.
He was killed by Robin Hood's arrow.
Both Hood and Gisborne escaped.
I would thank you to keep a tighter rein on your affairs Sheriff! Gisborne killed your brother.
He killed Marian.
Kate, I know how much it hurts to lose someone you love.
But revenge it burns your soul.
It can destroy you.
But we have to look forward.
I need you to accept him.
We both need to accept him.
I'll accept him.
But I can never trust him.
So, where do you want me to sleep, then? Is this the road to Nottingham? We take the castle and we hold it, till King Richard returns.
If we join forces, think about it.
Your power, my skill we can be unstoppable.
- We can't take a castle.
- We can if we go down the tunnel.
For a few pennies, I can trap the tunnel.
No! This is how we die, buried in limestone.
The plan is in place.
Close the gate.
Men, at my command! Hell is coming.