Robotech (1985) s01e02 Episode Script


In the year 1999 an abandoned alien battle fortress crash-landed on the planet Earth.
Our Most brilliant scientists and engineers spent the next ten years reconstructing the damaged ship studying its highly advanced space technology called Robotech.
A race of warriors from deep space, the Zentraedi entered the scene.
Bent on recovering the lost ship and destroying Earth's civilization.
A battle for our planet's survival was on and young Rick Hunter found himself caught up in the war Piloting an unfamiliar fighter plane with sophisticated engineering, he couldn't begin to understand.
Out of control, the fighter plunged to a crash-landing.
credibly, the plane survived the crash and then it underwent a startling transformation.
As young Rick ponders what to do next COUNTDOWN the Zentraedi invaders draw ever closer.
And aboard the reconstructed battle fortress Captain Gloval and his inexperienced crew prepare to confront the vastly superior forces of the alien enemy.
24 unidentified objects are descending just off shore, sir.
Oh? And why didn't we detect them before now? When the main guns automatically fired the first attack it sapped so much power, our radar was knocked out.
Those scout ships are just a decoy, very clever strategy.
Lisa, call Lieutenant Commander Fokker's team back here immediately! They are still combating the first attack wave, sir.
I doubt if they could break away.
I understand.
Thank you.
The unidentified craft have landed in the water 25 miles west of us And they seem to have submerged, sir.
Call Prometheus, and order them to send out reconnaissance choppers.
I did, sir.
They will arrive in 5 minutes.
Mind reader.
Oh, yes, sir.
- What is that? | - A giant robot! Could be an alien invader? Whatever it is, it stopped moving, it's just standing there now.
Hey, Minmei, come and see what's out here! - An honest to goodness giant robot! | - Jason, be careful.
Oh Jason, what if that thing stepped on you? Ah, I could take care of myself.
I want to get a good look at that thing! Come on, we'll go upstairs and look out of the window! O, Jason, wait for me.
Don't let him fall out of the window, you hear! Don't worry, auntie.
I will watch him.
This is PHB 202.
we are approaching targeted area and no sign of alien craft so far.
Roger, PHB-202.
Approach with caution.
Crafts suspected to be submerged in the ocean.
We're being fired upon! Let's get out of here! They're gone, sir.
They've been shot down.
And here I am, a helpless captain of an untested ship with an inexperienced crew.
Well Captain, it's lucky for us that we've got this ship ready in time to fight off the invaders.
When do you take off? You are ready, aren't you? Why haven't you taken off? What are you waiting for? You must think I am out of my mind.
I can't take this ship into combat with a crew of raw recruits who have never flown in space before.
What's more the ship hasn't even been tested yet.
And with all due respects sir, we don't even know if it'll fly.
Hey, Kim, do you think he means it? - But it'll be against my better judgement.
| - I am ordering you to take off, Captain.
Understand? I think he means it.
I'm telling you! It's suicide! What's wrong, Sammie.
I thought you wanted to go into space.
I do.
I think.
This is an alien ship.
While we were able to reconstruct it we don't understand how to operate even half of its functions yet.
It sounds to me as you're saying you have no confidence in your crew.
- Is that what you are telling me, Captain? | - I didn't say that.
Well then what is the problem? We spent a fortune on this Robotech ship and I don't want it to see it destroyed on the ground.
- Senator | - No, Captain! No more excuses, take off! Well, if that's your order-- That's right Captain, it is.
SDF-1 is a battle ship.
That's what it was built for.
ell girls, we were all depending on you.
So don't let us down.
We aren't ready for combat.
We just aren't ready! Wow, look how big it is! - Be careful, Jason! | - I wonder where it came from? Look, it moved its head! It just fell out of the sky and crashed into several buildings.
It's as big as a building itself.
Look, it's back opened up.
There's nobody running it.
Wait! There he is! Huh? What's going on here? Where am I? - The pilot looks confused.
| - Maybe he was injured in the crash.
I must be seeing things, this used to be a fighter plane.
Excuse me, what is this? I mean what does it looks like to you? - What is it? | - Some kind of robot, I think.
Oh, great.
when I got into this thing it was an aircraft, I thought I'd gone nuts.
A convertible airplane? - You must be joking.
| - I'm as puzzled as anybody about it.
You're kidding, you're the pilot and you don't know what it is? No, I am not a military pilot, I am just an amateur.
What? How'd you get that robot? It all has been a mistake.
I am not supposed to have it.
- An enemy spy! | - Jason! Spy? Look, this was the army's idea not mine.
Wow, look at all the damage.
- You don't have to pay for it? | - Me? I hope not.
- What?! | - Get that thing off the road! I have a truckload of vital military supplies to deliver and I am in a hurry.
Now move it! I don't know how it works, but I will try.
- Good luck! | - Thanks.
- And please be careful! | - Sure, I will! - So-long! | - I hope I see you again sometime! Well, all I can do is throw a few switches and hope for the best, I guess.
At least I can see where I am going.
If only I could figure out how to get there.
Oh, please tell me your OK, Jason! - I am.
| - Are you two OK in there? We're OK! Phew! Thank goodness.
Gravity control systems 1 through 48 are green light.
- Please confirm, over.
| - Roger, green light.
I am now switching from manual to computer control Priority one transmission from headquarters, Captain Gloval.
Armour 1 reports completion of recovery procedures and it's departing now to join Armour 10 at rendezvous Charlie.
Mm, thank you, Vanessa.
Claudia, check the reflex furnace and see if we have recovered full power.
Ready condition on furnace power, sir.
Very good.
Antigravity, full thrust.
Aye aye sir, full thrust.
- Antigravity, full thrust.
| - Full thrust.
Reflex furnace now activated at full thrust and divection control board is underway.
10 | 9 8 | 7.
6 | 5 4 3 | 2 - 1 | - Full power! Activate the antigravity control system.
The gyroscope is level, sir.
Well done.
What in blazes is going on? Turn the pitch attitude immediately! - It must be the gyroscope.
| - No, look! The gravity parts are breaking away.
What is it? Oh, no! They're tearing away from the ship instead of lifting it.
This can't be happening.
The ship is losing altitude, captain.
Please, tell me I'm dreaming this.
- Pardon, sir? | - It's a nightmare.
- Is everybody OK? | - Aye aye sir! We're OK.
I want full damage report.
Give me a computer readout on every system on board.
- Yes, sir! | - They'll never let me hear the end of this.
You shouldn't blame yourself for this, sir.
I am the captain.
This is Skull leader, veritech team to SDF-1.
Mission completed, we met the enemy air assault and we sent them back where they came from.
- Very commendable work, commander Fokker-- | - Let me talk to him! How many did you shoot down? - Only ten this time.
| - You're slipping, Roy.
Well, don't worry Claudia.
I will make it up.
You have any word on the VT-102? He landed on the Macross city in a battloid, and he's doing more damage than the enemy.
Thanks Lisa.
Who is he? He is not registered as a fighter pilot.
- It's OK, I know him.
| - He needs help.
I better go and check on him.
Skull leader to group, you guys head on back to Prometheus.
I've got some business to take care of in town.
Captain Kramer, you take over group command, over.
Roger, commander.
I should've known better than to leave him alone.
There is the battloid.
This is Skull leader calling VT-102.
Do you read me, over.
Hi, Roy, It's me.
Had a busy day down there, I see.
You might say that, big brother.
Now what? I must be dreaming this.
I don't believe it.
- That airplane became robot too! | - Amazing! A few small repairs and you can take that battloid back into action.
What are you talking about? I don't know even what this thing is and I'm sure not qualified to operate it.
If you can fly a jet, you can operate a battloid.
e controls aren't that much different.
I'll tell you what to do.
The legs are controlled by the foot pedals.
Huh? Which foot pedals? There must be 50 different controls in here.
57, to be exact.
I will explain it to you while I'm making the repairs.
The battloids are classified top secret.
And trust me, there is a reason for them.
There, that ought to do it.
Switch on low energy and depress the foot pedals slowly.
Here goes.
That's it.
See how easy it is? Wow, you learn fast, don't you? - Thanks.
| - Minmei, come on.
Ok, Auntie! See you later.
We are being evacuated! Your recon- and battle pods have landed commander.
We're ready to attack.
Attention, all Gunnery crews prepare to give covering fire to the recon assault group.
Ready all guns; ready all guns.
Set for long-range covering fire.
We'd better get moving, Rick.
We still have a war to fight.
I am still pretty unsure of myself trying to keep track of all these robot controls.
I'm not ready for combat! Pull the control marked 'G', and which we'll switch to Guardian configuration.
What the heck is a guardian? Here goes! The guardian controls operate almost exactly like the fighter plane.
You can fly without any problems.
Oh, no.
I have to go back for my dairy.
Somebody might find it and read it.
Don't be foolish, Child.
You can't go back now.
It will take a minute to get it.
Don't worry! No Minmei, you don't have time, come back! All guns are standing by for bombardment commander Breetai.
Level everything in the path of the assault forces but be careful not damage that battle fortress.
I want to take it intact! They are invading the city! Yeah, it looks like the civilians got out just in time.
Wow, the whole place is under attack.
I hope everybody got out OK.
If you worried about your girl friend we might check on her.
Could we? Do we have a fix where that bombardment is coming from? A fleet of spaceships in lunar orbit.
Beyond the range of our missiles.
Captain, an alien assault force is approaching from the east.
- We need air support, sir.
| - Call for it.
This is SDF-1, we are under attack and need immediate support.
Assume guardian configuration.
Roger, SDF-1, coming in.
All Veritechs switch to guardian mode.
Oh no you don't! Take it easy honey.
You're Ok, we'll protect you.
- Take care of the girl, Rick.
I will hold them off.
| - You can't handle them alone! Don't argue with me.
I'll draw their fire while you get on out of here.
Stay right there, I'll pick you up! I thought you were an amateur.
Oh, no! Trust me, I can do it.
Do I have to Get out of here, Rick.
Fire your jets.
What? What are you saying? I can't hear you! How is it going? Everything ok? - I will be OK, Roy.
| - I don't care how you are.
- How is the girl? | - The girl? Ok, so far.
Better take good care of her.
If anything happens to her, you'll have to answer to me.
Oh? Don't forget, big brother.
I saw her first.
That's how it is, Hah.
We'll discuss this later.
Oh, boy.
I've got to find some way to get her in here.
Here, just crab my hand.
You can do it! That's it! You're safe now.
Don't cry.
- Are you OK? | - I am all right now.
Oh, no! You OK? Oh, no, Minmei! What was it? What was that thing, Roy? That is the enemy.
Now you know why we built the battloids, Rick.
To fight these giant aliens.
They look just like human beings! Yeah, if you ever saw a human 50 feet tall.
I guess you understand now why we kept this a secret.
Engineering reports backup rockets are fueled and ready for firing.
How is the evacuation progressing, Lisa? All the civilian has been safely transported to shelters.
The city is deserted.
Very well.
Switch on the main booster rockets; we will be blasting off immediately.
I hope this standby boosters work.
They will work, they were made on Earth.
All right? - Blast off! | - Yes, sir! Attention, Skull leader.
SDF-1 is taking off.
- Request air cover, over.
| - We're on our way.
Come on, Rick.
Let's go.
Get the lead out.
Come on Rick, what's the matter with you? Horrified by the sight of the giant alien and stunned by the death and violence he has witnessed young Rick has fallen into a state of deep shock.
The battle fortress has blasted off to rendezvous with the orbiting space platforms.
A helpless Rick and the unconscious Minmei are left behind.
surrounded by invaders.
In our next episode, the Zentraedi invaders continue to close in and the battle for the planet Earth becomes even more intense.
Attempting to escape the superior alien forces, Rick and Minmei become strand in the space for trying to rejoin the others.
Captain Gloval makes a desperate decision, to execute a hyperspace jump which may take the ship to safety, or which might make the end for everyone.
Be with us for "Space Fold" the next exciting chapter in the saga of Robotech.