Roboti Aniya (I Am Not A Robot) (2017) s01e13 Episode Script

Episode 13

1 This is when you must kiss.
A human's temperature is 36.
I confess.
That I missed the 36.
5℃ warmth.
Someone once said that a first kiss tastes of apples.
Someone said it's like the first flower bud that appears in spring.
And someone said it's like seeing the sea for the first time.
I imagined this second so many times.
The first time my 36.
5℃ lips make contact with another's.
But the first lips mine will ever touch are a robot's? What What are you doing? It should be me.
Why are you kissing me? Were you going to kiss me? Why would I? Sorry, I won't do it again.
Did I say not to? Then shall we do it again? Do what? What? What shall we do? What are you really? Why are you doing this to me? I'm so confused because of you.
Good, thanks.
Where's your first love? (Episode 13) You have a horrible hobby.
You called me knowing I'm on a date? What is it? What's so urgent? This is when you must kiss.
- Thanks for the lift.
- Can you come on your own? Of course, the rain stopped.
See you early tomorrow morning.
Darn it.
You stupid, crazy girl.
Why did you stick your lips out at him? How did someone think of this? Was it a genius? Or an inventor? He said what I'd wanted to hear my whole life with that look.
How could I not lose my mind? What should I do? You.
Why did you do that to me? (Pretty) I can't do anything because of you.
This is insane.
Why did you do that? That was my first kiss.
You just stole my first kiss.
I can't believe that after all this time, a robot stole my first kiss.
What'll you do about this? Why did she do that to me? What did I input by mistake that That feeling you just felt, the atmosphere, the gaze.
Don't forget.
That is sexual tension, and that is when you must kiss.
This is when you must kiss.
No way.
She deep-learned the whole lesson? No way.
That's impossible.
This isn't some science-fiction novel, is it? Wait.
Find me movies with robots.
Here are some movies with robots.
It's It's exactly the same.
That was it.
That's what she did.
Taming is about creating a relationship.
If you input information alongside emotions, you can reach a level where you can exchange emotions with Aji 3.
So So I taught her so much and so well that Aji 3 developed feelings for me? Oh my gosh.
I almost blew my cover.
He missed it because he's stupid.
He'd have found out if he were a little smarter.
Be careful.
I must be careful.
Is she charging? Why does she look so unfamiliar? It's like I never met this person before.
I mean, this robot.
- What is it? - Oh, I I wanted to ask Aji 3 something.
As you see, we're charging her.
Yes, I see that.
From now on, please call ahead.
That means please leave.
This is my house.
Shall we stop charging her? Okay, then.
Let me I'll ask just one thing.
Can a robot, I mean If Aji 3 successfully deep-learns everything, could she develop emotions? Like likes and dislikes? Even we don't know the extent of Aji 3's deep-learning capabilities.
Depending on how detailed the information you give her is, we just predict she will react as if she has emotions.
She can express likes and dislikes.
Our final goal is for her to become attached to, hug, and comfort her master first.
She can hug me first? But it's not an emotion.
Wait, so if we get very close, that becomes possible even without my command? Yes.
If that happens, we'll end the test and study her.
Why? End the No, it's nothing.
Get back to work.
My goodness.
How close does she think we are? Anyway, she's so thoughtless.
My gosh.
I'd love to meet the person who made this.
My gosh, you fool.
That person's right in front of you.
And I'm a human, not a robot.
I'm going to tell him everything once the test is over.
You think the robot likes you? How is that even possible? It sounds like a Hollywood movie.
I checked with the research team.
If the robot succeeds in deep-learning, she can start having emotions.
But the thing is, she likes me so much.
My gosh, how annoying.
Are you bragging that a robot likes you? Gosh, what do you mean? This is nothing to brag about.
Isn't it the first time in 15 years for someone to ever like you? - You - I'll check with my own eyes when I return to Korea.
The fact that you feel accepted by someone is a very good sign.
Hi, Professor Roberts.
It's nice to meet you again.
Everyone's waiting inside.
Hi, Doctor Oh.
I'm Johnny Brown.
And this is my girlfriend, Tilda Morton.
She's a nurse.
- Thanks for allowing this meeting.
- Thank you.
Are you all right? Shall we open the window? No, it's okay.
I used to have these symptoms whenever I was in the same space with other people.
But it's gotten a lot better.
And that's all because of Tilda.
I mean, she's the only person I trust.
I love you, Tilda.
So, so much.
I love you too, Johnny.
I just can't believe there's another person in the universe that's like me.
My patient is getting better through the assistance of a special robot.
So I'm guessing to your patient, the robot must be like what Tilda is to myself.
(Nasty Jerk) How am I supposed to tell him once the test is over? My gosh, I wonder if he'll even be able to understand.
"I'm human.
" "We're destined for each other.
" "I invented that umbrella.
" "Do you know that I saved your life twice?" You just wait, Min Kyu.
But did Aji 3 kiss me, or was that just a peck? Would he like it when he finds out that I'm actually human? (Nasty Jerk) (Missed Call: President Jo) What should I do? Hello? What? Money.
I I want my money.
Give me the 300 dollars.
I don't want to.
Okay, fine.
I'll give it to you if you answer my question.
What? Do people consider it a kiss even when two people just smooch lips together? - That's a kiss.
- Not a peck? Well, was it a quick peck? Or was it a really long smooch? I think it was pretty long.
Then that's a kiss.
It's a kiss if it exceeds over one second.
I knew it.
It was a kiss.
Was it nice? Did your heart flutter? It was completely flabbergasting.
It was so out of the blue.
Hello? President Jo? I guess no one's ever liked you before.
I must've hurt her.
It was completely flabbergasting.
It was so out of the blue.
(Nasty Jerk) (Someone Will Like You One Day just sent you 300 dollars.
) Someone Will Like You One Day.
Cheer up.
[VIU Ver] E13 I'm Not a Robot "A First Kiss Tastes of Apples" -= Ruo Xi =- So this is how it feels to be loved by someone.
It feels like I have around 100 vaults stacked in my house.
We used to go on a lot of dates.
We never came to places like this.
We did.
Think carefully.
- Where is everyone? - You just don't remember.
They haven't returned ever since they went out to buy coffee.
Where's Ji A? She'll be here soon.
She had to go somewhere.
Gosh, it was so annoying to have to stay beside her all day.
You look happy.
What are you talking about? It was so bothersome to care for her.
Then don't go.
- What? - You just said it's bothersome.
I'll go next time.
I can't really ask you to It was nice.
- Do you want to date her again? - Yes.
It became clear after spending time with her today.
Did you figure out - why she left you? - No.
But that's already in the past.
If we start over again Even machines keep breaking if you don't figure out the reason why it broke in the first place.
You might end up hurting each other again.
I really can't figure out what the problem was.
Think about the starting point.
The starting point? For example, think about when you felt the most apologetic toward Ji A.
Maybe that could lead to the reason why you broke up.
This is so nice.
I can eat this every day.
I have one more.
Hey, what's wrong? Did something happen last night? Why are your eyes red? Hey, guys.
I experienced all sorts of emotions last night.
I can't think straight anymore.
- Do you want - Did you go to a dry sauna? Please keep in mind that you're still a robot.
I'm already aware of that deep down in my heart.
What kind of a robot has red eyes? - Open your eyes.
- I'll do it.
Open them.
I need to check.
Are you a ghost? Don't open them so wide.
Can't you talk nicely? Why would you call me a ghost? I'm sorry.
When will you be done fixing Aji 3? I need to slowly begin doing my own thing now.
We're almost done.
We'll be done before the weekend.
I'll fix her no matter what.
Thank you.
By the way, you can talk to me comfortably.
This is comfortable for me.
Did Min Kyu experience his first kiss last night? I don't know.
It won't be easy for him.
But it'll be a different story if the woman kisses him first.
My gosh.
I'll only be able to tell him what Sun Hye told me once he's cleared his first kiss.
Sun Hye told me that - the next day - The next day is very important.
If either of them starts ignoring what happened, that's when the game of Hard to Get begins.
Did you get fully charged throughout the night? Yes, master.
Everything is my fault.
I made the wrong input which is why you turned out this way.
"This way"? Listen carefully, Aji 3.
Open the wires, and input it accurately.
You shouldn't love me.
You can be my closest friend, but you can't be the woman I love.
You're the one who asked me to be with you forever.
In other words, don't ever repeat what you did yesterday, okay? What did I do yesterday? - What? - Did I do something yesterday? You tried to You did something to me, remember? Did something happen between us yesterday? Are you giving me the cold shoulder? That's not the proper way to speak, master.
You don't remember because you're on Operation Mode? Switch to Friend Mode.
- What? - "What"? You're getting more curt.
What do you want? Are you upset at me? I don't know what you mean.
Could you please repeat? Why did you switch back to Operation Mode? Due to an error, only Operation Mode is available.
Stop kidding.
Aji 3, Friend Mode.
Due to an error, only Operation Mode is available.
After what you did to me yesterday, it's impolite to treat me this way.
I don't know what I did yesterday, but I won't ever do it again.
- That's not what I mean.
- Should I do it again then? Do what? Do what again? You remember what you did yesterday, don't you? Did something happen yesterday, master? Come on, Aji 3.
I prepared a lot for my first kiss.
Someone interrupted and took away my chance to kiss.
That's why I have to prepare for my first kiss again.
Can you give me some ideas? He can't bear how unfair it was.
Who dared to take away your first kiss? I wish I could bite him.
- You must do it properly this time.
- How? Spend some cozy time in private where physical contact is possible.
How about going on a drive? Darn it.
Why you No, anything but a drive.
A movie theater? Gosh.
Stop interrupting me.
You keep following me like a puppy, so I can't do it.
Then go alone.
I can only kiss if she's there with me.
You're having a funny fling, aren't you? A fling? She frustrates me.
I've been worried about you.
Did you deal with it? I ignored it.
I pretended that it was erased.
How can you ignore it? Pai.
Is my language that harsh? Based on general standards, yes.
- How bad is it? - Since we're close to you, however you speak, we only care about the content.
Most people care about the way you speak.
Do I lack manners? Based on general standards, yes.
But I don't think that about you.
I think I remember the worst thing I've done to Ji A.
Hey, you're here.
Why did you do it? You should think before acting.
I didn't ask you to clean up here.
You're not a janitor.
How could I forget such a terrible thing that I said? I'm not even human.
Is that why you broke up? Why did you open the umbrella when it isn't raining? Look at it carefully.
Do you remember anything? No.
A memory related to this umbrella is probably misplaced.
Try to recall it.
I don't know what you mean.
Even now? Come on.
Try to remember.
Is it necessary that I remember? No, you must erase it.
Why do you keep insisting when I don't remember? It's not fair that I'm the only one who remembers.
You should forget it too.
Having the ability to forget must be nice.
I'm not a robot like you.
How can I forget something ingrained in my memory? Time.
Human memories are forgotten with time.
You don't seem to understand.
Sometimes, human memories can't be forgotten with time.
A place or a song can bring back your memories.
This umbrella will remind me of you from that moment.
What will you do about it? You don't want to remember because what happened - was ridiculous and unbelievable.
- Gosh.
I hope you never forget it.
Are you complaining to me, master? That's right.
You'd better forget it.
Forget it forever.
Don't you dare remember it.
(Episode 14 will air shortly.