Roboti Aniya (I Am Not A Robot) (2017) s01e14 Episode Script

Episode 14

1 That's impossible.
It's precious to me.
I'd never lose it.
Could it be a mere coincidence? I don't know about that.
When the pressure and friction of the bolt are imbalanced, due to the gravity, it snaps and falls.
I should get going.
Don't you want a cup of coffee? I forgot my wallet.
I'll buy one next time.
You can pay next time.
My family believes that we should never owe anything.
What's wrong with this guy? - What? - Pardon? Did you say something? - Did I? - I thought you did.
I didn't say anything.
Sun Hye.
Hoktal? - Hoktal.
- Hello.
- When did you get here? - What? - Tell me what's on your mind.
- Those are new clothes.
Sun Hye left something, so I came to return it.
Okay, leave.
Sun Hye.
Are you getting ready for your eye surgery? May I get an Americano? I'd like a latte.
Here's your latte and Americano.
Thank you.
By the way, when the dating game begins, which side usually gets dragged along? The person who gets angry first.
But master, this is my job.
From now on, Aji 3 will do them all.
Don't just stand there.
Get them inside.
It'll take forever if you take them one by one.
Master, you called me your treasure.
Is this how you should treat your treasure? You're unbelievable.
What's the use of a forgetful robot that can't save information? You should do petty work.
You, when you're done wiping up, do you see the books in the study? Line them up by date of publication, okay? What? All this work will exhaust my battery faster.
You seem to last quite a while.
Why? Are you tired? Would I ever? I have titanium arms and titanium legs.
Gosh, so much dust, do you see this? Dust this later.
He just found himself a new slave.
(Petition) (Jo Ji A) What, he didn't even open it? Why that He wouldn't shed a drop of blood even if I stabbed him.
She's wiping That lunatic.
Have you lost your mind? How can you make a state-of-the-art android robot clean the windows? What's wrong with that? Cleaning is a sacred chore.
Should I clean the windows when I have a robot to do it? I I'll do it instead.
Are you crazy? What are you doing right now? I can't stand seeing my robot hold a rag.
You cherish her that much? I do.
I can barely even look at her.
What a nuisance.
You, go fold that umbrella.
No, no.
I'll do it.
Why are you going overboard today, doctor? Because I made this umbrella.
Did Did you really? No.
- Right? - No.
It's my invention.
How dare you, Fungus Guy? You're lying.
That umbrella couldn't have come out of your head.
It's somewhat more genius than you are.
It's that good.
My IQ is just 94.
Leave that, and come see this.
The aerial view of the plan for your new research complex.
It'll be about 6,500m² with a great view 6,500m²? All the amenities are there, so you don't have to leave the complex.
The best, top-notch, state-of-the-art That's all good.
I don't see anything tailored or personalized to us individuals.
You just saw what an incredible complex I will build you, and you still want personalized welfare? Ssanip puts food first.
We need a restaurant to provide three meals a day.
With a beer fridge.
Hoktal is surprisingly sensitive and cares about nature.
I want a greenhouse next to the lab.
With a pool.
And Pai What about me? - You're a robot.
- You're a robot.
I'll forget it forever and ever.
What do you think? One more adjustment, and I think we're done.
I agree.
Let's do it just one more time.
Yes, doctor.
Ji A's suffering a lot because of you.
Get yourself ready.
You are concerned for Jo Ji A.
Of course.
This is when you must kiss.
Who taught you that? I think it was Hwang Sun Hye.
Why did you learn that? Min Kyu should've been the one.
- Doctor, can you - Right.
Your sandwiches are here.
Let's go, sandwich party.
We're back.
Eat first, work later.
Is the sandwich ban lifted now? I missed these so much.
Why did you order seven sandwiches? We can't eat all that.
The hungriest person should always order.
Don't worry, I'll eat it all.
See what happens if you don't.
I'm hungry.
Let's order two large sets.
That's too much.
Who will eat it all? We'll get a medium set and an extra sandwich.
Fresh sandwiches, please.
The robot's not to blame.
Blame the human that can't forget.
Robots have errors and things get deleted by mistake.
Okay, that's everything sorted.
Let's sleep.
It's not sorted.
I don't feel right.
Hi, Aji 3.
Welcome, Director Kim Min Kyu.
Why don't you call me "master"? I am currently running the master version operation software.
To run the software personalized to you, you must log out of this version.
The Aji 3 here is just you, correct? I am the only Aji 3 constructed at the Santa Maria laboratory to date.
If there are clones, our performances will be identical.
Are you my Aji 3? I can't believe it.
He who believes no one cannot gain anyone's trust.
He who believes no one cannot gain anyone's trust.
Aji 3.
What does it mean to tame someone? Creating a relationship.
It's to create a relationship.
He said it was about input.
What you input is the issue.
What you input is the issue.
It's not an emotion.
It's not.
It feels so real.
You're a fake? Yes.
I'll forget about yesterday and act as usual.
You are Kim Min Kyu's closest friend and treasure.
Master? I'm hungry.
Do you want some? Just kidding.
Today, you don't look too happy.
I'm smiling.
How do you know I'm not happy? Because I saw you up close until now.
Deep-learning? Yes.
It's your job to observe everyone.
You watch me and everyone around you.
There's no penalty if you get over nine points.
Out of 20 questions, you got 5 This is hilarious, isn't it? Are you laughing because it's funny or because you should laugh? Are you still upset over what happened yesterday? The weather's nice.
I'll do the washing.
Shall I do it? No.
Isn't it tiring? It is.
You could stomp a million times and not feel tired.
Good for you.
[VIU Ver] E14 I'm Not a Robot "You're Concerned for Jo Ji A" -= Ruo Xi =- You.
You didn't delete it.
You remember everything, right? I don't know what you mean, master.
I really hate this.
Do you know that seeing you really ruins my mood? How low will you make me feel when you're merely a robot? Input this.
I'm no longer your friend.
I did something no friend should ever do.
From now on, only use Operation Mode.
If Friend Mode appears without my command I will reset you.
Go home.
I still have some battery left.
I want to be alone.
That was all fake? They all meant nothing? (Madam X: Losing friendly shares) Soon, Yoo Cheol will become the majority shareholder and director.
How about him as a son-in-law? (Distribution of Shares) You gathered quite a lot of shares.
At the upcoming shareholder meeting, I will propose the dismissal of Director Kim Min Kyu.
How much money did he make us so far? I don't see why he should be dismissed.
When I'm done buying the shares at the end of this month, you'll have a new majority shareholder.
We can get rid of Director Kim without your shares.
If it'll happen anyway, why waste our energy? Don't you think? I'm not sure.
Unless you find me something crucial that stops him from doing his duty, my shares will go toward supporting him.
I made that promise the day his father died.
Sung Tae.
I'm giving you a chance.
When a chance comes, you must take it.
I don't care about succession.
I care about company value.
Like the late Chairman Kim Myung Hoon did.
As soon as Min Kyu's dismissed, prepare to get Martin's signed contract right away.
Yes, sir.
Min Kyu's not up to anything much, is he? I think he's looking for Jang Doo Sam.
He used to be the driver of the late Chairman Park.
Does he live here? He moved out the day before yesterday.
If he ever returns, please tell him to call this number.
- Okay.
- Thank you.
"This is what the velvet rabbit asked.
" "Mr.
Horse," "do I need a spring to become real?" "No.
" "That's not how you become real.
" "You can become real if someone loves you for a long time.
" "Does it hurt to become real?" "Sometimes.
" "The horse looked at the rabbit and smiled.
" My gosh, this is incredible.
Is this how powerful Min Kyu is? Everything will clear up once Aji 3 goes public and Doctor Hong's article gets published.
What's the article about? Doctor Hong got slandered by a fellow colleague saying that he stole his research material in the States.
But in reality, he was the one who tried to steal from Doctor Hong by betraying him.
I joined the team after Doctor Hong came back from the States, so I was the last one to find out about this.
I got so angry upon hearing it.
What a worthless jerk.
How could you just stand still? He didn't want to harm Pai and me.
So Doctor Hong just handed over all his research materials.
That's quite impressive of you, Doctor Hong.
But our brother, Min Kyu, is doing everything he can to help Doctor Hong clear his name.
How impressive of him.
Gosh, I'm so proud of my little brother.
- Right, Doctor Hong? - The air view of our lab is out.
The laboratory of your dreams will soon be built.
- That calls for a party! - Let's party! Party, my foot.
Today, I got a call from MIT saying that they're ready to help me and my team regain our lost reputations.
The one who endured all this is - Santa Maria! - Santa Maria! The one who made this possible is - Brother! - Brother! - Everyone, cheers.
- Cheers! - Cheers.
- Brother, come on.
I'm really craving alcohol today.
I can't even drink this.
Have some appetizers.
I can't eat what others cook.
I see.
- Hoktal's random game - Hoktal's random game The Number Game! One! - 2! - 2! My gosh.
- You lost.
- He lost.
You should link arms and drink together.
It's my turn now.
The loser has to buy ice cream with a partner.
Let's play Five Chances.
We'll go this way.
- All right.
- Fold if you've been to the States.
Fold a finger.
Fold if you're a woman.
Fold if you've never been to the States.
- Fold if you're a man.
- My gosh.
Fold if you have curly hair.
- Pass.
- Nice.
Anyone wearing glasses, fold.
Fold if you're wearing anything that's white.
We have a couple! - See you.
- I hope you enjoy the walk.
The moon's really bright tonight.
Would you like to see the moon? It's a crescent moon tonight.
Let's go see the moon.
But my moon is really sad.
He's drunk.
He's drunk again.
- Let's all go see the moon.
- The moon? Put everything down.
Let's go now.
Stop drinking now.
Let's go.
You're drunk.
I know.
You should go back home.
I don't want to.
Please let go of my hand.
I'm scared that you'll leave.
I can't live without you.
That's also something you shouldn't say to a friend.
Please get up.
Let's play a game.
The one we just did earlier.
Fold your finger if you've ever been kissed by a robot.
Fold your finger if that made you flabbergasted.
Fold your finger if that made you angry.
Fold your finger if that made you hate that robot.
Fold your finger if you ever wished that the robot were human.
I'm not a robot.
Let's get engaged first.
You're so mean.
Why are you doing this to me? That's exactly what I want to ask you.
Let's never see each other again.
Take care.
I told you not to mistreat her.
You talk as if I hurt a robot's feelings.
I noticed her staring at you all day long.
The eyes always follow the heart.
Why didn't I realize this before?