Roboti Aniya (I Am Not A Robot) (2017) s01e15 Episode Script

Episode 15

1 Fold your finger if you ever wished that the robot were human.
I'm not a robot.
(Episode 15) I feel like Sun Hye tricked us.
I'm sorry.
It's because I got on her bad side.
She's Ji A's soulmate.
Based on Sun Hye's reaction, I must have done wrong to Ji A.
I feel like I'm in unrequited love.
Despite everything, you got this far.
It's all thanks to you.
If I didn't send a threatening letter to MIT, things wouldn't have turned out so badly.
If you want to apologize, fix Aji 3 soon.
The moon is so bright.
It's crescent.
Why are you touching his ear? So that he can sleep.
- Go back to sleep.
- What is it? There's a problem in the grip sensor.
She must be stabilized.
She's moving.
Is she fixed? She needs stabilization.
She also needs to be synchronized.
"Stabilization"? Aji 3, grab a glass.
As you can see, the system is unstable.
With input of your data, there was a conflict in the system.
Min Kyu can't find out that you've been switched with Aji 3.
He'll find out right away at this rate.
I understand.
After four days, Aji 3 will take your place.
And the test will be over soon.
That's when I'm going to tell Kim Min Kyu everything.
Before that, you can never let him find out that you're human.
The results of this test is crucial for him as well.
Four days Okay, I'll wait.
By the way, I have a favor to ask.
Can I come to work in the evening tomorrow? I have to be somewhere in the afternoon.
Thank you for explaining things in detail so that I won't be curious of anything.
I'm back in Korea.
I'll finally be able to meet Aji 3.
I have to see a patient in the afternoon, so I'd like to visit now.
Would that be okay? You should come next time.
Why? Is there a problem with the robot? No.
There's a problem with me.
What kind of problem? You haven't been taking any sleeping pills lately, so I thought you were fine.
Is there another problem? It was an accidental occurrence, and I'm going to fix it today.
Well, I hope you take care of it.
You need to have your blood taken today.
Send me the results right away.
He was so happy that he was being liked by a robot.
I wonder what happened in just two days.
What should I say to him? How am I supposed to say hello? Gosh, calm down.
Calm down.
Where are you? Master.
Get changed.
We're going to go outside.
What should I wear? Wear something warm.
Your battery might die because of the cold.
(Pretty's Room) I can't let you wear that.
What's going on? Is this a date? I'll buy everything the mannequin's wearing.
Hold that bag.
Let's go.
What was that? He didn't even look at me.
And he didn't even say I look pretty.
What's the point of buying me stuff? Excuse me.
You have to come this way.
I'll prepare your pre-ordered meal.
Thank you for agreeing to meet.
I wanted to have dinner with you and Ri El anyway.
No wonder.
But he still could've given me a heads up so that I could prepare myself.
Well How's the meal? It's delicious.
I like it.
I'm glad you like it.
I like it too.
What was the important news you wanted to share with us? I'd like to get engaged first.
I want to take the proper steps for Ri El's sake.
What are you talking about? I never even got to kiss you yet.
That's a good idea.
The procedure matters.
- Dad.
- It's important to officially announce that you and I are going to be on the same side.
That way, they won't try to make any vain attempts.
I agree with you.
Excuse me, guys.
I'm the one who's getting married here.
Can you listen to my opinion as well? Let's eat.
Please excuse me for a minute.
Since when did you start liking Ri El? It's been 15 years.
She sent me birthday cards every year.
Thank you for that, Ri El.
Birthday cards? When did I She's very affectionate.
Dad, what was that earlier? Did you send Min Kyu birthday cards with my name written on them? Why would you If I sent them, that also means you sent them.
You can go home first.
I'm going to tell Min Kyu the truth.
He thanked you for those cards.
If you tell him the truth, it'll only end up hurting him.
This is so annoying.
Gosh, look at her.
She's not eating anything when it's so hard to get a reservation here.
What a waste of money.
Get up.
Let's go.
Are you okay? What do you mean? You can't eat what others cook.
- That's why - Are you really worried? Or are you just saying what's been inputted in you? Why did you bring me with you today? Because I needed you to be there.
Do you even remember what you said to me last night? I said I wished that you were human.
I remember everything I said.
So what? What meaning does that have? What? Will you marry me or something? If that bothers you, delete it.
Like you did last time.
I don't care if you remember it or not.
You're really nasty.
I said I'd reset you if you activate Friend Mode! Reset me.
I still need to speak my mind.
Why are you like this to me? Why are you doing this to me? Why must I tiptoe around you when you're just a robot? Why do you make me wonder what you're thinking? Why, when you have no feelings or thoughts? Compile a list of dresses for Ri El to wear.
That's your job as a robot.
[VIU Ver] E15 I'm Not a Robot "I'm Not a Robot" -= Ruo Xi =- What's wrong? - Nothing's wrong.
- Did something happen? Nothing happened.
What did the jerk do this time? I said I wished you were human.
So what? What meaning does that have? Why? Would you marry me or something? (Hong Joo) Are you busy? Can you take Dong Hyun to see a doctor? (From Ri El) (I wish you a happy birthday!) (From Ri El) The handwriting is all different.
Why didn't you notice this before, Kim Min Kyu? Welcome to my shop.
Hello and welcome.
Welcome to my shop.
My goodness.
Why does that look so much like a human? Welcome to my shop.
Hello and welcome.
Get out.
Aji 3's not here.
Talk from there.
You got much better.
Get out.
I want to talk to your face.
What do you want to say? I asked you not to treat her with disrespect.
With disrespect? You talk as if someone hurt the robot's feelings.
She means a lot to me.
Doesn't she to you? You said she healed your illness.
She's a robot with no feelings.
You tamed her.
- You spent time and effort.
- So what? Did your robot grow some feelings? That's not possible.
In the end, she's nothing.
How is she nothing? Think of the time you spent together.
Is that nothing? Everything you did became part of her, how is that nothing? If it's not nothing, delete it all.
It's that simple.
Kim Min Kyu.
Is he going through puberty? Let's talk.
Ssanip ate food that Jo Ji A had cooked.
I saw her give him everything she'd made, the whole lot.
With great regret that I thought Jo Ji A was simple-minded, I analyzed her data.
First, the reason she accepted this part-time job was money.
But why did she come back and agree to work for free? She said I'd paid her too much and that she felt uncomfortable.
Doesn't that mean I bothered her a bit? Is that really it? At this juncture, we should have a look at the items in her suitcase.
She should have supplies for a trip.
Why does she have two identical bulky items? Why did she demand we let her stay here? Because of me? You are a constant.
But sometimes, a variable controls the situation.
A while ago, KM Financial hosted a competition to encourage young entrepreneurs.
I found out that Ji A's heart lamps had reached the final round.
I also found out, after much internet surfing, that the precursor to this design had reached the second round of a competition four years ago.
Ji A treated these heart lamps as if they were relics.
You failed to even recognize them, but fixed them for her.
The single item that connects the past and present.
Could these lamps be your broken part? That's my conclusion.
Gosh, that looks really bad.
Is it very itchy? Is your nose runny? I'm fine.
Don't worry, Auntie.
I had stomach cramps.
Little baby in there.
Don't give your mom a hard time.
Shouldn't you see a doctor? I'll be fine after some rest.
But then Dong Hyun should see a doctor.
Have you eaten? That looks delicious.
That looks really good.
It reminds me of our school picnic.
The kids teased you because you brought this.
I liked my rice balls a lot.
I was upset when no one wanted to eat my food.
I know.
It was really good considering we were in elementary school.
Isn't it good? I made an appointment with the best allergy specialist in Korea.
It's her first appointment, so explain things for me.
It must've been really itchy.
Good girl.
Not only is she allergic to peanuts, but she's also allergic to green grapes, egg white, tomatoes, and tick.
- Could you get her scanned? - Okay.
Come with me.
She has allergies, and her oxygen saturation level is low.
I'll prescribe her medicine.
I'm worried because it's gotten worse recently.
The possibility is low, but there could be an emergency, so I'll also prescribe epinephrine.
May I ask you a question? This may sound funny and ridiculous, but is it possible to be allergic to human contact? There's only a few in this world, but you can be allergic to human contact.
However, the treatment is difficult because the cause may also be psychological.
Why? Do you know someone who has that allergy? No.
How can you treat being allergic to human? Someone was cured when he found someone he could truly trust.
The human mind is interesting, isn't it? Such allergy does exist after all.
Is Min Kyu allergic to human beings? Aren't I human? I saw him having human contact.
It doesn't make sense.
Since you behaved at the hospital, I have a present for you.
Hong Joo asked me to go grocery shopping.
Dong Hyun, I'll be right back.
- Get me some snacks please.
- Don't tell Mom.
I need to use the bathroom.
It'll take some time.
If customers come I know.
I'll keep them here.
You're the best, Dong Hyun.
I'm allergic to peanuts.
What? I'm allergic to peanuts.
What are you allergic to? It's worse than yours.
I'm also allergic to tick, eggs, and tomatoes.
I'm allergic to one thing, but it's very bad.
I'm Dong Hyun.
- What? - I'm Jo Dong Hyun.
That's my name.
What's yours? Kim Min Kyu.
My aunt doesn't have a boyfriend.
What does that have to do with me? My aunt made it.
Is that for me? No, it's mine.
My aunt went on a picnic when she was my age.
She didn't know how to make gimbap, so she packed herself rice balls like these.
That was the first time she made them.
Why would a child make gimbap? She didn't have anyone to make it for her.
It's really delicious.
I bet many of her friends teased her at the picnic.
No one ate with her, but my mom did.
That's why she became my mom's guardian angel.
Are you Min Kyu? Thanks to your help, I got engaged.
Does the person who took away your first kiss know about it? She does.
She was next to me when it happened.
What a jerk.
Pardon me? A jerk passed by over there.
He's so stupid.
What? I'm sure you didn't come here to say that.
At that time, you said that she and I had a fling.
Do you think she was interested in me? Yes, definitely.
What makes you say that? I see you.
(Pickled fish) I made that pickled fish for Researcher Number One who's from Masan.
She was staring at you all the time.
You look at where your feelings are.
Feelings? There's no way to verify that.
How can you verify something invisible? What you feel is most certain.
That's all I'll say.
If I we continue, I might start punching.
Do you want to accept her feelings? No matter how she changes? (Episode 16 will air shortly.