Roboti Aniya (I Am Not A Robot) (2017) s01e18 Episode Script

Episode 18

1 I love Aji 3.
I love her.
I don't want to admit it, but I have to.
So tell me.
Did you expect this kind of result to arise when you planned Aji 3's deep learning process? Obviously not.
Then what's wrong with me? Come to think of it, starting from a certain point, I waited for Aji 3 to show up.
When evening came, I willed it to become morning, that morning would come faster.
I loved having someone who would listen to me.
Knowing that someone watched over me and remembered me excited me every day.
That's because you were alone for so long.
Like, you'd never had a friend before.
She cured your illness, and before you knew it, you became obsessed.
I thought that was it too.
But When I'm with Aji 3, I feel that I am alive.
Get a grip, Kim Min Kyu.
Aji 3's a robot.
But I think that Aji 3 loves me too.
What kind of nonsense That can't be.
She just She says and does what we programmed her to.
What you think is love is a result of your input.
Exactly! But that's what I feel, and it's driving me crazy! My head tells me that everything I feel right now is fake, an illusion.
But my heart says all of this is true, that it's happening.
Do you know how horrible this feels? What should I do? What should I do to solve this issue? Tell me.
You must know.
Bring him this way.
My goodness.
Why did he drink so much? Slowly, slowly.
How did you carry him Please look after him.
Did you send me in there knowing he was sick? - What? - Did you send me in there knowing Kim Min Kyu's allergic to humans? Doctor Oh came by.
- Ji A.
- Oh, the 50 million.
The 50-million-dollar investment.
That's reason enough.
He didn't do it for Pai, silence.
Why did you do that to me? Ji A, curse me instead.
I'm most responsible.
All this happened because I broke Aji 3.
No, if I hadn't texted you then They did nothing wrong.
It was my decision and my responsibility.
Why did you make that decision alone? You should've let me decide as well.
Yes, he's cured now.
I'm pleased that I cured him.
But I'm so scared.
If he had found out He could've died because of me.
You didn't think about that, did you? Now, I can't say anything to him to explain or make an excuse.
I can't even ask him to believe me.
Do you know what that means to me? Why did you do that to me? Why? Ji A.
Ji A.
Doctor Hong really wanted Director Kim to get better.
That's why he refused other investors to partner with Director Kim.
We honestly thought that we could fix Aji 3 soon and swap her with you and that it would be okay.
You should have told me exactly that.
Why won't this Aji 3 come out? Hey, she's pretty.
She looks familiar.
- I've seen that face.
- Right? I saw her somewhere.
- Aji 3? - Aji 3? Isn't that Aji 3? It is.
She got a new wig.
She can change her wig 100 times, but she can never evade us.
- Follow in secret.
- Okay.
What's this situation? Did the robot leave home? Why? And to this place? Who lives here? (KM Financial) (Personnel File) Found it.
Jo Jin Bae.
Then This is where Jo Jin Bae lives? Jo Jin Bae - Outside - Ji A's back.
Isn't it tough being away from home? Catch up on your sleep.
Jin Bae.
What? I should've listened to you back then.
I should've improved my resume and tried to get a job.
If I'd done that, I wouldn't be in this mess.
It's not that big a mess considering your age.
Not many people know what they like to do and bet their future on it.
Even I didn't do that.
So what if I did? I ruined things for myself, and everything got so twisted.
Cheer up.
Do you really think that Aji 3 cured Min Kyu? As long as he thinks she's a robot, it's Aji 3 that he loves.
I was angry at first, but thank you for curing him as a result.
What about the side effect? How are we to help someone who believes he loves a robot? If the two can start over from the beginning, there might be hope.
Do you have the courage to tell the truth? That Aji 3 is actually not a robot? Aji 3.
Go online with Kim Min Kyu's account.
Hello, doctor.
Aji 3.
What's your relationship with Kim Min Kyu? My master and I would not be ashamed to share shameful facts.
I can be his closest of friends, but never someone he loves.
I think that Aji 3 loves me too.
You cut yourself? Why do you cook so aggressively? This is when you should kiss.
Fold if you wish the robot was human.
I'm not a robot.
(Hong Baek Gyoon) [VIU Ver] E18 I'm Not a Robot "Seeing You is Too Hard for Me" -= Ruo Xi =- Are you at home? Yes.
Did you eat? Do I deserve to eat when I could've killed someone? That day, I shouldn't have gone to you.
Don't blame yourself.
I took the job for 10,000 dollars.
I should have told you the truth then.
- What do I do now? - The Turing test.
We send in an identical-looking human and robot in turn to see what's more human.
You're not deceiving anyone, but you must.
That's how you'll contribute greatly to the advance of robotics.
I'm the crazy one who believed it was a test.
I felt that something was off, but I didn't think of looking into it.
I got carried away.
I stayed even though I had the chance to leave.
It wasn't purely because I wanted to help Kim Min Kyu.
The new, deep-learning method and the fact that my robot was healing someone made me ecstatic.
I wanted to see the test through to the end.
In the process, I overlooked the possibility that Kim Min Kyu could get hurt again.
That's why I think we should be honest before it's too late.
Tomorrow, let's tell him everything.
Hi, Aji 3.
I love you, master.
What can I help you with? Did you call me, master? I finished the list of dresses for Ye Ri El to wear.
Aji 3.
Seeing you is too hard for me.
Did I do something wrong? Each time I see you, I realize what it is that I can't do.
What can you not do with me? I am now able to do anything.
That's why there's so much I want to do with you.
I can't see you grow old.
I can't cook for you or hug you.
You're the same, but I feel uncomfortable.
I've changed.
My feelings have grown so great that I don't think I can handle this for the rest of my life.
You said we should be together forever.
I'm sorry.
It looks like you're the one being punished.
You look sad and in pain.
Isn't your master a mess? However you look, you are my master.
Let's go.
They're going.
That's Doctor Hong Baek Gyoon.
So he picks up Aji 3 from Jo Jin Bae's home.
Why? It got easier.
We just have to raid a tiny apartment.
He's quick.
It's Mr.
I see.
Yoon, I have something to report.
Aji 3.
Do you have it? Oh, that.
Not yet.
But we have incredible information You're worse than amateurs! You're fired.
Wait, what I just saw was The robot comes and goes from Jo Jin Bae's house.
Aji 3 is Hello? Mr.
Well? - We're fired.
- Set fire? We're fired.
We're dismissed.
Don't you get it? Died from allergy shock.
There was nothing we could do.
Tilda Morton took off with all of Jonny's assets.
Everything around her was a lie.
Johnny died from an allergy shock.
- Hello? - Jonny died.
Are you listening to me? You can't tell him the truth.
He got an allergy shock and died because Tilda scammed him.
We don't know what might happen if he finds out that everyone took part in deceiving him.
So you need to stay quiet.
You can never run into him.
It seems like it's going to snow.
You're right.
I'll tell you what you need to do today.
Let's reset Aji 3.
I know I upset you for having been so mean to you.
I'm going to compliment you today, so listen to me carefully.
For the past month, you were my friend, my treasure, and my cure.
You were also my door to the real world.
Every minute with you was a miracle for me.
Thank you.
And I'm sorry.
I'm not the one who cured you.
Deep down in your heart, you had a longing for someone special.
That's what cured you.
You would've become better even if it weren't for me.
So from now on, I hope you stay happy regardless of whatever you do.
I'm going to compliment you as well, so listen carefully.
You made me realize that I'm someone valuable.
You were my friend, you treated me like treasure, and you made me feel special.
I'll never forget everything you did for me.
And I'll never forget how much you treasured me.
Thank you.
And I'm sorry.
Aji 3.
Operation Mode.
What can I help you with, master? As of this moment, I'm going to reset you.
Once you reset me, all the memories we made together will be deleted, and they won't be able to get restored.
Will you still proceed? Yes.
Please press the button that's under my neck for five seconds.
Then the reset process will begin.
There's one last thing I'd like to input into your system.
That will also get deleted soon.
I love you.
Every single moment I spent with you made me happy.