Roboti Aniya (I Am Not A Robot) (2017) s01e19 Episode Script

Episode 19

1 (Episode 19) (Shocked by Tilda's theft, Johnny dies.
) Let me tell you what you need to do today.
Let's reset Aji 3.
(Sadness) (Sadness) Everyone seems sad.
We have to lie to a friend.
Lies are bad.
It's for his own benefit.
That friend will misunderstand you.
And that will make you sad.
I'll be happy as long as he's fine.
So it's going to be a happy lie.
There are times when lying to a friend is better than telling them the truth.
Let me go to work one last time myself.
Ji A.
I'm really sorry.
Why are you suddenly talking to me like I'm your friend? Aji 3.
Friend Mode.
It's nice to meet you, my friend.
I've been too mean to you lately, haven't I? I'm sorry.
It's okay.
I can be quite generous.
Would you like to go outside with me? It's going to snow today.
That'll be better.
We have three hours from now.
We might walk and run today.
We need to come back in three hours so you don't get discharged.
Let's go.
Pass! Pass me the ball! - Pass! Pass! - Pass me the ball! - Come on! - Pass! This used to be my school.
I came here for the first time in 15 years.
Gosh, that stings.
My gosh, no.
What's wrong? - Look at him.
- That's gross.
- What's going on? - He has rashes.
My gosh, his face is getting red too.
Gosh, what's happening to him? You didn't believe me, but I really used to be allergic to humans.
But after I met you, I became all better.
It's weird, isn't it? I was crossing the street yesterday, and everyone around me suddenly felt like trees.
It felt as if I was walking in the woods.
I was no longer scared of the trees.
Some trees looked interesting.
And I even had the urge to touch some of them.
That's when I knew that I'm never going to go back to how I used to be.
I'm proud of you.
Good job.
I'm more proud of you.
What? It's snowing.
It's our first snow together.
You're right.
Gosh, it's cold.
Wait a minute.
I can't let your battery die.
Are you worried that I might be too heavy to carry? That's right.
You're too heavy.
- My gosh.
- Let's go.
It's nice.
("The Velvet Rabbit Doll") "The Velvet Rabbit Doll"? A little boy had a rabbit doll, which he cherished.
This story's about that doll.
He wanted to become a real rabbit.
So? Does that doll become a real rabbit? Yes.
But the little boy ends up saying goodbye to the rabbit.
And when he meets the rabbit again, he fails to recognize him.
It's a sad story.
If you ever become human If that kind of miracle ever happens, I'm going to recognize you right away.
I know I upset you for having been so mean to you.
I'm going to compliment you today, so listen to me carefully, Aji 3.
What I showed you today is the first time I ever spent a proper day outside like a normal person in 15 years.
For the past month, you were my friend, my treasure, and my cure.
You were also my door to the real world.
Every minute with you was a miracle for me.
Thank you.
And I'm sorry.
I'm not the one who cured you.
Deep down in your heart, you had a longing for someone special.
That's what cured you.
You would've become better even if it weren't for me.
So from now on, I hope you stay happy regardless of whatever you do.
I'm going to compliment you as well, so listen carefully.
You made me realize that I'm someone valuable.
You were my friend.
You treated me as a treasure.
You made my life special.
Everything you did for me, how you felt, I will never forget it.
Thank you.
And I'm sorry.
Aji 3.
Operation Mode.
How can I help you, master? As of this moment, I'm going to reset you.
Once you reset me, all the memories we made together will be deleted, and they won't be able to get restored.
Will you still proceed? Yes.
Please press the button that's under my neck for five seconds.
Then the reset process will begin.
There's one last thing I'd like to input into your system.
That will also get deleted soon.
I love you.
Every single moment I spent with you made me happy.
In five seconds, all of our memories will be deleted.
[VIU Ver] E19 I'm Not a Robot "I'll Recognize You" -= Ruo Xi =- Five.
(Kim Min Kyu folder deleted) The Kim Min Kyu folder was deleted.
Pai, Aji 3 Cat, master, cat, master, cat Master is smiling.
(Pretty's Room) Yes.
Whatever I do, be happy and have fun.
She's so dehydrated, we'll put her on a drip.
Thank you.
Come on.
Ji A.
I hate it when Three-Part Baton comes to work.
Me too.
He's so inconsiderate, rude, and thoughtless.
All he is is handsome.
He looks like me, and that's even worse.
What? Director Kim.
How do I look like you? I don't see it.
I'm not quite sober yet.
Eighth floor.
- Sorry.
- Sure.
I will come to work every day now.
You don't You can go on with your tasks.
I'll do my own thing.
Oh, dear.
Good morning.
How does it feel to go to work every day like normal people? Three-Part Baton annoys me so much that I hate coming to work.
Why is he around so often? What's wrong with him? I caught the employees talking about me behind my back.
That's how office workers relieve their stress.
That's why I let them off the hook.
That's good.
Just in case, make sure to keep a smart watch and a syringe with you.
Where are you now? You should stay healthy no matter how busy you are.
What brings you here, sir? You didn't call me in advance.
No particular reason.
By the way, why are you eating alone? No one wants to eat with me because I'm on your side.
They don't want to be on the Jordan River Express.
Is that why you're in a bad mood? No, sir.
After you finish lunch, bring me the list of mergers and acquisitions in progress, those in consideration, and those that are complete.
Also, bring all the financial statements from prior years.
The number you have dialed is not available at the moment.
Gosh, we worked very hard for him.
The least he can do is pay us the rest.
The number you have dialed is not available at the moment.
He won't answer? That's okay.
I have a lot of spare time.
I'll keep calling.
Who pays us the balance? Who do you think? It's the CEO of KM Financial.
There can't be rebates only at Santa Maria.
Separate the ones that seem suspicious - and investigate them.
- Yes, sir.
I heard that the testing of Aji 3 ended.
Has Jang Doo Sam contacted yet? Not yet.
(News Alert) (Chairman Hwang Do Won's Accumulation of Shares) Soon, I expect Chairman Hwang to summon a board of directors meeting.
To dismiss me.
We need Jang Doo Sam's recording to dismiss Chairman Hwang first.
Is there another solution if he doesn't contact us? There is, but it won't be without damage.
- Mr.
- Yes? Do you have any information about AM Retail? One moment, please.
Among three places, this seems to be overvalued.
Take a look.
Shouldn't we go home? It's 1:30am.
Mom told me that the water should come up to the back of the hand.
I know, but we're making porridge right now.
We need twice as much water.
- Is that so? - Yes.
Ssanip, calculate the moisture in vegetables to measure the amount of water.
Water is 95 percent of squash, and 90 percent of onions and carrots.
The total amount we need Wait a minute.
What are you doing here? Midnight snacks.
We're making you some snacks.
Do you like abalone? It tastes bad.
Give it to me.
You can't take it back.
You said it tastes bad.
I'll eat it considering your effort.
We're leaving this house soon.
- What? - For Min Kyu, it's better that all of us disappear.
He'll be left alone again.
You made him depend on Santa Maria Research Team.
You made him believe you, so take responsibility.
Stay by his side.
Encourage him.
Help him hang in there.
Stay with him so that he's no longer lonely.
I beg you.
If you're done, let's play.
Let's play.
We waited to play with you.
What shall we play? Basketball, soccer? No.
But it's 2am.
What's the time, Mr.
Wolf? - What's the time, Mr.
Wolf? - It's two in the morning.
What's the time, Mr.
Wolf? What's the time, Mr.
Wolf? - Good job.
That's right.
- Wait.
What's the time, Mr.
Wolf? What's the time, Mr.
Wolf? Don't move.
I'm watching.
- Hurry up and play.
- She's grabbing me.
What's the time, Mr.
Wolf? Goodness.
You moved.
You're it.
- Goodness.
- That's it.
Tell the house that I'm going to bed.
Turning on Sleep Mode.
(MGG Games Figures Expected To Be Released) Hello? What took you so long to pick up? (Episode 20 will air shortly.