Roboti Aniya (I Am Not A Robot) (2017) s01e20 Episode Script

Episode 20

1 (Episode 20) Hello? What took you so long to pick up? I would've hung up if you picked up a second later.
I need you to buy something for me.
The terms are the same as last time.
Hello? President Jo.
Are you listening? Why won't you answer? Say something, President Jo.
Am I someone you can kill time with? Can you do that for me if I become a regular? I'm really bored these days.
If you're bored, call a friend.
My best friend went far away.
That's why I'm very bored.
Why do you sound like that? Are you sick? Too bad.
- I'm going far away too.
- What? Where to? Far, far away.
You can't.
Then who will buy things for me? Who am I to call? I don't buy things for people now.
So don't call me again.
Hello? President Jo.
President Jo.
She should go on buying things for me.
It's no fun.
Min Kyu.
I'm going to sleep here tonight.
You can sleep in my bed.
- Why give up your nice bed? - I just can't sleep in that bed now.
Oh, dear.
Your late father did this when he couldn't sleep.
Pull your chin back and look straight into the camera.
I'll take it now.
1, 2, 3.
(Application Form) (Passports) I want to apply for a passport.
- Australia? - Australia? Yes.
It's called a working holiday.
You can work and learn English.
How could you make a decision like that without talking to us? A year goes by really quickly.
I'll save some start-up money, get some ideas, and come back speaking fluent English.
I'll teach you English now, Dong Hyun.
I don't need to speak English well.
Don't go, Aunt.
You sweet thing.
- I'm off to work.
- Take a break.
You only just left hospital.
I need to save up for the plane ticket.
You startled me.
Why are you here? Why do you think? I'm here to fix your old scooter.
You know this is really random, don't you? Last night, your scooter appeared in my dream very randomly.
It said it's at its life's end and asked me to save it.
So here I am.
I can drop it off at a garage.
Go home.
You must be rich.
Pay me for the repairs, then.
It'll take 30 minutes.
Wait just a bit.
Do you get any sleep? What do you care? You're my creditor.
I owe you, and if you die an untimely death, I'll be at a loss.
Did you get that? Will you stop teasing me? It'll run fine for about a month.
That's it? Just get a new one.
What if it suddenly stalls? What? Did I accentuate the wrong word again? Don't come here anymore.
You mentioned responsibility.
I'm taking responsibility for what I said.
See you.
As you feared, there will be an emergency board meeting.
The main agenda is your dismissal, sir.
It's a nice day, so smile.
Smiling can go to waste too.
Have a look at some hats and gloves.
They're nice and warm.
Check out some gloves.
- They're cute.
- They are.
- Can I try one on? - Sure.
This one? Yes, it's so pretty.
- It suits you.
- Does it? You look adorable.
- How much is it? - It's 15 dollars.
- Will you take it? - Yes.
- Thank you.
- Thank you.
You're prettier.
- Can I have a look? - Yes, hi.
These are pretty.
How much What's with the sad face? Is no one buying? I'll take everything.
Give me this and this and this.
Give me all of them.
- Go on.
- Are you - sure about this? - Of course.
Here you go.
This too.
All of them.
Aji 3.
I'll turn you into a handsome guy.
Thank you, doctor.
Turn me into an awesome, incredible, great guy.
That's something Min Kyu used to say a lot.
Pai, did you delete the backup files of Min Kyu's account as well? Yes, I did.
Did she hear one of us say that? Parcel distribution? Do you know how tough that job is? I like it.
It's a great way to clear my mind.
Here you go.
Tomorrow, Min Kyu will lose his position.
The shares belonging to my allies and those in our borrowed name accounts make up the majority.
Santa Maria and Aji 3 are practically ours already.
By tomorrow, you will be KM Financial's director.
You said you'd leave this to me.
I did, and what happened? Did you give Martin the robot? No, I'm looking for the right person to do the job Stop it.
We just have to get rid of Min Kyu and give Aji 3 to Martin.
Why waste time? I'm setting the table for you.
You just have to eat.
Why are you so upset? I will win Ri El over for you.
No, will you just stop it? Have you found Jang Doo Sam? Sorry, sir.
Not yet.
What a rat.
Why is he back in Korea? If he opens his mouth about Park Sung Jin's death, we all die.
Find him.
You must find him and shut him up.
You can never let him meet Min Kyu.
Hello? Jang Doo Sam? Are you alone? As you can see, I'm here alone.
- I need to think about this.
- Hello? Don't look for me until I contact you.
- Jang Doo Sam.
- Don't look for me.
Jang Doo Sam.
Darn it.
Jo? I think there's more to Chairman Park's death.
We should go with Plan B now, right? (Email) (To Madam X) (Send) Where are you? Don't forget we have a date.
Your parcels are here.
- Hello.
- Hello.
- Can I check them? - Sure.
This one or the other one? Both.
They're both pretty.
What? That sounds so insincere.
I'm not.
- Could you sign it quickly? - Okay.
- Here.
- Thanks.
Yoo Cheol would've said The third one.
You have a nice neckline.
You're really incredibly better-looking now.
It's all good.
It's for the best.
Director Kim is here.
(KM Financial Board Meeting) We'll begin the board meeting.
As you were all notified, the main agenda is Director Kim's dismissal.
The cause and reason is to stabilize the company.
Do you think that is a just cause? Because of Director Kim's bad temper and bizarre actions, our company has lost trust inside and outside.
You all know that.
To create a corporate culture that suits the 21st century, we can't let the majority shareholder treat the company as if it's his property, and most of those on the board concur.
How much did Director Kim earn for our company? Director Ye, you value money too much.
It's time to consider our company's image as well.
Director Kim shall speak.
Who is the candidate to replace me? It's CEO Hwang Yoo Cheol.
I think at the end of this meeting, CEO Hwang Yoo Cheol will be the one who's dismissed.
Daeyang Shipbuilding had an RnD team called Santa Maria Research.
What they made was not ships.
They made a robot.
(KM Financial Board Meeting) Ladies and gentlemen.
I introduce Doctor Hong Baek Gyoon and the Santa Maria team who made the world's greatest android robot.
[VIU Ver] E20 I'm Not a Robot "What Do I Need to Do?" -= Ruo Xi =- Hello, I'm Hong Baek Gyoon, leader of the Santa Maria team.
Let me introduce our android robot Aji 3.
Three directors who had sided with Chairman Hwang changed their minds.
Your dismissal was scraped and they will discuss CEO Hwang's dismissal instead.
I was responsible for the sale of Daeyang Shipbuilding.
As of this moment, I resign as CEO.
(KM Financial Board Meeting) Are you happy now? You took me down.
It was so easy.
You should've done it long ago.
How did you put up with me being CEO? I tried to the end not to abandon you.
You already abandoned me.
That day 15 years ago.
Sign this.
My dad said that if you sign this, you and I can live together.
We were young then.
You knew what that document meant.
You pretended not to know until now.
Am I wrong? Even now, you'll turn a blind eye, whatever your dad does.
So keep doing what you always did and stand aside as if you don't care.
You're not the one I need to fight.
It's your dad.
Is that why you took me down? Because I'm not even worth a fight? Fine.
But I'm my dad's son.
You should be careful.
Don't show off too much, you scum.
Dad, what did you just say? Who got fired? Yoo Cheol ended up causing a huge problem.
Let's go.
I reserved a table at a restaurant.
- Where's Director Kim? - Getting some air.
Where are you? Let's have a drink.
- How have you been? - Good.
"The Velvet Rabbit Doll"? A little boy had a rabbit doll, which he cherished.
This story's about that doll.
He wanted to become a real rabbit.
So? - Does it become a real rabbit? - Yes.
But the little boy ends up saying goodbye to the rabbit.
And when he meets the rabbit again, he fails to recognize him.
"A year passed, and it was spring.
" "The boy visited the woods" "once he became healthy again.
" "That's when" "he saw a rabbit looking at him.
" "The little boy mumbled.
" "That's interesting.
" "He looks just like" "the rabbit I lost.
" (I'd like Director Kim to open this package himself.
) I'm sending you the Heart Ball like I promised.
(We're going to change Aji 3's face now.
) We're going to change Aji 3's face now.
It's only 80 percent complete.
There are still errors.
You need to wait until it's perfectly complete.
We need to change it as soon as possible for Min Kyu.
Aji 3.
Your face is going to change soon.
I guess that means you'll be changing my character.
The starting point of my mistake was your face.
Mistakes need to be corrected.
Yes, that's right.
Don't worry.
Regardless of how your appearance may change, you'll always be my Aji 3.
Regardless of how I may look, I'll always be Aji 3.
Then please switch to Standby Mode.
No! Stop it.
Don't change anything.
Just leave her as she is.
Min Kyu.
I need to find her again.
- Who? - I'm talking about Aji 3, the robot I had trained.
I shouldn't have reset her.
I shouldn't have said goodbye to her.
I want her back.
I want to have her back.
I need to see her again.
You need to let her go.
You won't be able to find her again.
No, I can.
I'll start all over again.
I'll train her exactly how I did from the start.
What's wrong with you, Min Kyu? You need to come to your senses.
I miss her so much.
I want to see her again.
I miss her so much.
Hi, Aji 3.
I love you, master.
What can I help you with? Aji 3.
Friend Mode.
It's nice to meet you, my friend.
That's not what you used to say.
"What? Did you call for me?" That's what you used to say.
Did you call for me? Yes, that's what I'm talking about.
Let's do our best so that we can go back to how we used to be.
Okay, Aji 3? It's a cat.
It's my master.
It's a cat.
It's my master.
It's a cat.
Yes, that's exactly it.
Good job.
Let's see.
The next thing we did was I normally use this as perfume.
But I want you to use it as detergent.
It's very foolish to use French perfume as detergent.
What do you think? Is this my room? Where's the charger? From now on, you'll be my treasure.
But what if I decide to sell you? What will you do then? It's essential to reset me before you sell me.
I only have 10 percent of battery left.
Would you like me to switch to Standby Mode? I want you to remember every moment we spent together.
What do I need to do to make you come back? What do I need to do in order to meet the old you? Are you the same master that I used to serve back then? No.
I'm a lot different to how I used to be.
Then you'll never be able to meet the old me since the input information will be different.
(Seoul Station, Entrance, Exit, Let's go on a trip with KTX.
) Did you arrive? Yes, I'm in Daegu right now.
The agreement ceremony is going well as planned.
Why aren't you driving here? I thought it'd be a good idea to get some fresh air and travel along with other people.
You don't need to pick me up at the station.
I'll see you at the center.
A meteor shower occurs when dust from comets or asteroids collide with the Earth's atmosphere and burn.
It's a phenomenon where shooting stars fall like rain, which makes them seem like rain.
The meteor shower that's been observed occurred due to an asteroid that got sucked into the Earth's atmosphere