Roboti Aniya (I Am Not A Robot) (2017) s01e21 Episode Script

Episode 21

1 Is it possible to be allergic to human contact? Min Kyu had been hurt by betrayal of those he trusted.
It's difficult to cure it.
I'm completely healed.
He's cured by Ji A.
It's because you were by my side.
His allergy gets cured.
This is the moment to kiss.
What if he finds out that I'm not a robot? Ji A starts to fall in love with Min Kyu.
You wouldn't lie to me.
You knew that he was allergic to human contact, but you still sent me to his house.
While pretending to be a robot, Ji A is afraid that Min Kyu will feel betrayed.
I fell in love with her.
I love Aji 3.
I do.
I should be honest before it's too late.
She decides to tell him the truth.
You must not tell him.
However, Doctor Oh says that Min Kyu might die if he finds out the truth.
You should not tell him.
Let's reset Aji 3.
Every moment I spent with you was a miracle.
Thank you.
In the end, they say goodbye while hiding the truth.
I love you.
I'm sorry.
(Episode 21) What do you think of this design? I think there's something we should discuss.
Shall I start? I like apple tea at this cafe.
I prefer hydrangea to roses.
I prefer winter to summer.
I thought I knew myself well, but I was wrong.
As we meet people and go through experiences, we learn about our real selves.
I agree.
I'm not as materialistic as I thought.
I'm surprised myself.
Since it's a part of me, I should accept it.
That's why I can't be with you, Min Kyu.
You're impressive.
Ri El.
I'll talk to my dad when the time is right.
He'll stay supportive of you as usual.
He acknowledges you're good at your job.
The problem is me.
It's my first time going against my dad, so it won't be easy, but he won't throw me out.
Use me as an excuse.
No thanks.
It's something I must do at least once in my life.
There's just one thing I feel guilty about.
The birthday cards you got over the past 15 years.
They weren't from me.
My dad went too far.
You knew? Whether they were from you or not, the moment I opened them, I was really happy.
For that happiness, I thank you.
We're saying goodbye.
Don't be so nice or I'll regret letting you go.
You've changed a bit.
How so? Before, when I sat across from you, I'd wonder what we should talk about.
Now, I'd like to have a drink with you.
If you want to have a drink, call me at any time.
It's a pity I won't get that necklace of yours.
It'll find a good owner.
(Seoul Station, Entrance, Exit, Let's go on a trip with KTX.
) Did you arrive? Yes, I'm in Daegu right now.
The agreement ceremony is going well as planned.
Why aren't you driving here? I thought it'd be a good idea to get some fresh air and travel along with other people.
You don't need to pick me up at the station.
I'll see you at the center.
A meteor shower occurs when dust from comets or asteroids collide with the Earth's atmosphere and burn.
It's a phenomenon where shooting stars fall like rain, which makes them seem like rain.
The meteor shower that's been observed occurred due to an asteroid that got sucked into the Earth's atmosphere and burned up.
Since it was identified in 1983, this asteroid will move Hi, Hong Joo.
I'm about to board the train.
I'll call when I reach Geoje Island.
Hi, Sun Hye.
I'm about to board the train.
I'm not leaving the country.
Why is everyone calling me? Hang up.
I'll call when I get there.
We We're here for coffee.
- Get out.
- Yes, sir.
Sun Hye.
How is Ji A doing? Is she eating? How many coffees? Seven.
We're expecting a guest at the lab.
It's a lucky number, so it's a deal.
It's a deal.
Is Min Kyu okay? - Would he be? - Would he be? He withers away each day.
They won't cross paths or something, would they? Ji A will spend a while on Geoje Island and then she'll go to Australia.
They'll never meet until the sky breaks in two.
But still, what if they do meet? Then they're destined to cause the sky to split.
(To Dongdaegu) We will soon arrive in Dongdaegu.
The door will open on your right.
Thank you.
Excuse me.
You're in our seat.
(Australia) What a relief.
What? Aji 3's face.
How did you come up with it? I had a character model.
With the face, personality, habits, and so on.
I hired someone appropriate as a part-time worker.
I can't reach that person now.
Why? Why would you suddenly ask me that? I just suddenly got curious.
Then one day could I cross paths with that person? That would be possible.
But even if you do, it would be best if you just ignore her.
You could end up looking like a really strange guy.
I'll do that.
The number you called does not exist.
I really can't reach her.
How are you doing, Doctor Hong? Hello.
Yes, hi, Mr.
I Something came up and I can't make it.
What happened? Is it serious? Yes, it's I'm not exactly in my right mind.
Director Kim.
Director Kim.
Are you okay? Yes.
Please take care of the ceremony for me.
Who's this woman? She's Aji 3.
Are you saying - she's a robot? - Yes.
Her hairstyle is different because she changed wigs.
I saw her going to work from Mr.
Jo's We saw her going to work from Mr.
Jo's house.
And you mentioned that you saw Aji 3 eating ice cream.
Yes, it's an incredibly high-tech robot.
Isn't this enough information for us to get paid? Is she Aji 3? No, wait.
Or could she actually be human? Her? We used her as a model for Aji 3.
We used an actual human as a model so that we could make Aji 3 look very realistic.
So are you saying she was used as a model for making Aji 3? Is there a problem with that? No.
But which one did Director Kim meet? Was it Aji 3 or this woman? I don't understand what you mean.
I'm pretty sure you do.
If you don't have anything else to say, I'll excuse myself.
You'll soon have something to say to me.
Give me a call anytime.
[VIU Ver] E21 I'm Not a Robot "Encounter on the Train" -= Ruo Xi =- What's this folder? (The password is incorrect.
) Ssanip, did you create this folder? - No, it wasn't me.
- You little Look at this.
I think it was made to save files that were soon to be deleted.
Then Hoktal must've made this.
It's eating up a lot of space, so tell him to get rid of it.
By the way, when's the Design Team coming? Mr.
Jo told us that they'd be here today.
They need to measure all our devices in advance so that they can set them up in our new laboratory.
Who is it? We're the Design Team from KM Financial.
They're here.
Just a moment.
They're here.
They're finally here.
Come in.
You came here a lot earlier than expected.
We got things done pretty quickly.
Do you need any help? It's okay.
We're professionals.
I don't think you're leveling it properly.
Let me help you.
- No, I'm really I'm fine.
- It's okay.
Don't mind me.
I like doing stuff like this.
Do you need help with anything else? - No, it's okay.
- Okay.
- It's bent.
- Where? - Oh, I see.
- This should be measured properly.
- I'll hold it.
- Okay.
- You're good.
- Thank you.
Who are you? Aji 3.
Do you know me? I'd like to get to know you as well.
I won't allow you to look at her like that.
And you must refrain from touching her.
She's really sensitive.
How should I block your eyes? Hoktal, come here, and check this.
Excuse me.
Let's see.
It's done.
They installed the virus.
Let's hack the files.
Figure out the password.
We've succeeded.
- Thank you.
- Thank you.
(Hong Joo's Place) She should be here by now.
Just let her do whatever she wants.
Don't ask her any questions.
Give her food if she says she's hungry.
And let her work if she insists on helping you out.
I understand what you mean.
Speak of the devil.
She's here.
I'm going to hang up now.
Let me take a look at you.
My gosh, you've lost so much weight.
I went on a diet.
I've become really pretty, haven't I? I'm worried that I might become even prettier.
I personally think my granddaughter, Hong Joo, is prettier.
You should be grateful that you have such a kind sister-in-law.
My gosh, you don't know what you're talking about.
She becomes really scary when she gets mad.
That's why no one can say a word to her when she's angry.
She's like that because she takes after me.
My gosh, enough of that.
I got you a gift.
My goodness, you didn't have to waste your money like this.
I bought it myself, so don't think of it as a waste.
Just focus on using it until the last drop.
- Why are you wearing that? - I need to work.
Gosh, you just got here.
Are you trying not to pay me? I'm going to make sure I get paid today.
Since when did you become so crazy about earning money? My goodness.
(Bed and Breakfast, Seafood Noodles, Sashimi,) (Sea Squirt Bibimbap, Sashimi with Rice) My goodness.
I had a character model.
With the face, personality, habits, and so on.
I hired someone appropriate as a part-time worker.
Hey, Captain Park.
You should be bringing me the fish you caught.
Why are you calling? Come on.
Please deliver them for me.
There's no one working here.
Is the ship coming in? Yes.
Some customers made a reservation for tomorrow.
So I asked Captain Park to send me some fish.
- But that old man - I'll go get them.
I'll be right back.
My gosh.
She must've come here to empty her thoughts.
(Geoje Fishery Products Market) My gosh, look who's here.
Come here.
Did Captain Park's ship come in? Long time no see.
It'll be here soon.
Are you going to stay here this winter? No, I'm going to Australia.
- Australia? - Australia? Do you know how to speak English? Of course.
I'm really good at speaking English.
Should I show you? Hi, nice to meet you.
Nice to meet you too.
- I don't understand.
- I didn't get anything.
You're really good.
There's not a single thing you can't do.
You're so smart and talented.
- She's good at everything.
- I envy her.
- My goodness.
- She's incredible.
It's a cat.
- My gosh.
- She's so good at speaking English.
- What's wrong? - My goodness.
Hello, kitty.
Isn't there a lot to eat here? Why are you alone? Don't you have a friend? Cat, master, cat.
You remind me of someone.
Hey, the boat is arriving.
- There it is.
- It's coming.
I wonder if they caught a lot.
- Over here.
- Come on.
- Hurry up.
- Hello.
Oh, you're here.
- Gosh.
- I brought your favorite bread.
Enjoy it as a snack.
You always bring it when you visit.
That's nice.
Then please give me the top quality fish.
I already picked out the ones for you.
Bring them here.
- You're the best, Captain.
- I know.
Bring them here.
Goodness, they're a bit heavy.
- Here you go.
Take them.
- Thank you.
It's heavy.
- Okay.
- Thank you for the bread.
Thank you.
- Take care.
- Bye.
Please follow her.
- Thank you.
- Enjoy.
You know me, don't you? No.
I don't know you.
We were on the same train.
Oh, that's right.
Our seats were facing each other.
I remember that, but what about it? Could you spare me some time? Why? I have something to tell you.
About what? I I'm sorry, but I don't have much time.
I work here as a part-timer.
As you can see, we're very busy.
If my boss catches me chitchatting with you, I lose my pay for the day.
I'll wait until you finish.
Sun Hye, he's here.
What should I do? Gosh, he really did split the sky in half.
- What? - Never mind.
What is he doing now? I'm in the kitchen, and he won't get up from his seat.
I'm about to suffocate.
What should I do? Breathe in.
Breathe in and out.
Listen carefully.
You've never met Min Kyu before.
What do we do when a stranger approaches us? - We ignore him.
- That's right.
What if he's persistent? Treat him like a crazy man.
- Let's go.
- Thank you for the food.
Come again soon.
I know that I sat across from you, but it's strange that you followed me here.
Do you know that it's not normal? Based on your expression, it wasn't by chance.
Did you follow me from the train station? Did you fall in love with me at first sight? Even if you did, unless you're a stalker, you can't follow me to my work.
That's just wrong.
I have no interest in you.
You aren't even my type.
Please leave.
Otherwise, I'll call the police.
Assorted sashimi set.
Won't you leave? I'm quite hungry.
This isn't the only sashimi restaurant.
This is the restaurant where I want to eat at.
By the way, is your name Hong Joo? (Hong Joo's) Goodness.
Hong Joo? I'll wait for you, Hong Joo.
Who is he? I don't know him.
Should I call the police? No.
Isn't he bothering you? It's me who's bothering him.
I see.
That must be him.
The reason why you're working here barely eating.
(Hong Baek Gyoon) The number you have dialed is not available.
Please leave a message It's Ji A.
I'm in Geoje Island.
Min Kyu is here.
He hasn't found out, but what should I do? (He hasn't found out, but what should I do?) Pai, analyze the virus pattern to cure it.
Hoktal, trace back where it came from.
Ssanip, see if any files were taken.
- Yes, doctor.
- Yes, doctor.
Who dared to infect our main motherboard with a virus? When was it created? It's today.
It's either exterior or interior.
Was there anyone else here today? - The planning team? - The planning team? Darn it.
Look through every detail.
Every file is on Aji 3 technology.
Protect it no matter what.
- Yes, doctor.
- Yes, doctor.
I got it.
I traced it back.
It was sent from Yongsan.
Destroy everything that you find as you trace back.
How dare you? Go mess with yourselves, scums.
Gosh, I give up.
Where are you going? Who are these guys? See if anything was stolen from the backup files.
I checked everything.
Perfectly cleared.
Someone claimed to be Mr.
Jo and postponed the planning team's visit.
They hired hackers to attack us.
- Who was it? - Who? I know who it was.
What? Who was it? Even now, whatever your father does you'll turn a blind eye.
So keep doing what you always did, and stand aside as if you don't care.
Why are you here? Why do you think? I came to drink with you.
Are you pitying me? You must not know me yet.
I'm not good at pitying people.
Please just leave.
CEO Hwang.
You must be here to make fun of me.
You're so twisted.
Let's see how childish I can be.
And let's see how materialistic you can be.
Let's keep this up.
I'm curious to know how we'll end up at this rate.
That's enough.
If you keep going, you're going to hurt my pride.
If I succeed in ruining Min Kyu's career, your dad will eventually give you to me.
Yoo Cheol.
Are you really going to talk as if I'm an object? Why is it okay for Min Kyu but not for me? What's so different about him? Do you really want to know? Min Kyu never gives up on being a gentleman.
He doesn't stoop low and show his worst side like you.
Ri El.
If Director Kim becomes your son-in-law, it'll only be right for you to take charge.
- Please go first.
- Okay.
Did you meet Min Kyu? I met Yoo Cheol.
His dad's the chairman.
Why did he get kicked out? Because Chairman Hwang tried to get rid of Min Kyu and make Yoo Cheol the director.
He probably got a lot of bribes in that process.
And I'm sure he used that money to buy borrowed accounts.
But that's solely on his dad.
Yoo Cheol did nothing wrong.
He was the CEO, but he knew nothing.
That's what he did wrong.
It's neither fair nor transparent.
I really don't like it.
Min Kyu's always fair and transparent.
I can't kiss him, Dad.
I changed your engagement venue to a bigger place.
We're going to have a lot of guests.
Are you going to use my engagement day to become the chairman of KM Financial? Instead, you'll get to become the director's wife.
We failed.
I'm sorry, sir.
Who are you? Let's get ready.
- I'm going to destroy you.
- Hey, kid.
Look at me for a second.
(Hong Joo's) I don't know what's going on, but you shouldn't make him wait for too long.
What is it that you want to say? (Episode 22 will air shortly.