Roboti Aniya (I Am Not A Robot) (2017) s01e22 Episode Script

Episode 22

1 (Episode 22) I don't know the story, but you shouldn't make him wait for too long.
The person you have reached is not available.
(2 Missed Calls, 1 Text) (It's Ji A.
I'm in Geoje Island.
Min Kyu is here.
) It's Ji A.
I'm in Geoje Island.
Min Kyu is here.
He hasn't found out, but what should I do? What is it that you want to say? (Doctor Hong Baek Gyoon) Gosh, why isn't she picking up? What is it this time? Min Kyu and Ji A are together.
- What? - My gosh.
Doctor Oh.
Min Kyu's with Ji A right now.
What? Where? How? No, wait.
Can you reach Ms.
Jo right now? You can't get a hold of her? If you do, tell her this.
Tell her to keep it a secret no matter what.
She needs to pretend like she wasn't Aji 3.
Tell her not to say or do anything that could remind him of Aji 3.
I recently lost a friend.
That friend helped me come out from the dark after 15 years.
Sorry to hear that.
But what exactly does that have to do with me? You feel very similar to that friend.
Sometimes, absurd things tend to happen in this world.
Things people can't believe unless they actually experience them.
That friend and I experienced that miraculous moment together.
I don't understand.
You should seriously go to the hospital.
I'll tell you the address of a nearby hospital.
You should go now.
This is what I used to say to her.
" "Aji 3".
I finally understand why you're being like this.
Are you acquainted with Doctor Hong Baek Gyoon? You know him.
Then you must know Aji 3 is a robot.
Do you know this? If you happen to meet Min Kyu again, tell him this.
I was that robot's character model.
He paid me 10,000 dollars for the job 4 years ago.
The person standing before you is whom? Not a robot but a person, okay? I know that you were a character model.
You know that much and you make me feel uncomfortable by being so rude? I apologize.
Then get out.
If you feel sorry, get out.
Can't I stay and just look at you? When I get tired of that, I'll see myself out.
You want to You'll look at me? Why would you do that? I just It's just so fascinating.
- Get up.
- What? Get up before I drag you outside.
Wait, wait, Hong Joo, wait.
Hong Joo, wait.
You psychopath, what do you want to look at? Are you a rising star of the stalker world? You're laughing? You still haven't learned your lesson.
Listen up.
My face is mine, and the robot you're thinking of isn't me.
I shouldn't have taken that part-time job.
I had no idea such a weirdo would end up following me.
Do you know how scary it is when a stranger shows up acting like you met before? - Give me a room.
- What? It's a homestay.
Give me a room to spend the night in.
Will you please get lost? No.
We're full.
It looks like you're empty.
I Hong I'll go too.
- Me too.
- Me too.
- You stay.
- Stay and watch the lab.
We Don't get hacked again.
Come on How come she's with our brother? I have no idea.
Do you think something will happen? Pai.
You haven't slept properly in days.
What if you doze off at the wheel? If you want to go, take me with you.
If not, you aren't going either.
Never ever.
She's so stubborn.
Sun Hye, where on Geoje Island is Ji A? The call cannot be connected.
(Doctor Oh) Do you think Ji A put on a strong defense? The probability of her being successful is below 10 percent, but Min Kyu's cluelessness could be a strong variable.
I calculate that will raise the success rate to 30 percent.
Another variable, Ji A's unpredictable actions, will bring it down to 15 percent.
No, that variable is so strong that it will stay controlled up to 25 percent.
15 percent.
- 25 percent.
- 15 percent.
He's like a leech.
He just won't let go.
- Sun Hye.
- Why didn't you pick up? What happened? I kicked him out for now.
I gave Fungus Guy your address.
He'll be on his way.
Can he come here? We must be there.
Did you say you were a character model? Yes, I think he believed that.
Listen carefully.
You called me out of anger about Min Kyu, and we're coming over.
If he bothers you again, be angry.
I am being angry.
It's not working.
It's like he doesn't understand the words I'm saying.
Be as angry as you can be.
Doctor Oh said this.
Don't say or do anything you said or did as Aji 3.
Okay, I'll be careful.
Should I just run away? Min Kyu's IQ is 159.
I guarantee that he'll suspect you as soon as you disappear.
It's suffocating.
I can't breathe like this.
It's a homestay, right? Lock yourself in a room until we get there.
How could something like this happen? - Hong Joo.
- My goodness gracious.
(Santa Maria, Daeyang Shipbuilding) What was that? Deja vu? I misheard that, didn't I? Please say I did.
It actually happened, doctor.
Oh, no.
Aji 3 did just that once.
When we first met.
Was it the second time? Why Why are you in here? Oh, I left my bag and coat.
Take them, and get out.
I haven't finished my sashimi.
- I'll pack the rest for you.
- No, I'll eat it all here.
We have to close.
I'll eat it all up before you do.
But Oh, dear.
He didn't leave.
He came back in.
Listen to me carefully.
You might as well just be yourself.
I told him Aji 3 has your face, personality, and habits.
But instead, remember this.
You do not know anything he said or did to you, okay? The second he notices, you become Aji 3.
Thanks for the bread.
How are Ji A's defenses? The first line is down.
The second and last line are still secure.
Thank you.
- Sun Hye.
- I'm dieting.
Will Kim Min Kyu fall for the ruse from start to finish? He did when Ji A was the robot.
I think he will, he will.
He has to, right? That was when he was weird because he'd been alone for so long.
He's come leaps and bounds since then.
My heart is pounding so hard it's killing me.
Does he still have that clueless idiocy? That is the question.
Dear Dong Won, am I all you see? Dear Dong Won Dear Dong Won You froze.
What are you doing? Why are you zoning out? Get a grip.
Sun Hye, I was always looking at you.
I always see you.
I know, yes, thank you.
You knew that and Drink some water too.
Isn't it too dry? Thank Thank you.
Can you take the cart to the communal warehouse? Woo Sik's family needs it tomorrow.
And bring the baskets we dry the fish in.
- I'll clean up here first.
- Okay.
Do you have a room? - No.
- Yes, many.
Which one do you want? One with ocean view? Yes.
Come on, show him to his room.
There's no bed? No.
You'll leave, right? I'll stay.
There are many nicer hotels.
This place or a hotel, they're still worse than my room.
He's just as mean and spiteful as always.
- Goodnight.
- Wait.
So How about a coffee? There's a vending machine outside the restaurant.
It costs just 20 cents.
I don't have any coins.
[VIU Ver] E22 I'm Not a Robot "Geoje Island" -= Ruo Xi =- It's on me.
Are you on Geoje Island? How do you know I'm here? I got a call from the character model.
She said a weirdo's calling her Aji 3.
She's scared and wants you gone.
Is that why you called me today? I met her by chance on the train.
She looks incredibly like your robot.
When I came to, I was here.
You can't do that.
How shocked must she be? Was she very shocked? Of course, she was.
Wouldn't you be? Yes, I guess you're right.
I told her the truth about why I'm here.
This really won't do.
I'm on my way.
I'll see you there.
What? You'll come here? Do you think I can stay in Seoul when this is happening? You wait right there.
And leave the girl alone.
But I (Call List) (Doctor Oh) Doctor Oh, you called? Is everything okay? Of course.
Do you have your syringe and medication? You must for a while, just in case.
No, I didn't bring anything.
Don't worry, I have everything I need.
Jo? Yes, director.
You didn't answer your phone, so I couldn't report back.
You can do that later.
When you looked into Santa Maria, did you find anything on Aji 3's character model? Is there a human being that looks just like Aji 3? What? Her name is Hong Joo.
I don't know her surname.
Hong Joo? Me? Do you remember? Yes.
Aji 3 was created based on a real person.
That much, I know for a fact.
I see.
If you say so, then it must be true.
Yes, sir.
What is it? Why did you say my name all of a sudden? Can you stop outside that convenience store? Sure.
Do you need something? (Santa Maria, Daeyang Shipbuilding) Angela, why aren't you picking up? My professor wants to know why you won't teach.
It's a great opportunity.
Give me a call.
Drink this.
- Leave it there.
- Drink it.
You don't have to get angry.
Drink it up.
Okay, I will.
Why does it taste like this? Finish it up.
All of it.
Then you can drive.
My life is at stake too.
You can go now.
I think I got something.
Can you restore it? I just need the password.
Sun Hye, that time, for the moonlit date, where did you go? - She didn't go anywhere.
- Be quiet.
- Tell the truth.
- No, really.
You went to the toilet, right? - Yes, I did.
- See? (MONAMI file was leaked.
) Did you really go to poop? - We're drinking coffee.
- Come on.
What's going on? Did the car just break down? I'm surprised it held out for as long as it did.
Don't do this to me.
(Luxury, Plain, Korean tea) Luxury The sweeter the coffee, the better.
Thank you.
- It's really good.
- Right? Grandma, I'm off to the warehouse.
I noticed last time that the light bulb in there was flickering.
It's dark.
I'll come along.
It's fine.
I'll go on my own.
- You, young man.
- Yes? I don't want my granddaughter to go off on her own at night.
Could you go with her? Grandma.
That's not a problem.
I have loads of time.
Let's go, Hong Joo.
- Grandma.
- Go on.
From now on, I will pick you up every morning.
So you can save your battery.
Is it because - I'm your treasure? - No.
Get ready to be scolded.
It's wrong to scold without a reason, master.
Why did you laugh? You laughed too.
I had a good enough reason to laugh.
Can you not talk to me? I'm trying to drive.
I'm here to look after you, Hong Joo.
Did I ask you to? Technically speaking, shouldn't you be grateful? Do you force people to thank you? - Are you usually like this? - What's wrong with me? Aji 3 was rude, but she was cute.
Being with you is helping me realize there are differences.
If I stay longer, will I see more? Darn it.
Should I be happy or sad? Aji 3 was Are you getting your revenge by driving roughly? I'm a terrible driver, that's all.
I left my phone in my apron.
Can you turn on your phone? On flashlight mode.
My battery's almost dead.
I'll buy you a new one that's fully charged.
Turn it on.
Where's the basket? It stinks.
My gosh.
They should shut the door if they're done using the storage room.
No! Wait! I'm still inside! Excuse me! There's someone inside! Excuse me! There's someone inside! Excuse me! My gosh, did I seriously get locked up in this storage room with him? This can't be.
I'll either suffocate to death or freeze to death before morning comes.
(I'm Not a Robot) Do you want to be friends? I don't have a girlfriend.
I started becoming greedy.
Who do you miss the most right now? Kim Min Kyu.
If I tell him everything honestly, do you think he'll forgive me and trust me again? Do you miss me that much? But I shouldn't do that, should I? Gosh, there she is.
I'll explain everything.
Have you been lying to me until now?