Robyn Hood (2023) s01e01 Episode Script


We don't do the flashy-flashy,
gutter how we live ♪
My hood versus your hood ♪
Come and see just how we live ♪
You're killing it, Robyn!
Baby we the coolest ♪
Come and try us, we the ballest ♪
Rep my hood and make
them notice that we ♪
Run this hood, run this,
run this, run this hood ♪
Run this, run this,
run this hood, run this ♪
Eyes on the Monarch construction site.
Unit en route.
This is Sergeant Redcap
responding to a noise complaint
at the Monarch construction site.
Y'all steady popping bottles ♪
We here to take what's ours ♪
Oh. Get it, Much! Whoo!
We on that grimy shit ♪
Pull up if you want to ♪
Sherwood ran off on you ♪
You know we make what's cool ♪
Yeah man don't want no smoke ♪
And more that's all we ♪
My crew is ride or die,
ride or die, ride or die ♪
Run this hood, run this,
run this, run this hood ♪
Run this, run this,
run this, run this hood ♪
New Nottingham Sheriff's Department!
You're trespassing! Stay where you are!
Yo, the Beast. Hide!
This is private property!
We can do whatever we want!
This way.
Shit. We forgot my phone.
Nice mask.
- Take it off.
- Hey, Beast!
Run this hood ♪
Run this, run this, run this hood ♪
Run this, run this, run
this hood, run this, run this ♪
You know we run this ♪
Run it, run it, run it, run it ♪
Run it, run it ♪
You know we run this, run this hood ♪
Run it, run it ♪
You know we run this, run this hood ♪
Let's go.
Run it, run it, run
it, run it, run it ♪
Run it, run it ♪
You know we run this, run this ♪
Run it, run it ♪
In pursuit of three masked suspects
entering Sherwood Towers.
You know we run this, run this ♪
Come on out!
We just want to talk!
Get out of here!
Stay out of Sherwood!
Go home!
These hood rats want to play?
Get the toys up!
Sending in an aerial unit.
Buzzard! Get the tase.
Leave us alone!
Oh, is that a slingshot?
I ain't tested it yet.
Okay, Much. You got this.
Ah, damn!
Here. Let me try.
Make it count.
- Drone down.
- Damn it!
Yeah, Sherwood!
Yeah, baby!
Get your asses back to base.
Yo, Beast came close that time, Robyn.
No. They can't touch us.
No, they can't.
And stay out of Sherwood!
Buh, buh, buh, buh! Whoo!
When my men lose a drone
worth more than their salaries combined,
I expect a tale of heroic proportions.
Instead, I get two morons
who can't catch kids in Halloween masks.
We had to send in the hardware.
Sherwooders don't respect cops.
Like anyone could respect
a piss ant like you.
Give me 10 men. I'll go door to door,
get the drone, the kids,
bring them both back in pieces.
Look at that big city swagger.
Is that how they handle
things over in Mercia?
Whole squad on call to
carry your incompetent ass?
Bad block's a bad block.
I've worked a dozen like Sherwood.
No, you haven't!
Sherwooders are tight.
They're smart.
They don't talk to cops.
They care about each other.
Get that bruise documented.
Make sure your report reflects
those Sherwood animals assaulted you
with more than a light breakfast.
You're dismissed.
Peng black girls in my area code ♪
Dark skin, light skin, medium tones ♪
Permed tings, braids, got mini afros ♪
Get out my room, Jill.
I need my markers.
Never want to put
us in the media bro ♪
Want a fat booty
like Kardashians? No ♪
Want a fat booty
like my aunty got yo ♪
Wheel up the bloodclart,
tell her reload it ♪
I've got the camera,
my girls are posing ♪
I need some backup,
then my ones are rolling ♪
You were out late. Who with?
Tyson? Ahmed?
- Okay.
- Lauren?
Thank you.
Let's go.
Oh, no phones at breakfast.
Come on. Get that blood flowing.
Jill, get in here.
This music's older than I am.
Careful, now. If it weren't
for this song and a blackout,
- you might not even be here.
- Ew.
Speaking of which, I heard
you come in late last night.
Filled up the condom
jar if you need a re-up.
I crashed at Alan's.
Make that face all you want,
as long as you don't catch something.
Here. Now, try some of these.
Straight from Miss
Mbatha's hens upstairs.
- Those scrawny things?
- You're the one always going on about protein.
Well, I got my fix right here.
That stuff is pure plastic.
What do you think, Mom?
- There you go.
- Subtle.
Subtle won't save the
towers from John Prince.
You coming to the potluck tonight?
Anything could happen.
Well, I was thinking
that maybe we could talk
about you helping out with the
aftercare program this summer
and maybe giving school another try.
Robyn, you're 24. You need
some kind of direction.
So, took on some new apps.
Been making some money.
I thought maybe I could
finally get my own place.
Oh, yeah? Which tower?
I was thinking Mercia.
How are you going to
make ends meet in Mercia?
You and I can barely make the rent here.
- I could work.
- Oh, no.
Your only job is getting into college.
One of you has to.
I'll get a job in the
city, maybe a couple.
Anything extra, I'll send straight home.
You're dreaming.
Yeah. I am.
Mom, I've thought about this.
I've got a plan.
- I could crash with Dad 'til I get settled.
- Your father?
What, he's going to let you sublet
the couch he's surfing on?
Mom, I can't stay here forever.
Robyn, Sherwood is more
than just a neighbourhood.
Oh, no. Please don't start.
Why do you think I'm
trying to keep this place
off the auction block?
We've got roots here,
families we've grown up with.
What did Mercia ever get your father?
I ain't staying here
because you couldn't leave.
Pickup request at 435 Lincoln Way.
Sounds like you're late for work.
Be safe out there, okay?
I'll, uh, see you later.
Can I get dibs on her room?
- Arturo, what's up?
- Hey.
Morning, Mrs. Lam.
Hey, Robyn!
Look. About last night,
if they got that phone, we'd be booked.
Much, you want to run with
us, you got to follow my lead.
You're fast, and you're
smart, but don't be reckless.
I don't want you on my conscience.
- We good?
- Yeah, we good.
Yo, Alan!
Alright, man. I'm a
have to catch you, fam.
- Stay safe out here, man.
- Hey, come by my cousin's grill.
Everything on the house.
- I'll take care of you, brother.
- Alright. Bless, yo. Alright.
- Take care.
- Yo, it's a lock.
- I'll link you on Friday.
- Peace.
What's up, what's up, Robyn?
- You just met him, right?
- Yeah. Yeah.
You're like if Facebook was a person.
Yo, it's my superpower. What can I say?
Your charming ass still
can't find me a roommate.
Yo. Wanted: Roomie to share junkyard
with mad scientist.
Must be flame retardant.
You make friends. I make cool
shit. That's my superpower.
Hey, yo. Check this out.
I'm still cutting, but this
video's going to be lit.
We don't do the fleshy
fleshy gutter how we live ♪
"Finally break 1,000 views" lit?
Uh-huh. When I get it
up, it's going to be huge.
- What?
- Say that again.
- Yo, pause, pause.
- Oh, it's going to be huge?
Yo, allow it, fam. Allow it.
Seriously, you sure no one
can trace that back to us?
- It's, like, Exhibit A.
- Yo, my man will wipe down the data.
Nobody'll know.
The Hood will be anonymously famous.
Dope. I'll, uh, I'll hit you later.
Alright. Alright. Oh, remember.
Upload party tonight. Bring some food.
For real. Not that
vending machine crap, okay?
Delivery for Chet Prince.
Says I got to hand it to him.
Mm. I'd get comfortable.
Madame Mayor! Welcome
to my treasure room.
It's very you.
What do you think of
my latest acquisition?
These coins were minted by Athelstan,
the first king of England.
A thousand years ago,
he called the shots
for an entire nation.
Just imagine how many hands
those had to pass through just
to make their way into mine.
Mm. I take it you're not
donating them to the museum.
This is treasure, Madame
Mayor. I'm not about to put it
on the field trip circuit.
You didn't ask me here for
a history lesson, Mr. Prince.
John, please.
Why am I here, John?
Support Bill 121.
Let me buy Sherwood.
Your father didn't
bequeath it to the city
just so that you could buy it back.
My father wanted to
buy his way into heaven
and teach me humility, and I
would say he failed on both counts.
Sherwood is mine!
It's the most valuable
property in the entire city.
It overlooks the forest, the lake,
and it's minutes from downtown.
And it's perfect.
It's occupied.
Well, so is a dumpster
if you count the rats.
Come on.
Look. You and I both know that
Sherwood is holding us back.
New Nottingham can level up here.
The city needs those people.
Factory workers, truck
drivers, your own employees.
Bill 121 votes in a
matter of weeks. Come on.
Sherwood has been city
property for decades.
They keep to themselves,
haven't been in the headlines for years.
I don't need them on
the front page, John.
You don't need them at all.
Look. Two hours from here,
Mercia is bursting at the seams
with young professionals who
can't afford to live there.
Sherwood could be a home
for the people that count.
You want me to betray my own voters?
I want to give you better ones,
and they will elect you in a landslide.
Oh, and have I contributed to your
campaign this year, by the way?
You've underestimated me, Mr. Prince.
By how much exactly?
This is my dad's weird museum.
- I finally get to see it?
- Yeah. Cool, huh?
You should, uh, bring
your friend Michelle,
and I'll show you guys this together.
- Yeah. Maybe.
- Yeah?
You remember my son Chet?
What up? I, uh, I thought you were out.
Can I talk to you for a second?
Yeah. Sure.
You bring one more peasant
into my penthouse, Chet,
and I will throw her
off the balcony myself.
Do you understand me?
- Yeah.
- Do you?
Mm-hmm. I do.
Let's go. I'll show you
something else, okay?
I'm sorry. Where were we?
Uh, I thought we were going shopping.
- Okay.
- I I thought you would buy me something.
Yeah. I'm buying you
a ride home, alright?
Benny! Uh, Bernie. Bernard.
What's what's his name again?
- It's Chris.
- Right, Chris.
- Just get her a ride home.
- No problem, Mr. Prince, sir.
Also, sir, you have a package.
Ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh. Yes.
I've been waiting days for these.
No! These are leather.
I ordered denim. Sorry. Can't take them.
Do it right. Bring them back.
Keep your hands off Sherwood!
John Prince is no good!
Keep your hands off Sherwood!
John Prince is no good!
Keep your hands off Sherwood!
John Prince is no good!
Keep your hands off Sherwood!
John Prince is no good!
Keep your hands off Sherwood!
You don't own us, Prince John!
Mr. Prince?
Another Bill 121 protest?
- I think we're done here.
- I can have them
escorted out, sir. There's
only a dozen of them.
We're too close for this nonsense.
Keep your hands off Sherwood!
Who is that?
Find out.
Mr. Prince.
What can I do you for?
- Hey, guys.
- Hi.
- What's up?
- Hey, Robyn.
Hey, guys.
A little goes a long way.
We can save our homes
one nickel at a time.
Yo, is that another jetpack?
Because I smelled burning
hair for weeks last time.
Gears got to grind.
Yo, guys, check this out.
The masks look amazing!
The masks look amazing.
- Thought you might not show.
- Almost didn't.
Some crazy lady caused a
jam at the Monarch building.
Sounds like a role model to me.
Robyn, I'm throwing everything
I can into saving this place,
and you're just walking away?
You think that Mercia is
going to treat you any better?
They will take every
scrap if we let them.
So, this chump change will help?
Prince's fool son spends more money
on kicks he doesn't even like
than we can raise all year.
What's the point in fighting
if you know you can't win?
Because some fights have
to be fought, win or lose.
Yeah. Well, losing ain't my style.
You know, maybe you should
go live with your father.
You sound just like him.
Look at you. Still dragging your elbow.
Little John?
Robyn. It's been a minute.
My God! You're so
I mean, what they have you
doing over there, lifting tanks?
Army life. Get big or get got.
But I'm home now.
- For good?
- That's the plan.
I can't believe it. You
got to see Mom and Jill.
She's so grown.
I guess it's kind of weird,
me still here after all these years.
I'm glad you stayed, though.
I I thought about
you a lot over there.
You stopped writing.
I mean, I get it.
Over there, it must have been crazy.
Yeah. Lionheart Hall, huh?
Seemed right.
After everything, you know?
I remember these.
I remember giving you
the stick and move.
Oh, do you, now?
- Yeah.
- Uh-huh.
- Mm-hmm.
- Alright. Let's see what you got.
You know they teach you
stuff in the army, right?
Shut up.
Make some space!
We have a warrant!
What's going on?
Hey, hey! You can't come in here!
Keep your hands off her!
Keep your hands off her!
I'm warning you! I'm warning you!
You're under arrest
for inciting violence,
trespassing on private property
- No!
- No!
You know that was a peaceful protest!
- What the hell?
- No! Stop!
There are children here! Are you crazy?
Put it down!
- Tressie! Son of a bitch!
- Mom!
Back off!
Mom! Hold still! Call an ambulance!
Call an ambulance!
Baby, baby, I can't feel my legs.
I can't feel my legs.
Dr. Patel, high-risk obstetrics.
Dr. Patel, high-risk obstetrics.
Your pops still out of the country?
We could try yours.
Ms. Loxley?
The L1 vertebrae is damaged
beyond surgical intervention.
Your mother is paralyzed
from the waist down.
In these cases, the odds
of recovery are minimal.
So, um, she'll never walk again?
Mom. Hey.
Robyn, Jill, you alright?
Yeah. Yeah. We're good.
Oh, good. I thought
something bad had happened.
You cuffed my mom to the bed?
Tressie Loxley is in custody.
You're the sheriff?
Your deputy shot my mom!
We're investigating the incident.
We saw it! We all did!
You're you're going
to let this happen?
My hands are tied.
Do we need to escort you out?
Robyn, let's go home. Robyn!
Yo, chill out.
She'll walk again.
She's stronger than anyone I know.
Um, Robyn Loxley?
Who's asking?
I'm, um, um
I'm Robyn.
Right. I'm Miss Fitzwalter,
your mother's attorney.
My mom doesn't have a lawyer.
My firm has a pro bono program.
Could we talk in private?
Let's go.
How do we keep my mom out of jail?
Um, we don't. We can plead this down.
- She serves two, three years, tops.
- She's innocent!
Taking this to court could
lead to a longer sentence
for burdening the system.
But bail has been set at
Thirty th That's impossible!
They claim she's a flight risk.
I'm sorry. A plea is the best
A plea is the best option.
It's not like Prince will back down.
Prince? John Prince?
He filed the initial
complaint against your mother
for protesting on Monarch property.
He uses the law to muzzle his critics,
and when that doesn't work
Prince has other methods.
If he drops the
complaint, this goes away?
On paper, the sheriff's the
one pressing the charges,
but Prince is backing it.
Without his support, the
sheriff's out on a limb.
Chet wants kicks.
I want to talk to his dad.
If Mom finds out you did this
Just got to talk to Prince.
He doesn't want to own this.
Bad PR or whatever.
It's going to work.
Good job.
I I can't believe he kicked me out.
You know, chicks love the treasure room.
Makes them think I've got
class coming out the ass.
I mean Yo, hold up.
Cinderella's here.
Let me, uh let me
hit you later, Braden.
Get my order right this time?
Denim for days. See for yourself.
Wow. No way. These look amazing.
Special delivery.
I'm glad you messed up my order.
I get to see you twice.
How big is it?
- This place? Like
- Right.
It's amazing. Can I see the rest?
Well, I'd love to show you around,
but my dad's kind of weird about that.
He's here?
Well, if you're afraid
No! No, no, no. Afraid? No. No.
Please. No. I'm not. You know what?
Let me let me show you
something, okay? Come on.
Check out this armour.
There's actual spear holes in it.
Someone just thrust it in there.
That's solid gold. Yeah.
My dad doesn't get
out of bed for anything
from this millennium.
It's cool, huh?
You know, if you like gold,
I've got a genuine Johnny
Dang ring in my bedroom.
- I thought I was perfectly clear.
- Shit.
I wanted her in prison
and out of the headlines,
and now, she's a martyr
with a story to tell.
No. We need to get ahead
of the narrative here.
I want this resolved.
Oh, come on, Sheriff. A
woman in Loxley's condition
Anything could happen.
I'm sorry. You got to go.
Come to my birthday next
month. It's going to be lit.
- Okay. Thanks.
- Yeah?
Maybe? I'm going to Listen.
I'm going to transform this
place. It's going to be
It's going to be huge,
okay? Just just come.
Get Much.
I know how to save my mom.
We can do this. I've got Chet's key.
We get up to the penthouse. I
know just where those coins are.
Robyn, you know I'd do
anything for Tressie,
but teefing coins from
the richest man in town?
And we can't just pitch the
gold on the block. I mean
Alan? I know you know a guy.
I do know a guy.
That's what's up.
Oh, I I told him
Much needed a roommate.
Robyn, you seriously
going to rob John Prince?
Are you crazy?
Prince and the sheriff will kill my mom
if we don't bail her out.
I heard him say it!
What's your plan?
Snatch, grab,
don't get caught.
We need eyes. On the penthouse.
Before and during.
You can't go in blind.
That's, like, a million floors up.
I might, uh, have something to help.
The buzzard?
You kept it?
Kept it? Shit. I could fix it,
except I'm hardware, not software.
Little guy still works for the Beast.
Alan, your hacker who
scrubs our videos
Whoa, Robyn. Uh, he's online only,
doesn't get his hands dirty.
He's finicky like that,
you know. He
I'll call him.
Hey, yo, my man, come on in.
Of course it's me.
Tuck, my man, come on in.
Yep. Yes, sir. Got it right.
It's this way.
Alright. So, here's the
crew. First up, you got, uh
Robyn Loxley. Much Millerson.
I love your music.
You are not in the band.
Right. Getting skeptical here, Alan.
That's because you only see the meat.
One day, my mind will arise
to a plane of pure logic,
limitless, ageless,
beautiful, perfect,
all part of the great collective
the All.
The what?
Hey, bro, listen up, man.
Um, you see that buzzard over there?
Think you'll help us hack it?
This is about your mother, isn't it?
The networks won't cover her shooting,
but she trends in the sub-forums.
John Prince wants her dead.
We rob him to save her.
I just want her back.
Older model.
I know an exploit.
The All demands that I
right Prince's wrongs.
I'll make this drone your bitch.
- How are you doing that?
- Subdermal implants.
They bring me closer to the All.
What's with the drip?
Disrupts facial recognition software.
You give the man your biometrics,
your ass will follow.
You have more?
I do.
They all mind-melding over there.
Could be a while.
Mescal from Tuck's trunk.
Says he makes it himself.
How you feeling?
We argued right before,
me and Mom.
Told her I wanted to move to Mercia.
The hell was I thinking?
If I could have her home safe,
I'd stay in Sherwood 'til the day I die.
So why masked rappers?
You ain't so hard on the eyes.
Dad put her through a lot
trying to live that life.
Figured, the Hood blows up,
I'm a big star, she can't say nothing.
- You got stage fright, don't you?
- No.
I remember that speech you were
supposed to give senior year.
Oh, man.
- I lost my voice.
- Yeah?
- Yeah.
- Yeah. Okay.
You can't prove otherwise.
Speaking of masks
You're going to need
one of your own, ugly.
Welcome to the Hood.
Good work. Good work. Come
on. Good work. Good work.
Tressie. Tressie. Come on. Tressie.
Get it.
Elevator is through the parking garage.
Last chance to back out.
What, so we came here for nothing?
You see me swag-ed up, right?
Remember, we go in hard and tight.
- What?
- Alan.
Yo, is that what they do in the army?
Yo, focus, y'all.
We got this.
You sure you know how to fly this thing?
I can drive anything.
Sweeping the building.
Don't see any guards.
Heading for the penthouse.
No one home.
So, you, uh, meet anyone
special in the army?
I Not really.
Why? You seeing anyone?
- Nothing serious.
- Mm.
You know, guy here, girl there.
Right. Me, too.
Uh, girls, I mean. Not not guys.
I don't have a problem with
guys that like guys, though.
Just not my thing.
I mean, I like that you
know what you like. Uh
We're here.
Look at this place.
Wasn't lying.
They're in.
This is for real.
Shit. Prince and the sheriff.
We got to warn Robyn.
Yo, I got no service.
- Mr. Prince
- Not here.
Yo, they're going
to be trapped in there.
Shit. Hide.
So, let me get this straight, Sheriff.
You're telling me I asked for
an arrest and I get a shooting.
I ask for euthanasia.
You demand an audience.
Do I need to hold the
pillow for you myself?
We're police, not hitmen.
My PR firm is charging
me overtime. Every breath
that Loxley woman takes
is costing me a fortune.
Clean hands cost money, Mr. Prince.
You have city hall on a
leash. Yank it in my direction.
That's why I like you, Sheriff.
Cut from the same cloth, you and I.
We have a vision of something
It's a little early
for trick-or-treating.
How much did he hear?
The mask. Off, now.
You know we run this, run this hood ♪
Is that one of my drones?
Run it, run it, run it, run it ♪
Did you get the gold?
Monarch security, we have intruders
on the premises. Detain all
suspicious persons immediately.
Keys. Now.
- Yolla!
- Book it! Book it!
Let's go! Come on!
Run it ♪
Y'all steady popping bottles ♪
Run it now. Run it. Let's go.
- Alan, you good?
- Good, bro!
Much, you good?!
Yo, Robyn, never again!
So, we went for gold,
came back with the Rolls?
If my boss sees this in here
What are those parts worth?
A lot, but who's buying them?
Might know a guy.
I'll get to chopping.
Where'd you learn how to
use this thing, anyway?
Remember that urban youth
camp they made us all go to?
Did archery all summer.
What'd you take?
Sorry, baby. It'll all be over soon.
Yo. Hold up.
I got an idea.
How the hell did she post bail?
We're under no obligation
to tell you that.
Are we done here?
No. Not by a long shot.
Don't suppose you'd tell me
where the money came from.
Sherwood came through. Just
had to pass a jar around.
You were right about your
mom. She won't make a deal.
And Prince is as stubborn as they come.
I can help.
I'll see you around, Robyn.
See you Marian.
I'm here.
Mom, it's my fault.
It's all my fault.
A rich man did this to me
to get me out of his way.
As soon as I can, I'm
getting right back in it.
I'll be here.
Tuck, my man, how we doing?
Perfection takes patience, Alan.
How many, uh, IPs are
you running this through?
Enough that if they can trace this,
I deserve to get caught.
Tuck's brew.
I'm getting to like it.
Prince, the sheriff
You started something,
and you know they won't stop.
Let them come.
It's time.
- Y'all ready?
- Let's go!
- You ready?
- Know it.
Make some noise, baby!
Run this hood, run
this, run this hood ♪
Run this, run this, run this hood ♪
You know we run this, run it ♪
Run it, run it ♪
Run it, run it, run it ♪
You know we ride or die, ride or die ♪
Think you a prince but you ain't ♪
Try to control us, you can't ♪
Whoever these people are, John,
I'd say they just declared war.
Now wait your turn ♪
You know now you gonna learn ♪
You know now you gonna learn ♪
I'm in my zone now ♪
Sherwood is home now ♪
You know we running this ♪
But you don't want it 'cause we ♪
Run this hood, run this,
run this, run this hood ♪
'Cause we run this
hood, run this, run this ♪
Run this hood, run this,
run this, run this hood ♪
You know we run this, run this hood ♪
Run it, run it, run
it, run it, run it ♪
Run it, run it ♪
You know we run this, run this ♪
Run it, run it, run
it, run it, run it ♪
Run it, run it ♪
You know we run this, run this ♪
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