Robyn Hood (2023) s01e02 Episode Script


ANNOUNCER: Previously on Robyn Hood
New Nottingham Sheriff's Department.
You're trespassing! Stay where you are.
- Let me buy Sherwood.
- It's occupied.
- CROWD: Keep your hands off Sherwood!
- Who is that? Find out.
Still cutting, but this
video is gonna be lit.
MAN: My man will wipe down
the data. Nobody will know.
- Robyn.
- Little John?
- I'm home now.
- Mr. Prince, what can I do you for?
You're under arrest
for inciting violence.
No. Stop!
Put it down!
Call an ambulance.
- She's innocent.
- Bail has been set at $30,000.
That's impossible.
Prince and the Sheriff will kill
my mom if we don't bail her out.
You're seriously gonna rob John Prince?
Snatch, drag, don't get caught.
We here to take what's ours ♪
Whoever these people are, John,
I'd say they just declared war.
Yo. How many times
do I have to tell you,
when parties end, you go home.
Don't you know when I'm
around, the party never ends?
But for real, though, peep this.
We got kids from Sherwood, Verysdale,
even Gisbourne commenting on this, okay?
This is exactly what The Hood needs.
They love our music.
People love seeing jerks
like Prince get what's coming.
You're probably right. The
comments hate your bars anyway.
They trippin'. I got mad flow.
- Whatever.
- Mm-hmm.
I'm gonna text Robyn,
yo. She's gonna be amped.
Yo. I guess am I the only
one that slept over, or
'Morning. Mmm.
We didn't?
What? Steal John Prince's car,
then make a music video out of it?
Still glad you came back?
More than ever.
I keep going over the
ways it went wrong.
I could have got you all killed.
And yet, here we are.
Don't think about it.
So, now we just wait
for the next roundhouse?
Guys like Prince don't
forgive and forget.
But how's he supposed to
catch us without his car?
I should jet.
Gotta go change and check on my mom.
LITTLE JOHN: Want company?
Family only.
You gonna be here when I get back?
Nowhere else to be.
- Hey, what's up?
- MAN: Hey, what's up, Robyn?
We're near maximum range here.
Specs say you have five klicks.
Yeah. Well, in the desert, maybe.
Real world's got
buildings, Wi-Fi, weather.
There. Go to thermal.
Mr. Prince,
we found your car.
Yes, sir. Right where we thought.
Pull up in these masks and we be ♪
Robbin', robbin', robbin' ♪
We be robbin' robbin', robbin' ♪
We be robbin', robbin' robbin' ♪
You think it's a game
but really it's not ♪
Sherwood and Forest we comin' in hot ♪
People are asking after you.
Back in Sherwood.
They all want to visit.
Robyn, take her home.
Mom, I'm staying. I told you.
You need food.
And a shower. Come on.
I'll be back.
Can't get rid of me.
Love you.
I love you.
hate you. You know that?
It's the price of success.
They see what you've earned,
and then instead of putting in the work,
- they decide to take what's yours.
- How long until the new car is delivered?
It's the principle of the thing.
And Sherwood is that
way, in case you feel like
making any arrests or
looking for any suspects.
I got thousands.
The car was wiped clean.
The video The Hood
posted can't be traced,
and even if one of them was kind enough
to bleed on your floor, unless
they have a record, we're nowhere.
I thought you said you had
cameras on every street corner.
We installed 15 cameras around
Sherwood and Forest last year.
One lasted almost 12 hours
before it was smashed to bits.
A few nights ago, these kids were
trespassing in a construction site.
Now, it's armed robbery
and grand theft auto.
So, what changed?
- Tressie Loxley?
- She posted bail.
Out of the blue through
a crowdfunding site.
Impossible to trace every donation.
You think her people
are responsible for this?
She's a leader.
She has influence.
They're thick as thieves in Sherwood.
Whoa. Hey, Dad.
Those forensic guys aren't gonna be
going through my bedroom, are they?
'Cause if they're swabbing
for DNA, there's been a lot of
traffic through those bedsheets.
You know what I mean?
Care to explain how the
intruders used your key card
to access the parking garage, Chet?
No. I didn't even
know I was missing one.
How many do you have?
I got the doorman to
make me a few dozen.
You know how it is. You end
up at some girl's place, and
boom. You gotta bail
before things get verbal.
Remember any names?
Names? No. No.
I hardly remember faces.
Are you out of your mind?
This is the last one, Chet.
You lose this and you are out for good.
You got it?
If Tressie Loxley's people did this,
I'll smoke them out.
But she's still a
problem for both of us.
Nap, shower, and then I'm going back.
Like hell, Jill.
What if Mom needs something?
Besides rest and a morphine drip?
You want to help her?
Take care of yourself.
Hey. I didn't know you were back.
David. Hey.
David sits two rows over in history.
- Hey.
- Hey.
Uh, these are for your mom.
Mom loves these. Me, too.
DAVID: Yeah. Well,
I remember you had one over your
ear that day last spring, so
- I should
- Oh, yeah. Well, yeah. I mean.
DAVID: Yeah, okay.
Go on. Have a little
fun. I'll see you later.
But Mom
Will want to hear all the
details when you're back.
Can you please show this
girl how to have some fun?
Yeah, okay.
A little.
- Go on.
- Okay.
- Bye.
- Bye.
Yeah, my sister. She's a lot.
- Blackstar U500.
- No.
- Not even 1K?
- No way we're spending it to cop amps.
Bro, amps are an
investment for the group.
Isn't The Hood a guerrilla outfit?
How are you supposed to run
around with a 50-pound amp?
Yo, we hire an intern.
The man said "intern." Are you fried?
Bro, we can afford it now.
Yo, you guys don't even
Robyn, back me up on this, okay?
With The Hood video going viral
we should invest
in the group, right?
What do you mean, "invest"?
He means spend the leftover cash
from chopping Prince's
car on new equipment.
- Not all of it.
- We should sit on it.
You can't have too much
go-money when you need it.
No. We're not spending a
dime of that on ourselves.
Robyn, we earned that.
We teefed it to help my
mom, not to mess around.
Okay, but lots of people need help.
We should buy food for
the community kitchen.
Bail fund always needs help.
No, no, Robyn. Back me up on this, okay?
The community centre is struggling.
Yeah. Welcome to Sherwood.
Everywhere needs money.
All right. So, let's make
our next score even bigger.
Next score? Are y'all crazy?
It's not safe to spend all
that money right now anyway.
Keeping it is not exactly safe, either.
What about Lionheart Day?
Coming up in a few weeks.
Y'all have a Lionheart Day?
Best block party in the city,
but it could always be bigger.
- Yeah. Do it up in style.
- Food, drinks, barbecue pits.
Bouncy castle!
Yeah. Let people get buck for once.
ALAN: Exactly.
Hey, Robyn. You need anything?
No, I'm good. Thank you.
Oh. Sorry. Sorry. Sorry.
Sorry. Robyn, hey.
I tried buzzing up. No one was home.
I'm just a bit flustered.
I had a hell of a time
getting here from Campsall.
Of course, you live in Campsall Abbey.
In my parents' house.
Sexy, I know.
Then I guess we've got
something in common.
Which part?
That's, um, for your mom.
Make sure she reads and
signs when she gets home.
How is she?
She's, uh
WOMAN: Hey, what's up?
MAN: Oh, y'all got nothing to do?
How's your signal now?
You know why I'm here, Sherwood.
I want the criminals known as The Hood.
They step forward, I go away.
You have one minute.
MAN: Yo! I got your hood right here.
Him first.
WOMAN: Get outta here.
Start your sweep.
Associates and family of Tressie Loxley.
Yussup, Arthur Brooks,
Jamal Myers, stay where you are.
Sheriff, you can't do this.
Miss Fitzwalter.
What's a lawyer like you
doing in a place like this?
This is mass surveillance.
Illegal search and seizure.
I have a warrant, and
this is public property.
If I can see a suspect,
I can detain them.
And they see everything.
- Tough guy, huh? Huh.
- Hey!
What are you gonna do now? Huh?
MAN: Hey. Keep your hands off him, man.
Wait, wait, wait.
Jalapeño and pineapple?
On the same pizza?
I'm telling you, it's the best.
Your tongue is gonna thank me.
- What?
- I just mean, like, you'll like it.
It's kind of cute how
you've got no game.
Thanks for this.
Need a ticket out, you know?
- Do the normal.
- I get it.
And, you know, if you need anything,
I want to be here for you.
If that's cool.
Yeah, cool.
Scarlet, stay where you are.
Hands up, kids.
On your knees.
- DEPUTY: Bathroom's clear.
ROBYN: Yo, Much. Open up.
- Yo, Much!
Shit. I thought they got you.
Not yet, but they're
looking for The Hood.
What do we do?
I can't do nothing from here.
Beast is all over the building.
- Sheriff's department. Open up.
We're looking for Tressie
Loxley's daughters, Robyn and Jill.
- Well, that ain't them.
- You mind if I come in?
Yeah, I do.
Thank you.
We're questioning people
in connection to a break-in
and assault the night before last.
Do you know Tressie Loxley?
Everyone in Sherwood knows Tressie
and what you did to her.
I got a system.
So, where were you around 10:00 p.m.?
Here. Curled up with a good book.
TRENT: Sheriff, we've got the daughter.
Jill Scarlet.
We'll finish this later.
- Robyn, no.
- Beast got Jill?
So, you're gonna do what?
There's mad cops out there.
Call LJ and Alan.
Meet up at the hall.
We'll figure this out.
You can't go out there.
I'll take the tunnels.
They catch me here,
they catch you, too. We can't risk that.
Yo. Six up.
You better not be lying to me.
It's not a game, and I ain't playing.
- Hey, you!
- Sorry, Miss Reynolds.
We got a rabbit! Robyn
Loxley. Green hoodie.
TRENT: Lost Robyn Loxley.
South Tower. Need backup.
Leave her alone!
South Tower. I want eyes on all exits.
Where the hell is she?
Open up the pattern.
Full sweep.
WOMAN ON WALKIE: Settle on 220.
DEPUTY: Clear the area.
Looks like your sister has
something to hide, Jill.
MAN ON WALKIE: Basement is clear.
Maybe you can tell me about it.
DEPUTY: Oh, pretty good. We're
bagging and tagging 18A and B.
LITTLE JOHN: Yo. They track you?
Please. They've got their hands
full with the lineup outside Robyn's.
- Mom's friends?
- Yeah.
Everyone in that lineup was
with her at Prince's building.
The sheriff is here
because of what we did.
Half those people are too
old anyways to be in The Hood.
She'll never finger them.
- Yo. Time and place, Alan.
That was great.
Guys, I can't even show my face
with those buzzards out there.
And they'll figure out
where we're at soon enough.
Maybe we should call the news.
- If people knew what
- The media works for them.
Sherwood isn't on their radar.
Guys, this is my fault.
I brought the sheriff here.
I can't ask you guys to
risk your lives again.
Robyn, that's just too bad.
We got you, and it ain't your call.
The longer I hide, the guiltier I look.
I can't leave Jill with the Beast.
I mean, if the sheriff
is looking at everyone,
that means she isn't
sure about anyone, right?
Yeah. Maybe there's a way.
- What do you need?
- An alibi.
I'm gonna need your friend Tuck.
You're gonna hate this next part.
You know, when I was a little girl,
if Sister Amelia found the bed unmade,
she'd take it away.
Sit down.
Four names, Jill.
Not so hard.
How would I know?
Hmm. Maybe you don't.
But I got a lineup of people out there,
and someone will give me names.
Maybe even yours.
Where were you during the robbery?
There was a protest march for my mom.
Ended in a vigil.
Lots of pictures.
- You can check.
- Yeah, I checked.
I know you were there.
But not your sister.
Robyn's got nothing to do with this.
Your mother's a strong woman, huh?
Maybe she inspired Robyn
to do something rash.
What's funny?
Mom inspired Robyn to move out.
She doesn't care about that stuff.
She wouldn't rob shit.
That's right.
You wanted me?
Here I am.
Miss Loxley?
- It's a pleasure.
- Nurse? Nurse!
I took the liberty of asking
for a little private time.
I hope you don't mind.
Have you seen the John
Prince Pediatric Wing
just down the way here?
It'll change your life.
Those tiny little smiles.
I cannot begin to
tell you how sorry I am
for what happened to you.
You sent the cops that did this to me.
I would avoid the slanderous statements.
From what I've been told,
you're in enough legal trouble as it is.
Would you like a chocolate?
They're truffles.
You can't feel anything at all?
Touch me and neither will you.
You don't think much of me, do you?
I'm only here to help.
You want to help?
Walk out that door.
The other night, a group
of very agitated Sherwooders
broke into my home, and
they destroyed my property
and they violated my person.
It was, uh,
it was a wakeup call.
I've been callous.
I have neglected the
needs of your community.
I admit that.
A single mother taking on
a billionaire in her spare time.
You're struggling, aren't you?
You're desperate, lost.
And then this happens to you.
I mean, that's hardly fair, is it?
Miss Loxley
I would like to offer you $1 million.
You'll have access to specialists.
You'll have an accessible home,
full scholarships for
both of your daughters
to wherever they would like to go.
Stem cell therapy.
I can help you walk again, Tressie.
If I let you have Sherwood?
Just stop protesting Bill 121.
Just let someone else take the hit.
Think of yourself for once.
You know, the worst part
about being paralysed?
I can't shove my foot up your ass.
You're turning me down?
Now, this is a one-time offer.
I mean, if I walk out this door,
I'm not going to come back
in here with my chequebook.
Best you don't come back at all.
Sherwood doesn't belong
to you. It's mine.
Your father sold it to the city.
My father promised it to me.
It is my land, my name, my legacy.
So, move in.
We take all kinds.
You are a tough nut, Miss Loxley.
I'm going to enjoy this very much.
Get well soon.
You had to know running
wouldn't look good.
Yeah. Well, this cop shot
my mom the other night.
You've been a little sus ever since.
The guy's on the loose, by the way,
in case you wanted to
do your job or something.
Sergeant Redcap is on
administrative leave
pending investigation.
Yeah? How's that going for you?
Post the Most.
Bought 'n' Drop.
Is there a delivery app you
don't have a contract with?
A girl's gotta eat.
It's dangerous work, isn't it?
Out on a bike rain or
shine. All those cars.
It keeps me fit. You should try it.
Maybe you're more than fit.
Maybe you can fight, too.
Like everyone in Sherwood?
I see you've been saving.
You had 30 grand under your
mattress to bail out your mom.
My mom helps people. People helped back.
We checked with your apps.
It seems you had your phone
off the night of the robbery.
- Phone died.
- Well, you weren't at the protest.
You had something better to do?
Where were you, Robyn?
I was at the park near the hospital.
Doing what?
What were you doing, Robyn?
I was crying my eyes out
because my mom will never walk again.
I know that park and every camera in it.
We can just pull the footage right here.
Um, the website's down.
Are you kidding me?
We can pull the footage at the server.
It won't take long.
I need a unit for onsite data
pickup at Alcyon Security.
Soak it up, Miss Loxley.
If you're lying to me,
you'll never see home again.
MAN ON WALKIE: We need an
onsite footage retrieval
from Alcyon Security.
I got a call for
seventh-floor maintenance.
Not showing any issues on seven.
I guess I gotta break something
just to justify the work order, huh?
I'll check with management.
Right. Just as long as it's not
the guy who put in the order.
Real piece of work, you know?
- Derrick?
- Hmm.
- Andrew?
- Andrew.
His daddy got him the job.
One time he told me my ass would
look better in a pencil skirt.
He said what?
Where's this guy's office? Let
me go talk to him real quick.
You know, today, I, uh,
really can't with Andrew.
Is there someone else
that I can talk to?
(SIGHING) Building manager
should know about maintenance.
First door on the left.
I'll buzz you through.
Thank you. Thank you.
And stay strong, yeah? Don't let him
Don't let him grind you down.
I said get us in, not get engaged.
You're just mad you can't make friends.
You like it? The Hood?
You must've heard it.
Your father was a rapper
out in Mercia, wasn't he?
You could say that,
but you'd be stretching.
Did the apple fall far from the tree?
You a musical girl?
You think looking for a rapper
in Sherwood is gonna help you?
Kids here can spit rhymes
before they can even walk.
Nah. It's too synthetic anyway.
These kids have to
auto-tune themselves so much,
we can't even get a
voiceprint off a song.
Sounds smart.
Not really. You can't hide everything.
We do know the leader is a woman.
I'm telling you, if Bella
picks Vandermere over Lucia,
I'm bailing.
Inu no Kyketauki is
objectively the best anime.
How many seasons are we talking about?
TUCK: Only seven. We should binge it.
In the fifth season,
there's a heartbreaking story
with a love potion and a demonic panda.
I mean, you will cry. I promise.
MUCH: All right. Let's do it.
This is it.
This won't be confusing.
If you could pick up the pace,
I can only keep their
site offline for so long.
Tuck, which one?
TUCK: Server 506. Drive
86 should cover the park
near the New Nottingham Memorial.
Flip the read/write switch
and connect it to the network.
MUCH: Got it.
What is this?
Easy. This footage is at 10 FBS.
Now, we just scroll for
someone with Robyn's biometrics.
Yo, Tuck. If you pull this off,
I've got a couple Hood
videos for you to touch up.
Hello. We have a winner.
We're lucky.
Close enough for a deep fake.
No way this'll fool the sheriff.
It's a deep-learning AI neural network
with 4K resolution. The
human eye is a pinhole camera
- filled with Jell-O.
- Jell-O?
The All rejects one reality
and substitutes another.
This'll take a minute to compile.
You know, Sherwood used to be my beat.
Back when I was a rookie,
I was up in these towers every night.
Drugs, domestics,
homicides more than once.
Sherwood's not like that anymore.
Not since we lost Lionheart.
Sherwood don't need the Beast.
I love that name.
The Beast. It's perfect.
Then put it on the badges.
If only they'd let me.
So, if this place is such a paradise,
why does your sister
say you want to leave?
I get it. Really. I mean,
it can't be easy living
in St. Tressie's shadow.
'Cause for her, Sherwood's
not just a home, is it?
It's your whole life.
There something wrong with that?
If I were you, Robyn,
I'd run like hell
before this place swallows you whole.
LITTLE JOHN: This is taking too long.
Robyn could be in cuffs by now.
Tuck, what's up?
Almost done.
So, LJ.
What's the goss, man?
You and Robyn seemed, uh,
pretty close last night.
She's supposed to sleep on the floor?
Just making sure your
intentions are honest.
It's my best friend
we're talking about here.
- And that's saying something.
- There's nothing going on.
We're just friends.
Why? She say something?
Yo. He's got it bad!
Yo. Shut up.
It's a good thing.
Tell her how you feel.
- Express your emotions.
- Mm-hmm.
You should write her a song.
Yo. What rhymes with Robyn?
Uh, bobbin'.
- Throbbin'.
- Throbbin'.
- TUCK: Immunoglobulin.
That would That would work.
- TUCK: Robyn, immunoglobulin.
- Shut up.
- Hold up.
- Just a second.
There's no way for us to go.
Come on. Let's go. Go!
It's unbelievable. I mean,
it's not like I went psycho
and shot someone. The
guy was just my partner.
Sounds rough.
And now, all I get is the shit
jobs. Can you believe that?
Uh-huh. Drive should be over here.
I always knew he was a prick.
- Did you hear that?
It's probably just the A/C kicking in.
We gotta keep this place super chilly.
this gonna take long?
I'm supposed to be on break.
(WHISPERING) Shh. Quiet!
The room's secure.
You know, you're a good listener.
Perhaps you and I could spend some time.
Yeah. No, that's okay.
Yep, that's okay.
Next time we do that,
you and I are going back to back.
- Come on.
- One of us needs body spray.
My bad.
Tell me you uploaded that video in time.
TRENT: Facial ID confirms it.
It's her.
So, are you gonna get
out of my crib or what?
No. We'll be here for some time.
We have a lot of suspects to process.
You can go.
You don't have to worry, Robyn.
Until we catch The Hood,
we'll be right here.
Keeping Sherwood safe.
My mind is strong. My body is a temple.
And it's time for renovations.
Come on, come on. No biggie.
Whoa. Tuck, don't do it, man!
Whoa, whoa! I'm not trying
to. Look, look, look.
Everything's okay. Everything's Look.
Novocain and implants.
They release synthetic endorphins
in response to anxiety.
It brings me closer to the All.
You're doing this in my workshop?
My star chart said it was an
optimal time for self-improvement.
You're free. We should celebrate.
I have some mezcal somewhere.
It's not over.
The sheriff's still using
drones to keep Sherwood a prison.
We take those away,
she'll be blind. She'll back off.
You cracked that buzzard like a G.
You can bring them all down.
I can't.
I liberate secrets. I shame the corrupt.
I am a ghost in the machine.
This is
This is getting way too
Messy, and dangerous.
I'm sorry. I can't.
I get it. It's cool.
How many drones are we talking about?
I am not a patient woman.
So, I'm gonna make you a deal.
The first person to identify
any member of The Hood
will be granted immunity.
The second prize is five to 10
for obstruction of justice.
We'll continue this
conversation in holding.
Stop! This is unlawful
search and seizure,
police harassment and intimidation.
You're repping the whole
neighbourhood now, Fitzwalter?
I filed an official complaint
with the mayor's office.
And I've got an injunction
hearing in half an hour.
You can't just come in here
and drag these people from their homes.
Watch me.
Don't move!
I want eyes outside now.
Get it open.
Trent, 306 north side. What do you see?
Okay. Uh, two suspects. Balcony.
Going to ground level.
- I'm on them.
- Outside. Now.
Suspects running north.
Drones in pursuit.
Oh, no.
I need a little help, man.
Come on, Tuck.
This was a terrible idea.
Welcome to The Hood.
Hey. We've got a runner.
- Freeze.
- Freeze!
Let me see your hands. Now!
DEPUTY: Two suspects between the towers.
We got them cornered.
You sure you know what you're doing?
I am one with the machine.
Okay, hacker man.
Show me your hands!
Don't move!
Fly, my pretties. Fly.
You're a genius, Tuck.
Trent, are you insane?
Look out below.
Balance is restored.
- Good work, Tuck.
- Ah. My man!
SHERWOODERS: Run home, Beast.
Get outta here.
Get outta here, Beast.
Run on home to your mama.
Don't say a word.
Take flight ♪
Over the colours below ♪
- Do you mind?
- Oh, sorry.
Did you have to smash
those buzzards, Tuck?
We could've used hardware like that.
Facts. Yo, I actually have
a vision for the next video.
Two words.
- Wing suits.
- Pass.
I ain't talking about a gig.
I mean The Hood's next project.
Our last project nearly
got Robyn arrested
and turned Sherwood
into an open-air prison.
Too close.
I knew we'd make it.
You guys have my back.
But I'm done. No more crazy.
They really did a number, huh?
Miss Fitzwalter, hey.
I, uh, heard you came
through for us today.
For what it was worth,
it seems like The Hood
did all the heavy lifting.
I think I saw the leader.
The one with the fox mask.
It was amazing.
Hey. Did you come to help tidy up?
The sheriff's laid new
charges against your mother.
Obstruction, resisting
arrest, conspiracy.
Standard tactic. Pile up the charges.
Hope she folds without a fight.
Won't happen.
Your mom's strong,
but she's gonna need
all the help she can get.
You ready for that?
We are.
You don't back down
from anything, do you?
Coming through.
Finally. I'm starving.
- ROBYN: Let's eat.
- I'm famished.
And jalapeños.
You, uh, want to hang?
Got some beer in here somewhere.
I can get them.
Oh, uh, the total was
60 bucks, by the way.
Guys, throw in. We can't
leave Jill's new bae hanging.
Do you have a crypto-wallet?
A what?
ALAN: You're eating all that pizza?
LITTLE JOHN: Get me some hot sauce.
With the lost drones,
the damaged equipment and overtime,
the total cost of the operation is
- Yeah.
Uh, we dusted the control consoles.
No prints.
They also pulled the
hard drive from the unit.
All I was able to get
from flash memory was this.
So, they knew what they were doing.
More than I can say for you.
Sheriff, I can only apologise, but
What you can do is
find a use for yourself.
Because right now, I am
looking at a drone pilot
with no goddamn drone!
Mr. Prince?
You heard.
Yes, sir. I think it's
time we pool our resources.
The Hood think they beat me.
I'm just getting started.
We don't do the flashy
flashy, gutta how we live ♪
My hood versus your hood,
come and see just how we live ♪
Sherwood Forest,
baby, we the coldest ♪
Come and try us, we the boldest ♪
Rep my hood, I know
you notice that I ♪
Run this hood, run this,
run this, run this hood ♪
Run this, run this, run this hood ♪
You know we, run this, run this hood ♪
Run it, run it, run
it, run it, run it ♪
Run it, run it, you know
we run this, run this ♪
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