Robyn Hood (2023) s01e03 Episode Script


ANNOUNCER: Previously on Robyn Hood
- ROBYN: Hey, what's up?
- Robyn
- Little John?
- Lionheart Hall, huh?
Seemed right
after everything, you know?
We got kids from Sherwood, Verysdale,
even Gisbourne commenting on this, okay?
Maybe spend the leftover cash
from chopping Prince's
car on new equipment.
We're not spending a
dime of that on ourselves.
Robyn, we earned that.
We tiefed it to help my
mom, not to mess around.
Okay, well, lots of people need help.
ROBYN: What about Lionheart Day?
Y'all have a Lionheart Day?
Best block party in the city,
but it could always be bigger.
Let people get buck for once.
OFFICER: We're questioning
people in connection
to a break-in and assault
the night before last.
You know Tressie Loxley?
Everyone in Sherwood knows
Tressie and what you did to her.
I cannot being to tell you how
sorry I am for what happened to you.
You sent the cops that did this to me.
Miss Loxley, I would like to
offer you a million dollars.
You know the worst part
about being paralysed?
I can't shove my foot up your ass.
Pay up, old man.
He's done.
Okay, okay.
Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa!
Perrito's still got some fight in him!
How many times I gotta
whup your ass, bro? Give up.
You want in on the action?
I think that the shrimp's
due for a comeback.
Why you always ruining my fun?
Why you hiding behind
fools and children?
You afraid to step to a real man?
Now, take your trash and go,
while you can still walk.
We'll finish all this later.
Come on. Come on, Benny.
LIONHEART: What's your name, son?
Come on, Little John.
Let's get you cleaned up.
ROBYN: You just gonna let me struggle?
Hey. Earth to Little John?
Aight, yo, I been thinking,
with Lionheart Day coming up soon
You don't even know
what I was gonna say.
So, you weren't going to
say that we should perform?
I mean, now that you bring it up
Come on! The whole block'll
be talking about it.
In our Hood gear?
The same Hood gear we used to
thrash The Sheriff's drones?
And steal Prince's car?
Man, I figured y'all
would be on the same page.
- But Much, you get it, right?
- Yeah, if The Hood's gonna do anything,
- it should be a bigger heist.
- ROBYN: Another one?
Guys, we still gotta
finish donating the rest
of what we got from choppin'
Prince's car to Lionheart Day.
Yeah. And then, after that
- Fireworks, baby!
That shit's not a game.
We're untouchable, all right?
And think about how many
people we'd be able to help.
Yeah, we damn near
doing the Lord's work.
Amen, sister!
I ain't trynna find trouble.
We been doin' this anyway.
Shootin' videos,
dodgin' the cops.
The way I see it,
there's nothing different
besides thousands of new followers.
I dunno. I still gotta pick up
my mom from the hospital.
It's just back to normal?
Yeah, I guess. Lay low for awhile,
get back to the music.
I'm disappointed, Loxley.
Come on, fool.
So close.
- LITTLE JOHN: Stop talking.
(SNICKERING) Boy, you got it bad!
That obvious?
I got an eye for these things.
My advice? Just ask her. Simple.
I got my own techniques.
Welcome home.
Uh-uh-uh. Benny, the jacket.
I missed you too.
Gisbourne, boss?
First, new threads.
Well, you know where.
Sherwood it is.
Pull up in these masks and we be ♪
Robbin', robbin', robbin' ♪
We be robbin' robbin', robbin' ♪
We be robbin', robbin' robbin' ♪
You think it's a game
but really it's not ♪
Sherwood and Forest,
we comin' in hot ♪
ROBYN: Back up, and then
turn the push handles.
Yeah, I'm trying.
And they said this was
the best chair they had.
Oh, my word.
We made some minor
renovations. What do you think?
We cleared out most of the glasses
and plates from the cabinet.
I put everything on the
shelves, so you can reach.
Thank you, really.
I was thinking we could
make some of our famous
caramel oatmeal cookies for
the Lionheart Fundraiser.
Right, that's today.
I'm sure there'll be
plenty of other treats.
Yeah, but ours always sell-out.
We have a duty to give
the people what they want!
And I would hate to disappoint.
You good?
I can make you some tea?
I'm fine, and I can make
my own when I feel for it.
You looking for something?
Just my book.
Must be in your room. I'll get it.
WE GOT A DEAL, LUIS: You knock.
So, lock the door.
Mrs. Mbatha brought her Olds in again.
You walk off with my hose picks?
No. But you don't need 'em.
It's a blown head gasket.
You haven't even seen it.
But I can smell maple syrup.
Antifreeze leaking into the cylinders.
Socket wrench?
"Thank you, Much.
"You're amazing, Much."
"You're the best mechanic
I've ever worked with, Much."
You sure are the mouthiest.
Maybe you'll, uh, let me
take a look at Sally for you.
Hmph. No.
Factory that built that engine
closed before you were born.
Carburetor's cracked clean through.
You'd have more luck raising the dead.
Then, why's she in the shop?
You think you're so hot?
Why don't you come out
here and finish the Olds?
I gotta wash up for the fundraiser.
JILL: Mom?! Wait, don't move!
Mom! Oh my God!
Are you hurt? Get the chair!
On three. One. Two. Three.
Mom? Are you okay?
- Mom, talk to me.
There's nothing to talk about.

Ms. Loxley
No. They suspended you.
You didn't hear?
Internal affairs cleared
me of any wrongdoing;
Justifiable use of force.
I feared for my safety and
that of my fellow officers.
You should know, this
isn't my first, uh,
misunderstanding with a civilian.
Yeah, I had quite the reputation
for enthusiasm back in Mercia.
What can I say? The system works.
What do you want with me?
Hey. Listen.
I know you must have fantasies
about suing me,
leading some crusade,
turning my life to shit.
Others have tried.
But I just wanna let you know,
that you, your mother,
and your little sister Jill,
I'm sworn to serve and protect
every single one of you
and I will.
Have a safe ride, Ms. Loxley.
Ten dollars? Thank you.
Hey, Little John. I heard Lionheart
took out six dealers trying
to set up on the block.
You know, just like, bam, bam, bam.
Is that true or
- No.
- Oh.
Lionheart didn't lay a finger on 'em.
He locked 'em in their
car and rolled it over.
Ah man, that's so dope!
- Hey.
- ROBYN: Hey.
I just made our donation
for Lionheart Day.
What's going on?
Redcap is back on duty.
He rolled up on me.
You okay?
Yeah. He was trying to to scare me.
- I guess it worked.
- GUY: Hermoso!
Just like I remember!
How long has it been
since Guy Gisbourne
graced your halls, huh?
- Nine years, five months, and eight days.
- And eight days,
that's right. (CHUCKLING)
Come on, you missed me.
Perrito's still got some fight in him!
Little John?
Dios mio!
You been working out?
This is Little John?
You look big enough to me.
GUY: Koko.
You're supposed to
have three more years.
Well, parole board said
that I was a model prisoner.
You can't be here.
I came to pay my respects.
such a waste, eh?
He must be rolling in his grave,
seeing Sherwood like this -
The Sheriff in here whenever she wants,
John Prince after your homes.
And then, these pendejos
What's their name again?
- How are they called?
- The Hood?
The Hood, giving Sherwood a bad name.
Your king has fallen.
You've had no one to protect you
until now.
We don't need you. I know your kind.
We don't need your protection. Go!
GUY: How about now, huh?
KOKO: You feeling unprotected, huh?
Put the gun down.
Please put it down.
Relax! Come on, relax!
You're so tense!
Benny, get my money?
Let's consider this a down payment.
GUY: We should be selling cupcakes.
Those of you with a business,
I'll be back Friday
to collect my tribute.
Those who want to play games?
It's a new day, Sherwood.
Let's go.
ALAN: Yo. How's Luis?
MUCH: Mad as hell. Scared as shit.
I can relate.
Look, I've only been
in Sherwood a few years.
How much should I be worryin'?
ALAN: How much you got?
He's the one who killed Lionheart.
So, how's he out?
'Cause no one talked.
Not like The Beast cared.
He went down on a weapons charge.
All right. So, he's
back. What's the plan now?
There isn't one, not for you.
The Hood can't handle Guy Gisbourne.
We can't just do nothing.
He's gonna roll through here
and take everything people got
No. Stop. This ain't Prince.
This ain't even The Sheriff.
He doesn't hurt people
to get what he wants.
Hurtin' people is what he
wants. I'm gonna handle this.
Why? 'Cause you were in the army?
This is our neighbourhood too.
Yeah, well, I'm not discussing it.
What's going on with you, LJ?
Yo, John!
again, little bitch ass.
Enough! All of you, out of here.
Get off me, man! You
didn't hear what he said.
You teach me all this stuff,
but I can't ever use it!
Why can't I hit 'em when they're
dissin' on me all the time?
Let go! Lemme go!
Yeah, that's it.
Let it go.
They come at me. You
want me to just take it?
Not always.
Sometimes you gotta hit.
Sometimes you gotta hit hard.
You think you're the
only one who's angry?
(BREATHING HEAVILY) I'm protecting you.
- I'm protecting all of you.
- How?
You're gonna roll up
on him and his crew
and do what, exactly?
Do you even know?
I got ideas.
You do this alone,
he will kill you.
I can't have that.
You know I'd do anything for you,
but you gotta let me handle this.
This is my fight!
We all loved Lionheart.
We're a team.
We need you. Let us help.
You're still here?
LIONHEART: I've been where you at.
World hates you and
you hate it right back.
You don't know me.
I know that, if you don't
get yourself under control,
you're gonna kill a man.
You ever killed someone?
You take a life, you start a war.
Everyone's got someone who
loves them, who'd kill for them.
You set that off,
it never stops.
Before I came back from the army,
you remember what
Sherwood was like? Hmm?
But we're changing it right now.
Things can be better.
Things are getting better.
You can be better.
GUS: You've learned a thing or two.
You know, I have to say,
I was very surprised
to see you back here,
after all those memories.
You could have turned me in,
but you didn't.
Your dumb ass caught a charge anyway.
Yeah, you were right.
But I think there's more to it.
I think you are ashamed of the truth.
- Come on.
- You're making a mistake, Guy.
These are good people,
they'll fight you.
Like The Hood fought off The Sheriff?
Come on, huh? You know
what? You know what?
I gotta say, I like their style.
The masks? They're cute. They're cute.
Maybe I'll add them to my wardrobe,
once I wash out the blood.
Man. Oh, man. Oh, man. Oh, man. Oh
Are you a reader, Little John?
'Cause I practically lived
in the prison library,
feeding my mind.
Nature books were my favourite 'cause,
at the end of the
day, we're all animals.
- Hey! Hey!
That's right. (CHUCKLING)
Do you know what happens
when there's no more
wolves in the forest?
The grazers take over. Mm-hmm. Yeah.
They eat too much, they grow too fat,
the forest withers.
But you bring back the
lobos, control the grazers,
and the world is balanced again.
The forest blooms.
These people
they need a strong hand.
They need lobos, like us.
Come on. Come on. Come to Gisbourne.
Let me teach you what
Lionheart couldn't.
Or just stay here,
and hope every single day
they don't find out who you really are.
So? Do you believe in miracles?
Because your boy's out there,
turning water into wine, baby!
- So, you got the part?
- First, I had to track down
my mechanical connect Omar.
And let me tell ya, when he
does not want to be found,
he is not found.
So, I had to go all the way across town
to find his girl
Tayesha. Come to find out,
she ain't his girl no more.
She's not even trynna hear
his name come out my mouth
- 'Cause they got a whole
Right. So, then, I go see Gimme Gary.
- Gimme Gary?
- 'Cause you always gotta give his ass something.
- Doesn't believe in favours.
- Right.
Right? So, tells me he's
willing to give me what you need,
if I can get him those new XL kicks.
You know, the limited edition
ones with the gold chain on it?
You can't afford those.
You're right, I cannot afford those.
But like I said, miracle worker.
So, I hit up my shoe connect
and he tells me he's got one last pair,
if I can get him and his
girl a booth at the Blue Boar.
- Even you can't do that.
- Oh, ye of very little faith.
Peep this: I'm chilling with
my exterminator friend Pete
and he lets slip he's that he's
fumigatin' the Boar next month.
They got roaches, big ones.
So, I go peep the
restaurant and I tell them,
if they don't want no one
to hear about this, they
gotta give my boy a booth.
So, they give the boy the booth,
he gives me the shoes, I go see Gary,
bing, bang
boom, here's your new piece.
This isn't it. (CLEARING THROAT)
- What do you mean this ain't it?!
- But I can make it work.
Guess you should call me Jesus,
'cause it's lookin' like I'm
the real miracle worker here.
You ain't done nothing yet. Hey.
You really care about this bike, huh?
Luis took me in when
I had nowhere to go.
The shop is my happy place
and that's thanks to him.
I figure it's the least I can do.
Feel that.
Yo, we're dealing with Guy.
(SCOFFING) Oh, well, all right.
LITTLE JOHN: What's going on?
I've got a plan to take Guy down
and you ain't talking me out of it.
Wasn't gonna. I'm in.
Guy needs to be taken down.
Can't do it alone.
So, what we thinking?
We drag him down to our level.
ALAN: Yo, you built this yourself, LJ
Pretty cute, can't lie.
This me right here?
All right, Robyn and I
worked on this. It's solid.
Guy wants to take collections,
he's gonna hit this strip.
What if he takes a side street?
- He'll wanna be seen.
- Man loves an entrance.
When he gets here,
that's your cue, Much.
Much, you listenin'?
Yeah. Whole plan's in my head. Trust.
Ain't gonna work if I
can't fix her, will it?
Robyn, Alan, you're with me.
Much draws Guy here.
ALAN: Into the old underground lot?
Ain't it locked up?
Dad had keys for every
door in the towers.
Always ready for a getaway, huh?
We know the underground back and front.
We'll have the advantage.
Perfect ambush.
We'll get the cash, he'll get the
MESSAGE: No amount of money's
- is worth messin' with Sherwood.
- I just hope he's not a slow learner.
It'll work.
All right, sounds good.
- One note, though these guys are packin'.
- Just Koko.
Guy got sent away on a weapons charge,
now his girl carries his piece,
'case he gets picked up.
We get the purse, get the gun.
If we do this right, they
won't know what hit 'em.
Okay, cool, cool, cool.
What about the voices?
Guy knows what you two sound like.
- Hadn't thought of that.
- I got some old headset mics,
speaker parts.
Maybe we could rig them to the masks,
make them sound like the music videos.
Like I don't have enough to do today.
Bike first. She got any life in her?
Those parts weren't easy to get,
and my guy's guy don't do refunds.
I'm just messin' with you.
- Sing for me, Sally!
- ALAN: Okay!
- ROBYN: That's what I'm talking about!
- Yo. Yo.
We got one shot.
Y'all need to study this,
memorise it. No wrong turns.
We go after Guy, we can't miss.
Getting pretty good with that.
Got some apples if you're feeling brave.
I'll pass.
Robyn, tomorrow's gonna be crazy
You ain't gotta worry
about Much and Alan.
I'm not. I'm worried about you.
You're bringing arrows to a gunfight.
We follow the plan, we'll be fine.
That's not what I meant.
Look, maybe Guy gets the
message, maybe he doesn't.
Either way, he'll come back,
and if he does, he'll be out for blood.
So, what are you saying?
You and I both know we
might have to end this.
When I enlisted,
I thought they'd put a gun in my hand.
Instead they made me a medic.
I ain't a killer, Robyn
and neither are you.
But we might have to be.
What would Lionheart say about that?
Lionheart has nothing to say; He's dead.
If Guy gets the chance,
he'll kill us all.
Don't get in my way.
Can I make you something to eat?
Ain't leaving without proof of life.
TRESSIE: I'm not hungry.
Maybe we could go for
a walk or something.
Fresh air might be good.
Look, I'm at least coming
to grab your dishes.
Why didn't you tell me about Redcap?
People still talk to me, Robyn.
I was
protecting you.
I'm sorry.
I hear Guy Gisbourne is back, too.
Anything else you're protecting me from?
I just
wanted things to feel normal.
Normal that's funny.
Normal ended the second I saw
his finger on that trigger.
You know what was going through my head,
when I was laying there like that?
"Please, God,
please take care of my
babies safe when I'm gone."
But I'm not gone, am I?
Still here,
taking up space,
a million miles from who I used to be.
So, why are we wasting our time
with sit-ins and protests?
Redcap? Guy?
The Sherriff? Prince?
These people who tell us we're nothing,
who take everything,
we should hurt 'em
back, like they deserve.
No. No, Robyn.
Violence is their language.
That is not an argument
that we'll survive.
Hey! Where do you think you're going?
Give me back my money!
GUS: I'll be back for another
contribution next week.
KOKO: What are you
gonna do, you old bird?
- He's here.
- Right on time. He's heading this way.
WOMAN: And give me my money back!
Hey! Hey!
You good?
Perfect. Remember the plan.
Money's in the office. Take
Take it.
I will. Thank you.
KOKO: What a dump.
Cuidado con tu lengua! Eh?
My apologies. She's young you know,
she doesn't appreciate
craftsmanship, you know?
- Right.
- Me?
I can see the pride in the walls;
You know, the way you
clean the little things,
the things that matter.
Of course,
a mechanic's real tools
are the hands.
- No. No. Please.
- Don't you think?
- Huh?
- Please, no.
You disrespected me, Luis,
in front of everyone!
Bad manners.
You know, it's the look of the thing.
You understand?
Please! Please don't!
I'm sorry! Okay? Please.
I know. I know. I know.
Is this gonna take a long time?
You see? You see?
No appreciation for quality!
Koko, baby, if you're in such a rush,
be my guest.
LUIS: No. No. No. Please. Please.
Please don't. (GROANING)
Please. Please. No. No. No. Please!
Ow! Ow! Please, stop! Ahh!
Boss? Dinero.
LUIS: No! No! Please! Please! Please!
- KOKO: Don't cry.
BENNY: What the hell is this?
- Boss, they got the cash!
- Get the car!
- Vamos! Dale!
Dale! Vamos, vamos, vamos!
Go! Go! Go! Vamos!

GUS: Nowhere to go!
Why don't you hand over the bag?
I don't want to get blood on it.
Hey, hey, get me the mask.
have stayed in Gisbourne, Guy.
The mighty Hood!
I didn't figure you was cowards!
Sherwood is off-limits.
Huh?! Hiding in the dark?!
- Like rats!
Not without my money!
Koko! Koko! Go after her!
BENNY: What up?! Take all of you on!
The hell with this.
(VOICE MODULATED:) I'm not going
to let you hurt anyone else.
I'm getting tired of this
little dance we're doing!
- You're boring me!
- Then you should move on.
(CHUCKLING) Sherwood's great protector.
You got them fooled, Lionheart.
Everyone here knows what
I am, what I've done.
Long as I'm around,
you'll never run Sherwood.
I believe you.
Adios, Lionheart.
(WHISPERING:) I'll take
care of Sherwood for you.
No, Little John!
Soft until the end.

GUY: You won.
You won. I got it. I'll leave.
You'll come back.
You were right, he's a killer.
Little John (VOICE
MODULATED:) But we're not.
KOKO: Dad!
Dad, are you good?
of here and don't come back.
Come on.
Come on, Dad, I got you.

I can't believe she's running again.
MUCH: Found her out back with this.
"Thanks for the ride. The Hood."
God bless 'em
Whoever they are.
That's not the original carburetor.
Nope. It's half of an R-32 with
the gaskets from an old hog.
Plus, I, uh machined a few parts.
Guess if you hadn't tampered with her,
I might be dead right now.
"Tampered" with her?
I practically rebuilt her!
Suppose you can
test drive her for a little while.
If she's going to throw a shaft,
I'd rather you were riding than me.
Figures I'd finally pull something.
- Here.
- Thanks.
You wanna talk about what happened?
You wouldn't have gone
there if it wasn't for me.
I didn't go there because of you.
So back to normal.
Yeah, about that
Yo, then you came out, like, "vroom!"
And you totally had
that guy by the hoof!
- Hey, Rob, you good?
- ROBYN: Yeah.
That was so badass!
I feel like I'm ten feet tall right now!
We were unstoppable.
Yeah. We were. And
maybe we shouldn't stop.
These people think they can
just come here and take our tings?
We can stop 'em, take back what's ours.
We'll pick our fights
and give what we steal to our people.
Uh, we're still doing the
music stuff, though, right?
- Of course.
- ALAN: Okay.
Gotta let people know we
rep Sherwood and Forest.
- Mm-hmm.
- Ya'll wit' me?
- You already know!
- Hell yeah!
- Always.
- Come on, man.
- To The Hood.
- ALL: The Hood!
Gimmie the arrow, I
shoot at the bullseye ♪
Had that boy runnin'
'cause he ain't a cool guy ♪
That guy a weirdo, he not a hero ♪
More like a zero, zero, zero ♪
Try to hide behind the mask ♪
I see the snake in the grass ♪
Runnin' for you life,
here we come, baby ♪
If they come get you,
no one gon' miss you ♪
You hide behind the mask,
I see the snake in you ♪
You a snake in the grass ♪
All you do is harass,
you a snake in the grass ♪
All you do is harass ♪
You a snake in the grass,
all you do is harass ♪
All you do is harass,
all you do is harass ♪
You're getting it!
You still might wanna get
yourself some steel-toed boots.
- You're home.
- You're out of your room.
Looking good.
Give me a few weeks, I
might be coming for your job.
Well, I don't know about you two,
but I worked myself up an appetite.
Anyone else wanna eat
garbage and watch trash?
- Now, you're talking.
- I'll get the ice cream.
Florida for tomorrow.
- This one is now
- So?
What changed?
Guy Gisbourne getting run off.
Udai told me. It's all over the towers.
If Sherwood's still got
some fight in it, so do I.
Them fool kids in the masks, though,
they could've gotten themselves killed.
- Their mothers must be
- What about this movie? Yeah?
Uh-uh. You know I like the strawberry.
- Flip that thing around.
- You always get the strawberry side.
I ain't eating the vanilla.
Jill, share with your sister.
I'm still taking my strawberry.


Yeah, yeah, yeah.
Let me guess: Broken taillight.
Guy Gisbourne.
Rough day, amigo?
Do I know you, Officer?
Not yet.
But you will.
Let's talk about The Hood.

Try to rep up the hood,
when she carry your gun ♪
Nobody like you,
no, you ain't the one ♪
Wanna extort us, causing destruction ♪
This is obstruction,
shut and adjust us ♪
Gimmie the arrow, I
shoot at the bullseye ♪
Had that boy runnin'
'cause he ain't a cool guy ♪
That guy a weirdo, he not a hero ♪
More like a zero, zero, zero ♪
Try to hide behind the mask ♪
I see the snake in the grass ♪
Runnin' for you life,
here we come, baby ♪
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