Robyn Hood (2023) s01e04 Episode Script


ROBYN: Previously on Robyn Hood.
Whoever these people are, John,
I'd say they just declared war.
Guys like Prince don't
forgive and forget.
PRINCE: You don't think
much of me, do you?
- I'm only here to help.
- You want to help?
Walk out that door.
JILL: Mom!
Whoa! Talk to me.
There's nothing to talk about.
The Mighty Hood! Hiding in the dark!
That was so badass! I feel like
I'm ten feet tall right now!
We were unstoppable.
We were. Maybe we shouldn't stop.
- To The Hood.
- ALL: The Hood!
JILL: You're getting it!
Looking good. So, what changed?
Guy Gisbourne getting run off.
If Sherwood's still got
some fight in it, so do I.
Mr. Prince, The Hood think they beat me.
I'm just getting started.
SPENCER: To your continued
support of the show.
PRINCE: As always, Spencer, as always.
I've gotta assure you,
the numbers are good.
Your message is getting out.
I swear it's gonna happen.
What about Sherwood?
Well, Sherwood's a different story.
You know that.
Come on, Spencer.
I'm trying to bring
paradise to New Nottingham.
You're trying to tell
me you can't sell that?
Blame the audience, John.
The peasants hear Bill 121,
they think, "Huh? Property
deal? Sherwood? Who cares?"
I should probably make my own
rap video and put that out.
It seems like that's the
only way you can get through
to anybody around here.
You asked me to keep The
Hood off of the network
and I did, John, but masked
robbers who rap about their crimes.
It's just sexy.
There's nothing sexier
than luxury, my friend.
If you want to increase your ad-buy,
- just let me know.
- Careful, Mr. Prince,
Spence wants to gin up a bidding war.
I'd never risk it.
Milton's meds are the
only thing standing between
half my audience and an early grave.
You raise their blood
pressure, we bring it back down.
Yeah, good to see you, too.
It's good of you to join us, Chet.
I'm starving. I could eat a whole pig.
Oh, damn! What is that?
You know, we're taking
Thanacea public this week.
We're rolling out a new
rejuvenating transfusion
treatment and we're
looking for investors.
I can offer premium shares
in the fastest growing
pharma company in the
country. Interested?
(LAUGHING) He's hustling
me at my own dinner.
This guy has balls.
Which is why I'm offering 15 a share.
Friends and family pricing.
Why don't you make yourself useful
and prove that all that education
wasn't a complete waste.
Go play us something.
All right.
Yeah, we really,
really 'bout that life ♪
The Hood coming in like
a thief in the night ♪
How you like that? Like that ♪
Like it when the tables turn ♪
How you like that? ♪
Like it when the tables turn ♪
We don't care 'bout ya'll making all ♪
Them little threats ♪
We come through and
show you something ♪
That you won't forget ♪
All my life, they
try to keep us down ♪
And keep us oppressed ♪
We're gonna go higher ♪
All the haters gonna be upset ♪
Yeah, we really 'about that life ♪
The Hood coming in like
a thief in the night ♪
Yeah, we really 'bout that life ♪
The Hood coming in like a ♪
I'm a Wu Tang gal myself.
In two weeks,
your department has shot a civilian,
terrorized an entire neighbourhood
and lost a fleet of drones.
So don't tie my hands
any further, Miss Mayor.
Tie your hands?
I am fending off inquiries.
If your friend Prince wasn't
so tight with the media.
This is static.
It's a Sherwood problem.
Crime in New Nottingham is down,
arrests are up.
It's funny how that always happens
when your funding is under review.
That video cost a few hundred
thousand taxpayer dollars
and the next one costs your job!
Pull up in these masks and we be ♪
Robbin', robbin', robbin' ♪
We be robbin' robbin', robbin' ♪
We be robbin', robbin' robbin' ♪
You think it's a game
but really it's not ♪
Sherwood and Forest,
we comin' in hot ♪
SHERIFF: Sherwood is
the root of the problem.
It's like hunting rats in a dump.
We need to flush them out.
You're not about to ask for
another set of drones are you?
Because it's not my fault if you
can't keep track of your toys.
I don't need them.
Not if Sherwood hands us
The Hood on a silver platter.
Show people that
supporting these thieves
is bad for their health.
You have friends,
power-brokers who can squeeze Sherwood
- in ways they won't see coming.
- Squeeze them?
That's cute.
Have you not seen how they live?
Up close. I was born in Barnsdale.
They found me in a
dumpster there, anyway.
I was raised at the orphanage,
before they tore it down.
You crawled out of a gutter.
Does that disgust you?
Not at all.
You know what I remember
most about that place?
The nuns served it five nights a week.
Freeze-dried, prison surplus.
There was this girl. Rebecca.
Big boned, twice my size,
and she couldn't get
enough of that slop.
So she took mine.
Every night.
Gravy too.
I'm frankly surprised
you let her do that.
SHERIFF: I was living on scraps.
Thought I might starve.
But then the damnedest thing happened.
Rebecca got sick.
Fainting spells, seizures.
The nuns couldn't figure it out.
The girls thought God was
punishing her wickedness.
In a few weeks, she passed, poor girl.
Are you saying that God saved you?
I'm saying you can't
taste rat poison in gravy.
Blackouts. Water shortages.
Closed shops, lost jobs.
Make Sherwood the
shame of New Nottingham.
The city will beg me to
take it off their hands.
The Hood will be high and dry.
But it's messy.
The Hood is popular.
SHERIFF: So use it.
Control the narrative,
make them the bad guys.
You could be the man who
saved Sherwood from itself.
I know just who to call.
Call yourself a prince,
but ain't no king ♪
Where's my cup?
This is my special blend for Mom.
You know, you get
meaner the older you get.
When did that drop? Looks lit.
It's got ginger and dandelion root.
Got a whole day planned for us.
I found some physio exercises online.
I just want to get back at it.
Nothing's changed.
Prince is still out there,
Sherwood's still up for grabs.
Gangsters at the door,
cops harassing my friends.
Not like no one stepped up.
(SCOFFING) You mean The Hood?
They ran The Sheriff off.
Guy Gisbourne ain't
coming back anytime soon.
You know what I like
most about The Hood?
Their humility.
They make music.
They make trouble,
and now The Sheriff has
every excuse to crack down.
Not like she needed a reason before.
You wanna be helpful?
Hospital only gave me a week of meds.
I'm out.
CROWD: I can't afford this.
I'm supposed to get this for my grandma.
Mr. Franklin. What's up?
Last week, 30 bucks
for my heart medication.
Now, it's 150.
What? That's crazy.
Please, everyone, please.
What the hell is going on?
There's nothing I can do.
Yeah, well, maybe we'll just
take our business elsewhere.
The charges apply to all medical cards
with a Sherwood and
Forest community address.
Any pharmacy in the city
will charge you the same.
It comes straight from the manufacturer.
What manufacturer?
Read it yourself. I'm sorry.
There's nothing I can do.
Yo. Something's up.
We gotta check the news.
LITTLE JOHN: What's going on?
Yo. They don't wear
shirts in the army, fam?
Go get dressed and come watch this.
SPENCER: So, you're
saying you have no choice
but to increase prices?
My drivers are family to me.
Their security costs money.
And you blame The Hood
for these disruptions?
MILTON: People are afraid, Spencer.
The Hood stole cars,
destroyed police equipment.
We can't afford business as
usual under these conditions.
But won't your increased surcharges
affect innocent people in Sherwood?
My customers mean the world to me.
But these prices are a necessary
evil as long as The Hood
remains at large, and frankly,
I think it's up to Sherwood
to take responsibility here.
The Sherwood and Forest
community will not be safe
until someone turns these outlaws in.
I'm hard-pressed to
disagree, Mr. Quayle.
MR. FRANKLIN: Damn right,
I'm mad. We're all mad.
You know what we should do?
We should occupy the pharmacy.
We should let Udai handle this one.
She ain't exactly shy
about making herself heard.
Sherwood doesn't need
a firebrand right now,
it needs leadership.
You sure you're up to
this? You need rest.
What I need is for
people to stop treating me
like I'm made of porcelain.
- Okay.
- I'm fine.
Oh, you're here. I was
just telling everyone
we should start by
occupying the pharmacy.
Udai, this isn't the pharmacy's fault.
Thanacea controls the prices.
We gotta get some traction in the press.
They're already on Thanacea's side.
There are still a few journalists
we can count on out there.
Tressie the Titan.
Just like the old days.
She's been going full-on
since she saw the news.
Any luck getting her meds?
Every pharmacy in town's the same.
Hey. We'll figure it out, okay?
Why are we dancing
around the truth here?
We know who's responsible.
It's The Hood!
Joyriding in John Prince's
car, trashing those drones.
Fighting with Guy Gisbourne.
They oughta turn themselves in!
This is Thanacea's doing
this, not those kids.
Well, they aren't exactly
helping though, are they?
Maybe they need to
think of a song first.
TRESSIE: Look, I don't
like The Hood either,
but they're still Sherwooders,
and we don't sell out our own people.
Three days, my heart pills run out.
Then so do I.
Okay, we'll figure this out. We just
We will
go to every news outlet in, umm
Tressie? Tressie, are you okay?
- I feel
- Tressie!
Mom? Mom!
Hey! Hey! Hey!
Tressie? Hey, do you know where you are?
Okay. She's passing out.
Everybody back up. Can you get me water?
- Yeah.
- Hey, Tressie.
Tressie, hey, hey. Drink this, okay?
ROBYN: We shouldn't
have brought her here.
She's resting.
She was pushing through
without pain meds.
Your mom's a tough one.
Nice way of saying
stubborn and reckless.
I looked at her 'scrips.
Blood thinners. Antibiotics.
She can't go long without them.
We gotta fix this.
Prince and princeling!
Glad you could make it.
Thought you'd want a peek
at your new investment.
Jesus, bro, are you okay?
Serena is a silver-medalist rower.
Half a pint every month and
I feel ten years younger.
Care for a sample?
Do you have anything in a blonde?
Do you wanna maybe grab
- some O.J. or a cookie later?
- Chet. Chet.
How is Sherwood taking
to the price changes?
We're cutting off their medicine,
how do you think they're taking it?
The press is on our side.
Well, they'd better be,
those ad spots cost a fortune.
Sherwood'll fold. What
choice do they have?
Let's talk next steps.
We have big plans for expansion.
Up til' now it's mostly
been patent exploitation,
but that only takes you so far.
Listen up, Chet, this is
what ambition sounds like.
You two wanna make out?
I'll just leave you alone.
Always amazes me what the
peasantry will do for beer money.
Well, those are some
sad-looking lab rats.
Jesus. What are they on?
A little music, this could be a banger.
22. That's the reaction
we're looking for. Isolate him.
I take it you're not curing cancer.
We've modified the secretions
of Sonoran Desert Toads.
300% more potent than LSD.
We're hoping to patent
it as an anti-depressant.
- Is it addictive?
- Not yet, but with a little more R&D.
Put me down for a million
shares of Thanacea.
I'll get my people to
start the paperwork.
We've got some kinks to work out.
I should've known Prince was in on this.
You okay?
I just, I gotta get this right.
I put mom in this mess.
This isn't your fault.
You've done right by
your mom, every step.
And Sherwood?
What if we are just causing trouble?
People are gonna get hurt.
This Quayle guy?
They're the ones
hurting people. Not you.
Robyn, hey,
you can't make things worse
by making things right.
Trust yourself.
I was meaning to ask you.
We should work on your wrist locks.
They're sloppy.
- Okay.
- MUCH: Hey.
- Hey.
- LITTLE JOHN: What's up?
Plans of Thanacea, courtesy
of the zoning office database.
They never change their passwords.
- What's this?
- Fire suppression. Inert gas.
Shouldn't be a problem
unless you plan on
burning down the building.
You're not going to do that, right?
The day's still young.
Where are we at?
Stealing a truck is doable.
Filling it with the right medicines?
Not gonna help Sherwood if we
show up with a crate full of Viagra.
Some people might not mind.
Dude, ew, gross.
I mean, if all we need is a list,
- I can get that.
- Mmm.
The warehouse uses
pre-assembled pallets.
In order to even know
what medicines to steal,
we need to access the
distribution system.
Can't we just, like, hack it?
Of course. But I'm not going to.
The Thanacea system is offline.
In order for me to access
it, I'd have to be on-site,
and this corporeal form is
not getting past that security.
I'm sorry. The system is closed.
A hotspot.
Something mobile we can connect to.
- Robyn finds the network junction
- And I slide in the backdoor.
- What?
Y'all are children.
Is Much right?
The facility is far too remote
for a normal cell coverage.
The hot-spot would
have to be custom-built,
- with a serious transmitter.
- I can make it happen.
We can do this.
We have to.

You wanted to see me?
I'm taking you off the street, Sergeant.
It's only been a week.
I've been behaving.
Besides, I don't really
work behind a desk.
Did I say anything about a desk?
From now on you're on special duty.
Attached to me, personally.
You go where I go, you do what I say.
No questions. No complaints.
- I was cleared.
- You think that was easy to arrange?
You're mine, Redcap.
I owned you the second
you shot that woman.
And I'll own you for
the rest of your career.
You think you're tough.
Hard. A real man.
But we both know that's a lie.
Deep down,
you just want to be led on a leash.
It ain't right, is it?
Big company skins the neighbourhood,
you gotta look like the bad guy?
If you're looking for a
discount, nothing I can do.
Oh, naw. I'm actually here to
crowdfund for the neighbourhood.
Can't give freebies either.
I understand that,
but hold on, Miss Park.
I know you're busy. You've
been here for a long time.
Show these people that
you care about them.
Help us out.
All we need to know
is how much to raise.
You sell so much of this, so
much of that in a month, right?
Just give us a ballpark.
Thanacea doesn't allow generics.
You'll have to raise a
fortune to afford all this.
Just have a little bit of faith.
What are you doing?
Are you working?
Not now, Jill.
Mom! Just stop!
Okay? You're scaring me.
And if I stop? What if
I never start again, huh?
That's the stupidest
thing I've ever heard.
Jill Scarlet, I must be in a damn coma
for you to be speaking
to your mother like that.
What are you gonna stop doing?
Fighting for Sherwood?
Keeping the neighbourhood going?
Butting heads with Robyn?
You're a freight train, Mom.
We couldn't stop you if we tried.
You'd make a terrible
nurse, you know that?
I'll get some rest.
And Jill.
If you ever talk to me like that again.
I know. I'm sorry.
You make sure to test the amperage?
You should use lithium
cells, better energy density.
'Cause I'm made of lithium.
You know, if you want me
to take over, I can just
- You got a problem, Tuck?
- This is just a little more delicate
than your usual creations.
You saying I ain't delicate?
I just thought you could use some help.
I also hacked your school records
and you weren't exactly straight-A.
Stay out of my personal shit.
No offence,
but you're human and humans are flawed.
And you're not?
One day I'll be part of the machine.
Until then, we all have our limitations.
Senior year. Shop class.
They wanted us making door hinges.
Stupid, right?
So I, uhh, I flex.
One day I come in, find a couple
cops pulling my work apart,
teacher telling them I'm making a bomb.
It was an amplifier.
Got expelled anyway.
Now, you can help save Sherwood
from the comfort of my couch.
I, um
I was mistaken.
Yeah, you were.
What's good?
Still working on those.
Should have about five minutes of air.
- This is finished.
- ROBYN: Thanks.
Plug that in and Thanacea
will be mine to control.
Now, all we need is a ride.

What, what, what, what, what ♪
What, what, what, what, what ♪
What, what, what, what, what ♪
What, what, what, what, what ♪
What, what, what, what, what ♪
What, what, what, what, what ♪

Cloned the truck fob. We're good to go.
Yeah, let's do it.
The junction box is through Wing A.
If we go now, they'll spot us.
- Give me a distraction. I'll go.
- That wasn't the plan.
If we don't go now,
we'll miss our chance.
Give me the transmitter.
- Keep our exit open, okay?
- Okay.
Okay, who's joyriding again?
- You're in?
- Yeah, I'm in the main hallway.
What am I looking for?
TUCK: Look up. Blue cable. Follow it.
You're looking for the main junction.
Okay, call you when I find it.
Intruder! Wing A!
Hey! Hey!
You'll find scrubs inside, ladies,
put them on, then we'll
proceed to testing.
Then we get paid?
And not before.
Come on, let's go!
Thanacea Labs hit the panic button.
Armed robbery and the
assailant wore a coloured mask.
Excuse me.
Anyone come through here?
Just you, perv.
You can't be in here.
Okay, security issue.
What's this?
Uh, the drug we signed up to test?
Now, just relax and let the
dermal patch takes effect,
and I'll be back shortly
to take you to our observation room.
It must be your first time here.
TUCK: Look up.
Blue cable.
You're looking for the main junction.
(ECHOING) You're looking
for the main junction.
Oh, damn.
- Think they're okay in there?
- Mmm-hmm.
Did you bring snacks on a heist?
What? Outlaws gotta eat, too.
What are those, almonds?
ALAN: Yeah.
High protein, gluten-free.
- Shit!
Yo! What do we do now?
What can we do? Beasts are everywhere.
- We've got to warn them.
- No, no, no. If we call,
it might give them away.
It's Robyn and LJ. They've got this.
Tuck, walk me through this?
TUCK: Nothing to it.
Looking for a cable marked IN/DX.
Pop our baby in there.
TUCK: Is there something wrong?
No. All good.
TRESSIE: You mean The Hood?
They make trouble.
LITTLE JOHN: I looked at her 'scripts.
- TUCK: Is something wrong?
- LITTLE JOHN: She can't go on like that.
- TUCK: Is there something wrong?
- TRESSIE: They make trouble.
It's done.
And the petty walls of man crumble
before the power of the All.
- Who saw the intruder?
- I did.
The mask. Describe it.
Uh, it had lights. It was glowing.
I think it looked like an animal.
- They had these crazy-looking cloaks on.
- I want men on every exit.
No one in, no one out.
Everyone else, weapons free.
Hey, do you need guides?
- Because we know this place pretty good.
- We've got it from here.
Tuck? Tell me we can go.
Almost there.
The medicine has been loaded.
Great. I just need to find Robyn.
- What the hell?
- Are you seeing these lights?
They taste like stars.
Hey, quiet.
Tuck. Need some cover. Like we planned.
TUCK: Almost there.
TRESSIE: It's coming.
TRESSIE: Storm's coming, Robyn.
It's coming.
And you're not ready.
I am ready. I'm gonna save you.
They'll take everything,
Robyn. Every last inch.
I won't let that happen. I'll win.
That's why you'll lose.
He looks hungry.
Robyn! Stop it!
- Hey! Hey!
What's wrong?
They gave me something.
Get your mask on. Use your air. Come on.
I've got to go get them.
The Beast. The Beast is everywhere.
- And what if they suffocated?
- What?
Dude, the breathers I made work.
All right. Get ready. I'm
gonna go look for them.
You gotta get out of here.
This gas displaces oxygen.
You'll suffocate.
We know you're in here!
Robyn. We gotta move, okay? Come on.
I'll make it worse.
For mom. For Sherwood.
Robyn, we don't have much time.
You saved your mom and
you'll save Sherwood, too.
But if we don't move now, it's over.
SHERIFF: There's nowhere to go.
You want out? You gotta go through me.
- Hey! Hey! They'll spot us.
How long can you hold your breath?
SHERIFF: There. Hands up!
- LITTLE JOHN: Let's go!
- ALAN: We're in!
COP: The suspects got away!
- Get an ambulance ASAP!
Oh, man. I thought you guys got caught.
Robyn, Robyn. Talk to me.
ALAN: Ooh. Oh, man.
That was

Mr. Franklin.
How are you feeling?
What do you want?
Your medication?
No charge.
Compliments of The Hood.
You sure you don't want some help?
I told you I'm doing it.
You told me you knew how to make stew.
Feeling better?
JILL: Georgina came by.
Gave Mom her meds.
I heard The Hood came through today.
Did some good.
They cleaned up their own mess.
Not throwing any parades quite yet.
TRESSIE: Look, Robyn.
Ditch me, smoke up
with your friends, fine.
I get it.
But Jill stepped up when I needed her
and she needed you.
I can explain.
We needed you.
Until I can work again,
we can't make rent.
It can't be like it was, Robyn.
No. I know.
What's a few more hours on the bike?
Maybe there's a new
app I could work for.
I gotta take this.
TUCK: While I was in
the Thanacea system,
I acquired certain files.
Drug formulas that Milton Quayle
was hiding to stifle generic.
Unethical volunteer trials.
I thought we should release them.
That's a huge decision.
Yes, it was.
What did you do?
TUCK: Spencer Larson's show is on.
I think you should watch it.
Those formulas were proprietary, okay?
The Hood had no right to release them.
And the revelations about
your drug testing programs?
Our volunteers were fully informed
of all potential side effects.
Be that as it may, Mr. Quayle.
Don't your investors
deserve an assurance that
Our investors are bowing to terrorism.
Plain and simple.
We were the victims
of a vicious robbery.
And the morons and cowards who refuse
to stand with us right now
can take their money
for all I care! (BLEEP)!
We'll be right back.
Morons and cowards, huh?
Not you, obviously.
I'm just saying we've got
this under control, okay?
What about the drug trials?
There are going to be
investigations, Milton.
We can tie them up in court.
We just need backing through
this transitional phase.
A further investment, say
2 million shares.
You know, Chet may be a stain,
but he never cost me 15 million.
You can go now.
Hey, Milton, uh, you need cash?
How much for some of that toad juice?
Come on. Help me out, bro. Help me out.
No DNA, no prints.
You can buy these anywhere.
At least tell me that Tressie
Loxley died of blood clots.
No such luck.
Then your next idea had
better be spectacular, Sheriff.
We came close and we learned something.
Whoever they are, The
Hood risked their lives
for the health of their neighbours.
Oh, great. So, you turned
them into local heroes to boot.
- Well done.
- Loyalty is liability.
The Hood'll do anything
to save Sherwood.
All we have to do is let them.
How you like that, like that ♪
Like it when the tables turn ♪
How you like that, like that ♪
Like it when the tables turn ♪
We don't care about y'all
making all them little threats ♪
We come through and show you ♪
Something that you won't forget ♪
All my life, they
try to keep us down ♪
And keep oppressed ♪
We gonna go higher ♪
All the haters gonna be upset ♪
Yeah, we really 'bout that life ♪
The Hood coming in like
a thief in the night ♪
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