Robyn Hood (2023) s01e05 Episode Script


ANNOUNCER: Previously on Robyn Hood
MAN: Masked robbers who
rap about their crimes.
It's just sexy.
Your department has shot a civilian,
terrorised an entire neighbourhood,
and lost a fleet of drones.
You remember my son Chet?
Are you out of your mind?!
This is the last one, Chet.
You lose this and you are
out for good, you got it?
Of course you live Campsall Abbey.
In my parent's house.
Sexy, I know.
Then I guess we've got
something in common.
Which part?
doesn't belong to you.
It is my land, my name, my legacy.
So, move in.
We take all kinds.
These people think they can just
come here and take our things?
We can stop them.
Take back what's ours.
We'll pick our fights,
and give what we steal to our people.
You medication.
Compliments of The Hood.
SHERIFF: Whoever they are,
The Hood risked their lives
for the health of their neighbours.
Oh, great. So you turn them into
local heroes to boot. Well done.
Come to my party next
month. It's going to be lit.
Listen, I'm going to
transform this place.
It's going to be It's
going to be huge, okay?
Just Just come.

MAN: Catering is right here.
Hey! Don't you see
that the sign's uneven?
Yo, listen up. Listen up.
Guys, please. Please. Come here.
We're going to have a
little conversation, okay?
This is the most
important day of my life,
which makes it the most
important day of your life, too.
This party has to be lit, okay?
Whatever my guests want,
before they even know they want it,
it's in their hand.
Boom, okay?
No eye contact, alright?
You're invisible.
Just Just do a good job, okay?
Just, please.
Okay, get back to work. Please.

Good morning, Chet.
Hey, babe.
Not my name.
Are you, um Are you coming
to my birthday dinner tomorrow
with the old man? I'll save
you a seat right next to me.
Your dad needs to reschedule.
Reschedule my birthday.
He's attending to some other matters.
Lemme guess. The Sherwood thing.
Emergency meeting with
the investors in Mercia.
- He sends his regards.
"He sends his re "
Great. Alright.

The sign is still uneven!
Are you cross-eyed or something?
Oh, my God. These people
can't get it right.
I said no eye contact!
Is my birthday some God damn joke?!
I'm going to lose my mind.


Yo. Braden!
Yeah. Yeah, I'm good. I'm good.
Hey, um, you wanna have some fun?
I've got an idea.
Yes, sir. You still got it.
My man. I miss jamming with you, Elmore.
You never miss a beat.
Yo, you gotta let me record
your music, put it online.
Yeah? You gonna make
me famous as The Hood?
It's all anyone ever
talks about these days.
What do you think about them?
They got potential.
Just hope they stay outta jail.
- Amen, brother.
- You remember this?
Ah. Don't tease, bro.
I'll try it, I'll try it.
Hopefully I don't butcher it.
Well, let's see what you
can do without a computer.
(LAUGHING) Yo, I got the knack,
- just not the fingers, okay?
- Yeah that's what the girls tell me.
Oh, this guy's hilarious.
That's all I got on me today, brother.
Appreciate you. Come
back later, we'll jam.
Alright. I'll see you later.
I'll be here.
Wait, this is Sherwood? Seriously? This?
I tried to tell you, bro.
What the
I wanna get to know these
peasants a little more.
Get a sense of that Sherwood
pride The Hood's rapping about.
There's pride in this place?
Here. Check this out, check this out.
Ay, yo, big man!
Get 'im!
- Let's go!
- Can't hear me. I said yo, come on!
We need some music for a gig.
We want that Sherwood sound.
Braden, get this on camera.
(LAUGHING) You wanna
make some real money?
Hop in. We're friendly guys.
We won't hurt. I promise.
No, thank you.
BRADEN: He said no?
I got 300 bucks.
How 'bout now?
Come on, bro. Get in the car.
Yeah, come on. Yeah.
Yeah, you!
Come on. Get in. We got
a private gig for you.
- Come on.
- MAN: Whee! Yes, sir.
Oh, he's coming.
- Whee!
- CHET: Yeah, come.
Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah?
- We got a winner!
- MAN: Come on.
Pull up in these masks and we be ♪
Robbin', robbin', robbin' ♪
We be robbin' robbin', robbin' ♪
We be robbin', robbin' robbin' ♪
You think it's a game
but really it's not ♪
Sherwood and Forest,
we comin' in hot ♪

I brought some of my mom's clothes.
Really nice stuff,
just hard for her to pull on now.
Are you sorting by size or?
My bad, yo. I was working
on this fire beat last night.
You gotta check it out.
That's been inside your ear?
Maybe another time.
What are you doing here?
I've been working your
mom's case all day.
I tried reaching her,
but it went straight to voicemail.
- Is she around?
- She's at physio.
Anything I can to pass on?
Everything's fine, it's just
there's a lot to catch her up on,
but she never seems to slow down, huh?
Doesn't know how.
How are you holding up?
Finding ways to stay busy, you know?
Like this clothing drive.
I've aced every job interview
I've ever worn this in.
My mom should be around tomorrow.
Tomorrow. Um
I'm actually unavailable tomorrow.
If we could do
Are you hurt? What's going on?
Yo, Elmore!
You good?
Yo, yo. Talk to me, bro. What happened?
Welcome back to the vlog,
guys. We want energy, let's go!
We've got a special guest.
- Introduce yourself to the people.
- Elmore.
- MAN: Elmore.
- Let's go, show 'em.
- MAN: Can you even play?
Oh, look at him. I see
that. Okay. Keep playing.
Let's go. Sherwood talent, baby.
- Let's go!
- Yeah!
More energy, please. Louder!
Please. I've played
everything you asked me to.
- Just give me the cash.
- CHET: I'll give you $200 for the guitar.
- ELMORE: It's not for sale.
- CHET: Uh, $500.
ELMORE: I can't. I-I need it.
Uh, $1000.1000 bucks,
guys. What do we think?
About $1000!
MAN: 1000 bucks. Can
he even count that high?
Give me the guitar or
give me the cash, man.
Give me the guitar, ma No! No!
MAN: Oh, my God. You
gonna cry, little man?
CHET: Sherwood's about
15 miles that way.
MAN: Oh, you better start walking.
They just left him there?
Yo, I saw Elmore this morning.
I should've stayed, I
could've I could've
Stop. This isn't your
fault. It's Chet's.
We need to hurt him.
- Make him pay.
- Yo. That's not what we do.
What is it we do then?
Because last I checked
y'all were cool to forget
about the music, just be outlaws.
Stealing cars, smashing drones,
robbing a pharma company.
That was different. Our
people needed medicine.
Elmore is our people!
Chet needs a box, but
(SIGHING) Elmore's just one guy.
If they hurt one of us,
they hurt all of us, right?
ROBYN: Maybe he's right.
This isn't just Elmore.
They think they can do
whatever they want to us.
Sherwood believes in us now.
Chet thinks no one can touch him,
so we prove him wrong.
Show him Sherwood is under protection.
There's a party tomorrow at Chet's.
It's all over New Nott goss.
When I made a delivery
to The Monarch Building,
Chet invited me to his birthday.
Maybe we make an appearance.
Rich kid like him must be
gettin' some dope stuff, right?
Let me get this straight.
Y'all wanna rob
Prince's penthouse again?
That's literally returning
to the scene of the crime.
He took everything Elmore had.
The least we can do is spoil his party.
Plus, and I'm just sayin'
there could be free food.
Well, who can say no to that?
You decent?
ROBYN: Never, but come in.
Where you been hiding that?
Help me out.
I dreamt of me and you ♪
Woke up wondering ♪
About Thanacea.
I don't know if you remember,
'cause you were
High out of my skull?
I can't begin to hide ♪
All the way that I'm feeling ♪
So, you knew what you were doing?
That whole thing, all the crazy?
You were the only part that made sense.
Melt into you ♪
Ooh, yeah, I wanna ♪
We can't just be here, can we?
Crimes to commit.
Duty calls.
And after?
I can't wait.

Are you sure he's gonna let you in?
Yeah. Dude took one look
at me in my bike clothes,
he was all over me. He's thirsty.
You gonna defend my honour?
And mess up my fit?
Hey, Much. Last chance
to go as a couple.
- Imma hit you.
- Okay.
Alan? Did your guy come through?
Yeah, my guy's doing the catering for
this li'l shindig, he's
letting us do a shift.
Please, do not get these dirty.
So what, y'all get to go in
style while the rest of us
get to be the help?
Do you wanna swap?
- Yeah, nah.
- Okay.
Alright. We get in, keep our heads down,
scope out the place,
find where the gifts are.
Whatever Chet's friends give him,
I bet it's in there.
- ALAN: Okay.
Alright. Shall we?

When'd they get all up on each other?
I guess it was bound to happen.
Cause what we need right
now is complications.
(GROANING) Tell me about it.

This is a nice room when we're
not fighting for our lives.
Not bad for a first date, huh?
Play your cards right,
might not be your last.
Oh, yeah?
Uh, we're still on the job, aren't we?
Come on, LJ. Live a little.
Gold-flaked dynamite roll?
These people eat more
money than we could steal.
Any sign of birthday boy?
Not yet. Who misses
their own birthday party?
Well, we can't just stand
around being conspicuous.
We should split up. Time to blend in.
Good luck.
Robyn? What are you doing here?
What are you doing here?
So, what, are you
friends with Chet Prince?
No! We went to the same prep school.
Everyone gets an invite.
I always throw mine in the trash.
So what changed?
Your mom's case.
I'm looking for evidence.
Proof that Prince
and the Sheriff are in bed together.
No one can know, okay?
So, why are you here?
I was invited.
Chet didn't know who I was.
I wanted to see Prince's crib.
See how he lives, you know?
Okay. Look, us being
here is a legal nightmare.
One of us needs to leave.
- I agree.
- Alright.
Okay, then, we should
at least work together.
Two pairs of hands,
we'll finish in no time.
- I said, two pairs of hands
- No, I know, it's just It's a
Never mind. What's your plan?
MUCH: There's Alan.
Thought we were supposed
to be dressed as the help.
Just to get in.
We have a problem.
Marian's here, okay?
We can't do this with her looking.
We need to get her somewhere else.
You could use, uh, your feminine wiles.
- Alan!
- She made me look!
Welcome to my party, bitches!
Whoo! Yeah! Yeah!
Yeah, let's go, you tools!
Let's go! Let's go!
Turn the music off!
Who's your lord and sovereign, right?
Hope you got me something nice.
If you didn't, well, I
hope you're hot enough
to make it up to me.
Where's my shit? Where's it at?!
Oh, great. Another one of these.
I'll add it to my list. Thanks.
No, Melanie, it's great.
You know what? It's fantastic actually.
Thank you so much.
I just Can I get a
drink or something, please?
This is bumming me out.
Are we just wait for him
to murder the concept of fun
before we make a move?
Gifts are going in there.
We've gotta grab 'em while we can.
CHET: Wow. More art.
What's our play here?
I'll make a distraction,
get all eyes out here.
- You guys do your thing.
- CHET: Thank you, though.
I'll meet you later.
- CHET: Geez. Next!
- We'll need a record.
With heat.
I got you covered.
CHET: Okay, okay. Stop. You know what?
I don't know what to say,
but I'm loving the thought behind it.
You better be right behind us.
I don't like leaving you here alone.
I won't be. Marian's here.
I think she's on to
something about my mom's case.
I'm gonna help her.
You've got this, okay?
CHET: Is this a diamond
iced out phone case, really?
Just wait for my signal.
- CHET: Who buys this shit? But thanks.
- What signal?
CHET: Who the hell
does cufflinks anymore?
- Huh?
Whoever got me this, just leave.
Thank you.
Oh, my God. I'm so grateful.
Truly touched. Thank you.
Hey. You're back.
Wanna help me start this party?
Just come on. Follow my lead.
All my life I had to hustle ♪
You don't know about the struggle ♪
Came apart ♪
The streets ain't nice for me ♪
Grant me no royalty ♪
Yeah, we came up so hard ♪
Gotta get it how you live,
it ain't no peace where I live ♪
Ooh, came apart ♪
The streets ain't nice for me ♪
Grant me no royalty ♪
Yeah, we came up so hard ♪
Gotta get it how you live,
it ain't no peace where I live ♪
Ooh, set a hook and feel lonely ♪
Can't turn my back on it ♪
I gotta rise up, rise up, rise up ♪
What you know about poverty? ♪
Hunger in my soul, starving ♪
While you worry 'bout your wrist ♪
I'm tryna hit a lick ♪
Loyalty over royalty ♪
I'll take your bag,
bring it back to me ♪
And this game ain't for the weak ♪
Only thing missing
from this picture is me.
Came apart ♪
I should go in there, right?
The streets ain't nice for me ♪
Grant me no royalty ♪
Yeah, we came up so hard ♪
Gotta get it how you live,
it ain't no peace where I live ♪
Ooh, came apart ♪
The streets ain't nice for me ♪
Grant me no royalty ♪
Yeah, we came up so hard ♪
Gotta get how you live, it
ain't no peace where I live ♪

It's just empty boxes.
Where are the presents?
Oh, we've got a problem.
This guy put the presents in a safe?
Doesn't he trust his friends?


LITTLE JOHN: Much, hurry
up. This is taking too long.
I'm a mechanic, not a safe cracker, man.
What the hell are you guys (GRUNTING)
Oh, my God. Oh, my God.
MUCH: Oh, my God.
Oh, my God.
If we dip
and he wakes up, he's going to call the
beast before we even
make it out of the building.
He won't be out for long.
Gotta get him out of here.
MUCH: If Robyn and
Marian are found here,
it'll be trouble for Tressie's case.
He hasn't seen our faces yet.
Grab his feet.

Chet's just, uh,
sending the throne back.
Apparently, it's the wrong colour.
So, uh, we just kidnapped
John Prince's son.

Let me guess.
Ballet school.
Oh, please. No. I was into show jumping.
- Oh.
- I wanted to go to the Olympics,
and then I turned eight.
I guess the rhythm got the best of me.
You like 'em? The Hood?
I mean, don't you?
Rappers in animal masks?
What do you see in them?
They're bold, mysterious, sexy.
They're doing right,
they don't care who knows it.
Long as no one knows their names.
Right, cause mystery's such a turn-off.
All I need to know is they made
John Prince look like an ass
in front of the entire city.
You know
You're not what I expected.
I've been through a few things.
Things that nearly broke me.
But you?
You're dealing better
than I ever could have.
Thank you.
You know, I haven't danced
like that in a long time.
Shame. You're a natural.
I think I know where Prince's office is.
We need to be quick.

the rest of the building.
Make sure we're alone.
You couldn't find somewhere
a little less creepy?
Like a doll factory or
a meat packing plant?
ALAN: This place's been
out of commission for years.
You wanted somewhere safe, this is safe.
CHET: Wait a minute.
Did-did-did Declan and Braden
hire you guys to do this?
Yo, shut your ass up.
Oh, man. That's exciting.
Oh, I'm in trouble tonight!
Come on, what's going on?
Aren't you guys supposed to
Come on, bro. Laugh or something.
I keep telling you, I ain't your bro.
Wait. Is this for real?!
What are you guys going to do to me?
Help! Somebody help!
We're not going to hurt you, Chet.
We're just gonna hold
you for a little while.
Do you have any idea what
my dad's gonna do to you?
Yo, your dad probably
has kidnapping insurance.
Matter of fact, he'll probably
make a lot of money off of you.
- yeah.
- ALAN: Chet
Relax, man!
This is just to give you a little taste
of your own medicine.
Who the hell is Elmo?
Who's Elmo?
The man you kidnapped yesterday.
Can you believe this guy?
Just watch him.
- ALAN: So, Chet.
What should we talk about?

Prince's office.

Hold up.

Really? You bought actual lock-picks?
Had a client who recommended them.
This client get caught?
Well, of course, or else
- Right.
- Credit card.

No burner phone.
No polaroids.
VOICEMAIL: Hey, it's
Robyn. Leave a message.
She's not answering.
Must still be with Marian.
I never seen Alan like this.
He okay?
Alan dragged me to this, uh,
EDM show once.
Uh, this guy in the crowd
got creepy, grabbed my ass.
I handled it, but it sucked, you know?
- Mm.
- Later that night I saw the guy in tears,
somebody smashed up his
car, popped his tires.
Alan did that?
No better friend. No worse enemy.
Question is, are you okay?
- You're jealous of Marian, aren't you?
- Oh, come on.
We both saw that dance.
Hell, I'm still flushed.
Look, Robyn's just playing her.
- Wish someone'd play me like that.
- Yo, you wanna focus up, here?
What are we going to do with Chet?
How much you spend on that party?
- A millie?
300K, I think.
Yeah, I'm not that stupid.
But you are, though.
Ah, get me out of here.
Ay, listen up, man.
What you did in that video.
Oh, yeah. The video.
That was That's good.
That shit wasn't cool, man.
Right. I'm sorry, uh
- I'm sorry about Elmo.
- Elmore!
Right. You know, I just
got carried away, man.
I, like, he was cool to
me, so I gave him a ride
Elmore was my guy.
- No, I get that.
- Do you?
You can have anything you want,
whenever you want it,
and that shit means nothing to you.
No, no, no.
We're just a joke to you.
Not so funny now, are we?
Hang on.
His computer.
What do I do?
I'm not an expert, but I
think you need a password.
Here. I'll do the digital.
Got a friend who could
crack that in his sleep.
You should have brought him.
He's too cool for this crowd.
You think they'd like me? Your friends?
Not my friends I'd worry about.
What's that mean?
I don't know. You're not
A Sherwooder?
Come on. You don't have
to do any of this stuff.
You're all horseback
riding and parties and
Reeking privilege from every pore?
Wasn't gonna say it.
You're right. I'm sorry.
I just see people suffering.
Change the world before it changes you.
My dad used to say that.
Sounds like my mom.
(CHUCKLING) Yeah. Condescending, huh?
But considering where we're
standing, I'll take it.
He a lawyer too? Your dad?
He passed a few years ago actually.
I'm sorry.
Imagine if he could see me now.
(CLEARING THROAT) So, I'm guessing
the password isn't "I love Chet?"
Elmore's music is everything to him.
It's his soul.
He's got nothing without that guitar.
Without it, he's
- Listen to me, man!
(SIGHING) He's just invisible.
And you took it away from
him like it was a joke.
I mean, can't he just,
like, buy a new one?
Like, who cares, dude? It
was just a stupid guitar.
Shitwooders can't take a joke.
What'd you say? Shitwood?
No, no, no. No, no! No!
MUCH: I mean, you can't blame Robyn.
Marian's a baddie.
You gotta admit it, you gotta
Let's go.
Holy shit. What?
Okay, okay, okay. Come on.
Come on, come on. Come
on, pick up, pick up.
Braden! Braden! I'm
in deep trouble, man.
Don't Don't call the cops.
My dad'll find out, just
come pick me up, alright?
Where is Chet, anyway?
I don't know. I haven't seen him.
Are you kidding me right now? Braden!
Best birthday present ever, eh?
A night without his whiny ass.
Hey, yo. Take a pic.
Alright. (LAUGHING)
All peasants bow down to your new king.
Chet the basic!
Will you be my friend? Will you?
Oh, oh. I'll pay you!
Dude, come on.
You telling me you'd hang
with him if he wasn't loaded?
BRADEN: Don't post this.
Chet'll tell daddy on you.
DECLAN: As if his dad could give a shit.
Okay, look. All this Chet talk,
it's just killing my vibe, alright?
So, let's just go have some
fun before he gets back, man.
- Come on.
- Okay.
Let's go.

Hey. No. Chill, bro. Chill.
Sorry, sorry! I overreacted!
(SIGHING) Don't make me run again.
How's it going?
Don't tell me it's all porn.
Actually, I kind of wish it was.
It would mean I got
past his security system.
You mean this was a waste of time?
I don't know about that.
I mean, I had fun.
BRADEN: Yo, let's go
check out this room!
What do we do?
Yeah, yeah. This is where
Prince keeps the good stuff.


We should go.
Yeah. We should.
ROBYN: What was that?
You good?
Yeah. Let's go.

LITTLE JOHN: Where is he?
MUCH: Damn! What'd you do?
ALAN: Nothing! He tripped!
- CHET: God
- ALAN: He tripped!
You alright, man?
Are you kidding me?
Are you just gonna leave me down here?
MUCH: It's tempting.
I'm a Prince. I deserve respect, right?
ALAN: Gotta give some to get some, Chet.
What do you guys want from me?
Look, I'll never step
foot into Shitwood again.
I promise.
Wait, wait, wait! Wait! Don't
Don't leave, please. Please.
Oh, God. I'm a piece of shit, man.
I get it. I know it.
I just I had to know
what was so important about
Sherwood to my dad.
I just had to see it.
And Elmore, I'm sorry. I
thought nobody would care.
I'm sorry.
ALAN: (SIGHING) Come on, guys.
Wh What are you guys doing?
MUCH: Happy birthday, shithead.
LITTLE JOHN: Told you we're
not going to hurt you, Chet.
We're going to make you
walk home to your friends.
- Just like you did to Elmore.
They're not my friends.
They're not my friends.
They just, um,
wanna hang out with
me for the private jet,
the Ibiza raves, the bottle service,
but, uh, the truth is they hate my guts.
I'm a joke to them.
Guys, I got an idea.
I know how you can make it up to Elmore.
Everyone get up. Party's not over.
I just wanna give y'all
a shoutout for coming.
You know being with
friends on your birthday.
Huh? Who could ask for more?
I got something for you. You know why?
'Cause real friends are priceless,
and I would do anything for them.
I would do anything. So
Who wants to be
in The Hood's new video!?
Yeah? Yeah? Yeah?!
- Shut up!
- Alright, baby.
Pretend like you're being robbed.
I come in and crash the party ♪
The fun's just getting started ♪
CHET: Give 'em all the ice you got.
Pull up in this mask and
we be robbin', robbin' ♪
More! Don't be stingy.
- Robbin', robbin', robbin' ♪
- Woo! Yeah!
You think it's a game,
but really it's not ♪
Sherwood and Forest,
we comin' in hot ♪
You think it's a game
but really it's not ♪
Sherwood and Forest,
we comin' in hot ♪
What you got now we
got you on the spot? ♪
Like a party, it's getting hot ♪
Take your bull straight off the lot ♪
Crashing the party,
it's me and the team ♪
Ain't nothin' nice,
we comin' in mean ♪
Crashin' the party,
it's me and the team ♪
Ain't nothing nice,
we comin' in mean ♪
Put everything that
you got in the bag ♪
Get to The Hood,
and take from the bad ♪
Gimme the jewels and all of the cash ♪
Give to The Hood, and
take from the bad, yeah ♪

Cash in the bag when
I clear out the room ♪
I need the bag with
a pair of the, ah ♪

That was so sick, bro.
Yo, how'd you get The Hood?
Bro, you're the real king.
So, uh
How do we get our stuff back?
Party's over. Everyone out.
What? What's he talking about?

Situations ♪
That are out of our control ♪
That is going to look so good on you.
A bag of clothes showed up this
morning in the donation bin.
- Care of The Hood.
- Hm.
Good work, even if I'm not in the video.
- Would've been better if you were in it.
- Hey.
I know. Music ain't
everything. I get it.
I know Elmore is your
friend, but are you okay?
When I was a kid,
there wasn't really
much I could rely on.
Lost some folks.
People that really mattered.
But the music I could
hold on to, you know?
Couldn't no one take that away from me.
I just couldn't stand the
thought of Elmore losing that.
I hope you know how much
I appreciate what you do
for the group. You're
the heart of this, man.
I appreciate you. You're
the head, you know?
I know it's hard.
Come on. (LAUGHING)
Yo! Elmore with the drip, my man!
- New guitar?
- Like I've been given my arm back.
- Whoo!
- I owe The Hood, man.
- Man.
- Nice.
You look good! Let's go jam, fam.
Look at the blazer. He's blinged out!
Yes, my boy! Whoo!
Hey. What's up?
I've been thinking about yesterday.
Maybe this is out of
line, but I had fun.
We make a good team.
You're a great actor.
We needed cover to scope Prince's place.
Mission accomplished.
I should I'll see you around.

What did she want?
I don't know.
But I'm not sure that we can trust her.
I come in and crash the party ♪
The fun's just getting started ♪
Skirt off in your Maserati,
pull up in this mask ♪
And we be robbin', robbin',
robbin', robbin', robbin' ♪
Robbin, robbin, robbin,
robbin, robbin, robbin ♪
Robbin, robbin',
robbin', robbin' ♪
You think it's a game,
but really it's not ♪
Sherwood and Forest,
we comin' in hot ♪
You think it's a game
but really it's not ♪
Sherwood and Forest,
we comin' in hot ♪
We take our turns,
put that thing in a row ♪
We take our turns,
put that thing in a row ♪
We take our turns,
put that thing in a row ♪
We take our turns,
put that thing in a row ♪
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