Robyn Hood (2023) s01e06 Episode Script


VOICEOVER: Previously on Robyn Hood
Welcome to my party, bitches!
Rich kid like him must be
getting some dope stuff.
Y'all want to rob
Prince's penthouse again?
ROBYN: We get in, scope out the place,
find where the gifts are,
- Marian.
- Robyn.
What are you doing here?
You know that we run the club ♪
Run the, run the, run the club ♪
You're jealous of Marian, aren't you?
He a lawyer, too? Your dad?
Uh, he he passed a few years ago.
- ROBYN: What was that?
MARIAN: Nothing.
I've been thinking about yesterday.
We make a good team.
What did she want?
I don't know. But I'm not
sure that we can trust her.
We're not gonna hurt you, Chet.
Y'all have a Lionheart Day?
Best block party in the city,
but it could always be bigger.
ROBYN: Look I've only been
in Sherwood a few years.
How much should I be worrying?
He's the one who killed Lionheart.
Put the gun down.
No, Little John!
GUS: Soft until the end.
You're making a mistake, all right?
These are good people.
They'll fight you.
of here and don't come back.
Tough day, amigo?
Do I know you, Officer?
Let's talk about The Hood.
What's good, Sherwood?!
- Yeah!
Welcome to our annual Lionheart Day!
I gotta hear you roar!
Whoo! Okay! Okay! Yeah! Yeah!
And don't forget, try those doubles
over at Ms. Mbatha's table
before Ms. Mearl eats 'em
all. You know what I mean?
All right, y'all, go show some
love to the Forest, all right, y'all?
Vibe out, have a great time, okay?
Much love and welcome.
Let's go, DJ!

I only got one life ♪
And I do what I like, it be my life ♪
Hey. Need help?
I'm good.
So? What are you thinking
of your first Lionheart Day?
Sherwood's having a good time,
keeping the peace,
being decent to everyone.
Lionheart woulda loved it.
So, why do you look like
some kid stole your ice-cream?
Just a lot to think about, lately.
I thought we were somewhere good.
Now, you're doing this?
Doing what?
you know, being here brings a lot back,
puts me in my own head.
So, tell me about it.
Yeah. Sure. Um, later.
I've, uh been thinking about Marian.
She was working her own angle.
All that stuff about helping
my mom must have been a lie.
I don't know. She did seem
pretty into you at the party.
- I know you were playing her.
- We were playing each other.
If I don't keep this thing bouncy,
these kids are gonna eat me alive.
I'll see you later.
Some people they don't trust them ♪
Don't waste time, don't fight them ♪
I'm working for my pay ♪
If y'all don't come my way,
I don't care what you say ♪
Hey, remember to put some
veggie burgers on the grill.
Remember last year and the only
vegan option we had was lettuce?
That can't be all the
paper towels, baby girl.
I know I saw some in the back. Go check.
There you are.
Things staying civil out there?
Everyone's having a good time.
They know the rules. Relax.
I'm glad you're here to
help keep it that way.
People from all over
the city are out there.
Just 'cause they're welcome
doesn't mean they behave.
A day of second chances.
Lionheart all over.
I'm very glad to hear it.
Ms. Loxley.
Pleasure as always.
Mr. Prince, if this
is your idea of a joke,
it's in some bad taste.
I'd want to talk peace,
to find a resolution
to our little dispute.
I have a van waiting outside that'll
take you to the Monarch Building.
You're kidding, right?
You think my mom's just
going to go with you?
- After you sent the cops
- Even if
I was interested
in some sort of compromise,
why would I ever believe
that you're for real?
Because The Hood kidnapped my son,
last week, from his own birthday party.
He was returned, but
this cannot go on.
I would like to talk.
Pull up in these masks and we be ♪
Robbin', robbin', robbin' ♪
We be robbin' robbin', robbin' ♪
We be robbin', robbin' robbin' ♪
You think it's a game
but really it's not ♪
Sherwood and Forest,
we comin' in hot ♪
You never put out the China.
Now, we're doing it for John Prince?
You're the one that didn't
want me going to his penthouse.
- Because he's dangerous.
- What's he gonna do?
Murder me in front of my own lawyer?
I came as soon as I could.
Marian, good timing.
MARIAN: Tressie. You
look ready for a fight.
Hey, Robyn. Quite a day, huh?
Crazier by the minute.
Robyn, don't you see?
Everything I've been fighting for,
the solution could be
right in front of us.
How can I pass that up?
What if he's lying?
I'm sure he is.
But I've got ways to keep him honest.
My agenda.
Everything I planned for
Lionheart Day, do not deviate.
I'm counting on you.
Things go sideways, you call me.
I'll come running.
Robyn, I know this is crazy,
but we have to hear him out,
show The Mayor Sherwood wants peace.
What we did at Prince's penthouse
A mistake, I get it.
I just
It was a lot.
Can I trust you, Marian?
Take care of my mom today.
Right. Sure.
Let him in, Robyn.
When I heard you were
taking on Tressie's case,
I have to say, I was surprised.
Pro bono, Mr. Prince. Luck of the draw.
Mr. Prince? Since when?
Since I started representing
one of your victims.
- Victims?
- Hold on. You two know each other?
I went to school with Mr.
Prince's son a long time ago.
She's being modest.
She was the valedictorian, and she was
the head of every club you can imagine.
Why don't we get to business?
Hit it in the DM, and
I slide in like so ♪

He's cute, isn't he?
Won't see me complaining.
Gross. David's sixteen.
No. I meant LJ. Forget it.
Can you make sense of
this chicken scratch?
Are these arts tables?
Food vendors. Mom's got a shorthand.
So, how's it going up there?
Wish I knew. Mom sent
me down to play host.
Hey, Mom trusted you with Lionheart Day.
These are the last to go topside.
Are you hungry?
Yeah, I could eat.
How's it going?
We're all set up.
Look, um, Robyn, about Marian
Way ahead of you.
You stole her keys?
ROBYN: Let's hope she
didn't wipe the USB.
We get what was on Prince's laptop,
we find out what she's been hiding.
These are delicious. Are
they homemade, Tressie?
By Mrs. Soriano.
She lives upstairs, apartment 421.
She's a baker?
Her job is cleaning toilets
at one of your properties.
You know I used to come
here When I was a child.
You scoff.
When the towers were being built,
I would stand beside my father
and watch them pouring the concrete.
If you pull the wallpaper back,
you might even find some
of my crayon-markings.
Let's lay our cards
on the table, shall we?
Next week, when Bill 121 is passed,
the city is going to
sell me these towers
and all the land around them,
and you're all going to be evicted.
Is that what you want?
The council won't pass that bill.
And I think you know that
or you wouldn't be here.
Why take that chance, Tressie?
I am willing to provide
new homes for you
in developments all around the city.
You avoid homelessness.
I don't have to look like the bad guy.
It's the shoe fits.
If I came to your penthouse
and offered you money
to leave, would you?
For the right price, yes.
Of course.
Because you're alone
up there, aren't you?
Home is just square
footage for a man like you.
Well, Sherwood is more
than just apartments.
It's more than brick and concrete.
It's the people. We're a community.
So, what gives you the right
to just tear that all down
and scatter us to the wind?
Because you're rich and we're poor?
So, you can make a buck?
My father's legacy
Is not our problem.
If the city votes to
sell them, so be it.
But we're not going to
make this easy for you.
We are not for sale.
Well, then, why did
you invite me up there?
Because we do agree on one thing:
This has gone too far and
we need to find a solution.
- So, I've invited some help.
Mayor Lee, what is this?
Well, Lionheart Day is a great photo op.
Tressie, you've been a pain in my ass,
as usual.
My staff has begged me
to block your number.
Nice to see you too, Rachelle.
When you told my office Prince was here,
I half thought you were joking.
No joke.
I need you to make
sure he's on the level.
You are on the level,
aren't you, Mr. Prince?
Okay, we'll play it your way.
Madam Mayor.
These are excellent. You should try one.
Something 'bout your energy, energy ♪
It's just a shame, really.
Backstage, it's so fire,
and The Hood's nowhere to be seen.
I have a whole light
show ready to go, okay?
My friends.
- Hey!
- Oh, man!
- You made it.
- I brought snacks for your neighbours.
You have some beetles,
crickets, some grasshoppers, mealworms.
Maybe the kids would like to try.
These are grasshoppers?
Cinnamon and sugar, my favourite.
Yo, Tuck, what's the weirdest
meal you've ever eaten?
- Yo. What?
- Yo. Allow me, fam.
ROBYN: Tuck!
Had a chance to grab some grub?
He brought his own. (CHUCKLING)
Tuck, got a job for you.
I need to know what's on this.
Marian took it from Prince's laptop.
If it's from John Prince's laptop,
then it's bound to be encrypted.
Can you make it not?
I can.
I'll need a place to work.
Much? Can you help Tuck?
Yo, LJ! Got a big moment coming up, eh?
- You ready?

Give it up for Alvaro, everybody!
Y'all peep the shoes,
though? Oh my God. Damn.
All right, now, please give it up
for Lionheart's favourite cub
Little John!
You got this, bro.
All right. Thanks, Alan.
People think
Lionheart taught Sherwood how to fight.
But he also taught us how to do better,
to ourselves and to each other.
It's time for someone to step up
- and pass it on to the next generation.
- Right on. Right on.
Are you sure you're qualified though?
Because you're training ended
a little prematurely, didn't it?
Yeah, I'm qualified to bust your ass.
Can't a father and his little girl
enjoy Lionheart Day
without threats of violence?
You still carry your
daddy's gun in there?
No, but I got some concealer,
so you can fix your face.
I'm gonna give y'all ten seconds
'fore I drag you out of here.
Oh? And make ol' Lionheart
roll in his grave?
Keep his name out your mouth.
Stop it.
You know the rule.
This is Lionheart Day. Anyone's welcome.
No. You can't be serious.
I've got John Prince in my
living room right now, LJ.
Since you're a slow learner,
I'mma spell it out for you:
You do anything I don't like,
I'mma put you in the ground.
Test me, see if I'm joking.
Go get something to eat.
Take care of her. I'm
gonna buy jewellery.
I'm thirsty.
MARIAN: We're still waiting
on a counter offer, Mr. Prince.
Look at this place.
New apartments are a third of this size.
This was meant to be luxury housing.
So, Sherwood's nicer than we deserve?
- I didn't say that.
- Okay, please. Both of you.
We are here to find common ground.
Tressie, if Bill 121 passes,
Prince gets Sherwood,
whether you like it or not.
And any councillor
who votes for that bill
is gonna have the worst campaign
re-election of their life.
You will still be out of a home.
And if it doesn't pass, Mr. Prince,
you will be out an
enormous amount of capital.
Isn't that true?
So, let's find a compromise,
something that gets us all what we need.
We have everything we need.
Really, Tressie?
Sherwood is one of the most
underserved neighbourhoods in the city.
We make do.
Without a tax base, you will
always be last to the trough.
PRINCE: Exactly.
It's the tragedy of the commons;
No one cares about what they don't own.
Oh, is that what you want?
- To own us?
- MAYOR LEE: Okay.
We're not going to get anywhere
without a little bit of trust.
With all due respect, Mayor Lee,
if you want to talk about trust,
we need to discuss the
charges against my client,
charges brought on Mr. Prince's behalf.
Well, the Sheriff is
anything if not dogged.
This is what you do:
Harass, defame, destroy.
Tressie has suffered enough.
Talk to the Sheriff,
withdraw your complaint,
have the charges dropped.
If you want trust,
let's start there.
Let's take a walk, Gisbourne.
Boss wants to see you.
Sure you don't want to go down there?
Get some food, listen to some music
I think it'll be okay if you
leave it alone for a few minutes.
Would you leave your baby unattended?
Baby? As if. Your gear?
You can set it and forget it.
My implants make my
interface with my computer
a transcendental experience,
an amalgamation of The All,
the digital and the flesh.
Walking away from that connection
- is impossible.
- Bruh, it's Lionheart Day.
Why you acting all
philosophical n' shit?
That does smell good, though.
The decryption worked.
Wait, is that?
Robyn is not going to like this.
Sheriff, are you there?
You're withdrawing your
complaint against Tressie Loxley?
We want the charges dropped
obstruction, conspiracy,
inciting violence.
An apology would be nice.
SHERIFF: Over my dead body.
Madam Mayor, my department has
invested considerable resources
Persecuting a victim of police
misconduct and brutality.
If you insist, Mayor, I'll
put the case into review.
But I strenuously object.
I'm sure you do. Get it done.
I need to talk to Marian.
Can it wait?
You tell me.
I'll just be a minute. Sorry.
I thought we had a deal.
Yachts? Beach house vacations?
Expensive resorts?
- Prince your sugar daddy?
- No. God, no.
Well, my friend's been
looking through these files
and you know what he found?
Payments made to accounts in your name.
How much has Prince paid
you to throw my mom's case?
I swear to you, it is not like that.
Then, what is it?
Because, right now, I
just see some rich gal
trying to screw my family.
I would never do anything
to hurt Tressie or you.
My mom catches a charge
and a lawyer just drops out of the sky?
You assigned yourself
to her case, didn't you?
Yes, but it wasn't to hurt you.
So, if this ain't
about Prince or my mom,
what are you doing?
John Prince killed my father.
Him and Prince, they met in college.
They were friends, business partners.
My father handles legal
affairs for Monarch for years.
You worked for Monarch?
You said he was some kind of crusader.
That was after.
There's a project Prince started,
something secret, something
to do with Sherwood.
Sherwood? How?
All I know is it's scared him.
He quit working for Monarch,
tried to make up for the
things that he had done.
Prince thought that he would talk.
And when he couldn't be
bought, he destroyed his life.
He'd ginned up scandals.
He got him disbarred.
My mom left him. He started drinking.
He he killed himself.
And the money?
After Dad was gone,
there wasn't much left.
Prince stepped in.
He pretended he was taking care of me.
He wanted me on a leash, Robyn.
I thought it was the smartest
thing to just take the money,
pretend that I wasn't a threat.
He cut me off the night
I took your Mom's case.
I am here to help, I always was.
You lied to us and you used us,
and I can't let that slide.

- TRESSIE: Where's Marian?
- ROBYN: She had to go.
Her things
I'll get them to her.
There was a family emergency.
You guys can postpone, right?
No, we can't.
Bill 121 votes next week.
Either we have a deal
today or we have nothing.
Well, I'm not going anywhere.
I asked you to manage Lionheart Day.
What are you even doing here?
Are we expecting anyone else?
So I want Sherwood without the
headache, and you want stay put.
Now, I have agreed
to drop the complaint.
So, can we please, please,
please take this seriously?
What if
What if there was a way for
you to get your new development
and we could keep our homes.
Fine. I'm listening.
What the hell happened to you?
Someone let Ms. Mbatha set
up shop next to Ms. West.
They started beefing over
who stole whose doubles recipe.
I had to separate them like
a couple of three-year-olds.
They're beefing about that again?
They never stopped!
You'd know that if
you took Lionheart Day
as seriously as mom does.
You want to tell me something?
Who's been with Mom since she
got home from the hospital,
nursing her, picking up the slack?
While you're off doing
whatever you want.
- It's not like that.
- Sure feels like it.
I'm tryin'.
There's things you don't know about.
'Cause you won't tell me.
You could have just called.
My men enjoy their work.
- Care to explain this?
- GUY: This?
They think I'm coming to Sherwood naked?
How stupid do you think I am, huh?
Updating by the minute.
When your man Redcap
picked me up, I was
The Hood had just put
an arrow in your shoulder
and made a music video about you?
Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
Besides, you're still in probation.
I can have you back in
a four-by-eight tonight.
I crash the party like you ask me to,
I stir them up, nothing happens.
What else do you want me to do, huh?
Ow! Ow! Ow! Ow! Ow! Ow! Ow! Ow! Ow!
I want Sherwood at a boiling point.
You shoot somebody, it all goes to hell.
I need monsters, not victims.
I was promised Guy Gisbourne
menace, wild man.
So far, all I've got is disappointment.
I'm not a miracle worker.
No. You're the most
hated man in Sherwood.
Use it!
- What's your name, young man?
- What's up, y'all?
My name is Allen. I'm today's emcee.
And what does Lionheart
Day mean to Sherwood?
Oh, yo, Lionheart was the man, okay?
He taught us how to
take care of ourselves,
- how to defend ourselves.
- He was a gang leader.
Oh, not what I said.
He was more like a
father figure for the neighbourhood.
And what about The Hood gang?
Do you think they'll make an appearance?
I can't say no. I don't
know. I don't know.
But they're not a gang;
More like a rap group.
So, Sherwood is a community
celebrating a controversial
and violent patriarch
in the shadow of a new and
dangerous criminal element.
- That question is
- That's not what I'm saying.
Can the Sherwood and
Forest neighbourhood
ever overcome its dark past?
- That's not really what I was trying to say.
- No, you were great, kid.
That food smells amazing.
You hungry?
Wait. Can we do, like,
a do-over or some
Guys, come on.
What are you doing?
Nothing wrong with, like,
some free promo, right?
And these guys never come
to Lionheart Day or Sherwood.
Right. They don't.
Coming outta style,
I'mma do the tati-tati ♪
The Trini man swing
and the Trini man bring ♪
Blindin' your eye ♪
And you know we swing ♪
I'm next.
Boy, you haven't lived until
you've tried these two together.
One bite?
How could those spreadsheets
be better than this sugary pile of salt?
People will tell you numbers don't lie.
That's a lie in itself.
These numbers hide others buried deep.
Look, a line item here,
net loss there.
It's all heading up to
something, something Prince
took great lengths to bury deep.
But no one can hide from The All.
Because The All sees all?
Ever ready, everlasting.
Are those smarties are M&Ms?
Ave Maria ♪

Gratia ♪
Plena ♪
Maria ♪
And now, it's time to
get on with the real show!
You okay?
Prince is with my mom.
Guy Gisbourne is outside.
And Marian's been running
her own game all along.
And that hurt?
Of course, it hurt. I
thought she was a friend.
You thought she was more than that.
Why are you making this so complicated?
Because it is. It is, right?
You're jealous of
Marian because we danced?
Because we didn't.
- You didn't want to.
- Because we were working.
Couldn't risk getting caught up.
You know, the first night I got back?
The first day I saw you,
you know what I was thinking?
I could finally make up
for all the days we lost
days I spent thinking of you.
You kept me going over there.
through shit that
shit that you shouldn't believe.
And when we kissed, I thought,
"This is it. I'm home."
And then, I realised
how unfair that was. and
how stupid I've been and
Look at me.
I'm kind of a mess right now.
But regardless,
I'm sure that I want you.
Can't we just start there?
I want to, but you don't know everything
about why I left,
- There's things I want to tell you
- Hey! Uh, you guys gotta come quick.
Guy's up to something. Come on.
Hola, hola, Sherwood!
Are you having fun?
(CACKLING) Of course not. Of course not.
You're all here to give props to a man
who wouldn't know a good time
if it shot him in the gut.
I eat lion's heart for dinner ♪
Like to act bold, but
we know that boy's tender ♪
He's a softie, I can talkie ♪
That man delirious ♪
This is who you call your king? ♪
You can't be serious ♪
He died for the greater good ♪
- Try to paint him in a different light ♪
Your only hope ♪
Fraud, man fake, he
was never what he say ♪
Yeah, he used to be street,
now he's buried six feet ♪
Camo pants, he's
packing. Check his waist.
- Lionheart, kill, kill ♪
- And the boots. A cop.
- Let's go.
- But instead he rot in hell ♪
Go live, go live.
I'm sorry to say that
things have taken a turn here
in Sherwood Towers, as
tensions begin to boil over.
People have become agitated
by what appears to be
a gang related rivalry.
Clearly, the criminal
element has a deep-rooted hold
over the Sherwood and
Forest neighbourhood,
and this troubled community
is never far from violence and unrest.
On my signal.

Alan's expanding his playlist.
You exposed now ♪
- That is not Alan.
What is Guy doing on stage?
Performing his worst hits.
He's trying to rile up the crowd.
- He wants to get his ass kicked?
- Think about it.
Nothing about today has gone right.
First Prince, then Guy,
now undercovers, and Spencer
Larson is recording it all.
It's a setup.
Let me drag Guy off
stage and put him out,
like I should have done hours ago.
We get violent, they
escalate, it all goes to shit.
We got to be smart about this.
I need you on crowd control.
- I'm on it.
- Much, grab the gear.
Looks like we're going onstage.
Show time, baby. Let's go.
GUS: Sherwood, you're full of cowards!
Rachelle, please tell me
that you're not taking this seriously.
She wants school, a park,
a grocery store, and the towers stay up?
With your condos right next door.
TRESSIE: You want compromise?
This is it. Rich and poor side by side.
Please explain to me,
who is going to buy property
next to a place like this?
You really don't see it, do you?
Even in the heart of Sherwood,
this place is just a slum to you.
I understand that Sherwood is valuable.
No, it's special.
Tressie, I can't sell special,
not to people like me.
People will buy. Okay? This
place has got character.
Your set will love it.
And in exchange,
Sherwood gets all the amenities
the rest of New Nottingham
takes for granted,
and the city gets a
flourishing new neighbourhood.
It's win-win.
You know, I could just walk out.
I am sure I can get
enough votes by next week.
And I could veto a bill
I find bad for the city.
Take the offer, John.
You and I are never going to
be friends, are we, Tressie?
I actually think that's a pity.
But I do think that we have a deal.
Tear your masks into pieces ♪
Show them who man really is ♪
I'm here to expose now
and chipping at your pride ♪
Lionheart, your boss man ♪
Instead he run and hide ♪
I could tell the
truth a thousand times ♪
He ain't about the life ♪
If you ask me it's a mockery
and the man deserved to die ♪
KOKO: What?
Try to rep up the hood,
when she carry your gun ♪
Nobody like you,
no, you ain't the one ♪
Wanna extort us, causing destruction ♪
This is obstruction,
structure no justice ♪
Gimmie the arrow, I
shoot at the bullseye ♪
Had that boy runnin'
'cause he ain't a cool guy ♪
That guy a weirdo, he not a hero ♪
More like a zero, zero, zero ♪
Try to hide behind the mask ♪
I see the snake in the grass ♪
Runnin' for your life,
here we come, baby ♪
If they come and get
you, no one gon' miss you ♪
You hide behind the mask,
I see the snake in you ♪
You a snake in the grass,
all you do is harass ♪
You a snake in the grass ♪
All you do is harass,
you a snake in the grass ♪
All you do is harass,
all you do is harass ♪
You a snake in the grass,
in the grass, in the grass ♪
All you do is harass, harass ♪
KOKO: Get off the stage.
What? What? Kick rocks.
Youse a fool if you
follow Little John around!
He don't care about the hood.
He just act like he's down.
You think you macho, macho man.
Throwing stones and hide your hand ♪
He let the killer go away ♪
That's right!
He ain't your man, people!
Little John!
He could have put
Lionheart's killer in the ground!
He wouldn't pull the trigger!
Lionheart's famous son is a coward!
He let Lionheart down,
like Lionheart let Sherwood down!
Am I lying? Huh?!
Tell me! Huh?! Tell me!
- Am I lying?!
- Police!
Come on, guys, we gotta go!
Get back! Stay where you are!
Stay where you are!

I'm heading down there.
The kids in masks are priority.
Do not let them escape.
You know I never actually thought
we would come to a compromise.
It's sad, really.
What did you do?
Prince, tell me this isn't you.
Of course not. It's Sherwood.
It's a shame that our conversations
took you out of the equation.
I'm sure with you, their
cooler heads may have prevailed.
Madam Mayor, I think, after today,
you'll find the Bill 121
has more than enough support.
Tressie, thank you.
I enjoyed this very, very much.
ROBYN: There's a way to
stop this, there has to be.
- ALAN: Not happening.
- MUCH: We can't get caught in these masks.
Give 'em to me.
give them to me; I can hide them.
Alan, Much, come on.
- How long?
- They're coming.
Be careful.
I'm sorry it's come to this.
No, you're not.
Take them!
ALAN: Yo, easy! Oh, you love this, huh?
You happy, huh?

OFFICER: Hey, bring them over here.
I got 'em.
Mom, don't!
- Robyn!
- Hey, hey, that's cool enough.
She's my daughter.
Mom, you shouldn't be
here. We'll be fine.
Miss Loxley, this is a crime scene.
Either you let me speak to my daughter
or you explain why you beat
a woman in a wheelchair
on the six o'clock news.
You have one minute.
Jill's safe; She's hiding.
Prince set this up with
The Sheriff and Guy.
I know. I know. We all fell for it.
You were right all along.
I can't believe I let this happen.
No, you didn't.
I thought I could reason with that man.
This is not on you.
Minute's up.
Where are you taking them?
Temporary holding, where they'll
be detained and processed.
I won't let that happen.
You think I caused hell
before? You ain't seen nothing!
We'll be all right! They
can't keep us forever!
Get off! Get off! Get
your hands off me! Let go!
REDCAP: Sheriff, we found this inside.
The Hood didn't get out.
I have them.

We don't do the flashy-flashy,
gutter how we live ♪
My hood versus your hood ♪
Come and see just how we live ♪
Sherwood Forest,
baby, we the coldest ♪
Come and try us, we the boldest ♪
Rep my hood, I know
you notice that I ♪
Run this hood, run this,
run this, run this hood ♪
Run this, run this, run this hood ♪
You know we run this, run this hood ♪
Run it, run it, run
it, run it, run it ♪
Run it, run it, you know
we run this, run this ♪
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