Robyn Hood (2023) s01e07 Episode Script


ANNOUNCER: Previously on Robyn Hood
I want to talk peace
to find a resolution
to our little dispute.
WOMAN: Let him in, Robyn.
Welcome to our annual Lionheart Day!
- I gotta hear you roar!
What's he gonna do?
Murder me in front of my own lawyer?
Mary, perfect timing.
LJ: You stole her keys?
We've got what was on Prince's laptop.
We find out what she's been hiding.
I thought we had a deal.
I'mma give y'all 10 seconds
before I drag your ass out of here.
ROBYN: You know the rules.
This is Lionheart Day. Anyone's welcome.
And now, it's time to
get on with the real show!
I'm sorry to say that things have taken
a turn here at Sherwood Towers
as tensions begin to boil over.
- Get back!
- Hey, ow!
Stay where you are!
JOHN PRINCE: It's a shame
that our conversations took you
out of the equation.
I'm sure with you there,
cooler heads may have prevailed.
MO, that's all we ♪
My crew is ride or
die, ride or die, ride ♪
Where's Alan?
They took him already.
Where are you taking him?
Don't say anything!
My mind is strong.
New Nottingham can rest easy
tonight knowing you've disarmed
such a dangerous criminal gang.
Madam Mayor.
If I knew you were coming,
we could have carpooled.
I know how deeply your party
cares about the climate.
Let talk about climate.
Let's talk about a corrupt
Sheriff's Department starting
a riot in my city at the behest
of a megalomaniac billionaire.
I don't know what channel
you've been watching,
but in the eyes of the
public, I am the hero.
I have enraged parents at City Hall
saying that you've
kidnapped their children.
Well, you can't please everyone.
I am not letting you use
my public safety resources
to build Gitmo.
See this? This is a weapon.
I am allowed to detain
suspects on reasonable grounds.
If I find out that this
is not 100% by the book
Why don't you take a breath
and think of the photo op
you'll have once I've unmasked The Hood?
I should have stopped this after
the Tressie Loxley shooting.
You may have found a
sugar daddy in John Prince,
but I'm still the Mayor of this city.

ROBYN: We'll be okay.
Long as we stick together.
LJ: She's right. We gotta
have each other's backs.
Oh, yeah. Just like you
had Lionheart's back?
MAN: Ay, we're all soldiers here, Wat.
- LJ.
Yo. Hold it down.
Sorry to interrupt.
Should have taken my
advice and left town.
Unless you have real charges,
you legally cannot keep us here.
Here's the deal. It's simple.
Somewhere among you are
the members of The Hood,
and no one leaves until I have them.
WAT: The Hood wouldn't get caught.
They're probably out there
right now making a plan.
Look familiar?

No one is coming to save you.
Pull up in these masks and we be ♪
Robbin', robbin', robbin' ♪
We be robbin' robbin', robbin' ♪
We be robbin', robbin' robbin' ♪
You think it's a game
but really it's not ♪
Sherwood and Forest,
we comin' in hot ♪
We'll start with an easy one.
What's your name?
You have no fingerprints.
And I don't mean you have
no fingerprints on file.
You have no fingerprints at all.
There's no record of you of any kind.
You're a ghost. You don't exist.
Since we're delving
into the existential,
may I ask why I am here?
You're like if an empty
browser history were a person.
Nothing more suspicious.
Not to mention the accessories
you have under your skin.
I follow a philosophy of
radical self-improvement,
and, more so, radical privacy.
Who the hell are you?
Someone who knows their rights.
What rights?
(WHISPERING) You don't exist.
WAT: 'Bout time we got
some food. It's been hours.
LJ: What about water? We need water!
ROBYN: Alan. Sort these.
I'm on it.
Yo, Jamal. Can you
share that with your boy?
UDAI: Look, I've been
detained by The Beast before,
usually with your mom.
This, this is different.
We just sit tight.
Or The Hood could turn themselves in.
If Bill 121 passes, we lose Sherwood.
The real fight is out there,
not in here with the sheriff.
You ever walk into a room
and feel like people were
just talking about you?
- WAT: Tuck!
- UDAI: What?
ROBYN: What did you do to him?
Hey, take it easy, man!
- Right here. Hey.
- Breathe. Breathe, breathe.
- Them next.
- No!
- No, no, no, no.
- ROBYN: Wait.
- MUCH: Robyn!
Take me instead.
There's room for three.
Let's go.
- What are you doing to her?
WAT: Please, no. Let go!
- Jill?
- David.
Are you okay?
- Where's
- Beast scooped up your sister.
Bunch of other people, too.
Were you hiding in there all night?
Let's get you home, yeah?
Just hold on.
What is that?
Valuables. Stuff for the raffle.
Didn't want the Beast to
confiscate it, you know?
Right. Good thinking.
SHERIFF: This position was a
favourite of Sister Amelia's.
Chin up.
Look at me.
The pain stops when I get a name.
- Get up!
Leave her alone.
She doesn't know anything.
Excuse me.
What the hell is this?
Hi, Miss, um, Sheriff.
(CLEARING THROAT) I'm Doctor Kirklees.
I've been sent by the mayor.
I have the order right here.
I have reason to believe that you are
violating these citizens' rights.
I'm here to assess your procedures,
make sure everything is above board.
What's going on here?
Arms up, ladies.
You're seriously buying this shit?
As much as I'd love to play tour guide,
I'm trying to catch a criminal gang.
You can tell the Mayor she's
got nothing to worry about.
I'm not going anywhere.
That is until I've had a chance
to inspect your facility
and ensure that your detainees
are being properly cared for.
Did you practice that in the mirror?
If you have a problem you
can take it up with the Mayor.
Oh, I will.
- MAN: I can't take it!
- WOMAN #1: Let me out!
- WOMAN #2: Turn it off!
Can we turn this off?
MAN: Yo, shut it off!
- MAN: Hey, Beast.
- It's for morale.
- MAN: Let us out!
- They love it.
- Let us go!
- Burn the Beast!
WOMAN: Get us out of here!
Well, I'll need to conduct interviews.
Confidentially, of course.
Is there an office I could use?
You're looking at it.
WOMAN: Don't worry.
It's going to be okay.
It's freezing in here.
I got you. Hey.
Where did you learn to do this?
The army.
TUCK: Survive and transcend the
degradation of this cruel flesh.
For the power of the All is limitless.
- Allow my body to be
- Um, Mister
- Who did this to you?
- The Sheriff, obviously.
No. No.
It wasn't the Sheriff.
Something else. Something worse.
A monster.
He's on drugs. Isn't he?
They removed his implants.
ROBYN: Didn't he say he was
getting some kind of pump?
For endorphins to fight anxiety.
If he's lost it
He's in withdrawal.
The monster.
He's hallucinating?
So, who knows what happened?
ROBYN: Are you kidding me?
They cut chunks out of him.
What more do you need
to get us out of here?
I'm sorry, this isn't my area.
I'm a social worker.
I was sent to assess your needs,
not bring down the Sheriff.
I don't even know what this is.
UDAI: It's a black site.
Off the record and illegal.
That's above my pay grade.
If you can't help us,
then get us a phone
so we can call someone who can.
I'm sorry. I'm
I'll put it in my report.
TUCK: The body is weak.
The mind is strong.
The body is weak. The mind is strong.
The Sheriff told me I should
expect a visit from you.
You've been busy.
We both have.
I heard you're trying to
get the vote on Bill 121
moved up a week.
I assume that means you have
all the support you need.
Except mine.
You may have conned city
council with your riot,
but I know the truth,
and I will fight you, I'll stall you.
I will even use my veto if I have to.

It's the Pear of Anguish.
It was used on women who
had relations with the devil.
Well, either that, or it
was used for stretch socks.
In which case I paid too much for it.
I'm not easily threatened.
Well then I guess we have a
case what my divorce lawyer calls
"irreconcilable differences."
Drop Bill 121, call off the Sheriff.
Last warning.

Listen, I need you to make a
point for me on tonight's show.
Um, you're Alan, right?
Would you say you're
being treated well overall?
Look, if you're going to
give the silent treatment too
just don't say anything
and I'll move on.
We don't know you,
and we don't trust you.
Ain't personal.
How I got this assignment, I guess.
They usually give me the
jobs no one else wants.
Feels personal, sometimes.
Things so bad you're hoarding food?
I'm making sure everybody eats.
Let me guess, a job no one else wanted?
No, I just know what people need.
A people pleaser?
Me too.
I'm always putting
everyone else's needs first.
Truth is, they walk all over me.
You're lucky no one
takes you for granted.

You're Michelle, right?
No. No one calls me that.
Oh, I'm sorry. Meechelle
Much. They call me Much.
Don't suppose you'd
answer some questions?
Let's say I do. You
make your little report.
Say the Sheriff is
breaking the law. Then what?
- The Mayor will put a stop to this
- When? Tomorrow?
Next week? While we sit
in here losing our minds.
I was diagnosed as a kid.
Just a whirligig up here.
But the pills really help.
Have they given you your pills in here?
I don't take pills, I, um fix things,
make shit for people, calms me down.
But not anymore.
I don't know what I'd
do without my pills.
I'd be so useless to everyone.
I am not useless!
Of course not.
So, the sooner we do this,
the sooner I write my report.
Yeah, whatever.
You're wasting your time.
You want to help us, get us a phone.
I told you, I could lose my job.
Your job. Seems deeply fulfilling,
you should hold on to that.
You're Tressie Loxley's daughter.
She staged that sit-in at
city hall a few months back,
we all got the day off.
It was very inspiring.
Yet here you are whitewashing the crimes
of those who shot her?
No, I'm impartial.
'Cause this is some
kind of friendly debate?
They come at us in riot gear,
with guns, lock us up in here,
and you're on the fence?
You think I like seeing this?
Knowing all I can do is scribble notes?
Look, from where I'm standing,
you're all we've got.
That's not true.
They've got you.
Look around.
It's not a burden you've asked for,
but they need a leader.
You're the closest thing
they have to Tressie.
I just want to get everyone home safe.
That's all I want.
Well, except for The Hood.
I mean, let's face it,
if they just came forward,
we could all go home.
Look, Robyn.
I think we both know who
I'm talking about here.
We do?
It's Udai.
She's the leader of The Hood.
She's close to your mother,
the shooting must have driven her to it,
and apparently she has
the voice of an angel.
Udai hates The Hood.
Of course she does.
I just think it's selfish, you know?
She gets you all locked up in here,
then acts all worried
when she could end it
by just turning herself over.
You think the Hood should go to jail?
What? No.
Between you and me, they're heroes.
But heroes need to step up,
even when it costs them.
If you're so sure,
why aren't you telling The Sheriff?
That's not my job.
Your job.
I forgot.
Above your pay grade.

Yeah, but Okay, but
So, your mom has
everything under control?
She's at City Hall on a
mission to get everyone home.
When she gets like this it's intense.
She'll handle it.
She, uh
She didn't happen to leave any of those
- caramel oatmeal cookies
- Wait!
That's not cookies.
My family is so embarrassing.
Everyone thinks that about their family.
Yeah, right.
What do you have to
be embarrassed about?
Every family has secrets.
I'm tired of always
being the responsible one.
You wanna go get matching tattoos?


Excuse me.
I need to pass these around, please.
Now. If that's okay.
Feminine hygiene is a woman's right.
- Tampons?
- Mm-hm.
What do you want us to do,
clog the toilets?
Whatever you do, do it quick.
(SIGHING) Thank you. Thank you so much.
Careful. Sheriff might track it.

- Hello?
- Don't say anything. Just listen.
We're not at the station.
The Sheriff took us somewhere.
A big warehouse, we're in cages.
- She's hurting people
- Hey!
They drove over a bridge.
Who gave you that?!
Robyn? Robyn!
You gonna tell me who you called?
Your mother? That
little lawyer of yours?
Why don't we have a long talk about it?
Just you and me.
Let everyone else go.
Very selfless.
Alternate pitch.
- Hey!
- Let me go!
- Let them go!
- Hey!
What happens to them is on you.
But you can stop it if
you give me what I want.
You can't do this to us!
Let go!
This is bad.
This is really bad.
What about the Hood?
They have to wanna help, right?
We just have to find a way contact them,
comment under one of their videos,
or we could send out like a Bat Signal?
They're not gonna help.
They can't.
What do you mean?
I found these at the rec centre.
We're on our own.
We have to get Robyn out of there.
We have to get everyone out.
Okay, um, did she say where they are?
Something about a warehouse,
but I couldn't hear her
over the stupid song.
What song?
That's it.
- Wait. How do you
- Because I've been there.
I don't have papers.
My mom and I, we
We're undocumented.
When I was five,
my family came here asking for asylum.
They locked us up.
They deported my dad.
I barely even talk to him.
I'm so sorry.
Your sister is in a very bad place.

SHERIFF: A military man.
I respect that. You're a protector.
So am I.
If this is your "we're
not so different" speech,
you can save it.
But who are you protecting now?
I've seen the tapes of
Sherwood's little talent show.
I can't imagine you have many
friends left in those cages.
You worked with a murderer
just to catch some kids in masks.
Guy Gisbourne's crimes
were never proven.
No witnesses stepped forward.
Shameful, really.
How about a carrot?
For every name you give me,
I'll let you pick someone to go free.
Maybe it will be enough
for them to forgive you.
Stick it is.

Bro, I can't take this anymore, man!
I wish I could just
trade places with LJ.
No, no. Your meat is far too weak.
Far too weak. Weak, weak, weak, weak.
Why hasn't LJ come back?
WAT: If he couldn't
stick up for Lionheart,
what makes you think he's
not out there throwing us
under the bus right now?
What do you think Little
John should have done?
Hm? Murdered Guy Gisbourne?
Do you even know what
Lionheart was about?
He didn't have to keep it a secret.
Let's all just keep calm, okay?
MUCH: We need to do something.
Bust ourselves out of here.
I can't take sitting
around like this anymore.
We need to focus.
You sayin' I can't focus?
Like I'm useless or something?
- You, let's just take a breath
- You take a breath.
Maybe if you'd stop
mouthing off to the
- Yo, watch it!
- You watch it!
Yo, leave her alone!
MUCH: I can take care of myself, Alan!
- ALAN: Go on, then!
- What's wrong with this girl, man?
- MUCH: Brave, 'eh?
- WAT: You wanna find out?
Yo. Don't talk to me.
ALAN: Look, just leave
me alone, man, okay?
I want to see Doctor Kirklees.
ALAN: I can't stand it in here, man.
I'm ready to talk.
They're asking for you.
I told you my methods are effective.
I was in Sherwood on its
so-called "Lionheart Day".
Our mayor has let crime
run rampant in the city,
and I'm not the only one who thinks so.
"R.I.P. Mayor Lee" is
all over social media.
My only question, when
will "woke" Mayor Lee
actually wake up?
That's all the time we
have. I'm Spencer Larson.
Stay safe.
Well, look who's visiting
me from beyond the grave.
"R.I.P. Mayor Lee." What
do you think of that?
That was my idea. I
think it's pretty good.
You think a little bad press
is going to bring me down?
Of course not.
But a lot of bad press
for a very long time
has a certain telling effect.
God, you really are incredible, Prince.
I am, aren't I?
Be honest with me.
Don't you ever get tired of the act
of pretending to care
about those people?
It must become exhausting after a while.
Of course you would
mistake having principles
- for some kind of act.
- Oh, please stop, Rochelle.
I'm not some wide-eyed college
kid looking for hope and change.
I am the way things are.
Now, the Sherwood riots
have people seeing the light.
So, there's only one
way for you to survive,
and that is to back Bill 121.
Call it whatever you like. Call it
the Sherwood Revitalization Project.
I mean, I'm sure your people can
come up with something snappy.
Just do what you've
always done, Rochelle.

Come on, just relax, Rochelle.
You've been outplayed,
but there is still
an opportunity to join the winning side,
with all of the perks.
Lucrative speaking engagements.
The best schools for your children.
The best jobs when they come out.
A book deal.
What do you say?

Not you. Just her.
Five minutes.
I'm so sorry, Robyn.
I made everything worse.
Maybe I was wasting my time.
Maybe these guys ain't worth saving.
What? Are you serious?
Was I talking to you?
Being the one everyone
looks to all the time
I can't do it anymore.
What are you saying?
You know the rumours, right?
What the Hood really
stole from John Prince?
Besides his car?
Millions in cash.
You think The Sheriff would do this
just to catch a couple of car-thieves?
I think I know where they stashed it.
You get me out of here
maybe we split it.
We should
I think we should talk in private.
Um, excuse me.
I think I can get a written, um,
what do you call it? Statement?
Let's go. Zip-tie her if you like.
Okay. Should be here.
The Sheriff won't hear us in
here over that racket she plays.
Counting on it.
Are you sure we're in the right place?
Pretty sure.
Do you have a driver's license?
I got my learner's
permit on the third try.
It's just a big car. How hard can it be?

Robyn, I need you to listen to me, okay?
I can get the mayor on the phone
(GRUNTING) and we
can all talk about this.
You undercover?
Oh, a cop?
Now, that's insulting.
What gave it away?
My people don't turn on each other.
Not without help.
Came close, though, didn't I?
Who are you?
Look, whoever the Hood are,
they are not getting out of here.
If they're here.

You got keys to the gate?
(GIGGLING) That tickles.
Oh, sorry. There's no way out.
You're screwed.
Don't waste your time

Tuck's monster?
What kind of sick shit is this?
Tell a judge a cop beat
a confession out of you,
you might get off.
Tell him a big pink rabbit did it?
Your ass stays in jail.
I'm getting bored of this game.
Trust me, you're not gonna like
it if I have to get creative.
What happened to the music?
No, stay the hell away from me!
Get away from me!
LJ! It's me!
Robyn. What the hell?
Escape now. Talk later.
Solid plan.

Where's Robyn Loxley?
She's gone, with Kirklees.
Move. I said move as
God's sake

JILL: No keys.
DAVID: Here.
I'm going to hunt you down!
Every one of you!
Sorry, what?
I can't hear you.
- Could you hurry, please?
- I'm doing it.
You really had us goin' there.
Thought you went all dark side, Robyn.
Kirklees messed with our heads.
I'd never leave you guys.
Knew I could pop her.
Hustle! Let's go. Let's go.

Okay, anyone know where the hell we are?


Are you shitting me?
Are you getting in or what? Come on.
Alright, let's go.
Get on. Let's go. Hurry.
Move. Let's go, guys.
Come on, come on. Alright, we're good.

Have a nice cozy chat
with my suspect, Margaret?
Oh no, am I in trouble?
Are you gonna bust out the ruler on me?
You were meant to gain their trust
and get a confession. What went wrong?
Apart from you not
actually having the Hood?
Who else would have rescued them?
You never did know when to quit, Willa.
And here I thought we were friends.
We are friends.
Friends have each other's backs.
They keep each other's secrets.
I'm going to keep you
in my prayers tonight.
I think you need all
the help you can get.

ROBYN: We're safe for now.
You have something of mine.
So what animal do I get to be?
What part of getting
captured and tortured
makes you want to join the team?
The part where I saved the day.
I'm sorry.
For lying and for not being there.
Got a little taste of that
double-life-life today.
- Mm-hm?
- Harder than it looks.
Your secret is safe with me.
What about a squirrel?
You mean
Hey, Jill.
I was wondering if you were hungry.
My mom has lots of leftovers
from Lionheart Day, so
Go on.
You earned it.
Why are you knocking?
Today was a wake-up call.
You were right.
There's stuff.
From my past.
I thought I was protecting you,
but really I was protecting myself.

I have so much I want to tell you.
Okay. Hey.
Come on.
Oh. One sec.

Whoo, I come in and crash the party ♪
The fun just getting started ♪
Skrt off in your Maserati,
pull up in these mask ♪
And we be robbin' robbin', robbin' ♪
We be robbin', robbin', robbin' ♪
We be robbin' robbin' robbin' ♪
We be robbin', robbin',
robbin', robbin' ♪
You think it's a game,
but really it's not ♪
Sherwood and Forest,
we comin' in hot ♪
Think it's a game,
but really it's not ♪
Sherwood and Forest,
we comin' in hot ♪
What you got? Now we
got you on the spot ♪
Like a pot it's getting hot ♪
Take ya whip straight off the lot ♪
Crashin' the party,
it's me and the team ♪
Ain't nothin' nice,
we comin' in mean ♪
Crashin' the party,
it's me and the team ♪
Ain't nothin' nice ♪
You know, when I said that
I wanted my antique back,
I probably should have
specified in one piece.
You can thank the Hood.
Do you know this was priceless?
You're taking it well.
Well, nothing can dampen
my spirits. Not today.
Speak for yourself.
I was so sure I had them.
What does it matter?
They have nothing left to fight for.
Coming in mean ♪
Put everything that
you got in the bag ♪
Give to the hood
and take from the bad ♪
Give me the jewels
and all of the cash ♪
Give to the hood
and take from the bad ♪
We take your things,
left nothing in the room ♪
We take your things,
left nothing in the room ♪

Anyone ever call you a buzzkill?
Sheriff can't arrest us for
escaping an illegal black site.
It's a stalemate.

What is it?
Eviction notice.
Bill 121 passed.
Prince won.
We don't do the flashy,
flashy gutter how we live ♪
My hood versus your hood,
come and see just how we live ♪
Sherwood Forest,
baby, we the coldest ♪
Come and try us, we the boldest ♪
Rep my hood, I know
you notice that we ♪
Run this hood, run this,
run this, run this hood ♪
Run this, run
this, run this hood ♪
Run this, run this,
yeah-uh, you know we ♪
Run this, run it, run it ♪
Run it, run it, run it, run it ♪
You know we ♪
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