Robyn Hood (2023) s01e08 Episode Script


VOICEOVER: Previously on Robyn Hood
- LJ?
MAYOR LEE: A corrupt
sheriff's department
starting a riot in my city
at the behest of a
megalomaniac billionaire.
Look familiar?
No one is coming to save you.
I found these at the rec centre.
We have to get Robyn out of there.
We have to get everyone out.
What did you do to him?
Run it, run it ♪
You know we run it, run it ♪
Run it, run it ♪
Run it, run it, run it ♪
I was so sure I had them.
PRINCE: What does it matter?
They have nothing left to fight for.
Popping bottles, we
here to take what's ours ♪
Bill 121 passed.
We on that grimy shit ♪
ROBYN: When I was a kid,
me and Jill were playing with these
wooden swords mom made us.
We had this epic sword fight on my bed.
'Til we scratched up the ceiling.
We thought mom would be so mad.
Jill tried to colour
it over with crayons.
But Mom just said,
"A house without scars
isn't really a home."
But if it was her room?
Oh, we'd be so dead.
Can't remember the last time I saw you
without Lionheart's ring.
Just when you thought they
couldn't take anything else.
The Sheriff put us through hell.
Tried to break us.
You wanna smash heads
against the Sheriff again?
You wanna tell me I'm
crazy, now's the time.
We passed that a long time ago.
But I'm still here.
Any ideas?
For how to save Sherwood?
Anything I can do in the meantime?
SHERIFF: Citizens of Sherwood!
As of tomorrow at dawn these
towers will be private property
and you will be trespassers.
You have until then to vacate the
premises before you are removed.
That is all.
You think they're up there?
The Hood?
Yeah. They're up there.
Think they'll go quietly?
God, I hope not.

Pull up in these masks and we be ♪
Robbin', robbin', robbin' ♪
We be robbin' robbin', robbin' ♪
We be robbin', robbin' robbin' ♪
You think it's a game
but really it's not ♪
Sherwood and Forest,
we comin' in hot ♪
ALAN: Yo, I loaned
this to you a year ago!
You said you lost it!
I did lose it! Look at this place!
(SUCKING TEETH) I'm keeping this.
Fine. It's all goin'
to your mom's anyway.
Ay, yo. You better be
on your best behaviour
at my mama's house,
okay? She needs her sleep,
you can't be fixin'
engines and shit all night.
- Your mama's gonna love me.
- Mm-hm.
- Trust.
- Whatever.
Tuck, you're here to help
pack, not clean out my fridge.
I'm saving you the
trouble of packing food.
Robyn. Hey, I
I'm not giving up, it's
just if we can't stop this
I get it. You're scared.
So am I.
Robyn, we wanna stay, we do.
But can we really win this one?
Course we can.
I'm gonna fight for
every inch of this place.
We've seen what's out there.
We can't fight an army.
But Sherwood can.
MUCH: People are leaving.
They think we've lost.
So we change their minds.
But I got to be sure
y'all are ready for this.
I've spent my life in the ether,
staying one step ahead of
those who wish to subdue me.
The Sheriff came close.
She wounded me.
Let's make her regret that.
Guess I'm late to the party.
I'm so sorry about what happened, Robyn.
If I'd known that The
Sheriff was planning
- to kidnap you all, I would have
- What?
Used us to get closer to Prince?
Pushed your vendetta against him?
That's not fair.
You really wanna talk
about fair right now?
What do you want, Marian?
I think I can help Sherwood.
I've gone over every file that
I took from Prince's laptop.
There's a web of financial data
on here, but it's beyond me.
Your friend, the one who
cracked the files for you.
If we can figure out
what Prince and my
father were working on
- Mm.
- Robyn, please.
I should have told you the truth,
I get that.
- But why can't you understand
- 'Cause I thought you cared.
I do.
I care about you, Robyn.

Maybe this was a bad idea.
My friend's name is Tuck.
TUCK: So we've hit the same impasse.
Glad I haven't simply lost my touch.
I've studied financial fraud,
but these deals go through
so many backchannels and fake fronts
I can't make sense of them.
Excuse me, I, uh
Sheriff did that to you?
I had implants.
Magnetic impedance
sensors in my fingertips.
I was a virtuoso.
I could feel the machine. It was
It was a part of me.
I can't believe I was off
feeling sorry for myself
while you and Robyn were being
If I'd known
I see now why Robyn likes you.
Yeah, you've got your wires crossed.
I've earned the top
spot on her shit list.
(LAUGHING) No, no.
She cares about you.
It's in her voice.
The way she looks at you.
And she even introduced you to me.
You're a surprising man, Tuck.
I am also as baffled
as you are by this mess.
Wait. Go back.
I know this one.
ROBYN: Prince owns all these?
Sparrow Cove. Copperhead
Lane. Burnside Park.
My father took me to all
of these when I was young.
I thought they were just day trips,
but maybe they were part
of his project with Prince.
Prince has bought up a quarter
of the city around these towers,
all the way to the lake,
and no one even knows.
With Sherwood smack in the middle.
He's after more than just the towers.
He's been lying to city
council, and the mayor.
What are you thinking?
I think I might know
someone who can help,
but I can't say more.
- Marian.
- Robyn, I got this data illegally.
The less you know about
where it's going, the better.
For all of us.
Can you trust me?

Robyn. Jill. We gotta
talk about tomorrow.
Hi, Tressie.
I was wondering when you'd show up.
We need your help.
We need to fight for Sherwood.
- Together.
- (SCOFFING) Mm-mm.
I don't work with anyone
who won't show their faces.
You've caused enough trouble.
Go on and pack your
things like everyone else.
I told you already, mom.
I'm not going anywhere.

You should have told me.
Less people know the better.
I'm not "people." I'm your mother.
Why do you think I did this?
John Prince and The Sheriff
were trying to kill you.
No one was gonna help.
I had to do something.
You did something alright.
Yeah. I did what you taught me.
I never taught you to steal.
The rich steal from us every day.
I was just taking some of it back.
Oh, give me a break.
I stood up for Sherwood.
For our neighbourhood.
- Our family.
- And you could have been killed!
What did you expect, Robyn?
My sweet, precious child
risks her life every day
and expects me to be grateful?
Robyn, I never wanna see
you get hurt, you understand?
It doesn't matter what happens to me.
Of course it does.
You have kept me safe my whole life,
given up everything for us.
For what?
For us to just give up on
everyone when they need us most?
Robyn, I held a protest
and they put a bullet in my spine.
What are they gonna do to you?
I'm asking you, please.
Trust me.
Listen to her, mom.
You knew?
We can do this.
We have to.
People love The Hood,
but they follow you.
We need you to be our voice, Mom.
I know this feels like the
last time we may see each other,
people are leaving,
some have families to go to,
some have nowhere,
but not me.
A cop put me in this chair.
John Prince turned the
entire city against us,
and the Sheriff illegally
detained our children.
We leave, they win.
You're scared.
So am I.
But if we don't take a stand
right here and right now,
what happens next time they
want us to pack up and move on?
"Better a close neighbour than
a far brother," am I right?
The Hood have fought these
people off before and won.
With our help, they can do it again.
ROBYN: Three main entrances.
North tower, South
tower, Lionheart Hall.
We barricade the stairwells
and every entrance.
There aren't enough of
us to guard every way in.
So, how do we know what she's gonna do?
She'll concentrate on
one entrance at a time,
probe for weak spots.
She'll try to split us up,
then overwhelm us at a single point.
So, how do we stop her?
ROBYN: We know Sherwood. She doesn't.
Wherever she hits us,
we get there first.
Use the tunnels, where no one can see.
What about this?
- Can't leave the back door open.
- We'll need an escape route.
The Beast don't play.
Things go south, I need
to know you can get out.
We've got enough food
and water to last a week.
Two if we ration it.
The longer we hold out, the
harder we'll be to ignore.
- Is that
- Homemade pepper spray.
Just like mom used to make.
Mom, we need to talk to The Hood.
- We're here to help.
- So grab a hammer and start nailing doors shut.
No. I mean help.
We're in this.
They locked us up.
We're not just going to sit this out.
There are more like us.
A lot more.
Can I talk to you for a second?
Are you crazy?
You think you can
just pull up The Beast.
I rescue you from The Sheriff
and this is the thanks I get?
We rescued us. You just gave us a ride.
You do this, you'll get hurt.
Maybe killed.
We can't sit this out. Look at them.
They've changed.
They need a leader. They're
going to fight no matter what.
Help them get back what they lost.
It's what you do, right?
You guys do exactly what I tell you.
Can we call ourselves The Hoodies?
Don't push it.
Hey. I've got something for you.
A stick?
Thank you.

Yo! Much, how?
The one you stole from Prince
was like a million years old.
So, I got to tinkering.
It's beautiful.
Yeah, comes with all the new options.
Give The Beast something
to chew on, right?
Thank you.

You must be Tuck.
So I must.
You have a lovely home, Ms. Loxley.
Let's keep it that way.
Once we go live,
you'll be streaming from
every platform from here
to Mercia and beyond.
Let's show 'em we won't go quiet.
I'm not a fan of the
cloak-and-dagger routine,
Ms. Fitzwalter, but
your father was a friend.
So what is so important
you'd use my private number?
You can't let Prince keep Sherwood.
I will tell you what I told the press.
I may not agree with
the council's decision,
but I have to respect it.
You were there on Lionheart Day.
You know he engineered that
riot to push his deal through.
Can you prove that?
Then there's nothing to discuss.
Prince has been lying to you.
He's been buying up chunks of
the city for years, in secret.

Prince is a property developer,
this isn't that unusual.
Then why was he trying
so hard to hide it?
There's a scandal here, the council
won't want anything to do with it.
- They'll revoke the sale of Sherwood.
- It's too late.
No. We'll go to the press,
we can take Prince to court.
I'm sorry.
Hello, Marian.
Let's have a talk.
Those people trusted you.
They trusted you!
Thought you were going to bite me again.
You going soft on me?
Sometimes I just need to clear my mind.
You're as mindless as it gets.
Besides, I need to save my energy.
Big day tomorrow.
You're gonna miss them, you know.
The Hood.
They keep you sharp.
That's their tragedy, isn't it?
When I was a kid, I had to
fight every day of my life.
And now look at me.
Sherwooders are dependent on each other.
They're helpless.
In a way, we're setting them free.
Can't get too attached.

What's this?
A souvenir.
Took it off a Sherwooder.
I belong to you.

You know, your father
gave me this scotch.
It was a thoughtful
gesture from a kind man.
It's too bad the apple's
fallen so far from the tree.
I made you comfortable
after his passing,
and in return you defend my detractors
and you lie about me to The Mayor.
You never cared about me.
You were covering your tracks.
My father knew about your plans
for Sherwood and you killed him.
Your father killed himself.
You may not have pulled the trigger,
but you pushed him to it.
You took everything he had.
Except for the preppy daughter
with a saviour complex.
Your phone?
Your phone!

Who else have you been speaking to?
Thought you'd be putting up barricades.
Aid station.
Feels like the end of
the world, doesn't it?
Always does before a battle.
Sheriff is gonna come
at us with all she's got.
We'll be ready.
If we're going to win,
- we gotta do this right.
- It doesn't matter if we win.
It matters that we fight.
And next time they come
for people like us
They'll think twice.
If things go wrong,
Much, Alan, even Tuck
My mom.
She's tough, but you gotta
Everything's gonna be fine.
I promise.
I'm very sorry to interrupt.
But we have a problem.
I placed a tracking
app on Marian's phone
- after what happened with the Sheriff.
- ROBYN: Good call.
So, when she showed up
at the Monarch building,
I was unsure of her intentions.
So I retraced her steps.
My girl Yolanda at
Alcyon Security slipped us
the street cam footage.
The receptionist?
ROBYN: Marian's been digging
through Prince's plans.
He tried to have my mom
killed for a lot less.
- Robyn, wait.
- She could die.
You can't leave.
The Sheriff can come in at any second,
and we need you here.
I can't just leave her with Prince.
I'll go.
Like it or not, you're leading us.
- This makes sense.
- I can't ask you to do this.
You care about her.
Let me do the hero thing.
I'll stay.
Got enough balls to handle here.
- What?!
I'll take the tunnels.
- Can I borrow your bike?
- She's in the shop.
Hey. No scratches.
No promises.

WOMAN: I'll set up over here.
REDCAP: No one's left since last night.
Anyone who's up there, they aim to stay.
- I'm ready to lead first team.
- You're on the perimeter.
Anyone who tries to leave, arrest them.

Time's up, Sherwood!
Any remaining residents
will be forcibly removed
and taken into custody.
I want a wide-spectrum jammer.
Wi-Fi, cell phones, anything
that isn't our comms.
I want those towers
blind, deaf, and dumb.
First team! With me!

Sheriff's department. Open up!


Go. Move. Move!

They're jamming our signals.
Wi-Fi. Radio. Cell phones.
Controller's not working.
We're blind outside.
What about Tressie's livestream?
Luckily I've prepared
for such a situation.
Teams inside, hold your ground.
- They're just kids.
- Ma'am? Ma'am? Um
- What?
- You should see this.
I don't know how, but
- it's on a dozen platforms.
My name is Tressie Loxley.
I'm a mother, a Sherwooder, a survivor,
and most of all, I'm one of you.
The people the rich would
rather crush than listen to.
And now, the richest man in
New Nottingham is trying to
grind me and my
neighbours into the dust,
just to make a buck.
Well, we're not going to let them.
We are going to fight
as long as is takes.
They're jamming the Wi-Fi. How
are you getting the signal out?
Well, there's advantages in
living in an old building.

We will not be dragged from our homes.
We will not back down.
Do you hear me Sheriff?
Sherwood stands!

I've got eyes on a Sherwooder
coming out of a side entrance.
I'm in pursuit.
Redcap. Stop.
- SHERIFF: What?
- Let him go.
I've got another job for you.

You'll be happy to know that
the eviction of Sherwood
is proceeding as scheduled.
They're putting up a bit of a fight,
but The Sheriff will flush them out.
So, I'm going to ask you one more time.
Who have you been talking to?
First tell me what you and
- my father were working on.
- Marian, please.
Not that it matters.
Dad never thought it would work, did he?
I mean, if he believed you
were really going to pull it off
he would have gone public.
Just tell me it wasn't another
lame development scheme.
If my dad died over a block
of ugly condos, I just
Come with me.
So, by tonight I will own
everything there is to own
from the Sherwood Towers to the lake.
You're going to evict
a quarter of the city?
Oh, God no. That would take ages.
So, I've bought the levees as well,
because accidents happen.
Barriers break. Lakes flood.
Every castle needs a moat.
I'm going to build a
walled city for the rich.
Do you know how many people will die?
Why would their deaths mean anything?
- You're insane.
- No, the world is insane,
and The Hood are just a
taste of what's coming.
The peasants have forgotten their place,
and when they do they always
come after people like me,
they always have.
I'm not just going to survive
this little revolution.
I'm going to profit from it.
Kings of the past built fortresses to
keep the barbarians out.
I'm just thinking a little bit bigger.
You must hate your
father for abandoning you.
Taking the easy way out.
You drove him to it.
You destroyed his good
name. You ruined his life.
Your father just decided
that a few dead peasants
was worth more than our friendship.
I can see how his death weighs on you,
which is why people will understand
when you follow in his footsteps.
You first.
You're not serious.
What exactly is your plan here, Marian?
Are you going to march me to city hall
and make me confess in front of council?
Let's just get to the elevator
and I'll play it by ear.
Stop! No, just Let go! Let go of me!
Stop it!
You know, at least your father
had the grace to go quietly.

I'm sorry, sir.
Who's next?

They don't care if you're
good, or kind, or smart.
We're just cattle to
them. They'll eat us alive,
then they'll come for the rest of you.
Because men like Prince
can never be satisfied.
They can only be stopped.
Honey, I'm home.
Don't come any closer.
You sure you wanna go out that way?

PRINCE: You release that
information to the world,
they'll know who your father really was.
You'll destroy his legacy.
Then maybe we should end this now.
LITTLE JOHN: I came for you.
Not for that.

Come after me,
and I will show the world
who the real John Prince.

We need more people
in the west stairwell,
and get people moving
to the fourth floor.
Tuck sent me. Mom's feed went dark.
- Something's wrong.
- Keep The Beast out.
I'll go check.

Who the hell do you think you are?
Do you know how many
scumbags I've put away?
But I make one mistake, and
everybody loses their minds.
Yeah, you're a real hero.
Let's finish what we started.

I was hoping I was
going to see you again.
Tressie Loxley
killed by the leader of The Hood.
I mean, The Sheriff
wanted it to look good,
but this
This is perfect.
Don't worry.
It's almost over.
It is.
Are you okay?
I'm fine.
What do we do with him?
We win.

I mean, the Sheriff wanted
it to look good, but this?
This is perfect.
I mean, the Sheriff wanted
it to look good, but this?
The All sees all.
I mean, the Sheriff wanted
it to look good, but this?
This is perfect.
And all shall be revealed.
This is perfect.
I mean, the Sheriff wanted
it to look good, but this?
This is perfect.
I mean, the Sheriff wanted
it to look good, but this?
This is perfect.
I mean, the Sheriff wanted
it to look good, but this?
This is perfect.
I mean, the Sheriff wanted
it to look good, but this?
This is perfect.
- Hey.
We're about to head to the
hospital. You're going to be okay.
There will be an inquiry.
I'm sorry.
I've disappointed you.
You tried your best.
Can we get a minute, please?
I just wish there was
something I could do.
There is.
Hey! Help!
We got a Code 4. No pulse.
Looks like a massive MI.
Prepping epinephrine.
My hood versus your hood,
come and see just how we live ♪
JILL: Least the city could
do is send in a clean-up crew.
It's a mess, but at least it's our mess.
And what if the city decides to
sell the towers to someone else?
Then they'll have to go through me.
ROBYN: How are you feeling?
A lot better now that
I know you'll never
put that damned mask on again.
When did I ever say that?
Turn that music up.
Oh, so you like this now.
It's grown on me.
You know we run this, run this ♪
We steady poppin' bottles
We on that grimy shit
Go, Mom. Go, Mom. Go, Mom.
- Mm-hm.
- Hey.
- Robyn.
Hey. Hey. Do you wanna
Could we
Could we talk?
Tuck told me what happened.
Said he called The Hood.
I guess I owe them my life.
Just wish I could thank them in person.
I really thought Prince
was going to kill me.
We got you.
When I
When I thought I was gonna die
I thought of you.

Much is throwing a party.

Everyone's invited.

The debacle with Tressie
Loxley is headline news.
Even in Mercia.
No one wants a part of this mess.
Sherwood stays public.
I will sue the city
for breach of contract.
And we'll investigate
your ties to the Sheriff,
and I think Marian Fitzwalter
could be persuaded to
share her insights into
your business dealings.
We had an agreement, Rachelle.
The winds have changed.
You're on your own.
Well, if you want something done right.
I've decided to run for
the mayor of New Nottingham.
I'll have your job by next year.
You're joking.
See you on the campaign trail.

You saved Marian.
That wasn't easy.
Never said I wanted easy, did I?
JILL: Guys.
Something's happening.
SHERIFF: Earlier today,
Sergeant Gilbert Redcap
died of injuries inflicted
by the criminal gang
known as The Hood.
Many people in New Nottingham
share a twisted view
of the Hood and their motives.
Let me be perfectly clear.
The Hood are not heroes.
They are not freedom fighters.
They are thieves, and now killers,
and I will bring them to justice.
As of this moment,
the Hood are wanted for murder.

We don't do the flashy
flashy, gutter how we live ♪
My hood versus your hood,
come and see just how we live ♪
Sherwood Forest,
baby, we the coldest ♪
Come and try us, we the boldest ♪
Rep my hood, I know
you notice that I ♪
Run this hood, run this,
run this, run this hood ♪
Run this, run this, run this hood ♪
You know we run this, run this hood ♪
Run it, run it, run it ♪
Run it, run it, run it, run it ♪
You know we run this, run this ♪
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