Rogue (2013) s03e02 Episode Script

The Chandelier Man

1 ETHAN: Previously on Rogue When did you start running guns? My story's finally coming together.
Going to meet with the last big piece right now.
- He said he ain't comin'.
- Fuck's sake.
Deakins? This is your information, your mystery.
You follow him.
HARPER: Some white guy doesn't randomly show up to talk to Cups in the middle of nowhere then dies in a fireball? All I'm saying is maybe it wasn't an accident.
Do you know what Mr.
Hutchings did for a living? He's a reporter or some shit? MAN: That's Marty Stein.
Now we believe one of Stein's clients is supplying arms to our enemies overseas.
Through Stein, we get him.
Someone snatched a redwell from my office.
My problem is some reporter.
Adam Hutchings somehow got his hands on the contents I need you to find the leak.
We have a very tight fucking leash on you, Kelly.
I have some people that I gotta get away from and I mean, quick.
Your passport and the other stuff AJ put together for you.
Listen, Roberts No! You wanna go? Go.
I'll say goodbye to your dad for you.
Can I help you? - (TASER SOUND) - (GRUNTS) She wouldn't just leave like that.
She's in trouble.
I know she is.
(GROANS) ("Top Shelf Drug" by Ryan Bingham playing) where in the hell have I gone I woke up this morning undressed might have been a little too drunk I can't get you out of my head you shot me up, baby, with a wonderful love I got a little taste, now I can't get enough you shot me up, baby, with a wonderful love running through my veins like a top shelf drug (PUNK ROCK MUSIC PLAYING OVER SPEAKERS) - Yo, D.
- 'Sup.
Thanks for comin' to our part of town.
Just as fuckin' cold out here, man.
Yeah, man.
I hear you.
Chipped a tooth on my coffee.
God! Go, go! Get the fuck out of here, go! Oh, my God! Fuck! Fuck! (INDISTINCT TALKING) MAN: There you go! Oh! (LAUGHING) MAN 2: Get away, man.
Yo, Dre, you short, man.
It's fucking cold out there, Cups.
Let me ask you something, you think this dick gonna suck itself? Cups! Cups! They shot D dead.
- Who done it? - Breeds.
They shot him down.
So what was Ethan Kelly doing breaking into Hutchings' house.
Hutchings didn't have a pot to piss in.
Well, maybe Kelly didn't know that until he got inside.
- So, it's a coincidence? - If it quacks like a duck Our reporter meets with Cups.
10 minutes later, he's dead.
Then we find a former Army Intel officer in his house and before we can even question him, someone pulls some strings and he's released.
Doesn't sound like a duck to me.
Benny, how we doing on the Hutchings search? No tax returns filed for three years.
Insurance policy canceled six months ago.
Failure to pay premiums and the DMV says, he drives a Ford Focus.
HARPER: He has a car.
Where is it? I'm all over it.
All right, everybody shut up for a second.
We had two fatal shootings this morning at 1100 in Winnetka.
The DOA's name is Charles Henley.
As in son of Judge Henley.
DOA number two's name is Derius Pierce.
Runs with the 13th Street Kings.
They start whacking each other in the hood, that's one thing.
They start playing their reindeer games in the suburbs, tax-paying citizens start to get dead.
And we're gonna make an example of this shooter.
You shut down the Kings' street ops until the name floats to the top of this shit bowl.
Bring him in.
(RAP MUSIC PLAYING) DETECTIVE: Come on, you fucker! - Fuck off! - Man, shut the fuck up.
- You're under arrest.
- Look, hold on! MAN 1: - What the hell! MAN 2: - You know I didn't do shit, man! (INDISTINCT TALKING) A real estate deal? That's all you came up with? Why would Hutchings care about some crappy apartment building? Well, according to Scott Newcomb, that's all they talked about.
And what did Stein say? Well, I didn't tell him.
Scott Newcomb's not the leak.
So, you're nowhere.
Listen, why don't you try talking to a fuckin' lawyer all day long? I'd have a better chance of talking to a corpse.
Speaking of, I hear your dad got promoted at the, uh, grocery store.
Maybe I should stop by and give him my congratulations.
It's been two days, Roberts.
Two fuckin' days.
I need you to earn Marty's trust.
If you can't find him in a week There's a fund raiser.
Tonight at his house.
And you're invited? I'm workin' on it, yeah.
Well, get invited.
What? If you're lookin' for an apology for what happened - to your friend, it's not common - Ah, fuck you, fuck you, AJ had nothing to do with this.
Oh, that's right, he's an innocent.
- That's right, yeah.
- Mmm-hmm.
Who, being innocent, has ever perished? Where were the upright ever destroyed? That's Job.
You know, if you missed that day in Sunday school.
So, we're doing God's work, is that it? Whatever you need to tell yourself, pal.
We done? (SIRENS WAILING) Who're you protecting, hmm? (GROANS) (GRACE SPITS) (GRUNTING) If you just left Kelly alone you wouldn't be in this shit.
Why is Ethan Kelly so important to you? (GROANS) Who the fuck have you been talking to, hmm? Ah.
Maybe someday it'll come back to you.
(CLEARS THROAT) Can I help you? Tyson Ballard, Attorney at law.
You any good? We'll see, won't we.
I represent the fine young gentlemen that you have inappropriately detained this afternoon.
They were associating with known criminals.
That's PC.
You mean they were associating with known black people.
That's BS.
Well, in that neighborhood that's six of one.
You're very funny.
But here's where we stand.
On the one hand, you can keep my clients here and I can start filing lawsuits.
Including but not limited to, false imprisonment, kidnapping and assault.
Of course, there's the federal civil rights violations, my personal favorites.
On the other hand, you can let my clients go and get back to your crossword.
Your choice.
(INDISTINCT TALKING) Looks like I am pretty good, after all.
Wait two hours, then hit the motherfuckers again.
Who's that crazy Greek who pushes a rock up the hill until it rolls down the other side.
"Who loves ya, baby?" It's the best TV cop ever.
Dead before I was born.
Then Jane Rizzoli.
There's a copper.
Legs up to here and then some.
Ah, here we go again.
PATRICK: Which one do you want? (EXHALES) I don't know, they're both big motherfuckers.
(KNOCKING ON DOOR) Ya'll got time for a sit down? Get in the back.
It's kinda cold to be sittin' in your vehicle.
State of mind, Cups.
State of frost for the ass, is what it is.
All right, look, I've been thinking, all right? We both fuckin' ourselves up.
Why not take a time off for a second? One, because you're a fuckin' scumbag, two, because you're a fuckin' scumbag.
You need me to keep goin'? Damn.
Come on, man.
We the victims here, all right? It was my boy Derius, that got shot down in the street like a dog, so why ya'll hasslin' us? You put 'em on a corner, we pick 'em up.
Yeah, my shot had 'em back slingin' before ya'll can finish the paperwork.
We know how this shit works.
Come on, now, we can save a lot of time and money.
I know ya'll not interested in that piddly street shit.
So, just tell me what ya'll are lookin' for and I'll go get it for you.
I can return to earning and ya'll can get back to pretending you make a difference.
The guy who shot Derius also shot a Judge's son.
We want the shooter, Cups.
All right.
I can do that for you, if you people lay off my business.
HARPER: What was Hutchings doing with you in the yards? Ho, ho, ho, shit! That's my skinny white nigger, man.
Talkin' about makin' me famous.
Doin' some article on me about "The Life in the Life".
I said, "Shit, why not, man.
As long as 50 gets to play me in the movie", right? Hutchings is dead.
Hmm, well there goes lunch with Denzel.
We know he was waiting for someone else, who was it? Oh, that's my financial advisor.
Buy low, sell high, report nothing.
God bless America, man.
We got us a deal? Yeah.
What's up, boss? What's up, man? (LAUGHING) Hey, man, shit! That's some good shit, man! Yeah.
It's fuckin' poetry, my nigga.
- Hey, man, this nigga Rondo, right? - Mmm-hmm.
This nigga, Rondo, says Cube is the shit.
- Nigga, I had to cap his ass, man.
- Thank you.
Thank you.
- Thank you very much.
- This nigga don't know shit, man.
Fuck that.
Oh, man.
So, what the fuck is so important? My nigga, they killed D, man.
Who killed D? Breeds.
I mean, I figure if we blow back all kinds of shit gonna fuck us up, right? Look, I spoke to that Fed lady, man.
The blonde one with the titties.
She said she gonna lay off our shit, if we hold off our retaliation.
Fuck that shit, man! Fuck them niggas.
Kill the motherfuckers that killed D.
Kill all the motherfuckers if you have to.
Yeah, but you always the one that's urging caution, boss.
You don't see it right now, but this is what's good for business.
All right, Marlon.
TALIA: I know he's home.
Now's really not a good time.
Do I look like I give a fuck? - Sorry.
- It's okay, I'm rather busy now, Talia.
Why did you close my salon? Does your brother know you're here? You think I need Marlon's permission to talk to you? Why did you shut down my salon? Oh, my God.
That was weeks ago, Talia.
It's old news, move on.
(SHOUTING) That was my salon and I want an answer.
- You want an answer? - Yes! Oh, okay.
You were throwing parties there almost every night, one of your friends OD'ed in the back room I did my fucking job! I cleaned enough of your dirty fucking money for you, didn't I? You brought the salon to the attention of the Chicago PD.
That was brilliant, Talia.
That was fan-fucking-tastic.
I told Marlon not to you run it in the first place because you contaminate everything you touch.
- Fuck you.
- Ah, well, as I'm sure - you would delight in that opportunity - (SNORTS) it's gonna have to wait another time.
You're fucking kidding me.
I'm rather busy right now.
I have to get ready for a party.
(CLEARS THROAT) Betsy will show you out.
Betsy! (EXHALES) Fuck this.
I thought this might jog your memory.
I told you that I did not speak to anyone.
(LAUGHS) That's not what Ethan Kelly said.
He said you know all about the money.
Those soldiers he killed in Pakistan.
Now, somebody opened up to you about the cover-up.
We just wanna know who.
I'm a cop.
It's what I do.
I worked it out.
Deputy Chief Campbell, he thinks you're not that good a cop.
He thinks you might have had some help on the inside.
Talk to me, Travis.
(GRUNTING) - Fuckin' bitch! - (GRACE SCREAMS) (GRUNTING) - (GUN FIRES) - (GASPS) (DOG BARKING) (DOOR OPENING) (DOOR CLOSING) What're you doing with my gun? What the fuck happened to you? - Give me that.
- Okay, sure.
Where the hell have you been? Has anyone been here? No! What're you doing? Shh! Would you just tell me what's going on? (WHISPERING) Holy shit! You need to take this to your dad.
You all need to leave, all of you, Shelly, all of you.
- You can go to grandma's.
- Cleveland? - Are you kidding? - This is not debatable, Evie.
What is this? I was trying to find you.
Mom, please stop it! You're You're really freaking me out! I'm sorry, baby.
I just got myself into a lot trouble and it's gonna take me a while to fix it.
That's why you gotta go to your dad's, and I'll call him, I'll explain everything to him and Shelley.
It's gonna be okay.
I promise.
But we need to leave now, okay? Okay.
Let's go.
Honestly, didn't think I'd see you again.
Listen, I wanna apologize for leaving like that.
- Mmm, not a problem.
- It's not really It's the 21st century.
You're certainly not my first man in uniform.
- I'm not? - Mmm-mmm.
I've had more soldiers in me than Fort Bragg.
Really don't have a sense of humor, do you? I have to go.
A boring, work-related party.
We can hook up later, if you're not busy.
You know, there's, um, there's something I wanted to tell you.
I love boring parties.
(INDISTINCT CHATTERING) Judge asks my client if he's got anything to add.
This sonofabitch stands up, looks the judge right in the eye, and says, "Fuck you, Your Honor.
" Judge Bloom, I swear to God, doesn't miss a beat, responds, "Motion denied.
" Do you mind if I borrow him for a minute? God's honest, I swear to God.
It gets better.
Marty, I want you to meet Ethan Kelly.
He's retired army.
He's also one semester shy of graduating Harvard Law.
Marty's a fabulous patriot.
- Pleasure to meet you, sir.
- No, no, pleasure's mine.
MAN: Over here, Marty.
Excuse me.
I'm just gonna use the restroom.
- You all right? - Yeah, you? Well, I need I need your help.
I know that you're workin' another task force, right? I just need you to run the Federal database on Ethan Kelly.
Grace, I'm on the street, you know? A lowly cog, at that.
They don't give me access codes.
Yeah, but you're creative.
We both know that.
Look, if I get caught, on a good day, it's my job, on a bad one, my ass.
Kelly did that to you? He can help me bring down the people who did.
Yeah, like who? Campbell.
Deputy Chief Campbell? Campbell is tied up in this in ways you cannot imagine.
Trust me.
I really think that Ethan Kelly can help me connect the dots.
Yeah, I mean Kelly's in the wind, you know.
Just, just live a long and happy and let him stay there.
They had me chained-up in a basement for three fuckin' days.
They beat the shit out of me.
I thought I was dead, Sarah, but I got out.
And Kelly's my best shot and I need your fuckin' help.
I'm begging you.
You gotta help me, please.
Will you help me? Any word on Grace Travis? We're not getting any pings on any of the cell numbers you listed.
Credit cards? Nothin' yet.
Keep on her.
She'll raise her head sooner or later.
My niece is graduating from UC Law this spring and she just actually sent Marty her resume.
Oh, smart girl.
So, you think the Stein firm is a good place for her to kick start her career.
That's interesting.
Yeah, well, put it this way.
I plan on dying at my desk.
- Oh, yeah? - (LAUGHING) Excuse me.
The cheap thing to do? The efficient thing to do would be to nuke the whole shitload of 'em.
Hey, if it was up to me Meet somebody who it is up to.
Bobby! Bobby! Come here! (CHUCKLES) What are you doin'? Leave the girls alone.
Meet General Lance Howard.
- How you doin'? - Our guest of honor.
Good to meet you.
- Where's Cynthia? - Burning the midnight oil, - comes with the job.
- Definitely his better half.
I've been following the Brewster case.
- Why, thank you.
- Where's your drink? It's probably not the best time.
Fuck them, you're amongst friends.
Friends who paid 32k to be in the same room with you.
I'll get you a drink, I'll be back.
How are you? Excuse me, sorry.
How you doin'? Good.
So, how long you been workin' for Marty? Hmm, you think I'm a lawyer? Oh, you know this party, I'd say the odds are pretty good.
I don't know about that.
The guy over there has a beret.
Just got out of the Federal penitentiary.
What did he do? I think it was mail fraud, beating up his wife.
I don't know.
That's Chicki Garrison over there.
- Mmm.
- Owns a half billion dollar hedge fund.
He has a $10,000 a week coke habit.
How about you? What darkness lies behind a $1000 suit? - Darkness? - Yeah.
- Wow! - (ETHAN LAUGHING) No, man, you talking to the wrong guy.
- Oh, yeah? - Yeah.
What are you, a preacher or something? (LAUGHING) Hardly.
- Mmm, no? - No, no, yeah The chandelier, that's mine.
You mean, like, like you make 'em? I sell 'em.
Antiques, yeah.
Got that from the Casa San Benedetto in Florence.
Lion's share specially for Marty.
Well, if you're ever in the market.
Turn Of The Century Lighting.
It's nice to meet you, uh, Marlon.
Hey, Marty.
Come here a sec.
What're you doin' in here, Ethan? Well, one can only stand so much small talk.
(LAUGHING) That was a smart move.
Getting invited to my party, making small talk.
Seeing what you can glean from my lawyers.
Um, something like that.
Can I ask you a question? Sure.
Why aren't you doing that? Well, because I believe it's a dead end, that's why.
Hmm, have you found anything out, other than Sophie Hale has a thing for the military? Before Adam Hutchings died, he, uh, he was looking for information on the Crown Building.
So, you came in here to look at the file? Do you think I'm hiding something from you? If you are, that's, that's your business.
That's comforting, seeing that I'm not paying you to investigate me.
So, what's the plan? You're gonna stick around here, eat my caviar, drink my liquor? No, actually, I was thinkin' about goin' downtown to your office and takin' a look around.
I mean, now that everybody's here.
If you're okay with that.
Yeah, that's okay.
Find the fucking leak, Ethan.
That is the purpose for which I am paying you.
Hey, before you take off, I want you to meet the next senator from Illinois.
Bob, I want you to meet a good friend of mine.
Retired Army, Ethan Kelly, this is Alderman, Bob Richmond, soon to relocate to DC.
Come on, I have to win the election, first.
- That, you do.
- Well, you got my vote.
How's the kid working out? Too soon to tell.
(CAR HONKING) There you go.
(BEEPS) (ELEVATOR BELL DINGS) (FIRE ALARM RINGING) Whoa! Uh The delivery guy? Yeah, why not? These lawyers were talkin' in front of the guy like he was invisible.
He walked around the firm unescorted.
He had access to anything he wanted.
He could've gone anywhere.
This is the building security log.
I've circled, you see here, all the names of everyone who delivered food to the firm after 8:00PM for the past three months.
So, we're off the lawyers? Well, for now.
Freddy, if one of these names connects to Hutchings, then we've found our leak.
Let's go, come on.
Okay, I'll cross-check the names with, uh, schools, clubs, bank statements.
(KEYBOARD CLACKING) Good night, O'Leary.
Looks like we have a winner.
- A guy named Charles Cooper paid electric - Cooper.
Same address, Hutchings' paid cable, every month, for six years, looks like.
Where are you, Cooper? There you are.
Charles Cooper.
He delivered food from a place called Edison's bar.
(CLUB MUSIC PLAYING) Ever been fucked in a bathroom stall? Only when there's no paper.
- Buy me a drink.
- Why the hell would I do that? So, I know that you're serious about moving this relationship forward.
You ain't good looking enough to talk like that.
(CHUCKLES) Cart before the horse, pretty eyes.
Hmm, so, it's my eyes you're after, huh? No, but I was raised a gentleman.
That's apparent.
(GRUNTING AND SCREAMING) Fuck me! Guess who? Morning! Leo, meet my aunty, Ruth.
- Hi.
- Baby.
T, who's this? Yo, man, Leo.
Hey, what's up? Sit, baby.
- I'll fix you both a plate.
- Okay.
Thank you.
(MUMBLING) All right, I got into the database.
Guess, who popped up.
Yeah, I told you.
Ethan Kelly.
He was picked up for B&E in Chicago, a few days ago.
But, no charges were filed.
Why would the feds be involved in a B&E? Not a clue.
But he gave a local address.
You hear about Ray Williams? He's being listed as a missing person.
What? So, just be careful, Grace.
If they can cover up his murder, they'll have no problem in making you disappear.
Thank you, Sarah.
Thank you.
How long have you two been together? - (CHUCKLES) - Um Couple of hours now.
- Give or take, huh? - Yeah.
AUNT RUTH: All right.
Don't let me get the hose on you two.
Uh, sorry.
(CLEARS THROAT) So, Marlon, what kind of work you into? Yeah, Marlon, what kind of work you into? Oh, oh, shit, I'm sorry, you're like You're like, unemployed or something.
No, Leo, I work.
That's what's up! So, what's you racking? I'm in the chandelier business.
Chandelier's is like, fancy lights and shit.
Yeah, why, you're in the market? LEO: Well Marlon's in all kinds of businesses.
He's a real businessman.
LEO: - Oh.
- Ain't that right, Marlon? LEO: Well, maybe we should be working together.
So, Leo, what is it that you do? I'm a connector.
- A connector? LEO: - Mmm-hmm.
What do you connect? - People.
TALIA: - Hmm.
People, huh? Yes, kinda like my specialty, you know? Bringing people together.
I got this dream, I want to like, connect everybody.
Now, I'm not just talking about Chicago.
I'm talking about Asia, Paris, Africa You know, maybe get the hook ups there, I don't know what you're talking, you know what I'm saying? Dear, Talia, you don't look so good.
Oh, God! LEO: - Are you okay? - Hmm.
You're sweating.
Let's pour some cold water on your face.
Come up.
No, it's like Oh TALIA: Ugh.
I'm so sick.
So, you guys just met like couple of hours ago, huh? (BOTH LAUGH) Hmm.
(LAUGHS) I know how it is, man.
I know how this is.
Well, Leo Italian Leonardo? - Leo, the lion.
- (BOTH LAUGH) Maybe you should get the fuck gone before I break your fucking legs.
Leo? See you, Leo.
(DOOR OPENS) (DOOR SHUTS) I thought that they stoned a woman over there for looking at a guy outside of marriage.
They do.
There's gotta be lot of black and blue hookers under those burkhas.
You know, the Afghanis aren't as much evil, as you think.
They call it Mut'ah, it's a fixture of marriage.
So what, you get hitched for like, 20 minutes? - Exactly.
- (SCOFFS) I knew, I should've enlisted.
They saved me a fortune.
You know, marriage isn't a word, it's a sentence.
Tell me about it.
I know you stole a file from the Stein firm and gave it to Adam Hutchings.
Why? CC, I'm not here to get you into trouble.
I'm here to keep you out of it.
You want Marty Stein as an enemy? I mean, all I have to do is send a word.
It's your choice.
I mean it's a shame I kinda like you.
Hey, wait.
You work for Stein? (CLEARS THROAT) You can keep me out of this shit? You tell me what I need to know and I'll see what I can do.
I knew this would come back on me but the fucking guy was desperate.
- Who? Hutchings? - Yeah.
I mean, he was saying he couldn't pay his rent, saying, like, all he needed was one big story.
What was I gonna do? So, helped the guy out.
By stealing a personnel file? How's that a big story, hmm? Fuck if I know.
Let me tell you something, this works a lot fucking better, if you tell me everything.
You got me? It was nothing.
Some, drunk, black chick, Talia Talia, who? I didn't get her last name.
She comes in the bar one night.
She's all pissed off 'cause Stein closed her salon.
She's saying, um, "Fuck him!" Saying, uh, saying, you know, "I know enough about his business to ruin his white ass.
" I thought, she was just talking shit, you know.
A few days later, Adam comes in, crying a river.
So, I tell him about the girl and the salon and, and Marty.
And what else? What else, CC? Then he's begging me, next time, I'm in the firm, I should look for anything on this Talia.
Couple of nights later, I'm up there, delivering sandwiches.
I slip into the fire room, but I freaked.
I grabbed the one file that was sitting out, I didn't even know what it was.
That's all I did.
I just felt sorry for the poor bastard, that's all.
Excuse me.
Sam, can you help Mr.
Forbidi? What's this? Shameless bribery.
Oh, I see, you think my integrity is for sale? Right on the street! You apologized to Aunt Ruth yet? Who do you think gave me the cobbler? Say, what you wanna say? I work my ass off, Mar.
No one is saying you didn't.
No one's saying they give a shit, either.
I'm doing that right now.
We'll find you something else.
Something else? Closing that salon was precautionary.
That decision ain't about you, Talia.
Ain't about me? It was mine, Mar! I never had something that was mine.
Something I built, something made me proud.
I put everything into that place.
And you just let big masso Marty take it away.
Like, I'm some misbehaving child, needs to be taught a lesson! And now, you're gonna sit there and tell me, it ain't about me? What the fuck else I gotta be about? Are you under some illusion about where all this comes from? No, no illusion, this is Marlon's show.
There ain't nothing about in the Marlon show.
This is a strange sounding apology.
(CHUCKLES) Cause, I ain't apologizing.
Cobbler's food drama, that's on me.
But I need you to hear me when I say, I love you, but, sometimes, you're the biggest bitch in this family.
You want some cobbler? I fucking hate you.
- I'm serious.
- I'll get the knife.
What are you doing here? Oh, I could use a bear claw and a cup of coffee.
Maybe some eggs over easy, what do you say? Figured you'd be gone by now.
Well, it turns out, I'm gonna be here working it for the while.
So, the security business is good? I'm working for Marty Stein's firm now.
- Marty Stein, wow! - Hmm.
Imagine how far you'd go if you actually finish law school.
You know, I was reading in the paper the other day.
There were talking about 10 guys died here, 14 there.
City's turned into a war zone.
Yeah, well, lucky for us, they're only killing each other.
Oh, I don't know.
There was a lady that was walking her dog the other day and took a straight bullet in the neck.
Well, lucky for me, I hate dogs.
You know, what (CLEARS THROAT) I'll give you my cell number.
And I want you to call me if you need anything, okay? What would I need? Oh, it's just, one of those, uh "I've fallen.
" I can get up things.
Hey, Deakins, I just put a file on your desk.
Adam Hutchings, 2005, Ford Focus, towed three weeks ago, 14 unpaid parking tickets.
- Thank you, Benny.
- Yeah.
Oh and I spoke to his sister on the phone, she said and I quote, "I'm not surprised, he died like this.
" Two car crashes in the last three years, drunk, both times.
Okay, maybe, it was an accident but only an asshole gloats.
Fine, I'll go check out the car, I'll go write up the report.
And then, you're gonna buy me a couple of shots.
(KNOCK ON DOOR) Shut the door.
How's the new task force working out? Uh, we are making progress, sir.
Finish your dinner.
No, it's okay.
You're not on the clock, I have no right to ruin your meal.
(EXHALES) I'm just like you, Detective, our laptop is always open.
Funny thing was, I was eating breakfast this morning, (CLEARS THROAT) reading one blog or another, then, the damn thing started beeping.
Not that you've got the mail beep or the some pain-in-the-ass college buddy tweeting some bullshit news about his douchebag kid hitting home run in little league beep.
(CHUCKLES) Uh, no, this was different, this was uh, this was a federal beep.
You know what that is? No.
See, I can program my computer, let me know, anytime, someone might say Special Agent O'Leary searches the database for someone like, say, Ethan Kelly.
And that was the beep I heard this morning as I was pouring my second bowl of Honey Nut Cheerios.
Why do you suppose Special Agent O'Leary would be interested in Ethan Kelly? You know, I don't know.
I didn't either.
So, I asked him.
You know what he said? He said he'd never heard of Ethan Kelly.
And I believed him.
So, we put our heads together and we figured somebody in the task force must have used his computer when he wasn't around.
Long story short turns out that you are the only person in that task force with any connection, whatsoever to Kelly.
No sign from a transgression here or there.
You've been a pretty good cop, Finnelly.
So I figured, someone with less than honorable motives must have asked you to violate procedure.
Perhaps, it was Grace Travis? (GROANS) (COUGHS) Last chance, Finnelly.
(WEAKLY) She asked me to do her a favor.
And you're her good friend? I didn't know why she wanted it.
Where is she now? - Is she in Chicago? - (MUMBLING) - (WHIMPERING) - Is she in Chicago? I think so.
(COUGHS) We should all have friends like you, Detective.
- General Howard? It's me.
Grace Travis is heading your way.
It's right over there.
- This one? - Yeah.
Hey, don't you need a warrant or something? Mr.
Hutchings is deceased.
Explains the 14 unpaids.
(CAR DOOR OPENS) I can take it from here.
Suit yourself.
Fucking cold out anyway.
Who wants to be out here.
What the fuck!