Romper Stomper (2018) s01e03 Episode Script


- What? - You've got that look again.
- Fresh blood.
- Mmm.
Keeps me alive.
MAN: The Patriots have reached new levels of organisation.
They were initially in groups of three or four, going after the Middle-Eastern gangs.
But they've expanded.
Squads of about 30, much younger crew.
But it's not all confrontation, They've appointed themselves good Samaritans of the homeless.
White supremacists have gone all hearts and minds.
This is federal police footage, by the way.
Well, it's nice that all the feds in the JTF can make an appearance.
The commissioners were interested in these new night patrols.
There's a lot of new energy in this one.
Any hint on who he is, where he fits in? MAN: No.
(SINISTER MUSIC) Romper Stomper 1x03 "Poetry" Jan 1, 2018 Oi, fucking give it! You know you can't stay here with us.
You wanna hand me back to juvie? At least I'd know where you are.
Brother I could chew the arse out of a dead horse.
If we got this job, I've gotta eat.
I haven't eaten since Tuesday.
KANE: Job's gonna take longer.
Gotta go pick up some stuff later.
We'll go grab some food for you first, but don't go anywhere.
Don't get too comfortable either.
Don't move.
Don't stay.
Don't get comfortable.
Make up your fucking mind.
KANE: Oi, and watch your mouth! Oh, fuck, fuck, shit, fuckity fuck! Sup.
Fuckin' little shit.
So what's with all the fridges? You couldn't wait for me? Says the man with the wedding ring.
(QUIETLY) Anyone finds out about this, I'm fucked.
We don't have much, but what we do have, you're not going to like.
Are you OK? (CHUCKLES) Laila.
I'm Petra.
I, uh saw you at the halal riot.
Do you remember me? What do you want? Can I buy you a drink? Who am I to you anyway? Well, along with the rest of the world, I saw you on No Quarter.
Killed it.
The rest of the world thinks I should die.
Well, fuck the rest of the world.
Seriously, social media is behind you.
You've gone viral in a good way.
Well, cheers to me.
(CHUCKLES) Did you bring backup? (PETRA SIGHS) These are my friends.
Part of the crew.
- I know who you are.
- Know who we are? You're another group that's trying to save your country, I assume.
And I assumed you didn't drink beer.
I can see why you've approached someone like me.
The face of diversity, huh? This is a fucking serious fight, and there's a difference.
It's not about being diverse.
TOMAS: Every family at home watching tabloid TV think these white supremacists are about law and order, doing what the cops can't.
And their Goebbels, stirring up hate.
- You took him down, Laila.
- I didn't take Jago down.
You exposed him for the racist wanker that he is.
PETRA: Look, I didn't ask you here to be a Muslim face for us.
We wanna help.
We wanna we wanna fight with you.
You guys might be in this fight for the right reasons .
but you've all chosen to be in this fight.
Us, we don't have a choice.
We're in it whether we like it or not.
We're not asking you to do anything for us.
Just come and watch us.
PETRA: Then make up your own mind.
Dr Alameddine, Mrs Alameddine, come on in.
I'm also Dr Alameddine.
- Oh.
I'm so sorry.
- Not to worry.
People the mistake all the time, especially now, since I've not been working.
Sometimes being a mum comes first.
Well, come on.
Sit down.
DR MRS ALAMEDDINE: This is our son, Rabieh.
Oh (LAUGHS) He's gorgeous.
- (PHONE CHIMES) - Right.
So we, uh can get him admitted under our special needs program.
His diagnosis, I wouldn't call it special needs.
DR MR ALAMEDDINE: Sorry, I've got to get to the hospital.
Why don't you leave the paperwork with me? If you can just sign here and here and I can fill the rest out later on.
You're sure we can skip the waiting list? It's just that we're not used to things working out so easily.
Well, efficiency's our competitive edge.
I'm confident you will find I do not have dual citizenship.
Minister, that's all we have time for, I'm afraid.
And we'll see how much time the people of this state are prepared to give you to find a solution to the problem.
And that's it from us to you this Wednesday the 31st of July.
We didn't make this world we live in, but we call it the way we see it.
Yours in strength, Jago Zoric.
MAN: And we're out.
"The way I see it"? I call it a piece of fucking shit.
Numbers are still rising in our demos.
Our ad buys are up.
They'll be pleased upstairs.
So I pull the numbers and senior management gets to buy a new fucking holiday home.
Whoopie fucking shit.
Where's the impact? Hmm? What the fuck are we achieving? Those piss-weak ministers, I hear them parroting their same old shit before they even open their mouths.
You want impact, we'll get the premier on.
Oh, yesterday's man? No.
No I'm having lunch with him tomorrow.
I'll give him an earful then and then I'll get him to reshuffle the cabinet.
I don't need to do that on air.
You know, we have so many tired old pollies on every night, we're turning into the fucking ABC.
Where's the new voices, the fresh voices, the unique voices, the disruptive voices? You got on to Blake yet? And you're complaining about things getting old? Did I say I wanted Blake on the show? Every time I ask him to bring the kid in, he hangs up on me.
I don't think he likes me very much.
I'll ring him myself.
Hey, where's my fucking phone? Yeah, thanks, but that still leaves me with the BAS returns and doubles the paperwork still, so I don't - (SIGHS) - (PHONE RINGS) (CONTINUES RINGING) Stop calling me on your master's phone.
I only speak with the organ grinder, not the fuckin' monkey.
JAGO: No monkeys here, pal.
(COUGHS) Shit.
Hey, uh Hey, mate! Sorry.
It's just your your office gook, or whatever you fuckin' call her, she's been using your phone to get me to pick up, and blah-blah.
So how are you? You want me on the show again? JAGO: Ooh, we need you, pal.
We need you.
Now, how are you placed next Monday? Oh, yeah, I reckon we could probably do Monday.
I mean, we tore that Muzzy chick a new one, eh? I mean, I'm like, "Next!" So, yeah, let's do Monday.
Hey, um will you be bringing that new kid in again with you? What's his name? What's his name? Chad or Zane? Well, I've got a lot of different drivers, mate.
How come? JAGO: Oh, we just started a bit of a conversation, that's all.
Young, um Kane is busy on Monday.
It's hard rubbish collection, you know? - It's big business, mate.
- JAGO: Oh, no problem.
You can make it Tuesday, Wednesday, whatever day you both can make it.
Alright? Yeah.
So, um So what's the, uh Fag cunt.
What are you laughing at? Just something on YouTube.
- Show me.
- No.
- I wanna see.
- No! (LAUGHS) - I wanna see! - Oi, piss off! You piss off.
ZOE: Come here.
(GIGGLES) No! - (GRUNTS) - Just give it! Oh, jeez So the faggot was all hot and bothered about Kane, huh? I don't remember any fucking conversation.
They said, like, two words to each other.
You know he just wants to see Kane again to lock him into his wank bank.
I know.
It's just .
fuckin' shits me.
You know Jago loves the younger ones.
I'm sorry, but he's not going to fantasise about a fat 40-year-old with bigger tits than mine.
God loves us all the way he made us.
Or do you think .
he wants Kane to speak for Patriot Blue? Fuckin' degenerate! Fuckin' poofter degenerate! You see, this is what I'm talking about.
This is what I'm fuckin' talking about.
We need to control the media in this country.
That's how we're gonna purify this country.
We gotta get inside people's heads.
And first things first, first things fucking first! First we gotta fuckin' purify ourselves.
(SIGHS) I might take the boys out.
I'm gonna show 'em .
how to fight.
I am gonna educate them about what we are fighting for.
And I am gonna show 'em how to do it! - There you go, baby.
- This weekend, back to basics.
This weekend? Why not? What's better than now? Are you gonna take Kane with you? Why shouldn't I? (PHONE BUZZES) Go on.
- Answer it.
- MARCO: You alone? No, I'm havin' a big party with all my mates.
Are you alone? Yes.
I'm alone.
Usual place, 9:00 tonight.
(SIGHS) Oh, come on, mate.
Seriously, not tonight.
I've just got shitloads on.
Come on.
Mate? (SIGHS) Yeah, right you are.
I'll, uh I'll be at the place, 9 o'clock.
(EXHALES) - LAILA: Come on! - (SHOUTING, CHEERING) LAILA: Do it! Come on! Come on! Come on! Come on, you can do it! (SHOUTING AND CHEERING CONTINUE) Go! (MEN GRUNT) (LOUD CHEERING) (BELL RINGS) (CHEERING) (SOUND BECOMES FAINT) WOMAN: Malik, this is yours! Come on! Malik, just remember why you're doing this.
- Remember.
- You've got this.
Fuckin' done it a million times.
- Let's do this.
- FARID: Finish him! Finish him! - Malik! Malik! Switch on! - (SOUND COMES BACK UP) (CHEERING) LAILA: Go! (BELL RINGS) LAILA: Come on, Malik! (CHEERING) (MAN GRUNTS) Go! Uh! MAN: Yes! You won already! Enough! (CHEERING) Yes! (CROWD'S SHOUTS BECOME DISTANT) (DOOR OPENS) Yeah, this one fuckin' cost me 500 bucks, man.
Diner on Footscray Road, night of Thursday the 13th? You were there.
Just a yes or no, Mr Ahmadi.
You said 9 o'clock, mate.
Come on.
(TYRES SQUEAL IN THE DISTANCE) What else do you know about him? Jesus Christ.
Why does everybody want to know about this kid? MARCO: Who else wants to know? Everybody.
The fuckin' talkback fag on down.
So fill me in.
He rocked into town from .
Bendigo or Ballarat or fuckin'Bumfuck.
I don't know.
Hoed into those pricks at the Muzzy festival.
I got him on trucks.
You've let him run the night patrols.
His reward for rescuing you from Antifasc.
He didn't rescue me.
Night patrols is my idea.
He's my lieutenant.
- (CHUCKLES) "Lieutenant"? - Yeah.
- So you trust him? - Who said I trust him? Listen, if there's anything whiffy about him, his days are numbered, I promise you that.
You taken him to Magoo's? I'm taking him.
This weekend.
Why are you so interested? MARCO: I'm always interested.
Come on, mate.
Give me somethin'.
You never give me anything.
Watch your back.
I need a fuckin' snorkel to breathe through the bullshit, but yeah, I've got something for you.
They've let your boy deep into the organisation even though he's Mr Nobody from Nowhere.
Gabe, are you hearing me? I just can't take this, if this is happening all over again.
He's going bush with them this weekend.
I can't guarantee his safety.
(CLATTERING) So the poor people are still hungry, yeah? Well, you came back.
Oi Stop flirting.
Got shit to do.
- Mmm.
So do you have somewhere to go? Uh We should probably talk to the others first, yeah? Fine.
Besides, she doesn't take up much room.
Look, it's OK.
My big brother's always telling me what to do.
TOMAS: It's not like that.
We're a collective.
Some people just let the power get to their heads.
Oh, sort of like fascists, right? (CHUCKLES) (LAUGHS) OK.
You can stay.
But, uh you're on the couch tonight.
- You can have his room.
- Hmm.
(CLEARS THROAT) Still loving the hair, by the way.
Hey, um you gonna help, or are you just gonna stand there and eat? Come on.
Got shit to do.
Clean this.
What the fuck? We're into six figures in shares, way past that in likes.
Now we're cooking.
Who the fuck are you? No, no, this is Cindi from the soup kitchen.
She didn't have anywhere to go.
She's cool.
Um Lose the mask.
So can I keep this? Property is theft.
It's yours, it's ours, it's nobody's.
Well, I was gonna swipe it anyway, so (CHUCKLES) Is she always so serious? Come here.
- You wanna see something cool? - Yeah.
- Fuck! - (CHUCKLES) You guys are hardcore.
You can actually do that? We can do a lot more than that.
- Fuck yeah.
- (CHUCKLES) You sleep through your alarm or somethin'? STIX: No.
Been up since 4:00.
NODDY: How is it? STIX: How youse goin'? Good? (POP PUNK MUSIC PLAYS ON RADIO) (SPEAKS INDISTINCTLY) - Here, get that into you.
- BLAKE: Have a look out there.
Fuckin' 80% of all the wildlife has been introduced.
Fuckin' introduced.
What does that remind you of? Eh? Our fathers toiled for bitter bread While loafers thrived beside 'em Food to eat, clothes to wear Their native land denied 'em.
- Lawson.
- You're learning, Stix.
- (PUNK MUSIC CONTINUES) - Hey Look at this.
My father owned this knife.
Here you are.
Cop a feel.
Safety first.
There it is, boys.
The fatherland.
LYNO: OK, ladies.
(LAUGHS) BLAKE: Magoo! (KNOCKS AT DOOR) Magoo, open up, you racist prick.
(LYNO CHUCKLES) (BLAKE LAUGHS) How are ya, mate? Good to see you.
Good to see you.
Youngsters, Brian, Stix, Kane, come and meet one of the founding fathers.
- Hi.
- This .
is Magoo.
Come in.
Make yourself comfortable.
How are ya, digger, eh? You're lookin' fit.
- Yeah.
- (SIGHS) Magoo, I love you, mate, but Jesus Christ, you live like a deadset fuckin' animal.
Come on, ladies.
On your feet.
(LYNO CHUCKLES) STIX: Now you're fuckin' talkin', Blake.
You're a good man, Magoo.
You're a good, good man.
NODDY: Look at this, bro.
(GUNS COCK, CLANK) Might wanna wait till you're finished puberty for that one.
Alright, boys.
Hold your horses.
Hold your horses, Noddy.
We're goin' bush, not securing the fuckin' Middle East.
- Put it down.
- (LYNO CHUCKLES) BLAKE: Put it down! - Careful! - MAGOO: Fuckin' hell.
- BLAKE: Jesus Christ, Noddy.
Noddy, this is a girl's gun, but it does fire real bullets.
- (LAUGHS) - LYNO: Careful.
BLAKE: Alright? Stixy, this is for you.
Just be very careful of it.
What is it? Something that goes boom.
- Yeah? - (CHUCKLES) Have fun.
Kane what's your pleasure? Depends who we're goin' after.
Ooh We're after the enemy, son.
The enemy of the nation.
- (DOGS YELP) - (LYNO SPEAKS INDISTINCTLY) BLAKE: Don't wave that fuckin' thing around me, you stupid prick.
You been shoppin' for a washing machine? Ho, boys! Think the dogs have found a foreigner! (GUNSHOT) - (LAUGHTER) - (BARKING) - BRIAN: Yoo! - BLAKE: Go! - Get it! - LYNO: Get 'em, boy.
BLAKE: Come on, come on.
- (SQUEALS SOFTLY) - BLAKE: There she is.
(LAUGHS) Boys, boys, boys, boys.
Look at her.
Come on, Nods.
Finish her off.
Nod, not even you can fuck this up.
I'm having fuckin' ribs tonight.
- Here we go.
- Nod, you know what? No guns.
- What are you talking about? - LYNO: Don't need a gun.
Knives, eh? Put your back into it.
About time, Nods.
Fuckin' easy, mate.
Oh, oh, oh, now, Nods, that's an Australian uniform.
You are not gonna desecrate that.
- Come on, kit off.
Let's go.
- Fucking pretty funny, mate.
I'm serious.
Get your clothes off.
- Off, off! - Get it off! Get it off! Off, off, off! Off, off, off! (CHEERING) BLAKE: Come on, I'll give you a hand.
BRIAN: Oh, Nods! - (LAUGHTER) - (DOG WHIMPERS) (HUMS RAUNCHY MUSIC) Ooh! Boo! Boo! - Boo! Boo! - LYNO: Oh, ho-ho! There we go! This pig's gonna die of old age soon, Nod.
BLAKE: Oh, look at this.
Oh, I like the blue jocks, mate.
Oh! (LAUGHS) That's fuckin' Here, Noddy.
She's all yours.
Here, you fuckin' pig fuck, you're mine.
- LYNO: Oi! - (BLAKE CHUCKLES) LYNO: Oh, here we are, ladies and gentlemen.
Deep in the Australian bush we have a Nodstrom.
The Nodstrom doesn't breed much.
He's a very foulmouthed young man.
- Oh, fuck off! - As he makes his approach (LAUGHTER) Whoa! Come on, Nod.
- (SQUEALS) - Good shot.
Fuck! - (SQUEALS IN PAIN) - Kane.
Come here.
No? Leave the big jobs to the big man? (SIGHS) We're going to war .
with an introduced species.
We need WARRIORS! Come on, Kane.
Do it.
Punch someone out .
any kid can do that.
Shoot 'em in the back of the head any fuckwit can kill with a gun.
The defender of our nation is the one who can take a life with his own hands.
And Muslims they cut off people's heads for sport.
That's who we're fighting.
If you can't take a life with your own hands, you're not IN the fight.
So Last chance.
(PIG SNUFFLES WEAKLY) BLAKE: Hmm? (SIGHS) Knew you didn't have it in you.
Piggy, piggy, piggy.
(THREATENING MUSIC) Keep drinking.
Keep drinking.
My mother drinks more than this before fuckin' lunchtime.
That's it.
Atta boy.
Good boy.
Don't you feel better? Come here.
I'll show you something.
Watch out, mate.
Come here.
(SPEAKS INDISTINCTLY) BLAKE: You know how everybody says, "I love my country"? But only a few were chosen to stand up and do the hard yards.
So the question you gotta ask yourself is "When the time comes, am I ready?" Do I have the will? Nod get the boy another one.
Oh, gee-whiz.
Where'd you learn to drink like that? They teach you that in the army? (CHUCKLES) (BOOM!) Sit down, sit down, sit down, you pussy.
- (YELLING) - The fuck was that? It's cool, bro.
It's fuckin' awesome.
LYNO: Eh? What did I tell ya? What did I tell ya?! STIX: Yeah.
BLAKE: Boys will be boys, eh, Lyno? LYNO: That's fuckin' cool, mate.
That's fuckin' cool.
Whoo! (SPEAKS INDISTINCTLY, LAUGHS) You couldn't fuckin' do it.
Huh? This is the night patrol king.
You fuckin' weak cunt.
Lyno's not your biggest fan, mate.
He reckons you've been getting it up my missus.
Well, if he's not .
he soon fuckin' will be.
BLAKE: Yeah, let me explain something to you.
You're not a threat to me.
You're a boy.
Maybe you could learn a little bit .
workin' under Lyno.
You wanna go far .
all the way to the top? You gotta stop holding out on us.
Hmm? Be a bit more like your mate here.
He's a straight shooter.
LYNO: Can't fuckin' help you now, can he? (SIGHS, SPITS) Whatever you want.
I'm here for the cause.
You wanna be a part of this You have to share all information .
with us.
Especially about Vic.
That's called volunteering.
LYNO: Yep.
I think .
that you .
need to make .
a small sacrifice to atone, don't you? - Name it.
- BLAKE: "Name it"? See, now that's volunteering.
That's the spirit.
Lyno .
do the honours.
Shh (WHISPERS) Don't you make a sound.
Don't you wake anybody up.
Oh LYNO: (CHUCKLES) Oh, fuckin' look at that.
BLAKE: Now .
when we get back to town .
I want you to volunteer that mark on your throat to my wife.
You don't have to say anything to her.
She'll know what it means.
And then when you're done you and my wife will never speak to each other ever again.
(TAKES DEEP BREATH) And that is your small sacrifice for the cause.
Anyway (SNIFFS, CLEARS THROAT) To your health.
LYNO: Get your fuckin' hand up.
(URINATES) (FOOTSTEPS) BLAKE: So we must fly a rebel flag As others did before us And we must sing a rebel song (CONTINUES URINATING) .
and join in rebel chorus We'll make the tyrants (UNZIPS FLY, URINATES) .
feel the sting Of those that they would throttle They needn't say the fault is ours If blood should stain the wattle.
That's poetry.
(INHALES) God Look at our beautiful country.
(BIRDSONG, ANIMALS CALLING SOFTLY) What's gonna become of it without us? (SIGHS) I love a sunburnt c - (GASPS) - (BRANCHES SNAP) (CRASH!) - (THUD!) - (BIRD CRIES) (SIGHS) Poetry.
- (KNOCK AT DOOR) - LYNO: Magoo! (MAGOO COUGHS) Oh, fuck me! Fuckin' stupid prick fell off the fuckin' scarp.
Havin' a piss or something, his dick still hanging out.
(PANTS) MAGOO: Can't leave him here, boys.
I can't have the cops or ambos within a million miles of this joint.
We'll take him home, then.
There's no law against that.
Oh, just fuckin' get him out of here! Come on, boys.
Let's go.
You want a cup of tea?