Romper Stomper (2018) s01e04 Episode Script

The Dark Heart Of Things

1 ZOE: Jesus, Lord Jesus, please take Blake's soul into your glorious kingdom.
He was a good man.
A heroic man.
An example.
In the eternal battle between good and evil, purity and pollution, light and dark, Blake was an angel of light.
And I loved I love you I love you, Blakey.
MAN: Nazi scum.
So what do you want me to do? Nothing.
Not this time.
Come on, come on.
ZOE: He saw a world of weak kings collaborating with the evil Romans.
But he knew that the day of judgement was upon us and with that, the kingdom of heaven.
Blake wanted to Make Australia Great Again.
They're about to spread the ashes.
This is our chance.
Here we go! Now, remember, these people are fucking Nazis.
Let's make it hurt.
Let's stomp some fuckin' fascists! (ALL CHEER) Hurt! (TEXT MESSAGE ALERT) ZOE: (SINGS) Here in this God given land of ours, Australia This proud possession, our own piece of earth That was built by our fathers who pioneered our heritage Here in Australia, the land of our birth.
PROTESTERS CHANT: Fascists out! Fascists out! Fascists out! Fascists out! Fascists out! Fascists out! Fascists out! Fascists out! Fascists out! Fascists out! Fascists out! Fascists out! Fascists out! Fascists out! Fascists out! Fascists out! Fascists out! Fascists out! Fascists out! Fascists out! Fascists out! Fascists out! Fascists out! Fascists out! Fascists out! Fascists out! PETRA: Something's wrong.
DANNY: They know they're beaten.
- Come on! - Nazi pigs! Come on, boys! (PROTESTERS YELL AND SHOUT) (MEN YELL) Get off the pier! Nazi scum! (GRUNTS WITH EACH PUNCH) ZOE: (SINGS) Here in this God given land of ours, Australia This proud possession, our own piece of earth Fucking cunt! Fuck off! Fuck off! Go home, you fucking cunts! Go home! That was built by our fathers who pioneered our heritage Here in Australia, the land of our birth.
Fuck off! (GRUNTS AND GROANS) I'm fucking with you.
You little (SOBS) (GASPING AND GRUNTING) Petra! Danny! Come on.
Come on.
Fuck off! Help! Help! Help! Help me get him out of here.
Get him out of (MOMENTOUS MUSIC) Romper Stomper 1x04 "The Dark Heart Of Things" Jan 1, 2018 (MOANS SOFTLY) PETRA: (WEEPS) Petra, what are we gonna do? How did you know they were coming? A snake always acts like a snake.
You've gotta cut its head off, right? Kane .
how did Blake die? I told you.
He fell when we were all sleeping.
I mean, bad things happen to good people.
- How are they? - She wouldn't talk to me.
Danny's in an induced coma.
It looks like he's got brain damage.
What do you mean, she wouldn't talk to you? Said she didn't care what we do.
Told me to fuck off.
Well, we're we're fucked.
We can't do it without them.
Oh, fuckin' bullshit.
If we give up now, everything was for nothing.
It was all for nothing.
Look at us.
We're fucked.
- What are we supposed to do? - We're supposed to hit back! - Fuck this.
- What's your idea, Anthony? We've gotta get people back, right? We do something with impact.
Something that'll make the news.
- Don't try and talk like her! - Let him talk, Tom.
I'm not trying to talk like Petra.
I'm trying to fucking sort this shit out! Yeah, well, good luck with that.
Are you coming? How the fuck did you get in? You leave the door open? Petra texted me and told me to come past.
Actually, that was me.
What? (SOFTLY) Fuck this.
- Laila, wait - So what is your idea? Jago Zoric.
Jago? He's giving a lecture at uni on Thursday night.
So while he's there, we break into his place, we trash it, we spray-paint on the walls, we film it, we post the video.
It'll be on the news in a day.
It's a pretty good way to announce that we haven't lost our nerve, right? What? You think no-one here can wipe their arse without Danny or Petra showing them how? - Where is Petra? - With Danny in hospital.
- He's got brain damage.
- Maeve! I know where Jago lives.
So who wants to recce? I'll do it.
TRAINER: Go, Malik.
Come on.
Let's work.
Come on, let's work.
Work that sweep.
Malik, give me that sweep.
I can't believe they let you out that quick.
Too big for the pigs even.
Hey, brother? Focus on the job.
Come on, Malik.
Focus on the job.
That's it.
Maybe we should find some more fuckwits for you to sort out, eh, bro? Maybe you should shut your fucking mouth! You think this is all fun and games? The only reason Malik is out right now is 'cause we're waiting to see if that fuckwit survives or not.
The difference in prison being six months or 10 years.
So shut the fuck up! Come on, Malik.
Head in the game.
Let's go.
Come on.
I can't do this anymore.
Do what? Mate, until you get your shit together, it ain't worth training.
Alright? You gotta get your head on straight.
You gotta get it straight.
I'm Kane's mum.
I don't think you should be here.
Well, I am.
(LAUGHS) How did you find my house? I just want to talk to him for a minute.
Is he home? (CALLS) Kane.
Something smells fucking good.
What have you got on? Hi.
What are you doing here? I just want to talk to you.
Five minutes.
Then I'll leave you alone.
(WHISPERS) I'll just be a minute.
(CLEARS THROAT) OK, you got one minute.
Go for it.
I know what you're doing.
What's that, exactly? Listen, I God, a minute.
I made a lot of mistakes when I was young.
There are a lot of things I'd like to just take back.
But life .
can be confusing.
Is that what you've come here to tell me? No.
Just don't fucking do it, alright? What is it? What do you think that I'm doing? Just this whole white power thing.
It's bullshit.
- Bullshit? - Don't do it.
It's all lies.
They're using you, Kane.
You're just like a puppet to them.
(LAUGHS) A puppet? Yeah.
You don't know what you're talking about.
(LAUGHS) Yeah, I do.
- No, you don't.
- Oh, yeah, I do.
You have no idea what I'm capable of.
I mean, you're a fucking nobody to me.
You come here acting like my mum.
- Acting like your mum? - Mmm.
Acting like your mum? I am your fucking mum.
Who's feeding you this shit, huh? Who's putting this shit, this white power shit in your head? No-one's fucking feeding it to me.
Don't just come to this shit.
You want to take care of me? Yeah.
Yeah, I do.
Want to take care of me, Mama? Yeah, I do.
- Yeah? - Yeah! You want to take care of me, huh? Oh, Kane! Take care of me, Mama.
Take care of me.
Don't do this.
Don't do this.
(KISSES HER) Show me, Mummy.
Mummy, show me you care.
Hey, stop it.
Yeah? Fucking stop it.
Just don't do it.
What is it you think I'm doing? I've seen the fucking files, Kane.
I know what you're doing.
- (LAUGHS) - Yeah? I don't fucking know you.
Get the fuck off my porch, you stranger.
Is this what you want for your life? - You want to wind up in jail? - Zoe.
You want to wind up dead? Kane! Kane! Fuck! Boys! Hey! Get the fuck out of the way.
(MENACING MUSIC) I do not like all the bomb shit I do not fuck with the Nazis All of the bitches that think that they know me But all of them are making assumptions What's up? Bitch can't get enough? Nah.
- She's on your case again? - Yeah, you know how it is.
"Get a real job.
Go to uni.
"We didn't come to this country for" Blah, blah, blah.
You know she's right, don't you? What?! You should be doing that shit, man.
Then why aren't you, motherfuck? 'Cause I ain't smart.
What's your excuse? Man, whatever.
The last time I checked I was the man on the streets.
(LAUGHS) Yeah, right, Einstein.
Nigger, I need a drink.
(LAUGHS) - What? - Nothing, bro.
Gangster needs a drink, man.
Are you walking the way that I play, the way that I sway Like this and more The records I'm dropping were never before Records and records, the cities are ours I got the vision like GoPro Almost so high I could go pro That's a lot of white boys.
She backing it up for me slow (TURNS ENGINE OFF) What shit that is, bruz.
Nice ride, boys.
Every soldier needs a warhorse, man.
Yeah? What is it? Is it a Beemer? Benz or a Bentley? Funny cunt.
Get back, man.
Where the fuck are you going? Nah, bro.
I know you from somewhere.
You don't know fucking shit, bruz.
Seen you play footy, mate.
You ain't seen fucking nothing, brother.
Fuck off.
So what's up, anyways? Cleaning.
These our streets.
Not any more.
It's not your fucking country, either.
I tell you what, man.
Give me a one-on-one, yeah? I'll cut bits off you, you didn't fucking know you had.
Yeah, go on.
Hey, chill, chill, chill, man.
You know what? I'll see you boys around.
Fuck off.
(STARTS ENGINE) What's going on? Fucking dogs.
And you let 'em fucking walk away? - (GLASS SHATTERS) - Get him! Get him! Give it to the bastard! What?! - (TYRES SCREECH) - (MEN SHOUT) Come on! Hey! Whoo! Fuck! Fuck, man.
We just got fucking punked.
There was like 10 of them, what are you gonna do? You're not even about that shit.
- Man, I'm up for whatever.
- Yeah? Yeah, bro? (FOOTSTEPS APPROACH) I don't have time for this.
What do you want? I need names, Marco.
What names? I want to know who else is involved.
Someone's put him up to it.
Someone is feeding him this shit They're not feeding him this shit.
"I know who my father is.
" Are you kidding me? What the fuck's that supposed to mean? And this white power crap, it's from the fucking past.
- No-one's put him up to it.
- Yes, they have.
Listen to me.
I understand, he's your boy.
OK? You care.
Of course.
Your boy is evil.
You don't just come up with this stuff.
This doesn't just come out.
Give me fucking names.
Hando's dead.
Sonny Jim's dead.
Davey's dead.
Bubba's dead.
Magoo's as good as dead.
- Cackles.
- Cackles.
Vic Waters.
You stay away from him.
What are you gonna do? (DOOR CLOSES) (CAR APPROACHES) So what's the big deal, eh? It's time for a trip to Magoo's.
Oh, yeah.
Why's that? We had a run-in with these wannabe gangsters.
Well, who gives a shit? Keep your eyes on the prize.
Remember who the real enemy is.
No, no, they fit the profile.
And they have Glocks.
A trip to the country, eh? - Cackles! - (LAUGHS) Way to go! - G'day, mate.
- How are you, brother? You alright? You come to see what I got? Yeah, mate.
You lead the way.
You never know what's at the end of a labyrinth, Minotaurs or treasure.
Fucking balltearer.
- Are these still gonna work? - Yeah.
- Does this shit go bang? - Big bang.
(BOTH LAUGH) Fuck, mate.
I'm glad that clown's gone.
No more fucking speeches.
Fuck him! This is just like the old days.
We can't let it fall apart again.
You know what I'm saying? You right? Never.
These young 'uns here, they got the chance to make things right.
And you and me, Magoo.
We've got some business too.
(PUMPS SHOTGUN) (GUNSHOT) - (MAGOO LAUGHS) - Wah-hey! - Fuck it! - (ALL SHOOT) (ALL CHEER) Tomorrow belongs to our soldiers! Let me spell the left's 'virtue signalling' another way.
Death of humour, death of freedom of speech, death of the Australian way of life.
It's political correctness gone mad, my friends.
And the gates of the madhouse are wide open.
And it's up to you, me, all of us, to fight this.
Yours in strength, Jago Zoric.
MAN: And we're out.
WOMAN: We're killing it.
What are they saying in Canberra? Two ministers and two shadow ministers have mentioned you on radio today in relation to the Immigration Bill.
Some reaction favourable, some not so much.
Who cares as long as they're talking about it? But the university's cancelled your lecture tomorrow.
Oh, they're piss weak, those fucking universities.
Who gives a fuck? It's only a uni.
(KNOCKS) Sorry I'm late.
Oh, Kane, come in.
G'day, Jago.
Good to see you.
- This is Vic.
- Oh.
I know who he is.
Oh, don't they all? Who's this? Your manager, is he? Vic's the one who got me into this.
He's he's he's been like a teacher.
VIC: A mentor.
Like a mentor.
I've heard about you.
Nice flowers.
What are you doing? Pruning your camellias? Well, that sounds sexy when you say it.
But don't be fooled, old mate, it's a ruthless art.
You know, Kane, these night patrols, they're brilliant.
I tell you, they're brilliant.
But I've got an idea.
You know, you've got to get 'em out on the screens.
Let people all around the country see that there's ordinary people who are prepared to take back what's rightfully theirs.
Don't you think? Helps you more than it helps us, doesn't it? You need us.
Imagine how many more people would rally behind the cause.
VIC: Behind your cause, you mean.
How would we do it? Well, I could give you some give you some GoPros or probably find a cameraman ballsy enough to go with you.
You know, have a look at the vision, see what it's like.
What do you think? VIC: I've met pricks like you before.
You suck people dry.
This is about our blood.
It's about our destiny.
Destiny's the power to change things in Canberra with a single word, sweetheart.
You disgust me.
- That didn't pan out.
- JAGO: Mmm.
- KANE: I'm sorry about him.
- No, it's alright.
I tell you, there's a place for the Vics of the world, Kane.
They'll only get you so far.
You know? - Fucking' prick! - (HORN HONKS) (SIGHS) What the fuck are you doing in here? You back in the game, Vic? What are you, just jumpin' around at night, gettin' in people's cars like a fucking vampire? I don't know what the fuck you're talking about, mate.
Who's the young fella? I don't know what the fuck you're talking about.
Get out of my car.
- Kane.
- VIC: There an echo in here? Get out of my fuckin' car.
You got a warrant? Get out of my car, mate.
I'm trying to have a smoke in peace in me own car.
You think you can trust him? You think you can really trust anyone, mate? Some more than others, yeah.
Oh, yeah.
Shit happens to people around this kid.
Shit happens to everybody some day, doesn't it, mate? Yeah.
I'm watching you, Vic.
Fuck off.
You watch me.
I'm watching you, mate.
Get out of my car.
Well, I'll see you soon.
(SIGHS) FUCK! - (HORN HONKS) - Idiot! Now you're gonna humanise them? - TALIB: They are human.
- No, they're sociopaths.
But people join causes like the far right for a reason.
So what's your answer? Run around with the anarchists? They don't back Muslims.
They back a horse called Self-Interest.
Better than the donkey named Do Fuck All.
Uh, can you pull over here? I need to see a friend before school.
TALIB: (HONKS HORN) Bloody traffic.
There's a reason we have elections.
That's what separates functioning nations from failed states.
New policy, lobbying .
that's how you effect change.
You've got to be inside the tent .
not on the streets.
Yeah, but on the street is where it all goes down, right, Dad? Laila! Love you.
MCKEW: It's a good drop.
- (SIGHS) - (PULSING MUSIC PLAYS) So what do you think about the plan? I mean, there's nothing more I'd like than to set fire to that slick motherfucker's world Danny doesn't get put in hospital without him going on TV every night, making it all Making it normal.
Jago is in everyone's living room every night saying this right-wing thuggery is just normal.
Wanna be a circuit-breaker? Anthony's not a leader like Petra.
And Petra .
I mean She cares for Danny.
She's got a lot on her plate.
Is Danny gonna be OK? He'll be fine.
We're a movement.
A culture.
It's bigger than individuals.
Yeah, but it takes individuals getting their hands dirty.
(PHONE RINGS) Farid? FARID: What are you doin'? Uh studying.
You? I'm at the mosque.
The mosque? I know.
Malik dragged me here.
(PULSING MUSIC THROUGH PHONE) Sounds really loud where you are.
Uh, yeah.
I just stepped out of the library.
I'm in the park.
Some kids are playing some shithouse music.
Hey, look, I I just saw a friend.
I'll Call me later, OK? FARID: Lai I wanna make a difference.
IMAM: I wanna tell you a verse from the Koran which helped me.
Maybe it will help you too.
"As darkness on a vast, dismal sea.
"There covereth him a wave.
"Above that "a wave.
"Above which "is a cloud.
"Layer upon layer of darkness.
"When he holdeth out his hand "he scarce can see it.
"And he, for whom Allah hath not appointed light "there is no light.
" But, brothers .
who is appointed? Must we seek appointment? Or .
is it given to us at birth? Does that not give us .
more ability .
to see through .
dark heart of things? - (ENGINE STARTS) - IMAM: And does by seeing .
liberate us from them? We must seek the straight path, sirat al mustaqim.
Hey, mate.
- MALIK: What do you think? - FARID: About what? You reckon it's true? We could be appointed.
But that means if you're not you're fucked from the start, right? I think you're appointed if you make the choice to see.
- So Allah has to choose us.
- Yeah, if he exists.
You just can't force this.
"There is no compulsion in religion.
" Remember? Now you sound like Dad.
It's a pity Dad couldn't follow his own advice.
(SIGHS) Do you remember when we were kids and you'd sneak up behind me .
put your hands over my eyes and say, "Guess who?" And I would always say some famous person like Michael Jackson or Tupac.
- Michael Jordan.
- Or Shane Warne.
(BOTH LAUGH) I feel like I feel like .
somebody's had their hands over my eyes for a long time.
They keep saying, "Guess who? Guess who?" Man, I try.
I try so hard to guess, to see, and to know but it's like I never fuckin' can.
Hey, um I brought you some clothes.
Petra we need your help.
Anthony wants to fuck up Jago's place, and McKew reckons it's a good idea, but .
I don't know.
It just doesn't feel right.
Can you at least just listen to the plan and tell me what you think, if you think we're making a mistake? Doesn't matter.
What if Danny doesn't even wake up? I'm the reason he's like this.
No, you're not.
Danny wanted to do it.
Well, then he was stupid.
Because it doesn't even make any fucking difference.
The world gets what it deserves.
You ever heard the one about the .
the lost sheep in the forest? (MUFFLED) Fuck you, you fucking cunt.
JONATHON: Poor little sheep.
Got lost from his flock.
Tried to call out but nothing! Tried to wear a wolf's skin.
But the tigers the bears all the animals in the forest they weren't stupid, you know? They could smell what he really was.
That little sheep .
called out again.
This time, though, the tigers came.
Just when they got close .
real close .
close enough that when they can see his eyes - (THUMP!) - (MUFFLED GROANS) - (NODDY PANTS) - (THUMP!) (MUFFLED GROANS) (CHUCKLES) (NODDY SPEAKS INDISTINCTLY) (MUFFLED SHOUTS) CINDI: One Mississippi.
Two Mississippi.
Fuckin' number three.
Hey! So we've got three cameras.
Garage, porch, front door and a side door off the balcony.
(PHONE CHIMES) (RELAXING MUSIC PLAYS) (RELAXING MUSIC CONTINUES) Oh, put your fucking mask on! Well, I can't fucking see, can I?! (RELAXING MUSIC PLAYS) CINDI: What are you doing? (TOMAS REPLIES INDISTINCTLY) Come on, let's go.
Gotta get the fuck out! Go! Let's go! Come on, move! Hey, hey, hey! Come on, come on! (RETCHES) CINDI: Did you see that? Fucking hell! Come on, let's go! (CLOCK TICKS) (FOOTSTEPS) (GLASS CRUNCHES)