Romper Stomper (2018) s01e05 Episode Script


Where's Anthony? Where's Tomas? I I don't know.
Where the fuck is everyone, Laila?! Take this and wait for instructions.
I'm the only one that will call you on it.
Where am I supposed to go? Go home.
I can't go home! Disappear, or it'll happen anyway.
I'm telling you.
If you talk to anyone that isn't me, I'll make sure there's only one person that Antifasc and the cops are looking for.
Keep your bloody phone! Romper Stomper 1x05 "Chaos" Jan 1, 2018 Yes? What can I do you for? Oh, hello.
Look what the cat dragged in.
It's been a while.
You're looking good.
Have you been working out? Oh, look, whatever I've been doing, clearly you haven't.
Is it surgery? Is it? Is that your secret? I know what you're doing, and it's gotta stop.
What I'm doing? Oh, you mean my my whitegoods? Oh, well, look.
Credit where credit's due.
These little puppies, they kind of sell themselves.
- The technology nowadays - Cut the crap, Vic.
The shit you are feeding my son, Kane.
It's over.
Do you understand? How fucking dare you? You come into my place, you come in here and you're trying to tell me what for? With your your fucking shoes and your blouse? Who the fuck do you think you are? I'm not a burnt-out Nazi piece of shit.
The best thing you ever done was fuck Hando.
You know that? That's the sum total of your relevance in this situation.
You're a fucking womb.
You should be grateful.
We might have lost Hando, but we've still got his blood.
What the fuck are you talking about? Destiny.
What he was born to be.
Hey! Hey! Argh! Stay away from my son! You fucking stabbed me! Argh! You fucking skank! The CCTV's all gone.
Something tells me they won't find any prints, either.
You reckon he had any lovers? Jilted ex? I wonder if he's got a Grindr profile? A jilted Muslim ex? These guys are so full of shit, I wouldn't be surprised.
You know what they're thinking? "No mystery to it.
" Oh, there's a mystery, alright.
As in If you wanted to turn the tide against Muslims or Antifasc, this would do it.
Kill your mouthpiece and set this shit up? It's a good story, but I'd take jilted ex over that.
The press will be on this soon.
I think we need to jump.
Shake down the ones we've got eyes on already, before they go underground.
Something will emerge.
This is Peter Hitchener with a special Nine News bulletin.
Police have conducted raids on 32 premises in what's been called the country's largest ever counter-terrorism sweep, after the apparent murder of television personality Jago Zoric, in his home last night Petra.
We go to Georgia Lee on the scene.
Please, we need your help.
The death of our controversial What have you done? Channel Nine colleague, Jago Zoric, is being investigated as a possible act of Islamic terror.
With reports of both Muslim and anarchist graffiti found at the scene.
Including the words, "Allahu Akbar.
" The ramifications have already reached federal parliament, with the government's controversial Immigration Reform Bill receiving a sudden boost.
Independent MP, George Anabasis, who holds the balance of power in the lower house, is now considering changing his vote.
If indeed this is found to be an act of terror by foreign nationals, I will certainly reconsider my position.
Make no mistake, our borders must be kept secure.
Jago Zoric was a friend and colleague John.
John the Baptist.
You OK? It's happening.
Revelations, Blake was part of it.
His death was part of it.
Of what? John the Baptist foretold the Messiah.
John the Baptist foretold Jesus and he succeeded Elijah.
Blake foretold you and he succeeded Jago.
Do you understand? Zoe, I've I've In the Gospel of Matthew John the Baptist is beheaded by King Herod.
King Herod made a deal with the Romans to keep power, but those who compromise with Rome shall perish.
The government killed Blake, the government killed Jago, and now they're gonna come after you.
The agent of King Herod, he's behind everything.
- What? - The Fed.
The Fed that Blake would talk to to keep power.
The Fed that Blake would talk to? What Fed, Zoe? The agent of King Herod.
You're calling on a dead man's phone.
Who is this? You're next.
- Jesus Christ! - What do we do now? If they find us, it's over.
This was your idea.
How was I supposed to know he'd fucking do that, huh? Petra.
What the fuck happened? You didn't know his talk had been cancelled? McKew assured us he wouldn't be at home.
And "Allahu Akbar", how the fuck did that get there? Well, someone must have come in after us.
It's the only way it could have happened.
It wasn't us.
Did you leave any prints, CCTV, anything? No, no, we covered approach and exit routes and I stripped his computers.
- And there were no witnesses? - No.
So everyone that went with you is here now, right? Who the fuck's not here? Laila.
What was she doing there? - That was McKew's idea.
- McKew? Yeah.
You weren't there, so we had to do something.
I've tried to call her, but But what? She's not picking up.
We can't find her.
And there's something else.
Anabasis is on the news.
He's thinking about changing his vote.
This is considered terrorism.
We've got to go silent.
Talk to no-one, OK? The Feds already know too much about us.
Tomas, you and I can find Laila.
We killed somebody.
McKew told me to disappear, or it would happen anyway.
Is that them? Hello.
Can I speak to Laila, please? Tell her it's Petra.
Laila can't talk right now, but I can speak for her.
If it's McKew I think it would be good if we met, it's urgent.
Can you tell her to meet at the footbridge at Southbank? - At 6:15.
- Laila's not gonna meet you.
But you can meet me and I'll pass on what you want to say.
- And who are you? - I'll only meet you.
Just you.
Footbridge, Southbank, 6:15.
Are you sure you don't want to go to the cops? I was there.
So, I couldn't look more guilty.
Who are they gonna believe in court? Some angry Muslim girl or all these rich white kids? OK.
Go to my place.
Alright? You'll be safe there.
- I'm a liability to them.
- Just trust me.
They're not gonna do anything to me.
And this way we find out what she wants.
- I'll see you in a bit.
- Just be careful.
I'm so sorry for all of this.
Don't be sorry.
You're braver than me.
Ashley, over here.
What are you doing here, Dad? Hello, sweetheart.
Gee, you're looking good out there.
With the ball.
I just wanted to come and see you.
Say hello.
I don't think Mum would like it if she knew you were here.
Yeah, I know that.
This is just between you and me.
I just wanted to see you.
I better get back.
I love you, Katy.
I love you.
Here, here.
How long you been sitting here? Long enough to get AIDS, mate.
This place is fucking disgusting.
Where have you been? Oh, I just popped out for some smokes.
This place is alright.
I like it.
What happened to your arm? - Nothing.
- It doesn't look like nothing.
You want a cup of tea? Nah.
I was thinking .
I don't want her to know who the money comes from, or why.
It'll just turn up in her account, and she'll be none the wiser.
What do you think? Mate, she can't ever know.
It's tricky, right? 'Cause part of me wants her to know.
Right? That her old man cares.
Just 'cause she's got such a low opinion of me.
But she can't, really, can she? - She can't.
She can't.
- No.
When are we gonna transfer the money? When it's done, mate.
But then I'll have no way of knowing whether you did it or not.
Yeah, fair enough.
We'll do it on the day.
Yeah? Before we do the job.
- You'll show me it go through? - Yeah.
- You'll show me? - Yeah, of course I will.
Don't you trust me, mate? I'm getting nervous.
Not all the time, just sometimes.
Magoo, would you listen to me? Everything's lining up.
I don't want you running around, I need you to focus.
We can't have any variables.
Are you right? They reckon the brain's got no pain receptors, but .
this is a fucking bastard.
You just think about your daughter.
You think about your girl and that money that's going into her account.
Then all this is gonna make sense.
Yeah? I've gotta go, mate.
- You didn't have your tea.
- You have it, mate.
I've gotta go.
I'm glad you showed up.
How's Laila? You should never have sucked her into this.
You used her.
You know, someone like Jago .
they're a virus.
If I'm honest .
I'm not sorry he's dead.
What do you want from her? Act normal, prep an alibi and get her story right.
She was with you, for example.
Eventually the heat will die down and it will just seem like some sick dream.
Maybe for you.
That's why we have to stay a few steps ahead.
She said he'd try to blame the whole thing on her.
What? Who said that? McKew.
I'm not McKew.
So you can trust me.
I just need to meet with her.
I'll let her know.
She'll know where that is.
I think he's seen me.
- Are you still on him? - Fuck.
I lost him.
Fuck! - Laila? - What happened? You need to get out of my house and go to the gym.
I'll meet you there.
- What happened? - Go! Because you are lukewarm, neither hot nor cold, I will spit you out of my mouth.
What's that? Oh, fuck! Fuck! What? Oh, my God.
Is that Noddy? Are you OK? Fucking look what they've done.
Those fucking apes.
Call Lyno.
Call Lyno.
Fuck, mate.
We're gonna find them.
We're gonna wipe 'em all out.
If they want a war, they've got one.
I'll get on the phone and get the boys round here.
We're armed up now.
Let's get these fuckers tonight.
I'll go back inside.
I don't give a fuck.
- Where's Stix? - He's not answering.
We've got to plan this all out.
We've got to do this the right way.
So, first things first.
You take Noddy to the hospital.
He's a priority right now.
You're the boss.
Alright, help me get him in the car.
Well, mate, if you weren't quick enough to run down the wing before, you're definitely fucking not now.
Just promise me we get these cunts.
One, two three.
First floor.
Hi, Dad.
It's just me.
Everything's gonna be fine.
Alright? It's gonna be OK.
And it's what you once said to me, this will only hurt once.
Shh, Dad.
Lie still.
Lie still.
Lie still.
Lie still.
Get your hand off me! Get your hand off me, Dad! Just keep still.
Just lie still.
- Give it to me.
- Fuck off! - Do as you're fucking told! - Fuck off! What the hell are you running here? I come in here to visit my dying father, his drip is hanging out of his arm, he's in complete distress.
I pay good money.
I want to see your manager right now.
Where's your fucking manager?! I'll fight you to hell and back.
Boys, push.
Two minutes.
What's wrong with you? Malik, you've gotta take those shots, man.
He's gonna make it.
You're the luckiest boy alive.
Turns out Malik.
They're following me to get to you.
Why don't you go to the cops? There's gotta be someone else.
Someone above them they listen to.
That wouldn't want this to get out.
Listen to me.
You need to go to the cops.
She's not going to the cops.
- Why not? - Because Jago died.
So what? She didn't do it.
Means she's got nothing to worry about, right? You didn't see that news report? "Allahu Akbar" spray-painted on the walls.
You think they're gonna listen to her? She's Muslim.
She's already guilty.
We're not going to the cops.
There's got to be someone in Antifasc above them.
Someone they listen to.
- Anabasis.
- What? The politician.
He's related to Petra and Tomas.
He wouldn't want it getting out that they were at Jago's.
We get to him, we tell him the truth, he can stop them, I'm sure of it.
You can't trust the cops but you can trust a politician? Listen to yourselves.
This is not the answer, brother.
Look at what just happened to me.
Laila, do the right thing.
Turn yourself in.
I can't.
The office of George Anabasis, this is Karen.
George, it's someone saying they're your niece Petra from Antifasc.
Give me that.
You'd better wait outside.
It's freezing.
What the fuck are you doing calling my office saying shit like that for? - We need to meet.
- Who the hell are you? I don't know.
Why the fuck do you still have that? I need to speak to Petra.
- George.
- What the fuck is going on? Somebody just called me saying they were you.
- What? - What's going on, Petra? Look, there's there's been a problem.
Do not tell me.
Do not tell me.
I'm trying to fix it.
Without telling me what happened, how bad is it? It's not good.
What else did they say? We're meeting.
Tomorrow night.
The Richmond Boathouse.
- What? - I'm giving a speech there.
I'll be surrounded by security.
I do not want to meet these people in private.
And why did you agree to meet with them? They knew who you were, they knew about your organisation.
I figured I'd take them seriously.
Please tell me that this has got nothing to do with what happened last night.
George, you have to get all the facts before you say anything else in public.
Don't tell me what to do.
Whatever it is you have cocked up, you better be able to fix it.
Richmond Boathouse, tomorrow night.
Is Laila going there? Yes, and we have to get to her first.
And I'm gonna have to tell George you were there.
You're fucking kidding.
You disappeared to take care of Danny while we do the hard stuff, and now you're gonna dump us in the shit? It's the only way to make sure he knows it wasn't terrorism.
I'm sorry, Tom, but this is what we signed up for.
Yeah, easy for you to say.
Fuck! Morning, kids.
Fuck! Get the fuck out! - Calm down.
Calm down.
- Hey, hey, hey! - Fucking stay away from her.
- Calm down.
Calm down.
I made you a cuppa.
Didn't take you long to move on, did it? I always told Blake you were too young for him.
Who the fuck are you? I'm just someone that wants to have a little chat, that's all.
Now, Zoe I'm really sorry.
It's bloody rude of me to just let myself into your house like this.
But now I need you to leave the room, give Kane and I a moment.
Fucking look at me.
Don't look at her.
Calm down.
I take it you're not in a team mood, either.
Start fucking talking.
You gonna lower that thing, or do I have to book you for assault on a police officer? So you moved in here, hey? I know you killed Blake.
I know you're involved in Jago's death.
I know your family history.
I know about Hando, I know about Gabe.
I know more than you could possibly realise.
But I've got no room for a hard-headed lone wolf.
You talk to me, none of those things matter.
This racist thing? That's your shit, not mine.
You just make sure I know what's going on, and we'll be a happy family.
OK? Throw out Blake's phone.
This is your new one.
The agent of King Herod.
That's him.
He killed Blake.
He killed Jago.
You're gonna be next.
What the fuck happened to you? Is there a reason for this visit, or are you just sniffing around after your foster brother? Well, yes, there's a reason.
Don't know that you deserve it, though.
About that politician.
George Anabasis.
Anabasis? What about him? Oh, you know.
Just where him and the Antifasc are gonna be tonight.
But I I can see you're busy, so What the fuck are you talking about? How's business these days, Vic? Those fridges go for a lot? Hey He's meeting some Muzzies at some function tonight.
Antifasc want to get to the Muzzies first.
So maybe they all end up at the same place, at the same time.
What place? What place? Richmond Boathouse.
You know, for a bit more cash, I could tell you why the Antifasc want to get to the Muzzies.
You know your way out.
No need to wine and dine me or anything.
Hey, Cindi I don't want you anywhere near that function tonight.
You hear me? Kane told me to stick to the Antifasc like glue.
Listen to me.
I don't want you anywhere near the Richmond Boathouse, do you understand me? Why? Do you understand me? Whatever.
Cindi! Look, I'm not there.
I get it.
Well, fuck off, then.
Yeah? Yeah, Magoo Is that you, Cackles? - We're on.
- You got the target? Get ready.
The question is, do we want Australia for Australians? Or do we want to just give it all up? And I don't know about you, but giving up's just not in my DNA.
Me either.
It's about blood.
Blood and keeping it pure.
Just wait here, mate.
What happened to your arm? Oh, run-in with the dishwasher.
To what do I owe this pleasure? That's what they did to Noddy.
- The blacks? - Yeah.
We're gonna arm up the patrols and hit 'em, tonight.
You should read your history.
You should never attack an enemy on two fronts.
What? Politicians, traitors, we hit them up first.
Then you get your dirty little street battle with the Africans.
Hold on, what are you talking about? I'm talking about George Anabasis and his immigration vote.
He's changing his vote anyway.
What's the point? He's a pig, traitor.
He knows the government's done .
and I'm gonna kill him.
You're gonna kill a politician? Are you fucked in the head? You think just because you're fucking Blake's missu that my job is finished? This is just the beginning.
It's time for action.
Seize the moment.
Make people choose what side they're on, huh? This is Operation Blue Star.
Anabasis has made his mistake.
Now he's got a function at the Richmond Boathouse tonight.
And Magoo and me, we're gonna blow the shit out of the cunt.
- No.
- No, what? No, you're not killing a politician.
What makes you think you give the orders now? Hey? Hey! Hey! Hey! You're not killing a politician.
We're not fucking terrorists.
OK, you're the boss.
Oh, fuck.
You believe in what we're doing here, don't you, Stix? Yes, I do.
This is a family.
It's a brotherhood.
I've seen the way them boys, they .
they all look up to you.
You've seen that, haven't you? Yeah.
You see it.
Catuso's gonna be buggered for a couple of weeks from Friday.
We need a replacement.
This Jago shit's dragging.
So we've got no-one right now on loose cover of Antifasc.
We've just got our six on the Patriots, two more on the old-school nongs, unless you want to go tighter cover on the Antis, but while the heroes are in hospital Nah.
Unless anything moves.
At any rate, it's the last bloody night game tonight.
The girls are on a promise.
I'm off to the footy.
So anything short of a nuclear attack Well, that's the kiss of death.
And I thought Trump was gonna be to blame.
I'll find someone to pair with Campbell.
- Hey.
- What's wrong? Come outside.
Vic has flown off the fucking handle.
He wants to kill a politician.
What? Who? George Anabasis.
He's gonna knock him tonight.
- Where? - At the Richmond Boathouse.
He's gonna fuck up everything that we got done.
I think I've talked him out of it, but I'm not sure.
So I've got to go sort all of this, OK? So you just need to stay here for now, yep? Yep.
- What do you want? - I just want to talk to you.
About what? Look, I know I'm a fuck-up.
I know I wasn't there for you.
I know that.
But I'm trying to change.
'Cause people change.
And I'm leaving.
I'm leaving.
Kane, I want you to come with me.
What? I have a lot of money.
I have $9.
2 million.
I have credit cards, I have flights.
I have passports for both of us.
I want you to come with me and start again.
I know I know that I can never be a proper mum to you.
I know that.
But perhaps I can save you from some of this shit that I went through.
And I know I wasn't there for you, but I'm here now.
I want you to come with me, Kane.
You're right.
You are a fuck-up.
And you weren't there for me.
And I'm not gonna be there for you, either.
Just 'cause you're old and you're lonely and you're scared.
I've got a movement now that cares about me.
And I'm stronger than you could possibly imagine.
And this blood running through my veins, I know what blood runs through me.
There's nothing you can do that's gonna fuck that up.
It wasn't Hando.
What? All this stuff that Vic has been feeding you, it's just all lies.
He's just telling you that shit so he can use you.
What wasn't Hando? Your dad.
It's not Hando.
You'd fucking say anything, wouldn't you? To get your fucking way.
So it was some other skinhead then, eh? You probably screwed dozens of 'em.
It doesn't change anything.
Who the fuck was it? Who was it, then? Martin.
Your grandfather.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry, Kane.
Don't go.
Don't go.
Mum, fuck off.
Don't touch me.
Fuck off! Don't go! Kane, please, don't go.
I have my own life, Mum.
What was I supposed to do? Oh, God, Kane.
Get out of my fucking life, OK?